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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from I

    Levels opened a whole world of music up to me. Wake me up made me feel like there was a place I belonged. Waiting for love felt like the theme from deployment. I found my place waited for my love and I made it to my next level. Thank you Tim for keeping me putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you Avicii for the music only you could give us.

  • from Milou

    I still can't believe a beautiful soul has left us. I will never forget how much i enjoyed every single gig and melody… Watching you on stage and listening to your music was Always a pleasure. Tim you were exceptional you were talented and you were just too young for this. You'll be missed. ♥

  • from Ayumi

    Dear Tim Just wanted to let you know that your music will live forever just as u will be always in our hearts without u I wouldve been nothing you made who I am today so 10q for e/t u did for us and for every song u blessed us with and as much as this can hurt me I've got to learn how to love w/o u but I know youre in a better place now being a guardian angel to all of us so rest in peace Avicii and dont ever forget that we love you and we're here for u even if you're not here anymore.❤

  • from Petter Boman

    I listened to Avicii since Levels. The first time I heard levels I loved it it sounded so good. I remembered I had to know who made it since I heard it on the radio. Years passed and I had his music in my playlist with a lot of other artists. Suddenly I saw on google news "Avicii är död" which means Avicii is dead… I got stunned shocked I didn't believe it at first I shouted to my mom and we all were shocked. I explored his music after that. Dear boy will always be my favorite song.

  • from fan

    hey Avicii Ik ur happy up there. Your music inspired many of us to wake us up from our hard times and get up on our feet. Love you.

  • from O

    You are a star now and forever ⭐️ Miss you ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Sinem

    Sleep in the lights King

  • from 王威盛


  • from Renny

    We miss you Tim..why must the boy can lost .. hope you can come back..avicii please don't go..??

  • from Alex rasmi

    Dear World Tim Bergling had a song called nights which was about making a mark on the world. I listened to it earlier and I just felt terrible because that was only 4 years ago. The fact that he died has negatively impacted us all. Rip tim bergling. We are all with you.

  • from KO

    I miss you brother…

  • from Jasmin from Italy

    You will always be remembered for your beautiful music and for the love you expressed through it. Rip ???

  • from Pauluś


  • from small_c_88888

    我从不是Avicii的铁杆粉丝——我从不会去追某个歌手。我第一次听到Avicii的歌是在网易云音乐(Netease MusicChina)上的每日推荐中推荐到了一首Wake Me Up,从此我便深深爱上了这位在中国被称为“A神”的音乐制作人——他的音乐/他的人格魅力…… Avicii曾经几次在百大DJ排行榜中取得不俗的成绩,他给世人留下了一首又一首制作精良的音乐。如今他走了,有人说:“现在的A神应该是Alan Walker了。”但是我并不这么认为:从制作水平上来讲,还是Avicii更高一等。 曾经你的Wake Me Up叫醒了我失落的,昏昏欲睡的心。现在,轮到我们来Wake You Up了。 Forever love you◢◤icii.

  • from Christian Herbello

    Avicii was my introduction in electronics. For me it was always very special it gave me unique sensations its melodies were those of my life. Little by little it made me want to know more Tim the Tim off the stage getting to see his documentary True Stories in which he opened our eyes. This made him love more. Perfectionist special musician thanks for everything. Illuminate the sky angel. Find your peace ❤️◢◤

  • from David

    When I first bought TRUE a few years ago I listened to the entire album all the way without stopping until the very end. "Wake Me Up" is one of my favorite songs out of all the others. It was truly incredible. And later on this year when I saw and heard that you have passed away I couldn't believe it with my own eyes or hear it with my ears. You were so young with a gift: a true talent to make music for the entire world to listen to. May you rest in peace. God be with you in heaven Avicii.

  • from C

  • from Alicia

    Thank you for being such an inspirational person you’ll forever be remembered as one of the best musicians in the world RIP

  • from Emma

    Avicii show me what was the real music and today i love electronic music ❤ You will live forever in our hearts and for me you are going to stay being the father of the EDM❤ Love Emma

  • from Marc

    Thank you for the the song "without you". Rest in peace from Switzerland!

  • from Andres Aljaste

    Dear Tim You created something that lasts for generations and beyond. And even you’re not with us anymore your music will live on in all of us and helps to remember the good times wherever we are. Thank you for that 🙂

  • from Dany

    ?you are eternal?

  • from Shashank Yaduvanshi

    Avicii will always be the best in the world.

  • from Taly

    Merci pour tout Tim ? J’espère que où que tu sois tu es heureux et en paix ❤️ Tu me manques énormément mais ton bonheur pour moi est plus important que tout ? Repose en paix mon inspiration ? Tu ne seras jamais oublié… Je t’aime❤️❤️❤️ R.I.P Tim Bergling ◢ ◤

  • from Laura by Italy

    Spero per te la pace. Quella pace che non hai trovato in vita

  • from Me again from Australia

    And I'm crying again. I'm so sorry Tim I still miss you so much. It just won't stop hurting; my heart aches in my chest and makes it difficult to breathe. God wanted you back. I look for the brightest star in the sky and talk to you as if you're right next to me but I miss your beautiful smile. It's as if all the magic and colour has gone out of the world. I just want to know you're ok. Heaven must sound so beautiful Tim. Watch over us always from a sky full of stars my sweet angel ???

  • from Jingle K

    我是来自中国的一名16岁的小音乐制作人Jingle K,很想念你I!我的启蒙人Avicii!我现在正在更努力的学习乐理知识,要成为像你一样令人敬佩的音乐制作人是我的目标!

  • from The World

    Avicii Forever

  • from Jimmy Larsson

    The first song I ever heard of Avicii was "Hey Brother"… It blew me away it was the best song ever made back then… Me and my friend listen to it every single day. Then on Christmas I got "True" on CD and I listen to it every single time. I have been depressed but when I heard Avicii's songs I was happy every time… Every song he have made is really good… without him I probably would be dead… He help me trough hard times and Tim himself didn't know that at all. I love you Tim thank you

  • from Marina

    DearTim I will always remember you and your music which is timeless. You beeing gone is such a great loss for the world.. Love from Croatia. Rest in peace.

  • from France

    Tu dois bien te reposer là haut.? Tant pis pour ceux qui n'ont pas su comprendre et voir ta détresse je n'aimerais pas être à leur place. Si unique si inspirant si talentueux quel gachis. Nous sommes inconsolables mais nous Pensons surtout à ta famille. Difficile d'accepter tout ça .??????????

  • from Harsh.maheshwari

    One of the best di that we all are like

  • from Juna

    I know EDM Music is from Him??? And now He go???

  • from ………..

    I’m in love with a ghost ??

  • from Shin Minase

    I've never been a hardcore edm fan preferring heavy metal but I have listened to wake me up hey brother and levels and really liked those songs. When I first heard waiting for love without you and the nights I liked them but I never thought Avicii had made them as I always thought Avicii was the one singing in wake me up. Even though I didn't know whi he was I still loved him and it's a shame that he died so soon. I really miss you Tim just like Chester.

  • from Mary

    I still listen to your music but it hurts. I still look at your photos but it makes me cry. I still wander why.. I got to learn how to love without you I got to carry my cross without you Stuck in the middle and I'm just about to Figure it out without you.. Your music gave me power when I was weak. Thank you. I'll see you again sometime my friend.

  • from Thank you. I wish i could write more because i attached with your music i cant express it in what i wrote but you made me who i am. Alot of people wont get that but you will. Music is extremely powerful and you used it to make the world a more collaborative respectful and happy place. I wish i could write more. You changed my life to be grateful. Thank you

    Ive always associated myself with music from an early age (older sister clarinet forcefully played the sax) but never identified by it . I remember first hearing Avicii's music (Tim…in 2009) and being captivated by his melodies and expression. I became happy and continually was. Ill never forget seeing Tim live for the first time. It changed my life. I learned how to love lov my life and appreciate my peers. Who I am is a catalyst of Tim becuase i realized i love living. Thank you Tim

  • from Derro de barron

    God bless. May angels guide you to sweet rest. Thank you for the great years and giving it your best.

  • from ShanÜka

    avicii your birth day is 1989.09.08 and my birth day is 1999.09.08 we are born same day same year i think it's mean lot of to me..When i listen your song i'm reborn your the inspiration.. …………………………….I THINK DYING IS GOOD BETTER THAN LIVING………………………..

  • from charles


  • from Ángel

    Tú y tu música cambiasteis mi vida. No hay momento en mi vida en que tus canciones no estén presentes. Fui a un set tuyo de Ushuaïa en 2016 por mi cumpleaños (18). Fue unos de los días más felices de mi vida. Es una pena que ya no estés entre nosotros. Aquí has dejado un legado de muchísimos años. Me tatué mi brazo en recuerdo tuyo. Siempre estarás entre nosotros. We love you Tim.

  • from Kim seong bin

    You are a legend in my life R.I.P Avicii

  • from missy

    dear boy since 16 years i live with depressions panic attacks things like nobody needs. usually the perspective beeing 2x/year in ibiza helped me staying alive. since you're gone everything is getting worse. only your music helped me through this deep time. so THANK YOU SO MUCH for your music. i have an idea how you feel the last month i wish i could have helped you staying alive. hope you found the peace you where searching for. you'll be never forgotten & will be forever in our hearts ❤?

  • from part 3

    but first of all your beloved music helped me going through this hard time since you're gone. at this time it feels that the pain about your loss will never end. i am very sorry for your family and friends. and i am also very sorry that this was the only way for you to find peace. ??

  • from part 4

    dear boy … i have an idea how you feel the last month i wish i could have helped you staying alive. so let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your music i will continue my fight but not without your music. if you meet my mom in heaven please give her a big hug and a kiss. we miss you all you'll be never forgotten and will be forever in our hearts. ❤

  • from Dazza

    I never knew who you were Tim until I seen you on the news. Then I discovered all your songs and you was the creator of Levels then I watched True Stories about a thousand times And now all I listen to is Avicii .. your music is so uplifting and changes my mood instantly. I’m sad that I never discovered you earlier because I love music but I only love a few artist like eminem coz he can really write n produce all his own material just like you.. your were a genius. Dazza from Australia ??

  • from Jakub

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you for every song you made to make people happier. Thank you. Jakub

  • from Lee

    TIm you made amazing music that made me and many other happy and when i heard the news i was heartbroken i loved listening to you through my teen years Rest in peace fella. I hope you're in a better place x

  • from Fer

    ◢◤ ❤️. Thank hoy Tim.

  • from Karin

    Tack för all fantastiskt musik ❤ Hjärtat brister när någon så ung och begåvad lämnar oss.

  • from E

    Growing up my biggest dream was to get the chance to see you perform live. Suddenly this dream is unachievable and it hurts like hell but deep down i know that one day that dream will come true finally… Thank You Tim for all the amazing music you inspired so many you change my life and for that im forever grateful. Hope you found peace ΛV

  • from Ivan Dario

    Avicii estés donde estés gracias a tu musica he podido superar situaciones difíciles y sobretodo nunca te olvidaremos porque siempre estarás presente en las canciones. Gracias Avicii nunca te olvidare.

  • from Kubilay TURKEY

    Thanks to the music you have made TIM TIME will always remain the best in peace yacht legend. #AVICII ?◀▶

  • from Юлия

    Спасибо! Спасибо за вечную музыку лета! ❤️

  • from jennifer

    thank you for your music.

  • from Kim Ngân

    It was hard to say how your music changed me by words but it was helped me to define myself to be better. Thank you for being my inspiration a wonderful memory of my life. Rest in peace Tim. Anh và âm nhạc của anh sẽ luôn được nhớ mãi. Cảm ơn vì sự cống hiến không ngừng nghỉ của anh mong anh sẽ an nhiên hơn trong kiếp sau. Love from Vietnam.

  • from Aafreen

    You were always an inspiration to everyone who heard your music. Your voice was magical. Your songs moved us and what we felt could never be described with words. I was devastated and I couldn't stop crying when I heard. Whenever I was down your voice and music told me it was going to be okay. I hope you lived a life you will remember. We were blessed to hear your voice. Tim your music gave people so much. Hope. Freedom. Joy. Emotions. You will never be forgotten. See you on the other side.

  • from Tehsin S

    Don't know why most of my favorite artist have a tragic fate Don't know what's happening in afterlife(if exists) of you. Just hope you can make music over there so that I can listen when I am there.

  • from Sirley Garcia

    Por Avicii fue que me gusto la música Electrónica él hacía música y daré gracias a la vida por haber hecho toda su buena música y "Avicii true stories" siempre el mejor gracias por todo. Espero ir a Estocolmo y hacer algo en tu honor así será. ¡Leyenda!

  • from catalina guerrero

    I remember listing for the first time wake me up and loving the song after that my brother show me the rest of the songs of him. one of my dreams was to go to an avicii concert to stay all night listening to his amazing music I loved the music and I hope that where he is he is happy and for he to know that he is being remember not for the money he made but for the life he lived. I will miss you a lot we all miss you you made me happy with every single song I hope you are happy

  • from Diane

    ??❤️??? Tim it’s almost been five months and I still cry. I cry at the thought that you were so unhappy. If only you could have felt our love enough to comfort you through your worst time. You are one of the rare people who not only left a tangible legacy (your songs) but an emotional one as well. We will always hold your heart close to ours. Tim you were dearly loved still are and always will be. ??❤️???

  • from J

    Avicii u r faster than light no one will ever match up to you thank you for the music you left us wish you were still here but god had other plans for you rest in peace a beautiful person who left a hole in my heart god bless his family

  • from Jonathan

    It breaks my heart to know that I will never be able to see him perform live. Rest in peace Tim gone too soon.

  • from Lars

    his music made me alot of friends away from home

  • from Der Echte

    Avicii was very shy. I love him.?

  • from Mareen

    I've never met you in life I've never known you in person. But still it hurts that you're gone…

  • from KaydyKain

    . y si me lío

  • from Lucas Henrique

    Ele mudou minha forma de ver o mundo através de suas músicas. Serei eternamente grato por isso! O descobri através de Wake Me Up e desde então se tornou meu artista favorito. Meu sonho era um dia ir a um de seus shows mas agora isso não passará de um sonho. I miss you Tim! #Aviciiwillneverdie

  • from E

    His music touched me in every way possible. He will always be rememberd

  • from Jonathan

    Avicii your music was the greatest inspiration to my life. It made me realize that life is worth living. When I was feeling down the uplifting songs of yours gave me hope of a better day. And that this life is worth living. I just wish I would have been able to experience a show of yours. But I'm glad you are now in a better place. Your life was one that inspired many. And I am grateful for experiencing the legacy that you left behind. Rest in peace Brother

  • from Margherita

    My sweet prince yesterday I saw the ocean at Finisterre it was beautiful and made me think of you all day long because I know that you liked it. Oh Tim the world had still so much to give you why did you go away from the beauty and the greatness you loved with your artistic soul and your sensitive heart? Forgive us all who led you to that cruel end ;sleep in peace good night sweet prince!

  • from A.

    I see all your posts on Instagram with millions of comments under every post until this minute under every video on YouTube Twitter a thousand of fans accounts created still till this second cant believe you’re gone!!!!!!!!!! If you just knew how much you will be missed and how broken hearts you left behind. I’m so angry at you ?

  • from Martin Wade

    Your music wasnt just music it was happiness and joy it was such a good feeling you here your music anywhere it makes you happy and want to dance and forget everything your music will be with us forever

  • from Patty Italy

    Hi Tim I found a solution…now I listen to your songs while I do the house cleaning I cook while sunbathing or when I take a walk so I do everything with fun instead to be amongst clouds! In short you're always with me and you'll be forever. Have sweet dreams ?☁️?

  • from EMESRomania

    I don't really like the mainstream music but a few songs from you like LevelsSilhouettesSuperlove with Lenny Kravitz and your mix of Rapture by Nadia Ali was on repeat from a past playlist of my Mp3.People from my country are sorry for losing youbut at least everyone on this planet will start to take care about drinking alcohol!

  • from H

    I still remember watching your true tour in stockholm it was one of the best experiences i have had. Your music will never die!

  • from your biggest fan

    you were the inspiration for me to start with DJing. I met you once before you were famous worldwide I felt like you will be something bigger in the future… I now wish you never became famous worldwide because then you would still be with us today.. du var inspirationen för mig att börja med DJing. jag har träffat dig en gång innan du var känd på hela jorden jag kände på mig att du skulle bli något större men nu önskar jag att du aldrig blev så känd du hade du varit här idag. tack tim

  • from Turkish Fans

    I love all songs we love you Tim .

  • from Anna

    Zawsze będziesz w naszej pamięci!!!! ❤️

  • from Emil

    Followed your entire carrer. Loved every moment of it. You will never be forgotten. Nu är det din tur att levela upp!

  • from By Alex SC

    You were my inspiration to make EDM…and now your not here anymore??? IT WAS MY BIG BIG DREAM TO MET YOU IN THE FUTURE BUT NOW I CAN'T… REST IN PEACE Tim Bergling…

  • from Luke

    My idol my favourite musician in all of music history nobody else could master a melody like you and it breaks my heart that such a beautiful talented soul couldn’t carry on. No matter what you still inspire me every day I hope you have found peace

  • from David

    Avicii una de mis razones para empezar en la música. Melodías increíbles y energéticas que eran simplemente especiales y únicas. Su paso por la música ha sido legendario y podría haberlo sido muchísimo más pero será recordado como un genio de todas formas. Su manera de entender la música era diferente a la de cualquier otra persona. Espero que hayas encontrado la paz que por desgracia nunca tuviste en este mundo donde no encontraste tu verdadero lugar. WE LOVE YOU

  • from Kaisa

    Du är en vacker själ Tim och kommer aldrig att bli bortglömd. Sådana som du är sällsynta människor. Sköra omtänksamma generösa anspråkslösa. Du fick en alldeles för kort tid här på jorden och är så otroligt saknad. Önskar att du har hittat den ro du längtade efter. Älskar dig. ?

  • from Sávio Jucá Filho

    Uma pessoa que me fez amar a música como ninguém . Todas as vibrações positivas que suas músicas passavam de amor esperança e felicidade. Espero que você descanse em paz Tim! Thanks for your music i always be greatfull for meet your songs

  • from María Gabriela

    Estoy convencida que llevaste la música electrónica a un gran nivel. Eras un ser sensible eso ayudó a que pusieras todo tu intelecto y tu alma en cada trabajo. Quiero pensar que descansas en paz y que diste lo mejor de ti durante estosel años. Me quedo con eso !!! QEPD .


    I miss you


    Well Avicii to me is been everything but overall he was and will always be my childhood. A lot of memories come along one of his songs. I've been listening Avicii since I was 11 years old each song has been a pleasure for me. His music help me out to go over some struggles in my life. It was just putting one of his songs and just forget everything else. I got no more than good words to describe Avicii and I'm so grateful and proud to had have the opportunity to enjoy his music. THANX Avicii

  • from Adriana

    Hi Avicii you will be always remembered I hope you found peace up there?? We miss you so much ❤️ Love you from Italy❤️

  • from

    I liked his songs. full stop.

  • from M.B

    I've never stopped listening to "The nights" ever since its release it has been the highlight of so many parties and concerts I went to. RIP Tim we will never forget you

  • from Mario

  • from sonoparty

    Nous te porteront dans nos cœur à jamais ! R.I.P Avicii …

  • from Jonah

    Walt Disney World – Tomorrowland "Wake Me Up" came on and I instantly fell in love with the song and I turned to my cousin and asked what the song was? She looked at me with the stupidest face and said what?! The song is Wake me up by Avicii. I had no idea who he was back in 2010-2011 and ever since that night Wake me up has been the best song I've ever heard. It is all about people who don't belong and being a closested man I never felt I belonged and the song tells me im not alone. <3

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