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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Nicole

    I found Levels before his death. When I learned he died I was so shocked. RIP.

  • from JLML

    Avicii es el creador de Levels una de las canciones más importantes del EDM por no decir la mejor hasta el momento además de crear otras muchas canciones muy buenas. Gracias por regalarnos tu música!. Siempre serás un grande!.

  • from Camille

    So sad that you went away Avicii. Will ever have you in my hart.

  • from Valentina 🙂

    and to think that yesterday he turned 29 years old … it really is a lamentable loss listen to his music at the most 6-7 years really inaccurate … but remember that a legend never dies Q.E.P.D

  • from Jessica

    Thank you for having transmitted all this love through your music we miss you enormously Tim ! ??❤️

  • from Agnese

    You were a legend.Your music was so originalsign of a special soul.You will rest forever in my heartin my head and in my music.I love you xxx From Italy

  • from Ariza Fabiano Ayubi

    Hai Tim kau sungguh inspirasi besar dalam ber-musik ku musik dance elektronik yang ku dengarkan ialah sebuah remix lagu avicii dari lagu Nadia Ali "Rapture" dan lagu single nya "Last Dance" yang merupakan musik avicii pertama yang saya sukai disusul dengan lagu "Levels" dan "Stay With You". Saya sangat menyukai musik avicii karena saya merasa avicii mempunyai style dan ciri khas tersendiri dengan musiknya. Dan harapan saya yang pupus ialah suatu saat saya bisa membuat musik dengan avicii 🙁

  • from Rhayane

    I followed Tim from the beginning of his career the music that marked me most was Fade Into Darkness. I was always amazed at how he improved with each song when he decided to retire from the stage I cried a lot more I knew there was something behind. We did not know each other but felt that it was very close perhaps this harmony was possible through music. Today I understand what Tim has gone through and with every song I hear I cry like a child to imagine all that he has gone through.

  • from IL

    В 2013 году я влюбился в девушку позже с которой у меня были отношения в тот момент я наткнулся на трек "Avicii – Fade into darkness" он мне запал в душу а в дальнейшем запало в душу все творчество Avicii. Сейчас слушая твои треки я погружаюсь в яркие моменты своей жизни и все это благодаря Avicii. Спасибо тебе огромное за то что ты делал божественную музыку которая согревает миллиарды людей по сей день. Я тебе очень благодарен за то тепло которое я испытываю от твоей музыки! RIP Avicii

  • from Tiit

    Recently listened “Lonely Together” song and seeking way out of messy life.. He was cool and brave guy – Tim r.i.p

  • from Jack

    Tim you introduced me to the person I am today. Whenever I’m angry or sad I listen to your music and these feelings are replaced with happiness and joy. When I was 14 my dad passed away. “The Nights” was one of the biggest parts in helping me get over losing him. Your music is more to me than just sounds it’s who I am. You’ve given me all that I need to get through the good and the bad and I can’t thank you enough for that. I promise to live a life I will remember. Rest in Peace Tim ◢ ◤

  • from Florika

    Thank you for your music Avicii I’m so sad ? rest in peace love you… ?

  • from Nick

    The year was 2012 and I was chilling listening to a friend of mine's playlist when suddenly this absolutely amazing track came up and it just immediately grabbed my mind. It was the original mix of Levels and I would listen to it on repeat for hours and hours. That was just the beginning of an epic music journey I was yet to discover. Every single AVICII song I've heard has left a mark in my heart and the day I heard of the shocking news a piece of that heart broke. Love you forever Tim! ◢◤

  • from GM

    Karya-karya mu akan terus hidup.

  • from Thomas

    In difficult moments I listened to your music to find my way. Thank you for giving me the courage to continue living. You were an unique DJ and with your style you were the best DJ in the world. Thank you for all concerts. Thank you for giving hope. Thank your family to give us the opportunity to share our memories around you. Hope you find the peace. Avicii forever

  • from Shaney

    Simply The best in EDM! Producer of immortal beats! Sign of unity! He made me believe in myself! Love you Avicii! #inspired

  • from K E L P A D E R O ?

    Performing tomorrow for the grades in class. P.S. don't tell anyone that I am not just doing this for my grade but my "concert" is a tribute to Avicii. Tim wherever you are I really hope you are watching me❤?. This is my way of wishing you a happy birthday. I dedicate this for you.

  • from Caroline X

    Ich finde das was du geschaffen hast sollte in Ehren gehalten werden. Ich werde immer an dich denken denn mit deiner Musik verbinde ich meine große Liebe die ich kennengelernt habe und die ersten abgefahrenen Partys. Das sind Erinnerungen die mir niemand nehmen kann. Es tut mir so leid dass es so enden musste und du die Welt nicht länger persönlich bereichern kannst. RIP du Musiklegende…

  • from Abigail

    Dear Tim You were an amazing artist. As of you I started listening to House. Seek bromance was the first song I’d heard of you. I hope that you found your peace up there. I miss you and will keep you forever in my mind and heart. Happy belated birthday in heaven?? Love you ❤️

  • from Joni Kahelin

    Still i can't belive you are gone

  • from Phan Duc Thang

    Hey TIm you are not a human you are a God . You are different from the other DJs your music your mix is fantastic really amazing . One thing only you have that you are always do your best . Love Avicii Thang

  • from Giulia

    hi Avicii in italy it’s a boring sunday and i have decided to watch your film it’s fantastic and i feeling what we have lost you Avicii

  • from Mariana

    Tim I was like 12 when I first heard your music. I fell in love with every song and I started to be connected with you as an artist. I went to YT and I saw every single interview and I was like “he’s so special’. You really had something about you that made me happy. I was lucky enough to see you in Rock In Rio Lisbon in 2016 and I will never forget that day. I just wanted to meet you and to tell you that you are and will always be amazing and loved. Thank you for everything. Älskar dig.

  • from Agata

    I listen to Tim's songs every day. I miss him so much.

  • from C from Bern

    Tim Yesterday was your birthday. In bern/switzerland was an open air and they played a few songs of you. 40000 peoples were there and sang along your melodies because everyone loves you and your music. It was amazing. I had tears in my eyes and sang as i never did before. I wish it was you playing these songs.

  • from RikoDEV

    I love you Tim!

  • from Sanyukta

    Dear Avicii……your music struck a cord with me and l miss you. Hey brother hope you are in peace wherever you are. My prayers are with your family.

  • from Sam

    Thank you brother. I know you are at peace now.

  • from Manh Hung

    A late Birthday so sorry !!! Lengend….

  • from Lasse

    I saw Avicii in 2014 for the first time at a concert in Hamburg. I've been a big fan not only ever since but even before. 1 year later I had the honor to witness his last Tomorrowland appearance. Both shows were truely fantastic. After 4 years (now I'm 21) I'd still say that those two days were one of the best of my entire life. And I was able to share those two with Tim. I'm thankful for the amazing gift you gave me and million others. Rest in peace wherever you are now.

  • from Margo


  • from Nadia Everaerts

    I loved all of his songs! Followed him around and saw some live shows! When listening to the song texts….. I hear now other messages then when he was alive….. so sad nobody could help him through his rough thoughts. Will carry his music always in my heart ❣

  • from Emily

    I miss you. You will always be in my heart.

  • from Marina

    I've never been your greatest fan till…the moment you passed away. Since the moment I heard this terrible news on TV I started digging deeper into your mastery and lifestyle because there was something in it that hit me so hard and affected me greatly as well. Only then I realized how wonderful your music is and it was not only electronic but went strai from heart. The song "Without you" still pulls some emotional strings that gets me in some sort of sentimental mood. Thank you and RIP?

  • from Laura82

    I really am sorry for everything bad you had to go through in your much to short life.

  • from Клим

    Начав слушать треки Avicii с 2010 года не перестаю и по сей день. До конца верил что когда нибудь попаду на твой лайв сет. Твои треки всегда были и будут самыми душевными и вдохновляющими заставляющими никогда не сдаваться. Смерть забирает лучших никогда тебя не забудем. Спасибо за все легенда R.I.P ??❤️

  • from Rochy amorosi

    Feliz cumpleaños de aqui al infinito.. dios te tenga en su reino.

  • from Jin

    Hi Tim. I am currently listening to your songs and It makes me cry. I miss you. The world misses you. Yesterday supposed to be your 29th birthday. Well I guess you are having a party rn wherever you are. Hope you find your happiness and peace Tim. You will forever be missed. I haven't told you. You are amazing. Such an inspiration. You are a legend. 🙂 Love you Tim.

  • from Kshitij??

    Happy Birthday Tim?. I think of you everyday and miss you. You are and always will be in my heart. I was always eager to see you posts on ig and was like kinda happy seeing you everyday. Rest in peace Avicii. Oh god.?

  • from Damien UK

    God bless you Tim. Your music will live forever just like your memory will. You changed music and will be remembered as a God in your creative field. X

  • from MKL79

    Det finns inte en dag utan att jag tänker på Tim… så sorgligt … Den bästa utav dem bästa! Låt oss för alltid bevara Tim och hans musik! Tomt…tänker så mycket på vännerna och familjen…. Musiken finns för alltid med!!!

  • from Annamaria from Hungary

    I still love you. <3 Forever. <3

  • from Toon De Booser

    Hi Tim I'll never forget when you came on stage and changed my life with one song. I found strenght and believe in your lyrics and melody's. I gradguated thanks to you. But you got quiet in your postcasts. I felt that you gave away all your energy thru your music. You helped a lot of people with your music but you paid the highest price. Then I saw your movie and it all became clear. You wrote history like bach or beethoven. But only thru time people will notice. Love your true storie ! RIP

  • from Emily

    Sitting watching his music videos so sad his music brought happiness to millions wish he could have seen that I know he will b smiling down from Heaven your will always be the best a true Legend AVICII ?

  • from Cyberknight_ID

    Sad To See A Good DJ Go… Miss You Avicii. ◢◤

  • from sooner

    happy birthday Avicii.Thanks for the music and all things.

  • from Liam

    Hi Tim hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday in a sky full of stars…Rest in peace legend.

  • from Iván Rojo Chamoso

    When I was a child I heared one if my favourite songs if him "LEVELS". It was so amazing because he change my life forever. He put me in the right side of the music. And I'm very gratefull with him because the inspirations songs males me think about my problems and when I was very sad I listen yo his music and now I will remember for my all life. Thanks for all the things that you made for all of us. Rest In Peace. And LIVE A LIFE YOU WILL REMEBER.

  • from Lyndsay

    So sad that we have lose this legend you are sorely missed Tim your music lives on everyday and you are always in our thoughts rip Tim ❤️??

  • from Santiraniz

    Avicii was the best he create a new style of make music I love his music make me very happy when I knew of his dead was like a piece of my life and my heart disappear. Tim we love you and all the fans remember Avicii Forever in our hearts

  • from Aleksandra

    So Sad

  • from Vaibhav Krishna

    It was when In 2015 that I heard Avicii’s song for the first time on the radio. His songs had their way into my life. “The Nights’ woah what a beautiful creation. Since I live in Oman his death was a major shock. He was staying just a few miles away from my place. Miss you brother. “When thunder clouds start pouring down light a fire they can’t put out carve your name into those shining stars’ The above words describe just what he achieved. Thank you Tim

  • from Zirui

    Tim you brought me into the real world of music.

  • from Alex

    Happy birthday in heaven dear Tim. ❤️

  • from Prezz

    Thanks for all Tim

  • from CATHERINE

    bon anniversaire . Tu nous a quittés trop tot . Tu étais un super musicien . J' aime beaucoup tes titres : without you hey brother waiting for love haven levels ainsi que le titre avec nicky romero . J'écouterai toujours ta musique avec plaisir . Au revoir avicci.

  • from Mat

    Happy birthday Tim! ❤️ Tack för allt!

  • from Sam Ritson age 11

    I never really listened to Avicii much but after searching for some songs I discovered how amazing his songs were… Now I can't stop playing them ❤

  • from Vuk Stamenkovic

    I love Avicii.Most beautiful song of him is Wake me up.All best my bro ;(.

  • from K.

    Grattis (i efterskott) på födelsedagen Tim! Upptäckte nyss denna hemsidan och den är minst sagt underbar du förtjänar detta och så mycket mer för allt du la ner i din musik! Ett geni är du minst sagt! Jag tillsammans med resten av världen saknar dig oändligt jag tror fortfarande att jag är i fas ett av sorgen förnekelse. Varje gång jag minns att du inte längre går på denna jord är som ett slag i magen. På skolavslutningen i år sjöng min klass The Days för hela skolan<3 Legends Never Die

  • from Alessio

  • from Alessio

  • from deeb

    we love you man rip

  • from Alessio

    "You must have saved me 'bout a thousand times I wouldn't be the one I am today If you hadn't been a friend of mine"

  • from Maja

    I'm really sad that I didn't appreciate his music untill it was too late. I just took for granted that ''oh hey another DJ cool.''. I've now realized that there's so much more to him than just being a DJ.

  • from Connor

    Now I have to carry my cross without you

  • from Connor

    Well I never really listened to Avicii music But now I'm here listening back I wish he was still with us ?

  • from Dennis Wouters

    Hey Tim. I want to wish you a happy birthday. I feel so grateful that I grew up with your music. I’m almost 20 years old now and your music meant the world to me in al those years. From going on vacation with my friend to late nights crying in bed: your music was always with me. If there is one thing I’ve learned from you it has to be: "one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." I love you Tim. Rest in peace. ❤️

  • from Tim

    Avicii your music was a huge inspiration in my life and I just want to thank you for that. I would listen your music veryday and my favorite songs are "Trouble" and "The Days." Happy birthday! Rest In Peace Tim. I miss you ❤

  • from smok

    Yesterday was your birthday…but I still can't realize you're gone… Happy Birthday Tim you'll always be in my heart ♥ I hope one day I will be able to move on but I'm not sure about it. So "wake me up when it's all over" ◢◤

  • from Dennis

  • from Dany

    Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das du nicht mehr leben wolltest Tim. Du hättest das niemals deinen Freunden oder deiner Familie angetan. Du hast das Leben geliebt auch wenn es nicht immer einfach war. Für mich ist der Gedanke erträglicher es waren Drogen und der Alkohol. Eine Überdosis vielleicht. Wie bei so vielen …Und nicht das es dir so schlecht ging dass du das Leben nicht mehr länger ertragen konntest. Ich liebe dich Tim. ❤️ Alles gute für seine Freunde und seine Familie. ??

  • from Claudia

    Dear Avicii Thank you. Thank you for being there for me in my darkest times and shining with me in my best. For me you were my soulmate. I always loved you and i always will. In 20 years i'm still listening to your music and my future childs will ask "after all this time?" And my answer will be "Always" because you are the one that keeps me up when i just want to fall down and never stand up again. You are my light in the dark. One day we'll be together again. Wait for me darling. Love Claudia

  • from Lara – Sydney Australia

    Your music touched my soul and came into my life at a time where I was lost and didn’t know who I wanted to be. You changed the music I listened to the places I went and the people I hung out with. I can never thank you enough for the impact you had on my life. I was blessed to see you live multiple times and I will cherish those memories of euphoria forever. Rest well.

  • from Luis

    Tim's music got me through allot of hard times over so many years ! Thanks to him I can happily say it's made me the man I am today. Never got to see you live but I will always have your music. R.I.P your memory will forever live on.

  • from yuki

    happybirthday i really love you foever❤️

  • from Veer Vrat Joshi

    When I first heard Avicii's song I felt that this is my kind of music. His melodies always motivated me . One a Legend Forever a Legend . I want to meet him once in my life time but now I can't. RIP LEGEND. Thanks

  • from Joanna

    Grattis på din dag fina Tim??❤ vila i frid

  • from Nathalie de France ??

    Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire ?TIM ?? tu me manque tellement ?? Je sais qu'au paradis tu fais dansé les anges avec tes merveilleuses mélodies !! Tu sera toujours dans mon cœur ? J'écrit cela mais je n'arrive pas à croire que tu n'ai plus là !! Je t'aime infiniment TIM? AVICII ?

  • from Lana

    My heart was shattered into million pieces.. Hope now you are doing better talented boy. Rest in eternal peace.. You left the legacy behind. Thank you.

  • from Ali from Essex England

    Seek Bromance got me interested in you but when I heard Levels for the first time I was obsessed. I YouTubed all your music and I was lucky enough to see you live 6 times (4 in England and twice in Ibiza). Everytime you dropped Levels was special and the light displays were something else. After your retirement I prayed you’d make a comeback so I could see you live once more. I’m now learning to play your music on the piano! Thanks for your inspiration. Never forgotten. Happy Birthday Tim ❤️❤️

  • from Hittalo Darling.

    I'm brazilian. I met some Avicii songs. I was very saddened by his early death. Such a young handsome guy with a lifetime ahead of him. My feelings the family. #AviciiForever. I love you! We will never forget you. Soon we will be there in the sky. I have a YouTube channel and would like to put his song on my videos as a way to honor him. But unfortunately YouTube does not allow me to use your songs.

  • from Devin

    Avicii at red rocks was the best show I had ever seen… Truely will he be missed and I hope he is headlining in heaven now

  • from Santiago

    Aun recuerdo la primera vez que conocí la música electrónica y gracias a una canción increíble misma que es autoriza de este crack …… Gracias por todo y por introducirse en este mundo Avicci… Siempre en la memoria como uno de los más grandes… I ♥️ AVICCI.

  • from Zimon Lindemose

    Happy birthday!! Your music still lives on!❤️ Love from Denmark!?❤️

  • from Akshay mandwariya

    Happy birthday legend

  • from Anne

    Rest in Peace Avicii. Legend. ❤

  • from Eugene

    i remember when i first heard 'levels'. that was 'wow what a cool song'. this song reminds me about school days. i love actually many songs: rapture rmx wake me up (of course) liar liar avicii rmx…its a very long list. Tim's music is special full of kindness fun and amazing melodies which stuck in your for a long time haha i dont want believe in his death. No he isnt dead. he lives forever.

  • from Natalia

    Happy birthday i love so much

  • from Yashna

    I discovered Avicii’s music at a time when things were extremely difficult for me. I was in the tenth grade In a school where I was a bullied loner who barely managed to pass her math exams. But Avicii’s songs motivated me to work hard and made me believe that happiness and success were just around the corner. Today I am in a better place and I owe it to Avicii’s songs. Rest in peace legend. We love and miss you everyday. Thank you for your beautiful gift of inspiring music.

  • from Proshanta Shil

    Thank you for what you did in your time here. The world will miss you.❤️ . Happy Birthday Tim Berg! -_-

  • from ミキ。

    avicii の死因を知ってから、私は腕と首を切りました。 少しでも、痛みを感じたくて…でも、そんなことしていたら浮かばれないよね…メンタルがあるから、薬は必要。リスカしてしまうけど…でも。辛いけど、頑張りすぎずで…頑張っていこうと何とか前を向いています。avicii …大好きです。

  • from Bel

    You will be on our heart forever.

  • from Gabriel Coveñas Queneche

    2015 un amigo de escuela me mostró una canción Waiting for love. Quién diría que ese momento cambiaría mi vida para siempre. Tim tu partida ha marcado mi vida. Mi sueño más grande era conocerte y presenciar un concierto tuyo. Pero entiendo que ahora estás en un lugar mejor con la paz que tanto buscabas. Solo me queda agradecer por cada melodía cada ritmo y cada canción. Fuiste eres y siempre serás el mejor productor de música electrónica. Dejo un recuerdo de una Expo de colegio. GraciasTim

  • from Ольга

    Очень талантливый dj добрый умный застенчивый парень и глубокий человек!

  • from Cathy

    Avicii you were one of the first artists that started my EDM listening journey. Thank you for your incredible talent and I hope you’re finally at peace. ?❤️

  • from Subham Pati

    Avicii made me fall in love with EDM. His songs aren't​ only songs for me. They've made some special memories for me. The memories I can't forget and so you. You maybe gone but you're still in millions' hearts and my heart holds a special place for you. For you and your memories. Your songs. Your passion. You still inspire me Avicii. You still. And will be forever.

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