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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from ALEX

    I so need to hear you again on the fm in the afternoons while I walk this diffuse path. Your memory makes me feel better. Happy birthday Tim ♥️

  • from Oscar Dimas

    Feliz cumpleaños Avicii gracias a ti el EDM es mi género favorito siempre en mi corazón desde El Salvador ◢ ◤ 🥹

  • from José

    Hola Tim como cada año aquí estoy de nuevo para desearte un muy feliz cumpleaños estoy muy seguro que como yo somos muchísimos los que extrañamos tu música pero sobre todo a ti no he dejado de escuchar tu música y conocerte mejor a través de tu libro y videos. Siempre en nuestros corazones Tim. ❤️

  • from Jonathan Godoy

    Unfortunately you left to soon there was so much to explore to live and to experience. But the world can be cruel Happy Birthday Tim your music will continue to echo through time.

  • from @Kawi

    Happy birthday Avicii – 2023

  • from katy perry


  • from Rohan Arturo

    Feliz cumpleaños Tim Hoy quiero recordar lo mucho que has inspirado a la gente en todo el mundo y lo mucho que me has inspirado a mi personalmente gracias por todos los sentimientos entregados con tu música que nos conecta. Tim Forever ◢◤

  • from Dee La Phia Dean

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Tim ❤️ The World & I Miss You The Music & Legacy Lives On XXX

  • from Nikola

    Today would have been Avicii's 34th birthday we miss you Avicii 😥

  • from Iva

    Another birthday without you… Wish you were here to create new music and enjoy this day with us your fans. I'm sending this note on what would be your 34th birthday. Miss you brother!

  • from Jessy

    We miss you. Today even more… hope you’re doing fine – wherever you are now! Rest in peace Tim❤️‍🩹 we love you

  • from Joshua

    Dear Tim happy heavenly birthday. I released a song for you as a thank you for inspiring me. Would like to think somehow somewhere you already know thanks for being around. God bless brother Joshua

  • from Jesper

    Idag skulle varit din födelsedag Tim. Du kan nog inte förstå hur mycket världen saknar dig och skulle ge allt för att du skulle finnas kvar. Lyssnar på din musik och tänker på dig varje dag. Så synd att du lämnade oss så tidigt.

  • from 🇸🇰

    Happy BirthdayTim ♥️♥️♥️.

  • from Ania

    Życzę Tobie wszystkiego tego czego brakowało Tobie tutaj na tym świecie. Liczę ze teraz jesteś spokojny zdrowy i uśmiechnięty. Happy birthday ♥️♥️♥️ Miss You ..

  • from Patrizia

    Happy birthday my soul💓

  • from Aaron

    Happy Birthday I miss you

  • from Djago

    Happy birthday in heaven our HERO. <3

  • from Shy

    Sometimes I see Tim when I close my eyes during meditation. Then he shares his thoughts about life. He is now an angel and I will never forget him. We also share the same birthdate. So today I remind him too. Happy birthday Tim. God bless you.

  • from Asude🇹🇷

    Happy birthday dear tim if you wouldnt exists in this world music will be not just music you are the best. I wouldn't to learn piano or something happy 34th birthday 💙💙💙🎶

  • from Gabriëlla

    Happy Birthday Tim ❤️

  • from Ilonka_

    Transfer emotion to the song what emotion is written in will be transmitted “ Avicii Happy Birthday Tim wherever you are 💙Thank you for your music. I miss you 💔

  • from Patricia from uk

    Dear Tim it’s that very painful time of the year again you would have been 34 today and still making incredible sounds you ll never really be gone you influenced so many with your unique sound and people could relate to your feelings of pain and mental torment I didn’t know you but I understood how you felt I send love to everyone missing you your mum dad and your thousands of fans your safe now sweet angel And you ll never really be gone tim not really Love flying to heaven for you

  • from Olivia 🇩🇪

    Happy Birthday Tim I love youu ❤️❤️ You're very missed.

  • from Perrine

    Happy birthday Tim ! 🫶🏻 Miss you 🤍

  • from Agata

    Happy birthday Tim🤍 Hope you have a fantastic day ❤️

  • from Rai GYQ

    Happy birthday Tim! Music has deeply touched our hearts inspiring and motivating us to overcome life's obstacles. Your ability to convey emotions through your melodies is genuine. Your music has left an indelible mark on all of us. We miss you so much ❤️❤️

  • from Meike

    Happy birthday Tim. I hope you found what you were looking for and are happy in heaven. I miss you.

  • from Дмитрий

    Друг наш вот и настал твой день. Мы тебя любим и будем любить веками. Твои треки навсегда останутся в наших головах. И будут играть в счастливые и грустные моменты жизни. Надеюсь ты там счастлив и знай что мы по тебе очень скучаем. С днем рождения брат.

  • from Portugal

    Happy Birthday! Be happy wherever you are <3 We will never forget you ❤ With love Vera

  • from Irfan Feroze

    happy birthday sweet Tim we can't thank you enough for what you did for edm we miss you here on earth

  • from Tristen

    Happy Birthday Legend. ❤️

  • from Freyre

    Happy Birthday Tim

  • from Beq

    Able to make music to get people through the hardest times. Thank you and happy birthday up there.

  • from T.


  • from Florencia Ventura

    Happy birthday to such a beautiful and impactful soul that was given to us. Thank the stars it’s Friday ★

  • from Diana

    Feliz cumpleaños hasta el cielo querido Tim❤️🕊️

  • from Dansen

    Happy Birthday Legend!

  • from Emelie

    Grattis på födelsedagen Tim du är förevigt saknad och älskad. Ta hand om tokan åt mig när ni delar samma dag. Jag tänker på dina anhöriga extra mycket denna dag jag bidrog med ett bidrag till stiftelsen i ditt minne så att Anki och Klas kan fortsätta det viktiga arbetet. Tack för alla minnen det är dem vi lever vidare på och kärleken för dig Tim kommer aldrig att blekna.

  • from Mela <3

    Feliz cumpleaños Tim no sabes cuanta falta aún nos haces tú musica aún se oye aún se siente y seguirá siendo así siempre donde quiera que estes espero estes bien te amo avicii ❤️💐

  • from AB

    Happy Birthday Legend♡

  • from Remar

    Happy Birthday Tim.

  • from Валерий.

    Спасибо Друг.Мы с тобою рождены в один день разного года.Я по старше но ты дарил мне столько радостилюбвиэмоций которые не передать словами …. Ты рожден звездой которая освешает путь нам ишушим свою дорогу и рядом снами идешь ТЫ Спасибо тебе завсе ТЫ ВСЕГДА С НАМИ РЯДОМ🫡

  • from Rodrigo Platti

    today is your birthday Tim your music will always be in my journey I hope you are in a better place

  • from susu

    It’s your birthday today Tim you would’ve been 34. I miss you so much everyday and hope you’re in a better place. Life is not the same without you really wish you were here to see how much everyone love and miss you. I miss you everyday Tim not a day goes by where you’re not on my mind. Love and miss you forever 💙

  • from Susu

    It’s your birthday today Tim you would’ve been 34. I miss you so much everyday and hope you’re in a better place. Life is not the same without you really wish you were here to see how much everyone loves and misses you. I miss you everyday Tim not a day goes by where you’re not on my mind. Love and miss you forever 💙

  • from Emerson

    Parabéns Tim ❤

  • from P


  • from Avicii's slave

    Happy Birthday Tim love you

  • from Adrian 🇨🇴

    Happy birthday Tim you're the most special dj who ever existed and your melodies make me feel strong every day and inspired me to be my better version. I love you forever and you never be forgoten Thanks legend thanks dear Tim 🤍

  • from Adi

    Happy birthday dear Tim ❤️ You're always alive in our hearts ❤️❤️

  • from Perry

    生日快樂 Tim 永恆的活在我們心中

  • from YUI N

    今TikTokでカマキリダンスとか言ってアジア中心で Waiting For Loveがまた流行ってるよ! どんな形であれ、前に聞いていた曲が子供達が聴いてて嬉しい。 ずっとずっとファンだよ

  • from Frida

    Happy bday tim You are the best dj ever Rest in peace ♥️

  • from Alonso Fuica

    Time flies and i still miss like like the day you left us… I wish you nothing but the best wherever you are. I really hope and believe you're having one hell of a party for your birthday! All the love of the world is yours today Tim… We'll always be here. Happy Birthday Tim. AKA Avicii.

  • from Mike

    Wake me up when it’s all over – when I’m wiser and I’m older.

  • from Helene

    You gave me more than you can imagine Tim. Happy birthday to heaven. <3

  • from Karl

    Dear Tim its been more than 5 yrs since you left I hope you were here I've been thinking of you daily never give up never back down. I can't express much my appreciation towards you except writing this letter you will live forever despite of your absence here. You will keep inspiring lot of people including me. You will be forever in our hearts. Happy 34th bday to the one and only Tim Bergling (AKA Avicii)!!!! Your fan Karl.

  • from Angie

    Happy birthday Tim ❤😘🍰

  • from NoiseRealese

    Happy Birthday to the legend that inspired me to produce music ❤️

  • from Marina Encinas

    Happy Birthday Tim thanks for everything you did to me with your songs thanks for every happy moment every memory and for everything I still will have. ❤️

  • from Adrian

    Happy Birthday Tim!🍰

  • from K

    Happy birthday Tim! ❤️

  • from SlowBeats

    Happy Birthday legend

  • from Aathrich

    Happy Birthday Avicii! Your music might have changed my life.

  • from Cindray

    生日快乐 我快跟你一样大啦… Happy birthday Tim. Still missing you everyday.

  • from Garro

    Happy Birthday my dear friend!! Hope to find you good in heaven spending time for your happiness! Love you forever Tim See you soon 🔥♥️

  • from

    Happy Birthday❤️💙

  • from Du Yuming

    You and your music became light of my life since 2014 it keep lighting my life up till now. Though this world may not be as beautiful as you expected we'd like to let you know that we miss you and to be missed by such many people could be a happy thing for you no matter where you are. Happy birthday.

  • from munk won

    Happy birthday 我们永远爱你

  • from 韩钦明

    Happy birthday,and i still loved u AVICII forever——————————- from another land 's fans

  • from Jackie

    HBD lovely Tim. Thank you for the music.

  • from

    happy birthday TIM! We'll always be with you!

  • from Sean

    Happy heavenly birthday Tim. Thank you for everything. I miss you so much

  • from Britt

    Happy heavenly birthday tim💙😘

  • from Freja

    Dear Tim. Happy birthday. You're a inspiration for me like everybody else. Leavels where the first of you're songs i heard and my introduktion to techno and EDM and you made me fall in love with it. And you're tracks where my medicine a feeling of freedom in my life and the courage to wake up and go on my day. I was bulied a lot. But you're music helped me through that. Happy birthday Tim and may you're music and legacy live on forever.

  • from Kev1490

    Happy Birthday lovely Tim! We all miss you. 🖤 Have a great Birthday upstairs and celebrate it with all people who is sorround you. ❤️❤️

  • from Lina

    Den här dagen tänker jag lite extra på dig <3

  • from Fernando

    Happy birthday Tim ❤️ We miss you so much…

  • from Liezl

    Happy Heavenly birthday Tim. I will never forget you. Your music still gets me through so much still today. Thank you so much.


    Dear Tim a sweet Happy Birthday to a sweet a soul like you. I hope you are happy and living your happiness to the fullest. I love you as always and miss you even more. RIP Love 🤍 ◢◤

  • from aakk

    Happy Birthday Tim ◢ ◤

  • from Keetahn

    WE LOVE YOU FOREVER AND MORE. Your music made my life full of happiness. Happy 34th birthday My Role-model Tim❤️

  • from Firman

    Happy Birthday Tim Bergling ❤

  • from S Dirgh

    Happy Birthday dear Avicii. You changed my life and music taste change with your music. It's never easy to digest the fact that you're no more. Love you wherever you are. ◢ ◤ forever

  • from Melo

    Happy birthday to our one and only Tim who is missed everyday. We ❤️ you and miss you 😢

  • from Milena 🇨🇴

    Happy birthday dear Tim a hug to heaven… We miss you ❣️✨🥺

  • from Nuria (España)

    Mi querido Tim. Un año más lleno de amor y bondad .Siempre vivirás en mi corazón. Sigue iluminando al mundo .Siempre tuya. ❤❤😇

  • from Braga

    You made my childhood Happy birthday Avicii

  • from Your brother from heart-Aditya

    Oh my dear love you hold a very special place in my heart and no one can replace you I love you so so much it's really painful for me to live without you I still remember when I heard wake me up for the first time back 2018 i was like who is this genius your music inspired me alot everyday i wish you were here with us my dream is to meet and hug you tight and sit in the studio and make music in this life it's not possible but one day for sure I'll meet you in heaven. Happiest birthday TIM❤❤

  • from Anonym

    Happy Birthday Tim Wo auch immer du bist 🙏

  • from Luna

    Hello Tim. Happy 34th heavenly birthday to you. Wherever you are I hope you’re happy🥰

  • from Diane

    💜 Happy Birthday Angel Tim. 34 years ago you arrived into this world and made it a better place not only with your incredible musical talent but just by existing. You impacted OUR hearts and souls with YOUR loving heart and kind soul and you will be loved forever and never forgotten. Happy Birthday Tim. I love you. 💜

  • from Philip 🇲🇰

    Happy birthday Tim i really don't know how my life would be without you and your music because whenever we have a bad day you always manage to lift cheer and comfort us. I'll never forget when i first heard Wake Me Up in my dad's car with my sister and i'm grateful that you have brought me to this community. We know you're not dead you're just in a different place where no one can pressure or hurt you. I love and miss you Tim hope you're doing okay in heaven – Philip 🤍◢ ◤

  • from Maÿlie

    Happy birthday 34 years Tim! You will always be in our heart.

  • from Patty💚🤍❤️

    Today is a special day: your 34th Birthday dear Tim! I’d love to know what you are up to in Heaven while there’re celebrations for you all around that I hope you can see and look at how many people still here on this wall. I wish you were still here to experience your party with us but I know you found peace up there. I ain’t a music composer I can’t give you a musical tribute but I’ll bake you a special cake. With all my heart Happy Birthday🥳young and sweet friend of mine.

  • from oxymoron

    Happy birthday Avicii

  • from 율

    Happy birthday Tim I love you so much

  • from Hentz Raimund

    Happy Birthday Tim !!! România/Timișoara love you!!!!

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