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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Vanessa Carvalho

    Oi minha vida que saudades de você! Me fez amar eletrônica mais do que já amava me fez escolher minha profissão a amar o que escolhi pra minha vida. Infelizmente nunca consegui ver uma apresentação sua e jamais conseguirei o que causa uma grande dor em mim mas te encontro no céu. Você é minha inspiração. É e sempre será a luz da minha vida eu te amo muito sempre amarei. Em alguns dias irei fazer uma tatuagem em sua homenagem irá sempre estar comigo. Obrigada por tudo. Love you so much!

  • from Dj Concept Magazine

    Avicii extrañaremos tu excelente música. Esperamos que en el infinito sigas haciendo lo que más te gusta.

  • from AJMAL BADAR

    I never really couldn't imagine his death… I was getting to know him !.. with his musics… All my friends were so sad when they heard the sad news !.. we all loved him !… Whenever i want that feel good mood i would listen to his son 'Hey Brother' !… Later i really really fall in love with him when he released 'Without You' !.. AVICII…..? IF YOU ARE WATCHING FROM HEAVEN !.. We Love You !… Till We Die !

  • from Michel Garcia

    Avicii era buen pedo y buen DJ lastima que se lo llevo la verga. Te extrañaremos carnal.

  • from Phil Long

    The chipotle music was no match for Tim that day. I cranked ‘Levels’ from the back kitchen so loudly that it took over and could be heard from the bathrooms. Like so many that song introduced me to Tim’s music. From then on he was my clear favorite. “Waiting for Love’ kept me holding on ‘Without You’ helped me move on ‘The Nights’ helped me move with a smile. Tim made songs loaded with hope the messages as beautiful as the melodies. He emanated humility and generosity. I miss him. God bless

  • from Alejandro

    Eternal rest….. Guatemala City

  • from Lara from Germany

    The first concert I've ever went to was yours in Hamburg in 2014. I grew up with your music and I'm still loving it. I hope you're in a better place now. Rest in peace mate! ❤

  • from Lucas Domiciano Marcolino

    Eu comecei a gostar de música eletronica ouvindo Wake me up curte muito a letra da música e a batida country dela depois disso fui ouvir as outras canções do Avicii e dos outros DJs e toda vez e estou triste na bad eu coloco as músicas do Avicii para me animarem poque são canções alegres felizes e contagiantes então tenho muito a agradecer ao Avicii pelas músicas que ele fez : )

  • from Tim Uk

    Tim was lucky enough to see you twice in August 2016; just before you stopped touring. I danced in to my 30th birthday to your set at Ushuaia Ibiza and then we were lucky enough to see you close at Creamfields UK. An incredible music producer with a distinguishable sound to the music you produced. Everyone would recognise your songs and this was evident when you played banger after banger for 2 hours at your Ushuaia set; every single song your own music and everyone singing along to the lyric

  • from Marco from Italy

    I saw you in Ibiza at Ushuaia and it was the best vacation of my life your music can always make me smile and think at those moments when i was happy with my friends. You were a legend for me I will never forget you.

  • from EVA

    You've become the most brilliant star in the sky.

  • from Alex

    Tu resteras à jamais dans nos coeurs et ta musique également <3 Tu avais un don pour la musique Repose en paix Tim <3 The Maestro ◢ ◤

  • from Nour❤️

    Tim you were one of the most amazing DJs on earth. I grew up to your music it just connected emotionally. I always wanted to meet you to go to one of your lit concerts. Your death hit me really hard. Your parents lost a son your siblings lost a brother but the world lost a LEGEND. You will forever be remembered ❤️? #legendsneverdie

  • from -a

    I've always felt like i can relate to your feelings and your music. You never failed at making me happier just by listening to your music. Whenever I'm having a bad day I can just listen and it'll be better. I'll be forever thankful for what Tim did in the music industry I've always loved edm but Tim really took it to a another level. I know this message can't say all that i would want it to but all i want to do is say thank you. Thank you Tim Your music will always have a place in my heart

  • from Adrian Z

    it was August 10 2018 and Tim was playing at Edmonton Events Centre in Edmonton Alberta Canada with Support from Jerome Isma-ae. it was around the time he released manman but before levels. But Tim might have teased us with it that night. what made the show so special was that one of the promoters asked "hey do u want to go on stage with avicii?" i said "of course!" Up on stage i was behind Tim he was doing what he loved i watched him in awe and inside i knew he was gonna be an EDM King. IMU

  • from Martin

    "Heroes don't die they fade away"

  • from Le hai

    You are my hero i love you

  • from Hong Diep

    In another life I will still be your fan You are always in our heart Tim .

  • from Elías

    Yo recuerdo estar más chico tenia 11 años y me encantaba avicii lo descubrí en YouTube y en unos minutos mi canción favorita era you make me pero luego descubrí que mientras mas canciones escuchaba mas me gustaban y no sabía cuál escoger y entonces comprendi la magia que tenía Tun era un chico tan único tan autentico y te vamos a extrañar como no tienes idea pero eso si jamás te olvidaremos hasta siempre ◢ ◤ ?

  • from Lucas

    I remember being a child and listening to levels and other amazing songs of avicii in the car thats were i fell in love with his music i have such beautiful memories and i will always remember you tim rip god bless you

  • from Aneta

    Thank you Tim for Your beautiful mysic u gave us still cant belive u are not with us anymore maybe its just a bad dream whenever u are hope u ok and you happy .miss you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from Helena

    How I'm wishing that you were here❤

  • from Alejandro

    Tu música habla por ti fuiste eres y serás el mejor de la historia. Ahora eres una leyenda y LAS LEYENDAS NUNCA MUEREN ❤ .

  • from DARIUS

    forever in my hears and my heart

  • from Ali S.

    My biggest regret is not being able to see you live. I had to wait til I was 18 and then you announced that you're retiring from touring. I was eagerly waiting for you to announce that you'll return so I'd finally get to see you live. From the Bob Sinclair – New New New (Avicii Remix) released 8 years ago all the way to the album True (the third album I've ever bought) I was a fan. Your music influenced years of my life inspiring me to produce music myself. I miss you man rest in peace.

  • from Ellie

    i had my first holiday away with my friends this year for most of it we played avicii songs because everyone loved them . the moment someone in our group said he had died we all started crying his music brought us so much joy over that two week period and for our whole school year aviciii was the one that brought us all together. your songs will forever be in my summer playlist and me and my friends will be thankful of how you all brought us together and made us feel so happy

  • from Angeloid

    Tim 'Avicii' Bergling was one of my biggest inspirations to begin making music quite a few years back. Every song he put out was great even the less well known ones like X You and Street Dancer which were among my personal favourites. By continuing to make music and sharing my passion and love with the world I feel like I honour his memory in the best way that I possibly can: with a drum beat in my heart a melody on my mind and a tearful smile. Jag älskar dig och tack så mycket -Angeloid

  • from T – Indonesia

    Rest in peace Tim!

  • from Hennie

    You live in my heart❤️

  • from Vdnt

    Avicii the only legend of EDM !!! You introduced me to the electronic music !!! I know no one can take you legacy !!!! R.I.P. Brother !!!

  • from Edward

    I travelled around Asia in the summer of 2013. I was struggling with some personal stuff and felt very lonely. Wake me up was played everywhere I went and every-time I heard it it reminded me of all I have to be grateful for.

  • from Huy Minh (HMTheBoy154)

    Your music is the best combination. Meaningful lyrics and Wonderful beats. Your lyrics have teached me a lot about life and your beats is really really good I will not cry instead i will always smile and Feeling Good 🙂 Rest in Peace Avicii ❤

  • from Abta de Belgique

    A la mort de Tim j'était en larme le lendemain personne en parlais à l'école j'en ai parler a mes amis mais pour eux c'était une perte comme une autre ça me mettais en rage pour moi Tim était et est un héros du 21èmes siècles quand j'étais au super merché hier ils on mis " wale me up" j'ai commençé à pleurer en me pensant à Tim et à tout ses exploitsune vieille dame est venu me demander si ça va je lui est dit oui merci et je suis rentré chez moije sais qu'on se reverra un jour TIM MERCI

  • from Alexandra Romania

    AVICII taught me what electronic music really means I do not think it will be born a dj as talented as he is. AVICII will be in my heart forever . I miss you…. So wake me up when it's all over When I'm wiser and I'm older All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost

  • from Christine Everschor

    Hi Deine Musik hat mir durch schwere Zeiten geholfen. Wake me up hat mich getröstet obwohl Tränen flossen. Ich wette jetzt musizierst Du im Himmel und machst die Engel glücklich. Danke für Deine Gabe die uns berührt hat Christine aus Sülz

  • from Francesca

    The first time I listened to your music I saw something beyond the melody beyond the perfect synchrony of the sounds. Your gift has always been to talk with your music. You have been able to give us glimpses of your soul. That's why I think your loss was so terrible for us. Thank you Tim.

  • from David beltran

    We will never forget you! We miss you so much avicii?

  • from Abraham

    Aun recuerdo aquella vez que escuche la canción Hey Brother (mi canción favorita) me encanto la ame y de inmediato comencé a investigar su autor y resulto ser AVICII. Empece a escuchar mas canciones de él y me di cuenta de que Avicii era un mago sus canciones de inmediato me atraparon. Él sabia como hacer música de verdad música que te atrapaba y la escuchabas una y otra vez. Aun puedo creer lo que paso pero lo que si se es que era el mas GRANDE AVICII.

  • from Marius

    The music I truly love.

  • from Pascal Droste

    Dear Tim… You will always be in our hearts we will always remember you ❤️ Your music is the best forever… i saw your Show on worldclubdome 2014 it was amazin .. we will remember you … Rest in Peace!

  • from Wadoyoumean

    I did not expect to love you. The thought of you everyday awakens my soul. Knowing how you’re doing somehow keeps me sane. I can’t ever tell you but a part of my heart is with you. Always and all ways.

  • from Julian Maas

    Hallo Tim wir haben deine Musik immer geliebt dazu getanzt und gefeiert. Du hast uns damit immer sehr berührt. Vielen Dank Tim❤

  • from Hungarian girl

    Sohasem felejtünk el.Csillagként ragyogsz tovább az égen…..

  • from Li’er from Singapore

    I grew up with your music. There was always something special about it. It wasn’t just EDM to party to it connected emotionally and was music that inspired me to want to live life to its fullest. It’s painful to know that you’re no longer here but thank you for the memories. I hope that somewhere in heaven you’re creating music and magic with the angels.

  • from 🙂

    I will Remember ❤ Legends ❤ in my heart ❤

  • from Suus

    I have countless of amazing memories I got from Tim’s songs. I miss him so much and for me he was one of the best musicians ever. Rest in peace

  • from Aleks Bobrov

    Avicii in my heart…. In little city in Russia….

  • from Lewis Driver

    Thanks for everything x

  • from Dev

    You carried me at my lowest moments in my life now there is someone to carry you to the top. R.I.P. buddy

  • from Mixed In Key

    We met Tim in Miami at Winter Music Conference. He was humble and sweet. Later that night he played an incredible song that everyone want nuts for… I tried to Shazam it and someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Armin van Buuren. Armin said "That's his remix of my track" and smiled. I'll never forget the crowd reaction.

  • from Matteo

    Dear Tim when I heard about your death i was really heartbroken. You were and you are my favourite dj in the world. You had something special and different than other djs. "Live a life you will rimember". #legendsneverdie

  • from Guido

    The first CD I ever bought from my own money was ‘True’ from Avicii when I was 10 years old. From the moment I first listened to the first song: ‘Wake Me Up’ till the last song of the album: ‘Edom’ was I listening with amazement. I’ve listened the Album times and times and still do that now. Since then my entire school time has consisted of Avicii music which has dragged me through a lot. I really want to thank him for that❤️!

  • from Duarte

    When I first heard Le7vels I immediately recognized an instant and eternal house hit. It was like a touch of a genius that you can have once in a lifetime if you´re lucky! Avicci made it and made history with this and many other hits! Rest in Peace your music will always be with us now there is music before Avicci and music after Avicci!

  • from Klaus

    Thank you for the beautiful Music !

  • from Jesse

    Tim You have been an absolute inspiration of mine since electronic music had started massively going mainstream. You were one of/if not the sole pioneer to make this movement happen. No matter what song I listened to of yours no matter what alias – I always found that special "Tim" touch on all of your tracks. And I never stopped loving your music because of that. You were an absolutely magnificent artist who created the most beautiful things. Thank you for always just being yourself.

  • from Nick D.

    Avicii was my favorite. Never saw him live unfortunately but his music was wow. RIP

  • from Nazar

    Avicii changed my life with his music. Every time the world seemed to be falling apart or just working against you I could always listen to Avicii and keep on fighting yet another day. I would give half of what I have to have him back. Such a talented bright fire gone away. Thank you for being a part of my life and for bringing so much positivity and goos times into my life I don't know if I could've made it without you Tim

  • from Laura

    Tim no sabes lo que te echamos de menos. Siempre vivirás en todas y cada una de las canciones que creaste. Te queremos Tim. ❤

  • from JU MORENO

    I think litened to Avicii music just when the fall season was starting in Sydney I 'd tooken a shower and I was getting ready to take the train to my college . I felt tired because I'd worked on a festival during all weekend. But when listened wake me up was like electricity for me at the moment. it was indescribable. didn't stop listening to it I believed could fly just with wind on my face at george st it's just what I needed to turn outside off and think about song.

  • from Gab

    I always loved Avicii. His style was part of my life. Thank you brother.

  • from Lisa

    Tim you were such an amazing person…not just a musician but a special light in the world. I hope you knew in your heart how inspired you made people feel and how you spoke to people through your music. Listening to your songs ignites a lot of memories for me and I don't think there are many people who can say they didn't hum your songs or dance to them at some point. I think all I can say is thank you. Thank you for touching this world….your light will shine on forever

  • from Aurélie

    Whenever I hear a song playing from you I always think about all the amazing memories I made on it and how much fun I had! I really miss it I miss you and I miss your music RIP AVICII you will be missed and you will always have a special place in my heart

  • from Stanislav

    Навсегда в наших сердцах Tim??

  • from Magali

    I have to stop going to your pages on Facebook and Instagram because I know there will be no more and I can't stop myself I'll cry. I love music and I write as well I do know a bit about and my first impression of your music was the quality and that something more unusual that make it a temporal. When the news came came also pain that I can describe or explain. Even now I am writing trying to control myself to see the keyboard. You are a very special soul look the empathy you created; Love You

  • from Jenny

    Ein großer Künstler ein toller Mensch❤️ Du bleibst mit deiner Musik immer in unserer Erinnerung und Herzen.

  • from Le van Hung

    Waiting for love was the first song I heard the song that led me to edm the song that I replayed hundreds of times the song I never heard was boring … Thanks to Brother avicii I love this life. Thanks Avicii …

  • from Ella

    "Wake me up" will forever be on my playlist you are a music legend. <3

  • from Jhonatan manosalva – Colombia

    Avicii nos enseñó y nos animo a amar y ver la música de otra manera. Nos inspiró y nos ayudo a poder cumplir nuestros sueños atravez de la música. Gracias avicii por tu amor hacia todos tus fans atravez de tu música. Te recordaremos por siempre. #AviciiForEver

  • from Phan Huynh Hoang Huy

    I will so miss you <3

  • from Vinh

    Tim you are a legend and a legend live forever in our heart

  • from Ilaria

    Dear Tim your songs had been the soundtrack of some of my love stories and magic moments when I was younger. I still love those songs and makes me feel good remembering those days. So I deeply thank you for following my path through your music I will always remember how it made and still makes me feel. Sit tibi terra levis

  • from Tyler Piorun

    I saw Tim close EDCNY 2012 one night it was such an amazing spectacle to watch. Saw him 3 times total each one so memorable. I’m gonna miss being able to catch him or his new music.

  • from Nicole D

    Your music is the best there is and will stay forever the best. Thank you for waking me up in the morning for school and you still wake me up. so thank to you and your songs cause i am happy in the morning.

  • from Nathan

    You made my summer many times with some of the anthems you created. So sad that you are gone because your music was unique where as most artists just sound the same! RIP Avicii

  • from Hara Hideki

    He get me through darkness and he forever to be my hero!! His light is music..that strongest than everything I ever seen!!

  • from Ann-Sofie

    Ett geni är det första jag tänker på då jag minns Tim Avicci. Så mycket bra musik glädje framförallt förknippat med träning och vänner. Du finns för alltid ❤ Vila i frid och tankar går till familj och vänner…

  • from Jan

    Avicii war einfach ein Großartiger Musiker ich bin mit seiner Musik groß geworden. Seine Musik hat mir auch geholfen schwere Sachen wie Mobbing oder den Tod eines Familien Mitglieds zu überstehen seine Musik hat mich immer wieder aufgemuntert weiter zu machen und nie aufzugeben. RIP AVICII

  • from Rosa Maria Martinez

    Descansa en paz precioso ángel.?❤️❤️❤️???

  • from Andres Landazabal

    Hey Brother!!! Comence a oir musica electronica gracias a ti. Me duele nunca haber ido a un festival donde tu estuvieras pues ese era mi sueño. Descansa en paz hermano. Los santos tienen ahora arriba un buen elemento para seguir creando sonidos preciosos. R.I.P.

  • from Daan

    I just can´t write down here what i feel. But it´s pain Tim Bergling 28 years old boy. The best DJ/Producer ever in history. RIP Tim Bergling 20-4-18

  • from Axel

    Fue una de las personas que me inició en el mundo de la música electrónica. Sin él y su música no sería nada. Cumplí el sueño de poder verle en directo y eso es algo que nunca olvidaré. Cada melodía hecha por él era pura magia tenía algo diferente a los demás. Esos destellos que le hacían inconfundible. Era único. Es único. Allá donde estés nunca dejaré de escucharte. Siempre estarás en mi corazón. "Live a life you will remember." #VeniVidiAvicii

  • from Matheus

    O Avicii foi o DJ que me trouxe para a música eletrônica não tem como não esquecer ele ainda mais que a música Lonely Together foi uma das músicas que tocou na minha formatura de 2017. Uma música melhor do que a outra. #Avicci

  • from Alireza from iran

    ???????من عاشق موزیک? و آهنگ های? آویچی?? هستم ????????????♠️♠️♠️علی رضا از?? ایران

  • from Swedish fan of the beauty Tim<33

    Tim was my biggest role model! Miss him.. my dream was to meet him<33 When I was in school and we had song I always wanted to sing you songs and I still want!! I remember when you sad in one interljuv that your fans was everything! We fans still love you and we never forget the history about you!! Love you so freaking much! Hope i see you someday! I hope tou have a great place there you are rn becuse you deserv everything! Tim bergling for ever and Avicii ofc❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  • from –

    hey man now everything is over pls wake up:/

  • from Alexandre

    Joyeuse ou émouvante sa musique m'a toujours accompagné. Il avait cette faculté à trouver le "hook" qui faisait mouche tout en laissant une empreinte authentique dans chacune de ses compositions. Sa musique était belle tout simplement…

  • from Steffi

    You have changed me. You have given me so much. I will never forget you and hope that the pain will eventually subside. I hope you are in a better place now with luck and love. RIP

  • from Alexandra

    Höre gerade deine Musik du warst ein Genie und wirst unvergessen bleiben!

  • from Carl3son

    Simplesmente uma lenda.

  • from Denverson

    without your music studying would be so mundane and insufferable. You will be missed. Forever grateful.

  • from NM Skottland

    I didn’t know I knew you until you’d gone Your musical genius shines thro in every song The magnificent melody maker with dreams fulfilled A revolutionary who never stood still I didn’t know I knew you until you’d gone My mind heart and soul found a new dawn Your creations your messages had a way how to say… Tim Bergling – Avicii – You make me smile every day ❣️

  • from Michael Windolf

    Hey Brother I saw you at Frankfurt/Main few Years ago. Your Show was amazing :* Fly with the Angels my Friend Rest in Peace

  • from Stephen

    Seeing you in Ibiza with my friends was incredible! I will never forget the energy you created with your music.

  • from Agostina

    Tenia 12 aos la primera vez que lo escuche y desde ese entonces comence a apreciar la musica electronica y mas que nads a el y su forma de hacer musica. El dia que me entere que habia falecido me senti vacia


    The song I heard for the first time is Wake Me Up.Even now I can not forget the impression of that time.It is thanks to AVIC II that I liked edm. AVICII is alive in me forever! It’s such a night such a beautiful night It’s such a beaut’ such a beautiful sight I think I just oh I think I just died And went to heaven AVICII-Heaven

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