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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Chris

    Today i was feeling really bad, so i went listening to “wake me up”, that song remember me the days of my childhood, when i was always happy, i love that song and i love Tim music, thank you, thank you really much for what you did you will live forever in our hearts❤️

  • from Jirattachai

    Thank you for everything even though you are no longer with us.

  • from India shirley

    I love avicii so much im still heartbroken that hes gone he inspired me 💗

  • from Laura Willows

    My parents told me about Queen. I will tell my kids about Avicii and everything she did to make the 2010s decade of music amazing. I'm 18 and I still remember how the first thing I did (and still do) every day was listen to him and start dancing like crazy. His music was, is and will be magic, and the world of music is no longer the same without him, but luckily he left a great legacy. I hope you have managed to find the peace you wanted so much, we miss you very much here Tim.

  • from Anilto

    Love you many years when you gone ❤💔

  • from Marvyn

    I grew up with Tim's music. Sometimes I remember when i saw the news of his passing and get sad, because I think of what could have done. RIP Tim, you'll never be forgotten.

  • from Aviciier

    I will forever love you

  • from Nwiber

    Your song make me stronger. I will never forget you, Avicii. Your place in my life was unforgettable. Rest in Peace.

  • from Sibhn

    Your song are making me remember about live, Miss you legend❤


    Time goes by, dear boy, but I don't forget you; your amazing songs speak to me of your beautiful soul and make me understand much about you, myself and the world. Never in this life i will meet you, but we'll meet somewhere, in a better world. A hug and a kiss to you, my dear!

  • from Schneider

    I miss you end Thank you ❤️

  • from Z


  • from Манзя

    Очень скучаю по Авичи… Спи спокойно.

  • from Miranda

    He was my childhood, I remember drawing the ◀️▶️ with my classmates at school, I also remember watching the lives performances in 2016 and obviously my favorite song as a 9 year old “the nights” I will always remember him and the good memories with his music 💕💕

  • from Fil

    His music has something other music never did/has/will. Even through I can't describe what that something is, thats how special it is. ◢◤

  • from Raph

    Still here <3

  • from Ryu

    Continua a salvarmi ❤️

  • from Fornor

    MISS YOU❤️

  • from KALASH


  • from Dylan welsh

    Avicii nummer Lonely together is mn fav nummer en the nights en levels

  • from NEXON

    Thanks You….Avicii Your Music Make Me Stronger for me

  • from Alex

    Thank you)

  • from Shiadani and Gustavo

    Miss u and your music.

  • from mnz

    #waitingforthereleaseofWeBurn Tim, it's been almost 6 years since we lost you. Really miss you and your new beautiful songs that grace this life. Still you have so many great songs left that you didn't get to release, like We Burn. That song is just beautiful and I hope it gets a release like Forever Yours. Sleep well, Tim Berg!

  • from Brandon

    Hey Tim, I'm sorry to say I didn't discover your music until well after you left us. I found the nights first & it has remained my favorite song of yours. That 1 song has helped me pull myself & others of out of depression, its theme of living life to its utmost really spoke to me. After all one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember, I hope you realized just how much you did that before the end.

  • from Vlc

    Rip legend

  • from Philipp

    Hey Tim, you was at my First Date, my Grandmas funeral, my Birthday….everywhere you are all day with me since i was Born. I live u

  • from 陈

    Once i m seven years old,it is my first time to listten your music《waiting for love 》,I seemed fall in love with this song.In 2019,I began to know you further ,and be your fan .I will remember you till I die

  • from Brooke H

    For the past 5 years every wedding my fiancé and I have attended "levels" is always a big moment during the reception for the couple in honor. this year we get to have our own "levels" moment and I thank you for that.

  • from ◢◤JACOB ◢◤

    Tim, thank you for your music ◢◤forever in our heart's◢◤ R.I.P LegenD

  • from Sofia

    I don't remember exactly when I first heard of Avicii or his music, but I loved the music and him from the moment I did. Me and my mother share our love for his music, and are so thankful that we could listen to it then and continue forever. You're always in our hearts. Rest easy. Thank you for everything you've done.

  • from erin

    I still remember re-watching the Wake Me Up music video over and over again when I was like 9. It’s engraved in my brain and so are you. Much 🩷🩷🩷

  • from Devello


  • from Moeketsi – South Africa

    You were a legend bro and your music is unique and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. We will always miss you..

  • from Zytw

    Avicii, I miss you so much

  • from kiwi

    encourage me when I in down

  • from Patrick Batobalonos

    The first time I listened to Levels back in 2012 I was already hooked with Avicii. Eversince, I've been listening to your music day and night. You've helped me get through tough times, man. Wish you were still with us. Rest in power. Much love from the Philippines.

  • from Joey from Ohio

    13 years ago, I first heard Avicii and he gave me comfort trying to work out what to do with my life. 13 years later, again trying to work out what to do with my life, I am just as comforted. Rest in peace brother. Hope this message gives someone encouragement today.

  • from SasaLala

    I feel same as you Tim <3

  • from Hailey

    I heard songs of Avicii and yesterday, I found that he has been dead for 6 years.😭 I love his songs and remember him forever..🥺🥺

  • from ish

    Missing you since forever.

  • from Alana

    Waited for this day for so long. I will always love you.

  • from karolll

    miss you tim

  • from Lucie

    Holding on ❤️

  • from proofbizonyitek

    If there could be any concert I would go to today it would definietly be an Avicii one, because I never had the chance to see him live. I miss you everyday Tim. I grow up to your music since I was a little baby You were the light to my life. Rest easy now Legend Forever unforgotten

  • from Amber

    My mum and I have always felt deeply connected to your music. Thanks for creating the soundtrack to so many happy memories with her. Avicii forever ❤️

  • from Ivan Vidanov

    Thank you Tim! We all miss you here. The world started changing in a bad way after you left us. Miss you, miss your music, miss the times we cant get back in. Love you.

  • from person from finland

    when i was young, i really liked your music. i still like it.

  • from Draps UK

    His music gave me self belief and courage whilst serving a prison sentence…I will always remember the positive effect his work had on my life.

  • from Alana

    Your music got me through some of the toughest times in my life- working at an orphanage, dealing with the divorce of my family, waiting for my boyfriend to come back so we could get married, and some of the best dance parties. It was all positive and refreshing and made my soul feel good. I'm heartbroken that now I'm sitting here with my husband of 8 years and my healed family, and you were a part of my story- it was your creative genius- but you're not still here to listen to the music.

  • from KR͜͡L 『SSH』

    AVICII…me and my friends are remember you forever 🤍

  • from Katie

    Still missing you so much Avicii. You were a once in a lifetime genius. You are missed forever and ever.

  • from Ryan McChemistry

    Avicii is the person who inspire me to producing

  • from Your fans

    My boy, RIP

  • from Seb

    Thank you!

  • from avicii

    Wake me up <a href="">a</a>

  • from john

    hey <a href="" >avicii</a> love you


    Thank you Universe for bringing Tim with us. You were a source of inspiration for my musical projects. Always present, always a great person. We will remember you wherever you are.

  • from Greg

    Chère avicci depuis mon enfant je t'écoute sache que tes musique continu d'être écouté reposé en paix i love avicci

  • from tygo

    i have been listening to avicii since i was 3, now im 15. i miss him much and his music. it brought me and my girlfriend back together. i still listen him to this day but since he died i listen with tears in my eyes. i hope he has it good in heaven. we all miss you Tim

  • from Vincentiius

    Rest in peace Tim…

  • from Anjos

    Tim, obrigado por me fazer ter esperança, graças a Você e as suas musicas, eu não desisti de viver, obrigado por não me fazer desistir de seguir meus sonhos, você foi muito importante na minha vida e espero que você esteja descansando em um lugar melhor, obrigado por tudo❤

  • from Elian

    Hello avicii! wherever you are, thank you for everything, you are an inspiration for me, it took me a long time to connect with a single musical genre and thanks to you today I do it with electronic music regardless of the fact that I love other genres, I would have loved to meet you live but I loved your music a little late but I don't regret anything, since thanks to that I discovered things about one of my idols and how human he was. Thanks for all the genius, I love you. G. for Argentina

  • from joshi cali

    hey avicii i hope your doing well where ever you are, i miss you so much, and so does the world, rip brother and thank you for the memories <3

  • from Jin

    Miss You. ❤️🫶🏻⭐️

  • from kk


  • from Phil

    "Tryna set myself up for the win, so people gotta a dream that's so much bigger than the town they're in, so give me love, give me love, give me love give me peace of mind" Avicii you are legend It seems yesterday that sad day From Italy

  • from Chinese fan

    Tim your music sounds bad,back to make it better quickly😭

  • from Le Thanh Son

    Thank you Avicii, you will forever be someone I cannot forget because Avicii's music will live forever in me and always burn with all my enthusiasm. Avicii and I hope you will always live in the path of music. AVICII WILL BE A LEGENDS NEVER DIE

  • from Daniel A.

    The songs of Avicii representing a beautiful part of my life. Those songs are magically current even today. Thank you Tim for what you left us, a magnificent talent and an excellent quality of music. I'm bringing you and your music with my deepest and beautiful memories. 💖

  • from Oleksii

    Мы скоро увидимся 😊

  • from Yash

    Hi avicii… love you

  • from Aviciier

    As long as there is a breath in me , you are still with me.

  • from Divyam Mohanty

    The best lyric : He said, "One day, you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember" My father told me when I was just a child "These are the nights that never die" Rest in Peace and solidarity my bro

  • from Noa

    I miss you Avicii can't believe you're gone I wish I was there when you were here <3 I wonder everyday what the world would be like with you still in it

  • from John

    I must say, he was and still is one of the most influential people in the whole music industry ever! I'm never going to stop listening to his music. God bless him and his family. I'm never going to forget the time when "Levels" played for the first time on MTV when I was little. My whole family loved his music and we still do! Tim, I only wish you'd be back..

  • from wjt#2024.2.5 20:40,SiChuan,CHINA

    When I was thirteen years old, I met have an encounter with you, AVICII. I'm very thankful to you,yoi had helped me for many times when I was FADING INTO THE DARKNESS. And it's you who taught me that"I may not be perfect, but I'm loving this life." I'll never forget THE DAYS that struggling FOR A BETTER DAY and a Sunset.Although there's struggle all around,I believe that SUNSET JESUS will come to me soon. THANK YOU AVICII!!◢ ◤ 𝗔𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗜 𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥!!!! ◢ AVICII ◤ yours

  • from Whyvik

    I first listened to Seek Bromance, but then you absolutely blew up with ‘Levels’. And let me tell you Tim, it healed me. I was hospitalized and ill for a long time and your music is what really got me through that tough phase in life. Your music made me feel like there is something to look forward for tomorrow. It’s been almost 5 years since you left us. And to this day I shed a tear every time I listen to ‘The Nights’. May God bless you, wherever you are.

  • from rocco siffreddi

    sborra ❤️

  • from Axel


  • from Pascal V dj dreamer

    a toi mon idole … je viens de terminer la lecture de TIM et je suis boulverser, cest comme si je t'avais connu personnellement et que tu esun ami. j ,aurais voulu etre la pour te sauver te te dire que je t'aime. merci pour tout. avoir tout mais etre si malheureux,,, tu meritais mieux . merci TiM love du Canada

  • from Petition for Avicii Music

  • from Yashvardhan Agnihotri

    Hi i like to see wake me up and i love that girl. It was still in my memories since the day i listened tooo.

  • from Moe

    I wanted to see you……when I was an elementary school student, I knew you.Yours songs are always exciting my heart and moving my heart. I love you and thank you. I will continue to listen to a lot of your songs!!

  • from Manu

    His lovely music makes my day. And also my besties day. Sometimes we sing together and we enjoy life. And I think that keeps our relationship together. I miss you avicii❤️😢.

  • from violeta

    im from argentina an i never had the chance to saw avicii on stage but his music is always with me, every time that i cant sleep or when i get a shower, or when i’m drunk. always thinking about you, tim, we miss u 🩶

  • from Vita

    Hi, Tim. I still listen your music until now. Miss you forever.

  • from Niko

    We miss u Avicii♥ Avicii is the best!! LOVE FROM INDONESIA

  • from GLRSin

    Avcii Forever

  • from Eddie

    Listening to Tomorrowland sets to get through late night work and wishing you'd been at every single one. Grateful for the time we had with you. Best of your time <3

  • from Karol Tso


  • from Unknown

    His music is amazing, he was a good guy, he really deserved to live at the top. Hope your in a better place man, you'll never be forgotten.

  • from Ethan L

    Long live the EDM king. You empower people 4ever

  • from Filip

    Avicii is the best🥹❤️

  • from John

    Missing you again!

  • from Victor Andersson

    Still thinking bout you, you are my biggest inspiration. One day I will be the one on stage playing for you❤️

  • from 何柯豫

    avicii,your music turn the world into a better place

  • from Adrian Dexolutions

    I will always remember how you bring the soul out of me when I hear your music. It is a beautiful experience!

  • from Sofía Gallo

    Tim, no te alcanzas a imaginar lo mucho que cambiaste mi vida con tus melodías y tus letras, además de lo feliz que soy escuchando tus canciones. El mundo ha sido merecedor de tu extraordinaria música y así será por siempre. Gracias totales! ❤️

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