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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from ALVARO

    gracias por todo avicii, K & A

  • from Helena

    Tim, du är saknad. Din musik fyllde mina träningspass under många år. Man visste att på ett spinningpass med Helena blev det alltid en Avicii-kavalkad ❤️. Din musik är för alltid grymmast.

  • from Tim

    Yes, he is a Legend. This Legend will never,never die. Good bye, the world's Legend…❤❤❤

  • from Pedro

    Avicii you forever changed dance music man. Keep dancing

  • from karen


  • from Fabian Sánchez

    Avicii fue la razón por la que conocí y me enamoré de la música electrónica, sus canciones me transportaban a otro mundo y me hacían sentir vivo, nunca tuve la oportunidad de ir a un concierto suyo y me hubiera encantado poder verlo en vivo, siempre lo recordaré con mucho cariño y como mi más grande ídolo.

  • from Diego Molinero

    Te echamos mucho de menos, pero siempre nos quedará tu música. We love you, Tim

  • from Rina

    I miss you man. We need you down here

  • from Neema

    Vargas and Lagola singing at your tribute was beautiful. Miss you Tim

  • from Viklou

    I was at the last show he done in Ibiza I was also still in Ibiza when I found out he sadly pasted away his music made me feel things I never new I could

  • from Matt Archie

    The biggest inspiration of why I’m making music in the first place. Rest easy brotha 🙏🏼

  • from Maria


  • from Vu Tran

    Avicii's music has always been a source of inspiration in my life, especially when I was a student. Thank you, Tim.

  • from KTC

    He introduced me to EDM in my childhood and I continue listening to him at 22 years old. His music is timeless and speaks to my soul. Regardless of what I go through, it brings me back out of whatever circumstances I'm in, and I feel alive again. Something about his sound feels so deeply connected to what it feels like to live the human experience. I'm forever grateful. He and his music were blessings to this world and live on through me and others like me. His music feels like home. I'm welcome

  • from Tomáš Träxler

    I will always have a place in my heart for your music Tim 💙✨ You are a legend to us 🙏🏻

  • from Ira

    Dear Tim, unfortunately i have never been at your concerts and never talked to you and hadn't a chance to know you in person, you left us too early and it's so hard to know you're no longer with us. Hope to meet you in heaven after many years of happy life. RIP. Peace to your soul. 🕊️My endless love to you and your musical art. 💕❤️

  • from White night

    Fell in love with ur music from the very first time I’ve heard Levels. Wish I could see you in real n listen to ur live show. So much talent in a young soul, grateful that u’ve existed in this world, bought joy n peace to all our lonely soul. Thank you!

  • from Juliana Briguenti Pusztai

    O Avicii, sempre muito dedicado e comprometido com todos ao seu redor, sempre em muita sintonia com a sua música, trabalhando e se divertindo com o amor que sentia com o som que tocava, o que eu em uma conversa com ele falaria que é o resultado do compromisso dele, mas acredito que ele muito mais profundo que isso, diria que é a performance perfeita que um músico atinge quando alcança o ápice da sua performance. sz

  • from Nanana

    ティムの音楽は間違いなく私にとっての永遠の愛であり、世界に遺す宝物です。彼が地球を置き去りにしてしまった今、私にできることは彼の安らかな眠りを願うことのみです。◢ ◤ you are never unforgettable.

  • from Sambav

    Avicii was a big part of the music I knew growing up. I remember hearing the likes of Wake Me Up in school, The Nights when I used to play FIFA. The music was just something else for me, a way for me to just lose myself in the music, just vibing, forgetting all my worries and everything. There is very little music that has had that effect on me before and ever since. It gives me so much energy and joy to listen to him and just makes me forget everything in life, from the day I found him.

  • from X

    Taylor Alison Swift was his wife and they had beautiful children

  • from Kalash Vasaniya

  • from Cynthia Salazar

    I’ve been listening to Avicii since I was a kid because of my older sister. I knew my music taste was different. I started raving in 2022 and it has saved me mentally. I’ve met so many amazing friends and artists. His music will forever carry on. Hope I see him when I pass away some day. I truly love the edm community and I hope it gets better. Rip Avicii and all other festival members who lost their lives to anything. Forever plur. Music will carry on even after death.

  • from Данечка

    Спасибо что ты был братик надеюсь тебе там хорошл

  • from winston Churchill

    Enough is enough by Avicii ft nervo was one of best tracks I have heard Forever tim

  • from house

    i will never forget the first time i heard levels it changed me forever ….. Goodbye Avicii

  • from love4avicii

    listening to ophelia

  • from Céline

    J’ai une pensée pour toi chaque jours Tim ❤️ Tu nous manques, tu aurais fait tellement d’autres incroyables chansons… bientôt 6 ans que tu es parti 🥲🥹ta musique est éternelle le meilleur Avicii

  • from Carlos Huatuco

    Gracias Avicii. Tus canciones significan mucho para mí, son una de las razones por las que vivo y me hacen una mejor persona cada día. Un abrazo al cielo 🫶🏼🫂

  • from clistenes 🌀

    eterno avicii estará sempre sempre em nossos corações, faz muita falta, ouço suas músicas tds os dias, o sr era um fenômeno 😞🖤

  • from William

    Rest in peace my legend love u forever🕊️🕊️— love from China

  • from Molly

    Jag saknar dig Avicii du lämnade alldeles för tidigt, du har gjort vardagen tråkigare utan din peppiga musik som alla kunde njuta av. Lyssnar på din underbara musik än idag som aldrig kommer lämna mig, du är fantastisk Avicii du kommer alltid ha en del i mitt hjärta. Vila i frid❤️❤️❤️‍🩹❤️❤️

  • from Diana


  • from 彭煜程

    avicii forever from China

  • from Caven

    Fue una época realmente difícil en muchos aspectos de mi vida. Hubo un punto donde me sentí tan…triste, por explicarlo de forma suave. Entonces recuerdo que escuché 'Stories' y sentí ese atisbo de esperanza, supe que podría soportarlo. Su música siempre me ha representado un abrazo. Eternamente en mi recuerdo, Tim. Gracias por tu cariño.

  • from Mattia

    My mental health is extremely bad at the moment, but your music helps me a lot

  • from Guillermo

    Sepre serás un gran recuerdo avicii ◀️▶️

  • from .

    Vila i frid

  • from Truong Van Ni From Vietnam

    Hello Tim in heaven, I know you are no longer in this world but I have a wish to see you sing live like many other singers and artists. I really regret that even if I and other friends wanted to, we would no longer have the chance. 🖤🖤🖤

  • from Baiardi- Brasil

    Obrigado Avicii! Nunca será esquecido!

  • from Teddy

    My brother and I would play halo or minecraft with your music in the background. Thanks to you, you've made those memories easier to relive.

  • from jjh

    I just wanna say that we will always remember you. We love you, and we miss you.

  • from Cc

    why I know things when I never went anywhere except my computer at my desk in my house why did he beg it to stop I think I know and I’m so so sorry I wish I never got on fl is the early 2000s and why was he worked to where his mental health wasn’t a factor I fell down a rabbit hole someone influenced him which would been bb at-the feed mill truth I was stalked and poisoned and I think they sensed him having something to do with me and bullied him but I think I’m almost done knowing what happend

  • from Rojas Lustre Ángel Maximiliano

    gracias a el esta vida se vivirá mas plena y feliz GRACIAS TIM ESPERO QUE ESTES DESCANSANDO EN UN CIELO LLENO DE ESTRELLAS

  • from mxmttg

    Love from China

  • from Arina

    His songs have been making me breathe for many years now

  • from Lúcifer

    Taylor Alison Swift was married to Avicii and they had several children, they love each other and are two Angels

  • from Alexander

    Real good one he was 12 /10 bro made one of my favorit song ps rip tim

  • from Addie

    Tim, you left this world way too early. You were a bright light in this world full of darkness. You have made an impact on many lives, including mine. I wish there was something we could’ve done to help you, but wherever you are now, I hope you’re happy. You deserve to be happy. From America 🫶🫶

  • from Zosia i Olaf

    made mime and my little brothers childhood❤ rest in peace king

  • from Benas Bgz

    Avicii introduced the world with EDM. Best bangers that will never be forgot, purest quality of music. Forever in our hearts! <3 Greetings and love from Lithuania.

  • from Hasa

    Thanks for making so many great songs. 🫶🏻 You are my hero. From Japan

  • from Tess

    Tim, vi alla saknar dig otroligt mycket. Jag minns att när jag var mindre så brukade jag och min syster alltid tjata på vår pappa att vi skulle lyssna på dig. Din musik betyder mycket och jag hoppas att du har det bra nu och inte lider något mer. ❤️forever AVICII❤️

  • from Stephanie

    Tim , I still feel so sad and heartbroken 😔 I somehow felt something was wrong … I wish I have known you -to save you !!! oh god I wish I could have saved you !!! The world is not the same without you … it never will be … Love you so much 🫶🏻❤️

  • from Aviciier

    Will I know you again in another life maybe ❤ forever my love

  • from Svenneuh

    I still miss U as a dj, U as a producer, i miss the new music that inspired me a lot. 🙏🏻

  • from LuoTian

    Thank you Tim. When I was most lost, fortunately, your songs accompanied me and inspired me, giving me the courage to live and learn more about the world. You didn't leave us, you just stayed with us in a different way. love you forever. From China.

  • from Andrea

    Fina Tim. Tänker på dig och din familj. Så otroligt sorgligt att du inte finns här med de längre. Ditt liv blev alltför kort men din musik betyder mycket för så många människor. Jag hoppas att du har hittat frid var du är nu💕

  • from Damien Moderson

    He was a great guy to bad he died how he did and on my 8th birthday so every year I’m going to listen to all of his music every birthday of mine.

  • from Maximilian

    I Miss You ❤️

  • from Yandi

    I still can’t believe you left this world so early. Love from Taiwan🙏❤

  • from De France

    Pour toujours éternel 🌹aviicii♥️♥️

  • from lachlan reid

    I'm Lachlan i have been listening to Avicii for so long I can't remember when I started, and I wish you were still producing the music we all love and I wonder where you would be now. Love you.

  • from 11歳の一般ファン

    avicii、あなたを知ったころには、もうすでに遅かったようです ご冥福をお祈りします。いつかライブに行ってみたかったです。。。

  • from Joshua

    I wish I saw you live once man. Just a huge talent gone. 🖤

  • from V-L

    Hi Tim, i really hope that you’re feeling better wherever you are. I listen to your music every day and it makes me happy. Thank you for everything thing you gave to us, unfortunately it wasn’t the lifestyle that you wanted, but I hope that you finally found the peace you needed. Rest in peace 🕊️❤️‍🩹 ◢ ◤

  • from Başar B.

    Geri dön şef ! Ordunun sana ihtiyacı var :/

  • from Marko Matic

    Tim, thank you for everything you've done for us all. Every time I listen to your music,I get mixed feelings. .Happiness and sadness at the same time.I'm happy that you left us a lot to continue to enjoy, but my eyes are full of tears… It's not fair that it all ended like that, but I hope you found your peace and tranquility.I'am happy, because you are in a better place, happy and without any worries. Avicii you are with us forever and we won't let you go far from our heart R.I.P. 🕯️

  • from yusuf

    still be missed so much

  • from 马鼎文


  • from James

    Ur music is goated. I hope you are in a better place now. R.I.P From: Singapore

  • from Mike

    We miss you Tim

  • from LΛИDM1ИΞ

    ◢ ◤ Я.Ī.P

  • from S

    You kept me going when all else failed. Inspired forever by the music. Avicii forever ◢ ◤ 💙

  • from From Hannah

    Missing you every day you inspired so many people first EMD artist I ever listened to

  • from Sophia

    Missing you so much. Sending love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💕

  • from Alex

    Tim – I wish you were still here. You inspired millions with your songs. We respect what you did. Your life took a turn for the worse. I still can't grasp that you are gone. I pray for your family. You were the best EDM artist, no questions asked. Thank you for forming EDM and for capturing the lives of millions of people. We all miss you, Tim. Thank you for all the work you did, we all wish you are still alive. On behalf of every Avicii fan in the world, Thank you, Tim Bergling 💙

  • from girl

    thank you for all 🫶

  • from Amila

    I missed you a lot.much love from Sri Lanka

  • from Ben

    Still miss you Love in Taiwan

  • from Anonymous

    Meeting Tim (Avicii) in Vegas, amidst the pulsing lights, revealed not just a musical genius but a soul with profound empathy. His untimely departure left a void, reminding us of the unseen struggles behind the spotlight. Tim's legacy isn't just in the beats he crafted but in the hearts he touched, urging us to cherish connections and embody compassion. Reflecting on his journey inspires a deeper appreciation for life's melodies and the subtle harmonies that connect us all.

  • from Vincenza Ingenito

    I saw for the first and only time Avicii at the Uhsuaia in Ibiza .. it was July 2014.. now 10 years ago .. an indelible memory that will always remain in my heart and on my skin! I have as a tattoo her logo on the left side below the breast. I love Avicii.

  • from Desi

    Love you Tim <3

  • from Hanna

    Vi kommer aldrig att sluta minas dig Tim Berling som du var som person och dina musik. 💕 hoppas du har det bra där du befinner dig nu synd att ditt liv skulle ta slut så snabbt bara. ❤️😇 Avicii ❤️😇

  • from Vera-Leslie

    RIP man may your beautiful soul find peace🕊️❤️we love you TIM BERGLING, your music will live forever.

  • from Technicspeed

    Good knowing that Heaven has a new angel.

  • from banban

    miss u 🫶🫶🫶

  • from Walker

    Miss you

  • from L

    I miss you. I keep wondering what song you would be releasing or where in the world you would be right now. Thank you for all that you left us, I heard a girl singing wake me up and I still feel you here. I love you, ever so deeply. Someday, I know I’ll see you again.

  • from Pascal

    Hey Tim, I listen to your songs almost every day. Especially when I go running, your music gives me strength, inspiration and hope. There are only a few artists who have such a feeling for the music, the melody and the special feeling. But if you listen carefully, you can hear in your songs that you are not well, unfortunately we only realize that now. I hope you could find your peace. For me you will always be a boy with a very special talent. With best wishes from Germany

  • from Otello_DG

    AVICII is love, AVICII is life ❤️⩘⩗ ◢◤

  • from Jack

    I have just discovered Avicci, and I genuinely love all his music. It can be so inspirational. It's truly unfortunate to know that he is no longer with us. May he rest in peace.

  • from juliet

    i love how people still come on this website to remember avicii

  • from Glenn "GP3"

    I came here just now because an Avicii song came on randomly as I was playing a mix & I instantly began thinking of all the other music he produced that I love (and how I am gonna play em). I didn't immediately think about him being gone but as those thoughts of reality sank in, I found myself fairly upset. And then made my way here. But the first thing that came to mind was his music & bringing more of it into my life, so I guess it really is true that the music lives on 4ever. Thanks man.

  • from E-N_BeTa

    Hi, Avicii. You are my inspiration and now I make music. My favorite song you made is Levels. RIP

  • from Vlad

    All the love from Romania🫶 I remember when i heard that Tim passed away, i burst out crying, me and my sisters, he was and still is a living legend and i don’t think anyone will be able to be better than him. He was my childhood, and now he is my adulthood. Much love and safe travels.

  • from Em

    “One day, you’ll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember” One of a kind artist, you will live on forever with the souls you’ve reached 🫶🏼

  • from JISMON st0ned

    Miss you my favourite person

  • from Hey Brother

    Din musik satte inte bara spår i min barndom, utan den flätades samman med den, och blev den melodi som mina mest kära minnen dansar till. Tack, Tim. Må änglarna dansa med dig till det arv du lämnade här i världen. ❤️

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