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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Ana Ruiz

    En mi adolescencia descubrí su tan maravillosa música. Cómo resonaba "Wake me up" una y otra vez en mi mp3. Con el paso de los años no sólo era un gran artista que yo más escuchaba sino que admiraba. El día de la tragedia la sentía como mía, mi esperanza de poder disfrutarte en directo se había desvanecido, pero no paró de sonar tus melodias. Me enseñaste a tener esperanzas y a esperar el momento indicado. Hoy día tengo plasmado tu recuerdo en tinta"Hey brother"junto a mi hermano. Por siempre

  • from Joanna

    I met Avicii back when he was Tim Bergling, when he released "Seek Bromance." His music immediately stole my heart. I constantly listened to his music and followed him on social media. When "Without You" came out, I broke up with my boyfriend, but when Tim passed away, I met the love of my life. It was then that I realized his music was always there when I needed it, and he left when I had already found my other half. I love and miss his work. Always in my heart ◢◤

  • from Joysbond

    Forever 🖤

  • from 또잇

    Tim, my favorite artist. Please be happy R.I.P

  • from Saac

    La música de Avicii me ayudó bastante en momentos difíciles con todo el tema de la pandemia. La verdad, me sentía deprimido, además de juntarse temas externos, todo fue un caos. Pero gracias a su música, pude seguir adelante. Eran muy inspiradoras, sentía que resonaban conmigo y por eso le guardo un lugar muy importante en mi corazón. Todo el mundo lo extraña. ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Romit Guterres

    Thank you Tim for everything ◢ ◤❤️❤️

  • from Dhemerson Pereira Ribeiro

    Love you forever❤️ Maranhão, Brasil.🇧🇷

  • from William Kwan

    I loved every bit of your music, how you craft stories with such a catchy rhythm, you never fail to make my heart swell, and it's been a while, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have made, I wish I could have gone to your concerts, I would have loved it so much. From a kid, to now in university, I always loved you, even though I am an adult now, I still cherish your music, thanks to your team, who do a fantastic job of making me who I am, thank you Avicii, Tim Bergling. Goodbye.

  • from Ronny_glock

    It's really sad to know that I will never be able to live the experience and emotion of attending one of his live shows. I've been a fan of him since levels came out, I was 7 years old and he died when I was 13, in that period of time I have always listened to every song by him, pure magic. may this legend rest in peace❤️

  • from RougailSau6

    Merci pour toutes les bonnes musiques. Ma meilleure période musicale , c'est durant ton prime .J'espère que là haut ,tu ambiances le paradis.

  • from Ignacio V

    Tim tuviste que ver mucho en mi infancia, siempre quise ser como tú, ser productor, dj. es lamentable que un tremendo dj como tú haya perdido la vida. Eres una leyenda hoy y siempre❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.

  • from Brenda Rodrigues Pereira

    Your music helped me when I didn't even know I needed help. Whenever the anxiety attacks came, Levels, Waiting for Love, Fade into darkness, Wake me Up calmed me down, made me not lose control. Avicii, you were and continue to be very important to me! Thanks for all the melodies! You made me see light where there was darkness. You will always be remembered and loved Tim, may you be at peace. Avicii Forever 🖤🖤🖤🖤 From Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil 🇧🇷

  • from José Daniel

    Se te extraña tim

  • from Dris Bouamarg

    Before 2008, my musical world was dominated by commercial, until the day I listned to "Seek Bromance." It was a true revelation. His music, both energetic and melodic, was so unique at the time. This track marked the beginning of a burning passion for EDM,At only 11 yo, inspired by Avicii, I decided to start DJing. This newfound passion only grew stronger over the years. Then, the day Avicii released his album "True" in 2013, I made a life-changing decision I decided to learn music composition

  • from Luca

    Miss you everyday, Brish <3

  • from Bernard Agbenu

    I remember staying up late at night to download STORIES. Avicii’s music really elevated me every single time. RIP Tim.

  • from Ake Yeptho

    Your music resonates in our memories, forever cherished. We remember you fondly, Avicii.◢◤

  • from Nickolay

    Thank you for everything, sorry for so little

  • from JORDI

    When I was in a deep depression I only listened to music that made me worse, in one of those moments of sadness The Nights appeared on my playlist and I not only began to remember my taste for electro but also found out more about Tim and that's how that song It became my favorite song, in addition to levels that I had heard at the time but I had forgotten about that song, thank you Tim for all the legacy you left and for getting me out of that hole called depression.

  • from Christhian Merma

    I knew your work 3 years before you left, even though you are gone, I still enjoy your music, you are the best, you will always live in our hearts

  • from Marco Civo

    Sei e resterai sempre il mio artista del cuore , grazie per ciò che mi hai dato e continui a darmi ogni giorno con la tua musica ❤️ Manchi Leggenda

  • from RyuJ Deag

    Finally I got my first music job!! Thank you Tim!! I always love you. and feeling miss you ◢ ◤

  • from Peter

    I travelled from the UK to Chicago in August 2012 for Lollapalooza, to see Tim. I was at the front of the crowd with no-one blocking the view to the stage. Avicii used the giant head as his stage and he projected moving lips onto the head for Levels which was utterly brilliant. I was blown away by the gig and Avicii helped me through a bad break up. Thank you my friend, I will always love you for what you gave to me – life and hope.

  • from Arjun

    This world wasn't good enough for you. I'm sorry.

  • from Shairawrr

    Your music is forever in my ❤️

  • from Hiếu

    I love your music, we are all waiting for you

  • from ตอง

    อวีชี (ทิม เบิร์กลิง) 1989 – 2018 ความงดงามของบทเพลงอันเปี่ยมด้วยรักและความจริงใจยังคงส่องประกายในหัวใจให้เราได้ก้าวต่อไป ขอบคุณทิม เพลงของเธอช่วยปลอบประโลมให้ฉันก้าวผ่านในวันยากลำบาก

  • from V

    Szeretlek.nemtudlak.elfelejteni.😭❤️nem ismerlek de beled szerettem.megszakad a.szivem.

  • from Bethany SM

    I been listening to your music since i was in highschool. Gaming all night, studying, or taking late walks. Songs written by you got me in a better place. It definitely touched my soul in a good way and I am sure it did to many others as well. Where ever your soul may lay now I hope its in a better place. Love you ♡

  • from MinGwon Cha

    너무 큰 별이 저버렸습니다 그 별이 영원한줄 알았습니다 그 곳에서는 편안하십쇼

  • from Anonymous

    Thank you for the masterpieces that you make. You would always be remembered by your melody and inspiration that you bring to me and others 🩵🩵🩵

  • from Juan

    Tiene muy buenas músicas me hubiera gustado ir a alguno de sus conciertos

  • from Дмитрий

    Ты делал музыку, которая могла достучаться до каждого и оставалась в голове навсегда. Никогда не перестану переслушивать ее снова и снова. Очень не хватает твоих хитов. Жаль, что ты не смог найти поддержки и справиться со своими демонами. Надеюсь, ты нашел умиротворение и радуешь своими треками всех в лучшей жизни. RIP Avicii, i'm addicted to you!

  • from P

    Thank you

  • from Ricardo Ngh

    Tim brought happiness to the world through his melodies. He will never be forgotten and his music will live forever

  • from Malachi Roberts

    I love you and I miss you Fly high king❤️

  • from KC-Masie

    6 years Tim, I’m obsessed with your latest song. Hope you’re doing well up there🕊️🖤

  • from shindongmin

    전설이 너무 빨리 갔다..

  • from Jonah Sjöblom

    I miss Avicii so much and i never got to meet him or see him live. Fly high Tim

  • from chunfenri


  • from Рената

    Впервые о твоей смерти я услышала от моей мамы, я, видимо, была настолько в шоке, что даже не почувствовала ничего, ровно через год твой друг Aloe Black выпускает 24х часовой стрим-tribute, я просмотрела все 24 часа практически без перерыва, так, как я плакала в конце стрима, я не плакала никогда. Сейчас прошло уже 6 лет, не верю, что так много… Мне кажется, я до сих пор не осознаю утрату, для меня ты был как старший брат, который помогал мне всегда справляться с трудностями. спасибо тебе, Тим

  • from Zack

    His music will live on forever ❤️

  • from B.P Likhith

    I love artists who touches my heart either through melodies or Lyricisms. And Avicii did both and that too in an extraordinary way. There's not a day that goes by Without listening Hey brother, Wake me up among the other hits. Thank you brother 🙏. Lots of love and strength for your family and friends. Avicii Forever 🕊️

  • from Dongmim shin

    아비치 당신은 세계 최고의 DJ, 프로듀서였어요. TIM 앨범은 정말 최고였어요.

  • from MCknight


  • from Molly-Jane

    Tim, you were an amazing DJ/Record Producer, and I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me. You are an inspiration, and I will carry on listening to your music forever!

  • from Лена Т

    ты помогаешь мне сконцентрироваться на работе. твоя музыка бесподобна

  • from Ant

    Tim I cannot thank you enough for getting me out of tough times

  • from AVICIIER

    How time flies You've gone6yrs

  • from Рената

    читаю сейчас книгу про тебя, ты знаешь, у нас оказывается так много общего… теперь я понимаю, почему все так вышло, я очень понимаю тебя. во время чтения у меня постоянно наворачиваются слезы, ведь я сама ощущала примерно то же, теперь я не удивлена, почему ты оказался моим любимым исполнителем, ангелом-хранителем. всегда, когда мне было плохо или тревожно я слушаю твою музыку, как жаль, что люди не смогли тебя вовремя понять и помочь, я очень скучаю, спасибо тебе большое за все

  • from Musab Amraga

    We miss you

  • from Karina

    Thank you for bringing such joy to so many people with your music Tim. You are missed

  • from Alex

    5 Years of "TIM"

  • from Maciej

    his songs are something different than others EDM, every hit he did is about love/life or problems which everyone can feel his music, when I'm listening his music knowing that he's no longer with us I want to cry 'cause i know that younger musician die. R.I.P Tim hope you make still music in heaven

  • from The fox

    Tim, thank ypu for all i miss you so much 🙁

  • from Nazaar

    Thank you

  • from Nepal

    धन्यबाद अभिसी ♥️

  • from Ju

    Love you and miss forever

  • from Annie

    Tim, thanks for all music, i love u so much, we miss u.

  • from Ng'ang'a

    Timeless music full of love and connections.

  • from rs

    love from portugal

  • from the man

    i remember listening to you first time coming to the u.s (wake me up) since then i fell in love with your music, eventually after you passed i began refunding sites & making money.

  • from Katie

    Because of you and your music I found my best friend. She and I have made it through many difficult times because of your music and have enjoyed making moments that last forever while your music was playing as the soundtrack. I am so grateful for your music and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Tim. We love you and though you had to leave us, we are grateful for the time you gave us.

  • from H.J

    Saw Avicii one and only once at the UMF 2013 in miami. Miss u Brother. Thanks for the memories!

  • from maracaibo

    hope you're doing good up there tim<3

  • from Fatih Emrah Uçan

    Unfortunately, Avicii passed away, but her fans will remember her forever, including me. 😢🥀🤍

  • from Mark

    I love Tim, he's a legend. I grew up listening to his music. He will always remain in my heart❤❤❤

  • from Fiorella Stefany Carmen Marzano

    Tu música me dio paz, me motivó, me acompañó. Aunque nunca te conocí en persona. Cada vez que la escucho siento como me hablas, tienes las palabras perfectas para cada momento. Gracias por todo. Atte. FSCM

  • from Keetahn

    Love u Tim Miss You legend all day. I will tryna be better with your music

  • from Nicola Bailo

    there are the nights never die

  • from Nicola Bailo

    Live a life you will remember… Tim lived a life to remember.

  • from 와장창특공대

    전설이 너무 일찍 떠났네

  • from David Eduardo Moreno Gómez

    Fue unos de mis mejores momentos escuchando Música una de las mejores composiciónes que he escuchado Avicii POR CIEMPRE✨🔆 Su MÚSICA Y EL esta en ALTO POR TODO EL UNIVERSO 🌌

  • from BUBUU

    Hey big legend not me THE WORLD will miss you forever.i was almost cryin ehen i heard the tragic thing

  • from Naveen B M


  • from Wilbert Deleon

    You are the DJ King brother I wish you come back to earthv R.I.P

  • from Carrington M.

    Can't believe Wake Me Up came out 11 years ago. Grew up on that one. Your music has brought so many people into my life. Your an absolute legend, and I hope you fly high in the clouds, watching over all of your beloved fans. Gone too soon. Rest well Avicii🕊❤️

  • from Valentinas

    You saved my life… in one of the most beautiful ways a person’s soul can be saved… through melody and lyrics. And for that, I am forever grateful, Tim. You are missed and longed for, but your legacy will live on.

  • from Pırış

    my school used to sing his songs at music projects

  • from Hol

    Thank you Tim for creating the soundtrack of my youth. Your music is full of euphoria and pure love. It will always break my heart to know I can never hear your art live. I hope one day I will. I will continue to enjoy your music forever. Hope you are at peace x

  • from LZR

    I love Avicii. His songs really encouraged me. He let me know what the meaning of being alive is. ◢◤𝐀𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐢 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫.

  • from Minecraft


  • from Virtuoso

    I'm very choosey about my tastes in music, but Avicii's work really made its way to the top and won my heart. The words in his songs give me the answers to all my problems and the music gives me the drive to go and solve them. You had a very big impact on my life and through this message I want to thank you, cuz no matter wherever you are, 'you will always be in my heart'.

  • from Chrishen Silva

    I`m from sri lanka.In my childhood the one of the most hated thing in my life was listening to music.I never listen to music with happy.But suddenly in 2016 I discover avicii`s Hey Brother.I can`t express the feeling that I get when listening to it.I listen to it again and again and again.Still my fav song is hey brother.Thanks to him I am now a music composer and a music lover.Miss him sooooooo much.Thanks for the everything you done through your music.

  • from Florian

    Tim created music that caught me the first time I heard it. Having dealt with a severe depression, his music helped me through darkest hours. The greatest musician, of all time. Only love for him.

  • from Ruben

    Avicii the best dj ever much love rip. ◢ ◤

  • from Noah Harper

    I use to listen to Avicii in 2016. in late 2020 I started listening again, then I figured out he sadly passed, I cried. He made such great songs such as Wake Me Up, The Nights, and Waiting For Love. Thank you Avicii for helping me get through some tough times, fly high brother 🕊️

  • from Enggar

    Karyamu tak kan lekang oleh waktu

  • from Enggar

    Karyamu tak kan lekang oleh waktu

  • from Enggar

    Karyamu tak kan lekang oleh waktu

  • from Aron

    Saknar dig Tim, vila i fred ❤

  • from Kai

    Avicii, your music made my life a real life, it's 2024 and I still cannot find a day in which I didn't listen to your songs. Now you are gone but I don't believe it, you're still in my heart and will be forever. Fly high man…

  • from Dani

    I love you and your music you really are a legend and truly missed 🩷

  • from Liv

    You made me who I am today❤️Thank you for being here when I am struggling❤️

  • from TUMERO

    Thank you very much for such a work of musical art, always in your memory and to live life to the fullest, as you always said in your music.🕊❤️❤️

  • from Cél

    Pas un jour ne passe sans que je t’écoute. Tu nous manques tellement. Les légendes ne meurent jamais. Avicii

  • from DJ MINIGUN🇳🇱

    Avicii music are the best music in the world🕊❤️❤️

  • from Adwaith George

    The amount of effect Avicii's music has had on me is immeasurable. It saved me. Thank you for everything you did and thank you for bringing me to where I am now in life. I grew up to you!!Your art will live forever in me. This is for you you Tim! Lots of love to you♥️. Rest easy Legend♥️

  • from Miki Wu

    Still missing you! The legend ! ❤️

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