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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Ciaran

    Its not the same.

  • from maroja

    avici vas best

  • from Ngô Thanh Lâm in Vietnam

    I miss you😢😭😭

  • from jacob

    your songs bring me back to a period of brief happiness that I wish I could experience properly once again 🙂

  • from Ilaria

    Miss u ❤️

  • from Ilir

    Legende 💔

  • from Bryce Deguevara

    When I first listen to him, he sounded like the artist I would love in the future and it’s correct I know times were tough for him going on tours and stuff but stuff happens to make him happy

  • from Ivan

    For the first time, I heard Avicii songs when I was 9-10 years old, I always liked this kind of music, so I listened to it a lot. Whenever I turn on his songs, I find joy, I want to do something, his songs are beautiful! Rest in peace, the best DJ on the planet!

  • from Alessmaa

    Por siempre ♥️♥️

  • from Alessandro

    I miss u, we miss u. By the way, hope I get the chance to travel the world..❤️

  • from Ishan Adhikari

    I listen to Avicii every day and his music makes me feel really good and push me to do something new and great! As I travel through the world, I will always bring his music with me. We will always remember you❤️

  • from MAK Azad

    I extend my deepest condolences on the untimely passing of Avicii. His music touched the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark on the world of electronic dance music. Avicii's innovative talent, passion, and commitment to his craft made him a true icon. In these difficult moments, may his family, friends, and fans find solace in the memories of his extraordinary contributions to the music industry. The void left by his departure is profound, but his legacy will resonate eternally throug

  • from Juan Rodríguez

    I still come here and let my comment to you, you didn’t even know how you helped me, how you changed my life. I love you Tim, I love you as the universe.

  • from Fornor

    I miss you so much Tim ❤️❤️

  • from Francesca


  • from A. shehan

    avicii is my inspiration for music

  • from Dara M. Berman

    I wish I could have met him.

  • from Maximilian

    Miss you Avicii🖤 You left music than will never be beaten by anyone🫶🏼 Thank you and Rest In Peace Legend

  • from Indigo

    I hope Avicii is reading all these messages from heaven 🙂 We will never stop loving his music. I just wanted to meet him once and tell him how much he means to me.

  • from Saraya

    I had just gotten home from a rough day at school in 2013. It was middle school and I was being severely bullied every single day. I went home and went to YouTube and stumbled across Wake Me Up, and I have never fallen more in love with a song my entire life. 2 months ago, I got the same tattoo that everyone in the video had, and now I feel even more connected to the song and to Avicii. Thank you Tim❤️your songs comforted me in my darkest times.

  • from Edward Montoya

    I remember listening to Wake me Up for the first time when I was young, I loved it so much I never stopped playing. Over the years I've listened to all of his songs, they all spoke volumes to me, and they still do to this day. Not a day goes by that an Avicii song is not played in my house. His music has always meant so much to me and my family. We all love his music, we were all touched by it. we know new music won't be released, it's okay since we're still happy with the songs that are here.

  • from Åse

    I miss you. You was a genious. Your music will last forever. You was a beautiful, kind person. Everybody who met you said so. I wish you was still here dear Tim❤️❤️❤️

  • from Lê Chung Thanh Nguyên

    Miss you so much.

  • from Matthew Bacon

    I never knew his music much until recently. A friend of a friend introduced me. I'm sorry I came onto the scene so late, but I've been enjoying the hell out of what exists. Going to listen to some more now. Godspeed and thank you for this website

  • from Jas

    I feel sad such a nice person love his music

  • from yves romain Kouassi-Niamien

    Je viens de te découvrir, mais je te connais depuis longtemps. Cher ami repose en paix et merci , merci pour tout ces moment repose en paix

  • from DJ Mirge

    I am trying to be like you,thanks for inspiring me to djing and producing songs,rest in peace legend…

  • from Will & Ale

    We just spent the last days of 2023 in Stockholm, and everything reminded us of him. We went to its museum. It was one of the best experiences we have had in our life so far. Hearing his song, seeing his studios, instruments and all his memories made us really happy. I would like to believe that Tim was really there and, seeing us, was smiling. We miss you.

  • from Marcus Wong

    Happy New Year! Make love, not war!

  • from Kevin McCullagh

    I miss you ◢◤

  • from Patty🇮🇹

    Hello Tim, my lovely and dear boy, I wish you a happy and peaceful new year. This year too I will be surrounded by the magic of your songs that my ears never tire of listening to. I can't stop thinking about you the nights and days you are with me.

  • from Alrich Steyn

    Getting your logo on my arm. Next to my without you tattoo. I miss you and I will never let go of the music you left us with

  • from Annika

    Frohes neues Jahr Tim! Auch heute beginnt wieder ein neues Jahr ohne dich, ich kann es nicht glauben. Wir vermissen dich! Es ist nun 2.45 Uhr und ich höre mir nebenbei „unbreakable“ von dir an. Dieser Song macht einfach alles besser! Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut. Ruhe in Frieden lieber Tim! Wir lieben dich!!!🫶🏻🤍🕊️

  • from Frank

    Happy New Year !!! Be happy !

  • from Iva

    Sretna Nova godina svima na ovoj stranici .Svima vama koji dajete život , najvećem glazbenom geniju, našem Timu..

  • from Caston

    Happy New Year!! I miss you!! You are always the best!!

  • from Agata

    Happy New Year Tim 🖤🎆

  • from Hippogor

    Happy new year 2024 Fly high legend 🕊️🕊️ 🕊️

  • from Dara M. Berman

    I miss you. I will kid to a lot of your music this year.

  • from Norris1z

    It's been another year without you. As we move into this new year, I will continue to live and go through this crazy world. Your music saved me and I would forever be grateful. I love you so much!

  • from yusuf

    miss you so much

  • from Chavez

    Hey brother, I will never forget the life you lived, the songs you made, the friends you made and most importantly the experiences you’ve made RIP Avicii

  • from Chinese fan

    Tomorrow is going to be another year ,we’re still missing 😘.Your music sounds bad,I want you coming back to make it better🥹😭

  • from Aditya Kolay

    You will always be the best producer, you inspired to make music myself

  • from city lights

    Aviciiの曲は良い意味で中毒性があり、聴いていてとても楽しいです! もう一度ライブを生で見たかった…

  • from glory

    when i listened to his song waiting for love i cried nd got hope about my uncle i will forever love you

  • from hasby

    you'll always be part of my life, ngentot ❤

  • from David Mendoza

    Miss you man! Gone too soon, what a truly amazing talent you were. Will teach my children your music.

  • from Govind

    Miss you so much Avicii 😭😭😭. I don't know how to live without you. You Are awesome dj artist forever in my heart.

  • from kalash

    ◢ ◤

  • from Rose S

    Avicii, un DJ el cual hacia muy buenas canciones, solían ponerlas en fiestas, en la radio etc. Yo conocí su música con la canción "I Could Be The One" esa fue la primera canción que escuche de Avicii hace mucho, hoy en día estoy segura de que si estuviera vivo seguiría haciendo música y tendría sus canciones en los primeros lugares de listas de reproducción. A casi 6 años de su fallecimiento, aún sigo escuchando su música y todos los fans lo extrañamos. Descansa en paz Tim

  • from Agste

    Never forgotten you,Tim R.I.P.

  • from Consol

    Never forgotten. Never. We love you forever.

  • from Cauê

    When i hear his music all i can remember is how he made my life through the years, i have so many memories with his songs i barely can hear them whithout almost crying. Still here for you, Tim. Still missing you.

  • from Mairead

    Listening to his songs since I was little I fall in love with his more and more each day

  • from Cristi

    Gracias. Siempre presente.

  • from Kaleaj

    I’ve been listening for years and am broken hearted I’ll never get to listen to you live. Your music and what you achieved in your short time on this planet is exceptional.You’re the epitome on Edm….banger after banger!!even today!!! All these years I cant get enough and I feel you… this is more of a shout out to his family. What a beautiful, special soul you raised… you should be forever proud…. Merry Christmas and new years fro Aus at at time that I can imagine hard. Xx rip you legend! Xx

  • from Juan Mejia

    I miss u, ya casi son 6 años de tu partida y aun no supero tu muerte, mi sueño siempre fue conocerte pero como ya no sera posible siempre te recordare escuchando los grandes exitos que has creado

  • from CK

    tim, merry christmas. every year that goes by we miss you more and more. to this day, your music makes such an impact on the edm community. also, your song, without you, reached one billion streams on spotify recently! you’ve impacted us so much. we miss you! xoxo CK

  • from Gavin

    Got fond memories of your songs in middle school while watching animatics, Merry Christmas and thank you for playing a part of making me the person I am today.

  • from Leks

    Merry Christmas Tim. I chase your music everyday, I can’t get enough. Keep the party going up there

  • from Lauren

    Miss you, Aviici. I have been listening to you since the age of 2 and I wrote this to apologize for all the things you went through. I know you are currently in heaven but I still write this note for you to tell you about how much everyone loves your music. Your song wake me up has been my favorite song since the age of three, a long time ago. We all miss you, Aviici, and when we reach heaven, we will long to see you.

  • from facu

    love you

  • from Viktor Gaudin

    Merry Christmas to the best DJ in the history of music, we love you Tim!❤️🇸🇪🎄🎅🎶🎹

  • from Mujo A

    Miss you Tim, And the Joy your Music brings us!! Love you ♥️♥️

  • from Sara Elisabet Källström

    My dear darling Tim Bergling. No one knows. Except my two sons Joel and Jonah. But you have always been my best friend. I live in Ireland now. I feel I can talk to you. Here it is Christmas day today. You are one of the most beautiful souls. I love you Tim. Thank you for all your kind hugs. I'm glad that you don't know about all the sorrow that is on earth and war now. Please Angel. Stay with me. Yours forever. Sara Elisabet Källström

  • from Fan from China

    Merry Christmas Tim!I miss you very much ,wish than you re always happy in heaven!

  • from Kevin

    Merry Christmas, Tim! We miss you


    HOLA TIM Te conocí cuando tenia 8 años y ahora tengo 21 me encanta mucho THE NIGHTS cuando la escuche en español aprendi a ver la vida con otros ojos siempre que viajo por algunas partes de mi país la escucho y pienso ti GRACIAS!! Por ser parte de mi niñes y enseñarme la musica ahora soy cantante GRACIAS!! A TI 🤍Miss you ti 🤍por siempre y para siempre 🤍 Wake me up



  • from RH

    Wish you'd stayed another day, things may have seemed better. Instead we are at another Christmas without you and just memories. Rest In Peace, wherever you are. Love.

  • from Emiliano Haskurti

    Avicii Performed At The 2015 Capital FM Summertime Ball. His Music Makes Me Feel Remember All The Places I Go And I Love His Music! Merry Christmas 🌲

  • from Rose

    Avicii El fue un DJ excelente, era muy buena persona, todos los fans lo apoyabamos, la gente que lo conoció recientemente también lo aprecia mucho. Lamentablemente hubieron hechos horribles en su vida y lo hacía saber por la letra de algunas canciones. Han pasado 5 años desde su muerte, pero para los fans podrían pasar 30 y aún lo recordaremos. Descansa en paz Tim Bergling "Avicii" 🕊️

  • from Leydi

    Te extrañamos Tim!!

  • from Sait Yilmaz

    Love they way you wrote music <3

  • from Hippogor

    Merry Christmas 🎄🕊️🕊️

  • from _


  • from Michael

    You are my music hero, and probably a bunch of other peoples. Thank you for creating inspirational music i can enjoy, I will never forget you

  • from Francielle Colovini

    Tão novo, tão talentoso. Esteja com em paz com Deus. 🙏🏻

  • from Eetu

    Forever in our hearts Tim <3

  • from fan

    thank you for music

  • from Karoline Meireles

    Hoje bateu uma saudade 😿 Você estará para sempre em meu coração, Tim❤️

  • from john

    So wake me up when it's all over. tim <a href="">.</a>

  • from Peter

    You have gone, but you remain in our hearts. merry christmas, Tim.

  • from jack victor

    merry christmas, tim! how are you ,i miss you so much. each time when i was in bad mood or i was sad,i would go to listen to your music especially like wake me up and levels "wake me up" is my favourite song ever heard ,it has unbelievable and amazeing melody which always inspired me a lot. you successfully helped me out with your positive lyrics and passion melody. Hope to see you again after the event ! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT !

  • from Kalash

    ◢ ◤

  • from Dr. Weldon

    Tim’s spirit and lyrics made it ok to be finding myself when I did not know I was lost. It was comforting to hear that sometimes others get a feeling..(Yeah).. get a feeling that they never, ever felt before – just like me. The relatability and authenticity of Tim’s music is legendary and influential, inspiring creativity and bringing back memories. Thank you AVICII.

  • from MadJackie

    Hi! My name is Jacqueline, I’m from Mexico and this is my first flyer in 2020, thanks to your music I became I profesional dj in my town, I can feel my skin electrified by dance music and definitely my favorite always will be yours. So, the best moments in my life always comes when I play your music on the club and I see happy people dancing, or when I just play it in my car with the love of my life singing “dear boy” life is a dream come true and your music are always with me, as my tatto ◢ ◤

  • from Uca

    Good music, it's sad he had to go

  • from Mitch Segler

    My daughte Ashley23yr old loved your song Wake me up. On thanksgiving night of 2020 she was killed along with my 3mo old grandson(Hunter) We are still trying to get justice but in her honer i got a tatto .we also have a go fund me to help with lawyers fees to get custody of my other 3 grandkids we havent seen them since the accident. If you can share this do maybe we can get justice it would be great. Justiceforashleysegler Thankyou.


    Merry Christmas, Tim, dear boy! Another year fades away, but I'm forever yours, you are dancing in my head and the thought of you gives me peace of mind. One day I will come to see you, somewhere in Stockholm; I hope you'll never leave me. Dark is the world without you, but I'm waiting for a better day and I know that you won't fade into darkness. There is trouble everywhere, but you smile to me from Heaven; you are not a ghost, you are a friend of mine in a better world. Wake me up in new year!

  • from sunset jpn

    わたしはあなたの永遠の ファンです。

  • from Walker

    AVICII I Miss you!

  • from Patty

    From a Sky full of stars I hope you can see the tracks of my tears every time I think of you or I listen to your still wonderful and inimitabile songs. I’v a collection of my favourite that I can’t mention here: only 500 characters aren’t enough even for telling you how much I still miss you. I’ll not let you fade into darkness. Million of your fans are doing the same. Christmas’s coming without you here but I know you’re in a better place: Heaven.

  • from wvwii

    Thanks for your music. inspire me to move forward!❤️

  • from Nina

    很悲伤的是,我直到你去世才知道你……在这之后发现你的歌很正能量,很有自己对乡村和兰草音乐的独到理解……真的是很厉害的电子音乐制作人之一!五年了,希望你在天堂过得快乐。😭😭miss you Tim,We love you.

  • from Valyria

    Still missing you ❤️

  • from Tong

    Thank you so much, Tim; your music helped me get through some difficult times. Even if you're no longer here, what you made for the world lives on.

  • from Sokheng Chhouk

    Thank you so much Tim for making me smile everyday despite the bad days and night.

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