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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Kllngl

    Hi till date i miss him as the songs he made are un matchable , his songs made me believe life has more to live for rather than ruining it with depression hitting urself.

  • from EDLLAMARQ

    I get goosebumps every time I listen to your music silhouette…many people think that electronic music is just putting a pen drive and turning up the volume, but electronic music is more than that…it's sensations, moments, journeys even though we're in the same place place and feeling of lightness… whenever I listen to avicii I ask myself (why did you do that) I love avicii and avicci on my skin, When I listened to electronics for the first time I fell in love and then came the best sensati

  • from Nobody

    "so live a life you will remember"

  • from Emma

    I'm 13 and I cry every time I hear his songs, because I remember that he is not here anymore. I just can't understand why this lovely boy left so soon. When I watch YouTube and see some clips of Tim, baseicly just loving to make music and feeling it, I just hate myself for not helping him at the time I could have. Somewehre in the back of my mind I know that this would have been impossible, but I just miss him. Rest in Peace, Tim. You lived a live I will remember forever.

  • from Kike

    I just want to say thank you to tim and he's music, he change my entire life since 2011 when levels came out, i was 3 years old at that time and i always gonna be thankful about all the music and love that he gave to us. Rest in peace legend. 1989-forever

  • from Ivy

    will be my favourite artist forever, so inspiring to everyone and anyone

  • from Back Los

    when I start listening his music he was already gone rest in peace legend Avicii

  • from Bebê da Tale


  • from Bia

    Mal sabia quem era o Avicii! Só apenas reconhecia as músicas dele tocando no meu rádio, e tocava no meu rádio desde que eu era pequena! (Tenho 13 anos) Quando conheci a história do Avicii e soube que ela já era falecido, procurei buscar pelo motivo e fiquei sem chão de saber que ele infelizmente cometeu um suicídio… Avicii teve uma história muito bonita! Ele deve estar fazendo músicas lá no céu 🙂

  • from Alex

    I was in middle school when I first discovered Avicii and brought me the love to listen to EDM. I was in high school in rehab due to my 2nd attempt when I heard Avicii had passed away. I’ve never cried pretty hard because he was a big part of my life and kept me going. I drew a portrait of him in his memory and I still have it to this day.. he kept me going and saved me and many others 🙏 ❤️

  • from LOVE

    Please come back bro lots of love

  • from Iryna

    Love you so much. RIP 🙏Forever in our hearts.

  • from kclcommno

    u are the nights of my life avicii forever!

  • from Céline

    Tu nous manques Tim 🥲 on ne t’oublies pas malgré le temps qui passe! A jamais dans nos cœurs Ta musique est éternelle ❤️ Love

  • from Kaay


  • from Enes Alagöz

    Today I miss him so much and I listened many songs from tim

  • from Ania

    Zawsze czułam w twojej muzyce Avicii tak dużo dobra. Spoczywaj w pokoju, świat jest wdzięczny za Ciebie.. Kochamy Cię. Dorastałam wraz z twoimi utworami i nie raz ogromnie mnie one wzruszały. Tęsknię. Love from Poland

  • from Adam

    Avicii was a big part of my childhood and his songs helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. He will live on through his music forever.

  • from Sara

    Idag hedrar jag Musikens mästare och Gud av alla instrument: Mr Avicii, Tim Bergling. Thank You For All the Good Music. I love you forever. Sara Elisabet Källström Widemåne Tralee County Kerry Ireland Sweden Stockholm

  • from Johnathan Castro

    Sinto saudades de novos sons de Tim I MISS YOU TIM!

  • from Ramu Kasi

    என் இசை வேந்தன் வாழ்ந்த காலகட்டத்தில் என்னை வாழவைத்த ஆண்டவனுக்கு கோடி நன்றி!

  • from Tristan

    I know you are still alive brother. Your songs are still unreached by any other artist. Simply unique, like the unreleased song "our love". Love you brother and thank you for everthing! Greetings from Austria!

  • from Anon

    This is my Roman empire – rest in peace, man. Your music has brought a generation through some surprisingly difficult times.

  • from 沈李鸾

    miss you avicii

  • from 🙌🙌🙌

    Rest easy legend

  • from mandy h jeong

    Rest in piece. now I hope you find already piece and happiness in there. your music helps me a lot. love you forever.

  • from Avicii Remaker

    Recuerdo la primera canción de Tim que escuché "Wake me up" y me despertó una sensación que tenía muchos años sin sentirla, fue como escuchar una canción que ya había escuchado, me identifique mucho con sus letras y ahora es la canción que me inspira a seguir adelante GRACIAS TIM BERLING

  • from Sebastian Boitor

    One of the best artists that the world has given. Thank you so much for your music. You are true inspiration. Rest in peace!

  • from Manuu

    Waking up with "Hey Brother" as alarm Is the best way to start the day. That Melody with the fiew words at the beginning feels so nice to hear, as someone Is searching for you. Goosebumps

  • from Martin

    Your songs is so amazing. Rest in peace, Avicii, my friend

  • from unknown

    I miss you avicii u were a really good dj tho i never got the expirience to meet you i always listened to your music

  • from Albin

    Tim kommer för evigt leva kvar med hans musik. Personligen fylls jag med glädje varje gång jag hör någon av hans låtar. Han har bara släppt bra låtar vilket är helt sjukt, hoppas någon dag att vi får höra dina osläppta låtar också💙

  • from Issac E Vélez O

    Sigo escuchando tu música, y cada vez que lo hago me hace sentir como si todo en este mundo fuera posible de realizar. A menudo te pienso y recuerdo la motivación que fuiste para que yo tomara al mundo y las difíciles decisiones de este mundo, al igual que el seguir mi paso por la música. Miss u.

  • from My Mills

    I would do anything to get the chance to tell you How much you mean to me but the fact that it Will never happen makes me so sad but I LOVE YOU TIM ❤️💕

  • from Rusty

    I didn't get to experience your music while you were with us. Ever since I've discovered your music you've made life so much easier for me. I cannot live without your music. You've touched my soul with your unique sound. Thank you so much for everything you've given us. Rest easy Tim. We will never forget you.

  • from NaughtyPuppy69

    I miss you so much pookie I love you so much xxxxxx

  • from Oscar

    I still remember the first time hearing Levels, I still remember the day Wake Me Up was released, I still remember the day I found out The Nights was going to be on FIFA 15. I never got to see Avicii live, but I loved Tim's music and still miss him every day. Nobody else will ever be the same I sadly also remember the day Tim died, the day after my birthday, I couldn't believe it, I remember standing in my room stunned. I'll never forget these moments, I'll never forget Avicii. Thanks Tim

  • from Jaserbeats

    The first album that I bought with my own money was 'True', i listened back to back as I love it so much. When I heard about your departure, I hit me like a truck. I also struggle a lot with mental health issues but your music will always be alive as well as your memory. I miss you, Tim 🙏🏻

  • from Daniel

    Listened to him without knowing it back in 2016 and just realized he died back in 2018 when it was 2020 made me sad but i kept on listening his songs

  • from Gyan

    You were the only reason I started loving EDM. Stay happy wherever you are.

  • from V

    Still thinking of you, Tim. Thank you for introducing me to the world of EDM. Wherever you are, I hope you're at peace. Thank you for everything <3

  • from Amy girl

    I miss your smile…

  • from Jacopo

    Tim, ancora oggi non riesco ad accettare la tua morte, cosa saresti potuto essere oggi.

  • from JUST AS I AM

    Hey brother, it’s me again..I’m sorting some shit right now😭😭I hope I find some peace of mind in this lifetime. Love you 😘

  • from Evelyn Sabri

    I really loved avicii and I’m gonna love him forever. I still listen to his songs over and over until today(2024) and i will continue listening to his songs until i die . It reminds me of how talented and smart and brilliant and beautiful kind hearted person he was, who made millions of people happy but couldn’t make himself be happy not even once .Listening to his songs makes me feel like he is still alive. We missed you AVICII💔

  • from Julian

    Avicii Songs, especially the older remixes always bring back positive memorys. I miss him so much. He will always have a special part in me. 1989 – ∞. ◢ ◤

  • from Fabian

    I didnt like avicii. When i saw his face plastered all over berlin for his album. He was everything i wanted to be and was not. I wanted to make music. He made music. I wanted to be where he was in life. But because of mental health-related issues i wasted my 20 s on addiction. The thing is. I started to leave this part of myself behind a few years ago. And started listening to his music. Its exactly my kind of music. As in…exactly. I love it. Im really sorry for your loss. I understand.

  • from GoAvicii

    You will never fade into darkness Avicii

  • from Dandrige kachinga

    We miss you and your music

  • from Ivan Aucancela

    Avicii, Legendario, Te extrañamos, tus canciones me me han ayudado mucho, me has inspirado ha sacar un sencillo espero sea de tu gusto, todo el mundo te echamos de menos.

  • from Aldana

    I miss you Avicci.

  • from Sunset Jesus

    Seen a clip from Kygo playing levels and decided to come back, so nice to see a lot of people have share something

  • from Dibao

    Love you

  • from Tan

    RIP 艾维奇

  • from Ashwik Prasad

    I always listens to the song The nights it always gives me tears cause the song is of FIFA 15 and it gave me lots of nostalgic things, Thanku Avicii for making this masterpiece may your soul rest in peace 🤍❤️🕊

  • from hooij.97 from VietNam

    Always remember you Avicii ♥️♥️♥️

  • from 烤鸽


  • from Alexandra Daniela Cojoianu

    You saved me and I would Forever thank the sky for that. Before 11 I found the term everyone was looking for and fell in love with the ideea that there is someone for each of us out there, You made me believe in love, and even If I was asleep for 14 years I still searched/chased for you. My heart will always be yours. May our faith linger for eternity. Christina Perri – A thousand years

  • from Abel

    You will always have a special place in my heart i will never forget you Avicii

  • from m/ngu

    형 사랑해

  • from SHINIGAMI

    Suas musicas Tim me motivam ainda a viver!

  • from Ozzy

    He was an amazing person. I still listen to his music in 2024 I wish he didn’t quit suicide rest in peace you’ll be remembered

  • from Kevin

    Under min barndom och tonår fyllde Tim's låtar både radion och musikplattformarna. Jag har alltid älskat hans musik. Jag minns tydligt hur min största önskan var att få gå på en konsert där Tim spelade. Nu, vid 20 års ålder, har jag med åren insett vilken stor del av mitt liv Tim har påverkat. Under mina tonår, då jag led av psykisk ohälsa, hjälpte Tim's musik mig att känna lycka, glädje och känslor som var svåra att beskriva med ord. Tack Tim, kommer för alltid sakna dig och din utstrålning.

  • from C

    I would like to send you many thanks due to what you did for this life, especially my life. Everyone knows you used to live and you're great!

  • from Lucas Cooper

    I love his music. It's still in all my playlists. I'm actually listening to him as I'm writing this. I actually bonded with my crush and ended up dating and marrying her because of his music. Thank you for everything, and rest in peace. We love you.

  • from Ho long sum

    u are the best thank you for ur creation It’s so wonderful I really miss you Rip Avicii By a Hong Kong fan

  • from Axel

    Tim. Your music meant so much to people and still does today. Trust me, you’re not alone. I’m suffering from depression aswell. I just want to thank you for the music and for what you gave us Thank you Tim and Thank You Avicii R.I.P #legends #never #die

  • from yusuf

    you always remind me how much the death close to us. you are missed, so much.

  • from Jere Montiel

    Te quiero mucho Avicii. Te extrañamos tanto. Siempre escucho tus canciones y de verdad me hacen feliz. Gracias por tanto. Tu aún sigues vivo a través de tu música. Jamás serás olvidado. Inspiras a muchos. Estás descansando. Y muy pronto estarás aquí con nosotros de vuelta. <3

  • from levi

    I loved Avicii since I was a little kid. My Mom and me always listened to him. The music holds so many Memory’s and Emotions. In 2024 I still miss him. He’s gone but his beautiful music is here and helps us ❤️

  • from Agni

    Dear Avicii, wherever you are my heart is with you. Thank You for the wonderful music that you have created. Your lyrics were full hidden pain, that then back many did not understand. There were and is no know that great as you were. I wish you could be alive….

  • from Lisa

    You, your music, your songs and even your name "Avicii" has inspired me so much through the darkest of dark days when I thought all hope was lost..🫶💝 But then you said it best when you said, "So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older.. all this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost…" 🫶💝 So poignant yet so true tho grief is the price we pay for the ones we love and we all love you dearly Avicii.. ; 🫶💝

  • from Daniel

    I miss Tim so much, he was a big influence in my life. His legacy shall never die, Avicii still lives in my heart and in the heart of millions of others. RIP Avicii, you’ll always be remembered.

  • from Dixon

    6 ans déjà que tu as pris un autre chemin. Le temps passe vite mais nous, tes fans, ne t'oublions pas.

  • from Yandi

    Always love you tim(love from Taiwan)

  • from HFT

    It’s 2024 now, and I miss u so much Tim

  • from supra

    miss you a lot. greatest musician of all times. wonderful to go back to your songs tim

  • from Dennis

    The greatest of all time 🫶🏼 We will never forget you 🫶🏼

  • from Fyphen

    I found his music on 2022, and soon I found the artist is already dead. I was extremely shocked to know the thing, and even cried to was not able to see his real live at all. I hope I could find him earlier. Love you, Avicii. Rest in peace.

  • from Wfeng Sat

    I am from China,Most people in China don't know Tim ,But he is really great. I wanted to go to Sweden to see Tim,But when I learned that the day of his death was April 20, 2018, I was really sad,I was depressed all day.Now,I still want to say,"I wait for you ,I love you" Avicii ,是你的《level》将我带入美妙的电音世界,是你《Wake me up》,是《You make me》,让我《Waiting for love》,我相信你仍是the one,并且我也会因你而《I could be the one》,这是我的真实感想🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • from Jack B

    Your art touched the hearts of many people and especially mine Tim. Through the toughest parts of my life I have used your art for closure and comfort, and it got electrified when I got to see you live in Belfast at tenants vital 2016, That will forever be my fondest memory and dream. You will forever be missed Tim. "Said' you are a friend of mine" sleep tight brother ❤️

  • from Juno H

    You can’t catch me I’ll be gone by the time they come You can’t catch me The war is already won

  • from James

    Thank you for everything I somehow discover your music anytime I'm depressed and anxious it always pulls me away from the bad thoughts and for that I thank you ♥️

  • from Dani

    I don't forget you. ❤

  • from Tim K

    I'm working on a speech about you for class and looking back at the impact you made is just incredible. You have inspired me to be myself and to live a life of love. Thank you for everything. RIP

  • from Mwihaki

    Forever grateful for the gift that was You, the gift that is your masterful artistry that continues to transcend its impact through time. With love 🤍

  • from Joel Kaizer

    When times are tough, I just listen to your music and appreciate it even more. I give you my gratitude. You will be forever missed.

  • from Jp

    We miss you, we miss your music, we miss the vibes, we miss the memories. We miss your smile. From Levels to Heaven, from Wake Me up to Without you, we miss you. Love and long live Avicii. True artist, the best. Rest in peace Avicii, Tim Bergling.

  • from Elsa

    Gave me a place where I could be myself. He understood the rejection (eg wake me up music video) and the search, journey towards spirituality, God, anything to make it make more sense. Fought the dark thoughts by my side in my headphones. I pray you are in a better place Tim. God bless

  • from Giancarlo Nieves

    Gracias por permitirme conocerte, por hacer parte de una gran etapa de mi vida, por siempre te recordare y aun cuando todo cambie, siempre seguirás ahí. Gracias Tim, Gracias por regalarnos tantos recuerdos y memorias por guardar.

  • from Rowena

    My brother told me about his music and I immediately became obsessed it was 2023 I thought he was alive 2 months later I was listening to nights on YouTube I wanted to see all of the comments about how amazing the song was but instead I saw people saying “rip Avicii ❤️” I was horrified so I looked it up and it was true he was gone so I just wanted to say rip Avicii I loved your music my favorite one was Waiting for Love and the first one I heard of was The Nights so Rip Avicii everyone loves you


    Jai shree Ram love you Avicii

  • from Ulysses


  • from Kalash

  • from Shanina

    He pensado muchas veces en terminar con mi vida. Entiendo completamente ese sentimiento que debiste haber sentido. Por alguna razón te apareces en mi mente y tu música resuena en mis oídos. Creo que de alguna manera estás presente en cada día de mi vida. Me has salvado Tim. Y lo sigues haciendo. Si tan solo supieras cuánto necesito escucharte. Haces que de mi vida seas la razón más bonita. Te amo Tim 😥 no tienes idea cuánto te extraño.

  • from Chris

    Today i was feeling really bad, so i went listening to “wake me up”, that song remember me the days of my childhood, when i was always happy, i love that song and i love Tim music, thank you, thank you really much for what you did you will live forever in our hearts❤️

  • from Jirattachai

    Thank you for everything even though you are no longer with us.

  • from India shirley

    I love avicii so much im still heartbroken that hes gone he inspired me 💗

  • from Laura Willows

    My parents told me about Queen. I will tell my kids about Avicii and everything she did to make the 2010s decade of music amazing. I'm 18 and I still remember how the first thing I did (and still do) every day was listen to him and start dancing like crazy. His music was, is and will be magic, and the world of music is no longer the same without him, but luckily he left a great legacy. I hope you have managed to find the peace you wanted so much, we miss you very much here Tim.

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