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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Flow

    Memories of Avicii's first concert, other parties and festivals listening to his songs, spending time with friends, now and forever these memories will remain anchored!

  • from Eli

    I just turned 28 and Got my 1st tattoo. Its your symbol. Even with you gone, Ive loved your music more and more. How i wish I could have seen you in person. But you will always Live on in everyones hearts and Ears. Rest Easy my dear, but how I wish you were here.

  • from a fan from China

    always remember ur name and ur music.hope u can live with happiness in the haven.ur nusic always turn out when i was low. AVICII FOREVER

  • from Kawasaki M9

    Thank you for your music! Now we can all die as happy people! These are the days we won’t forget!

  • from L

    ur music have saved my life many times <3 miss you!

  • from Ярик

    Тим, твоя музыка помогает мне верить в лучшее в самые тяжелые моменты. Покойся с миром, легенда.

  • from Avilin

    I love you forever ,thank you Tim

  • from Javier García

    Tim, te conocí cuando mi padre sufría una enfermedad, y me hiciste SENTIR parte de tus canciones. Ademas, siempre intento llevar tu himno a todos lados: "Live a life you will remember" ◢ ◤ Gracias por tanto desde España.

  • from The Normys

    We love you Avicii. You won’t be forgotten

  • from Imer Martinez

    Thank you Tim, you will never know how much your music and lyrics mean for me; last year i went to Stockholm and visited your memorial museum and I felt so connected to something from my childhood, my lonely days and you my ears. Forever Tim. From Guadalajara, México.

  • from Luc Duch

    ~20years ago I done "fly away"(eL.eL.M.A.N.) – so in God's Love rest in Peace and fly to the heaven Brother.

  • from Alex

    Avicii changed the trajectory of my life. His music was the light that empowered me to continue and see how beautiful life can be. Thank you Tim. I wouldn't be here without you. But now we all have carry on without you. But you will never forgotten. Your legacy lives on. ❤️

  • from Blue Sheep

    Your music helped me survive

  • from Luis Michel

    It took me a long time to understand that there is only one life, and you have to enjoy it no matter what is happening, and learn to see the good side of the bad and Avicii in his song “The Nights” made me finally understand this

  • from Camilo Marulanda

    Avicii is the reason why I love Electronic Music.

  • from Dhemerson Pereira Ribeiro

    Obrigado por tudo Tim, obrigado por ter me inspirado em toda a minha vida. Antes eu era apenas uma criança triste sem um rumo, sem ter metas para o futuro, quando ouvir "Wake me Up" e "Hey Borther" pela primeira vez, despertou em mim algo que me mudou para sempre, desde então eu tive sonhos, metas, perdi minha mãe no meio do caminho, coisas extremamente conectadas de alguma forma (pata mim).

  • from Sinem

    Its been exactly 6 years since you have been gone,i remember reading the news of your death like it was yesterday, time eased our pain but we never forgot you, you have always been an exemplary , we love you, we will never forget you, your memories and music are still with us,i hope you were able to find the peace there that you couldnt find in this world. Rest in peace,sleep in the lights legend

  • from Tulan

    I always listen to Avicii’s music.I was encouraged when I feeling down. Thank you. I love you forever 💙

  • from ABAL1412

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • from Daniel Angoma Salvador

    Miss u, my cousin is dead and he loved your music, thanks for all Avicii

  • from Cavicii

    I Love You❤️❤️❤️😞😞😞

  • from Abby

    I turn back to you all the time. I wish you didn't have to go through the pain that you did. You deserve the absolute world. You gave me a reason to live.

  • from mike bobaguard

    went to beijing with my brotha FLY HIGH GOAT

  • from Maximiliano Borghetti

    The first time I heard "Wake Me Up," something awakened inside me. Every note and lyric resonated deeply, transforming my doubts into determination. Avicii wasn't just a DJ; he was a storyteller, a modern poet whose music spoke directly to the soul. His songs gave me the courage to believe in myself, to dream bigger, and to face challenges with renewed strength. Thank you, Tim, for your music, your passion, and for being the light in the darkness for so many of us. ◢ ◤

  • from Max Borghetti

    The first time I heard "Wake Me Up," something awakened inside me. Every note and lyric resonated deeply, transforming my doubts into determination. Avicii wasn't just a DJ; he was a storyteller, a modern poet whose music spoke directly to the soul. His songs gave me the courage to believe in myself, to dream bigger, and to face challenges with renewed strength. Thank you, Tim, for your music, your passion, and for being the light in the darkness for so many of us.

  • from Chinese fan Chensongeei

    We miss Tim!I will listen your music till the end of my life !There is a sentence “Legend never die” You are always live in our hearts.In China has a famous sentence “someone’s dead but they are still alive ,someone’s alive but they are dead “If we still remember you ,you are still alive .Death isn’t the end of our life ,but forgetting is ,we are always miss you!

  • from Owen Ceballos

    Muchas gracias por este legado que nos dejaste TIM, gracias por ayudarnos a cada uno con tus canciones ❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from Guilherme B.

    Desde meus 8 anos eu estava ligado com você, amei desde o início e o que antes era pelo beat, se tornou uma ligação lírica e até hoje eu sinto essa conexão se fortalecendo. Queria poder ter lhe visto de perto.

  • from me

    Rest in Peace Legend. Still heartbroken so may years later. We love you.

  • from Kevin

    ライブ行きたかった◢ ◤

  • from Lucas

    The first song I ever listened to by Avicii was Hey Brother, as soon as I heard it, I knew I would fall in love with the style of music. Avicii shaped my childhood, and many others. We love you Avicii, Rest In Peace Legend.

  • from Aitana

    I will be like seventy, and i will still listen to ALL your songs. I feel one different song each day of my life. <3 There're some days, just like today, that it feels like "damn, are you really dead?" So… WHYYY? *cries* Wish you're alive and laughing at us, sad thinking you're gone. We love you; so you simply HAVE TO BE HERE. 24/06/2024

  • from Andrew

    «I will give to you the love you seek and more» UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ

  • from test

    2024/6/24, in korea

  • from HunterSussyYT

    I like the songs so much. I even made a AI Remix and I even loved it. I got inspired by avicii. I hope that avicii is proud.

  • from vereqq

    Легенды не умирают. Вечная память ◢◤

  • from Alexander Vega

    Спасибо тебе Тим за твою музыку, она великолепна

  • from March7th from VB

    Love you, my best friend Avicii(⌣_⌣”)

  • from Akash

    We miss you legend

  • from ABM

    I remember hearing Wake Me Up every morning in the car on my way to school. It just happened to be played 2 minutes before I arrives to middle school in 5th grade. Even though it's been almost 6 years since he has passed, I still send my prayers to the strong family members and friends that knew him best.

  • from Sabča

    Every time I listen to your music I always feel good. LOVE YOU AVICII 💋❤️🕊️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹 (Your music is also popular in the Czech Republic)

  • from Saturn

    U always makes me happy

  • from Michael

    I learnt about him recently, but I love his music. I respect him and am so sad that he passed away. Avicii forever!

  • from Stephanie García Torres

    It's hard for me to watch videos of Tim, because it's horrible knowing that I never got to see him live. But I try to continue enjoying his music, his lyrics were always so meaningful.

  • from Yağmur

    Tim seni çok özlediğim için senden kaçtığımı fark ettim. Olabildiğince yokluğunu hatırlamamaya çalışıyorum. Belki inanmazlar ama intihara kalkışmış biri olarak söylüyorum sen benim hayatta kalma sebebimsin. O güzel şarkıların sana olan sevgim beni hayatta tuttu. O yüzden seni kaybetmek benim canımı yakıyor. Senin sayende birinin hayatta olduğunu söylemeye geldim bugün. Yaptığım şeyden gurur duymuyorum ama kabullenip hayatıma devam etmeye çalışıyorum. Seni çok seviyorum ❤ Huzur içinde yat 🙏

  • from YM – ASYEL

    You Made the World a better place with your music. Rest in Peace Dear Tim

  • from B

    We miss you, Tim<3

  • from Diego Arques

    Al año que viene me voy a casar y quiero que mi boda sea con la musica de Avicii,no hay dia que no la escuche. Ese rato es como que te olvidas de todo,muchas gracias Tim por hacer lo que hiciste.

  • from X

    Avicii era um anjo e ele é imortal e está vivo em algum lugar do minha que logo irá voltar , e voltar pra sua esposa Taylor Alison Swift e os seus filhos devem está em orações !

  • from Chereé

    I remember in COVID time when my friend introduced me to his song 'Waiting for love'. I became hooked. Thank you Avicii for the amazing music you left behind on this world. You will be remembered❤️‍🔥.

  • from Hentz

    Tim… Timișoara love you!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • from Michael

    Avicii war einer der Besten in dieser Musik Szene möge er in Frieden ruhen in den Herzen seiner Fans lebt er auf ewig weiter

  • from Forson

    Avicii was a second super man in terms of music history, all his songs are cool.

  • from Jy

    Avicii's songs are full of meaning. I listen to them everyday, reflecting on what I have done, and how I can improve myself in the future. It helped me understand that nothing can last forever. Since I started listening to his songs, I have been more motivated in life. I wish I knew him before he passed away. RIP AVICII ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • from Marcelo Lopes

    Só deixou boas lembranças! Músicas maravilhosas.

  • from Neel Patel

    Avicii's music helps me calm down after a tiring day of work. I continuously listen to his songs for hours back to back.

  • from Julien

    At anytime when there is an AVICII song i Always blast the volume to enjoy this music. The best songs Will Always be : wake me up and hey brother. Rest in peace 🕊️

  • from Charlie

    Loved him ,he's in my heart, he's my inspiration,he's the reason I'm alive today

  • from Alan Marcia

    First heard about Avicii with my dad playing FIFA 15. Then remembered "Hey Brother" with my cousin reminiscing about our favorite songs. Fly High, Avicii.

  • from Emil

    Cuando me siento solo, escucho tus canciones, me siento feliz siento que despierto, escuchando withouth you me siento mejor, me identifico. Gracias Tim por todo lo que creaste, de aquí hasta el cielo y tu siempre seguirás vivo.

  • from Greg Van Svenson

    Tu est parti beaucoup trop tôt ! Remix 2024 !!!

  • from Илья

    Если вам грустно, включите AVICII, глубоко вдохните и улыбнитесь. Жизнь прекрасна

  • from ◢◤ Jonathan ◢◤

    Cuando todo para mi parecia estar perdido recorde que cuando era niño me gustaba mucho tus canciones y muchas de tus canciones me entraron a estar bien con mi conciencia y las descicones que tomo para muchos soy raro pero soy feliz sabiendo que tengo un buen gusto musical. Descanza en paz TIM por siempre viviras en mi corazón. ◢◤

  • from Agnieszka

    Nigdy nie zapomnę, gdy jadąc ulicami Łodzi usłyszałem "Levels" Avicii'ego. Niech spoczywa spokojnie w niebie wśród innych wielkich muzyków. Spoczywaj w pokoju Avicii, nigdy Cię nie zapomnę

  • from Valkyria

    ❤️ without you and thank you. I miss you

  • from Ella

    When i was 14, I was going through a deep depression. Self harming was something I did daily. It was the only way I could get through the day. It was not until I could be the one came on the radio and it changed my life. I got to listening Avicii everyday. I stopped self harm. I miss him so much. I even got a tattoo for him.

  • from YK

    Your songs will live on forever

  • from Persom

    Wake Me Up

  • from Juansg

    Es increíble tu música como me salvó varias veces, el sentimiento de amor a la vida que transmite es increíble, lástima que la misma música que me salvo a mi no te salvó a ti Q.E.P.D

  • from Irving ramses

    Avicii tu música me salvó de algo que no sabía que tenía gracias por todo lo que me diste y siempre serás un lindo recuerdo de mi vida que nunca olvidare nunca Pero "estás son las noches que nunca terminan"

  • from Alexandra

    Unfortunately I never got the chance to see Avicii live but there is something so special about his music that just simply makes me feel happier whenever I listen to his songs. His music unites people, it can turn a bad day into a good one within a few seconds of listening to any of his songs. But since he passed away listening to his music also brings a sort of sadness to me as well. I wished I had the chance to thank him for creating music that helped me a lot to get out of my depression.

  • from Lee


  • from Phil T

    Still miss you man, but your music lives on…

  • from Daisy Anahí Vega García

    I have known Tim for a long time, I admire him so much, his music and his story have had a great impact on my life. The day I discovered his music I was about 5 or 6 years old, all this time he has been my idol and the artist who has marked my life with his beautiful lyrics, each melody was beautiful I still admire you after all these years Tim

  • from Louise

    Miss you!

  • from Wylie

    謝謝Avicii帶給我們的音樂。 能夠將你的精神永流傳



  • from Wilbert

    One of the greatest DJ in history. This really gives me Chikn Nuggit Vibes and Hes gives us joy and our hearts grow up R.I.P ◢ ◤ Your da King Brother

  • from YuChein


  • from Junior Zonta

    Através de você e sua música Tim eu entendi o que é música eletrônica, você pra mim foi o melhor e sempre será o maior dj do mundo, você nasceu em 8 de setembro e eu 9, isso nunca ninguém irá me fazer esquecer. Te amo eternamente.

  • from Enrique Alvarez

    You will never know but you saved my life in many ways and I am very sorry that I could not save you in any way.

  • from Zenith Gogoi

    My musical journey as a producbegan at the age of 15, inspired by the iconic track "Without You" by Avicii. This song was the first I ever remixed, marking the start of my passion for music production. Avicii's innovative style and emotive melodies profoundly influenced me, and even though he's no longer with us, his legacy continues to inspire my work. Remixing "Without You" ignited a creative spark that has fueled my growth as an artist, shaping my sound and driving my dedication to the craft.

  • from Kai

    6 years since you passed and your music still continues your legacy and continues to blow up and touch so many people and so many hearts. Your logo was my first ever tattoo and it’s the best one I could’ve got. Your music helped me so much through life and is one of the main reasons as to why I’m still here today. I owe you my life for that Tim, thank you. Rest easy brother, and rest assured that the world will never forget about you. Your name will live on forever! ❤️

  • from Renata Sandoval

    Always in my thoughts despite so many years, always in my searches and in my music recommendations, even when you stopped making music because what you created goes beyond earthly life. You will always be remembered by me and many others.I miss you so f*** much🫂

  • from Omar

    TIM, your music saved my life! You'll never know how, but your music gives me peace, when I'm sad I listen to it and when I'm happy even more. Forever Avicii.

  • from RbenLLZ

    I’m the fan from Taiwan Tim gaves let’s of faith and encourage me follow my dream when I was a teenager. Nowadays I become a father who have three kids,I will also tell them there was a great genius who use his talents and lovely music to encourage worldwide people. Love you always Tim.

  • from Johan Montalvo

    Hace 8 meses perdí a mi papá, nunca fuimos unidos, yo no pude estar presente en su funeral ya que me encontraba trabajando en otro país, mi mamá y mi hermano me dijeron que ellos se encargarían, a pesar de nunca tener una relación padre – hijo dejó un vacio que no pensé que tendría, han sido meses díficiles, y la música siempre ha sido un escape para mi, avicii ha sido parte de mi terapia y de mis lagrimas, sin duda un presedente que marcó en mi vida. "Figure it out without you"

  • from Durante

    it's been so long. while you were resting, I had a lot to do. so many things. Ukraine, Israel… it's not easy to talk about because there are only dark things going on. But right now, I'm back in korea again. It's a place where my loved ones are, but I think it'll be difficult to meet them again. Even if I explain it, it will be difficult to understand. So, I'm just going to watch from afar. i'll see you at the end, friend.

  • from Nabiel Fikri

    I’ve been listening to Avicii since he was Tim Bergling. Once i heard the song “Seek Bromance”, it immediately has a place in my heart. I never stop listening to your music ever since. I was shocked when i heard you passed away in 2018. I was driving when i heard it and I literally cried and can’t believe that news. EDM never be the same without you. Your music play a huge part in my life and even my 6 year old daughter memorised your song. Your music will always be the soundtrack of my life ◢ ◤

  • from Alex

    I remember hearing snippets of his debut album from his set in Japan and listening to them on repeat until the full mastered version dropped. Still listen to it these days on Apple Music and it always takes me back 🫶🏽

  • from dn

    Tim fue de los primeros artistas que escuché y desde ahí a sido una gran inspiración para mi, aunque no alcance a conocerlo, me gusta decir que soy el ejemplo que después de tanto tiempo sigue siendo una leyenda Para estar y más generaciones y que su música revolucionó la industria como ninguno otro, sin duda mi artista y compositor favorito ❤️

  • from Montserrat

    Te extraño mucho Tim, eres el primer DJ con el que empecé adentrarme al mundo de la música electrónica, eres muy especial para mi, siempre serás mi gran ídolo, cuando supe de tu muerte lloré mucho, pero sabes, las leyendas como tu, como persona y como DJ nunca mueren, todos tus fans,te recordamos con amor cada día y yo tú más grande admiradora siempre te llevaré en mi corazón y tus canciones nunca faltarán en mi playlist🩷Para ti con mucho amor hasta el cielo, de tu más grande fan, Montserrat💓

  • from Samuel Salinas Pezoa

    Tu Musica llega al alma <3 Gracias por tanto

  • from Roberto romero

    Tim, llego a mi vida en el año 2012 para jamas irse como mi artista favorito, al momento de escuchar su música siempre sentía que podía con todo el mundo, ahora que no está, sigue presente en mí para hacerme sentir que puedo superarme a través de su música

  • from Jordan

    I was so so lucky to have witnessed Avicii in person, on my 21st birthday, at Amnesia Ibiza in August 2013 with my best friend. Thank you so much for the memories and good music. Wake me up was the hit at the time and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Your legacy will never die as you brought people together through your passion for music. So wake me up when it's all over When I'm wiser and I'm older All this time I was finding myself, and I Didn't know I was lost ❤️

  • from Irasema Pérez

    Gracias Avicii por tu música, porque me ayudaste en los momentos más difíciles, siempre tendrás un pedazo de mi corazón, tu representas todo lo bueno de la vida. No pude conocerte, pero tu música se sintió como si te hubiera conocido desde hace mucho tiempo. ❤️

  • from Kawena K

    I never had a chance to see Tim perform live; however, I carry his memory on my sleeve. Whenever I feel lost or like I’m just floating around in the universe, I like to look at my arm to remind myself how precious life is. Avicii continues to inspire me daily just as he did back in 2013. Thank you for all that you have done for me ❤️

  • from Bobyalkindi

    Hi tim aku boby dari indonesia,dan selalu mendengar musik mu setiap harinya walau anda sudah ditempat berbeda tapi kau selalu ada menemani tim beristirahatla dalam damai tim❤️

  • from Paola Zárate

    Avicii’s music was there for me when I was at my lowest. He gave me hope, his lyrics helped me through my darkest nights, and I will be forever thankful. You saved me in so many ways, Tim. Your music gave me a reason to believe in a better future. Thank you. Forever with me.

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