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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Ryo

    A veces necesito hablar con alguien y realmente me agrada poder escribirte aunque no reciba tu respuesta, gracias por lo que haces por mi Tim, a través de tu música encuentro la paz que necesito…

  • from Sonia Hamoud

    In a lecture right now. Your death hurts so much but your memories and music lasts forever. For Avicii…always and forever. Love Sonia (Norwich) 💕

  • from Nia

    The music produced by Avicii gives energy and enthusiasm for some reason and I believe his masterpieces will always be eternal in the eyes of his fans

  • from Siska from Indonesia

    We miss you Tim Bergling (AVICII), your music always remind and still speaks to me 💐🖤

  • from Gia Khanh Nguyen Tran

    His song Wake Me Up is the song that led me into the EDM world. His music has inspired me since then. It has made me take up music production classes. It was devastating when I heard of his loss. Rest in peace, Tim

  • from Anonymous

    The nights I made were amazing never faded I thought of you if I was afraid when you left the world behind you definitely lived a life that everyone will remember Rest in Peace Tim, we all miss you.

  • from jutta

    your music always reminds me of what is important in life, i want to feel everything and love with my whole heart. hope everything is okay there <3

  • from Dj Raghav

    Miss you 😢 Avicii💥🥹❤️

  • from Tony

    La tua vita, la tua storia, la tua musica, sono il segno più bello che hai lasciato nel tuo breve percorso, nei cuori di chi ti ha saputo capire, apprezzare, amare.

  • from Belgiangirl

    We Still Miss You! Tomorrowland will not be the same without you…

  • from Mara

    🫶🏽🫶🏽 your music still speaks to me. Though you’re not here anymore all your fans are still connected through your music. Thank you for being great.

  • from someone else

    One day, I will reawaken the legacy you left behind, idol. And please don't be angry with me, but I will be better than you.

  • from Miguel Lopez

    Te extraño tanto bro, cada dia escucho tus canciones, siempre me han ayudado mucho a motivarme y a sentirme mejor cuando estoy triste, enojado, estresado, etc. Te mando un abrazo hasta el cielo. Como quisiera que todo esto fuera una pesadilla. Te amo 💖.

  • from Gretmon

    El salvó mi vida 💕 siempre en mi corazón gracias por todo

  • from Daniel Johnson

    Im pretty sure he fucked my girl.

  • from Raúl

    Leyenda, te echamos de menos

  • from Clay

    Miss you😶

  • from Agata

    Still miss you 🖤

  • from Meryem

    We miss you🤍

  • from MUD

    Miss ya man…..hope the sun's shining up there dude. R.I.P

  • from Betzy

    I was a person who did not like music, I was like "why do people listen to music, it is just…that". There was a time when I was suffering from an illness and I lost all hope until I found Avicii´s music; that´s when I discovered why people listen to music, and most importantly, what music meant to them. I will never thank Tim enough for all the masterpieces he created. He gave me the last breath of hope through his music, and that is why I am alive. Thank you, brother, from a total stranger.

  • from Gabriel

    Can you guys please release Avicii – I'll Be Gone IT'S LEGENDARY and the world needs to listen that! Rest in peace Tim.

  • from Mameaw

    Your songs will be forever. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and memorable masterpiece. Rest in peace.

  • from Robert

    Tim. Your enduring inspiration has left an indelible mark on my soul. Nearly five years have passed, yet the resonance of your music continues to stir profound emotions within me. You ignited the flame that led me to embark on my own musical journey, serving as a guiding light through challenging times and unveiling the beauty that life has to offer. In the hopes of crossing paths again in another existence or alternate realm, I bid you farewell! Rest in peace, brother!

  • from AmaTeIpsum

    Or is this a place created by those to keep abreast any potential threats of unity amongst other victims of oppressive pedophiles and human trafficking? To those posting-do not share your knowledge here. Seek safe space

  • from Bjarni

    Avicii's songs always bring me back to some of my fondest memories <3 Forever in my heart

  • from Anonymous

    He’s a best dj

  • from L

    Tim, thank you for “communicate” with me through your song, Broken Arrows. Recently I felt some “invisible thing” forced me to listen Broken Arrows. Funny thing is, the lyrics settled my feelings because I had a rough life situation. I haven’t put Broken Arrows on my Avicii playlist before, and now it became my favorite.

  • from Tom

    The best DJ in his era and would of been the best today❤️

  • from 7

    You are loved and missed <3

  • from Axel Pérez

    Avicii you were, are and will be my biggest inspiration to not give up, the fact of your departure was painful, but I can never thank you enough for helping me with your songs in my most difficult moments, fly high King of DJs.

  • from Watermelon

    You and your music saved my life,but nobody can save your life…I hope you can be happy forever.Thank you Tim❤❤

  • from Andrea

    You’ll never be forgotten. You live inside our hearts. I love you Tim, and I miss you even more❤️

  • from Margherita

    Dear boy, since yesterday I'm seventy years old, and you? You are always twenty eight, you smile to me from heaven. A kiss from India!

  • from Leo

    I wished to attend one of your concerts. Maybe in another life 🤍

  • from ImCadezx

    Almost 6 years without you, Tim ❤️

  • from Isaac Sellers

    He was one of the main ones to inspire me to start producing. He will be missed by many, including myself.

  • from Mahesh

    Music for me is one of the things that makes me happy and brings joy to my life , Avicii is one of those few musicians who take me to another place of joy and happiness when I listen to him. He has brought so much joy to so many people in his short life. He was like a shooting star in the sky.

  • from Bruna

    A música de Tim, o mantem eterno. É incrível como a gente se conecta com ele ao ouvir suas músicas. Obrigada por continuar a existir em cada batida, cada letra composta, cada som.

  • from Anastasiia

    They say some music never dies. Definitely, Avicii’s case. I keep on listening to your music. Lots of gratitude and love ❤️ from Russia. Thank you for being with us.

  • from Thomas Dodd

    I just always loved him and his music help me a lot in life he inspire me what I am today live on Tim

  • from André

    Avicci has always been one of my favorite DJ of all times. The song the Nights is one of my favorite of all time, these song brigs me back a lot of memories of incrible experiences in my life. Thank you so much Tim, I hope you rest in peace. 🙏

  • from marcos aurelio

    suas musicas me inspiram, me faz ser mais criativo

  • from Beni

    I grew up on your music and i loved every one of them! Your music was just different to me to my head. I will always remember you as one of the best artist in the world and not “just” artist but also a very great person! Thank you for everything legend!! Rest in peace🖤

  • from Eulaya Farmer

    I remember when I first heard one of his songs. I was only 5 or 6 using my tablet to listen to Pandora when the song came on. Long Live Avicii!

  • from Vera

    I loved Avicii and Aviciis music so much that i actully my cat Avicii, i miss you Tim you will always have a special place in my heart. You will never be forgotten ❤️🕊️

  • from c0wboi

    Still to this day the only music guaranteed to put a smile on my face no matter how sad or dark my day has been. Always followed by a slight frown. Your music saved me years ago, and saves me to this day. I hope that you have found peace, and I thank you from the depths of my soul that you were with us. I love you.

  • from William

    I miss you, Avicii…

  • from Liaana

    Taht just dose not feel right that you are gone … i have cried too much for that.. i have watched the Tribute too many times and every time i am in soooooo much tears. Like if there is anything in this world i could do, i would wake you up , and say, everithing is ok, and lets make music , fuck f these who did not like those notes you write .. You did everything right . I wish if there is something ever , i could do for you i would .. i just love you so much . i will forever be by your side .

  • from Benjamin

    Love you Tim RIP Legend and may you fly high were you are now

  • from mike ehrmantrout

    you know, I was never a big fan of this genre of music until avicii came along. I remember when my beloved granddaughter showed me "waiting for love" and I connected with it. I remember when i heard about your death i said "is that so?" Now heres what's gonna happen, I'm gonna write this comment, give my condolences and I'm gonna be done. You take care up there avicii

  • from George

    Rest in paradise legend, you will be remembered forever!

  • from joe

    i have no love to give.

  • from Daffodil

    Thank you for make a lot of good music for us Tim.

  • from Charles

    I remember listening to your songs as a kid and all the happy memories they brought me. As I get older I remember how much my child hood life was good and how times where good. I payed not much to who sang those song, but just that I enjoyed them. Years later your song “wake me up” came across me and I got a taste of my childhood happiness. Thank you for living your life and experiencing a peice of you to us. No one knows what Is going on in others life but life goes on and you made history.

  • from Bebê da Tale

    Oração ao anjo avicii Avicii que estais no céu santificado seja o seu nome venha nós o seu reino assim na terra como no céu que sempre seja curado e limpo de todo o mal e que seja curado de Todo o mal e que sempre brilhe como um anjo no céu por toda eternidade e que tenha energia e seja livre amém

  • from Anonymous

    Rest in peace legend

  • from ShiRane

    I miss you

  • from .

    당신의 노래는 나에게 용기를 줘요. 감사합니다.

  • from David Nguyen

    When I Died, I Wanna Shake Your Hand In The Heaven, Love You My Idol TT

  • from Furick

    My friend is a big Avicii fan. He forced me to be one by proxy. In full respect, Avicii's legacy has left an impact on the music industry. Thank you, Tim!

  • from N.O

    still bring your noise 🙏❤️

  • from Peter

    Thank you! <3

  • from R🇫🇮

    about a year ago, something really traumatizing happend that i’m still struggling about, but your music pulled me up from the deep, and slowly i got to breathe again, and now i’m pretty fine about it, thank you Tim, i love you<3

  • from Костян

    Супер Кайфовый Музец делал. Жаль парня, земля ему пухом! =(

  • from tom

    i miss you 🙁

  • from John

    Miss u so much <3

  • from Liz

    Hello! I'm diagnosed with Bipolar depression and PTSD, ADHD, social anxiety. I've been struggling with BP since I was 15 yrs and PTSD for around 2 yrs. Avicii's music give me strength, happiness and help me to look for answers and see things in a different way. Help me to not give up. Miss you

  • from Liz

    Hello! I'm diagnosed with Bipolar depression and PTSD, ADHD, social anxiety. I've been struggling with BP since I was 15 yrs and PTSD for around 2 yrs. Avicii's music give me strength, happiness and help me to look for answers and see things in a different way. Help me to not give up. Miss you

  • from zeyad

    Thank you for everything you give it to us

  • from Eva

    Hola Avicii, sigo aquí escuchando tu música. Sabes? Soy feliz, pero necesito seguir escuchándote, me da fuerza, mucha fuerza. Siempre en mi pensamiento

  • from Leonardo Silva

    Miss you Tim <3

  • from Laura.

    Thankyou for your love and possion for music. U r so lovely guy and i will remember u always andyour music remainds me of u. 💕 Love.

  • from Onni

    Avicii was one of the many artists that summarize the music of my youth. And those beats I will never forget! Thank you Tim for everything.

  • from Clinton

    I play your music everyday while I am training in the gym and it reminds me of the time DJing with my best friend who passed in 2020 due to an overdose.

  • from María

    thk u for your music <3

  • from osmankilic29

    2024'te de burdayız!!! We are here in 2024!!!

  • from Maria

    Thank you for everything, we love you and will carry on your legacy forever! ❤️🌠

  • from kalash

    ◢ ◤

  • from Avicii Fan

    Another year without You. I love to listen your music in the nights and the Days. Hey brother You are the Best artist Of the world. Thanks For your music tim ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Natko

    I will remember you forever

  • from Gorka

    Another year without you🥺🫶🏻

  • from Shawn

    The nights pull me out from depression

  • from Flour

    Don't you ever dream of every single one will forget you, no one, you are always be remembered with your music and your legacy you left for us. We love you Tim, thank you for brought the world joyfully.

  • from Cass

    Sua passagem por aqui foi de extrema importância, você nos deixou com uma bela mensagem: Aproveitar a vida e fazer dela valer a pena.

  • from Aviciier

    A new year without you, thank you for the old years you were in it, they were the best, I love you tim forever

  • from Manuel

    Tim, a great artist that always be remembered by his music. He inspired me and also a lot of people with his songs, such a gentle man, a noble one that I still miss throughout the years

  • from Amanda

    thank you for saving me, cii

  • from くみこ

    Wednesday, my empty arms ARE open

  • from Sandy

    we love and miss you. DJ number 1!! Rest in peace Tim

  • from Kelly kipruto


  • from Albert

    ◢you will always be an inspiration to everyone◤ rest in peace brother

  • from Pvtrax

    Take out easy tim ❤️‍🩹

  • from Aemin

    Still hard for me!

  • from Jimmy

    Your music really touched my heart, especially The Nights. Some of the best moments of my life were playing Fifa with my brother, and your song often came on while we were playing. Now that I'm older, I realize there is so much truth behind the lyrics, and they're something I always try to keep in mind. We love and miss you Avicii; gone way too soon.

  • from rlaxoqh

    I will wake you up when it’s all over avicii don’t be afraid you lived a life that everyone could remember. And showed us your life………

  • from Charlie Havens

    Levels was the first song that ever got me feeling something in my life, as a young kid it just spoke to me. Even today, songs such as The Nights and Wake Me Up make me cry just from their sheer beauty. Avicii changed my life through his music, and for that Ill always be thankful. Thanks Tim.

  • from Donovan Beaven ( Buttery Music )

    Many years ago, I heard Tim's song "Waiting for Love" and ever since that day I have been making music in honor of those we have lost including tim! THANK YOU AVICII FOR INSPIRING MY MUSICAL JOURNEY MY FRIEND!! Long Live Avicii!!! In case you were wondering –> That's where I make all my music, come check me out! I hope you are proud Avicii!!! Love you much fam!

  • from V

    Hope you're doing well, we miss you and your music so much

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