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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from S

    You kept me going when all else failed. Inspired forever by the music. Avicii forever ◢ ◤ 💙

  • from From Hannah

    Missing you every day you inspired so many people first EMD artist I ever listened to

  • from Sophia

    Missing you so much. Sending love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💕

  • from Alex

    Tim – I wish you were still here. You inspired millions with your songs. We respect what you did. Your life took a turn for the worse. I still can't grasp that you are gone. I pray for your family. You were the best EDM artist, no questions asked. Thank you for forming EDM and for capturing the lives of millions of people. We all miss you, Tim. Thank you for all the work you did, we all wish you are still alive. On behalf of every Avicii fan in the world, Thank you, Tim Bergling 💙

  • from girl

    thank you for all 🫶

  • from Amila

    I missed you a lot.much love from Sri Lanka

  • from Ben

    Still miss you Love in Taiwan

  • from Anonymous

    Meeting Tim (Avicii) in Vegas, amidst the pulsing lights, revealed not just a musical genius but a soul with profound empathy. His untimely departure left a void, reminding us of the unseen struggles behind the spotlight. Tim's legacy isn't just in the beats he crafted but in the hearts he touched, urging us to cherish connections and embody compassion. Reflecting on his journey inspires a deeper appreciation for life's melodies and the subtle harmonies that connect us all.

  • from Vincenza Ingenito

    I saw for the first and only time Avicii at the Uhsuaia in Ibiza .. it was July 2014.. now 10 years ago .. an indelible memory that will always remain in my heart and on my skin! I have as a tattoo her logo on the left side below the breast. I love Avicii.

  • from Desi

    Love you Tim <3

  • from Hanna

    Vi kommer aldrig att sluta minas dig Tim Berling som du var som person och dina musik. 💕 hoppas du har det bra där du befinner dig nu synd att ditt liv skulle ta slut så snabbt bara. ❤️😇 Avicii ❤️😇

  • from Vera-Leslie

    RIP man may your beautiful soul find peace🕊️❤️we love you TIM BERGLING, your music will live forever.

  • from Technicspeed

    Good knowing that Heaven has a new angel.

  • from banban

    miss u 🫶🫶🫶

  • from Walker

    Miss you

  • from L

    I miss you. I keep wondering what song you would be releasing or where in the world you would be right now. Thank you for all that you left us, I heard a girl singing wake me up and I still feel you here. I love you, ever so deeply. Someday, I know I’ll see you again.

  • from Pascal

    Hey Tim, I listen to your songs almost every day. Especially when I go running, your music gives me strength, inspiration and hope. There are only a few artists who have such a feeling for the music, the melody and the special feeling. But if you listen carefully, you can hear in your songs that you are not well, unfortunately we only realize that now. I hope you could find your peace. For me you will always be a boy with a very special talent. With best wishes from Germany

  • from Otello_DG

    AVICII is love, AVICII is life ❤️⩘⩗ ◢◤

  • from Jack

    I have just discovered Avicci, and I genuinely love all his music. It can be so inspirational. It's truly unfortunate to know that he is no longer with us. May he rest in peace.

  • from juliet

    i love how people still come on this website to remember avicii

  • from Glenn "GP3"

    I came here just now because an Avicii song came on randomly as I was playing a mix & I instantly began thinking of all the other music he produced that I love (and how I am gonna play em). I didn't immediately think about him being gone but as those thoughts of reality sank in, I found myself fairly upset. And then made my way here. But the first thing that came to mind was his music & bringing more of it into my life, so I guess it really is true that the music lives on 4ever. Thanks man.

  • from E-N_BeTa

    Hi, Avicii. You are my inspiration and now I make music. My favorite song you made is Levels. RIP

  • from Vlad

    All the love from Romania🫶 I remember when i heard that Tim passed away, i burst out crying, me and my sisters, he was and still is a living legend and i don’t think anyone will be able to be better than him. He was my childhood, and now he is my adulthood. Much love and safe travels.

  • from Em

    “One day, you’ll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember” One of a kind artist, you will live on forever with the souls you’ve reached 🫶🏼

  • from JISMON st0ned

    Miss you my favourite person

  • from Hey Brother

    Din musik satte inte bara spår i min barndom, utan den flätades samman med den, och blev den melodi som mina mest kära minnen dansar till. Tack, Tim. Må änglarna dansa med dig till det arv du lämnade här i världen. ❤️

  • from Louise Henriette

    I have anxiety too… It's hard 🥺 Your music helped me through some tough times. So sorry you had to let go ❤️

  • from Yahya

    I'm yahya a 19 yo Moroccan who first discovered Tim songs after the huge success of Wake me up after that i became obsessed with all his songs as each song has a specific memory stored .His music really made me discover electro music .The beauty of it is for me that the music and the melodies he created are timeless and can be listened forever as it don't get old and to be able to do that is just incredible.He inspired a whole generation and the legacy he made will remain forever.It's the GOAT.

  • from Yahya

    I'm yahya a 19 yo Moroccan who first discovered Tim songs after the huge success of Wake me up after that i became obsessed with all his songs as each song has a specific memory stored .His music really made me discover electro music .The beauty of it is for me that the music and the melodies he created are timeless and can be listened forever as it don't get old and to be able to do that is just incredible.He inspired a whole generation and the legacy he made will remain forever.It's the GOAT.

  • from Anonymous

    My brother and I used to sing along to his songs together. No fear, just good memories. Thank you Avicii.

  • from In Memorian to Avicii

    Avicii was, no, is one of the best musicians in the world. Rest in peace, Tim Whereever you are today

  • from Anonymous

    Just now discovering the works of this amazing man. May your music forever live on.

  • from Anonymous

    You're one of the few people that's inspired me to keep going.

  • from Alessandro

    Tim. I Miss you so much. I see UMF today and your music still live here

  • from てぃも


  • from Olivia

    I will love your music forever. Your music has made me so much memories and it helps me when I'm sad. And I hope you understand it Rest in piece 🕊️ Tim /Avicii. <3

  • from Hung


  • from Angelo

    Your music is my teenage and youth !!

  • from Min ki jung


  • from Diana Sipova

    This photo was taken at the Avicii Experience museum in Stockholm that I recently visited. It was amazing to learn more about Tim, his life and journey. He was such a beautiful, kind and humble soul. Rest in Peace & Thank you, Tim. Love always ❤️❤️❤️ from Diana

  • from Miikka


  • from Nk

    I loved the songs and the lyrics of his last album was something I could relate to. He was amazing and I hope he is at peace ♥️🫶 we miss you more than you will ever know.

  • from youke27890

    Unfortunately, I didn't hear his songs until after he died. It was 2020, and I was 11 when I first heard his “waiting for love”,and I became a fan of his.I love every one of his songs,but I will never see him again. His music gives me strength,and accompanies me through the long night. Now I will face the high school entrance exam,and he will always be with me. Avicii forever

  • from K


  • from Tiger Zhu

    I’m tryna share Avicii to my schoolmate from China . It was full of challenges.

  • from Monika

    When I went on the trip with my godparents,godmother turned on a car radio. There was hey brother playing on maximum. I laughed,then. Now I cry. Rest in peace Timmy

  • from Katerina

    When I was like 20 and my brother was a teenager, he brought me up to Avicii, telling the story behind, describing him as a different from the others, so I started to listen. Now, I am still listening to his songs woth my sons, and always crying. I have to say that I don't listen to any mainstream music, but this guy felt and still feels soooo much different. Music made by heart which was maybe too sensitive. With love <3

  • from clara

    i love him so much

  • from Kelly

    I fell in love with Avicii when he came out onto the scene and I continued to listen to him and enjoy his music throughout his career. I still play his music and I've now passed it on to my son. We love dancing to Avicii. He will always be a huge icon and I only wish I could have seen him in concert!

  • from Alejandro Clavier

    He changed, his music made me look towards a better day

  • from Steph

    I miss you today, I will miss you tomorrow, thinking of you always ✨ ◢ ◤🖤

  • from Nick

    We miss Avicii 😭 Even my fictional characters like Antonio, Magda and Kozmo miss him a lot…

  • from Antonio & Magda

    Our daughter Angela was just 2 years old when Avicii passed away… But she continues to enjoy his music and loves dancing to the rhythm of his biggest hits. Now we are both in early 40s and we have four kids. We cannot really say how we miss Avicii and how his music left influence on people who wanted to become music producers. We miss you, Tim 😥

  • from Mette

    I hope you found the eternal peace you were looking for 🕊️

  • from Anastasia

    I was really going through it when I was 13 years old. My best friend had committed suicide a year before at just 13 years old. I blamed myself for everything and therefore my mental health plummeted. I was at a bridge one day after running away for 5-6 hours and suddenly a song by Tim came onto the phone I used for music that I had brought with me. It was “Hey Brother”. I sat listening to the song on repeat for nearly 20 minutes, and soon after, the police arrived. Tim saved me.

  • from Natalya

    I wish I could met you! I would give a hug…maybe it's what you needed.

  • from anonymous San Diegan

    I only know a couple songs, but it's still sad this happened. Rest in peace. It's sad that anyone, including anyone reading this, ends up feeling this way. Don't give up to anybody reading, and rest in peace Tim Bergling AKA Avicii.

  • from Kat

    He should be in memory as a hero! The heart is the right symbol! Continue what he began to improve the good in humanity! Fight for justice and freedom! Protect the vulnerable and stay together, don't pick a side stay together! ❤ fight for truth, in a world where technologie and programmed AI will tell you otherwise! There are so many souls who deserve the truth to be shared, don't be silent anymore! Thank you Tim for your bravery, you are a real hero your spirit should be shared everywhere!

  • from X

    Casado com Taylor Alison Swift deixou lindos filhos

  • from Javier

    Ya no falta mucho para abril y senti ganas de volver a escribir. Cuando te conocí tenia 13 años, caí enamorado de levels y fade into darkness, nunca habia sentido algo asi con nada y desde entonces te segui fielmente y lo sigo haciendo y lo seguire haciendo hasta que termine mi vida, siempre pensare en ti. Cada una de tus sonrisas que veo en tus conciertos me dan ganas de seguir viviendo y a la vez me pongo muy triste al saber que no podre verlas en vivo, te extraño tanto Tim. Te quiero mucho.FY

  • from Tyler S.

    RIP Avicii 🕊️

  • from sebastian


  • from Rax

    Never Die….

  • from Alex

    you are missed, Tim…

  • from andrea


  • from X

    Taylor Alison Swift era a esposa de avicii formava um casal lindo

  • from Deni

    Durante mi niñez lo escuchaba mucho, anhelaba ir a un concierto suyo, cada vez que lo recuerdo me da un sentimiento de nostalgia por como acabo. Te quiero mucho Tim, el cielo es más bonito allá contigo.

  • from Natalya

    I wish I .etc you and just hug you. I think it's was you needed

  • from Blaise D.

    I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and besides the fact that I like his music, his inspirational songs helped me get through my depression even when I was on the edge.

  • from Patty

    Two words to say: one month and will come that tragic day😢You’re always in my mind, dear Tim and my heart is still broken💔


    Hi Tim, dear boy; almost six years; only a kiss to you in heaven!

  • from Nick

    I never knew you but you deserved to live longer.

  • from X

    Taylor Alison Swift era sua esposa que avicii esteja no coração e nas lembranças de sua esposa !

  • from Charlie

    I could be the one to make you feel that way, I could be the one to set you free…

  • from Charlie

    Once again, I visit here to say thank you for all you have done for me, and countless others, Tim. thank you.

  • from Javi

    No one understand how much I miss you, love you Tim

  • from Clément DUSART

    Avicii was my prime of an EDM listener

  • from Wesley

    Once we meet again….thank you legend

  • from annon

    Inspiring the rhythm of my children. They grew to love his music and still do today

  • from qminhh.cte09

    I got to learn how to love without you. How can I love? Avicii?

  • from _themarkus_

    LEGENDS NEVER DIE!🕊️ even though he as a person is no longer with us, his actions and messages are here forever

  • from Sarah

    Ich vermisse dich einfach so so sehr 😢. Ich hoffe das es dir da wo du jetzt bist besser geht. ♥

  • from Suvan

    Your songs traverse me into an entire new dimension filled with sense of serenity and calmness. It feels like an escape from reality, from all fears and stress. It fills me with somber yet relieving emotions. Your music is resonates with my mind and captivates my heart whenever I listen to it. RIP Avicii

  • from Andreajr09

    Just for you @Tim "Avicii" Bergling

  • from David

    Avicii for me means Love, motivation and Happines. His music remember me the best time of my life, the moment when i Known him and his music. Every time i listen to his music It makes me feel like if i was in those times again enjoying with my friends. In other words his music for me means LIFE. THANKS FOR LOT TIM, WITHOUT YOR MUSIC MY LIFE AND MY MEMORIES WILL NEVER BE THE ONES THAT I LIVED.

  • from Ra

    When I heard your song "The Nights", I started to explore the world. I'm scared but, the song resonates with me. Thank you

  • from Ismael

    Love You

  • from Yusuf

    I don't know what to say. I always hope, that you're able to hear me, when I am talking to you in my mind, because it's just to much to express in one text. Your music is guiding me through life. I am sorry, that I can't give you back anything and that nothing kept you alive as your music keeps me alive everyday. I hope you've found your peace of mind. If there's a life after death, I hope I can meet you there, as I was too young to recognize you, while you were still here. Rest in peace <3

  • from Aaron Arnold

    Always have and always will be a super fan your music helped me through alot of dark times and alls i can say is thank you Tim and i miss you!

  • from ThuyetNguyen

    You never die, you live in our hearts.

  • from somewhere in the darkness

    You made me feel understood, and I thank you.

  • from Caitlyn

    You're Awesome, and I'm still listening.

  • from Anonymous

    Tim has encouraged and motivated me to stay alive, to have a feeling of life. After hearing his death in 2018, I was completely traumatized and felt a bad feeling in my gut. I have attempted suicide in 2016 next to the Danube in Budapest, but his songs still kept me motivated to live. Rest in peace.

  • from Riku

    私が初めて聞いた洋楽がAviciiのThe Nightsでした。それからは毎日Aviciiの曲を聴くようになりました。Aviciiの曲を聴くことがひとつの生活となっていました。Aviciiの訃報を聞いた時なんとも言えない悲しみにくれたことを今でも思い出します。日本から……安らかに眠ってください。

  • from Ace

    Forever in our hearts

  • from Livia

    Tim's music always saves me when I reach a certain low point. His artworks just put a smile on my face, no matter how I'm feeling. I miss you so much!

  • from Emma

    "Life's a game made for everyone. And love's a price." I always ask myself if Tim left this world, because he won and was happy, had nothing to lose or if it was like game over for him. Are you happy Tim? Have you found it? "The shedding of the soul is the last attachment, before it restarts!" Does that mean you found the reason of life? Or was it the effect of drugs and medication? Was it just a Hallucination? What have you felt while taking your last breathe? I miss you Tim. I miss you so much

  • from Chu Xuan Phu Cuong

    Now your name will live on forever

  • from Otto


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