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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from NadaGh

    Avicii live through his music and between us , legend never die Rest in peace legend

  • from Carnack

    Listening his music again after some years. Thank you for all the memories!

  • from Pedro

    La música de Avicii me inspira en el trabajo y en la vida, gracias por tus mezclas Avicii, te fuiste muy pronto de este lugar, pero dejaste tu arte, muchas gracias.

  • from Kevin McCullagh

    You are my favourite artist still, thank you for changing my life tim, see you in heaven<3 ◢◤

  • from Twann

    already posted a message here and still here few years later miss u

  • from Anita

    " So wake me up when it's all over…" <3

  • from Bikram Sarkar

    thank you so much Tim youre my best friend . i just want to hug you once when we will meet there. lots of love to you..

  • from Emre

    Rest in Peace Brother

  • from Lea

    Tim deine Musik hilft mir immer wieder durch schwere Phase. Ich möchte dir dafür danken 🙂 ◢ ◤ Für immer

  • from Fatima

    Tim's music always helps me when ever I feel depressed it's like a healing support. Thank you for everything Tim <3

  • from Armando

    En mi caso, la música de Avicii ha tenido un impacto muy positivo en mi vida. Sus canciones me ayudan a relajarme y a despejar mi mente cuando estoy estresado o ansioso. Sus melodías pegadizas y sus letras inspiradoras me llenan de energía y positividad. Quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para agradecer a Avicii por su música. Su legado me ha ayudado a superar momentos difíciles y a ser una mejor persona. Gracias, Tim, por tu arte y por tu inspiración.

  • from Gao

    Avicii forever

  • from Fabian

    we miss you man :,)

  • from Kalash Vasaniya

    ◢ ◤ === 🖤

  • from Red

    Even with the plethora of artists still on the planet, there's a blank space that Tim left behind. His music will live on forever, where he didn't. "Music is the universal language of mankind" -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • from Kotaro

    父親がAviciiの事好きでよく一緒に聴いてました。感動的だったなぁ〜。 初めてWake Me Up を聴いた時、 凄すぎてほんと震えたよ。 今までにない、異次元の音楽って感じ。多分自分だけで5000回は再生してると思う。ありがとうAvicii ◢ ◤ From🇯🇵Japan Thank you for all your songs. Your songs were changed my mind. I love you!! R.I.P. 1989〜Forever.

  • from V.j.

    forever remember

  • from zid

    ◢ ◤ forever!

  • from Random

    Love ur music! Rest in power

  • from Aiden

    I found out about Avicii from a friend he has now become one of my favorite artists. When I figured out he passed away I was extremely sad rip a Legend

  • from Karol

    We miss you tim, from mexico

  • from Christian

    2023 still missing you. Always, when I have worse day, I come back to your music and this give me new power. But not only, I have remembered time, when I was a child and I have heard your music in radio. Your music is very sentimental for me. Light 🕯️ for you 😣

  • from Muchinazvo Shiripinda

    Avicii's music was, and still is my go-to happy place. It's been my company during lone times and my dopamine pill during my happy times. The legend lives.

  • from Kate

    You showed what electronic music is. Thanks for everything… “One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember”. That’s my motto forever.

  • from zVarsityJacket

    R.I.P Troop! 🫡

  • from César

    We miss you Tim 🙁

  • from Stephanie D

    I haven't been here in a while but your lyrics have lived on every day as they bring comfort and unity to my siblings and I during the loss of our dad. Thank you. May the rest of your journey throughout the universe be glorious.

  • from Tobias

    Missing you and your music every day.

  • from Conlan

    He is and forever will be my favorite artist of all time. If you just take second a listen to his lyrics, you can hear the messages that he teaches.

  • from James Zhao

    2023 still missing you so much

  • from Enzo xavier

    Avicii una lenda que nunca será esquecido.

  • from ADHL

    Many years went by, and Avicii is still my favourite DJ. He should've gone on a flourish journey……

  • from Lucas

    We miss u so much 🥺🥺

  • from Gus

    we all miss you, tim.. 👑 💔

  • from Brook

    He was truly a legend taken too soon. “One day, you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember” RIP Avicii, Fly High 🕊️

  • from yusuf

    what a talent. missed so much

  • from Haris

    This god song

  • from kevin martin

    I always love you and your songs. Avicii forever

  • from without you

    Avicii died when I know his songs. My only regret is that I couldn't listen to his songs live. Avicii and his songs are forever.

  • from BabySharkMA

    Somewhere in Stolkholm is one of my fav

  • from Sioubon

    I love you avicii i always want to meet some day but you died this made in 2023 2024

  • from Garrett

    I started listening to your music a few months before you passed. It's 2023 and you're still out here helping to carry me through exams. Thank you for all you did. <3

  • from Lu pj

    i will be better than before

  • from Seby

    God forgive you Avicii, you were a good man and with the best music in the world. Romania adored you

  • from Lucie

    Still here Tim

  • from Cc

    Mam I’m sorry was he was using what I was using in the early 2000 and thought about everything I believe he was an empath mam he was never wrong my tv does it to mam I never knew I’m sorry please it just started with me and I was trying to get help if I’m right he wasn’t mental I swear mam as I leave I wanted to let you know he wasn’t crazy he was true and I loved his music please I know no one believes me but he was sensitive as me he sensed what was going on mam I’m not lying please I’m sorry

  • from Luca

    I Need you..

  • from Skye

    I only really knew Avicii’s popular songs off the radio but they’re so deeply intertwined with the most beautiful times of my youth. Recently I’ve found myself incredibly nostalgic for those days of naïveté as I mourn the losses I’ve had these recent years. I can’t go back to that place, but at the very least I can listen to what was the soundtrack to those days when I felt so safe as I learn to love again after all the tragedies. May we all continue to love and be loved.

  • from Francisco

    Miss you.

  • from CLERC

    Bonsoir. Je ne veux aucune récupération, ni marketing. Ta musique m enchante et m entraîne toujours. Je ne saurai dire pourquoi… Si je sais tu étais un tel compositeur, c est ça la musique : Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Vivaldi. Je ne connaîtrais pas tes influences, ni même pourquoi tu nous as laissé.. Dommage de n avoir pu te croiser. Mais cela saura être.

  • from Ruchira Kitsiri

    Been watching "Wake me up" official video on Youtube lately. It made me want to look up your story online. What I found saddened me. At the same time it also revived my inspiration to seek answers to life's bigger questions, questions about meaning & happiness, despite all the obstacles that were put in my way. As a Buddhist myself, I'm intrigued by your choice of name Avicii, a word we're well acquainted with. Genius logo too. Thank you for your work & may you attain supreme bliss of Nibbana.

  • from Max Kuo


  • from 赵灿


  • from samlights

    Rest in piece ❤️ So much memory and nostalgia, you’ll always be iconic! ✌️Fly high 🕊️

  • from sam

    avicii songs used to be my everyday playlists, miss u so much avicii, rest in peace

  • from …

    Deze man heeft me geholpen om het leven opgebouwd dat ik nu heb om er elke dag voor te gaan hij was inspireerd

  • from Роман

    Музыка Тима жива и наполняет энергией и жизнью миллионы людей! В мой семье это связь поколений – её слушаю я, слушает мой старший сын, которому 19 лет, к ней проникся мой младший сын, которому 12 лет.

  • from Lucia

    Still love your music. Rest in peace.

  • from JS

    Wish I was able to see your shows during college, but your music still inspires me till this day! Rest Easy!💙

  • from Henry Gao

    Avicii, Even after so many years of you being gone, I still listen to your music and I will never stop. Rest in peace.

  • from Sheldon

    Avicii is my light in my life, when I close to suicided, he helped me out.

  • from Ákos


  • from Tunaa Phan

    in loving memories, rest in peace Avicii


    ya pasaron unos años de su partida, lo extrañamos mucho, su musica me inspira cada dia salir a delante y echarle ganas, empecé a escucharlo desde el 2012, te extrañamos avicii I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND

  • from Takarodj

    Hope he suffer in hell

  • from Anton

    Din musik spelades under den bästa tiden av mitt liv och blev en del av den.

  • from Forner

    Love you so much❤️

  • from Mats

    Bye, bye my favorite person ♥️

  • from Matteo

    Thanks Avicii. For all of your music, today I heard every spng that you did in your career. Im so happy to commemorate you with this site. I wanted to come to Stockholm this summer, and see the Avicii Arena. Thanks for everything, still listening to your songs and thinking.

  • from Jayson

    I miss you so much Avicii, this is the message from Malaysia ❤️ legend forever!

  • from BEVIS

    AVICII,I am missing you,can you create more music for whole world?

  • from luis fraga

    avicci you are a fucking legend a hug to heaven legend bro❤️❤️

  • from Adward

    그곳에선 스트레스 받지 않기를 편하게 쉬기를…

  • from Tommy C.

    Still miss ya brother 🥺

  • from Tate

    Your music is so happy and makes me smile; but thinking of you makes me cry. I’m not a religious person, but I truly pray you have found peace and every answer to the questions you had. To think of all of the magical music that you were to make. I hope your family and your dog are all okay, and have peace in their hearts. You are a one of a kind soul and artist. Miss you.

  • from mjh

    avicii를 안지 얼마 안된 것이 너무나도 슬프다. 이런 천재가 스스로 목숨을 끊은 것에 대해 매우 아쉬움을 느낀다. Rest in peace Avicii ◢ ◤

  • from Federico

    Another time… i was thinking about you Tim, this saturday night, in my house. I miss you tim, you don’t know how much. Thank you again for what you did. You saved my life tim, seriously. Thank you, from a your big fan

  • from Hailey

    The introduction of Tele2arena is amazing and unforgettable. Sweet memories that will always live in my heart. Forever Tim ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from Jason Wang

    You became the most dazzling star I saw in the sky, right?Another day I miss you😭😭😭

  • from Александра

    Каждый раз, когда становится грустно, одиноко, холодно, я возвращаюсь к творчеству Avicii, переслушиваю все треки. Воспоминания, которые связаны с ними очень греют душу и переносят в беззаботное время, заряжают настроением, под них невозможно сидеть на месте. Не хватит слов, простого спасибо будет мало, но спасибо что эта музыка есть Every time when I feel down, sad and lonely I turn on Avicii’s music and it feels like everything’s becoming better, it calms me. I’m deeply grateful for you. RIP.

  • from Даша

    Тим,спасибо за музыку❤️‍🩹Она лечит

  • from Pedro

    Tim I don't even know how to tell you how big of an inspiration you are to me as a guy who wants to be a DJ and how much I love your music. I wish you were still here but I really hope that you could find up there what you could not find here. We will never forget you Tim!

  • from Chloe Cheong

    Hi, this is your fans from Malaysia. I’m sorry, I just knew that you were left this world after 1 year when I listening to your songs and was very surprised. I’m at your profile again after 4 years with my tears. You will forever be remembered in my life. Hope you’re fine in another world ❤️

  • from Cristiano Melo

    Tim. Muito obrigado por sua existência humana e musical, fazerem parte de minha vida. Sua genialidade me fez curar totalmente minha depressão, seu legado perpetuará para todo o sempre. Obrigado por dar sentido a "Viver uma vida que será lembrada" e as "As noite que jamais morrerão". Certamente muito de você levo como a letra de The Nigths e assim minha vida ganhou sentido! Muito obrigado Avicii! Amo você para todo o sempre!

  • from Rhyan

    I loved his music like he had a big impact on my life

  • from Mariany Vitória

    Sedan jag var liten var jag ditt fan, jag älskade att lyssna på din musik, tills idag, men när jag fick reda på att du var borta var en liten bit inom mig också borta, det är för att det är som om jag hade känt dig… Tack för allt du gjorde, du helar mig tack vare dina sånger, de är hoppfulla, vi älskar dig så mycket Avicii ❤️

  • from Sara Elisabet Källström Ireland

    Kära Anki. I'm so sorry for your loss. Jag är mycket ledsen att ni har behövt avslöja hans dödsorsak. Det måste ha varit mycket tungt att föra hem Avicii från Oman. Och att sedan behöva göra böcker om hans psykiska ohälsa. Nu måste sorgen vara mycket stor för er under pågående krig i världen. Idag den 2/12 2023 fyller min älskade son Jonah Widemåne 18 år. Jag är så lycklig och tacksam över att han lever. Ha en fin Advent med kärlek och ljus. Hoppas att Tim Bergling hade ett fint litet gosedjur.

  • from Sunset Jesus

    Miss you Tim

  • from Faye R

    Avicii, your legacy lives on! Generations and generations to come…you will forever be remembered…RIP

  • from last.dracarys

    Your music was always in every piece of my life, like all the people here for you. You transmitted something beyond the real world, you made memories for the soul. And you are still alive in all these people, in every soul. You marked us with your vibrations that didn't give you peace like your name "without waves", but you always managed to convey them in a hopeful and life-filled way. For this I say thank you with all my heart ◢ ◤

  • from Joker

    Hello brother, rest in peace

  • from lucius hunt

    nigdy cie nie zapomnę, twoich setów. energii i jakosci . jestes w moich myslach

  • from im a banana


  • from A

    Man i remember your UMF 2012 set so well, it got me hooked… RIP Legend… never forget u. Your music will live on for eternity

  • from Dylan Diaz

    hello , well I don’t know how to start but for my avicii was my childhood since I listened to his songs in a used samsung haha , when I learned that he had already gone I felt bad and sad , but I hope he is remembered as the best electronic music composer in the world. Att: D.D.D.R

  • from Şahin Bora

    Avicii, I love you very much, I miss you very much, I have fun with your songs every day, I see you, but no, rest in peace , brother

  • from Marilu

    Siempre orare por tu alma querido Tim y siempre serás mi dj favorito

  • from Speaker Boy

    I will always be grateful for what you meant in my life and that of thousands of fans and artists, that is why I have dedicated my latest single "I Need You" to you

  • from Alexis J.

    Tim’s music will forever transcend time and space. An innovator, creator, a seeker, and tender soul. Governors island in 2011 is to this day one of my memories. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I wish we could have healed your suffering. We miss you dearly. Rest easy, Tim. Your tracks will be spinning for decades to come. So much love.

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