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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from ACF

    Tim You are everything. Seeing Youhearing You changed everything forever. Thank You❤

  • from Kate

    Suffering from depression for more than 12 years now your music has been an important part of my life. Your songs made me stay strong made me believe in a better future full of love happiness and hope. Thank you for your music Tim. Still listening to your music every day and will never forget you.

  • from LAFARGE Nicolas

    Tu nous manque frérot

  • from Pierre

    Thank you Tim

  • from Björn

    Dear Tim. Five months since you left this place we call life. You and your music have left such an impact on my and billions of others lives. From your early "Seek Bromance" to your latest genious works such as "Without you" you have given us energetic and meaningful music. I hope you feel peace and look down at us from heaven or wherever you might be and see how loved you were and what a legacy you left behind. Rest in peace and all of my condolences to your family. All you need is love.

  • from Just

    Dear Tim 5 months have passed and you're still missed as much as the first day you left us. Thank you for your exceptional music and I cannot thank you enough for being an inspiration and for the life lessons you taught me through the various circumstances you faced during your life. Your never ceasing strength and perseverance motivate me to keep on going in tough moments. I never met you or got to see you perform but you hold a very special place in my heart and you'll never be forgotten <3

  • from Nat

    5 months without you ??? I can't even describe how much I miss you I love you Tim

  • from C-Anne

    I knew your hits but I never knew who you really were I never saw a picture of you and used to confused you with Kygo at the end.But when I have learnt of your passing it hurt me so much. I watched your documentary knew about what kind of person you were and it hurt me even more. I told myself that I never meet you did not know you but even by telling me this I still feel sad because It is easy to see through you and see what a loving of person you were. I really hope you are in peace. ✨❤️

  • from Jason

    Favorite Producer and DJ <3 RIP Tim.

  • from M. from Poland

    5 months ago I didn't know neither who Avicii/Tim was nor that it was him who made a "soundtrack" to my childhood/best holidays ever (Bromance Hey Brother Wake Me Up…). When I heard the sad news I read/watched everything I could find about Tim downloaded almost every song/remix he's ever made. I remember crying for 3 days straight and thinking to myself: how can you miss someone you've never met so much? How come I never realized before what a musical genius he was? 🙁 Love you 4ever Tim

  • from Asafe

    An amazing musician. I've fisrt met him in Brasília Brazil in 2011 in a fantastic show. Than in 2014 when living in the brasilian jungle while serving the army his songs gave me strenth fun and memorable party moments. With no doubt he have united people and nations. RIP bro.

  • from Peter

    You helped me through the darkest moments of my life and showed me there is always light somewhere… Rest In Peace

  • from DJ Ben

    Avicii was my mentor. I am one of his biggest fans. He meant my world to me. I don't have enough words to express how sad I feel. He was unique one and only. I remember when I first heard levels. It took me to another world. Gone too soon brother. RIP

  • from Augustin Guillon

    When i' was younger i listened the music of my family but when i'm 12 years old's my teacher made us learn a music Wake me up. I'm fell in love to this kind of music to this artist All that for say avicii made me discover the taste for music feeling that I did not feel before. Avici was a legend an artist and before all of that a person who like what he does. Thanks for all.

  • from Monika

    Respect love peace creation understanding happiness joy live. God be with you Tim.

  • from Marcelo

    Your songs moved my Life thanks a lot.

  • from Aj

    It's been five months without you Tim. We love you and miss you. It breaks my heart that you were gone too soon. RIP

  • from Sandra

    Kan fortfarande inte lyssna på dina låter utan att gråta. Du var en vacker människa och kommer alltid att vara saknad älskad och ihågkommen.

  • from

    Avicii byłeśjesteś i pozostaniesz legendą! Twoje piosenki do końca będą mi towarzyszyć. Spoczywaj w pokoju a twoja twórczość niech trwa po kres! AVICII!AVICII!

  • from angie from germany

    Hallo Tim❤️ es ist so ein großer Verlust für diese Welt dass du so früh gehen musstest! Hoffentlich hast du deinen Frieden gefunden! Ich vermisse dich!!! ?

  • from Roland<33

    you make me smile with yr music in black days thank u <3 R.I.P

  • from Kay

    The songs 'Wake Me Up' and 'The Nights' helped me through a very dark time. I am devastated that I could not somehow be there and give that feeling of hope and that everything gets better back to you.

  • from From

    Tim you were a wonderful person and a fantastic music maker you didn’t realise how special you were looking down from heaven smiling at peace now AVICII love ? you

  • from Alex Hernández

    Avicii siempre estarás en nuestros corzanoses tu música mi inspiración y cada canción un levantamiento de ánimo gracias por tu legado musical ?❤️?? #aviciiforever

  • from GSN

    So happy! Anton Forsberg from your favorite NHL team the Chicago Blackhawks put you on his goalie helmet. Miss you every day! RIP

  • from Elias

    Best DJ ever älskar dig TIM!

  • from Lenka

    Your music is the best <3 You wil never be forgotten!

  • from Annabel

    Tim loved ones Tim was my first ever DJ/producer who I listened to. He introduced me with this great genre: Dance! I still listen to him everyday and I really respect him. I think this moment will never be forgotten and I really hope that heaven is a better place. Kindly regards Annabel Holland <3

  • from AALEXIZZ

    I try to learn how to live without you ❤

  • from Frida

    Running listening to "Hey Brother" always gave me the boost I needed. Thanks Tim.

  • from Linda from Sweden

    Fem månader.. kommer ihåg dagen som igår. Tänker på fin familj och dig varje dag din musik lever vidare. Tack för allt du gjort alla minnen man har av din musik. Kan inte ens tänka mig hur de är för din familj och dina vänner att leva vidare utan dig vid deras sida ? vila i frid fina människa!

  • from Crystal Lopez

    Your music brightened my day just like your memory will do the same 🙁

  • from Gosse

    I feel like they took advantage of you. The only thing you needed was good friends and a simple life I guess. To the parents of Tim you raised a great human being. I really like the song for a better day and Tim's motive to make it. I think that his story will be remembered for a long time and his music. Love Gosse

  • from Diane

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ FIVE horrible months Without You ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dearest Tim you are loved and missed so much. ?

  • from Olle

    Jag är ett stort fan av dig. Vila i frid min idol.

  • from Carmen L.P????

    ◢ ◤ ? ◢ ◤? ◢ ◤ ?◢ ◤?◢ ◤? ?◢ ◤?◢ ◤?……

  • from Carmen L.P????

    Five months without you ?????? Dear Tim we miss you a lot ♥️♥️ I hear your songs every day?? You will be in my ♥️ FOREVER???????????? LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!????⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡✨✨✨✨?????????????????????????????????????????????With love from Spain???? "Se habrá ido el poeta pero no su POESÍA"✒✒ ~Canserbero~✒✒?? You are my inspiration and motivation????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????

  • from 齐不闻


  • from omid

    RIP the Legend So much LOVE from IRAN❤️??

  • from Maris.H

    WE will always remember you and love you forever

  • from Lorenzo T.

    Tim sei stato uno dei più grandi talenti musicali dell'umanità hai accompagnato la mia giovinezza e sono cresciuto con la tua musica. La tua passione ti ha trascinato troppo in là mi dispiace non sei riuscito a continuare la tua ricerca verso la felicità. Ricordo molto bene le due volte che ti ho visto ad un concerto ed è stato fantastico porterò con me questi momenti. Grazie per aver fatto felici milioni di persone e aiutato chi era in difficoltà con il tuo genio.

  • from Kyle Cannon Gibson II

    I had depression when i was about 14 and then i found one of his songs called "Hey Brother" and made me realize that I shouldn't be depressed and that I should look for the good things in life and enjoy what I have and recently I found another song named "The Nights" and i loved it because it says that life is short and make the most of it.

  • from Vitor Ferreira

    Eu nunca vou esquecer de suas músicas.

  • from Jorge Valois

    Since 2009 when I first heard of you in Vegas I knew you were going to something SPECIAL. I followed you since and following you now! When I heard of your passing I was sad shocked upset mad and frustrated. The System of EDM failed you but you left an imprint on me and your fans around the world. To me you're the best ever producer of Music Period! Tim Bergling family my deepest condolences and wherever you are Tim one day I will see you again. #Levels #Wakemeup #RIP #Avicii #Tim #LOVE #FAM

  • from EliJoyce Roa

    I understood that you were still here through that legacy in your music so despite everything and from wherever that you are now you continue inspiring me and motivating me as never I love you Tim Bergling you are and you will be the best always thanks for everything.

  • from ZeroMusiX

    I would have made a mix with Avicii and we would have been good friends!

  • from YUIII

    I rentaled your album what from Japanese music store. Really nice!!! Goooood music! I owe what I am today to you.

  • from Sinem

    Legends never die

  • from 유빈

    I love you R.I.P

  • from Cezar

    You are always with me BRO <3

  • from Julie Lorin

    Wherever you are be blessed forever.

  • from 迷因

    我在大学的时候,读到一句英文说“if words fail,let music speak”大意是说,要是语言表达不清楚,就让音乐来吧。 音乐能够表达语言表达不出的东西,这是音乐最大的美丽。Tim你通过音乐,表达出的那一颗心,深深感动了我。我不知道喜欢的是音乐,还是你。或许,两者都有吧。 我不信天国的,我信人世。我信只要作品流传,这个人就还在。我知道你还在。

  • from aedambro

    Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes …It's fine by me ◢◤

  • from Victor Mattsson

    all he's songs are simply a Light in The dark nights. God bless him and his family!

  • from Ize

    5 fattbara månader

  • from Josefine

    Jag verkligen älskar hans musik. Jag lyssnar på Hans musik ofta. Vilka texter! så härliga sound. Man blir glad av att lyssna på hans musik. Får en klump i halsen när jag tänker på att han inte finns längre du är saknad Tim!

  • from Aljoša

    Every time I think of 2013 Wake me up comes to my mind! All of his songs had a really deep and important meaning! Those were true masterpieces! I have so many memories associated with his songs! 5 months later I still can’t believe Avicii’s gone…

  • from QBao

    Thank you for inspiring me alot in House will always be our legend Tim. -HouzeTune-

  • from ??


  • from Someone from ??

    From the bottom of my heart thank you Avicii. Your music was in the best of times in the worst of times of my life. Now that you aren't physically with us it doesn't mean that you'll be forgotten but remembered as the best producer of all time. My sincere condolences to Avicii's family. And once again thank you. Rest In Peace Tim Bergling ???

  • from Trip

    You flung yourself to extremes looking for the answer to what was wrong. Was your suicide story also an extreme just to disappear? Are you in Bishkek?

  • from Saga

    Thank you for all those never ending dance nights. Älskade Tim. Tänker på dig varje dag. Önskar att det aldrig behövt hända.

  • from Nx

    It's so hollow without you in a world with everything but it won't do.

  • from Esra

    I loved him so much…

  • from Margherita

    Tim five months ago for the first time i read your name and saw your face; your eyes spoke to me and since then I thought of you read about you listened to your songs and finally wrote a book on you. Thanks God I'm a writer so I could do something for you and for those who love you like me. Today I'm sad thinking once more of your music your youth your beauty your great heart all that we have lost. Do you hear me praying for you? Do you see me feeling my way towards you?

  • from mana Y

    I kove you forever ???

  • from Mari

    Он всегда будет жить в наших воспоминаниях!

  • from Vincent Uganda

    God only knows what I'd have been If you hadn't been a friend of mine' – Listening to your music everyday of my life.

  • from DInI MEer

    Du bisch king Tim RIP ?????

  • from Patty Italy

    The world is full of bad and envious people. Unfortunately we must live with it and now I understand why you left lovely Tim. I read a post on 19th that said”yr music is complete shit! Enjoy rotting in hell” signed Martin Garrix (but sure is not him). Who wrote is a coward who must only be ashamed and should be ignored. Every bad word said comes back. This person will rot in hell! Keep with you only good memories from us. We love ❤️ you so much. Forever Avicii the best one in the Universe!

  • from Ela

    Rip ?

  • from Matthieu

    J'appreciai beaucoup sa musique qu'elle tristesse qu'il soit parti si tôt qu'il n'ai pu se retirer du monde du spectacle à temps.. Repose en Paix.

  • from Hina

    I'm listening to your song “Without you” I think it is difficult to live. I can't stand this difficult world without you.

  • from Jennie Granberg

    There is onlyone word Kärlek!

  • from Alex

    Tim I never met you but you made some of the most amazing music I've ever heard. I know you struggled to find meaning in this world and I don't blame you for that. I too struggle to find meaning in this complex world. I just hope you are in a better place. Much love RIP we will never forget you <3 -Alex

  • from lars

    how did he die?

  • from Mandy Wu

    Thank you Avicii. Your music inspire me and makes me feel happy. I will love you forever and the most important thing is WE MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!

  • from Joanne Joan Henning (South Africa)

    Forever in my heart forever I will love you and what you stood for. Tim Avicii you helped me out of the dark and into the light with the music you created and I will never let your wonderful legacy fade. Thank you for the precious time you had and shared with the world and I thank God to have been the age I was when you were alive. You and your music helped me to start writing novels again and forever I am grateful to have just been an admirer of you. Sending my love to your family.

  • from parul

    "Broken Arrows"

  • from Joanne Joan Henning

  • from Joanne Joan Henning

    Our Angel!

  • from Joanne Joan Henning

    Forever in my heart forever I will love you and what you stood for. Tim Avicii you were the one to save me from darkness and I wish I could've done the same… So I won't let your memory fade as a artist you are my muse You and your music helped me to start writing novels again. I just thank God that I was the age that I was when you first came onto the scene and I will be forever grateful to have been a fan. I send all my love and my prayers to your family. You'll always be missed!

  • from Bryan Hernandez

    Man i just got out of a group home man and all i had in there was my little mp3 player that kept me sane and on that mp3 player Avicii was one of the artist with the most songs and what really hurts me is thay nobody told me….its September 19 and im just finding out that avicii died 3 days before my birthday……R.I.P Legend

  • from Patty Italy

    Exactly five months ago at this hour I read the terrible news of your disappearance. I was shocked and I couldn't and I wanted to believe it. I remember I was so sad that I had nothing but thought about you and your music I heard and danced for ten years. I decided today that as on the day of April 20 I will do nothing but just listen to my Avicii playlists. I cannot forget you. Rest in peace lovely Tim.

  • from Lizz

    I can‘t still believe it. Now it‘s 5 months ago that this wonderful Person leaved the world and I miss him as he was a familie member. I remind me at the day. We was on a little party with some Friends at the garden and bbq. We readed this message and were quiet and hurt. We listened to his Music all night Long and thought about how and why‘“. It was so sad. I was scared about the social and the allegations. Rest in Peace little angel. Thoughts and Love from Germany

  • from Stuch

    Avicii we love you and always will. Your music will live on forever!

  • from Shalini Xalxo

    He was the best DJ. I Can't believe he no more. But his music will always be in our hearts forever and ever. Rest in Peace Tim you did well. ❤️???

  • from Cosmosys

    "Levels" will always mean so much to me and these days it brings a tear to my eye whenever I listen to it. I was extremely young when I first listened to it and it left quite an impression on me. In fact it's one of tracks that inspired me to produce electronic music. R.I.P. Avicii gone but never forgotten <3

  • from Sander

    Miss you friend<3<3<3<3<3

  • from Valentine ❤??

    Hello ma belle etoile tous les soirs je te regarde dans le ciel. Merci pour les émotions que procure ta musique. Dieu te bénisse. Salut l'artiste ?????

  • from oscar


  • from Annie

    Why oh why did you go from us ….. i learned about EDM and your music when you passed and it is with me now … WAKE ME UP has influenced me tremendously …. you have made me do things now and has pushed me to live life to the fullest again …. Thanks for being you ….. now RIP

  • from

    Love you Tim you’ll be remembered forever ❤️

  • from Katarine

    Nunca esqueci de um dos meus anos de mais mudanças eu tava virando o ano novo com meus amigos numa praia e eu nunca achei que mudaria tanta coisa a música que abriu uma das minhas novas fases foi Wake Me Up… Aquela noite foi uma das mais divertidas e especiais noites da minha vida e senti cada palavra daquela música! Avicii sempre foi e sempre vai ser uma inspiração para os meus momentos e eu só posso agradecer por ter sido tão ele em tudo que fez!

  • from Saknaden är stor

    ❤ 5 Månader har gått sen vi alla möttes av det sorgligaste ? beskedet att TIM"Avicii" BERGLING Tagit sitt liv. Vi Glömmer Dig Aldrig. Din Musik och YouTube filmer går varma uti fansens hus. Fortsätt Spela PIANO ? där du är med din speciella handuppräckning. Men alla undrar…Varför blev det så här…Kom Tillbaka TIM…??❤❤❤❤

  • from Olga

    Porqe? Porqe? Me pregunto tantas veses .te fuiste tan temprano tenias tanto por delante todavia ..tus canciones son geniales las letrar son lo maximo ..fuiste y seras un niño qe vino al mundo como un angel para dejarnos tus melodia inolbidables…fuiste tan grande qe el mundo no fue suficiente para ti y ahora como en la letra de tus canciones te convertiste en una estrella ..espero qe ya no estes tan perdido y qe por fin allas encontrado el lugar qe siempre buscaste… .jama t olvidare tim ?

  • from wasseem

    Avicii was the reason i actually started to listen to music in the first place and it literally took me to a whole new world where i found myself happy and found self peace with his music whenever i felt down it was his music that cheered me up and made me feel belonged every song is special to me every song has a story to me my childhood dream was to attend an Avicii concert or even see him but now ill just enjoy his music forever. Rest in peace Tim❤️.

  • from

    5 Months without you ?❤️?

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