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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from

    Tim was the most cutest/handsome guy I ever seen and I loved how humble and talented he was. I fortunately had the chance to talk to him on Snapchat and I wasn't even expecting him to open it but he not only opened it but replied a few times. I also got to see him in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center not too long before he quit touring. When I heard that he died I cried so hard and was depressed. I'm just happy he existed and he inspired me to visit Stockholm this year.

  • from Alejo F. Luisi

    I spent my years of adolescence listening to your music almost on a daily basis you were the one to introduce me into the amazing world of EDM. The messages that your music transmits were always a support for the days where I was feeling down. I will always blast your songs in every opportunity I have hope you rest in peace Tim thanks for everything. Blessings from Argentina.

  • from Cheyne

    Avicii was the soundtrack to the best part of my life.

  • from Marissa

    His songs always made me dance and put me in a good mood.

  • from Ana Luiza.

    Oh Tim… Eu te amo; nós te amamos… Jamais iremos te esquecer. Fique com Deus.

  • from Dave

    Who's Avicii?

  • from Mariana Pineda

    your music is a legacy that will never die thank you for inspiring us. you are the brightest start up there in the sky. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH TIM. let peace fill your soul and help you rest. your beloved fan @aviciifansforlife

  • from Davi Veggi de Sousa

    Foram pelas magníficas músicas do Avicii que peguei paixão pela música eletrônica/dance. Seu último álbum continha somente músicas com letras de inspiração e superação modo de viver e aproveitar a vida de modo saudável. Se tem uma música que eu levo para toda a vida a qual sua letra resumiu o modo com qual levo a vida é a The Nights. "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." Descanse em paz Tim.

  • from Umedjon Abdurahmonov/@therealjojoa

    Youuuuuuuu…. said you'd follow me anywhere But your eyes Tell me you won't be there ?❣️ Can't believe that i will never hear your new song anymore… Miss you Tim…Your music never die …

  • from Ollie

    Thank you for being such a huge part of my childhood Tim aka Avicii listening to your music now brings me back great memories and always makes me smile you are one of the greatest producers EVER!! thank you for your contribution to dance music and making me fall in love with the genre. Rest in peace we love you forever and your music will live on forever and youll always be in our hearts <3

  • from Josh aged 12

    My mummy loves Avicii she plays his songs all the time our dog is even called Tim I know all his songs now and now I like his music my mummy is obsessed with him I love him to now

  • from Mark W

    Music touches peoples soul's and Tim touched millions enough said R.I.P

  • from Anneli

    Kära fina Tim…<3

  • from TBM

    Remember when I heard Wake me up for the first time and somehow I knew that Avicii still had a lot to show to the world. His music inspired me and all the music industry in a way that no other EDM Dj will ever do. His timeless beats and incredible talent will never be forgotten and his legacy remembered for as long as music exists. He's left this world but somehow will always be a part of our lives! Love yah Tim!

  • from Adam

    Tim really helped me through tough times and continues to through his music. If I ever need to be motivated or be put in a better mood I instantly go to an avicii track. Thank you Tim for what you have done for everyone throughout the years. RIP

  • from Julia Jensen

    Followed Tim since he released Levels! So talented and generous! I hope he has found peace! I listen to his music daily and think of him! XOXO

  • from Felix

    As of writing this message I'm still listening to your music you have ligthen up sorrow days with your beautiful music. Every since 2011 me and my brother have loved your music! Levels got us making fist pump as you did and that did not only inspire us but millions of other people too. We are forever grateful for all of your music and once again rest in heaven my friend all of us are watching over you rest in peace <3

  • from Monse aw

    Sinceramente no sé ni como explicarme en palabras solo sé que te agradezco infinitamente por hacerme tan feliz cuando nadie pudo hacerlo. No me canso de decir que te agradezco tanto no me canso de escuchar tus canciones aunque ahora me duela mucho escucharlas que extraño que esas canciones que me hacían sentir mejor ahora duelen pero la verdad quiero seguir escuchándolas quiero mantenerte vivo dentro de mi. De verdad no tienes idea de cuanto te agradezco. GRACIAS THANK U TACK.<3 (edcmx)

  • from Adam from USA

    Avicii is the person that got me into EDM. Just hearing his music on the radio– I still remember the first time I heard "Hey Brother". The sound was unlike everything else on the top 40 stations yet I stopped what I was doing to listen and wanted to hear it again. And again. Hit after hit I liked and respected him more. I just wish his new song "Heaven" with Chris Martin had been released. It would have been one of his best yet. Rest easy Tim your Avicii presence will live on forever.

  • from Katarina

    I’m really glad there’s a platform created where I can honour Avicii the man who fueled my love for happy and energetic electronic music. He was the first concert that I ever went to. I remember being so excited to see him live and experience the positivity that his music brought me through my headphones in person. I always knew that behind Avicii’s music there had to be a positive and happy person who wanted to share his energy with the world. I’m sad we couldn’t do the same for him. RIP Tim

  • from Adrian

    Jeg elskr deg

  • from Madelene

    Tim du förstår inte vilket otroligt avtryck du har gjort för den här världen! När du lämnade oss stod hela världen still! Jag hoppas att du har fått frid! Nu på lördag skulle du ha blivit 29 år! I miss you!

  • from Marcy 22

    forever in our hearts

  • from Lena

    Dear Tim! When I heard that you died it was as if the world had stopped. I still watch your videos today and so on and whenever I see the things of you always erupts ekn heart part of my heart because I miss you so. But I hope you are fine. Hopefully you'll be happy where you are now. And please always watch over your family.

  • from Akeyo

    "If there's love in this life we're unstoppable" I'm just glad we got to have him for the time we did. Sending all my love love. love.

  • from Mattis

    Thanks for everything you gave us your music your shows everything. Sorry for the pressure you felt all the shit you had to go thru and never felt you did enough. But for us you did – we'll always love you and miss you. <3 a big fan from Norway.

  • from Sam Fletcher

    Ever since I first lightened to one of Avicii's songs my true love for music started. He was such an absolutely talented human being and he will carry on to be that talented individual in his next life!. His songs and him himself inspired me incredibly and he will always be a part of me! His songs were the best songs I had ever listened to and I will always remember Avicii for the rest of my life live long legend. ❤️ ◢◤

  • from Mittex

    I'll walk from your way Boss. You were my idol everytime. Rest In Peace BOSS.

  • from Toma

    Avicii will be never forgotten…One best DJ in the world.God Rest His Soul?

  • from Luke

    Tim was one of the main reasons I got into EDM like many people. A huge inspiration as a musician and a performer. His melodies always inspire and they seem to be filled with so much emotion he gets it perfect every time. He will be missed dearly by many. But we will never forget him through his music which will live to inspire motivate like the other musical greats on planet earth.

  • from Alla

    Dear Tim I think about you every single day and I really can't believe that we will never hear your new song anymore. You are great person very talented musician the one who can bring a special atmosphere. I spent my best moments listening to your music. You live in our hearts. You will live forever. Thank you for all. P.S. please come to our grounded world by reincarnation ?

  • from Nadun

    All those songs he brought out and all that inspiration he gave the world with his music is impossible for me to explain how much it has helped people such as myself struggling for a purpose in life to get back on our feet to be someone beyond our limitations someone above the greatest. It's just so hard to explain… He gave a lot of people hope with his music and he earned his place in heaven… Thank you so much Tim

  • from Javier Cascales

    The first song he heard was "Waiting for Love" it was small and I still did not know it but from there I started to get interested in Avicii. In fact I made a YouTube channel and uploaded a video of his life and curiosities about him. To this day I have done much less because the medium that aspiration to listen to electronic music. Rest in peace Tim ❤️

  • from Shanique

    Tim your music is one of a kind. You are an inspiration to millions of people who were touched by your music and saved people's lives during dark times. I have been a fan of yours since 2010 and your music always bring a smile to my face. You are a beacon of light and positivity in the world and it's so upsetting that you're no longer living in the world. However I hope you found your peace. You are loved and you will not be forgotten for the years to come. RIP legend xo

  • from Maria Jose Iurchuk

    Tim my angel I always dream of meeting you some day and tell you how much I love you since you left nothing is the same I can not explain even the pain I have in my heart however I want to tell you that I love you thanks for everything.. rest in peace mi little angel you'll always in my heart

  • from Jessica Guerra

    My first time hearing you was in my brand new Lincoln MKZ the song silhouettes came on my Pandora radio station and I feel in love from there. After that I went on to hear levels and I have been a huge fan ever since then you are a genius at Melody’s and that’s what I loved the most about your music. Since your passing I listen to at least one Avicii song a day to remember you by there will never be another talent like you Avicii. Sending my love from Texas. ❤️

  • from Angel David Quintero Bermudez

    avicii was not only a dj for me but he was also an "ANGEL OF THE MUSIC" that inspired me to reach the maximum point to live life to the fullest. his first song tim berg alcoholic was what wound my heart to be will lead to the right path (electronic music) I am not just another listener I am a believer in the avicci

  • from Christian

    The best part of my life i spend with his music thank you avicii "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember" ◢◤

  • from Alexander Bramley

    Tim inspired me to become something to do something with my life when I was so close to ending it. His music allowed me escape my troublesome mind. Without Tim I would not be here the only way to pay him back is to ensure his sound never dies this is my motivation the raging inferno that burns inside me that he lit. I miss you so much Tim I still choke up when I remember you’re not here anymore but just know you’ll be the reason for everything I achieve in life You’ll always be in my heart

  • from Maria Pisani

    Tim has changed me in a way I cannot put into words. His music shaped me into what I am today and I couldn’t be happier now. He has brought me joy in the worst moments with his melodies; he made me smile with his lyrics; but most importantly he made me grow spiritually. Thank you Avicii. You became a part of who I am and I will never forget that. ❤️

  • from Leah Synge

    The first time I ever heard Tim’s music it made me have of happiness and it uplifted me…. timeless memories that Tim’s music gave me was a blessing. Thank you Tim for the great memories you dont now know how much I loved you and wish you were never gone. The selfish people who made you do this can easily get away with what they did to you mentally . You are an amazing soul and you really deserve the best wherever you are my love… Thank you so much Tim ???❤️

  • from Rocky Tim

    "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." These are the "words" that never die My Brother AVICII told me! Your music never die !

  • from Aryan Ramdaras

    Avicii was the first one that maked music good he is a legend

  • from Mercedes Cooke

    he was a vey great guy…..RIP man

  • from Jaydan

    Since you dropped Hey Brother when I was only 11 my life revolved around your music. Music was all I could think about all day every day; the beats the melodies swirling in my head. Your songs are all a beautiful complex concoction of your genius and hard work which brought happiness to my life something I can never thank you enough for. You are such a humble and genuine person and most of all inspirational to not just me but millions across the world. You will forever be remembered Tim

  • from Abigail Monterrey MX

    I really miss you tim! How I'm wishing that you were here :'(

  • from Billy

    Your music and the happiness you brought to myself and loved ones is insurmountable. I ask myself the same questions that you apparently questioned as well but as soon as I’m down your music is always there to pick me back up. God bless you and your family.

  • from Nessa

    Tim is what got me into EDM music and I cant be more thankful for that. Avicii will forever be the king of EDM. I miss him so much and will continue to every day.

  • from Sampath

    Rip Tim..?

  • from Andrea

    Thanks for all you made for us! Andrea ??

  • from Margherita

    Ciao Tim oggi ho riascoltato alcune delle tue canzoni come faccio ogni giorno da quattro mesi. Le sto imparando tutte a memoria essendo stonata non le canto quando qualcuno mi ascolta ma quando sono sola mi senti solo tu e so che sei indulgente con una donna non più giovane che si comporta come una bambina. Sei diventato la colonna sonora delle mie giornate il mio compagno inseparabile; anche scriverti qui è bello; perché non ti ho conosciuto prima ?

  • from Penh Polideth

    Dear Tim Bergling a.k.a AVICII He inspired me and millions others and we will keep your source as an inspiration to the next generation and your musics will live on forever. Rest in peace AVICII

  • from Bruno

    I am sorry that you didn't have enough time to hear about God 🙁

  • from Jose E. (EFXDJ)

    En mi memoria y corazón quedan esas notas musicales que me hicieron y hacen pasar lo momentos mas difíciles de mi vida se que no tuviste una vida idealmente feliz con la fama pero pudimos notar todos el 100% y dedicación a lo que mas te gustaba que era componer. Demas decir que inspiraste a muchos incluido a mi que con tu indiscutido estilo dentro del EDM supiste destacar a mi parecer con o sin marketing hubieras brillado igual porque tu trabajo musical es maravillosamente increíble. RIP

  • from Mark P

    Dear Tim: You are so creative! I really enjoy the videos of you explaining how you go ahead making music – it is in particular your fast but picky approach to producing that I find so inspiring. The scary part of your career is revealed in the doc – it has some early references revealing a type of burnout from all your touring and the inherrent pressure put upon you. Still I think you would do it all over again if you could. Rest in peace and set the world alight – wherever you may be…

  • from Olívia Flôres

    Avicii´s music is my partner to come to work every morning and to return home. Thanks for the songs that motivate that excite that make sing and feel better. You are always reminded here in Brasil!

  • from B.

    Dear Tim it's funny that i only knew your name after your death but i remember being a kid who barely knew anything about life and feelings yet everytime i'd listen to a song of yours it'd transport me mentally and physically into a state of peacefulness and emotions it was a very weird but very lively and beautiful feeling as i grew older i started to understand what those feelings were or meant and although you're gone now your music remains to forever help me feel again. Love B.

  • from Kartumar

    Dear Tim Goodbyes are not forever goodbyes are not the end. The simply mean "I"II miss until meet again!"?

  • from Gabi

    I started listening to Avicii back in 2013 and it changed my music taste forever. Because of Tim I like upbeat songs. Thats what Tim was about wasn't it. The energy and passion that he put into being 'Avicii' was clear to see in his music. My only regret is that I never saw him live. Avicii made a real difference to my life through his music and he will be missed. RIP Tim

  • from Adam

    Year 2013 I got a ticket to Aviciis TrueTour as a christmas gift. I remember how happy I was because I always wanted to go to a consert. After the gig I got hooked to his music and everything he involved in. It has not been a day without enjoying your music since that day. The world misses you Tim. Rest in peace❤️

  • from Fl Cate

    Avicii is an endless source of inspiration he brought me closer to electronic music his music barking to make me love more cheerful and more optimistic. I miss you 🙁



  • from Jon

    Miss you mate.

  • from Sabine

    You have been with me in my saddest moments but as well in my happiest times You will be all time one of my hero’s Helps me through life love and hardest part Your music makes the world different – better You Rest In Peace – you will be with me Ever Sabine

  • from Kushagra

    You will never be forgotten Tim. May you rest in peace. <3

  • from Kevin Chen

    Thank u Aviciiyour music always inspire meespecially THE NIGHT. I like this lyrics:live a life you will remember .Everybobylet’s pay a tribute to Avicii

  • from Justyna

    Dear Tim We have not met personally but you still managed to change my life. I found what I love and changed the path of my life. An engineer by day music producer/DJ by night with my son and husband by my side I know everything is possible – thanks to your music & passion. Keep mixing until we all see you next time ❤ ❤ ❤

  • from Sara

    How i’m wishing that you were here ?❣️

  • from iris

    i’ve been listening to your music since 2011 and since i heard that song you have been my favourite dj ever since and you still are. i miss you so much your music will live on forever✨???

  • from Elea

    The Sky is full of Stars but you are the brightest✨I miss you so much and hope you find Love and Peace❤️

  • from Martin Denmark

    R.I.P. Your music has truly inspired every human being on this planet good or bad something got through. You will be missed a lot and so will your music! Take care up there…

  • from Maria

    You inspired a lot of people with your songs the lyrics are so powerful especially your song broken arrows rip you ledgers god wanted an inspirational musician up there ❤️

  • from Erika

    Dear Tim I'm italian girl and I found love during your last concert in Ushuaia and your music has united us. Thanks to you our daughter was born six months ago and she loves your sound. Today my best friends and I find strength to remember the happiness you taught us and that I would like to bring my daughter. "Live a life that you will remember" I singing her! So you changed my life. thank you forever.

  • from Seli

    On se console comme on peut en écoutant ta musique. C est une grosse déception. On pense a toi tout les jours. Tu était une belle petsonne.

  • from Ayano H

  • from Ticiana

    Lo único que voy a decir es que.. te amaré por siempre.

  • from Leili

    Words can't describe how sad and devastated I am. miss you and pls rest in peace cause you deserve it?

  • from Billnd Rasoul

    I’m still struggling to process that you’re gone.Your music was a timeless tapestry that changed EDM.You are still my hero and you’ll be my inspiration as I’m pursuing a career in the Music Industry.Rest Easy Tim.

  • from Ayano H

    2years ago June 1st 2016 I went to Kamakura Japan with my friend for refreshing. I saw Tim at Kotokuin that is really famous place of bid buddha. He seemed so happy to chatting with his friends. I was so nervous but his music always saved and helped me since I graduated high school 8 years ago so I said Hi to him. My english was not clear but he was so kind and told me his live on that weekend for the first time in Japan. I never forget how much he was so talented humble and kind. Love u Tim!

  • from rushil

    Wake me up

  • from Kate Burton

    The last show in ibiza was the single most amazing night i have ever had. Absolutely devastated i won't hear your new music again. Your music has great meaning to me.

  • from javier sanchez

    por que personas como este gran chico excelente compositor y musico nos deja dios te guarde hijo.

  • from Juliette

    Dear Tim I heard the News of your death on the radio. Up until this moment I knew nothing about you except your artist name and some of your music in my iPod. I was shocked when I first saw your photo because I recognized a kindred spirit. It became clear to me that you liked nothing better than making music for the sake of music not the money. Wherever you are now I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are happy and at peace. Sleep tight dream well be happy and keep making music <3

  • from Riccardo

  • from TRIX

    Unfortunately I haven't met you in this life but I'm addicted to your music and your beatiful soul. I'm so sorry that I couldn't enjoy one of your concerts. Your songs changed my life so far made me so much happier and inspired me to continue as a musician. Why did you have to leave… 🙁 Hopefully I'll see you in Paradise… Love you Avicii ◢◤ ♥♥

  • from Nadine K

    Avicii Rest in Peace Ich hoffe da wo du bist bist du glücklich und kannst in Frieden ruhen.!! Ein wundervoller Mensch mit wundervollen Begabungen Keiner wird dich je vergessen ??

  • from Raph.r

    Merci pour tout mec tu vas manquer R.I.P

  • from Rebecca

    TimI read the lyrics of your song again and again which you want to tell us everyone.See you in heaven let's be lonely together.Miss you forever.

  • from Beli

    I did not know Avicii before April 2018. I read about him in the news and then I could not stop watching interviews music films stories about him- I did that for two or three months every day for many hours – all my free time. He is a wonderful soul… my words can't describe..

  • from Kristina

    Heaven is full of stars and you are the brightest✨?

  • from Soner S. Austria

    Tim my teenage hero. I started listening to your music at the age of 12 and still listening to your masterpieces with 21. I never thought you would leave this world so early thought you were happy with your life and that you would create magnificent music till you retire. I am happy that I was able to attend your concert at least once. The fcking best concert of my life. Thank you for every single music you created and the happiness you spread around the world with your music.

  • from Atif Hashmi

    Miss You My Brother AVICII You Are A Great Soul

  • from Giacomo Basso Italy

    Hi Tim Sometimes I think our religion is to believe in musicians and singers. And in my life I believed in you as you believed in us your fans. I loved your music and I will continue to do it because one of your songs has changed my life or at least a sentence: "The Nights" when it says: "Live a life you will remember". I understood the meaning too late but from that moment I started to live a new life my life. Thank you Tim ps. go and teach angels to dance?

  • from Nilay

    Dear Tim your music was like a shining light in the dark helped me go thru hard times easily and made me even happier during my good times. You were an incredible artist and a humanbeing. I have not met you in person but I could tell that you were an amazing soul. Wish I could hug you and send all your sadness away to the space and not let you go. Hope you found peace I will always love you.

  • from Iza

    I loved so much he. His music make me very happy during my life. I hope he is watching me now and is happy to have so many people remember him as a great DJ friend family. I will never forget you Tim. Love Iza 13 Years Old Italy

  • from Florin

    Rest in peace Tim! EDM will never be the same without you. You will be forever in my soul and your music will always be alive.

  • from I love Avicii

    Avicii your music ? is played nonstop at my house can’t believe you are gone still you a star ⭐️ in heaven now smiling never forget you how could I the happiness you gave us

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