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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Vanessa Carvalho

    Preciso vir aqui regularmente pra deixar meu amor por você agradeço a quem criou esta página incrível assim saberão como você foi importante para tantas pessoas ao redor do mundo principalmente pra mim eu te amo tanto. Te encontro no céu em breve

  • from Sarah

    You know I didn't know Avicii until I heard about his passing. I clicked on this one story about him and said most famous for song " Wake me up ". I said " hey I've heard of that song " I look it up and then I listen to it. I could feel happiness and I looked up more of his songs and I've been obsessed with them. You know Avicii just loved music and his fans. He always made great music like " Waiting for love " my favorite. He will be missed. Avicii We miss you and love you. RIP King of DJ

  • from vanessa

    "Losing is only a sign It's only a sign that you really tried"

  • from Nina

    A beautiful soul ❤️

  • from ais

    4ever in our hearts and minds Sweetheart❤

  • from Oleg

    Rest in peace Tim. With love from Russia…

  • from DUKE

    You were one of my biggest inspirations to my passion for music. Levels was the first song I tried to remix I had that song on replay all the way through my teenage years and it still raises the dance floor. Taken too soon.

  • from Maja

    Dotąd raczej nie słuchałam muzyki elektronicznej Twoją twórczością zainteresowałam się dopiero po smutnej wiadomości jaka obiegła świat (mam już ulubione utwory). Mimo to kocham Cię jako osobę Tim <3 Myślę że byłeś cudownym CZŁOWIEKIEM (a informacje które znjaduję w sieci na Twój temat tylko mnie w tym przeświadczeniu utwierdzają). Żałuję że nie miałam okazji Cię poznać. Minęło kilka miesięcy a ja nadal nie mogę przestać wracać myślami do tych niesprawiedliwości których doświadczyleś.

  • from CYE

  • from Yoen MOREL

    C'est à l'Inox Park à Chatou en 2011 que j'ai découvert Tim. A l'époque je ne le connaissais pas.. puis Levels est passé et là ça a été le coup de foudre! Je n'ai cessé d'être un grand fan de ce garçon et jusqu'au bout je l'ai écouté et aimé avec admiration. Des photos de lui dans ma chambres des billets de concert que je garde précieusement en mémoire de tout ces moments que tu m'a fait passer. Ici ont t'adore tous et quand j'aurais des enfants je leur présenterai l'homme que tu à été

  • from CYE

    第一次接触电音,就是avicii的lLEVELS,从此就被这位来自瑞典的天才制作人深深吸引,每次的大型演出如UMF、Tomorrowland等等都会透过YOUTUBE观看,可惜没有看过一次现场表演,每次发新专辑,都会购买。4月20号看到avicii的去世的噩耗消息,我还以为在发噩梦,可是越来越多媒体在报道,这个噩梦终究发生了,我不愿相信一位才华横溢的音乐制造人就这么结束了他的生命,直至到现在还是放不下。相信avicii的音乐、信仰会一直陪伴我,我很自豪,我的偶像叫AVICII/TIM BERGLING R.I.P TIM

  • from Alexis

    Hey brother … A bercy tu nous a fait vivre un moment magique dans un salle plongé dans le noir une musique resonne … et soudain le refrain tombe tout s'allume un eran géant diffuse un rollercoaster la foule explose de joie en un instant c'etait fou de ressentir tout cette amour et cette joie qui explose en une fraction de seconde …. Bref c'était mon premier concert sans doute le meilleur … Rip "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember."

  • from Oscar W

    Thank you Tim for being my introduction into the world of EDM from the time I heard Bromance to going to my first rave I owe it all to you and there was always a special place in my heart for your music <3

  • from Sinead

    I remember me and some other kids from my Ceoltas (traditional Irish music) class trying to learn how to play Levels on our respective instruments instead of learning the songs we were supposed to be playing. We had a lot of fun that day. RIP Tim x

  • from Manav Sharma

    It's been 5 months since his death but I am still unable to get over depression of his death. I just keep on listening to his songs again and again. The Nights and Without You are best of him. I miss you Tim :*

  • from ??

    I am so glad his parents put up this memory board so the world can see how much the world loved their son AVICII music will live forever he is a Legend

  • from Alan Morlet

    Because of Tim I was able to experience the magic and the love that dance music can give to your heart. Because of Tim I started to produce music I learn how to play the piano and also because of him I discovered my passion for dance music. I think that if it wasn’t for Tim I wouldn’t be producing dance music. You and your music are a very important part of my life and I never gonna forget what you have done for me. You are my biggest inspiration and you will never be forgotten.

  • from Miguel ◢◤ (Spain)

    Avicii tu música era diferente tus letras y el significado increíbles… Tu música me ha inspirado mucho. Me diste fuerzas con tu música me hiciste ver que hay que seguir hacía delante. No sabes cuanto te agradeceré haber escuchado tu música. Vivirás siempre en los corazones de todos ! Gracias Tim ! Do you think about me when you're all alone? The things we used to do we used to be I could be the one to make you feel that way I could be the one to set you free Avicii – I Could Be The One

  • from Ans Sofía

    Siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones eres muy grande y estoy segura que donde estés siempre deleitaras con tú hermosa música a los demás.

  • from Ali temimi

    Your music melted my Heart you died Too young i can Remember when i was 13 years old and your Album brother came out i loved your music i had never enough from it my replay button almost got broken i will never forget you

  • from Anahi Rojas

    Avicii aunque dejaste este mundo atrás siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones. Tu música me hace soñar eres y serás el mejor Dj. Te extrañamos Tim??.

  • from Rela◢◤

    Thanks u for all ◢◤

  • from Damien

    Bonjour l'artiste je voulais tout simplement te remercier avec mon coeur et toute ma gratitude car c'est grâce à toi que j'ai découvert l'EDM. Je passe des heures et des heures à écouter tes musiques car elle me procure un bien intérieur inexplicable. Merci pour tout AVICII ?

  • from Lorenzo

    Just thank you for what you've done and what i became because of you

  • from Shubham Salgaonkar

    Best music producer in the world…His Chordsmelodybassleads all are perfect…I listen to his music everyday…Rest In Paradise Legend….

  • from Katherine??

    WHY (Rascal Flatts) Love Always It must have been a place so dark You couldnt see the light Reaching for you through the darkest night Was there anything we could have said or done What went wrong Why you left us In the middle of a song A troubled soul God only knows What went wrong Why you left the stage In the middle of a song / Rascal Flatts…Love You Tim from Sweden Katherine

  • from Anny

    Saying thank you is a treasure Saying thank you is a pleasure Saying thank you helps to smile And to be happy for a while. Thank you Avicii for your Music ❤️

  • from Ayesha

    I love you so much and I miss you a lot. I pray Allah forgives you and you stay ever blessed up there. Until we meet again. xoxo Love from Pakistan

  • from Juan Manuel Zumarraga

    Avicii has dejado un gran vacío en el mundo de la música y estoy tan triste de no poder verte nunca más es realmente abrumador que un artista tan diferente se vaya de este mundo te extrañamos espero que todo tu material salga a la luz algún día así como también el por que. Te quiero mucho.

  • from Melissa Slabon

    Avicii's music will forever guide me "Levels" became my personal anthem I live by every day. I can't believe he's gone and I wish I could've thanked him personally for the endless joy he brought upon our hearts. You will be dearly missed. Rest in heavenly peace Tim.

  • from Noelle

    I love avicii so much he was great good music

  • from Эдуард

    Тим я знаю что ты уже никогда не сможешь прочитать всё что тут пишут. Но чувствуй что ты впервые показал мне ту музыку которая меня мотивировала на какие-то очень рискованные поступки. Я начал смотреть на мир по новому. Хотел быть похожим на тебя пытался скопировать твои треки некоторые из них даже более-менее успешно. Тим ты навсегда останешься в моем сердце как и твои треки от души для души. Я люблю тебя. See soon.

  • from Ilona


  • from Rosa-Mie

    Thank you for the songs that always bring me memories of good time and of my dearest friends spent together. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I will cherish you forever you were a great artist!

  • from Strahinja Lukić

    The legend. Loved his music from the first time I heard it. I was listening to your music since I was 8. Your music is the best and it will always stay like that. Rest in Peace. ?❤? And I'm so sad that I couldn't come to EXIT festival in Serbia in 2012 because I was too little. And I'm also from Serbia but it can't be undone ?

  • from Wendy

    You were a strong person Tim ❤️ You created something magical we'll never forget you legend. We love you ❤️❤️

  • from Sandra from Austria

    Danke für Deine Musik. Irgendwann treffen wir uns im Himmel. ❤ Viel Kraft den Hinterbliebenen

  • from Sandra

    Danke für Deine Musik. Irgendwann treffen wir uns im Himmel ❤

  • from Arjan Peeters

    Thanks Avicii for making those wonderfull songs for us! And al those possitive energie what I got from your songs . I Will be missing you ??! You always be my number one Dj . Rest in peace Avicii . Rest in a sky full of stars ! You Will be missed ??

  • from Chus

    Thanks ❤️

  • from Florian koza

    Er war der beste Musiker für mich es tut einfach so höllisch weh das er von uns gegangen ist. Ich habe es bis jetzt nicht vergessen wie ich reagierte darauf als ich hörte das er von uns gegangen ist.? R.i.P. treuer Freund…

  • from Gerard Russomano.

    Avicii era un DJ increíble. Todas sus canciones me encantan. Me da mucha pena que haya fallecido. Nunca te olvidaré. Te llevamos en el corazón. Era y siempre será mi favorito. Comenzaste tu fama en 2012 con Levels una de tus mejores. Pero mi favorita es Wake me Up. Descubrí tu arte con Levels y hasta ahora te sigo. Y repito eras y siempre serás mi favorito. ???????????Avicii FOREVER????????? Como me alegraría si vuelves a nacer. Ya dentro de poco será tu cumpleaños.??

  • from Avicii fan

    Avicii got me through hard times with his fantastic music it made every thing not as bad no one comes close to him he was and still is the king of EDM god bless his family ?

  • from Elisa

    Ho appena finito di vedere il tuo documentario su netflix eri grande cazzo. Hai dato tutto te stesso e di te ne rimane un ricordo speciale in ogniuno di noi. Ho capito che eri una brava persona una di quelle che si meritava di meglio spero solo che tu stia bene lassù adesso… Mancano i tuoi pezzi tim?

  • from Marleen

    Avicii is my favorite. „Levels” is still my favoritr song. I love Avicii! Miss u Tim!

  • from Backen16

    Tu es et restera le meilleur AVICII ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from KM

    Att ladda ned ett musikprogram och göra musik kan de flesta idag. Men att göra musik som går rakt i benmärgen det kan få! Vila i fred Tim!

  • from Manon♡

    When I was little my big brother show me avicii.I was in love with his music. I will never forget him… ♡♡♡

  • from Don Olsson

    Thanks for making the best of me and my friends roadtrip 2013 when we drove through Sweden with Wake Me Up on the highest volume! *BAM BAM!*

  • from Backen16

    AVICII ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from Lily

    I was introduced to EDM through his amazing Wake Me Up. I loved how each of his songs told stories and how he could bring his stories to life. I wish I so wish somehow I could bring back more from this stellar man but I hope we never let him die in our memory.

  • from Mia

    the end of live never meant the end of Avicii or his music. We love u Tim. Missing u ?✨

  • from Kate Jackson

    Thank you AVICII you made my life better. Your music will allways be a part of my heart and my soul. Rest in Peace in a sky full of stars

  • from Daniel H. (Czech Rep.)

    He's truly the living legend. I'll never forget times I found Tim on the internet his songs are very inspirational to me with deep lyrics ♥ Avicii/Tim will always be my hero legend brother ♥ I'll own every party for u Tim and I'll try to make something that everyone will remember for centuries ♥ You're my idol.. We'll miss you Tim :'( "One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." I hope you're making excellent concerts in a heaven ♥ I miss you.. Greetings from CZ

  • from Lou

    Truly inspirational… i suffer with anxiety and depression but all that seems to fade whenever i listen to his songs… they speak to me better then counsellors i live throu music and Avicii is in my top list xxx will never stop listeing to his music .. he shall live on….

  • from Emilia

    Thank you Avicii for waking up my emotions in my hardest times… especially through your last album. Your music has always made me feel alive. Thank you for all the great music that still keeps us dancing singing and living. You will always live in our hearts through your music.

  • from Marian

    He was one of the gratest musicians of our time. He made my NIGHTS unforgettable. He WAKES ME UP every morning and I will never forget these DAYS when I listened to his music while chilling on the beach. I'm GONNA LOVA YA all the thime and WITHOUT YOU everything will be different. RIP Legend

  • from Raul Solano

    From time to time our world gives us talents like yours. Talents that in their process of discovery amaze us as a race and that as always we do not know how to maintain or care … we will never know how far you could have reached us but that desire that determination and that conception of music that you showed us It will inspire us forever. We owe you to continue walking towards that world where you could continue among us. Nobody deserves this type of absences. Rest in peace Tim.

  • from Timotej

    You are an amazing person Tim and your songs are so inspirational. You changed my life and I am thankful to you. You will be remembered.

  • from Ameesh Jadon

    The day I listened to your song Levels i went crazy for EDM. You were the man who inspired me to go in this industry. Your dedication and passion for music was unmatchable. Listening to your songs still makes me feel you are here. You were a true legend and role model for many like me. You may be dead but you are still living within our hearts and your music has made you immortal. It was my dearest wish to work with you but it will remain unfulfilled forever. Miss You Tim?? RIP?? LEGEND!

  • from ROMAURELE

    All my little family miss Avicii. My daughters say: « He was the only one able to show us what real life is ». They are only 6 and 7. He was talking to us through his music more than he could think. Everything was amazing: sound pictures chosen artists. Thanks to Him for all that. We will always miss Avicii the Artist. Maybe the Greatest Of All Times. ????

  • from Max

    Просто воспоминарие

  • from Alicia

    Avicii is the soul reason I am in love with EDM now. Ever since I started hearing his songs in random places I fell in love with the style of music that was being produced. I seriously think he has always been under rated no one other than us sees the pure passion going into every song he has ever released. Wanting to spread messages which many of us recieved. Avicii will always be my hero. A true genius who may be gone but whose music will live forever. RIP Tim. We all miss you xx

  • from Sara

    we will always embrace you your music helped me and I will forever listen to them calm in peace tim…

  • from Magali

    Avicii Je t'ai connu au tout début de ta carrière tous les mix que tu as créé sont juste parfait rien a redire. Pour moi tu étais un pionner de la musique électro à vrai dire je ne sais pas pourquoi je parle au passé. Tu es toujours parmi nous ta musique restera à jamais avec nous et toi aussi ! Tu es et restera mon DJ et musicien favori ! Quand je me sens pas bien j'écoute ta musique ! Merci ! Repose en paix.

  • from Anne

    Beautiful mind?

  • from GENKI KAJI


  • from Spirits

    The first song I listened to from Avicii was Wake Me Up and I absolutely loved it. One of the best songs I'd heard. So I went to his SoundCloud page and started clicking on his other tracks but my favourite track out of all of them was Lonely Together mainly because I found it so relatable in my life. I actually found Lonely Together because of Alan Walker's remix but I do prefer the original. I now produce my own music because of him. Thank you for being an inspiration to me Tim.

  • from ROHIT

    "THE NIGHTS" well this song motivated and is motivating many out there. Still cant believe that the legend is no more. Legends never die. And yes he is remembered for his music and the life he lived and not the money he made? RIP legend❤

  • from Assembled Noise

    Levels is probably the best melody I've heard. I feel your music it motivates it drives me. RIP Avicii. When you passed away it was like a part of me died.

  • from FP

    Geen echte fan-fan! Maar in al die jaren wel vaak genoeg naar je geluisterd om te kunnen zeggen dat er een groot talent is heen gegaan. Erg zonde … ik hoop dat je de rust die je zocht gevonde hebt! Rest In Peace!

  • from O

    Then we will met the boy in the sky In the sky and I will sing together to the end off all time We Will always be loking to the stars and I will never forget what you men to my I Will treasure it in my hart for ever and ever I Will prefer it in my hart for ever and ever The boy in the skye he know why

  • from Tania Avitia

    He was an inspiration for me since child. I remember when I feel depressed because of bullying and having problems in my house and school. I listen his song silhouettes it gives me light when I was just watching darkness. And when I moved out of my town to a city I like it to listen this phrase: "we will never look back at the faded silhouette". After going from depression his music gives me inspiration always when I feel alone. You open my eyes. You will be in my heart. Thank you Tim. 🙂

  • from Ashley

    Tim's music touched me in ways nothing and nobody else could it speaks to my heart and soul. It keeps me surviving on my bad days. Avicii is a legend in my mind and no matter the years to come I won't forget how he made me feel. I remember once wake me up came on the radio and it gave me the urge to pick up my cat and sing to her and dance. Im normally not that fun. Tim made that happen. The legend lives on…. I love that man.

  • from Joshua

    Best memories from your music. Growing up listening to you always made my day better. When i would have my music on shuffle and anyone of your songs came on it lifted my mood. The were passionate. We will miss you

  • from Josh

    24th January 2014 marked when me and my ladyfriend at the time shared our first kiss at Avicii's True Tour concert in Brisbane Australia. Now every year since then we celebrate our anniversary on the same day and have Tim berg to thank for staging the night that changed our lives forever.

  • from Beto gaona

    You were the best

  • from yueliang

    You're my music guru and I wouldn't touch it without you. I don't even try to do it. I know you're in "Every song you sing is familiar to me." I heard the bad news on April 20. I didn't believe it until I saw the first post on INS was your photo. I blindfolded my eyes. Tears streamed down my pillow and I even had the idea of finding God with you. No life is empty. Heart is sad. Your music is awesome and heartbreaking in the music world. I can't Without You

  • from Nikki

    It was only 4 years ago I learned of Avicii through his amazing song "Wake Me Up". Today it's still one of my very favorite songs and lead me to listen to more of his music some of which I also love and will always cherish. 4 short years but it was enough for him to become a part of my world. Goodbye Avicii thank you for the wonderful music you’ve brought to life. I really wish you could have found the same happiness you've given to me and to the other people whom you've touched. R.I.P. ;A;

  • from Appoline from FRANCE

    "Je ne suis pas loin juste de l'autre coté du chemin vous voyez tout est bien" Forever Magic TIM.

  • from EASON FROM ??

    在我事业的最开始起步时期,你的音乐陪伴我度过了无数个夜晚,时刻鼓励着我前进。 我穿着印着Ture的大T恤来到2014年上海Storm,但是被鸽了:) 你的音乐一直是我的最爱,一直以来的愿望就是能够亲身体验你的现场,有生之年最大的愿望。 但是现在,再也不可能实现了。 RIP AVICII MY KING. ◢ ◤

  • from Liliana Nova

    Last night I dreamed about Tim's music. I was in a store and suddenly the melody of "wake me up" appeared. I was deeply touched and I went away from the other person in my dream to be alone with the emotions and the music. I wonder about his genius his will to work hard and his lovely radiance. Even though I never knew him personally he changed something for me. Tim and his work deeply inspire me and I send all my love and blessings to his family friends and fans. Love

  • from Ariz husain

    He was the only person I wanted to meet in this whorl wide world I loved his songs and him as a human being he was one of the most influential and inspiring person to exist I had been following him for the past 2 years and was waiting for his new album EP 2 until I heard he passed away I am so devastated that I can't even tell I think about him almost everyday and about his contributions I dreamt every day that one day I would meet him and talk to him about his songs . My sincerest condolences .

  • from Uziel AR

    Mi idolo grandes canciones todo en maestro en la música electrónica AVICII presente en mi Vida para siempre.

  • from candy anne

    still can’t believe you’re gone. you’re missed so much your legacy will live on forever. rest easy

  • from Kum Jamir

    Dear Tim Thank you so much for being born into this world. You're gone now but you're music will always remain in my heart and thank you for all the beautiful music . I love you from the bottom of my heart Your sincerely Kum Jamir ❤?

  • from ASAP

    ◢ ◤ Turn On Tune In Drop Out ◢ ◤

  • from Luis Ángel. VG

    Te vamos a recordar siempre fuiste uno de los grandes avicii… Me dolió tu perdida pero se que estas tocando tu musica aya arriba ojala te ubieras despedido…

  • from kaimin wong

    Su música tiene ese " algo especial" que emociona y motiva a la vez. nos vemos!

  • from Jordan

    Ta musique était présente lors des meilleurs comme les pires moments de ma vie. Ta musique en disais long sur la personne que tu étais merci pour tout. Personne ne t’oubliera. ❤️

  • from JAVIERA ????

    Al oír la triste noticia de que acababas de dejar este mundo se me llenaron los ojos de lágrimas al saber que ya no estabas Tim nos dejaba ? no lo podía creer ?. Siento una tristeza enorme al saber que ya no estas no estas para crear nuevos temas para hacer conciertos llenos de alegría ?? etc. Pero estes donde estes TIM siempre estarás en nuestras memorias y tus temas siempre vivirán que de eso nos encargaremos nosotros tus fans Te Amo ?

  • from Kévin Delage

    J'ai fais mes débuts de DJ sur sa musique. Ce n'était pas de bonne qualité mais j'y prenais goût à chaque que je jouais ses morceaux ils tournaient en boucle. Oui j'avoue ne plus avoir écouter durant plusieurs années mais quand ces morceaux sortaient ça ne m'empêchait pas d'écouter et d'apprécier ce qu'il faisait.

  • from Carolina suryajaya

    First time i love edm music and i could cry a lot when in bali heard wake me up. In my head at that time like said okay from now i should listen edm they were touch my heart and changing my mind to better. On that time i was down. When i feel lonely when i heard avicii song i wasn't lonely like i heard waiting for love pure grinding the days the night without you taste the feeling and the other. Ur music was touch a billion people life. Thank you tim bergling! U always in our heart ❤?

  • from PeterTW Pan

  • from Thomas

    RIP Legend

  • from 王铠诚

    HEY BROTHER,he is a FRIEND OF MINE and WAKE ME UP in the past ,he told me to WAITING FOR LOVE,but the LONELY TOGETHER at the present!WHAT WOULD I CHANGE IT TO?whatever THE DAYS and THE NIGHTS,i TALK TO MYSELF,there are TRUE STORIES,rest in HEAVEN!who is he?he is AVICII

  • from Khaled PRC

    TIM: Still can not believe you already left couple months.When the first time i heard the songs-levelsit was awesome and i love it so much.Then i start to know youlistened every your albumevery songs and every compositio.It was insaneyou are f***ing genius. My dream is go to one of your live showsbut its a pity you stop the touring after 2016 and also you haven't toured chinacuz before 2016i still in the schooland i can't afford to visit you abroadlol. I love youDude! RIP◢◤

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