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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Alex Pard

    Un estilo unico que marco mi adolescencia transmitia buenas vibraciones y felicidad y sobre todo nos unia a todos un referente Eterno AVICII

  • from Daniel Jackson

    Rest in peace Avicii. 1989-2018.

  • from Riccardo from Italy

    It was 2015 you've just released "Waiting for love" and I loved it since the first time I listen it. Then it was my birthday week and every single day of it was perfectly described into that song. So On that Friday the girl I was in love with said she was in love with me! And Guess what?It was my birthday! Well I have "thanked the stars" and then I burned like a fire on saturday. So Thanks Tim for your music thanks for all you gave to me I will remember you forever you are ImmortalAvicii

  • from Priyank Saxena

    For me Avicii somewhat introduced me to dance music. The effect his music created made me imagine things and create a world of my own in my mind. R.I.P Tim. -Priyank

  • from RB

    I wish you had the strength to keep going. I met you late hearing the news a few months ago but I know you will always accompany me. Rest in peace ❤️

  • from Gonzalo Royo

    The first time I heard a song of dance music was thanks to you with Levels my fanaticism towards electronic music began. I miss you and I hope that soon they will release music from you. Too bad you're not here to hear it. I miss you legend. I know what you have suffered but you are already at peace. RIP LEGEND. ◢ ◤

  • from Thib

    Paris Bercy en 2015 ❤️

  • from Re9

    Dear Tim! I had heard about your music and listened to some of your songs but never seen your face until i heard about you passing away. Now i think about you every day and search the web to See if there are any News about you… Rip beautyful and kindhearted man ❤️

  • from D.V.

    hope you find peace now …see you in heaven tim…

  • from Melissa

  • from Isa-Beli

    Timespero que dónde estés encuentres la felicidad completatu estrella siempre brillara en ese mundo de ensueño en el que te encontraras ahora. Aquí nos as dejado tu músicatu magíatu luzeres increíble. Siempre en mi corazón. I always live in my heart

  • from Andrea

    Te quiero y siempre te voy a querer.llevo escuchando tu musica desde hace muchos años y no voy a parar de hacerlo tenias que haber echo lo que iciste porque nos dejaste el corazon destrozado.nunca te olvidaremos y espero poder verte algun dia.vuela alto angel bonito y sigue sonriendo tan bonito como solo tu sabes hacerlo y cuida de nosotros tus fans que te queremos y de tu familia amigos y en especial de Liam.te queremos ❤️

  • from Ahmad

    Dear Tim the musician whom I thought was an integral part of my life. I hope you're somewhere up there smiling and seeing us how we miss you everyday. Everytime I hear your music on Radio TV Cafe or in a store my heart just breaks. When you declared your retirement from touring I was so heartbroken as I was hoping to see perform in my country Bangladesh. I spent last of my penny to get the merchandises and 'Stories' CD from US and I was so so happy. Thanks for your beautiful creations ❤️

  • from Ahmad

    Dear Avicii Your music was the very first Electronic Music I've ever listened to and since then I'm just in complete love with this genre. Each and every music of yours affected my life in every possible way and I will be ever grateful to you for what you've created. You touched millions in such a short span of life and this life had been so cruel to you. I am sorry for what we fans have done to you how we didn't stand by you in your tough times. I really hope that you're in a better place❤

  • from たか


  • from Chaitanya bangari

    Earlier before if anyone would had asked me "how would u describe EDM?" I would have openly replied that that's jst party/ club songs songs whose beats makes people sway away in madness( having no clue abt what edm is) this happened until i actually started hearing Avicii! His music always hd those emotions which had always been missing in those EdM tracks! His tracks always used to take me 2 a musical journey! I could have closed my eyes fr the rest 100 years of my life nd listened to him!

  • from Sadra dehghan

    Im iranian I love you for ever i hear your song in game in car in every where i love your song I remember you forever

  • from

    내게 힘이 되어 준 만큼 내가 힘이 되어주지 못해 미안해요. 노래의 가사 리듬 멜로디 그리고 그 외의 모든 것들이 나를 행복하게 했어요. 거기에서는 힘들지 않고 행복했으면 좋겠어요. 어느 정도 시간이 지나면 눈물 흘리지 않고 노래를 듣는 날이 오고 내 나이가 당신의 나이를 넘어서는 날도 오겠네요. 그리고 그로부터 더욱 더 많은 시간이 지난 후에도 당신은 훌륭한 음악가이자 디제이로 기억 속에 남아 있을 거에요. 진심을 다해 고맙고 사랑해요.

  • from Max

    好几年以前听过一首EDM,当时不知道是你的,只觉得很好听,加入了我的喜欢里。多少年以后入坑EDM,开始广泛了解DJ们,才发现原来我这么早就听过Avicii的歌。知道你去世的时候那天刚好放假,写作业到一半抬头一看iPad,那时候感觉整个人都震悚了。完全的无法接受,不知道怎么表达自己的意思才好,心里无限的情绪。真的很舍不得你和你的音乐。 Let it stay in my heart forever. Pray for Avicii.

  • from Choon

    I miss you and your music. RIP and hope you're in a better place. Thank you for your tracks and the time spent in this world. <3

  • from someone that loves TIM so much

    today is my birthday but i still cant imagine that you had left us for more than four months listening to your songs whole days and nights feeling really sad and my girlfriend just broke up with me i dont know how can i still live in this world without you ~~R.I.P. you will always be love

  • from Gabrielle.B

    I remember when I first got into music I was just like everyone other kid…music was nice something that I listened to every once in a while. I remember seeing ‘wake me up’ on my television and after that I remember listening to every Avicii song that was out there. My love for music (EDM) was infinite and still is I don’t what I would do if I hadn’t found that song maybe I would’ve been ordinary. I thank Tim so much because his music showed my that I wasn't ordinary ❤️

  • from Dazzaedt

    Avicii your music has inspired me to be what I really am. I remembered 2014 and your music hitting on the tv. The best days of my life in the high school. Miss you so much and I hope you find your peace. We love you and thanks for your music and love.

  • from Mark Zow

    so many unforgetable memories and moments… you will live on forever brother…

  • from Mónica. México

    Querido Tim. Fuiste y siempre seras la razón por la cual mi vida cambio completamente gracias a tu música me ayudaste a salir de la oscuridad donde estaba tu música siempre me ayudaba a levantar mi animo cualquier canción tuya me ponía muy feliz y con ganas de seguir adelante a pesar de todo. Al enterarme de la terrible noticia se me partió el corazón; Avicii Tim te voy a extrañar demasiado nunca habrá nadie como tu jamas te olvidare siempre estarás presente en mi corazón <3

  • from Zach Piescik

    For a while growing up I had heard his Music I never knew who was behind them. One day while searching for music I stumbled upon his song “The Nights” it opened my eyes to him and and gave me a new outlook on life I had followed him from that day forward but not so much that I knew what his personal life was like. Waking up on the morning of April 20th felt like any other day. Then about midday while preparing myself lunch I heard the news it was the most shocking thing I had ever heard.

  • from michell lópez

    hace aproximadamente 9 años escuche por primera ves una canción de TIM no recuerdo el nombre lo que si recuerdo fue esa emoción que me hizo sentir al escucharla toda esa paz que sentí ese amor y sentimiento por que gracias a el evite cometer muchas cosas de las cuales ahora estoy feliz de no haber cometido como quitarme la vida yo sabia que su música me daba alegría felicidad y paz también amor aunque el ni siquiera supiera que existía cuando supe de su fallecimiento algo de mi murió…

  • from Penguinssports

    You inspired me to be who i am today. your the best RIP

  • from Litzy❤

    Siempre estarás en mi corazón Avicii cada vez que escucho tu música siento que estás conmigo gracias por tu increíble música tú fuiste quien hizo que me interesara por la música electrónica te voy a extrañar siempre vivirás en mí te mando un fuerte abrazo donde quiera que estés!!! Hasta pronto❤

  • from Helen

    First heard of Avicii back in 2014 when "Wake Me Up" came out… and I eventually listened to True. I was immediately impressed by his melodies and lyrics and ability to transcend genre boundaries – the man just loved music… and as someone who listens to ALL kinds of music that resonated with me. He introduced me to a genre he made me appreciate remixes (with True [AbA]) he made me want to visit Sweden and he was the soundtrack to the best concert of my life! R.I.P we miss you dearly!

  • from Noah

    I knew this is sad day but just because you tend to suicide doesn’t mean you going to die. If any one found a way back in time to save Avicii then everyone in world would be normal. If anyone react to this before Avicii death first one is to stop from suicide. The second is to help your friends with family and yourself. Don’t fight before it count as degrees murder. Pride yourself. Don’t be scared to tell us. Be a leader not follower the world is counting you.

  • from lucas

    avicii fez algo pelo EDM que ninguém nunca tinha feito antes ele fez com amorpaixão dedicação e por isso que eu curtia e continuo curtindo o som deleO som dele me motivava me dava forçafazia eu tirar força sem nem eu saber que existia me ajudou muito com as musicasHoje doi em saber que o Homen que me ajudoue que ajudou tantos outrosNão estar mas a que. Tim Voce continuará vivo no coração e na lembranças de todos nós.

  • from Audrey

    You were and still are a true inspiration to this world. Your music is a true expression of what it means to be an artist. Thanks for touching my soul in a way that music only ever does. You will be dearly missed Tim. I really hope you have found peace where you are now. I am truly thankful for everything that you ever did while you were here. Your soul is a beautiful one. We need more people that are like you in this world. While your life ended too soon you lived one full of color. Thank you.

  • from Josiane Maria S. Correia

    Sei que onde estás estará velando por mim e ao lado de meus outros entes. Queridos que como voce partiram antes de nós. Era para eu ter lhe conhecido pessoalmente pena que não deu tempo mas você me inspirou ao estilo de levels aliás nosso estilo assim passo dizer que você continuará à me inspirar até ultimo dia de minha vida até breve Avicii Tim. Por DJ Truman-₩hite ■/□ Josiane Maria.

  • from MAGA. Colombia

    Que tú fueras tan sensible al mundo que te rodeaba hizo que tus fans no solo amaramos tu talento sino tambien la belleza de tu corazón. Tu luz brillará por siempre. Great talent and beauty of heart. Your light will shine forever.

  • from Abigail

    I never really knew a lot about Avicii until the day he passed. At first I was like “No! Avicii!” Turns out I knew most of his songs and I liked them a lot. It wasn’t until 6 days later I started crying about him and it couldn’t stop. It was at that moment he was making a huge difference in my life and he's inspiring me to become a musician/artist. I still cry about him to this day but watching his interviews and seeing him in my dreams just puts me at ease. R.I.P Tim. I’ll always remember.

  • from LE7ELS

    Gracias por todo nunca te olvidaremos Buen Hombre

  • from

    Thank you for being there when I needed you I know you still here and I know you will never leave Rest In Peace dear boy

  • from Sadie

    avicii has and will always be one of my biggest inspirations in music. when his music comes on the radio I can’t help but get excited and happy about these songs he shared with us. forever live on tim ♥️

  • from Ale Mora

    The day I met you you said "Please call me Tim not Avicii. I want people to know who Tim is." We went on to spend a vacation in my home country Costa Rica and I got to know the real humble and real human being you were. You shared stories about life with me like if we knew each other for many years and this just showed me how nice but at the same time vulnerable you were to this fucked up world we live in. My condolences go out to your family friends and fans around the world.

  • from <3

    "My dreams are made of gold My heart's been broken and I'm not alone in the road (but I know) My dreams are fading 'til I get old Breathe for a minute breathe for a minute I'll be okay"

  • from Já pode voltar Tim.

    Não tenho o que dizer sou só uma pessoa do Brasil que sente sua falta.

  • from Valentina Soto Cortés

    My dream and my goal was to meet you. and you left early. Valentina.

  • from JPXOi

    I miss your music so much. I know that you are the best DJ there in the sky.

  • from tiffany

    4 months on and I'm still trying to come to terms with your passing.. it hurts me so much even till this day to think about it. My heart feels heavy knowing that you are no longer here on earth but you have left us with a piece of you that will live on forever.. your music. I hope where ever you are that you are happy and at peace… X

  • from <3

    Your music taught me how to love and appreciate life to the fullest. When you died I was in the midst of a period of depression and the shock made me reconnect with the messages in your music: to enjoy life and be positive through the negativity. I even wrote you letters to cope with it. I wish things could've ended differently but at least your influence will live on and I'm still here today because of your musical genius. I think about you daily. I love you so much rest easy.

  • from Cátia R.

    Beautiful soul! Incredible artist! And an amazing pure mesmerising human being! ❤?☄? The world needs more people like him! ??? I feel a lot better when im sad and i listen the music's that he created they are stunning full of meanings and they heal my heart. This only represents how magnificent he was. I will never forget of him. ?☄ I wish all the love the universe can give to Tim's beloved ones! ❤? Rest in peace dear Tim. ⚘

  • from William

    Tim is the reason why I started making music. He inspired so many and his music will live on forever.

  • from Eléonore

    Merci pour tout ta musique et ton talent. Tu nous manques.

  • from B

    Thank you for your music. We love you. We miss you. I hope you enjoyed your time in Vienna – Austria.

  • from Psyko1n

    你的音乐让我重生,让我对生活重新燃起希望,谢谢你tim。RIP? #aviciiforever

  • from Hskerger

    You have been an inspiration for many people around the world and I am a big fan of your music. I was planning to go to one of your gigs in ibiza when you return to music but you decided to leave this world too soon. I am still listening to your music and I hope you are happy there.

  • from …

    I wish someone could wake you up ❤

  • from Benjamin

    Miss You ♥♥

  • from Thomas Wilkins

    You’ll be missed dearly I grew up listening to you and it’s so sad to see you gone RIP Avicii

  • from pierre caldas

    Gracias por toda tu música legenda siempre seguirás vivo en nuestros corazones y cada uno de nosotros tus verdaderos fans te fuiste tan pronto pero tu musica seguira con vida gracias por todo legenda … ahora nada es lo mismo "without you " descanse en paz 1989-2018

  • from Cindy Chen ♡ Andover MA U.S.A

    your words will forever be in my heart. RIP♡ 愛你想念你 ♡ 당신을 그리워합니다 ♡ Je t'aime tu me manques ♡

  • from June

    I remember the first time I heard “Seeking Bromance’ my heart was filled with joy and there was a rush of happiness over my over. Til this day that song will forever remind me to you your performance and the countless memories I’ve made with friends during your set. Thank you so much for your music Avicii. You’ll be forever missed.

  • from Alex Ferla

    Ti seguo dai tempi di Tim Berg Tom Hangs. Sei sempre stata la mia più grande aspirazione musicale e rimarrai per sempre uno dei più grandi compositori di questo Secolo. E come mio padre mi parla di AC/DC guns n roses ecc ecc io parlerò di te ai miei figli. Grazie Tim forever in our hearts.

  • from Joe

    I remember at Creamfields one year someone asked us what time "Avicki" was playing. We told him he'd missed him and he'd missed a treat. He said it was a shame because "Avicki" was his favourite. We never called Avicii anything other than "Avicki – Our favourite movie" from that day forward. Good times great music. Will be missed. RIP big man!

  • from 9yearolf

    I didn't know much about you…i only knew you as avicii. 10 days before you passed away i downloaded your before I listened to without you and thought: fuck this is amazing. Today I watched true stories and… cried as baby. I miss you…

  • from Tyler Sangster

    I woke up on my birthday this year to find out you had passed away. Oddly enough you were struggling with the same conditions I am and it was a rough day for me. You were above everybody else; my absolute favourite producer. Your music made me feel emotions I since haven't felt in years. I felt a true connection to you and your music and the world has truly lost an Iconic human being. I've heard industry stories of how your manager treated you.. I'm so sorry we let you down Tim.

  • from Bevan Daniel

    One of the greatest to ever do it and an inspiration to many people. He motivated us to achieve our goals and dreams through his music. His music brought people together no matter what racial group they fell into or where they were from or no matter how rich or how poor they were. For a short moment in which he was on stage people forgot about the problems of their daily lives and just lived in that moment. Thank you for the memories and good experiences you've given us. Long live Tim.

  • from Aidan Meikle

    Thank you Avicii( Tim Bergling) for the music that you gave us and being the inspiration that you are. Your music will live on for generations to come but we had to see you pass. You were the artist that I listened to growing up and loved everything you did but when I saw that you passed I was deeply sad and broken. The greatest EDM Star ever has died.. That day we lost a legend in the music community. That day I saw EDM in a new light all thanks to Avicii Thank you Avicii again❤️

  • from

    Good bye boss

  • from ANDREA

    Avicii fue todo para mi sus canciones siempre me levantaban en los momentos difíciles fue esa luz que me guiaba a veces me llegaba a identificar muchísimo con sus canciones. Uno de mis mayores sueños fue ir a sus conciertos pero ahora jamás podré cumplirlo el hecho de que ya no este con nosotros me hace sentir sola en cierta forma espero que el haya vivido una vida que pueda recordar. SIEMPRE RECORDANDOTE AVICII <3

  • from Miguel Ángel

    Hey Tim Do you remember we said "Hello"? Yo si lo recuerdo recuerdo la primera vez que escuche una canción tuya recuerdo cuando movias tú mano al ritmo de la melodía delante de tanta gente recuerdo tú adiós en 2016 a los escenarios recuerdo como entendí en una pequeña parte tus problemas gracias a True Stories y recuerdo el 20 de abril de 2018 pero ante todo te recordaré no sólo por tu musica sino por la persona que hay detras del artista. Tim you are a friend of mine. ◢◤

  • from MS

    My dear sweet Tim I wish you could read all these stories. Just wow … you are one of the loved human beings in the world ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ It’s so heartwarming. And it’s so freakin sad why the hell that had to happened. We all love you so so much wish that I can tell you that personally. Sending love to your family and friends! I love you Tim ♥️?

  • from Chloe

    i remeber 1st grade talet show watching a couple of friends do a dance to wake me up. I went home and listened to that song for hours. I still love it to this day. He inspired so many people. RIP <3 <3

  • from Amr

    RIP Avicii ❤️

  • from kiki

    <3 I will always love you Tim I will keep your soul in my soul <3

  • from Julio Campos

    I remember when I started listening to your music your music made me feel disconnected from the world and that is very appreciated for me. You were my hero my idol my role model. and his death made me feel what my idol has gone but you will always be in my heart and this will make your soul eternal. I love all your works and you changed my vision of music and the world. R.I.P. Dear AVICII <3

  • from Marcos

    Um gênio uma lenda . Alguém que inspirou todas as gerações com sua música nunca tive a oportunidade de conhecer pessoalmente o Tim mas sei que era uma pessoa incrível alguém com um coração lindo . O mundo fica mais solitário e feio sem você Avicii. Mas com suas músicas iremos enfrentar qualquer obstáculo que aparecer porque sabemos que você estará junto conosco dentro de cada coração com uma alma musical .

  • from Maxim Dück

    Ich kann es kaum in Worten fassen du warst mein Lieblings DJ und habe jetzt als Klingelton Wecker usw dein berühmtestes lied und das bleibt für immer als Erinnerung. Posters und Fotos von dir sind im Spind eingeschlossen so wie du in meinem Herzen German Ly Bro (maxim)

  • from Dori

    Tim we were born in the same year and you were born in the same day as my daughter. Only she was 28 years later. And something magical way only the True Stories calms her down. As if she knew you. Unbelievable. You are so special so beautiful. Thank you for everything what you are. Cheers to you wonderful one. Jag alskar dig ?

  • from ~O

    Dear Tim I just wanna say thank you. You are my favourite DJ and words can’t describe how much I love your music. In 2015 I got to see one of your shows and it was the happiest I have ever felt. Now when I hear one of your songs I look up to the sky smile and say thank you hoping you would maybe hear it. I am forever grateful for you for your music and I hope you rest in peace! Your music will forever live in our hearts! Thank you Tim!

  • from Wendy

    Your music touched and inspired me I'll carry it in my heart forever.??

  • from AK

    I am having a really sad weekend and I couldn't help go down memory lane remembering better times… whenever I am in this weird mood I listen to "wake me up when it's all over" and it always helps me cheer up a tiny bit… I miss you so much I can't believe we're not gonna be able to hear new music from you but all your legacy will be with us forever! Thank you for so much! Summer 2013 specially was a "Avicci summer" for me. Loads of love!

  • from Anujith

    When i was a boy i was love to listen to music. Rather than shuffling my favourite songs again i found happiness in listening to songs which i never heard before One day when i was a child i found my cousins facebook name was changed. He put Avicii after his last name .due to shy i don't ask him i asked to my mom and brother what does Avicii means and my brother told he is a dj and i don't understand what dj means one day due to anxiety i was decided to listen avicii's songs becomes a part of me

  • from xAaron_.

    Tu estilo era realmente único lo mejor!. Levels canción con la cual que te conocí me sigue encantando mucho <3. Seras recordado por siempre!

  • from Sunna

    I hope you are now free happy and without pain – wherever you are ? ?

  • from Rhys Everitt

    Thank you Tim for all memories and melodies myself and the rest of your fans got to share. I Still cant accept that your gone. When your tracks come on the radio i'm waving my hand with a cap on backwards and singing to it like you did behind the decks. In Creamfields 2016 me and my friends was doing the same in the crowd and you seen us and we was mirroring each other and u was laughing at us. This image reminded me of that special moment Thank You Tim Hope You Have Finally Found Peace RIP

  • from Jenny

    I listened to Avicii first about 1 1/2 years and haven't stopped since. He is my favorite artist DJ or whatever you want to call it now and forever until the day I day. I listen to his music at least once a day whether it's to calm my nerves or pump me up. I have since started listening to Martin Garrix as well because I have found out that they were not only friends but have worked on music together and they both create truly wonderful music. Thanks to Avicii for making my life wonderful!◢◤

  • from Billy Carrington

    Words can't describe how much I loved you and your music but I will try. Your music inspired me to start making dance music. I never met you but your music changed my life for the better. Never in my life have a felt so connected to someone's music. I felt like it was made for me. I've dealt with anxiety and depression and your music pulled me out of it. Your memory will live on forever and we will enjoy your marvelous music forever. Rest In Peace Legend!

  • from João Vinicius

    Quando eu era penas uma criança no banco de trás do carro e começava a tocar hey brother ou wake me up era como se fosse o melhor momento do meu dia .Emesmo depois.1234 anos eu ouvia as musicas como se tivessem sido lançadas ontem e passe o tempo que passe eu ainda estarei lá ouvindo suas musicas. Obrigado AVICII

  • from Emanuela

    Your music made me feel less lonely when there was nobody around me and it made me feel understood when nobody understood me a power that only true artists have. I'll never forget you Tim❤️

  • from Cote

    Gracias por todos los buenos momentos que he vivido junto a tu música. Las leyendas nunca mueren y es así como seguirás perdurando en el tiempo. Todo el amor para tu familia y amigos desde Chile.

  • from Ingrid Paluzzi

    I feel sad so sad.This world will never be the same.My favourite dj who touched my soul like no other one.I'll pray for you till the day we meet eachother.Love your art forever

  • from Alina Plotnikovs

    Avicii-you music!!!

  • from ppx

    hey guys so i am making a powerpoint about Tim and if you want to share any knowledge or stuff please write it im a story // Rest in peace Avicii we love you //

  • from

    Kärlek ❤️

  • from Magomed

    Tim you changed my life idol

  • from IN

    Unforgettable!! ❤️

  • from Brian

    One of the best producers around. Still remembering tim. My support and love goes to the family of tim. May he never be forgotten.

  • from Quat

    You are in our hearts and souls! Rest in peace my soul. We love you.

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