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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Jhosy Medina – PERU

    Vaya! siento que comento aqui cada 2 meses … me sorprende como pasa el tiempo , pero aun sigo sin poder superar este dolor , las lagrimas simplemente brotan cuando pienso en ti. Solo espero que estes bien donde sea que estes , Te amo y extraño demasiado TIM. Siento que he sido marcado de por vida con tu musica.

  • from Perfect Blue Skye

    You are an inspiration to me and my music ✨

  • from Сергей

    Авичи! Карелия с тобой. Мы тебя никогда не забудем!

  • from Kiki

    Rest in paradise

  • from Bréelle

    I love and miss you, Tim.

  • from I am already add with you on sc

    Hii i know you but you don't this is a school love story I am in my home country it is my first day of school in 12th standard or you can say high school and there is a girl and she is perfect but we can't talk at that time but after some time my schol make group and she is my group leader then they give us work and all that we start talking slowly we become frnds and then bff then. you know. Its is the perfect relationship we never fight with each other but after some time she married due to

  • from Luck

    Gracias por todo Tim, nunca te olvidaremos 🤍

  • from Elias Retana

    Te extraño, tu música me hace sentir mejor, eres el mejor por siempre.

  • from Star

    Always thinking of you, Tim. We miss you 🫶

  • from Axel


  • from osmankilic29

    özlüyoruz be reyiz

  • from Hyqte,a Chinese producer

    谢谢你在我低谷时陪伴我,永远的鸽子王 (For non Chinese language users: Avicii is also called 'The Pigeon King' among his Chinese mainland fans, cause 'Pigeon' means 'one who"s often not in attendance on time' in Chinese idioms, originating from his failure to attend on time in Shanghai Storm Festival)

  • from Bülent Durusoy

    When I was 12 years old, I was listening to you and dreaming of becoming a DJ. I became a DJ and producer and I am 23 years old. Thank you so much, TIM, for being an inspiration to me. You are always in my heart.

  • from Janus

    super energy person

  • from Artem

    No matter how much I listen to Avicii’s music, I will never get tired of it, because there is a lot of positivity and goodness in this music. Especially in the songs "Wake Me Up", "Levels" and "The Nights". When I feel a little sad, I immediately listen to your music and it lifts my spirits. And it also increases motivation in some business! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CREATIVITY, AVICII! With love from Russia

  • from el cantante princpale

    Avicii history is simething else to my life. His songs helped me alot when am passing hardtimes. i remember it was on those days where you wake up in the morning with nothin, i just end up crying but rigth now i have been employed and at least i earn somethin. shot out to the legend. he has inspired me a lot thats why i cant stop coming back here. i remember that song wake me up and broken arrows in the dark. long live aviciiu <3

  • from Joel

    As a fan, I have ever known Avicii since childhood and listened to his music with my dad and myself. All I can say that, he was great and talented in his work and he will be missed so much. I think that is what I can say for now. I will miss him so much. May his soul rest in peace. Before i can conclude this, my Favorite song from him is wake me up which is my dad's favorite ever since he released it. Thank You, Avicii.

  • from Gale of Waterdeep

    I still listen to your music everyday, I still visit your profile from time to time. I still can’t believe you’re no longer with us, makes my heart hurt. Your music has left such an impact in my life, I don’t know if any other DJ will ever be as great as you. Rest easy, Tim.

  • from Asude

    I will not belive that but i, dont want to belive i miss you

  • from Bella

    I love AVICII songs and his dance moves he is always going to be the best dj ever # Tim BERGLING forever going to be missed and his songs make him stay alive forever

  • from Ethan M

    Avicii, If your reading this, I wanted to let you know, That You were my favorite artist. I hope you in heaven, will remember the life you had. Like the song The nights. "Live a life you will remember" you are protected, and safe. We love you. Reast in peace.

  • from Arianna

    I am reading all these beautiful comments and I am just sitting here thinking what a horrible evil beast depression is. I had an attempt a few years ago and I promise myself to never do that again. Life is extremely precious and Tim showed us that through the way he made music and brought people together. It is truly such a devastating thing when one of your favorite artist dies. I am so grateful to have heard his music. I hope you are resting easy, friend. 🕊️

  • from Hidden

    even though you've gone, people all around the world still remembering you and writing to you everyday. Everyone loves you Tim. I hope you rest in peace and rock the heaven with your music there

  • from Julian Schirripa

    It has been 5 since you left. We will forever miss you Tim till the end of time. You have inspired me to start making EDM. I am very upset that you are gone and I really wish we could have worked together.

  • from IoannisGreece

    I miss you so much but your music keeps you alive, Legend. R.I.P Tim

  • from Carla

    mi yo de 15 años sigue llorando tu pérdida. Con 20 me he hecho un tattoo a tu nombre, porque pienso llevarte el resto de mi vida contigo en mi piel. Ojalá hubiese nacido antes para verte en el escenario, pero supongo que tendré que esperar algo más hasta verte allí arriba. Te mando un abrazo desde aquí y espero que lo recibas en el cielo. Espero que seas feliz y estés en paz estés donde estés, nos veremos algún día, mientras, te seguiré echando en falta.

  • from Vladimir Iwankov

    Thanks for all.We miss you,Tim.(a hing school student from People's Republic of China)

  • from Petey k

    "Without you i feel lost at sea" Its incredible how a song can express a million feelings

  • from James

    In the serene countryside, Emily, an adventurous botanist, crossed paths with James, a wildlife photographer. Their shared love for nature ignited a journey filled with wildflower bouquets and sun-kissed landscapes. Through captured moments and blooming gardens, their love mirrored the vibrant colors of nature, intertwining their lives in an eternal embrace.

  • from Rehan🇳🇴🇵🇰

    Funny how it’s possible to feel so close to someone whom you have never met. The moments I have shared with my friends while listening to your masterpieces. Thank you.

  • from G billy

    He will live in my heart forever ❤️ Avicii was a inspiration, for many people. I think he is resting in peace knowing that he was a good dj, after all We miss you avicii

  • from 최순필

    그의 음악을 즐겁게 들었던 기억을 가지고 평생을 살아가게 될 것 같다. 그를 추억하며 현재를 살아가는 사람들을 통해 영원히 기억될 것이다. 이제 더 이상 새로운 음악을 들려줄 수 없지만 강렬하게 빛났던 그를 기억하며.

  • from DisCovers

    You were always a huge inspiration to me, and so many people around the world. We all miss you so much!!!!!!!

  • from CostanzaMA

    miss you tim❤️❤️❤️ love from Hangzhou, China

  • from fang


  • from 지우

    thank you for good music

  • from Amalia. ⚽✨

    I miss you, Avicii. 🇸🇪🇨🇷 Thank you for having existed and leaving us your music, it's the most incredible thing that exists. I hope wherever you are you are okay, we will always remember you. ❤️💙

  • from fdr

    its sad sine i loved him, omgsad lol but yeah sorry daddy vi

  • from Emioil

    Avicii MOtivates ME

  • from Ippei Karashima

    最高の音楽をありがとう。 中学生になってからあなたの音楽を聴き始めてもう5年が経ちました。 これからも辛い時はあなたの曲を聴いて頑張ります。

  • from Norris1z

    I'm listening to Without You, and i really realise how hard it is to listen to this knowing you are not here. You made music for the soul and there is no one like you! I would never forget you.

  • from AbbyMoonie

    You left a great mark on the lives of many. I hope you found the quiet and peace you were looking for, and are safe and happy where you are. Always in our memories..

  • from Anonymous

    I hope you're at peace in wherever you are Tim ❤️

  • from staying hidden

    This is going to sound weird, but Avicii saved me from suicide. It made me realize that you will actually be missed. It made me realize that it would make people extremely sad if you commit suicide, as the way I am sad Avicii submitted suicide and it makes me sad thinking about that. Thank you Avicii, you will be missed. The nights is a really good song which is why I'm really sad. -I'll think of my dad if I'm ever afraid

  • from Ben Carter

    I've been enjoying his music so much lately. Love EDM and having a great time. Good vibes. Love Tim. Won't forget him.

  • from Fotis Adamos

    Miss you 🇬🇷

  • from 7heDopig

    love you tim

  • from Valery

    This dark October evening it could be so good to listen your new,beautiful songs,to see you alive,34 years old.

  • from vivin

    i loved avicii since my childehood my fav song is the nights and thats my life inspiraton rest in peace pride and glory

  • from Injun🫶🫶

    Thank you Tim for your music

  • from Nika

    Dear avicii,i miss you soo much,i listen to your music when I’m happy, and when I’m sad,i can’t believe you just go, but you inspired the other people to folow your dreams,and i know that filing on tour concert because i was once and i want to feel it again❤️i still listen at your music i hope you will back once and make new album,i think that is possible,because you can do it i love you and i miss you. 😢❤️<3

  • from Karly

    Don’t cry because he’s gone Smile because he was here, and in the words of Avicii himself one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember. He also said when he died, he wanted people to remember him for the life he lived, and not the money he made, but looking at all of these people that support him today he knows we do more than remember him. We are inspired by him.❤️✝️☮️

  • from Saknad

    Börjar bli längesedan nu… Tack för allt du gjort o stod för

  • from Jerry

    miss you tim❤️❤️❤️ love from China

  • from Emilio Fdo

    Escuchar without you cada vez que estaba roto y me daba energias de seguir adelante

  • from Steven Chen

    Hi, Tim! Thanks a lot for the company of your songs with me during my bad time. It gave me POWER & BELIEVE! R.I.P

  • from Huangqiang

    你一直都在我心中 你的作品将陪伴着我一生 Miss u Tim

  • from Kukin

    With Avicii exactly 9 – 8 years ago, I experienced the best moments of two lives, I had friends and I was happy. But then I had to move away with my family and I lost everything. Two years later Avicii died I was devastated but I didn't give up Tim's music is here with me and after years I try to find my old friends.

  • from Marco Ica

    Thank you Tim, forever. Your music and your human being will always be with me and will help through all the troubles and mess in life. "Life's a game for everyone and love is the prize". Miss you always more and see you soon at Avicii Experience. Love you, Marco

  • from Danny T.

    I started listening to your music a few days ago and now I'm hooked and I can't stop listening. <3

  • from Ainar

    Hi,Tim!I know you will never see this,but BIG THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!You made my and many other lives better and happier!Your music helped us overcome many obstacles in our lives and motivated us to make our dreams and goals a reality!You might be gone physically,but you will stay FOREVER in our hearts!Thank you once again!We will never forget about you!Rest in Peace,Tim.

  • from Kolton P

    I miss when Wake me Up was played on the radio all the time ,your music shaped my childhood. RIP ❤️

  • from Alba

    Te amamos Tim y tu música siempre estará con nosotros.❤️

  • from Luigi

    Was only a young kid when he came to fame, but I fell in love with his music, and till this day I can still listen to it with the same joy I had back then. It brings back memories, good memories. It's a shame he left this earth, may he rest in peace. Lots of love from Flanders.

  • from Lukas ODonnell

    I grew up on your music you were the music that made me, me. I still listen to your music till this day and I will listen to your songs for the rest of my life. I love you avicii you will always be remembered ❤️💜🩷

  • from Charlene

    We will always remember you!

  • from Marília Lobo @marilialobo

    we miss you 🖤🇧🇷

  • from jenny

    i remember the first time hearing his songs was in a karoke session in high school and whenever i listen to his songs again i think about my high school years. thanks for all the great music 🙂

  • from Billie joe armstrong

    She said theres always someone better waiting for her that i was so lucky i'd get her

  • from TOM ODELL

    avicii estate need to release our songs "LOVE TO HOLD" and "CANT LOVE YOU AGAIN" thank you

  • from Aditya varma

    Avicii is legend no one can forget him i m his big fan and while listening his song i get power and good feeling for my life my career And he was brother of all world ❤️Miss You Tim 😭 My love.

  • from haoliu


  • from Choi

    Miss You Tim

  • from Ho.

    Still Miss You

  • from wilson xie

    i only fully discovered your music until afterwards, i listened to wake me up, of course. But "levels" is so iconic, and the edm scene youve impacted remembers you, your music is just so fire man

  • from Avery

    Saknar dig så mycket!!

  • from Patty🇮🇹

    Hallo my lovely Tim. Today I want to tell you that Avicii mania seems to have broken out in my country. I usually listen to your music with headphones thinking of you in Heaven but when I hear your songs playing in the background on several TV programs, it seems to me you’re still here and the feeling of sadness turns into happiness. Years go by without you but your magnetic tracks haven’t lost their silhouettes. I always love your music.

  • from Cherish

    Thank you Avicii.You give me the spirit to continue to live. Avicii Forever.◢ ◤

  • from Ethan

    Tim’s music helped me get through my lowest point of life. He is the reason I am here today and I wish he was here to see how important he was and is to everyone across the world.

  • from Natalia

    “Wake Me Up” stays with me through all these years. And every time I listen to it – it gives me strength and wise to go ahead to matter what!


    Hi Tim, my dear boy; another month, another thought to you, love and sorrow, blessed music and hot tears. Time goes by, I think of you and almost can't believe that five, soon six, years have passed since that day, when you left this world behind and I met you for the first time. Many things have happened since that moment, three books I have written about you, your memory lives on in all people who loved you , there are celebrations and tributes, but you are not here and I miss you, dear boy…

  • from ÆSUZ/Berthold

    Still have to say thank you to you and your passion to Music. I still listen every day to songs from you. Thank you Tim.

  • from Emelie

    I perioder korsar du mina tankar ofta, lycklig för din musik men sorgen efter dig Tim sitter kvar än. Du är fortfarande så älskad och saknad, thank you for the memory.

  • from Дмитрий Цветков

    Закати там нормальную вечеринку!!

  • from JVX

    Still in our hearts. Made a better world..

  • from DH

    Thank you for saving me. I wish there was something we or someone could’ve done to be enough to save you.

  • from Ohio

    We miss you Tim. Hope you know your music has saved so many of us

  • from Camila Perry

    I can’t even tell you how many times Ive listened to his music. I’ll have it on repeat. Always brings me happiness whenever I’m having a bad day ❤️

  • from Tim Russell

    I found Avicii when I was 7 and I’m 14 and still listening to him he is the best of the best I love him and I hope that we can all pray for the Bergling Family 🙁

  • from

    Thank you!

  • from

    Farewell, Avicii. Your music will continue to inspire and uplift us, even though you're gone. Thank you for the melodies that will forever play in our hearts.

  • from anonimo

    Cuando tenia 6 años escuchaba música de Avicii con mi hermano, fueron los mejores momentos de mi vida. Gracias por tu música y por los mensajes que dejabas, significas mucho para mi y para mucha gente. No puedo parar de poner siempre "Levels" o "Without You". Te extrañamos, ojala estés en paz 🤍

  • from Raju

    Miss you!

  • from Brian

    Miss you 🙁

  • from Iris

    I really miss Avicii. When i was 7 years old me and my dad woulld always play "Hey brother" or "Wake me up" we still listen to him to this day. We miss you Avicii, rest in peace.

  • from le beri ce

    I love you Tim

  • from Diogo

    Thank you so much for every song you made

  • from Alyssa

    He left too early, he is the best dj in the World, rest and peace and i love you, forever in my Heart ❤️🤍

  • from

    Miss you everyday

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