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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from August

    My brother, you are such a good person with a good heart touch many lives with your music👏

  • from Shaun Roberts (MRV)

    Such a inspiration even to this day. Many years have past. I remember first hearing you tunes when they went worldwide. Mental health is a big thing in these days. Your legacy will live forever as and as a music producer myself I will always appreciate your passion, skills and love for the music. RIP 💙🕊️

  • from Juli

    1989 ~ forever 🤍

  • from Klara

    It’s been six years but it still feels like yesterday. Your breathtaking music and beautiful soul will never ever be forgotten. Thank you for everything. Rest in forever peace. 🤍

  • from Gh064

    We miss you, Tim

  • from Martina

    Rest in peace Tim.

  • from Antoni

    Hey Tim, Though you are no longer with us, your legacy lives on. Your music continues to inspire, to uplift, and to heal. It's a testament to your talent and your impact that your songs are still played, still loved, and still cherished. Thank you for the music, the memories, and the inspiration. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. 🕊💜

  • from Viktor Gaudin

    Grazie Tim per tutto quello che ci hai donato, hai sacrificato tutto per noi e noi ti terremo in vita per sempre! Non c'è limite alla tua immaginazione, senza alcun dubbio sei stato di gran lunga il miglior producer della storia, nessuno ha lavorato così tanto come hai fatto tu, il tuo impegno sarà ripagato per sempre, ci sarà sempre qualcuno nel mondo che ascolterà la tua musica, sei un dio e non ti dimenticare mai lassù di quanto sei grande, prego che tu stia vivendo una vita felice lassù,Tim.

  • from 👑

    Saknar dig bror ❤️

  • from Martin

    Tus canciones marcaron una gran parte de mi infancia y aun lo siguen haciendo, tal vez te hayas ido pero tu música y tu recuerdo jamás nos dejaran. Gracias por todo ◢◤

  • from Edgar

    Hi Tim! I think you're a person who can feel everything deeply and intensely in your life. Thanks so much for making so many songs that are timeless and bring happiness to people! Missing you so much❤️🕊️

  • from Sebastian Buch

    Tim, thank you for your music and your personality. I am very sad that you are no longer in this world, but I hope that you are dancing and making music in a sky full of stars. 🩵

  • from Tiffany

    Never forgotten. Love forever, T

  • from Ale ◢ ◤

    ◢ ◤ Hi Tim, you know what I’m sorry. I’m so sorry your music came into my life too late… In 2018 I listened to “The Nights” for the first time and I was in love with it so much that I started to listen to your music way more and every day… I felt in love with your magic music. When I found out you were not with us anymore I felt so bad… so empty. It was around this period 6 long years ago… I feel like you Tim have left us too soon, but your music will stay with us forever. Thank you Tim ◢ ◤

  • from Chiara C. '79 (Italy)

    "It is time to take off the amber/ It is time to change the language/ It is time to put out the lamp/ Above the door". (Marina Cvetaeva, 1892 – 1941). "But then a great justice lies hidden at the bottom of things. We all have a grace to expect – a gift of which no one can rob us". (Karin Boye, 1900 – 1941). Kudos to you Tim, in every single department – Every. One. You rest in peace – and in power. Love always, C.

  • from Philip

    6 år sen idag. Tack för all musik och alla goda minnen som skapades runt din musik. Länge Leve Tim "Avicii" Bergling 🙏

  • from Axel

    6 år sedan du lämnade oss idag Tim. Känns fortfarande overkligt. Hoppas du har det bra och får den ro du förtjänar <3

  • from Gui

    Avicii has been a inspiration to me as a producer and now seeing all that happened to him, I take much more care about my mental health when it get's to being in the music industry; I'll always love his songs and I'll always share alll that I've learned as an Avicii fan, all that I can say it's thank u Tim! ❤

  • from Saatchin Dev

    Thank you for blessing us with your music, 6 years later and it still feels like yesterday when we all heard this tragic news. Your music will live on forever, along with all the love you have showered us with.

  • from Timothy Kim

    I've had a lot of hard times this week. Some Twitter users blocked me, so I was depressed a lot. Today, it's even better to listen to your music. Because anyone can experience heartbreak, such as being blocked by others on social media. Today is 6 years since you've been passed away. But your music makes me better, and more stable when my mind is depressed. Your music will be remembered forever in my mind, and other Avicii fans all around the world. R.I.P. Avicii ◢ ◤

  • from 🙁

    6 years without you… 1988 — forever

  • from Marcos Adriano

    Hoje completa-se 6 anos e celebramos a memória de ❤️🎧Avicii🎧❤️ Que sua música, suas histórias e seu talento continuem inspirando e tocando corações ao redor do mundo. Much love for Tim ❤️

  • from Monaz

    Älskade Tim!!! Du saknas!!! 🌟🫶🏼🇸🇪❤️💙🫶🏼🌟❤️🇸🇪💙

  • from Aviciifi

    It’s been 6 years. We miss you everyday, Tim. Thanks for the music and memories these past 6 years. Thanks for all you’ve done. We’ll continue to listen to your music everyday. You’ll never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Tim.

  • from Bożena

    R. I. P.

  • from Jane Lopez

    Avicii you were a boy named Tim who grew up to be a musical genius and touched so many including me with your melodies. I will never leave you because without you there won’t be anything new, new, new. Thank you for all the music. Peace, Love, Nirvana to you & all who love you.

  • from llorddx

    A legend

  • from Danna

    Gracias Tim, por todo lo que has hecho y sigues haciendo por mi, gracias a ti soy capaz de continuar avanzando, siempre serás el único hombre al que amare con todo mi corazón, espero que me sigas guiando, quiero ser como tu algún día…

  • from tortured poet

    i miss you <3

  • from soleinvisibile

    Ciao Tim ❤️♾️

  • from Banana

    🖤 miss you

  • from P


  • from Viktor Claesson

    Vila i frid Tim. ❤️🕊️

  • from Otto

    Världen saknar dig nu och kommer alltid att sakna dig Tim

  • from Maria

    its hard to stay happy today but thats what you would want us to be – with every song played all over this world you are here . I started dancing to your songs 2 years ago there is such a feeling in it and than I had to train my body to keep up – today I just feel. See you

  • from C🇨🇴

    Extrañándote como cada día de los últimos 6 años.

  • from Linda from Germany

    Mein lieber Tim. Die Zeit vergeht so schnell und wieder denken wir heute an dich. Du bist und bleibst unvergesslich für uns… In Liebe 🧡

  • from Annie

    Du ska vara stolt ❤️

  • from Iva

    Zauvijek sa nama..Počivaju u miru.

  • from Martina

    Ciao Tim, sono già passati 6 anni !!! Non ti ho mai visto di persona ma ti volevo molto bene !!! Per me eri un fratello !!! Non credo ancora che non vi sei più 💔 Spero 🤞 che un giorno riuscirò a venire a Stoccolma e poter vedere almeno quel nome su quella lastra di metallo 😢 Ti voglio bene 🫶 Mi manchi troppo Timmy 💔🩵 Stasera in tua memoria accenderò una candela 🕯️ perché per me non eri solo un DJ, ma un essere umano come tutti è come ho detto per me eri un fratello🩵♾️

  • from Cath 🇫🇷

    Dear Tim, you're still in my heart every single day 💙💛💙 Rest in peace sweet angel 😇🕊

  • from Ania from Poland

    This day it’s soo sad :(! You are all the best ! Thank You Avicii ! For all ! 🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵

  • from R I T I Z

    Thank you Tim, for bringing brightness and hope to this world. 🌎 Countless people have been inspired, motivated and even saved by your Music.❤️ Thank you for those beautiful memories.🕊️ Miss you so much. ◢ ◤ 2024.4.20

  • from Eva

    We miss you and your music everyday. Thank you! RIP

  • from Sydney

    He helped me get through migraine treatments.

  • from Steve

    “One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember” RIP Tim

  • from Sandra

    Miss you everyday!💔 6 years today💔

  • from Edgar García (Ciudad de México)

    Avicii es uno de los músicos que más han incluído en mi vida desde el 2013 que lo descubrí: El saber de su muerte me marcó de una forma drástica. Pude encontrar refugio en sus canciones. Gracias a él rechacé la idea de renunciar a mi vida y el vivirla con una intensidad única 🖤 QEPD Tim Berling

  • from ❤️

    ◢ ◤Thank you Tim🕊️❤️

  • from dini

    we are forever missing you. 🕊️❤️

  • from Ilonka from Poland

    Dear Tim, today is the 6th anniversary of your passing, I want you to know that even though you are no longer there, you are in my heart, you are still alive through your music, which is a masterpiece. Thank you for contributing to the development of music, that I can be a part of it by listening to it. I would also like to thank Klas and Anika's parents, who continue to cultivate Tim’s musical heritage. ❤️

  • from Hina

    Thank you for creating beautiful songs. Your songs make me emotional.You and your songs are always my guiding light , even on the days when the sun don't rise, the night moon won't shine , and stars fall out of the sky. Beautiful flowers will rain down on you in Heaven. Hope Peace of mind with you.

  • from Someone

    Rest In Peace, we miss you 🫶

  • from Tristan Stennett

    I hope you are resting in peace and flying high with the angels in heaven, Avicii! I dearly miss your music which I grew up listening to.

  • from Ana Moon

    It's been 6 years since you left us. Still remember you, I know you're in a better place. Your music lives forever. 💖

  • from WfengSat

    今天回家时坐公交,在吃上看了一眼表发现是4.20,我越看越觉得熟悉,然后想到了Avicii,很巧,刚好今天我过周末 ,爱你a神,我时刻聆听你◢◤

  • from Lu…🇦🇷

    6 años…pero t música es eterna.Vive en nuestros corazones…♾️

  • from Eduarda

    When i was a kid, i loved to listening his music with my brother, today is a sad day to me, because Avicii was my childhood and today with 14 years old i want to say: Thanks for everything Avicii Thank for everything, Guatemala loves you. ❤️🕊️

  • from Shion

    I miss you tim🥲 ◢ ◤

  • from Eric MP

    Avicii… Forever. today is 20 april, 6 years later

  • from Mónica Bergling

    Today I thought a lot about your mother, your father, your brothers… I can't imagine the pain they feel today. I miss you Tim.

  • from Patrick

    In good times your music makes me dance In hard times your music gives me motivation. “Live a life you will remember” adorns my forearm “Wake me up” is like a guideline in my life because I take a different path than most people. Your music brings the same feelings as 6 years ago I just want to say "thank you Avicii – thank you Tim Bergling"

  • from 李泽栋

    Today is 4.20 We still miss you,Tim ◢◤

  • from Victor

    Still miss u bro

  • from Adrian

    Already 6 years…

  • from Amideath

    Live a life you will remember. You changed my life. Thank you. ありがとう!!!!

  • from LAZ3R

    The artist I respect the most in the world, thank you for your wonderful music ◢ ◤

  • from Raquel T

    6 years Tim…and another Friday… Thinking of your parents,your brothers and friends… Hope you are looking down at us all. We love you forever Tim…

  • from Dhguedes

    6 años desde que recuerdo aquel día, como tú noticia la vi en los televisores del gimnasio y mi hermano vino rápido a mí lado para llevarme llorando a casa. Hoy como ayer, tu música la llevo en mi ser, haciéndome ser la persona que me hace ser. Muchas gracias por tanto Tim. Muchas gracias por ser como fuiste en todo momento, honrado, honesto, leal, humilde y verdadero ante todas las dificultades de esta vida. Siempre por siempre gracias por la vida Tim. Te quiero.

  • from felix

    Birds will sing if we fall🕊 ◢◤

  • from Brett

    I am back again for my yearly message to share how much Avicii's music and life meant to me. I am forever grateful that Tim added so much richness to my life through his music. I fell in love to his music, consoled myself in loss to his music, cried, laughed, and lived to the sounds of Avicii.

  • from Hieu

    Avicii forever <3

  • from Kelly from Boston

    Thinking of you today…❤️❤️❤️

  • from yukii

    ありがとうAvicii これからもずっと貴方のそばにいます。

  • from lilkuki

    I’ll always cherish my childhood because of Tim 🤍 the melodies of the songs he created not only were so beautiful but also helped me go through tough times. Angel boy, you’ll never be forgotten. He’s helped me in many ways. I can’t find the right words to express how thankful am I because learning about him has made such an incredible impact in my life. Ilysm.

  • from Дарья

    Тим, спасибо тебе за твою музыку ♥️

  • from K

    Wishing you were still here making your music. There's no one else like you ❤️ Missing you.

  • from Eric


  • from Abby

    6 years. I've been coming here for the past few. Just to show my love and appreciation for his music and the impact hes made. Tim, thanks for making the last few years of my life so memorable with your music. I hope you are resting easy and you are such an inspiration to all. I will never forget to come back and leave a note here and cellebrate his life. 🤍 Thank you.

  • from H

    很喜欢かわばた やすなり的一句话: “无言的死,就是无限的活” 6 years since you left the world behind.Love you Tim,sincere love from China. ᴀᴠɪᴄɪɪ ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ◢ ◤

  • from Simon

    六年了 依旧怀念 𝘼𝙑𝙄𝘾𝙄𝙄 𝙁𝙊𝙍𝙀𝙑𝙀𝙍 ◢◤

  • from Victor

    J’écoute Avicii depuis que je suis tout petit, c’était un artiste unique et un DJ à part. Sa sensibilité apporté dans les mélodies étaient tellement puissantes. Un artiste qui m’a beaucoup touché et qui continue aujourd’hui, mon artiste préféré all time. Repose en paix Tim ❤️‍🩹

  • from Fuka

    I can't believe it's been six years already. Your songs have helped me so much when I was in a bad mood! I will listen to your songs forever. Be happy in heaven💙

  • from Utsav

    today marks his 6th death anniversary…, wish i was there on 20 april 2018 in muscat oman so i could have stopped him, i dont know but…. the world of edm seems quiet without him. Avicii please if you are reading this from heaven come on earth take the crown of edm and rule the community. We really need you. This fact haunts me that you are not in this world. I hope you are okay wherever you are. God bless you.

  • from Taro

    6 years since you left the world behind. You and your music are still loved by millions of people and will be remembered forever. Biggest love from Japan💙

  • from Yuta

    Avicii Forever…⩘⩗

  • from Dee La Phia Dean

    6 Years without you & the world and I miss you Tim ❤️ Loved and remembered always The music plays and your legacy lives on I saw you, I hear you and I will never forget you Fly high Tim , Always loved for you x

  • from iBan


  • from Indigo

    I still can’t believe that your not with us anymore…😞 your the most beautiful angel in the sky, shine bright ❤️

  • from Vanessa

    Hey Brother. Wake me up. Levels. Waiting for Love. to be continued… to be continued… to be continued. Avicii forever.

  • from gjw


  • from Cindray

    The world is so incomplete without you. I’m still listening to your music now and today I miss you more than any other day.

  • from Diego M.

    Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already. I was 13 in middle school when you passed and now I’m 19 in college. Wish you could be here with us. Thank you for sparking a love for music in me. I wouldn’t be here without your music, I only wish you could say the same. Rest well Tim ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

  • from S

    Feels strange that 6 years has already passed. Still the best to ever do it. Thank you for everything Tim!

  • from Milena 🇨🇴

    Six years after your departure and your music, your legacy is still unique, we miss you so much…. We'll keep your music out there

  • from MP

    六年了 你在那边还好吗

  • from Lina

    Saknar dig extra idag Tim❤️

  • from Pole5tar

    We miss u Tim.

  • from GB

    6 år sedan idag du försvann från denna planet. Alldeles för tidigt. Minns tillfället när jag fick reda på det och blev chockad. Fattade inte vad som hade hänt förrän några timmar efter då jag verkligen förstod. Din musik, har alltid och kommer alltid vara den som spelas i högtalarna. Tim❤️

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