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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from RJ

    I will never forget my first concert was Avicii back in high school in June 2014. It was an experience I will always treasure with me. Your art will never end. Love, rest easy, and we miss you.

  • from Osmankilic29

    Your music continues to inspire us. We miss you. I hope you are at peace wherever you are.

  • from Joaquín Temoche

    Te extraño Avicii, te veo en otra vida

  • from Filip

    You will stay in many hearts forever you helped me motivate and bring my wish for life back RIP

  • from Sergey

    Раньше слушал треки Авичи и не вдавался в подробности кто их исполнитель, но они все такие на позитиве энергичные, сразу их узнаёшь что это один исполнитель! Даже сейчас спустя 10 лет и более они актуальны! Карелия с тобой! Под твои треки все дела идут все делается! Спасибо тебе за все! Forever today!!!

  • from Rose

    Thank you for everything, thank you.

  • from Vladimir

    I got acquainted with music, even in my teenage period Avicii instilled in me a love for music and I am grateful to him

  • from yusuf

    you are missed so much. thanks for everything

  • from Timble

    Minha Inspiração!

  • from Jimmy Q

    We will never forget a person who was the best on the planet!

  • from eunyukim

    l love you

  • from Zeon

    Never forget the days when I was 13, stretching out all day on the bed, staring at the TV for nothing, then the rhythms of "The Nights" burst out from MTV channel. That changed my life so much. Wish you were here man. Thank you and love you so much!

  • from Gaj

    Every time I listen to your music, I instantly start feeling better. It gives me energy and a feeling of being free. Forever in our hearts, love you Tim Rest in peace

  • from Angelo

    Forever in our hearts 💕

  • from Abenezer

    Wish you were here brother. The world needs you the most now. I hope you wake up again when it's all over.

  • from Csilla

    Tim was so incredibly gifted! He was without doubt directly inspired by the higher divines. Every piece of his music was tuning in on our collective vibes and cradling our souls with the exact melodies we were craving on these unfelt frequencies. Truly legendary! In his short life he already created a great amount of life changing art. I cant stop thinking how much wonder is lost to the world by his departure. He will be missed as long as we can remember. Rust zacht lieve Tim <3

  • from Alfredo F.M. de Veracruz para el mundo

    Recuerdo cuando lo escuché por primera vez es en 2011 estaba yo en YouTube y de la nada me dio por buscar YouTube y fue entonces que me apareció el YouTube Rewind de ese año que acababa de salir y de fondo estaba sonando levels de Avicii 🥺 entonces mi amor empezó por el cómo lo extraño 🥺 no es lo mismo sin el.

  • from Ludovico

    Hey Tim, Thanks. Until a month ago I didn't liked "Without you", but now, is my personal anthem, the anthem of my reborn. I'll tear this city down without you, I'll learn to love again, but first, I have to love me. Well man, you made it. You made me smile, you made me believe, maybe for the first time, in myself. Ti sono eternamente grato.

  • from Natalia R

    Love u for ever!

  • from Tom

    Thankful for you and your music

  • from Ric

    I heard your music in the past, but now that I was able to study it I really appreciate your work. Thank you pal!

  • from 1ファン



    If you were alive now, you don't know what would happen to the EDM industry. You were wonderful, man, I wish you weren't here yet, but I'll say it anyway. Iran also loved you ♥️🇮🇷

  • from Олена

    Дякую генію музики🫶🏼

  • from Jam

    Jag älskar din musik Tack så mycket

  • from veloso.villarroel.pato – ing

    Siempre estarás en mi playlist y en los recuerdos de mi juventud. Desde chile un abrazo al cielo!

  • from Артём

    Помню как послушал трек Левелс, и почувствовал прилив сил. Снова поверил в то, что у меня все получится. Надеюсь там где ты сейчас у тебя все хорошо! Желаю смотреть на себя и на окружающее пространство глазами Любви, гармонии с собой и окружающим пространством, наслаждения, различать негатив если он возникает, находить в этом Истину и сразу встраивать её в себя. Благодарю за музыку. Смотрел фильм с тобой, и сочувствовал. Земля тебе пухом!

  • from

    Anki och Claes. Nu bor jag på Irland sedan februari. Jag är inte rädd för er. Nu berättar ni om det rätta testamentet till Avicii See you in court Sara Elisabet Källström Joel Widemåne Jonah Widemåne Nimbus Källström Widemåne Var här ni glömt Liam?? 🤔 God jul

  • from Ivan (Russia)

    Я начал слушать Avicii в 2018 году. Его музыка помогает мне в трудную минуту. Музыка Avicii всегда оставит у меня тёплые и хорошие воспоминания. R.I.P. Avicii

  • from Zerone Brianstorm

    Avicii – Forever !❤️ Melodies that never die…

  • from Fivez

    Your music resonates with me on a deep emotional level. Rest well. Your pain is over. May your memory live forever.

  • from Simone

    Forever, legend❤️

  • from ᬼSGiiœDDœ TTᬼ facebook

  • from Anish

    Love you bro we miss you

  • from Miki

    Imam 42 godine i dan danas slusam njegova umetnicka dela. Njegova muzika mi i dan danas daje jednu posebnu energiju. Nemam osecaj i danas da ga nema sa nama. On je uvek prisutan i tako ce i da ostane. Hvala mu na svim pesmam i hitovima koji ce ostati zauvek u nama i teskim monentima nas podici da nastavimo dalje…

  • from VanNET

    Belarus love you too.

  • from NEXON

    Thanks You /Avicii/ Rest in pease

  • from Koree

    My 11 year old son has found Avicii on his own and it shows how his light is still shining in this world and inspiring people. I have loved Tim's music for years. Sending love to his family.


    An other month, Tim, dear boy, and I am still here to remember you , your music, your beautiful face, yor golden hair, your shining eyes. A kiss from down here to you, dearest boy!

  • from Dani


  • from Lim

    Just got the biography. Tim's legacy will live on forever. ◢◤

  • from someone

    We miss you very much

  • from Patty💚🤍❤️

    My life was a yo-yo, always up and down, from top to bottom, joys and trouble, never be the best but far from the worst. My life is now just a big mess full of problems that I can't figure out. From sky to magma quickly turning my existence upside down, losing all hope and trust in this world. I feel myself drowning in the fire of deceit, greed, malice and lies and I think of Avicii: SOS, help me put my mind to rest and I empathize with him. I think of you every day, dear boy.

  • from Shane

    I still miss you so much

  • from lio

    Tim, thank you very much for helping me with your music in difficult times <3

  • from Fish

    Avicii made incredible music that always leads to nostalgia. He is gone, but not forgotten.

  • from Lars Deiman

    We will never forget you Tim you will always be in our hearts because you are the best musician ever

  • from Rodny Halmingh

    Forever a legend.

  • from Lukas Fann


  • from Lucy Nelson

    When I think of Avicii, Tim, I remember hearing ‘Wake Me Up’ on the radio as a teenager. I’m from the UK and this song resonates with a lot of people still and the world we live in today. Thank you for your talent, for sharing it with the world. I know you are now at peace wherever that may be 💗 with love x

  • from Patryk

    Tim's music was my childhood. I remember Wake Me Up music video as one of the first music videos I've ever seen. It has always put a smile on my face. Then there was The Days lyric video. As a little kid I loved how the lyrics were being painted live on the wall. Years went by and he still was making masterpieces. Without You is my favourite song of his. Rest in peace, Tim. You'll forever be remembered.

  • from Bhavya Trivedi

    Avicii songs are like the lights for me in the darkness, Never met him , never talked to him but the connecting that i have with him through his songs is INDESCRIBABLE . Miss him everyday rip avicii

  • from Levels88

    Than you Tim for your contributions to this world. Your music is five star brilliance!!

  • from Xavier

    We will miss you, Avicii!

  • from Zane

    Tim's story, music and legacy gives me hope. Hope I can overcome addiction. Hope I can become an inspiration. Hope there are better days ahead. "I don't know where the journey will begin, but I know where to start…." That journey starts now, Tim. I'll never forget you and the impact you have left on my young soul. You have switched on the light in my darkest of times. Most importantly, you've motivated me to change. Change for the better. Miss ya dude.

  • from Jack

    Thank you for your gift of Music to this world Avicii. Nobody else has influenced me the way you have I find myself listening to you every single day. The world will never have another DJ like you Tim. You are loved everywhere in the world. I wish you were still here but even in your short time on Earth you managed to change EDM forever. Its not just music and mindless beats, I feel such emotion flooding through my heart and soul with every word, beat and melody. Rest in peaceful eternity <3

  • from 화이팅

    아비치~~ 또 왔어요. 또다시… 번아웃이 찾아와서 아비치 음악 들으면서 다시 힘내보려고요. 힘낼 수 있게 도와주세요! 잘자요 레전드

  • from JJ

    I love his songs his songs always has a powerful message that attracts people in so many ways his legacy and impact will inspire others too never lose hope RIP Tim see ya again

  • from Eric Luyimbaazi

    Avicii is the reason why am holding the line up to this point of the day. i Miss HIM and his the reason why i know any other dance/electronic artist but forever will be the No. 1 and No.0 At the top of the skies.. Love You Avicii!!◢ ◤

  • from Francis

    Dear Tim, in 2021 me and my mother travelled to Stockholm from England to see the "For a better day" concert in the Avicii arena. That was my first ever concert. And even though you weren't there. I loved every moment of it. Thank you for everything you did for your fans <3 Rest easy Brother <3

  • from Ladislau Alves

    Faltam palavras para descrever o quanto você foi importante na minha vida. Você foi umas das minhas maiores inspirações para seguir em frente, obrigado por tudo e espero que esteja em paz, espero lhe encontrar lá em cima algum dia. ❤️

  • from Michèle

    Hey Tim, Nobody else and no other music will ever touch my heart as much as you and yours. You‘ve made the soundtrack to many special moments in my life 🩷 Still can’t believe you’ve gone forever 🖤😢 I will never forget you🩷

  • from Rui

    A tua música é maravilhosa quando alguém como eu te recorda em momentos depressivos também desejo encontrar o meu mundo depois de um amor que talvez me leve para o céu mais rápido do que imagino.Wake me up,Tim.Obrigado.

  • from Nguyenkhanh0201

    Thank you thank you so much for creating music that helps me have so much more motivation in this life. One day I will go to Sweden to remember you 🫶🏻❤️❤️‍🔥thank you so much❤️ From Vietnam with love❤️‍🔥

  • from Carol·He

    Hey, Tim. It's another night for me to listening your music and working with my paper. I am about to get my master degree next year! And it is 6 years now. Your music are always with me, with all the difficult moments and give me energy to go ahead! 2023 will soon pass, I still love the music you made! thank you, Tim!

  • from Warbeast2312

    Always feel the happiness and joyful in your song! Love from Viet Nam

  • from David Novelo

    Tim!! Thank you for the music you gave us, you helped many people with those deep lyrics and with a message of improvement and hope, a legend never dies!!

  • from Ronak Jain

    Came across the songs of Avicci randomly on youtube. These are too much energetic that I've falled in love with them. The songs like "Nights" give hope for a bright future. Love Avicci

  • from Koji Discord

    Avicii is such a talented artist I ever heard my entire life since I heard the levels when I was 12 something, I can't stop listening to that good levels beat. Thank you Avicii.

  • from Kevin

    En cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar escuchar la musica de Tim me hace sentir mucha felicidad. Lo extrano mucho.

  • from Patricia from the UK

    Does it ever get any easier listening to Tim’s music has profound sadness and joy the two together causing unimaginable pain Thanks to this incredible soul I have seen Kygo twice and Martin Garrix both artists have both honoured Tim by playing his music heaven has you now there will never ever be anyone like you wish I could hug you and cry a billion tears for your pain Thank you for your music your smile and love ❤️

  • from Chris

    We Love you Tim! Thank you for your sharing your gift with all of us. Your legacy lives on!

  • from Yahia

    Hey Avicii, deine Musik hat so viel in meinem Leben bewegt. Deine Beats haben mich zum Tanzen gebracht, deine Melodien haben mir Kraft gegeben, und deine Texte haben mich zum Nachdenken gebracht. "The Nights" und "Hey Brother" wird immer einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen haben. Du hast uns mit deiner Kunst verändert und wirst unvergessen bleiben. Danke für die unvergesslichen Tracks, die mein Leben in Farbe getaucht haben. In Erinnerung, Yahia

  • from your big fan from hong kong

    i miss you :

  • from Steven

    Avicii was my favourite artist and my biggest inspiration. His music will always be a great source of joy. However Tim as a person is even more important to me. His struggles really resonate with me and I think our personalities are similar. While it still hurts me what happened to him it also helps me to look at how I should tackle my problems even in these tough times I'm facing right now. Thank you for everything Tim.

  • from Carolin

    He was such an beautiful soul and loving person. Love you 🙂

  • from marte

    Llevo escuchando a Tim desde que estaba en primero de la eso (he acabado la carrera este año) y ahora no puedo evitar derramar una lágrima escuchando su música. Muchas gracias Tim por habernos dado una parte de tí a través de tu música, me has ayudado en momentos muy duros y lo sigues haciendo. El mundo no ha vuelto a ser igual desde que te fuiste y te echamos muchísimo de menos.

  • from From Colombia: Aesoft(S.U.G)

    Avicii, your death is still not clarified. I don't know if you are around the world traveling and looking for the freedom you wanted or if you are in heaven, but I want you to know that your music will not be left behind, you left a legacy, you gave your opinion, you called for awareness; And although the world continues to advance and even die, your purpose was not in vain. Thank you for the messages and motivation in your songs, in addition to giving peace and hope.

  • from PG


  • from Lou Accioly

    I Love you! I Love you so much and I will remember you forever. Miss you my sweetie Timmy. ❤

  • from Hp

    Rip legend 🕊️

  • from Ye Manduo

    I am an ordinary student from China, and there is a lot of pressure in China, but the music you make motivates me to study and live hard. I'm sorry you passed away when I met you, but I want to say to you: Heaven must be happy to have you!

  • from LiL.sab

    sei stato una leggenga, lo sarai per sempre,sei stato la mia infanzia come un "brother" per me, che ora è passato solo al next "levels" mi manchi e spero che tu possa riposare in pace lassù, addio, Avicii

  • from Brenta

    When you get older, your wild heart will live for younger days.

  • from Rocky

    Life’s a game made for everyone, and love is the prize <a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a>

  • from Serafina

    Ich fand seine Musik elektrisierend und mitreißend, obwohl er mein Sohn hätte sein können. Da wir am gleichen Tag Geburtstag hatten und ich den gleichen Namen wie seine Mutter trage, passte das irgendwie. Oft denke ich auch heute noch an ihn und seine verwaisten Eltern. Was für ein (unnötiger) schmerzlicher Verlust!

  • from Jefferson

    Avicii, I’ll never forget you. You are such an inspiration to me. I look at videos of you producing music and it’s so incredible to see the talent you had. I will forever be grateful for the music you left behind.

  • from Manuel

    Simply the best. Always in our hearts.

  • from ZanetheCelt

    I’m old. 60 now, in fact. One day a group of my students, the ones you knew could be *friends* if you weren’t in the choir room. But still, they WERE MY KIDS. These were those who had your back and you had theirs. If they contacted you at 3am you knew to pick’em up and tak’em home. No questions asked then. Hey Brother was our anthem. The Sams, Travis’, Lees, Thoms, Connors, Brians—just to name a few. I didn’t leave. They did, always saying they’d return. Where am I now? Alone. Hey, Brother?

  • from dario

    has sido un grade en todo el mundo desde españa

  • from Alex

    I listen your music in 2020, you are a legend in my all life.thank you Tim!

  • from Silas

    I will always miss this man. It is very sad that most of this generation will just know him from the memes, while most of gen z will know him for his beautiful music. rest in peace legend.

  • from Evren

    Ever since my childhood, Avicii and his music has had a spot in my heart. His music has helped me through many hardships, I've also made many memories and friends through his music. To this day, his impact is still great, and he and his music serves as my greatest inspiration. Thank you Tim, we miss you but we will never forget you.

  • from Grizzly Bear


  • from Isla .k

    I loved avicii's music. I had just discovered how much his music effected the world when he passed away. Goodbye avicii, you will not be forgotten.

  • from Tom

    I miss you Tim, your music touch my soul

  • from From Nana

    Avicii was my inspiration for the longest time. His songs made me feel alive and made me experience a feeling that is really rare. He lives on through his music and the impact it’s had on me

  • from HollowSullyvhan

    Sei un ricordo della mia adolescenza in una fantastica vacanza. Erano the days e the nights, tutta quell’estate ho solo ascoltato quelle perchè mi davano un bellissimo mood marittimo. Penso di doverti ringraziare per quei bei ricordi e queste canzoni che mi hanno accompagnato. ❤️

  • from Saviour

    I enjoy your music a lot. You will always be remembered through your sounds. 😑

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