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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Mark

    In 2012 back when Santa Monica was still open to the idea of music in the Civic Center Avicii brought some intimate beats to the west side complete with bleachers in the back. It felt like the beginning of something new – a lot like watching the "Seek Bromance" video (by the then Tim Berg).

  • from GP

    The first Avicii song that I have heard is Addicted to you. Extraordinary music and video. Rest in Peace Avicii

  • from S.E.

    You were such an inspiration and your music will live on forever. We will never stop missing you. I truly believe that you are in a better place now.

  • from Thyske

    I always wanted to Go to a Avicii concert but i never did. I’m so sad about his passing. His heart stopped beating but his music Will beat on forever. RIP❤️

  • from Remco from the netherlands

    You give us a better day.and now we are. Without you are to the next have make the world a better place.i miss you every day

  • from liaar25

    your music was a joy to hear and feel you'll be deeply missed Tim.

  • from Lorenzo

    Simply thank you!

  • from Ben

    Hatte die besten Partys mit deiner Musik <3

  • from Dario Sky

    Thank you Timyou inspired me a lot

  • from Yvonne

    Your music is so beautiful. When I am listening to your music I am in a different world. A good place. It makes me sad to think that you could not live in this world anymore I hope you found peace. I will not forget you and your music. Love Yvonne

  • from

    First music video I ever saw wake me up by avicii. Amazing music and concerts❤️❤️

  • from Leonie (Netherlands)

    His Music (in particular Addicted To You and Wake Me Up) made me feel very calm and helped me in times when I really needed it.. ‘I didn’t know I was lost’ It made me feel better and happier in times When other couldn’t help me or When I didn’t seek help. AVICII Tim Bergling is a great loss.

  • from Ela

    Ik luisterde al sinds toen ik klein was naar je liedjes maar nu heb je ons verlaten en kan je geen leuke muziekjes meer maken? maar gelukkig hebben we nog je liedjes..

  • from Jamaican Avicii Fan

    my brudda? u gotta smoke da 'erb!!!

  • from Steve Angello

    So much love time from S—A

  • from Aaron – England

    i listened to avicii songs when I am happy and sad the music helped me when I had some struggles in my life. he is the reason im into EDM and wanted to start a career. I will always remember the year 2016 when I heard 'without you' for the first time at ultra Miami and thought wow what a intro that is. luckily later in the year I saw avicii twice at EDC UK and Creamfields which was his 2nd last performance.i will always appreciate your music for the love and joy it has given me. we all miss you


    Why you left us? I'm very sad without you. Lucky we have your song… Rip Tip.

  • from Marcelys✨

    Amaba tanto su música me inspiró muchísimo y la canción The Nights me acercó a mejorar la relación con mi padre.. Mil gracias por eso ? una leyenda se fue pero un recuerdo y uno de los mejores quedó ?

  • from Jane

    I loved his songs soo muchh!!

  • from July

    I am so sad. Your music was so great for me; for us. I hope there you have been now you don’t have any problems and look down to the world. I love you Tim thanks for every song. -so wake me up when it’s all over.-

  • from Leonie

    We miss you. You’ll be forever in our hearts. Thank you for the amazing music. RIP Tim ?

  • from leina cavalcante araujo

    I Remember you. rip!!!!

  • from Dennis

    Rest in Peace your Music was so famous

  • from Broken Roots

    Bromance I said all.

  • from YannK

    A true Artist with a sense of emotional music ! I love every piece of music he made ! We will me You so much ! Love from France !! Y.

  • from Chetan

    Everytime When I Was Sad I Would Listen To Wake Me Up! It Would Really Cheer Me Up And I would Be Happy For Rest Of The Day. I still can't believe that you're gone….. but your songs will stay with us for eternity.. Love You Tim ?

  • from Emiliano

    Followed You since I was a kid You've always been a legend producing one of the best music in the world I will never forget the fantastic moments you gave us and all the others who was/is listening to you. Thank you You will never be forgotten ❤️

  • from Freddie H.

    His music transcended ages and entertained the senses. From a grateful 68 year old.

  • from Amit

    Next month it wil be five years for the travling to durtmond germany with friends young and wild. The song "wake me up" was played at some moments the will be never forgot… And this song has defind me a period in my life lovley one Thank you avicii for make us happy…

  • from Adam

    I remember always feeling lonely and even suicidal at one point and then hey brother came out and I felt so much from the song. And I also love my brother very much and it was a song that had helped us bond a lot more. ♥️♥️

  • from Collin Giongo

    Stories hit me at the exact same time I needed it in my life. It was perfect. Albums like that are those that will always be cherished. Avicii’s music and legacy will live on in the millions who feel the same way. Rest In Peace. Long live.

  • from Julius Evola

    Sorry 4 ur loss! rip in pepperoni edm music person! IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES YUH

  • from Francisco R.

    I listen To his EDC 2013 set and every time it starts. it gives me chills “Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where to start They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes Well that's fine by me” remembering how special this song made me feel for being different . -thank you legend

  • from ❤

    Love u

  • from Valentin

    The music brings us together and Avicii to succeed through his musics to make the world appreciate his universe. His music will always be present in the heads of all the world it's timeless and reminds all of the unforgettable memories of festivities and joys!

  • from David Lee

    I remember driving to Penn State from Pittsburgh to catch his gig! Had a blast. His music divided opinion sometimes but it was always unique and iconic. I would always remember him as an artist who is not afraid to try something different and thus who always led the industry. He left us too early when he had so much to give! Rest in peace Tim Bergling! You make have left us but your creations left a mark in this world forever.

  • from Evan

    I listened to your music when I was happy when I wanted to celebrate life. I listened to your music when I was sad and wanted to be happy. Your lyrics offered so much hope no matter how sad or lonely the content was. I had a dream about you we were at a party and we talked about Carl Jung and I got to hug you. It was so vivid it was like it actually happened. It hurts to remember that you're gone but I can still feel your energy and I know the soul can't dissipate.

  • from Nami

    When I was twelve I was sequestered for 10 days by my father 4000 km away from home. Beaten insulted starved… I suffered so much psychological and physical violence. It is listening to Avicii's songs at night that kept me alive that made me think out of the hell I was into. It is also what saves me everyday in the depression I'm breaking through for 4 years know… I attempted suicide and I thought that Avicii unfortunately did it for me. I could never thank you enough for you music.

  • from Nadine

    His music will stay… forever! Music connects us and that‘s what his music did/does. Thanks for that❤️ We miss you….

  • from Zinhle

    We will never forget you. Thank you for the beautiful gift of music❤❤

  • from Leon

    Good music. Good memories. R.I.P Legend

  • from Gwen M

    Avicii's music provides the soundtrack to my university days. Particularly the songs Wake Me Up and The Nights. They remind me of good carefree times. Hey Brother reminds me of my own brother who I get on well with and our friendship. Thank you to Avicii for the wonderful music that has been enjoyed by millions of people and I hope the tributes on this website give some comfort to his friends and family.

  • from German

    Yesterday a young boy in my neighbour town committed suicide. Today on our way home me and my friends talked about suicides in 2018. Send love to all those strong people who win the fight and beautiful angels in heaven who lost it.

  • from afifa

    Your music keeps you alive in hearts of your fans. Including me!?

  • from ?

    mi manchi da morire ti amo.

  • from Tobbe S

    Minns än idag när LEVELS släpptes och tog oss alla med storm. För mig är den lika fantastisk och grym än idag och.mes samma känslor som då när man slår.på den eller hör den på radio. LEVELS wake me up hey brother står mig varmt om hjärtat med många fantastiska minnen för livet. Såg dock aldrig Tim live vilket jag ångrar bittert! Men hans musik lever vidare i oss alla på ett eller annat sätt. Vila i frid Tim Avicii Bergling och ett stort tack för din musik

  • from Diana meijer

    When you closed your eyes I opend mine. I hope you are finally heading Home wherever That may Be……..

  • from Manuel

    Non mi ero mai emozionato così tanto in un live nel 2016 apristi con WY sentendo quelle prime note mi venne subito la pelle d'oca (che ho tutt'ora ripensando a quel momento) fu qualcosa di meraviglioso tu le persone accanto a me eravamo tutti li. In quel momento hai spento tutti i nostri brutti pensieriproblemi… e ci hai fatto vivere. Ricordo ancora i sorrisi delle persone e le tue dita muoversi a tempo con la musica. Ricordo ancora i fuochi sparati sulle note di levels… li ricorderò

  • from Ohmar


  • from Yukionna Brazilian Dj and Procuder

    Eu tinha um sonho… de poder um dia tocar lado a lado com você ou fazer aquela colab… Você que foi o primeiro a me inspirar a me tocar de verdade com a música… Espero que do outro lado eu possa realizar esse sonho e lhe dizer o quanta falta o Tim fez aqui <3 ◢ ◤

  • from Wendy Costa Rica

    Tus canciones y letras son un reflejo de lo que eres y seras eternamente tu bella alma y corazón desde que lo escuché por primera vez me llegó hasta el profundo del mio su bella mirada y su también bella sonrisa llena de sinceridad espero que su familia con ayuda de Dios encuentren la fortaleza y gracias por traer a esta bella persona que tim con su excepcional talento tenia y seguirá aquí presente en todos sus fans de todo el mundo estamos ahí recordando y extrañando la verdad e llorado

  • from Vishal Jain

    Looking up There's always sky Rest your head I'll take you high We won't fade into darkness Won't let you fade into darkness Your music will stay Forever Tim ?

  • from From Estonia

    Sending you tons of love you sweet and talented angel!

  • from david rodrigues melo

    te amoooooooooooo me fez conhecer um lado mais positivo da vida <3

  • from Tom Jansen

    I listened to Avicci’s music so much when I was depressed. It helped me a lot through my situation. Thank you !

  • from A grateful fan

    I listen to your music every morning on my morning run. It's been helping to lift me out from one of the darkest pits of depression I've ever known. When you died I listened to every word harder and I ran harder. The beats the rhythm the words; as I lose myself in the music I'm finding meaning in the days. Thank you Tim I wish you were still here so I could thank you myself. I wish you could have felt something like that too.

  • from Denis

    Since forever and for : Eternity ! Tim Je T'aime ; I love You ; Ich liebe Dich ; אני אוהב אותך ; Σ 'Aγαπώ ; Te Amo ;我愛你 ; Seni seviyorum ; احبك… Kisses.

  • from Danique

    RIP Avicii I miss you❤️?

  • from TarikPalaur

    Me: Mom why did god had to take him? Mom: When u go to the garden which flower do u pick? Me: The beautiful one… Mom: Exactly Rip you'll always be remembered

  • from Oliver

    AVICII LEVELS will forever be my song

  • from dj mashma

    We have always loved Tim and we hope he is in a better place now. He has inspired many producers across the world.

  • from Magno Garcia Amorim

    I was 12 years old when I heard about the EDM sceneand that's how I met you.Two years laterI decided to become a DJ because of you and Hardwell.NowI'm 19 and dreaming of getting where you came from!Thank you for having changed the course of my lifeand thank you for being an inspiration to mefrom wherever you are.Your songs still inspire me to continue with my dream your energy will always be with me wherever I go.I love you andrest in peaceTim! From TRYPPmy EDM project!

  • from Oliver

    Thank You For The Music. You will be missed. R.I.P

  • from Karin k.

    July2016 me and a friend getting tickets to our 1st tomorrowland and it caused us to miss tim's set in our country the same time . Coming back from the festivalhearing about retirement from shows in a 24 hour decision buying tickets to his last show ever on 28 August in Ibiza . Flying for a night with only backpack My sickest and most emotional show ever. Avicii was truly my number 1 music producer for them and always. Now got myself tatto on my arm of him .

  • from Nicoly Roza Brazil

    Tim changed my life and my way of thinking. Without he I would surely be not here. Thank you Tim ❤️ i love you infinitely ?

  • from Elizabeth

    You saved my life I was dealing with depression anxiety a bad break up and failing school. I went to your show in 2009 and I never felt so understood by a group of people or by an artist. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. I remember hearing levels the first time and getting emotional. You are a powerful human and I am so grateful for what you've shared. RIP <3

  • from bella

    hey ik vind het heel jammer dat je bent dood gegaan rust in zacht

  • from Holland

    Millions listen to Avicii nobody listen to Tim .You truly be missed .Rest in peace ❤️

  • from Jermain from Chicago

    Thanks for inspiring me to produce and write music. Thanks for opening my eye and heart. Thanks for writing your songs that lifted me up from the deepest parts of the ocean. Your memory will never leave me.

  • from Lilly

    One of the greatest artist this world could have given to us. Thank you Tim for making music that left us with amazing nights and beautiful days. Your legacy will continue forever. xx

  • from Alex W.

    In 2013 i was driving down the keys together with my dad. We always had a difficult relationship and never talked much. Never shared the same taste of music! I started to play Hey Brother and he was amazed by it. He said „wow that’s probably the best song I’ve heard in a while“ so I decided to play the whole album True. For the first time since forever we were singing and laughing together! Since then our relationship improved completely. I think Tim’s music helped us thank you Tim!

  • from Juli

    Rest in Peace Angel.

  • from Wallef Bueno – Brazil

    Their songs give me goosebumps comfort inner peace. Brazil and the world has an eternal gratitude for that angel who stepped on the earth doing the best in our hearts. Forever Avicii !!! Brazil loves you.

  • from Maike

    I will remember how I walked home from SchoolWinter 2010with my iPod shuffle and I listen to one song on repeat: Seek Bromance. Ever since then I was a „Fan“ When I heard about your passing I stood silent. My biggest dream was to hear this song life at Tomorrowland. This year I managed to get Tickets. During Don Diablos Set I started crying cause I realized I could never live this dream of seeing you on stage. You’ve Inspiered so manyi Hope you‘ll never stop jamming up there You‘re missed.

  • from EDC Las Vegas

    Your music is honey to my ears and sugar to my soul. Thank you for creating beauty through melody.

  • from Ilse Anna Ligthart

    He was an amazing dj!? i love his music!! rest in peace!?

  • from rik libregts

    hoi avicii jou muziek heeft mij door moeilijke tijden geholpen ik heb namelijk vorig jaar ook zelfmoord willen plegen maar heb het niet gedaan en weet je hoe ik van gedachten veranderd ben door jou album stories en daar wil ik je voor bedanken. Avicii je bent nog steeds mijn idol en de gene waardoor ik zelf ook muziek ben gaan maken. Avicii I will See You Again In Heaven

  • from

    I remember when Avicii released The Nights. It was 2014 and I was with the first girl I ever loved. This was our song; we strived to live the life that he sings about because we knew one day we would look back on our younger days and that those would be the best days of our lives. The song really was life AND relationship changing. Fast forwards to 2018 and I was so heartbroken when Tim passed. He absolutely left a mark and fulfilled his destiny on Earth.

  • from Greta

    Love u avicii. Always in my heart. Rip❤❤??

  • from TS<3

    Thanks for all ❤️ I Will always remember you☹️?

  • from Jogford

    "One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember". These lyrics are the deepest and most motivational I've ever heard. Thankyou for gifting me such a blessed quote that will stick with me forever.

  • from Yukionna Brazilian DJ and Producer

    Avicii i'll never forget you i had the oportunity to be touched by his songs and to become a better person and think better about how to spend my life thank you Avicii – Great Berling thanks for teach me a lot and inspire me to be a Producer. Brazil ama você hoje e sempre! Obrigada por tudo!

  • from Oliver Closoff

    I’ve been touched by his music for almost a decade. He made songs that made me laugh he made songs that made me cry he made songs that made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world. I listened to his music during the tragedies of my life I listened to them to celebrate my successes. I never knew the man behind the music but he enriched my life and gave me so many gifts I’ll never be able to thank him for. I miss him as a friend I’ve never had and will always remember his influence on me.

  • from Emmi

    Me and my boyfriend where always listening to your music in the first weeks of our relationship. I wish there would be more music from you. You are missed:

  • from Alberto

    From Tim we learnt how to play the invisible piano with our hand up in the air the eyes closed and dreaming while listening to our favorite songs. Your music will be forever.

  • from Taylor


  • from

    Avicii was a true genious I loved his music and I will never stop listening to it. I also loved how much of a down to earth person he was despite of his fame. You will be missed Avicii.♡

  • from Holland

    The Good die young rest in peace legend

  • from Connor

    Can’t believe you’re gone I wanted to see you one day. However I am grateful for eternity for making me feel your music every time I played it it just felt like a rush of energy and I don’t think any other artist has done that there will be never be another like you you brought me up when times were hard and I will never forget that you were just brilliant and I will miss you forever but your music will live on forever. Thank you.

  • from Julia

    Avicii’s music has had such a big impact on my life. I went to an EDM festival back in 2012 where the only DJ I had heard of was Avicii. The festival was amazing and it ended up being one of the most important events in my life. I fell in love with EDM and I don’t know if I had ever found the music that I truly enjoy if Tim hadn’t been performing there. All I can say is thank you Tim Avicii for everything you did. You were a talent and your music will keep on having an impact on us all.

  • from England

    Avicii's music will truly stay in my heart forever. Tim was such an amazing a DID he is is my thoughts ❤

  • from Janine

    The music you made will never be forgotten. It touched everybody heart and soul. I hope you will find peace

  • from Matheus Souza

    Avicii foi o dj q me mostrou a magia da EDM com ele aprendi a sentir novas emoções ao ouvir uma boa música um dos meus sonhos era poder ir em um set dele no tomorrow 🙁 mas sei q ele está em um lugar melhor. Pra sempre em nossos corações.

  • from Anne-Marie the Netherlands

    Wake Me Up. Memories of a hot summer spent in Paris dancing to this song on a roof terrace with my best friend on several balmy nights. Whenever I hear it I am right back in those moments of sheer liberating joy. That is what your music gave us. A simple thank you is not enough but it is given with love and light.

  • from Laura Sch.

    Avicii war und ist eine Legende! Seine Musik hat mich zum aller ersten mal berührt er hat mich berührt. Für immer in meinem Herzen❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from A avicii lover

    We love you forever !!

  • from Beatrice tassinari

    Grazie per tutte le emozioni e per tutte le volte che con una tua canzone hai reso memorabile un qualsiasi momento che ora è un bellissimo ricordo. Non c'è niente di meglio che trovarsi nella città che hai sempre voluto visitare con il tramonto e una tua canzone. Per sempre nel mio cuore.

  • from Philippe

    J'ai découvert Avicii en 2011 vers l'âge de 11 ans via le clip de "Seek Bromance". Au fur et a mesure du temps j'ai continuer à écouter toutes ses musiques je pleurais en écoutant certaines d'entre elles Avicii était et restera mon artiste préféré le DJ le plus talentueux au monde selon moi. J'ai été choqué et déçu d'apprendre sa mort il était trop jeune. J'espère qu'à ce jour il repose en paix c'était une bonne personne. RIP

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