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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Lisa?

    Tim's music has been the soundtrack of my teenage years. I'll always remember how much fun me and my friends had listening to his music. It'll always be in my heart and whenever I listen to his music it brings back so many good memories. We love you Tim❤️?

  • from Salvador Gregori Anaya

    Avicii was just my model to follow in life as he never surrender doing what he wanted making people enjoy with its creations. He was the one that introduced me in some way to music before he became famous. He was the one that seemed imbatible and full of energy. I missed my opportunity to see him at a concert and have fun. I will miss him his music his energy and his love to his fans. Always your fan Avicii from the start until forever by your side. Forever your music. Forever your memories.

  • from Amelia

    One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.

  • from Vivian Poku

    On the list of the best moment of my life – always – eight years and counting! Thank you so much for giving me energy hope and empathy whenever I listen to your music. To me you will always be alive in your beats! Your memory lives on???????? Rest Now.

  • from Alex

    The man is a legend.

  • from Julia

    Your music is everything to me. It never fails to make me feel better. Tim’s death has affected me in ways I could never imagine. Not because of his music but because someone who was so special in every way could feel like that. He’ll be remember by those who were lucky enough to know him and by his fans as one of best. The best of men and the best a person could be. I hope Tim is at peace now I’m sorry this was his way out. I’ll always have regret for his ending. Keep shining xxx

  • from Marvin

    I've bought this jacket 4 years ago to support my idol. Now he is gone forever. R.I.P Avicii. You have shaped my taste in music. #legend

  • from KingRyu

    It's the DJ who made great music

  • from Maurice(myf)

    Thank you Avicii for the the efforts putting into EDM. The days when my friend and I are in University. Our playlist will always have ur songs. Those songs brings back alot of memories. "They say one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember".This paragraph is such an important part of my life. This song and video inspired me to pick up my camera and learn how to create travel videos! Words can't describe how thankful we are. Someday we will meet each other again!

  • from

    I've bought this jacket 4 years ago to support my idol. Now he is gone forever. R.I.P Avicii. You have shaped my taste in music. #legend

  • from JennyB

    Thank you for your inspirational lyrics and music; you were one utterly amazing human being. Sending much courage to your loved ones. Your music will live on forever. Without a doubt you lived a life we will all remember. ?

  • from Utakata


  • from kisin


  • from Süßi

    It was in 2015 when my husband and I came together. On a night in August we went to the "Night of Media" in Hamburg. Nobody wanted to dance – but we didnt care. As soon as we heard "Wake me up" we started dancing and we felt just happy and were in love. I will never forget this night and that we danced to the music of Avicii.

  • from Alessandra Yamasaki

    Was the first concert of Tim at Tokyo. And I waited for this for a long time. The vibe was great!!! Thank for that gig !!! It will never fade in the darkness…

  • from Breaz Antonela

    I don't really have a memory but i still remember the impact he had on me. I was going with my family at the Black Sea it was middle august in 2013. I went in my cousins' car for a few hours and "Wake me up" came on the radio. I hadn't understand a word of it but i fell in love. 1 or 2 years later i was listening to his singles always when i had time to. In 2015 he came in my country for the first edition of a great festival but i was too small to go. If I could only turn back time…

  • from Davide

    Damn i’m gonna miss you so bad. No matter how much life try to put me down your songs instantly make the sun shine again. I listen to your live sets at least once a week and i think i will never stop to do that because it simply makes me feel better. Always.

  • from Nida Anis

    When I was a kid about 8 years old some of Avicii’s songs were available as a free download on iTunes. I got the songs on my mum’s iPad and blasted the songs every time we were on the train going to see my cousin in Switzerland. Every time I listen to him I always get transported back to then. Now I’ll feel I’ll never be able to live those moments again. Godspeed Avicii. You were AMAZING. – Nida Anis 14

  • from Rory Back

    Avicii's music was the unofficial soundtrack of my university years. From the nervous nights of freshers week to partying in the alps on the ski trip and finally celebrating graduation his tunes reflected the highs and lows of leaving adolescence. Hearing those melodies and beats will always carry me to a reverie of joyous emotional times.

  • from L

    I would like to thank avicii for his song wake me up. This is to date my favourite song and has such an important meaning to me since it has come to light that him and i were battening with similar demons it means even more. I wish his family and loved ones health and hope that these tributes will help with your grief

  • from AB

    Amazing artist and great guy. Strongly missed. RIP legend your legacy continues to live on forever

  • from Anon

    Tim was the first artist whose music just blew me away. Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today so for that I thank him. Since I first heard Levels I was hooked completely. Rest easy mate.

  • from Andrea

    Avicii music help me when my mom was at hospital his music get me hope and I'm in every moment grateful th him

  • from Iain St John

    Avicii’s music was always the music I would listen to if I got bullied or beat up and it would have made me feel better. His song Wake me up is a song I will never get tired of listening to and it I’m gutted that he sadly passed away but his music will live on forever. R.I.P Avicii ❤️

  • from Ash Taylor

    Tim and his music will forever hold a special place in my heart. His music was the soundtrack to my own personal battle with depression and a move that took me half way around the world. It took me 18 months to ward off my inner demons but now his music pumps through my headphones on a daily basis and puts a big smile upon my face. I have so many fond memories of which I associate with Tim's music. His performances at Tomorrow Land and in Sydney Australia will never be forgotten. Thank you.

  • from Bob Conway DJ Ireland.

    I always enjoyed seeing the huge sense of unity and happiness every time I played Tim's music in clubs around Ireland. 'Levels' and 'Wake me up' stand way out there. Tim I hope you are now resting peacefully. I hope you take great comfort in knowing how much joy you brought – and continue to bring – to so many people who shared your love for music and dance. It is just so sad that you struggled with your own life at the same time. Thank you Tim and Godspeed.

  • from Deejay

    I always remember people asking me what that song was (bromance) and asked me if they could have a copy or play it again it wasn’t the only song that made people dance and enjoy the feeling you give through your music your passion and energy always captured the true emotion of a song while being energetic enough to keep people dancing through the bass line to me I’ll always remember I could count on your songs to get people to throw there hands up and feel the song. Never forgotten a lengend

  • from tim white

    tune master

  • from Emily

    I still can’t believe he’s gone. There’s not a day that goes by where I think about how much we could have done as supporters to make him feel less overwhelmed and more loved. I can’t believe I’ll never get to see him perform live. He’s been such a massive inspiration to me from such a young age and I still cry every time I listen to his music. I wish he was still here. RIP Tim ???

  • from Ben

    The first music show of my life was the Avicii show in 2016 in Israel. I’m happy to remember the first time of having fun with great and loud music. I couldn’t get better first show than that. R.I.P Avicii/Tim you’ll always be the best dj in the world. Ben

  • from DM

    A full inspiration during my formative years. His uplifting and open songs providing hope and if nothing else just amazing music. Never forgotten.

  • from Leo

    Amazing artist his music always brought me back to earth when I was feeling down. I love you Avicii <3

  • from Yolanda

    Tim fuiste una persona increíble nunca olvidaré tu música te conocí cuando escuché "wake me Up" esa canción era perfecta para el momento que estaba pasando sentía la presión de toda mi familia y al escucharte sentía un alivio en mi pero mi himno es The Nights nunca olvidaré la frase: " Vive la vida que recordarás" me da esperanzas quiero vivir una vida de aventuras una vida que recordaré por siempre. Te fuiste tan rápido pero se que disfrutaste tu vida al maximo. Te adoro siempre lo hare

  • from Fili

  • from Chris Walsh

    What can I say a true happy legend lost . He was a man of pure genius bringing happiness and light into a world were his own troubles he kept to himself . Will sadly miss him having been to many of his shows . RIP sir I'm quite sure they will never be any one with his genius be able to come anywhere near how fantastic he was .

  • from E

    You will be forever

  • from Abigail D.T.

    Avicii's music got me out of a dark place. I was really struggling with depression and his music just helped me not end it all. It was one of the most important factors for which I'm alive right now. He was a rock and expressed something really important and valuable through his music. He will be missed…❤

  • from Sarah Jane

    I can remember the first time I heard ‘Seek Bromance’ on the radio and instantly fell in love. I had no idea that it was Avicii who created the song until about a year afterwards. From the minute I found out who he was and listened to his music I haven’t stopped. I still listen to his music on my phone. I have a playlist full of all his songs. Avicii you were and will always be the best DJ on this planet. I hope you’ve found peace. ❤️

  • from jo

    So give me hope give me hope give me hope on this lonely ride cause i know one day ill be the one in the sky

  • from V.

    Tim har alltid varit en stor inspiration för mig. Inte nog med att vi kommer från samma land precis som Tim är jag född och uppvuxen i Stockholm. Tim har visat vägen för oss yngre stockholmare att det faktiskt är möjligt att göra ett namn av sig i den stora vida världen. Jag kommer alltid att minnas dig och din musik kommer för alltid att leva kvar med oss. Vila i frid Tim.

  • from frederic

    Je garderais l'image d'un jeune homme simple gentil passionné et une musique électro novatrice…. de jolies mélodies gravées à jamais dans ma tete encore et encore…Fan absolu….pour toujours Tim

  • from Lexie – Australia

    Legends never die ❤️

  • from stefano

    caro tim la prima volta che l'italia a sentito le tue tracce e stata una rivoluzione tutti impazziti per quel giovane ragazzo ai ispirato tutti xon la tua musica grazie al tuo operato ho iniziato a produrre musica iapirato dal tuo stile ramarrai sempre noi nostri cuori tim

  • from Marvin Nathan

    Avicii introduced me to the world of EDM. There was a time life was at its lowest(2014) and I didn't know where I was going. But listening to Levels and Wake Me Up just changed my life as a seventh grader. Now as an eleventh grader upon hearing the news of Mr. Bergling' s death I thanked him for helping me rediscover pure happiness and the objectives of my life.

  • from Ahmed bahha

    Thank you for everything

  • from Francesco

    Tu eri la perfezione in ogni canzone cera un parte di te ci mancherai tantissimo. Ciao Tim ❤️

  • from Slava

    Спасибо за музыку! Ты был очень талантливый dj

  • from Per Eriksson

    Great music

  • from e.t musix

    amazing artist i learned from him how to produce music and will remember him forever!! thanks for giving us your greate music!

  • from Aaron

    Avicii is a very talented person his music got me through some very tough times and brang joylove and forgiveness to my heart the messages he tried to tell the world did not go on deaf ears his music will live in my heart forever

  • from Alexandra

    Avicii taught me what electronic music really means I do not think it will be born a dj as talented as he is. Avicii will be in my heart forever . So wake me up when it's all over When I'm wiser and I'm older All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost So wake me up when it's all over When I'm wiser and I'm older All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost

  • from Itay Bernstein

    I was around 10 in my mom's car. She turned on the radio and in the radio the song "Levels" and I really liked it. I looked for it in YouTube and kept listening to it for a while. I started listening to him for years. My favorite was "Hey Brother". I remember me crying in school after reading the news. I was so freaking out for days. I cried. A lot. Now that I know Avicii is not with us anymore I keep listening to his songs and don't forget him. He was part of my childhood. #rememberavicii

  • from Maud

    His music just was so different from others… I grew up with his music and I loved every single of them and still do. I will never forget him and what he left us behind. It's not really a big memory but I just wanted to write something for him! Rest in peace

  • from Subhangi Nayak

    I really miss avicii!! He was the reason i started hearing EDM's at the first place and now when i hear his music i know that there won't be anymore new songs. I would be eagerly waiting for him to drop another song which would take the world by it's feet but now there's never going to be that feeling again. Miss you❤️

  • from Viktor Berlin

    A Inspirator who made me continue to make music and listen to music. A person like a whole world but also me to know how much you can do just through the music

  • from Anonym

    Tim "Avicii" Bergling har varit en stor del av mitt liv! Som bar satt jag och kollade på musik videon för wake me upp flera gånger om dagen! När jag fick höra att han hade gått bort så trodde jag att det var ett skämt. Tack för allt! Jag skulle inte vart den jag är idag om jag inte börjat lyssna på din musik! Tack!

  • from Eileen

    I was very heartbroken about 5 years ago about a girl who I was never meant be with. Every time I heard the song "addicted to you " I cried so much but it helped me get to better place I'm not sure if there would have been another song to replace it at the time. I just know that when I here it it stops me in my tracks. Tim was amazing and I will never forget the power if His music.

  • from Avi

    Im really like his music so disappointed that he decide to end his life with suicide im still hearing his music repeatedly and miss him so much.

  • from Adeele Katriin Seljamäe

    His songs Made me cry

  • from Benjamin.

    For me Avicii was more than just music. More than just a talented person but an artist . An inspiration. I just wish that he knew that there was hundreds if not thousands of people out there just like myself who looked up to him and appreciate everything that he did. The time the effort and the sacrifices he made to create his masterpieces. His music will live on forever in my playlists and So shall his name. This world wasnt created to be easy. Thank ufor giving it your best

  • from Steven Ozier

    RIP Avicii. Thank You For Getting Me Inspired To Do Electronic Dance Music For A Living. You Are My Favorite DJ In The EDM Community And Always Will Be. Thank You So Much For All Of Your Amazing Talents Music And Stories You Shared With Us. We All Love You And Remember You For Years To Come. I Hope You Are Watching All Of Us From A Sky Full Of Stars. I Will Meet Up With You In Heaven My Friend. R.I.P Steven Ozier.

  • from User338754

    Avicii war mein Idol ich war sehr sehr traurig als ich erfahren habe dass er Tot ist. Ich habe alle seine Lieder geliebt und habe alle CD's von ihm. Aber meine Trauer wurde vermischt mit Freude weil seine Lieder für immer bleiben werden. Immer wenn ich traurig bin höre ich mir Aviciis Songs an und mir geht es gleich besser. Aber das wenn ich mache kommt auch die ganze Trauer zurück. Ich freue mich schon auf das neue Album mit den unveröffentlichten Liedern von ihm. R.I.P Avicii mein Idol.

  • from Micky

    Thanks for all Avicii thanks for the night when your song stop me when im crying thanks for levels thanks for all i only say "thanks you"

  • from Beam ??

    I still can remember the first time that I listened to Avicii’s music. At that moment irrationally I was so empty hopeless and depreesed but then I randomly listen to his music I felt myself had just been fulfilled. That song was Wake Me Up. I listened to it over and over again. I can surely say that his music saved my life. I want to say thank you to him my life saver . With his music I will never feel so empty. Your music will live forever. Thank you Tim Bergling.

  • from Sara

    You're my hero Tim. Thank you so much for everything you did. Italy loves and misses you so so so much. Ti voglio bene.❤

  • from あかり

    Wake me upのMVがすごーく好きで、何回も何回も観てた。 二十歳までエホバの証人とゆうカルトに入らされていて、出られずもがいていた子供の頃感じていた違和感や世間からの目線があの中で表現されているように感じたんだ。Aviciiの曲をいろいろ好きになったけど、やっぱりWake me upは私のベスト。 抜け出せた今、私はあの冷たい目線を、彼らに送ってるよ。 あなたが亡くなった朝、お布団の中で訃報を知ったときの衝撃。4ヶ月経ったけど、まだ涙が出るよ。Avicii辛かったんだね。今は穏やかに過ごせてますか?でも、もう少し生きていて欲しかったなぁ。新しい曲聞けなくてもいいから、あなたに幸せで穏やかな人生送って欲しかった。 私はまだカルトの影響で辛くて、人生早く終わらないかな死んでしまいたいなって毎日考えるけど、あなたの曲を聞きながら1日ずつ乗り切るね。ありがとう。

  • from Madison & Griff

    Avicii gave me goosebumps every song i ever listened to. I was never lucky enough to see him live. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when i found out the horrible news! My boyfriend and I would listen to Dear Boy so loud in the car. You could listen to his music for hours and think so many thoughts! We love you avicii. Never ever forgotten. Blessed to have tour music xx

  • from Florian

    AVICII´s album True was my first physical "EDM" CD. In the meantime the CD has received a place of honor in my flat.

  • from Aly Zaghloul

    His music and my teenhood are deeply connected. When I look back on my teen years his music plays in the background of my head.

  • from Katie Smith @bluewilloqueen

    It broke me when I heard he passed away. I have listened to his music since I was 12 years old and over that seven year period I have grown more and more attached to his music. His albums were just beautiful. I have had a difficult start to life I was bullied a lot. He practically saved my life just with his music because the bullying got to much for me I wanted to kill myself but he saved me. I will always love him and I am so thankful for the music he has given. I will miss him forever.

  • from Bar cohen

    The songs of aviici just help me to be happy when all the world look like he go to die. R.I.P AVIICI

  • from Harry Kirkwood

    Avicii was the main reason I began producing myself. He was more than an inspiration he was a game changer. Listening to your music inspires me more than anything. Rest easy Tim x

  • from Diana

    The first song my greatest love and i heard toghether was Avicii's without you. Till this day the song can make my heart bleed.

  • from Riccardo Nicola and Riccardo…with love

    The image refers to your last show. Nicola was behind us (me and Riccardo) and you looked at us laughing. Your fable will never end. Your music will never die. You were a genius of the melody. We will miss you forever.

  • from Alessandro Ponton

    Grazie per avermi fatto scoprire questo mondo Tim. E grazie per avermi emozionato.

  • from Alessandra Maccagni

    I fell in love with your music immediately the only full albums I’m listening to every day are yours. I saw you live a few times in Italy and Ibiza and felt a sort of connection with your soul…I spent years of my life with your songs and everytime someone plays one I look at the sky and hope you can feel all our love for you. I saw your movie the day it came out and felt even more close to you…miss you so much Tim… “Your music has brought me so much happiness” ♥️

  • from Bryan breuer

    avicii is a great artist who gives me back the moral when everything goes wrong and he will miss his fans a lot …

  • from Riichiro

    When I listened “wake me up” for the first timeI telled my friend that is very best song of the world with excitement. Thank you very much for many great songs and coming to Japan. You’re My Best DJ forever Avicii.

  • from Dennis

  • from Luigi

    Caro avicii grazie a te mi sono innamorato della musica EDM eri sei e resterai il migliore di tutti mi manchi tanto Tim. ❤

  • from alessandro

    I always love the music of tim . In my opinion remain the best dj of music house pop and country. Rest in peace tim

  • from Matilde Cobelli

    I will always remember when Wake Me Up came out. I was in bed watching tv switching from channel to channel. At one point I stopped and I listened to this beautiful song. It instantly filled me with joy and happiness I loved it and I couldn't get it out of my head. His songs still makes me feel like that summer of 2013; he had the capacity of making me happy like no other artists could. He was a great artist and he will always have a place in my heart. We will miss you.

  • from Владислав.

    Помню как однажды услышал "Levels" он доносился из всех радиостанций из каждого магазина и каждого заведения на тот момент я еще не понимал кто такой музыкант Avicii. Позже не спеша знакомясь с дискографией музыканта с каждым новым треком меня все чаще начало переполнять внезапное чувство радости мелодичности красивые гармонии очень захватывали. Этот человек оставил светлые воспоминания как музыкой так и своим образом. Всегда приятно слушать твою музыку. Спасибо за AFP в 2014.

  • from Daniel Hone

    Once a legend always a legend! RIP

  • from Jurgen

    There was a time I didn't know what electronic music was. Then I started to listen to songs like Wake Me Up Hey Brother Additect To You and I fell in love with that music. Later on I figured out that all those melodies were composed by the same incredible person: Tim. And this is how begins my love story with Avicii and EDM. So big that made me start to compose my own music. In conclusion thank you Tim for giving me the opportunity to discover a beautiful world and thank you for your music.

  • from Livia

    I miss you you know? You knew my heart not even knowing me. Mi manchi.

  • from Siret

    I like Avicii music very much. Thanks.

  • from OSHEEN

    he was mah inspiration to gey into music production

  • from M.

    You have been and always will be one of the biggest inspirations for me. How hardworking yet humble you were is beyond the words I should say. Thank you for everything you've created for us hope you're sleeping tigh <3

  • from Younes akabour

    You changed my life You changed my mind You changed my feeling I will never forget your name and your music legend Allah! Give for him mercy Rest in heaven tim

  • from Eleonora

    I discovered Tim’s music in 2013 when a friend of mine played “Levels’ and ‘Wake me up’ at a party and then I fell in love with his music. When I heard about his death I started crying like a baby. I never thought I would have felt so close to a person I’ve never met personally. I miss you so much every single day Tim. Singing your songs is not the same now …

  • from Gabriel Fazio

    Quando ascoltai per la prima volta le sue canzoni mi emozionai e capii che lui era un dj diverso aveva qualcosa in più. Quando ho preso il suo vinile "Stories" continuavo ad ascoltarlo finché non mi si imprimevano nella memoria pe sue canzoni. Grazie di tutto Tim.

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