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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Bernadette

    I found him as a musician on the year of his death. His music is a gift. Godspeed brother.

  • from Lost Light

    Avicii is my favorite artist and he will remain so. I miss you a lot ! <3

  • from Arvid

    My memory of Tim AVICII Bergling is my time when i had bad feeling and the start of my house music interest which is a big part of me today so when i heard he went to the other side i was in shock but even if he's no longer among us we still listen to his awesome music and enjoy! R.I.P Tim Avicii Bergling❤

  • from Nolan

    I started to get interested in electro music Thanks to Avicii. I felt so much emotion by listening to his songs. I didn’t know him personnaly but I’m convinced that he was the sweetest person in the entire planet. I miss him so much and I’m proud of what he did. We love you from the bottom of our hearts Avicii. ❤️

  • from Tristan Farkas

    Thanks. I can just say thank you I've got Avicii to thank for helping me study to use his music and jam out to it I want to thank you for helping everyday boring tasks like emptying the washer becoming a lot more fun. So thank you. — Just another Swede

  • from Hamdija

    The nights spent with friends and the mu sic you made are truly the nights that never die.

  • from anne

    when i was 8 years old i think is lissened the song addicted to you i whaa scered fore the clip because i was young.. thats my memorie not verry special but its a memorie

  • from Thom

    Your music was fantastic. Always on vacation I listen your music. Your a hero.

  • from userwithroot

    I met avicii thanks to his track "Levels" and I be his fan since 2012 -2015. RIP Avicii

  • from Tristen

    AVICII. You're my biggest inspiration idol and hero. The world misses you every single day. There's not a day that goes by without me thinking of you. You and your music will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for so many beautiful moments. Rest In Peace AVICII Tim Bergling <3

  • from Jessica

    Thanks for your best music in the world we shall not forget you listening to your music renimind me of you I am very appreciative for your best music we all love you inside our heart xxxxx UK Hereford

  • from Philipp Stangenberg

    Avicii was the First ever DJ from which i Hear a Song anderen after i Bad heared that Song i was Sure that this ist the Type of music i wanna hear. Today i hear His Song whenever i can anderen ist gives meine Power. So the only thing i can say ist Thanksgiving you Tim for make ne the Person that i am now Rest in Peace…

  • from Vividria

    Rest in pieces Avicii. You will be missed. You would've lived up to 100 years old but it got stopped early by suicide. What's with people with mental health these days?

  • from Beth


  • from Shawna B.

    Years ago when his song Wake Me Up came out I was going through a divorce it was a very painful time in my life and when I heard that song come on the radio it gave me so much peace and gave me hope for another day. I was so very saddened to hear of his death and hope and pray that you as his family find peace. He was an inspiration to many.

  • from diana

    He was an amazing artist. I enjoy his music every day. He was wonderful. I hope he’s dancing in the sky ❤️

  • from Jana

    Bei jedem seiner Songs füllt sich mein Herz mit Liebe und Wärme. Ich erinnere mich immer an warme Sommernächte draußen am See mit Freunden und Familie. Augenblicke die man nie vergessen möchte und die von der Musik wieder zum Leben erwachen. Danke für diese geile Zeit Tim!

  • from Anisa

    I will always love the music of Avicci❤ He is the one who brought me in the house scene and I will never regret that. I'm so sorry for your lost of a wonderful son and a amazing dj. I will never forget him as the rest of the word. His music always makes me happy and it will forever❤

  • from Amylin

    I hope you have peace now and we will remember you forever. I miss you…

  • from Nicky

    We Will never forget you rip best

  • from Från Lill

    ❤Tack för Musiken – takten tempot rytmen och tack för allt du gjort för utsatta. Du… Är… Bäst. Tack även för att Levan Tsikurishvili som fick filma och följa dig så att True Stories blev till. ( Blev troligtvis jobbigt för dig ) Men spännande och sorgligt för oss andra. Sov gott Tim"Avicii"Bergling . Din musik kommer leva vidare. Ännu en Stjärna har tagit plats på himlen. ?❤❤❤❤

  • from Simone

    Love your Music gave me memories i will Never forget ♥️♥️♥️♥️ R.I.P.

  • from Michele

    His music was just beautiful. I loved it since Wake Me Up and then I listened to every song of him. He was such a beautiful person and he will forever be my favourite singer. From Italy ??

  • from Angie

    Tú me hiciste apreciar la música con tus hermosas melodías ahora estás en un lugar tan dulce como tú siempre estarás en nuestros corazones y serás recordado por la gran persona que fuiste por siempre AVICII

  • from Josien Visser

    Hi First of all i'm so sorry for everything you have been trough. The first time i listend to avicci's music i was 11 or something preparing for a interview on school. His music made me very happy than but still it makes me very happy. I still have so much love for him because he shared his talent with all of us and i'm so gratefull for that. So thank you Avicci<3 Greetings from Josien The Neterlands (probably there are some grammar mistakes but i'm in highschool so i have to learn it.

  • from Amy

    Your music was great! I miss such a great star as you!? i always remember you with your great music??

  • from Julia

    I really loved your music i will never forget you!

  • from Christine — bklyn ny

    Such a talented human being. Wish I could have had the opportunity to see you live. You will be missed and never forgotten.

  • from Fanni

    I was shocked when i saw the news of Tim's death. I was like 13 years old when i heard Seek Bromance first. I loved that song. I only realised it was Tim's song after his death. I never was a big fan of him but i loved every single songs he made. These days i still find songs from him that i loved but didn't know he was the creator of my favourite rhythms. Then i started to listen to his songs directly. He was a pure genius. Thanks for the incredible melodies. U were 1 in a billion.

  • from Maria

    You'll always live inside me! RIP Tim i hope you found peace. You were so talentedsuch a good human being we all will never forget you! I'll always think of you day or night. You'll always stay in my heart!

  • from neyller alexis burgos leon.

    i miss you avicii in your memories for ever

  • from RIP


  • from Annelies

    We miss you your music is amazing ❤️you're in a good place now Xx

  • from LG

    Thanks for the music we miss you.

  • from Luc

    We will never forget!

  • from Campos

    Las Leyendas nunca mueren brilla desde el cielo como lo hacías con tu música aquí en la Tierra. Siempre en nuestros corazones. Avicii

  • from Trish

    I was obsessed with "Wake Me Up" when it first came out and listened to it almost daily. I had been struggling with my own mental health where I wanted to be in the world and what I wanted to make of myself. I quit my job and took off to New Zealand. On my tour our morning greeting song was "Wake Me Up" which provided great comfort for me. This song played a vital role in my life at that time and will continue to remind me of the good times as well as my decisions to travel. Thanks Avicii.

  • from TB.Holland

    Tim you are a legend. We won’t forget you. You have a special place in our heart. Thankyou Tim bergling. Thankyou for all the special music and memories that you gave us. R.i.p

  • from P. Nagel

    Levels is the song of my life. Thank you for the joy you gave to the world through your music!

  • from Romain mazzoli

    COLOMBIN du matin! COLOMBIN toujours!

  • from Noa guevel

    You are a exemple for the humanity your music rest in us heart ?

  • from Bayleigh

    When I heard that Avicii had passed a part of my heart went missing. His music meant so much to me and I bonded with his music so much that I wished one day I'd meet him and give him a massive hug because I loved his music so much. Almost every song was a masterpiece and to this day I have listened to at least one of his songs each day. Avicii was a true inspiration to me and always will be. Guess I won't be going to church on Sunday I'll be Waiting for Love because I'm a True Believer <3 <3

  • from A french man

    I miss You… Thanks for you magical music !

  • from Girl??

    I just can't believe you aren't here anymore. I love your music so much ♥️. Since I was a little child I wanted to hear your music live one day but now its to late.. I'm so sad about the happening? But at least rest in peace

  • from Mika

    Best DJ ever! You will always be remembered legend❤️❤️❤️

  • from DennisM

    He created alot of smiles with his special music R.I.P Legend.

  • from Jeanne-Josephine

    We lost someone amazing! Forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace Avicii

  • from J vdheijden

    avicii made the best music there was. When I was sad I just put on his music and I felt good again. R.I.P. Tim Bergling Love trom the Netherlands

  • from Gemma De La Torre

    When I first heard of Aviciii was in 8th grade. I was bullied and severely depressed and during that time my best friend showed me “Waiting for love” and since that day I knew I wasn’t alone. Avicii was always there and listening to his music made me feel as if I was okay. Now everyday I look up and tell him I miss him and remind myself to live a life I will remember. Thank you Avicii.

  • from Anne

    Avicii was the first artist to make me love music the way I do right now and I'm so thankful for that. Wake me up and Hey brother will always be some of my favourite songs since the memories are way too beautiful.

  • from Randy

    Dear tim first i wanna thank you for everything you did for me and all the other people over there. Im a dutch fan so im gonna try my hardest to whrite this english letter okay. I wanna say that i freaking miss you. I went to your concert in amsterdam and i was fr amazing. It was the best night of my life! Tim i miss you so mutch and i litterly cryed days over your dead. But i know your at a beautiful place now. I will always love you and never ever forget you tim! Till we meet Again.

  • from Elizabeth Dickinson Notts England

    The song wake me up was a inspiration for me to get through chemotherapy and radiation and live my life so I thank you Avicii sorry I couldn't get to see you in concert but I sure you are making them dance in heaven the song is part of a memory in my life I will be truly grateful for this helping me through this difficult time Avicii my heart broken for you ? sorry I couldn't help you RIP

  • from Moritz

    Thank you for the great time. We will miss you. Your music is going on for ever.

  • from Esther

    I miss you tim❤ you are in my heart. I can hear you giggle and low voice in my head every day. I will never forget your pretty face and radiant smile!❤ As long as I am still here i'll keep your memory alive. Thanks for all the love you've given me and all of your fans❤

  • from Arjan

    Greatest music producer ever. We love u Tim.

  • from

    Da LEILA : Gli angeli non muoiono mai sempre nel profondo del mio cuore Tim❤️ 28/08/2018

  • from Camelia

    – Your music makes people happy. Your music makes ME happy – "Rest in peace Avicii "

  • from Rogier

    When I was around 10 years old I always played Levels. It was without a doubt my favorite song for about 3 years. I always searched the song on YouTube and listened to it at school too. Also Avicii was born on the same day as me (September 8th). He has always been my favorite dj and he will always be. Rip Avicii❤️

  • from Luca

    Manchi ❤️

  • from Sam

    For a few years of my life I was depressed and lacked self-worth and self confidence. It never got to the point where I'd consider suicide but it definitely made everyday hard. But then one of my friends jake showed me Tim's music and I instantly fell in love with it his lyrics completely rewrote my out look on life I become more positive and out going. Iv become so much more positive Aviciis music guided me to become a happier person that's why Avicii saved me

  • from david clavijo

    palabras del dj mas grande que piso este planeta: "Realmente no miro los comentarios en absoluto. En todo caso trato de superar lo que he hecho antes. Intento hacer la música que me gusta y confío en mi propio juicio sobre lo que funcionará con un público más amplio. Si te comparas con otros pierdes la perspectiva sobre lo que estás haciendo y por qué lo estás haciendo. " -avicii

  • from Emma R

    Avicii started his music pretty early which we all are happy for. He was a great DJ and I bet he was an even greater person. It's really sad how much he struggled with his health. It's now up to us to make sure his music lives on. In his music video The nights he says he wants to be remembered by the life he lived not the money he made which we must make sure if fulfilled.

  • from Alex

    Im french and i love your song thank you rip?

  • from JK


  • from Ilse


  • from Donna

    His songs are everything to me when I was younger I always sang hey brother and wake me up together with my best friend. That are basically the songs of our friendship. This will forever have the most special place in my heart. I am so grateful for these memories and songs. I cannot describe how much it means to me but what I can say is that I will tell my (hopefully) children and grandchildren everything about Avicii Tim and the memories I got thanks to Tim. Tack Tim <3

  • from Oliver Goulding Smith

    His music brought happiness and much of it was the most creative music I've ever heard. Personally my favourite was Waiting for Love but now it's Wake Me Up because I wish I really could wake him up. ???

  • from Twerco

    The best of ever

  • from Grace

    I remember hearing Wake Me Up for the first time and falling in love with Avicii. Before I knew it I had bought all his songs and loved all of them unconditionally. And when the horror of his death hit the BBC in England I remember balling and falling in love with him and his music again because this artist had changed my life even when he had no idea who I was and who I am. I will forever be grateful for his career and his music changing me as a person xxx

  • from EmilGöteborg Sverige

    Du stora konstnär du kommer för evigt vara en del av Sveriges kultur och alla svenskar kommer för all evighet kunna säga namnet Avicii med stolthet en stor förebild är borta R.I.P ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Regina

    Thank you for sharing your incredible music with the world ♥

  • from

    Avicii we miss you.!

  • from Ida Norway

    I still cant believe youre gone. I have loved your music since the first time i heard it. I think the first song i heard was "levels" and then i was in love. I was in love with EDM thanks to you. I also loved "bromance". At that time I didnt know it was you behind that song. I have followed you ever since. Thanks.

  • from Emma

    Your music will live on forever and you will be remembered for the life you lived not the money you made just like you wanted! <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂


    I won't forget the first day I met Avicii. I was going to the local IKEA when I saw him laying in a nearby ditch with a few 40oz liquor bottles. When I confronted him and told him that I was a fan he kept asking me for some change and even offered me a blowjob if I gave him 20 dollars (I did not accept). When I tried to walk away he grabbed me by my jacket in an attempt to steal my phone and then I realized that it wasn't him but a crackhead!. And honestly I couldn't tell the difference.

  • from <3

    I miss you ❤

  • from

    I miss you. There's a lot going on in my head when I think of you. Lots of thoughts I can not describe. Feelings I can't place. I'm confused angry sad all at the same time and I keep wondering if there's a specific emotion for that. So far I don't know. Heaven is very lucky to have you as her biggest brightest star. Shining down on the earth every night. The earth that houses the people that love you and miss you just as much as I do. Thanks for the joy you brought the last few years.. x

  • from Private sorry.

    I remember me 13 years old at the time hearing my parents fight downstairs. I was sitting in my room with my laptop listening to your song “Addicted to you” I used to listen to that song all the time 2 months later my parents decided to get a divorce and I never listened to that song after that. Until I heard about your passing. I looked up your songs and this one popped up. Thank you for making me feel the feeling I had as a 13-year-old every time I listen to this song.

  • from N.J.G

    Avicii was one of the first artist who transmitted me the truly love of music. I was pretty young when he started his career but I feel a strong connection with music when I listened to his songs a connection that remains nowadays. It's true that in the last years I distanced myself from his music but I was truly happy that he made new music again after his illnesses. His death teared me apart like many other fans but wherever he is now I hope he have finally found his peace.

  • from Emil

    I grew up with the music or shude i say art of Avicii it brought me so muck happiness and it’s the soundtrack to many of the happiest memories in my life Avicii Thank You ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Vincent

    Avicii was a dj i loved playing at home on my tablet tv and on my phone. you'll be miss avicii. R.I.P

  • from Sarah

    We zullen altijd aan je denken Tim ❤️Rip❤️Belgium❤️

  • from Matthijs

    Avicii has achieved to me what no other artist has ever done: every song of his reminds me of another memory – whether is was a beautiful or a painful one. Thus Avicii brings life to me even when he is not alive anymore himself.

  • from Celine

    Avicii ist und bleibt der Beste ! ❤️ Er lebt in unseren Herzen für immer! We love you Tim!

  • from Cynthia

    Dear sweet Tim can't hear your music or see your picture without crying. Still soooo sad that you're gone its such a loss. You're such a beautiful character and made the greatest music ever. Wish you were alive and happy somewhere quiet in Sweden taking pictures of nature and enjoy. But you're gone. Heartbroken forever. Rest in peace beautiful lovely Aviici

  • from Isaac

    I never saw him on stage because the tickets were sold out so fast. I'll never will have the experience. But I know his name we all do. No matter where we are in the world. No matter how many years will pass. His music will never vanish Avicii thank you Are a sky full of stars

  • from Johanne

    You had such a talent i loved your music❤️You will always be remembered RIP?

  • from eric

    tim introduced me to electronic music. i wouldnt be where i am today if he had not made the music that he did.

  • from Philipp Wirth

    Thank you for all the Love und power you put in your songs. Your songs brougth us through our final exams. And in tribute to you our Weddingdance was your song „feeling good““ in this month. Thank you for making our life happier. We will always remember you. Goodbye legend Freya and Philipp

  • from

    I'll think of you if ever I'm afraid.

  • from Marina

    You said you'd follow me anywhere but you're eyes tell me you won't be there. For all thise time I was finding myself but I didn't know I was lost. I will Remember with these words. RIP Legend ?❤

  • from Lotta Luleå

    Some years ago I had a pupil in third grade. She adored Avicii and really wanted his autograph. As we were practicing writing letters I helped her to write a letter where she asked him for his autograph and she sent it with an pre-adressed and prepaid envelope. Can you imagine the face of this nine-year-old girl when she told me that he had sent his autograph? A memory for life! That is one of my favorite moments as a teacher! Thank you Tim for taking the time to send it to her.

  • from Rick

    I hear your mix on the Dutch movie 'verliefd op Ibiza'. I found it great

  • from Veit Jürgens

    It felt like yesterday when I heard of the death. I knew the first time when I saw him live in Amsterdam for his true tour and it was exactly 3 Days before my birthday. I can’t stop thinking about his music without him I wouldn’t came to make music and being a DJ. You will be always the one who inspired me to DJ Thank you Tim ! God Please take care of Him. See you in a other life Goodbye!

  • from Sebastian

    Avicii and his music guided me through my life since my 16th birthday. Since then there was a song by him in every important situation and time of my life for example Levels was played in every club when i went to my first parties and I had my graduation when he released Wake Me Up. My father died about a month ago and now I listen to Heaven and Without You. Tim your music will continue to guide us through hard times. Thank you and Wake me up when it's all over.

  • from Nik

    La sua musica sarà nel mio cuore per sempre! Ho fatto delle belle serate in discoteca con le sue canzoni! Il 23 maggio 2018 ho fotografato al parco queste nuvole che formano il suo simbolo! Grande artista.

  • from alice dassi

    Be wherever you want. With all the love and freedom of the universe. Alice

  • from Paulina Samołyk

    dziękuję za wszystko za piękne dzieciństwo i wiele wspomnień i lekcji którą mi dałeś mimo iż nie znałam cię ani nie byłam na koncercie zawsze będę twoją fanką i będę słuchać twojej muzyki dziękuję za wszystko

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