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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Effa

    avicii is one of the reasons why i value my life. through his musics he touched millions of souls including mine

  • from Bożena

    Thank you for your amazing music for everything. I miss you. You`ve touched my heart with your music and with your beautiful soul. My heart goes out to Tim` family. I will never forget you and I hope you are happy now. Rest in Peace Tim.

  • from Yuki

    When I was 18yrs old it is the first time to go abroad I took a flight to go to Aus to study English . I was rly worry about a lot of things and listened a song many time on the way to go to Aus on the plane to feel carm down. That is your song. I remember this memory by listening this song. Thanks and luv you.

  • from Dj Steevo

    I started being a dj playing his songs…I don't love them at first so much but day after day things changed…they was so damn good and it was impossible remove them from my playlist. His music was an hymn of life full of harmony and happiness. In a few years became a reference point for artist from all parts of the world. Maybe it wasnt ready for this type of life maybe we're not all the same. But one thing is sure: the blend of is death and his loss in music world will never close.

  • from Michelle

    Such a talented young man taken too soon was only 1 year younger than my son. R.I.P Tim you will never be forgotten your mum & dad should've been proud. What more can I say apart from you were such an inspiration to the music industry. XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX

  • from Silvia❤

    I'm not that good with words.. just wanna say thank you for all the GREAT MUSIC? you gave us during your life and for all the passion you used to have It's been tough knowing about you passing away. Miss you so much Tim I can't even listen to your songs the same way I used to do now everytime I hear even on the radio I feel like I miss something inside me that something is YOU!! Blessed to be one of the lucky people who had the possibility to live in this world while you di Love from Italy

  • from Lorenzo

    Tim was a genius an inspiration for all of us with his music has inspired millions of boys and girls and that's where it all started … with the Levels … we miss you Tim you'll always remain in our hearts?❤

  • from Liis

    Avicii was the first artist that I became a fan of when I was a child. His music always brings back so many memories and I appreciate his job. I think Avicii was a great artist and he deserved so much more! I will always miss him! ?

  • from Luca

    6 years ago with Tim’s music i discovered the magical Edm world and i’ll never forget it. Thank you Tim Forever in my mind and in my heart

  • from DJ Mag Germany

    Tim youre forever in our Hearts!

  • from Giulio&Niccolò Seccafieno

  • from Eric Lidstroem

    Saw Tim live at the very first Summerburst in Stockholm. He played Levels which made the crowd go crazy. So many uplifting melodies where made by Tim and he sure knew how to put mood and melodies together and produce some timeless classics. A pioneer within the commercial electronic pop/dance music. The music will never stop.

  • from Cristina Iannone

    Dear avicii Your music has brought me so much happines you will remain forever in my heart and your songs in my soul. I will never forget you thank you everything I love you.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ by. Cristina Sardinia_Italy ☆

  • from Amir demiri

    Rip avicii ❤️

  • from Luca

    Sei stato la mia infanzia Sei e resterai sempre il mio dj preferito Avrei voluto incontrarti una volta ma ora non posso più Condoglianze alla famiglia Grazie Tim

  • from Olimpia

    I love his music so much. I’ve never seen him but his music was/is so important for me. He was a good man and he make beautiful and special songs. I will always love him and his music.

  • from Giuseppe Monaco

    I was 17 years old and I can't speak English. I was amazing fell in love with a belgium girl came in Italy for the Erasmus program. I have to thank 4ever Tim (Avicii) because thanks to its music (levels) I danced with her. It was my little dream. I bring avicii in my heart because his music makes me love the life and makes it easier and faster. It is a difficult sensation to tell…but for me he is the music 4ever

  • from Helena

    I love Tims music so much. Thank you for every minute in your world. So young and so clever. For me it took much more time to understand things you already understood.

  • from Felicia

    Tim's music always gave me (and always will give me) inspiration and motivation to draw paint and create art. There are so many feelings within his music and listening to it brings up good memories such as traveling with friends spending time with my family and so much more. He made me feel like anything was possible and for that I am eternally grateful. Vila i frid Tim ?

  • from Sanniv Choudhuri

    Avicii was a real hero and a inspiration too!!! His music was insane he made some of the most iconic EDM songs. He's a inspiration for me and millions others. Though he is no more with us but he will be forever alive in our hearts. Thank you Tim for the good times and music.

  • from Daina

    Augusti 2013. Klassresa som klassförälder med 8e klass inför terminsstarten sista året på Adolf Fredriks musikklasser. Vi bor i en stugby vid havet norr om Visby. Mörkret sänker sig vi sitter runt eldarna Det doftar hav och tallbarr. Gitarrerna kommer fram Alla sjunger Wake me up med texten på mobilerna kompade av gitarrerna enbart. Det är underbart fantastiskt! Stämningen inför 9an – Wake me up when it's all over – är påtaglig bland ungdomarna. Tack Tim/Avicii. ♥

  • from Francesco

    I do not know if all of us are ready to spend a whole life without his music.

  • from Alejandra Flacco

    Hello! How are you?…This is a great idea. First time i heard about Avicii was in 2011 when he realised "Levels" what a song! Since there i followed him for ever. I heard every song almost every day; in my house in the car on the phone… Of course i like others dj's but Tim as your son says (the truck of your tears) "you are the permanent one" ! I think you were a beautifoul person insideout. Only you knows what happened and iam so sorry. Tim Rest in Peace. All my love from Argentina.

  • from Gerardo

    Quando ho saputo della tua morte mi si è spezzato il cuore non volevo crederci.. tu che per me sei stato un idolo della mia infanzia tu che mi hai fatto crescere con le tue canzoni ascoltate in radio tu che un anno fa mi hai fatto sognare con il tuo ritorno tu che per me sei sempre stato il numero 1.. Credo che con la tua morte hai lasciato qualcosa in tutti noi e per questo voglio dirti grazie di tutto.. e soprattutto riposa in pace leggenda. Bye tim ?

  • from Glenn

    The nights es la canción con la que siempre recuerdo a mi papá que fallecio

  • from Alessandro ❤️

    Love avicii you are the best ❤️

  • from Cristina (italy)

    I loved his music from first.. unfortunately I never had the honor to hear it live .. But HE will always have me in my heart. Rest in peace Tim ❤ All my love for his family friends and fans.

  • from Csege

    When Avicii was in my city Budapest for thw first time I was only 12 years old and I wanted to go to him and listen to his music. But my parents said no in the end because it was too expensive. At that time I thought that what if I'm never going to have the chance to see him? Sadly I was right. But did the best I could: I've listened to his set through my window where I could hear some sounds and feel his music from there. Tim this was a lifetime experience I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

  • from Runi

    Your music helped me throughout my journey my rough childhood. I remember myself aged 13-14 years old listening to your 13' EDM classics! God bless you hope you found the peace you were looking for! <3

  • from Fabio Alves

    Yes Heaven! Pray the Holy Rosary. Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

  • from Konil

    I miss you Tim.

  • from Johan

    He was the greatest. RIP Tim.

  • from Chiara

    I started listening to Avicii when I was very young. He gave me some beautiful emotions that cheered me up when I was down and literally made my days happier. I was shocked when I heard the news back in April. Tim will always be my favorite DJ and I want to remember him forever as a hero so I decided to get a tattoo of his symbol on my skin to never forget. Thanks Tim and all of you fans I love this family and I will always do. ❤️

  • from Sam

    Hey Tim thanks for changing my life with your music your work inspired me to become a producer aswell and one of my biggest dreams was to work on some music with you… maybe one day we will until that moment let your legend live. Thank you for everything your legend will always be remembered. Big love for you and all your family With love One of your biggest fans

  • from CosimoDamianoPucciariello

    R.I.P ❤️?? Avicii

  • from Sidney Pont

    hi I'm nine and my class was having an argument and his music brought us together again RIP AVICII

  • from Oliver

    He was my musical idol through my younger years i went through many tough times but tim's music and lyrics led me through it all. The day that i heard tim had gone i felt like a huge chunk of my childhood had left me and going back now and relistening to his songs it brings me great happiness in knowing he is now at peace and in his happy place.

  • from Emanuela

    Miss you so Much…?

  • from Fredo

    Ohhh ohhh sometimes !! Summer 2k11 Ibiza the best song . RIP tim

  • from Valentina Calvello

    Rip Avicii your music 'll live forever. Two week ago i tried to visit you at skogskyrkogården only for donate to you a flower just to say thanks; with your music my days have become better and the depression is slowly abandoning me. I planted a small red rose plant in the middle of the cemetery near a big monument (photo) I hope you can reach you.

  • from Italian girl

    When I have heard the news about Tim's death I've thought only one thing: I was young and with my gymnastic's companies we usually did a dance on the notes of Hey Brother and we sang and danced lot of time. I'm vert sad about Tim's death but I think if he was still alive and he had seen our dance he had made his biggest smile❤️?

  • from Alexandra

    Avicii changed my life and he will still do it. There are no words to describe him or his music because he was he is and he will be The Best Dj ever

  • from Jo stevie

    I got through a real tough time in my life listening to Avicii music I can’t believe he is gone his music is fantastic we had great nights also listening to him there will never b anyone like him again I got a tattoo of him out of respect his music helped me out of a bad situation he is a Legend and will always will be fly high Avicii xxxxxx

  • from Alex


  • from Mauro

    I remember it so clearly. Six years ago while browsing Youtube for new music Levels showed up and I immediately fell in love with it. It's rhythm was – IS incredibly moving the most ingenious melody and chords I had heard till then. I must thank Avicii for Levels because it prompted me and my cousin to start learning producing and his whole discography for being so fantastic and inspriring. It's been months and part of me still can't believe he's gone. Wherever you are now please be well.❤

  • from Gustaf B

    First time I heard ur music was in 9 grade almost 9 years ago now. I hade no idea how much your music would impact my life then. U opened my eyes to a hole new type of music and life style. I saw u live 3 times at Globen Berns and Tele2. I actually saw ur dad at Bern's I wanted to say hi to him but I decided not to. I didn't want to disturb him. It's sad that u left us so early. I would have loved to meet u and tell u that u gave me the courage to be myself. I will always miss u Tim. Goodbye

  • from Trevor Nkosikhona Maphumulo

    Tim Bergling AKA Avicii "Lowest level of Bhuddist hell" R.I.P fellow inspiration. It all started when me a South African boundary pushing music appreciator got a hold of Swede music. WOW your humbleness passion and happiness for what you do changed "My Feelings". You really revolutionised dance music into your own well inspired groove. Listening to you happy would make me even more happy listening to you sad would manifest into a state of happiness. R.I.P Legend forever will be missed.

  • from Anna

  • from Mouth Chew

    It was not too long ago where I first saw Tim. I had travelled all the way from Asia to Australia for the then legendary Stereosonic Festival in Sydney in 2011. Tim's unique music and lyrics have always left me in awe. Thank you Tim for all the memories and the footprints that you have left in our hearts. Rest in paradise. You were truly one of dance music' greatest.

  • from Giorgos

    I feel like I grew up with your music. You've been an inspiration as an artist but most importantly as a person. That's why you will always be remembered. RIP ❤

  • from AnnaM.

    A special soul a great and unique artist with an enormous potential. ❤ AnnaM.

  • from Samuel Bimo

    Tim its my inspiration cos tim was told us about true love!

  • from Mary

    Avicii was (and will always be) my favorite artist. Almost all of my best memories are connected to Him!

  • from Z.Z

    he helped me to realise how important it is to have people that love you and to not take that for granted

  • from Vladislav

    Very good human!

  • from Rauno

    Las Vegas

  • from Kelly

    He was such an amazing DJ! He went far to young and will leave lots of empty space in people's hearts all over the world. He made such fantastic music and that will live on forever so he will never be forgotten. R.i.P avicii x

  • from Marie Carlsson

    Musiken var nyskapande och Kommer att leva vidare länge. Musik över generationsgränserna. Filmen True stories berörda mig djupt om en ung människa i kris och var enormt Självutlämnande. Hoppas filmen kan bidra till vikten att prata om hur vi mår speciell bland unga människor.

  • from Anette

    Tack fina Tim för din härliga musik. Så synd att du gick vidare hade önskat så att du hade stannat kvar. Vila i frid du fina Tim❤️❤️

  • from panna4649

    Aviciiへ あたなが突然亡くなって、すごくかなしくて YouTubeで毎日毎日動いてるあなたの存在を探しています。 同じ気持ちな人がたくさんいます? 見てたらなけてくる? 悲しいけどずっとずっとあなたの音楽を聴き続けます❤️ 大好き?? 今までありがとうございました!! ゆっくり天国で休んで大好きなことたくさんしてください! 同じ時代に生きてきて、ステキな音楽を作ってくれてありがとう*(^o^)/*❤️ これからもずっとずーっと大好きだよ!!!!!

  • from Jodi

    So I started going to the gym and was scrolling YouTube for ages when I came across avicii. For the next 12 months his music motivated me inspired me entertained me and made me emotional as it echoed in my ears. He made me a EDM fan his catchy tunes unlike many others. When I play his songs now I'm sad but he is at peace he is calm. I am sad we will get no more songs however his songs will be with me forever. ❤❤❤❤

  • from Rochy0525

    Un chico talentoso que marcó historia y que ahora es leyenda…..Bendiciones para su familia y fortaleza para sus corazones Que dios te haya recibido con los brazos abiertos bello angel!¡

  • from Benjamin Sønderskov

    i instantly became a fan of avicii when i first heard levels. after that my love for him just grew and grew. very sad he's gone. he did truly revolutionize the edm music scene. thank you avicii. even though i never got to see him live that hand in the air he did at shows will always be in my heart.

  • from Åsa

    Med ungdomar i huset blev avicii en del av oss och kommer alltid att vara det Vila i frid Tim?❤

  • from Виталий

    Alfa Future People 2014 Russia

  • from Antonia Osh

    This is so nice that you have done this. Every time I hear one of Avicii songs my heart drops with sadness because I feel Avicii should still be with us but I also feel great happiness that such a talented young man could make so many people happy with his music. May he rest in peace. And may god be with his family.

  • from Marina

    Hey Brother Without you we're Lost we're addicted to you we miss you .RIP TIM

  • from Alicja

    Tim – you’re my biggest inspiration. Your music changed my life and made me better person. Thank you for that. I hope I will see You in better world.

  • from Giovanni

    La tua Musica ci ha fatto cantare ballare innamorare e continuerà a farlo. Grazie perché sei stato il compositore più forte della nostra generazione. Avicii per sempre.

  • from Marco

    E adesso fai ballare chi nn c é più! Rip Tim

  • from Susan

    Hey Tim! I was so happy to listen to your amazing music while you are here with us. I wish you are happy and rest in peace under God's hand even we can't see you anymore. Thank you!! Sincerely

  • from Tony milburn

    Even though I am 64 years old I heard his single WAKE ME UP and loved the tune and the lyrics and bought the album TRUE i was very sad to hear that he had taken his own life. What a great talent and will be sadly missed.

  • from Keagan

    Avicii's work with Madonna is IMO her best stuff he had such a way with conveying a message across and to make you feel… happy sad empowered etc… that is an amazing thing! Love to his family and friends <3

  • from 藤井

    Aviciiへ 大好きです。あなたを知ったのは、亡くなってしまった後だったけれど、すごく好きです。今度、CDを買います。あなたを知る前だけれど、日本にライブに来てくれてありがとう。もう少し早く知っていればなんて思っていません。あなたの人生は素晴らしいものだったと思います。Aviciiは私達の中で永遠に生き続けます。今もあなたの新曲を楽しみにしています。ありがとう。

  • from Paxton

    We lost one legend…..

  • from Federico

    Resterai per sempre con noi grazie alla musica che ci hai lasciato. Per me sei stato e resterai per sempre il numero 1. Grazie di tutto Tim.

  • from Kata

    When I was in high school I used to listen japanese rock. I want something new something different. I heard somewhere about worldfamous dj our beloved Avicii. Oh god! He is such a talented person. Love from the first time. ❤️ Dear Tim! I still can't believe you're gone. I never known this emptiness. You were too good for this world. I hope you found the peace. I'll always remember you. Thanks everything Tim. Love you until my last breath. Miss you Timmy ❤?

  • from wHimmy

    I miss you

  • from Alex

    Avicii is one of those brilliant and inspiring musicians that brings a flame both to art and the world. When I think of EDM I don't think of anyone other than Avicii who has magically integrated all the pieces of artistry to make each song as good as the previous. But Avicii what you've done for us is given yourself to help so many people. You inspired me when I've most needed it and you've done what you so longingly wanted…but we lost you too early. We miss you dearly.

  • from Bram

    I lifed abroad for 4years at the time his song "Hey Brother" came out. this song always made me take some tme to think about the family and friends i left behind. Now that i am back at home the song always brings me back to the time abroad. Avicii you are being missed

  • from James from Australia

    One of the first to get me into EDM a passion that has lasted since! Much love and thank you for everything! You'll always be missed!

  • from J. Pini

    Thank you for the music.

  • from Shogo Narita

    Thank you for teaching me the world called EDM! I wanted you to teach me more about EDM Thank you for coming to Japan! R.I.P AVICII

  • from Simon

    Vila i frid Tim föralltid saknad!

  • from Diana S

    It's hard to tell something in a few words but i'll try. Your Music was is and always be my inspiration ♥ I've been so down for some time 'cos you were gone. But now all i'm feeling about you is LOVE. You will be missed Tim. And i won't say goodbye 'cos we all part of each other and always connected to each other. I'm so thankful that I know you. Rest in Peace our Friend ♥ From Russia with Love ♥

  • from KRIS

    Anh ấy truyền cảm hứng cho tôi để trở thành một DJ nhưng khi tôi còn chưa thực hiện được điều đó thì thì anh ấy mất. Đó là lần đầu tiên và cuối cùng tôi muốn khóa vì 1 người không quen biết. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AVICII.

  • from Akbar

    I’ll never forget the day ever heard “levels”. It was back when I was a freshman in high school. It was playing on in MTV MUSIC VIDEOS. When I first heard it I was speechless my first impression was never before most catching moments of my life heard the melody for the first time. Ever since then I’ve been listening to his music understanding the lyrics melodies etc. and I’ll never forget that moment and I’ll never forget him. I love you AVICII you music lives on RIP

  • from IRVEN

    Eres Grande Avicii! Bendiciones Desde PUERTO RICO ?? Donde quiera que estes! Una Lastima tu Partida! Descanza en Paz ?? Te extrañaremos!

  • from Esther

    I got hooked to Avicii's music from the moment I heard Le7els and fell in in love with every song thereafter. Tim had a talent no one could match. The thought that he's gone forever feels unreal. Thank you for creating such wonderful music Tim. You will forever be missed.

  • from Phillip (philippines)

    Maraming salamat Avicii your music gives me life and inspiration maraming salamat

  • from Ryan Syach

    Avicii Music inspired me and helped me through the hardest time in my life. He will always be the one who inspired me and have the special place in my head I will remember him forever.

  • from Dilaj

    I first came across Avicii's music when i was 12… i loved it… his music somehow resonated within me especially 'Hey Brother' and 'Wake Me Up' his songs have this nostalgic feeling when listening to them now capturing the times when life was literally changing in front of me during my transition into high school and the process of maturing into an adolescent… Thank you Avicii… i will forever remember your music as being a building block to who i am today Rest in peace Tim

  • from Obed Bhiziki

    Avicii meant and still means so much to me. His music healed me during a dark treacherous time in my life and inspired me to write. He made my laugh dance and sing my pain away and his music and life lives on forever in my heart. Tears may fall when I remember him and listen to his beautiful art but I know that he loved what he did and I want to honour him and his legacy one day. Rest in peace Tim. ?

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