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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.




    Basicamente tu ayudaste al mundo de la electronica a subir tu eres uno de los pilares de este genero sin ti no seria yo sin que tu me hubieras metido a este grandioso mundo ?? Gracias Tim de todo corazón a seguir disfrutando lo que contruiste y seguiras siendo el mejor.

  • from Steije

    You are my youth I miss you. All the good songs you produced are just insane. I listened a lot to them when you passed by. I will always remeber you. R.I.P Avicii (Holland)

  • from Natalia

    I’m from Russia and I went to study 6 years ago to Sweden and it was incredible year. I remember we danced and listen to Avicii’s music it brought us all international students together. Now when I recall this time it comes with Avicii’s music. I wish he knew how many great moments we had thanks to him.

  • from Lars

    Thank you avidity for helping me in my live. I will never forget your hand. The hand is for me like music. It fly like the music like it will never stop. Thank you avicii!

  • from Giulia

    Your music has been the sountrack of my youth. So many memories linked to you. With you I laughed I cried I danced all night.. I had the proviledge to see you here in Italy in 2013… It has been an incredible night!? I really hope you will find peace because you deserve it. Thanks for all the joy you brought to my world.”Ciao anima fragile”?

  • from Linnea

    Du var otroligt begåvad och verkar vara en helt fantastiskt människa som jag önskar jag hade känt. Din bortgång har tagits hårt från så oerhört många men jag hoppas du nu mår bra! Tankarna går till dina anhöriga som älskade dig..

  • from Tina from Germany

    So sad ?. I will remember yours forever. We miss you Tim. Thank you for everything. Love ❤️ R.I.P. ?

  • from Sel

    It saddens me I’ll never get to watch you create again. You were a big inspiration and a very very kind soul. I never got to meet you but I still loved you as we were life long friends. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new genre of music. You were the reason I started loving in the first place. Farewell and may you rest in peace.

  • from Daniela

    Recuerdo como si fuera ayer las fiestas cuando tenía apenas 15 o 16 años en las que me salía de control cada vez que comenzaba Levels era una sensación increíble y lo más lindo de todo es que aun lo sigue siendo. Estaba perdidamente enamorada de Tim ahora tengo casi 23 años y verlo en fotos sigue flechándome como cuando era una adolescente. Siempre va a estar en mi memoria cada vez que escucho Silhouettes mi canción favorita se me dibuja una sonrisa sincera. Gracias Tim.

  • from Rafael Julio

    Unfortunately I did not have the chance to go to a show I thank you for the songs produced that were inspirations to not give up on your dreams making life happier living like you do not hear tomorrow.

  • from MARIO


  • from Adriana

    It was Summer 2013 september. Me and my 3 lifetime friends went to Tuscany to celebrate our 30th birthday: we heard "wake me up" a thousand times during the journey. It was our soundtrack and I'll always remember those beautiful days thanks to this song.

  • from Bianka

    Where I am from in Hungary a week after Tim's death there was a festival where a hungarian musican dedicated one of the songs to Avicii. People were standing there singing for him. All day at the festival I was fighting with my friend over stupid things but in those few minutes we stopped because life is not about fighting . Love is everything. I am sorry for your familyfriends and your fans for losing you too soon. You were amazing Tim. You still are.

  • from JGS

    I just want to thank you Avicii! You were my favourite musician and DJ since I heard Levels for the first time. Your songs and your music are the best in the world. Rest in Peace! <3

  • from Zoe

    You ar sooo good ????????????????

  • from Lorenzo Fortini

    In the name of electronic music and positivity through life struggles

  • from Derek K

    Not to forget about Bromance the first song I heard from you. It was something new and awesome.

  • from Veronika

    Dear Tim thank you for everything you've done. Thank you for the incredible music. For me your music is like light in the dark. Thank you for the emotions. Thank you for the love you gave to your fans. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much. You will be in my heart forever.

  • from Mauro Lanfranco

    I remember listening to Wake Me Up for the first time in my 13th birthday. Avicii was the first DJ I had ever listened to. His songs always make me remember all the good times shared with my friends and family. Those party nights are the ones that will live forever. Thank you Avicii for introducing me to electronic music and sharing the songs that came out of your heart. Rest in peace Legend.

  • from A. B.

    The best dj ever! My favorite song is levels since 2011 We will never forget avicii

  • from LIAN

    ? AVICII changed my view of the world. His influence will be strong forever. Thank You AVICII.?

  • from VERONICA

    La tua sensibilità ti ha fatto diventare l'artista che sei!!!Spesso le persone non accettano ciò che provi e con il loro modo di voler bene alimentano solo le paure e i dubbi che invadano la mente!Ora la tua mente è libera di essere ciò che desidera!Buona nuova vita tim

  • from Matt

    Your music created memories that will last a lifetime. RIP.

  • from Senna

    i love you music bro <3 I always think of you here in the Netherlands

  • from Derek K

    Levels was my gateway to EDM when was only 12 years old. Avcii you made my high school days bright.

  • from Ludovic

    the first time I saw her in show was at Inox music festival in Toulouse during her debut and then in Paris a few years later.

  • from Giuseppe Di Stefano

    Ti ho sempre seguito dagli inizi il tuo live Di tomorrowland del 2011 rimarrà sempre tra i live più belli di sempre…

  • from Kristof Baier

    Great Dj of the World. We miss you! But This Page Made For You! FROM HUNGARY WITH LOVE

  • from Martijn Belleflame

    He has always been a musical hero for me as a DJ. I remember the night Tim died I was playing without you at a school dance where I was playing when I got the news. I will never forgot him and his music.

  • from Joanne Larmour

    Love AVICII sitting listening to him now no one comes close to him a gentleman and a Legend he will live in my heart forever king of EDM forever wish I could wake you up fly high angel rest easy Tim u will be playing music in heaven ???

  • from HGCL

    Obrigado por tudo.

  • from Andrea

    I will never forget you and your beautiful music. "Live a life you will remember"

  • from Natalie

    I was nine when I first heard of Tim’s music and I am so glad I switched on the radio that day because it was what got me to fall in love with music. If it wasn’t for his music I don’t know where I’d be today and I am forever grateful that we had an amazing musician to help us go through our hardships and moments of ecstasy. He was (and still is) an inspiration and I hope he is in a happier place now. If you hear this Tim you will be remembered forever and you are a true inspiration.

  • from dianaleyna

    You my dear angel who is lookig at us from above made a combination of hidden sadness with edm which made you so special that still months after your death we are thinking and talking about you. You are in a better place now. Wait for us we’ll continue to party in heaven. Love you endless Aleyna Cay

  • from Cucky dj From Italy

    Il migliore al mondo….ci manca già la tua musica❤️

  • from Guilherme Costa

    Avicii is one of the most important influences in my musics. All the love. All the melodies. All the memories. All the feelings. This guy changed my life unknown me. Thank Tim. You are in our hearts. "one day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember"

  • from Sarah Bate&Chantelle Waller

    Me and my best friend Chantelle decided to get tickets to creamfields 2011 in CheshireUK. It was here I seen a set by avicii after only hearing tim berg-seek bromance .. it was there I heard levels for the first time and returned every time to see his sets often with tears of happiness. Seeing tim for the final time in 2016 me and Chantelle had a cry and a hug and hoped that he would eventually return. ? avicii your music will live on forever. Nobody made music like you did! Rest in peace ❤️❤️

  • from Bianca

    Every time I hear one of your songs anywhere I stop for a moment and get sad. Today was such a day. You are not forgotten.

  • from Meghan

    I just want the loved ones of Tim to know i've struggled with pancreatitis since i was 14and i'm now 29. since "Wake me up" has been out it's my go to song for pancreatitis attacks i listen to it or sing it over and over until the attack passes. i too no longer have a gallbladder due to pancreatitis and my heart sunk when i learned of Acicii's passing as I know for a fact not all of the pain that lead to his final moments was emotional. his death has showed me that i'm not alone.

  • from Tantien Nguyen

    You changed my life on a middle school trip. My best friend showed me "Levels" on the bus ride and from that point on I followed you the rest of my life till now. I listened to levels for so long and my favorite album from you is True. I love you Tim Bergling and will always remember you.

  • from Zoë

    I was a fan from of the beginning. I always listen to his music. It makes me happy all the time. I cried when I heard that he died I will never forget you and you will always be the brightest star in heaven.

  • from Giulia

    Your music has been the soundtrack of my youth. So many memories linked to you. With you I laughed I cried I danced… I had the priviledge to see you here in Italy in 2013 during my summer holidays… it has been an incredible night! ? Words cannot explain what I felt when I heard about your death coming back home from work. I really hope you will find peace because you deserve it. Thanks for all the joy you brought to my world. “Ciao anima fragile”?❤️

  • from Yannick

    I keep listing to Avicii daily. He still is the best artist out here. I love your music. We miss you. "If the sky comes falling down for you there is nothing in this word I woudn't do ♥️"

  • from Sara

    Wir lieben dich und werden dich niemals vergessen!❤

  • from Kim

    I remember how I downloaded "Hey Brother" and "Wake me up" as my first ever iTunes songs. I was hyped! I felt so mature like "Hey guess what? I got avicii's songs on my phone now you want to hear?" Everyone wanted to hear. You will live on Avicii. I miss you.

  • from AN

    Great music he lives on forever

  • from Alex

    R.I.P. my legend

  • from Mattia

    Summer 2014 first trip to Mykonos … thinking about that trip I think of Wake Me Up soundtrack of that unforgettable summer … thanks for what you unleash inside me every time I hear your success you'll stay part of my youth…FOREVER !! ❤️

  • from Darin

    Kommer ihåg när jag var 7 år och åkte till Frankrike med mina föräldrar och min brorsa. Vi hade de så kult tillsammans i bilen och satt på Avicii hela dagen lång till Avicii minns bara när levels spela upp vart du än gick. Nu är mina brorsor 21 och 27 år och dem bor inte tillsammans med oss nu är det bara jag och mina två föräldrar som åker tillsammans. Älskade han och Frankrike gav mig dem bästa minnen med han❤beklagar sorgen… Legends never die ❤

  • from MMG

    aun siento la piel de gallina con tus canciones en especial con waiting for love y cuando te hicieron el tributob en suecia me quedo lcoon una parte de Somewhere in Stocolhm

  • from Clara

    Altijd als ik drummles had begon ik met een liedje van Avicii omdat ik daardoor meer zin kreeg in het drummen om dat de liedjes van Avicii zo leuk zijn. I Will Never forgot you. ?

  • from Lukas

    When i hear a Song from you i always makes me smile

  • from Emma

    Your music pulled me from darkness and made me happy again ❤️ R.I.P Avicii.

  • from martina

    Avicii you were the best with you fantastic music.

  • from Martina

    Tim we will love you forever !! ♥️

  • from Klaasje

    R.I.P. Tim….

  • from Ben

    Thank you for everything you gave to this world and for creating something that brought so many people together. The world will miss you.

  • from Tina

    A sensitive warm good-natured & exceptionally talented soul has left us way too early 🙁 I am so close although I unfortunately Tim did not know personally …. "The good ones" always go first 🙁 rest in peace

  • from Caleb Nash

    Avicii your music was an inspiration to everyone. That is all

  • from Jordán

    Avicii ha sido algo especial en mi vida gracias a él pude llegar a sentir este gran amor por la música electrónica con su tema Wake Me Up su música es lo único que me ayuda en mis momentos difíciles jamás te olvidare Avicii daría lo que fuera por haberte conocido por siempre serás mi DJ favorito y siempre amare tu música GRACIAS POR TODO❤?

  • from Carlo


  • from Gabriel

    Tu musica me motivo a empezar a crear la mia fuiste un gran musico innovador creativo y sin dudas algo fuera de lo normal.Dejaste un gran legado

  • from M

    Avicii your music was the soundtrack to a more successful time in my life.

  • from your name

    look at all those chicken

  • from Amy

    My friends dragged me to Ushuaia in 2016 kicking and screaming and I ended up having one of the best nights of my life. I'll never ever ever forget how I felt in that crowd. RIP Tim x

  • from Roberto Bevilacqua

    A Legend Lives Forever ❤️

  • from Perihan

    Music is so important to me. When i felt locked down depressed i could listen him and feel out of that moment. Hope some smile some. World goes on for people like Tim.

  • from G

    Such a shame I never got to see you peform. One truly amazing music artist and will forever listen to your amazing songs. We all love you Avicii! Rest in peace we will all live a life to remember x

  • from s.

    Sei stato un Angelo e lo sarai per sempre adesso che sei tra gli ANGELI.sarai sempre presente.

  • from Hsonlarsson

    I have been following you and your music since before you were famous and it has been amazing to see how your music changed over the years from being a house producer/DJ to become one of Swedens greatest artists/producers ever! It is so sad not to know where this music journey would have ended.

  • from David

    The first person I listened to when I got into EDM. He changed the industry and the first song I ever played at a club was levels. He was a genius and the best artist to produce in this decade.

  • from Basketteuse

    I love you boy. Your music accompanied the best times of my life. The taste and joy of your music still cannot be found at any musician. I wish we could see your family with children blond and with blue eyes. Rest in peace.? Ich liebe dich Junge. Deine Musik begleitete die allerbeste Zeiten meines Lebens. Die Lust deiner Musik kann man noch in keinem Musiker finden. Wenn wir doch deine Familie und deine blonde blauaugige Kinder gesehen haben könnten. Ruhe in Frieden Junge.??

  • from J.

    Thank you for every time you helped me trough the hard times. Thank you for giving me courage and strength every time I had a hard time. Your music really helps people! I hope you found your peace <3

  • from Mariane

    Ouvir suas músicas te torna presente e traz uma paz como se parte de você estivesse aqui e na verdade está… Brilha ai no cèu enquanto continuará brilhando aqui na terra.

  • from Jason Paul Richardson

    Tim was an big inspirator to everybody and he helpt me trough the toughest part of my life. Thanks you Tim ?

  • from Nienke

    Hi sinds i was a kid i listen to Tim with my brothers Evert morning before school Tim i Will always remember you with my brothers and go scazy on YouTube songs <3

  • from mati Poland

    We miss you we lack your style your music is perfect. Thanks for everything Tim will always be in our hearts

  • from Elisa

    Your music helped me during awful moments of my life I will never be able to thank you enough for this. Even now that things seem not to work as I would like to your spirit comes from your masterpieces every time that I listen to them. God bless your soul Tim. “One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember”. You did it. Always in my heart and in my mind ❤️

  • from Dan Howell

    My dad first introduced me to your music and to this day I regret never being able to take him to see you live! You inspired me to make music and you will always be my favourite producer and Dj. You were not just a guy up there making the best music you were an inspiration to a generation! A true true legend who will never be forgotten. Thank you <3

  • from Tim Calus

    Love your music! Rip

  • from Paul

    Let his music live on. He will be forever missed.

  • from Karsten

    I love him. Each time I listen to his music my eyes get wet. He was such as successful person. I will miss him forever! ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from robbe

  • from Annika

    Lieber Tim vor deinem Tod hat mich dein Leben leider noch nicht beschäftigt … allerdings habe ich keinen deiner Hits verpasst. Jeder Song ist etwas ganz besonderes. Oft denke ich hätte ich dich gekannt hätte ich dir vielleicht irgendwie helfen können. Nach dem ich deine Doku auf Netflix gesehen habe dachte ich: Wir sind uns so ähnlich… Du warst zu gut für diese Welt. Aber leider ist es nun zu spät. Mach’s gut! Du fehlst hier!

  • from Annick

    I remember one of my First song in english was wake me up from Avicii I always wanted to go to a concert of HIM. Last april wake me up was played at a festival I went. Everyone was so alweer everyone Made a Heart with his or her hands and it was great.

  • from Mattia

    The first time I went to avicii's DJ set was in 23th August 2013 and it was the beginning of my love for EDM I'm so thankful to him.. You'll always be in my memories man rest in peace. With love Mattia

  • from Olga Russia

    Спасибо тебе. Ты навсегда в моем сердце.

  • from H

    Miss him he made good music.

  • from Flo B.

    Tims music kicked me into EDM and make me fall in love with it. Especially "The Nights" one of my favorite songs of all time helped me to get through rough times and still makes me smile every time i turn it on. Thank you Tim Bergling for all your passion and that you made me realise that everyone should live a life that will we remembered. Just the way you did Hopefully you have found your peace. With greatest respect Florian Blasek

  • from Anthea/Italy

    I grow up with your music and I fall in love with them. When I heard the news about your left I cried so much because the world lost an incredible talent man and artist who created a new music generation. you will always live in ours hearts with your music. "live a life you will remember"…do you know that citation? well it became my slogan just after I listened to 'the Nights' and in future will become a tattoo. Because you deserve to stay in our mind. thank you for everything Avicii❤

  • from Jordan

    Saw his amazing true tour in manchester back in 2014! He inspired me to be the dj i am today. I'm also working on a memorial remix on 'without you' REST IN PEACE AVICII (Tim Bergling)

  • from Brandon Wright

    His songs were not just great they were inspirational. He was one of the artists who inspired me to listen to electronic music. He was a very talented man and he will be sorely missed.

  • from Love to the family. Luzie

    We will never forget you! You're forever in our hearts?❤ The music will stay forever in this world?? I love you from here to the sky and I'm very sad that you go I cry by writing these text❇?? Your music have touch my heart?? I hope you have a great time in the sky whit your other family who is die? I'm sorry for this English I'm from Germany and not the best in English. But I hope it is okay? I'm so sad I don't can say how sad I am?? I listen your songs every day!???

  • from Angel Espinosa

    Tim my favorite person I miss you so much and it's not just me millions of people I was looking forward to your album and i love you☹️❤️ Tim te extraño muchísimo! Tim te necesito te amo:( esperaba mucho tu nuevo álbum porque tu música era mi motivación de cada dia me alegrabas mucho el día eras tú y tu música la motivación de millones de personas tu siempre estarás en mi corazón y será el número 1 ?? Te amo

  • from Bernadette

    I found him as a musician on the year of his death. His music is a gift. Godspeed brother.

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