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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Matthew

    Avicii’s music releases always seemed to occur during major milestones in my life. Every time one of his songs is played it brings back both good and bad memories (The bad always being washed away by his music)! To know Avicii isn’t around anymore hurts me deeply and I know many more will be feeling the same way. Tim you’ve honestly changed my life and for that I will always be grateful. Rest in Peace you will never be forgotton.

  • from siggi

    he meant not much to me

  • from Lee

    I remember listening to levels back in 2011 and remembering how much I loved it and every since hey brother came out I always wanted to meet Avicii but but dream never came true I really miss Tim and I’m great full I can come here to share my thoughts with fans like me. Thanks for the music Tim

  • from Andre

    I saw hin just one time live at Tomorrowland 2012.. was such a great feeling to watch him and the audience. all the joy in the eyes of the people an the great music is still giving me goosebumps. Tims music will life forever. R.I.P. from Germany

  • from Remco Westerbroek (The Netherlands)

    When you make a true connection with an enormous public through your documentary. I was really touched by your personality and your personal struggle in finding your own way in living. In filling in your own spaces to find your joy your purpose your being. By making this true connection by your pure personality it really hit me when i heard you died. Like I lost a member of my family without even meeting you. You are a great personality a great artist but above all an excellent musician!

  • from Lize

  • from Petruta

    Ever since I heard "Wake me Up" on the radio I knew this artist this beautiful man was going to make me feel music the way everyone should; to feel it in my heart in my soul in my bones. To feel it and to make me feel alive. Avicii your music discovered in me the most beautiful person I could ever be. The best memories and nights and feelings had place in my life because of you. Thank you. I love you forever.

  • from Julio Ortega

    I remember Tim when he was just a young teenage boy starting to make his music. At first he was just listening to music and really enjoyed it. From there he started making his own tracks and as passionate he was I think he knew what he wanted so on and so forth. Avicii today is one of the biggest music icons there is aside from Michael Jackson and Madonna. He is the face of Electronic Dance Music. He touched my life with his music and I would always be grateful for that. #RIPTIMBERGLING

  • from Anna

    I first fell in love with your music when you released Seek Bromance a song I remember dancing to so much while playing it on repeat. I was a big fan of your music and followed you as your career grew seen you live at several events/shows. But then you released Wake me Up – right when I was going through a very hard time in my life and tried to end it. Your music saved my life and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for that. Thank you so much for sharing your music with world. Much love!

  • from Anna

  • from Joey

    I've never had the pleasure and honor to meet Avicii. But I feel like I met – and still meet – his soul in his music. I often think of him a complete stranger and I feel sorrow for him and for his beloved ones that sure miss him so much. And I feel so blessed and thankful to have his music. From Berlin with love!

  • from Leonard

    My first vinyl record was from Avicii and he was one of the people who formed my love to EDM music. I was so honored to see him in 2015 at Tomorrowland. RIP good friend.

  • from Angel Loupe

    His music makes me happy. I listen and I smile and I tap my feet. My heart syncs. His lyrics remind me of my own thoughts.

  • from Fan of AVIICI

    Tim was a great man. He made all our life more easier and more Exciting. R.I.P.

  • from IRVEN (PuertoRico)

    Avicii Descanza en Paz. Es lamentable tu partida te extrañaremos. Tu musica siempre vivira . BENDICIONES ! ?? Donde quiera que te encuentres. Mucho Amor desde Puerto Rico ??

  • from Mia

    Come back my love………. i miss you Bye Legend?

  • from Luca

    Your Music help me through bad days and gives me joy on all the nice days. R.I.P. Legend

  • from Lea


  • from Daniel

    Hes a big legend of DJ's

  • from Josi

    His music made me feel free again.

  • from Sally

    I first heard Avicii in Venice for me his music will always be as ethereal as that city something that shouldn't be but is and defies the ordinary

  • from Amie

    This is such a wonderful idea. I lost my younger brother George in December just after he turned 25. Why we aren't sure what happened the lead up to his death was depression and anxiety just a strong yet misunderstood desease. My brother introduced me to your sons songs and I chose to play Hey Brother at my brothers funeral a song we both loved. My heart goes out to you I'm still learning to live with what's happened but I hope together we can help others before it's too late xxx

  • from Matthias

    Tim was'nt only a normal Human for me! He was a real role mode for me! I can't believe that he left us so early but thats life…… R.I.P Avicii

  • from Karsten

    Lieber Tim Du hast mit deiner Musik viele Menschen bewegt und Ihnen in schlechten Zeiten geholfen. Deine Musik war immer was besonderes und hat EDM verändert. Heute tanzen und singen alle Menschen auf Festivals zu deinen unglaublichen Songs. Du bist ein unglaublich toller Mensch mit einem starken Charakter und einer der besten Produzenten die es jemals gab. Ich hoffe das es dir gut geht und du an einem besseren Ort bist. Ich vermisse dich unendlich Tim. Ruhe in Frieden??

  • from miri

    Everytime happy When I hear his music. He was an inspiration! ❤️

  • from Isaac

    He made some mad song when i was younger

  • from Dennis Nacke

    Es war und ist die beste Musik zum feiern und entspannen ! Mein Größen Beileid das Avicii gestorben ist. Es wird bestimmt im Himmel weiter abrocken! R.I.P AVICII GRUß Dennis aus Lippstadt

  • from Laucy

    You were the best ! I am still waiting your new album. I miss you ! ◢ ◤

  • from Lisa Mariw

    Latenight meetings with friends on an open field and some good old tracks from avicii = <3

  • from Thijs


  • from Andrea – Spain

    Thank you Avicii you were so special for me. I listen this type of music because of you. I wanna a tattoo of your logo since seven years ago. I hope you're super happy up there. Thank you <3.

  • from Abigail Vargas

    i miss you so much tim! your music your memory and you will live on me forever ♥ god bless you my friends fans of avicii and the family Berling.

  • from Drew

    rest in peace legend thanks for your music we will never forget you

  • from Steven

    Avicii eres un grande brillaste en la tierra y brillara toda tu memoria…

  • from Anonymous

    I have loved avicii for as long as I cana remember and always will we truly did lose a legend everytime I hear one of his songs play a smile although alot of his songs werent well known I have listened to all the albums it's not that nobody cares until you're dead its that when you die we like to look back on your music and remember you for the life you lived not the money you made and that's how we will remember avicii/Tim Bergling we will miss you

  • from Jovanny

    He's my idol forever!

  • from Deb

    There is a beautiful patch of tall old trees at a park near my house. and the summer morning sun has shone peaceful warm beams of light through the leaves during my walks there. And that is when I feel you are there with me with all of us again as you used to be. I imagine it is a lot like where you lie now but nothing compared to where your soul is for eternity. And then I am reminded of Edgar Lee Masters’ poem “George Gray” as it describes search for meaning in life. Rest in Peace Tim.

  • from Soma Tajthy

    Having grown up on Tim's music I've always felt that he is one of the few artist in the music industry who had been destined to do bigger more meaningful things than others. I could always relate to his thoughts in his musicwhichever song it was. Listening to him brought peace on people during darker times. Seeing him vanish honestly killed me a little. I truly hope that he sees every one of us remembering him. Tim I truly hope you found peace up there. You'll be remembered forever. Love you

  • from

    Thanks Tim Your sound will be remembered forever! First time i listen seek bromance you opened my mind! R.I.P AVICII

  • from Alex

    Well where do I start. This man this legend is the reason I even started listening to electronic music and in some way enjoyed music as a whole. His songs became instant classics in my mind and bring back instant nostalgia when I hear songs like You Make Me which I listened to on repeat. 15 year old me looks back at my live of electronic (not that I knew it) music and sees Avicii at the centre of it all and his new songs come up on my playlist and I wish there was more. Legacy ended too soon

  • from Gianduca

    i love you i need your song your person and your love. i need you 🙁

  • from Ruben

    Thank You for leaving behind music that we can share with the world. For me with my little kids. Lily – 2 and Leo – 1 I sing them The Days The Nights For A Better Day and Waiting For Love. Good Bye

  • from Sam Galloway

    When Apple released some of his songs on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ gifts and some of his were on there. Never heard of Avicii before. Not stopped listening since.

  • from Tom

    I remember that time when he wrote that song that people were singing.

  • from

    So maybe it's time to realize that you are gone. But I can't. You were too young… But Avicii you will be always in my heart and your songs will inspire me every day of my life.

  • from Anne

    He was the best!!

  • from Daniele

    La tua musica mi ha aiutato a stare su quando tutto il mondo mi voleva giù. Non ho bisogno di aggiungere altro.

  • from Tjay Beckingham

    Avicii's music has changed the world all of his music has meaning which is what makes it so special to me and everyone else around the world his music makes me want to go out in the world and live life to the fullest. Rest In Peace Avicii your music will live on forever!

  • from Madeline

    He will always be with us in the music and in our hearts <3

  • from Ale D.

    Thanks for your life for your songs for all the help you bring to us because of you I learn about self love 🙂 ❤️

  • from Imma

    I love your music when I listen your music I am happy … thanks angel

  • from Josh

    He was a huge influence on me I was so driven by his music to create my own and fell in love with producing. My heart is wounded from his loss and yet I never knew him personally but his melodies created a connection that can never be broken.

  • from Andrea Franchi

    for me tim was a point of reference his songs helped me in difficult moments .. I discovered the electronic music world thanks to his piece levels and from there my life and changed I saw you for the first time at tomorrowland 2015 and it was a wonderful thing .. thanks for all tim you will always remain in my heart

  • from Rhiannon Woolerton

    I remember growing up listening to Aviciis music especially ‘Wake Me Up’ His music made me happy and made me want to dance. It’s so sad that people feel like there’s nothing else they can to apart from take their own life. He will forever live on through his amazing music ❤️

  • from シュガーマフィン

    Wake Me Upを初めて聴いた時からTimの音楽が大好きです 日本へも来てくれて嬉しかった あの日の多幸感は忘れないよ これからも聴き続けます 心に残る音楽をありがとう

  • from Ashley

    My wife and began looking for our first house in 2013 around the time Wake Me Up was out. We heard it most weekends while driving between many many house viewings. 4 years later and it had stuck with us so much so the song was the first dance at our wedding and we have the lyrics framed on our bedroom wall. The words beautifully describe our journey together it had to feature at our wedding. Avicii – thank you .

  • from Naji

    Avicii was straight up my favourite DJ. I would go absolutely nuts when I heard any of his songs. They always hyped me up. I would listen without you when I missed my best friends. I mean every one of his songs was a chapter in my life. When he died I was in shock for weeks. One of my relatives died and I didn't cry as much as when avicii died. I couldn't stop the tears as I had a fan connection with him. I've listened to his songs for years and I will continue to. A legend never dies❤

  • from Antonio

    28/08/2018 Forlì Emilia Romagna italia Sei stato un grande artista fuori dalle righe quel tipo di persona che solo uno su mille ce la fa. La tua musica suonerà per sempre! Un abbraccio ovunque tu sia caro Tim! By Antonio salvatore dall'emilia Romagna Italia.

  • from Costanza

    He helped me with his awesome songs their meaning were really beautiful. Now I'll listen to his songs 'til I die. I hope he's in a better place now. My dream was going to a Avicii's concert because I wanted to see him. His songs can be a very importanti lesson for our daily life. I miss you Tim

  • from IK

    We love you Avicii !! we miss you and your music! rest in peace wherever you are….. your music will be in our heart!

  • from Tiziano Migali

    Grazie mille Avicii… La tua musica mi mancherà tanto e mancherà al mondo. Rip

  • from Rosie

    I miss you Tim I miss your music I miss your contagious laugh I miss your voice in the living where you blew everyone out for joy I miss you too much And you don't know how much I wish you were still with us I hope my favorite angel is good and he is at peace Now Always yours Rosie

  • from Katherine

    Avicci your music was the soundtrack to my uni days. I will never forget rushing to the dance floor with my friends as soon as we heard Levels. For me this song was my particular favourite of yours and it never fails to brighten by day. Without it the world would have been a darker place. Thank you for this beautiful creation and thank you for changing the world into a happier more positive and beautiful place. RIP x

  • from Sam

    Wake Me Up was played on nearly every night out the year I was 18. I went on my first ever lads holiday in August 2013 and it was absolutely everywhere no matter whether you were in a bar a club a restaurant the beach a shop etc. It actually breaks my heart that you are gone. I remember when I saw you had released a new EP last year and how excited I was to listen to it. I came back from Creamfields yesterday and every day there was a tribute to you. RIP Tim. You will never be forgotten ?

  • from Tere

    Siempre sin importar donde estaba con unos auriculares y tu musica viajaba a un lugar mejor. Gracias por siempre.

  • from Aidan Scotland

    Avicii My first ever concert as a teenager was when you played at Bellahouston Park in 2013. I just want to say thank you very much for being the reason that I had such a special day. Your music has the power of enthusing people making them excited and happy. That was the mood that surrounded the whole day and it was because of you. In a more subconscious way your music has touched my life. It has served as the backdrop to all positive adventurous exciting times. Thank you.

  • from Kevin Almada Paraguay

    Soy de Paraguay y Avicii fue alguien muy importante en mi vida gracias a sus increibles musicas me empezo a gustar la musica electronica y hoy en dia ya soy un super electrolover gracias a el. Sus temas fueron bastante motivantes para mi vida asi como me hacia reflexionar sus letras tambien me hacia explotar de alegria con sus increibles drop. Avicii siento mucho que te hayas ido me a tocado bastante esa noticia tan fatal con ese gran talento podias dar mucho mas. I miss you Avicii

  • from Daniel

    You sure created a masterpiece with "Bromance". Still can't believe you're gone.

  • from digitalclock

    I loved your songs you sounded so perfect and u brought people together with your sweet songs United people and showed others that Europeans are not bad people! I hope you live on and it’s sad to see you die R.I.P

  • from Liza

  • from Marina

    I miss you Legend your songs will be my favourite foto life .RIP TIM ❤?

  • from Moris

    Words can't describe nothing. Words can't describe who was Tim. Words can't describe your music the importance and popularity that you have conquered year after year. Words can't describe how the life is cruel. Words can't describe the love of the entire world for you. So…as your song say…"Wake me up" because this can't be possible. An Italian fan. M.F.

  • from Nathan Oldham

    His music was and still is an inspiration to me I remember going to see him perform at his last UK show at Creamfields 2016 with my brother. His music helped me through so many hard times it's still hard to believe that he has gone so soon he will be forever missed but never forgotten. Nothing is more true than his words "He said One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." Gone but never forgotten Rest in Peace Tim.

  • from Matt Smith

    Only recently discovered so many songs on the radio I loved were Tim's. Deeply saddened he's no longer with us and thoughts and prayers are with his family. I will continue to enjoy his music for many years.

  • from joe

    he made my summer lit

  • from

    Tim you lived a good life. You had your inner demons that you'd tried to deal with. All the while bringing joy and pleasure to millions of people around the world. You music will forever be a part of my life it highlights both the good and bad aspects in my memories. I can only hope to be half the man you were. Rest easy now mate.

  • from Holly

    He literally gave me everything I was missing in life with his amazing music. I have had a lump in my throat everyday since he passed and will miss him so much. Such a talent; there will never be anyone else like him. RIP you beautiful man xxx

  • from Franzi

    I‘m just a fan but I still miss you. I‘m staying here in ibiza and checked out the show from KYGO at Ushuaia it was amazing but when he was playing without you from Avicii there were a lot of tears coming up. Thank you for thos great music. KYGO said „this is for AVICII“ then he was playing your song without any other vocals. Just amazing. For a short time you‘ve been back on stage even when it was just a feeling in our hearts ❤️ RIP Tim

  • from daniel graziani

    acivi make my happay when i listen to is song

  • from Benjamin Palmer

    I only discovered your music after your passing anud also have attempted suicide. Your music is life affirming and amazing. I'm sorry you couldn't get through your darkest hour

  • from Josè Dügal

    You inspired me is many others to make music to convey feelings sensations. The difference is this. Through music to realize a state of mind a feeling. Thanks for letting me understand this. Even if we did not know each other in person know that you gave me a lot. See you on the other side brother?.

  • from anonimous

    With you has gone a part of me

  • from Yasmin

    The soundtrack to my summer! Such good memories! Gone far too soon but at least he is now free ?? Forever in our hearts

  • from Elisa

    Ti ricorderemo sempre xla tua gioia e i sorrisi che hai regalato.. Xle emozioni che ci hai donato con il dono piu bello che dio poteva farti.. L amore per la musica. E quell amore lo hai trasmesso.. Hai dato emozioni hai regalato momenti che noi tutti ricorderemo xsempre con il sottofondo della tua anima.. Ho pregato x te.. E sarai sempre nei nostri cuori.. Grazie di aver condiviso con noi un po di te stesso! Rip.

  • from Zoltán

    emlékezetes volt a mogyoródi úti forgatás

  • from Sam

    We will remember the beautiful and talented Avicii. We will respect him and give the highest honor to his fellow EDM musicians by doing the ‘’Avicii hand’…. hand up in the air flat hand fingers spread wide with the beat of the music especially at the drop. ❤️

  • from Tim Brady – UK

    I am 51 year male I heard your song "hey brother" when travelling with my 20 year old son. He did not like my old music and was playing songs from his playlist that he thought I would be okay with. I was spellbound by the music and the words as I have 3 son's (aged 20 15 and 12). My two younger sons adore their big brother and he looks after them so well. I just felt this was our song and it brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it. RIP Avicii and thank you for the music.

  • from Jord

    his music makes me cry . he's a HERO

  • from Blaise

    Your music always made my heart soar and pure love to come up from within. I had never heard anything purer or more magical than your genius. I was heartbroken but I will hold you close from now on. I can't imagine what you went through but I can understand. Your kind of public sensitivity had its cost but you will shine on as you did in life.

  • from JamesB

    Your music made me genuinely happy and took me to another place. One of my greatest hobby alongside sport and family/friends was listening to your music. It became a lifestyle. I remember first hearing penguin along with new new new remix and bromance and I was addicted. I saw you at stereosonic in Melbourne in 2011 where I fell further in love escpecially with let me show you love which is my fav song of all time. The rest is history. Rest peacefully Tim you’re one of the greats.

  • from Alex Reid

    Thank you for changing my life Tim. I followed you around a whopping 10 shows in total each one you were better and better all the way from the beginning playing the O2 Millenium Dome in 2012 to my last show with you at Creamfields 2016 your music passion and dedication inpsired me to become who I am today. I miss you so much i miss your music I've got your triangles tatooed on my arm so I'll never forget you. Thank you Avicii thank you Tim rest in peace. Wake me up when its all over.

  • from mohammad jabarin

    it was never about the years in our lifes its all about the life in our years ! and this was all about tim short life of 28 years full of creating happy moments for people worldwide thank you tim for the inspiration for the vibes for music your soul will live with us i hope you watching us from a sky full of starts .

  • from Michele Miconi

    Grazie per la tua arte… hai lasciato un segno nell'universo e nei nostri cuori…. see you Tim and good music <3

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