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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from John

    Hearing "I could be the one" for the first time is something I'll always remember. Thank you Tim for all the great music.

  • from Dimana (Bulgaria)

    Dear Tim you have helped me cope with a lot of things throughout those 5 amazing years. I have been a fan of yours since the moment I heard one of your songs. I also loved (and still do) watching your sets. You inspired me to start appreciating music more than ever before. To the point where I wanted to make music and to do great things such as everything you did and left us with. Hope you are in a better place and have finally found peace.Much loveDimi❤

  • from Alan

    Thanks to him and his music my world made more sense for what he expressed through his songs that everything seemed to be fine no matter what the problems

  • from Linus

    Avicii var en person som inspererade mig till Musiken jag har alltid haft som mål att göra en låt med Avicii… men den chansen e över nu. han kommer alltid finnas kvar oss våra hjärtan. Jag ger alla Tankar till Avicii’s Familj och vänner. R.I.P Tim ”Avicii” Bergling 1989 -> 2018

  • from Petra


  • from Alberto from Italy

    RIP Tim… We'll love you forever

  • from Nassir

    Tim the melodic boy <3 words can’t really describe what someone feels but you will always be remembered as the best melody wirter ever you’re such an incredible personartist. Most of the people knows only Avicii not Tim. Forever in our hearts.

  • from Doug

    His music caught my attention in the early 2010s I was instantly hooked and in love with it. I loved all the unique sounds playing these beautiful harmonies and melodies and it inspired me to be less afraid when I was working on my own music. I always admired Avicii for pushing his music in new and creative directions while still retaining the soul of his art. I have countless great memories jamming very hard to his music with my friends the soundtrack to some of the best times of my life. <3

  • from Rocket Rollings Kendell

    Siempre seras siempre un gran dj y tambien una gran persona. Inigualable e irreemplazable único tu musica era hermosa llegaba hasta lo mas profundo de nuestros corazontu musica era ideal de escuchar cuando estabamos felices por y tambien cuando estabamos tristes o deprimidos significabas mucho para todoseres inolvidable por tu musica muchos te llegamos a conocer y a querer siempre estaras vivo en nuestros corazones desde Mexico VIVA AVICII ◢◤ You Went To Heaven and you're there

  • from TV

    Thank you for your music Tim. You will be remembered as a hero❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from Rgrajales1999_YT

    My Lord Wake Me Up When It's All Over If The Sky Comes Falling Down For You There's Nothing In This World I Wouldn't Do Birds Will Sing If We Fall Its Alright With Memories Inside Midnight Dust On The Floor Watch It Turn Into Gold So Bold And Fine I've Known You For Some Time Whole Life Changed While Bones Like Yours And Mine Make Me Count For Something Yeah I Feel It In My Heart God Only Knows What I'd Have Been If You Hadn't Been A Friend Of Mine….

  • from DJ $HERLOCK

    Your music changed the world. RIP Avicii.

  • from Enrico Rijken

    Avicii to many a friend family and a hero. His music and performance have always been a great source of inspiration to me. May he rest in peace. <3

  • from Mikael Mäkelä

    Du kommer alltid att en speciell plats I mitt hjärta.

  • from Roy de Nijs

    I first discovered Avicii with levels. I immediately fell in love with him. Over the years he made tracks which exactly described what I was going through in life. That's what caused some of his songs to have an emotional load on me. I still listen to those tracks when I'm feeling down. When he announced that he'd stop touring I was devastated about it. But then 01 came out and that really made my month. I was happier than I had ever been and the release of 01 catalysed this. Thank you my hero

  • from Vanesa

    Mi mensaje es hacia su familia concretamente su madre tenía noción de quien era avicci como musico pero al enterarme por las noticias de su deceso profundicé más sobre quien era la personarezo todos los días por ellos tienen que ser unas bellísimas personas

  • from Olga ??

    I miss you my honey. We will never forget you??❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from Thomas Irwin

    This man had an impact on my life and an inspiration that I never expected. Memories will live on. Thanks for everything Tim!

  • from Michael

    Tim (Avicii) thank you for sharing your talent with the world and inspiring me. I will remember you forever through your music.

  • from @aviciigalantisxfanpage [ soon @aviciixgalantis ]

    One beautiful morning in 2015. [ or 2014. I'm not really sure ] I woke up and the song "Hey brother" was playing in my head. I get up and went to YouTube to listen this song. Then I found out that that song's artist is an DJ Avicii. I listened to Hb every day and I even remembered all the lyrics. Then I found out that songs "Wake me up" and "Levels" are also by him. I started to talk with persons in school about Avicii and how he is awesome. When ep "Stories" came out I've been opsessed w it

  • from Jake Larson

    Tim Thank you for you’re passion of creating joyous melodic music for the world. You inspired me to created music myself and got me into DJing. Your music always had great messages that anyone could relate to myself included multiple times throughout the 7-8 years you produced. You will never be forgotten you helped me out in more ways than I could describe with life and how I’ve grown this past 7-8 years. I will continue my life with your memory always in my heart. Rest In Peace ✌️

  • from Ken Tse

    I remember back in 2010 my parents brought my brother and I to Disneyland in California. This is when I first heard of Avicii. I never knew about the name of the song nor who produced it up until then but during our stay at the hotel there was a specific alarm that woke me up everyday set by my brother on his iPod. The song? Bromance. Rest in peace Tim. I will never forget what joy your music brought and not to mention the rest of the world. You lived a life all of will remember.

  • from Iwona


  • from Patricia

    Dear Tim your music has brought life and strong emotions in our hearts and minds and for that we are forever grateful. It feels unreal and hard to cope with the fact that you are gone but you will allways be here with us through youre music. You're irreplaceable. We love you and forever deeply miss you ?

  • from Juan Manuel

    You were the inspiration for millions of people and that took you to your precious heart good person with an immense charisma but above all a worker! You were and you will be the best in history! forever in my heart !

  • from Brendan

    I never understood why people were so affected by celebrity deaths until I heard of Avicii's sad death. I didn't even realize he meant so much to me until then. Someone I had never met who didn't know I existed who never had an idea that I listened to his music left me feeling empty after his passing. Tim's music will always bring back memories of good times with friends. and he is what got me into EDM bringing me closer to family and friends. Thank you Avicii you will always be remembered

  • from <3

    Tack Tim för att du var och fortfarande är soundtracket till min ungdom. Tack för att du vågade öppna upp dig om psykisk ohälsa om du bara visste hur många som du har hjälpt genom din historia. Jag är en av dom. Med din musik har jag gått igenom livets tuffaste och bästa stunder. Du kommer alltid att minnas och din musik kommer för alltid att spelas. Det är till dina låtar jag har mina bästa minnen till. Tack för allt Tim vi saknar dig.

  • from Wilder Eche

    Siempre fuiste una persona inspiradora gracias por tanta Música siempre vivieras en nuestros corazones descansa en paz Tim

  • from Soto M.

    Tim thank you for bringing happiness to my life. You inspired me to be what I am now to never give up and be happy. In spite of your death I know that you will always be present in every moment or feeling and I know that with you I will never be alone. I can only say thank you for more than 10 years of happiness

  • from Bine

    Forever Tim i've got learn to love without you. I hope you have Peace in Heaven. In Love from Germany

  • from Jesús Cortés

    wow I really do not know how to start I can simply say that avicii was and will be the best DJ and my favorite his songs are spectacular I could never see him on stage and that was my dream that could never be fulfilled … his music changed my life and many more …          FOREVER AVICII❤

  • from Albymar

    Tim "Avicii" siempre vivirá en nuestros corazones porque cada vez que escuchemos su música hará que su alma viva para abrazarnos y darnos aún más amor del que ya nos dejó en vida. Nunca dejaré de escucharlo porque en su música vive la gran persona que fue. Tu alma pura inocente y melodiosa me brindó tanto amor alegría y paz que no podría describirlo aquí y aunque ya no estés físicamente sé que lo que nos dejaste seguirá dándome esa armonía. Te amo Tim Gracias por darnos a Avicii

  • from Nadine

    Hey Tim wir kannten uns leider nicht persönlich aber dein Tod hat mich schwer getroffen. Ich denke jeden Tag an dich und deine Familie. Ich hoffe dir geht es nun besser und ich hoffe du hast deinen wohlverdienten Frieden gefunden. Ich hoffe dass einige Menschen durch diese Tragödie ihre Lektion lernen. Wir müssen besser aufeinander aufpasse. Ich weiß wie es ist diese Ängste und Leiden zu haben. Wir hätten uns sehr gut verstanden ❤️ Du wirst schmerzlich vermisst ❤️?

  • from Kristian

    Aldrig glömd! <3

  • from Carl

    I fell in love with "Dear Boy" after he premiered it at ultra in 2013 and followed him ever since. But the funny thing is without even knowing I had followed him for a long time before that listening to his every release loving every single melody and composition. I'm from Norway and I can say without a doubt that his music changed my life. His music was there during my most difficult days and I'm very sad to see him gone. Veni Vici Avicii.

  • from Rgrajales1999_YT

    You Do Not Know How Much We Miss You Tim Since Your Departure The World I See Differently You Do Not Know How Many Mistakes You Make Us … I Got To Learn How To Love Without You I Always Consider You As A Real Brother I Will Never Forget You Will Always Be In My Heart Since I Met You I Always Followed You And I Will Always Follow You No Matter What. I Will See You In Heaven Tim…

  • from Danya

    i just want to say thank you to the one of most important people in this world. thank you for your music and thank for all my emotions that i felt listening to your music. Tim forever in my memory in my heart in my soul…RIP Legend…

  • from Jack

    Tim an incredible artist a visionary within the scene and a genuine person we all could relate to. His music and melodies were so innovative addictive and beautiful. Thank you for blessing us with your music it will stay with me for life! Vila i frid Tim ◢◤❤️

  • from Emil

    Your early music brought me to house in 2010. Thank you for shaping my musical taste Rest in Peace brother

  • from Emelie

    I remember the moment that I realized who Avicii was. I found out that he was the boy Tim who I went to school with in Skillinge for about six months. I was so amazed that he had become such an inspiring artist! And when I got to see him perform live in Malmö. Wow! Best thing ever! I hope you know what a great inspiration you are to us! XoXo Emelie from Skillinge ❤️

  • from Geanella Fernanda

    Todas sus canciones fueron escritas con mucho sentimiento con mucho amor Tim dió todo de sí mismo por su público haciendo lo que más amaba.. Música. Avicii siempre quise conocerte… No pude me pone triste eso pero escucho tu música y siempre lo haré porque no te olvidaré Mi pequeño Avicii ❤ descansa en paz

  • from Frida

    Tack för allt!

  • from Bryan

    I remember the time I was in school 1 day and our teacher always played the radio while we were painting and colouring. I remember Levels coming up when I was 8 years old. I fell in love with that song and when the lyrics came I wrote them down with the best English I could and as soon as I came home I grabbed my old half broken laptop and blasted out levels. Since that day Avicii has always been my favourite artist and inspiration. For that I want to say: Thank You Tim! Thank you so much!!!

  • from Daphne Greece

    To Tim's family: you are not alone!! We the Avicii community are so strong together. Tims work will never be forgotten and neither will he.

  • from Deeiv

    Tim 4 months have passed since your departure and I still can not believe it you were my biggest inspiration towards everything especially in music now it only remains to remember you with your songs soon I will honor you in one of my songs dedicated to you you are and you will be forever my idol and my favorite artist always peace and much love brother I love you!

  • from Nellie

    Well….. Back in the days I lost 30 kg listening to ‘Seek bromance’ on repeat Literally! ‘Tim Berg’ and ‘Seek bromance’ were my motivation back then so that was the beginning ??? I struggle with servere stress and depression and ‘True stories’ gives me hope for the future. I am forever thankful for the fact that Tim was brave enough to tell the world about these struggles- it takes a lot of courage and hopefully makes it more understandable for our surroundings ?? L ? V E!

  • from Jenny

    Du berörde en hel värld med din musik Tim och världen är så fattig utan dig ?❤ Du fattas oss Tim och genom din musik kommer du alltid leva vidare! ❤ Saknar dig ❤ Nu slipper du kämpa mer ❤ Vila i frid du vackra ängel ❤ Kram till familjen ❤

  • from @brazil_avicii

    We have thousands of memories of you. Your beautiful songs. But none of this replaces your presence here. love you and miss you so much.

  • from Lena

    time flies but it feels like yesterday since you left us.. heaven got his beautiful angel back.. People like you are rare.. the world would be so much better if more people would be like you.. we lost a beautiful angel.. so talented so smart so big hearted so pure so sweet.. Avicii your music will never die. Tim you are forever in our hearts.. we miss you! I hope you are in a better place and I hope you are fine.. i love you. I miss you. Forever.

  • from Pernilla

    Vila i frid Tim❤️ Kommer aldrig att sluta lyssna på din musik . ❤️??❤️

  • from Daphne from Greece

    Tim you were there for me at difficult times even when my family or close friends couldnt! I first discovered you through Superlove when i was 12 and thats how the journey started. You were always there at every step i took as i look back. I hope your family friends and us fans will heal some day. I hope you could see how much loved you are. We miss you dearly..cant find the words to express my sorrow

  • from Reuven

    Thank you for your wonderful music and memories. Attending your concert at Roseland Ballroom in NYC – 10/10/2013 was an experience I will never forget. Your creativity in composing and overall brand are dearly missed. RIP and your legend will live on!

  • from Omar Saleh

    Since I first Heard Him In 2012 I Just Fall In love with Him And his Music And The Style And i Was N.1 Fan And I Was waiting for every song he release he made And Made me Want To Do Music Production And When He Passed away It Just Came at Me As SHOCK And I STRAIGHT 3 DAYS I Was Just Depressed Thinking i Cant Listin And See Him anymore and For 4 months Now I just Cant believe He left us. Avicii Missing You?

  • from Karla

    When I heard the news I cried all morning when it was dusk I went to a park with my dog we saw the sunset while listening to music by Tim reflect on the person I want to become and the motivation that his music gives me It's amazing I'll always love you Tim❤️

  • from Ariadna

    Since 2013 i was a huuuuge fan of Tim a

  • from Arnaud

    I discovered Avicii in 2013 whith his song "Wake Me Up" and then I've never stopped listening to his songs. He's one of the best djs for me his songs inspire me a lot. I have so many memories with each song everyone reminds me of a great moment I had with my friends and my family. I'll never forget the moment I discovered his last EP with my best friend we were so excited! Thank you Avicii we love you! ?

  • from


  • from Maxime

    Thanks again Avicci with all your music we'll forget that you ve been a great dj talented thanks for all the avicci that your fan will always be there

  • from Benjamin Saltzman

    You and your music has helped me grow as a person. During my first Ultra Miami you were the closer and by far the best performer of the weekend. I hope that you are in a better place. Know that people will continue to listen to your music and I hope it can help others as much as it has helped me.

  • from Thomas

    The first song I heard of Avicii was Wake me up and from that moment on I was and still am a big fan of him. I love his music because it's so much different than other artists and it always cheers me up. I just hope that we will never forget him and the incredible music he made. I wish the family a lot of strenght. ◢◤ forever

  • from Karina


  • from Sofia


  • from Vincent Serra (Vinc’)

    En 2014 je commençai a m’intéresser à la composition sur Ordinateur. Et c’est en regardant une vidéo de Avicii que la j’ai commencé à adorer ce type et sa musique. J’ai donc récré plusieurs de ces morceaux. Et au fil des ans toujours en écoutant c’est musque et en m’inspirant de lui j’ai pu commençais à créer mes propres musiques. Sans lui je n’aurai jamais eu cette passion pour la musique. J’aurai tellement voulu le rencontré et le remercier… Et tout cas merci Tim merci pour tout ❤️

  • from Rebekah

    Tim first came into my life with Levels and Sunshine in 2011. Since then Tim's special and magical talent has brought me peace like nothing else could through some very difficult times. I will always be grateful for those moments of serenity that his work still brings me to this day as things are still tough. Thank you for everything Tim I love you and I miss you <3

  • from Ima

    You arr so missed. Thank you for the music ? I?❤️

  • from Yazbiel yair

    Tim fuiste para mi una gran inspiración para la música electrónica tus melodías tan dulces que me hacían volar siempre serás mi dj favorito para mi siempre serás el mejor de todo el mundo ❤️Siempre en mi corazón tim❤️

  • from Richard

    I started listening to Tim on beatport 2009 and since then ive been a fan. Love all his podcasts on level and avicii fm.

  • from Stephen Corner

    Ever since I heard his music I have wanted to make my own and to this day I still use him as the sole inspiration for my music. R.I.P Tim I will always remember you.

  • from Isabelle


  • from AviciiMexico ◢◤

    Nobody will know the real internal pain left by Tim in our lives after his departure many we still cry in silence those looks lost in not knowing how it happened and why it had to be the person who thanks to his music does not We went to hell we took another vision of life to find their music. There are already 4 months in which I keep quietly thinking about it every day. Thank You Much Tim for saving my life. AviciiMexico◢◤

  • from Nick

    Your music helped me when I was in a dark place. Thank you Tim.


    Las Letras de tus canciones ademas de ser asombrosas tenian grandes mensajes con las cuales muchos Nos identificabamos de distintas maneras Me inspirastes mucho Gracias por eso♥ D.E.P★◁▷

  • from Evan

    Avicii was one or maybe THE ONE who launched me into the EDM music ! Tim will be forever for me the emblem of the EDM music ! Thanks for everything Tim thanks for your songs thanks for your personality… Thanks. ❤️??

  • from Saga

    I didn’t know you but I listened to your music trough out the years on & ofI even went to see you play in Friends Arena once and loved it! Even if I didn’t know you & just listened to your music it feels like I lost a friend?When I found out you where gone I cried..I was sad because you are so youngwon’t have kids grow old see new movies write music celebrate Christmas & millions of other things.I feel so sad when your music plays on the radio.I oddly miss you?!Turn back time ? Love you❤️

  • from Sanny

    I love your hands .. your beautiful smile and your music saves my soul ❤️

  • from Dinara Moor

    Cant find the right words to describe my feelings. Tears still blur my eyes . Part of my heart has gone with you. Dear Tim! Thank you for the best memories and the most beautiful music ! You are the reason why I am into EDM. Wanna believe that you are watching from above and smiling as cute as only you can. You are my endless inspiration. Miss you so much and love forever❤

  • from Anna

    Dear Timthanks for the great music????. Once we can listen to it without pain in the soul but not today just not on Friday? return if it is possible please?? the planet needs you??With love from Russia ❤️ R.I.P.beautiful man

  • from Diana

    Forever in my heart ❤️and playlist ?

  • from Mcvalley

    Wake me up was my first ringtone and I still remember the exact moment when I heard Waiting for love for the first time – altough I was just 12. I wrote a book while listening to his music (which inspired the whole story) and I still play Addicted to you every day on my piano. He had a huge impact on my life and he still has. Thank you Tim. You'll be missed forever.

  • from Rose

    first song I've heard from Tim was Hey brother. He was my inspiration to start playing piano and so he was a great part of my life. I still can't believe he's gone but he'll always be in my heart. Tim thank you for your music I hope you find peace up there. ♥

  • from Carlos (Spain)

    Avicii was just special. Tim was just special from what we could get to see. His music changed the game in the electronic music scene. He somehow lead us a whole new generation of electronic music fans to a fantastic world where he was just the best. Since 2010 his music created the aspect of my personality I love the most I have never been so attached to someone Ive never met. I promise you we wont let your legacy disappear. Thank you for everything you gave us Tim will always remember you.

  • from Malin

    Jag vet inte ens vart jag ska börja. Eller vad jag ska säga. Jag älskar dig. <3

  • from B. Csili Eszter

    Tim was my childhood… when he came to my country I couldn't go because I was too young I said to myself maybe next time but I didn't. I miss him so much he is a legend forever. I cannot tell him how gratefull I am.. he helped me trough my darkest times.

  • from AviciiMexico ◢◤

  • from Gabriel

    You saved me and i didn't know. ◢ ◤ <3 thanks…

  • from X

    I ❤️ U

  • from Hm

    Such a great legend your music has been inspired millions around the world your music has been with me in the saddest moments and the happiest moments it was a sad news when the world knew about your death shocking can't believe you are not among us anymore. Rest in peace Tim Your music will never die alwyas in our hearts ❤️

  • from Gonçalo

    My first time listening to Avicii’s music was the best moment of my life I miss you Tim!!! I grew up listening to your music and now my dream of seeing you live will never come true Come back Tim

  • from Jean

    Avicci is one of my biggest inspirations and first reasons to start making music. His own way of making melodies inspired in me the love for making songs that tell stories that are able to touch peoples souls and maybe change their lives for the better I'll never forget his influence and I'll will forever be greatful of his work I don't know how he was as a person but I'm certain that I would love to spend at least one day in the studio with him just to make music for the fun of it.

  • from Gaia

    When Tim died my heart felt empty. I still can’t believe that he’s not alive. Since he’s died i have put on my bedside table his picture and i’ve put a candle next to it. Every night i sit on my bed and i spend 30 minutes talking to him: we talk about school and how the day was about friends and stuff like that. It feels weird to talk alone but i feel heard and i know he listens. And i bring the photo wherever i go. And i can’t close my eyes at night if he’s not beside me.

  • from Jessica

    Tim was the one that brought me to edm never had any interests in this music before. But then after the release of levels I heard it on youtube for the first time and this song made me fall in love with edm especially with HIS music. Sadly I never had the chance to see him live but I always enjoyed his music and I will forever. THANK YOU Tim for your beautiful melodies that often gives me goosebumps. You truly will be missed I hope you did find the peace you searched for. love from germany

  • from Tabs81

    I saw Avicii at the first EDCNY I'm so happy I was able to see him in my lifetime. He's one of the main reasons why I love EDM so much.

  • from Josefin

    Thank you for your music. Thank you for the memories created through your music. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with us. You changed so much – the music industry how we perceive art and so many people around the world. Since you passed I think a lot of us have realized how much your music actually meant to us and how much of an impact you made on us. You will never be forgotten you will live on through your songs which is a small comfort in this tragedy. I will miss you. Thank you.

  • from Fotini from Germany

    True talent will never die his music will live on. RIP Tim. Forever in my ♥️♠️

  • from Hanna

    Jag har aldrig blivit så berörd av en offentlig persons bortgång som med Tims. Det är så sorgligt?! Vi har förstått att du verkligen kämpade❤️Nu har du fått den frid du behövde. Du har berört en hel värld med din musik❤️Tack! Mitt hjärta finns hos din familj och dina vänner i denna svåra tid.

  • from Alex

    Tim I discovered your music many years back and was instantly amazed and fascinated at your unique creative style of creating such a diverse range of melodic music. Some of my most special memories enjoying your music in recent years include when Stories was released at the time I had just received a life saving kidney transplant! Which always remind me of what a good time it was back then when hearing those songs. Tim's memory and music will continue to always bring positivity to this world.

  • from Анна

    Более четырёх месяцев Тим не покидает моей головы.каждое утро начинается с мыслей о нем и каждый день заканчивается этими же мыслями !так много вопросов !и да я все ещё не приняла его смерть…даже сейчас смотря на фото в нем чувствуется столько жизни !эгергии! Что не возможно поверить в его кончину.Мы любим тебяТими

  • from Thilo

    Miss you. ❤

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