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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Noah

    “Heroes get remembered but legends never die’ – Babe Ruth. Tim thank you for leaving your music and your legacy behind with us. Your songs will go on for generations and generations. Mix in heaven bro ❤️✌?

  • from Sara

    Ich werde wohl nie verstehen wie ein Mensch mein Herz erobern konnte obwohl er tausende Kilometer von mir entfernt wohnt(e). Es tut weh zu wissen dass du nicht mehr auf dieser Erde weilst obwohl wir uns vermutlich niemals über den Weg gelaufen wären. Auf der anderen Seite spüre ich deinen Schmerz mit jedem deiner Songs. Ich hoffe es geht dir gut wo du jetzt bist. Ruhe in Frieden mein Freund.

  • from Natalia

    Siempre te extrañaremos serás tristemente recordado tu música mueve a millones de personas que aún no superamos tu pérdida!

  • from Irwin Zapata

    Right now i am in a point of my life that i would die if that signified that Tim would come back to life. his music feels like a warm sheet on this cold winter of life i guess that is what millions feel when they hear his music. its something out of this world. you will NEVER be forgotten boy and your death wasn't in vane either its a first step to bring down the industry leeches and exploiters. Thank you for your music man.

  • from Inga

    One man can create music that touches million souls. Glad that i am one of them. Thank YOU.

  • from Onur Tura #wbrb

    Hello Tim Im pretty sure that you read these in heaven. My biggest dream was meeting with you and taking a pic with you. You inspired me with everything in my life especially with producing. Still cant get over losing you my idol. I smiled everytime i see you smile i cried from happiness everytime you tease a song and had an heart attack everytime you drop an album. You were the most talented human being in this world.. Hope you find the peace youve been looking for will never be forgetten

  • from Jonny B

    ◢ ◤ Tim your music and has inspired so many and will forever be in your memory! You will never be forgotten brother. RIP AVICII◢ ◤

  • from Gino Rusconi Argentina 14 años.

    Aunque podría escribirlo en inglés lo escribiré en español. Vos Tim cambiaste la relación que tengo con mi hermano. nunca olvidare ese domingo en el cual el puso sunset jesus en su laptop y yo sin saber que era el mismo artista que creó levels fade into darkness las canciones que me enamoraron de vos. vos eras muy apasionado con todo lo que hacias y por eso son tales obras de arte tus canciones. te descubrí con levels luego te fuiste con without you. descansa en paz tu legado vivirá.

  • from Mariana

    Te amo Tim ? espero donde quiera que estes te encuentres en paz… eres y seras el mejor para mi !

  • from Arrex

    I remember when I first heard your song and just … loved it. I will remember “my father told me when I was just a child” and you will be rembered as one of the best DJ and a song writer and singer You are in our hearts

  • from Rory

    His music was just the best.

  • from Carlo

    Hey ! He was one of the DJs that made me fall in love with electronic music it's from the first parties I'm djing that I use his songs!

  • from Martyna

    Dear Avicii On the other side you also know that you will always remain in the hearts of fans. Your music is still sitting in my heart. He accompanies me in all activities in my life. I do not listen to rap only your music. I am glad I can have such an idol.

  • from Stjepan

    It has been almost 5 months since He died and 'm still feeling like shit. When i hear any of his songs tear falls honestly. I am listening to Avicii since like 2012 when I heard Silhouettes on the radio. I liked that song really much after that I heard Levels and I fell in love with dance music. We lost a legend excellent producer and a beautiful person. He meant to me really much !! I could talk for hours what I have gone through with His songs but I wan't.Goodbye Tim see ya!

  • from Martin S.

    Thank you for everything Tim! You and your music will always be with me. I will never forget the first time I got to see you live and what a pleasure it gave me. Your music motivates me everyday and I am so grateful for that. I hope you're in a better place now living a life you will remember.

  • from Marie

    My lovely Soul.. I wish i would wake up earlier ?

  • from Ragini

    I can still remember how I felt when I first heard Levels. Even since I've obsessed over his every other song and music videos. His music changed the way I look at life and he is such a huge part of my life that it tears me apart every single day now. Tim you're always going to be my favourite artiste and the person who made me who I am right now. I love you and I miss you more than anything.

  • from Monika

    My only favourite musicians Michael Jackson & Avicii both are gone. The one musician who actually got me into listening to the EDM genre… and Oh God!! Those tracks are nothing less than magical hymns I have no other words to describe his talent. I remember I passed all my exams by pulling all-nighters blasting his music off in the background taking pictures of that and posting on my Social media with the caption 'Avicii is bae'. Those were the times! Come back you are terribly missed.

  • from Dawid Karczmarek

    Tim inspired me to creating music when im 14 years old now im 23 and still love Tim's music with you i've lost a part of me . Rest in pease Brother i hope see you in better place 🙂

  • from Pista

    i love

  • from kamran

    he was a great artist and will always be alive in our hearts

  • from A fan from Stockholm

    We will always love you guy.. <3

  • from Lisa

    Dear Avicii? When I started listening music „Levels“ was almost my first song I heard. Since then I love you and your music. In my whole life it was only after „Wake me up“ that I understood what real music is. It‘s the best song I‘ve ever heard. I remember it as well as „Waiting for love“ was released. I heard it from sunrise to sunset. At that time I was only 8 years old. Now I‘m 11 years old and I miss you so much. Rest In Peace. You‘re a legend❤️❤️❤️

  • from Niku

    Hey brother Now i have to go on and live without you I didn’t know i was addicted to you The days and the nights since you past away have been so hard I’m still waiting for love and a better day So wake me up when it’s all over… You make me a better person Always gonna love ya

  • from K12

    ◢ ◤ Brysh ◢ ◤

  • from Jens Knabe

    I got no words his music made me happy and also sad because it was so beautiful. I remeber the first time i heard his music on a café in Grand Canaria. Then i heard a beautiful song cald hey brother sice then i followd him this long and beautiful journey. ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤

  • from Cathrine Pinto Slesvig

    Thank you for show us the way to live by the music rhythm. Thank you for making the wonderful music that keep us alive. And a huge thank you for showing us how to stay alive and how to party at music festival!

  • from Marcela

    Narodil se v den narození Panny Marie a zemřel na můj svátek-Marcela.Měla a mám ho nejraděj ze všech DJ.Je mi to moc líto a myslím i na jeho rodiče.:Marcela Z.Česko.

  • from Avicii for love

    Avicii is a caracter. The real man was Tim Bergling and it was that people doesn't understand.

  • from Mila

    Jag är en svensk flicka och fisk veta att han hade dött av min lillasyster när vi bakade päronpaj. Jag tänkte att hon hade blandat ihop med någon annan fast när jag sökte upp AVICII såg jag att det var sant. Jag har gråtit skrattat och gått igenom svåra grejer fast med dina låtar har det blivit mycket lättare. Du och din musik har räddat så många liv och gjort dom lite lyckligare. Du kommer alltid att finnas i våra hjärtan oavsett när. Hoppas du har det bra och att gud tar hand om dig! LOVE YOU

  • from Juli


  • from Andrea

    My first song ever heard was Levels Thank you man

  • from IN

    I miss you!!

  • from DJ Memello

    Since I heard about your existence when you left I always listened to your songs because they reminded me of the happy moments of my life and even now I listen to them to console me that you are not the only one to have gone

  • from Alexandra

    Avicii did not inspire me while living but after he passed. I found myself in a dark place when he left this world and while checking out his songs after reading about his death he spoke to my heart. Tim you did not die in vain you never will because true artists connect to others by making art of their own emotions. I hope you have found the peace you could not find here. I had the weight of the world on my shoulder and you woke me up. It can get better; I am sorry you will never know.

  • from Margherita

    Today in English! Dear Tim it's beautiful to see how many people feel towards you the same love that I feel. I'm studying your songs maybe I'll write an essay on them as I have already writed a novel that will soon be published. I'd pass my life writing on you because persons like you are rare in this world and it's a great luck knowing you. I knew your name your music your story only after your death but… it's not too late I learnt it from you. Good night my dear sweet boy.

  • from Aneta

    Avicii’s music made me happy when I needed it and when I didn’t need any particular support. His music so rich with so many layers super attention to the tiniest details so thought throug – pure perfection. I could really identify myself with it. I waited for every new song like a child for a candy. ❤️? And the music was sweet! My grief will never end. Such beautiful souls should be cherished. ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Camila Lee

    The very first time that I listened "Hey brother" I was backpacking I guess I was in somewhere between Panama and Costa Rica. I remember that trip It was not easy at all and when I was hard up my credit card got blocked… But I met so many good people that I felt like I was not alone. And that`s why this song touched me so deeply in that time and it still nowadays because I believe that we all need some to stand by us no one is self-sufficient. Thank you Avicci your art is full

  • from Kane MacNeil

    Avicii single handedly introduced me to the world of Electronic Dance Music inspired me to produce my own music and altogether changed my life from the moment I heard 'Seek Bromance'. I saw him live for the first and last time at creamfields 2017. It was the best night of my life to date. Rest in peace Tim. You may be gone but the mark you left on this world is timeless

  • from Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Linh from Việt Nam

    Thank you Avicii . I miss you your music will live forever .Thank you because you make me a better person . I can't describe how I feel when you leave us alone I was feel so hurt . " So wake me up when it's all over when I'm wiser and older " . ONE DAY YOU'LL LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND SO LIVE A LIFE YOU WILL REMEMBER . Thank you for what you did for us . Love from Vietnam .

  • from Hyperion

    I grew up listening to 'I could be the one' and 'you make me' and it hurts like hell that you had to leave this world but you're beautiful music will live on like your memory. I hope they release your unfinished music so I can enjoy your greatness one last time. Thank You Tim.

  • from Dee

    A talented artist who left us too young but his music will keep on going ?

  • from Matheus Ferreira

  • from Matheus Ferreira

    Hey Tim I have no words to describe how much sad i am. It's hard to believe that you're gone. Definitely you inspired me and many others producers out there you changed the world with you music you change the way of people thinking thank you for all. You'll never be forgotten. Never. Rest in peace.

  • from Ninjani

    you still in my ❤️ and you are the brightest ⭐️ on heaven

  • from manmeet

    the best music i have ever heard was of avicii .He is one of the best music composers in the the world.He had made a very deep space in my heart.He was and he will be the best music composers in the world

  • from ASHISH

    when i first listened to avicii it was june 2013 and the song was WAKE ME UP and from that day got mad about his work but unfortunately he is no more ……..RIP AVICII WHOLE WORLD WANTED MORE MUSIC FROM YOU

  • from Rotem

    Never was in Tim’s show before. I just wanted to say thanks.

  • from Letícía

    ◢ ◤ Dear Tim I will never forget the happiness you brought me with your music. I remember laying in my hotel room in Paris and feeling sad and lonely so I went to sleep with your music playing under my pillow. And I never feel happier than when I listen to Let me show You Love. I wished I could show You Love for the incredible person You were. I wished we all could show You how much You mean to us. Rest in Peace Dear Boy ◢ ◤

  • from Lucia_German girl

    Avicii – when I saw the musicvideo of 'levels' on MTV then I immediately googled your name just to found out you are also the artist to the songs 'seek bromance' and the ultimate club hit I still listen to 'My feelings for you'. Your music sent – and still sends – shivers down my spine and sometimes when one of your songs is on the radio I start crying because of the wonderful typical Avicii sound. Your death tought me to live the life you love and to seize opportunities! See you in heaven!

  • from Rhys

    avicii was a kind man a great man and he died RIP avicii tim we all love you your in are hearts and i will not forget you RIP tim

  • from Yessica

    Te amo Tim ??

  • from E?

    I grew up with him and with his music he will always be in my heart?

  • from Ml

    Är forfarande arg o ledsen… vilken människa❤️Hur kan det gå så här… är snart 40 år älskar musiken!! Delar den till våra barn ??Följt Avicii sen han slog igenom? tur att dokumentären finns kvar. Vi har ett uppdrag föra legenden vidare ??????❤️

  • from Loor

    Just watched the documentary “Avicii: True Stories” and my heart is broken. Not because it’s such a sad story but because very few people (close to him) really understood what he was talking about. You just can’t comprehend it completely until you’ve faced it yourself (I do and I did). I wish his decision to step out of the spotlight would have brought him what he was looking for. I wish the world didn’t revolve around money. I hope he’s at peace now. Thanks for the honesty <3

  • from Barry Hill

    His music was amazing and made so many People feel good. His music will stay with me forever which i Play everyday. AVICII was one of a kind there will never be Another person half as good as him. A true star that made music that millions of People loved. Rip.

  • from jojoyog

    R.I.P.◢◤ .Avicii.◢◤R.I.P.

  • from Carola Flores

    Dear Tim; when u where alive I didn't know u; I used to listen a few songs of u. Now I love every word u said all of your songs and I identify my life with the letter of some of your songs. I' m sure u are resting in peace with the love of all your fans.

  • from Ira

    Still haven't got used to seeing "Died: " in his brief wikipedia bio. Reality is starting to dawn on me. He is gone and there's nothing we can do but remember him. I'll miss you Tim❤

  • from Mine

    One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember ◢ ◤ never forgotten legend?

  • from Nina

    Ton amour pour la création nous a transporté et nous transportera à travers les générations. Tu seras toujours dans nos cœur et ton départ fut bien trop tôt. Merci pour tout. ☁️?☁️?☁️

  • from Yi Ran Duan

    Dear Tim I can't emphasis more how much of a role model you are to me and everyone else. So many great tracks & memories have you left in our hearts. Despite listening to your music on a digital screen I can feel the passion the happiness and the love that rose from your heart. Those moments have made me realize that our souls are forever connected despite never meeting each other. Thank you for reminding me to live a life I shall remember! May you be a man than a superstar in afterlife. ?❤️

  • from Christine E.

    Hi natürlich weisst Du nicht wer ich bin. Aber ich hoffe Du hast gewusst wie sehr uns Deine Musik inspiriert und berührt hast. Von da wo Du bist jetzt wird Deine Seele noch viele Musiker führen. Wir werden Dich nie vergessen. Christine aus Sülz Wake me up wird immer DAS Lied für mich sein was mich getröstet hat

  • from ◢◤


  • from Discolento

    I wasn't a die hard fan I listened to the songs when they were on radio and I had the True album. When I heard the news on 20.4 I couldn't believe it at first. I watched "True Stories" and then it hit me hard. There was this sweet pure innocent dude who couldn't go on anymore. He was only one year older this could as well have been me. I really wish you had someone to confide in who stood with you through hardships. Tim I am sorry and I miss you. May you finally have found your happiness

  • from True fan

    I discovered Tims music about 10 years ago when he was just starting his unbelievable career. I still remember the goosebumps that I had listening his music on Myspace page even if it was just a one minute cut from the original I literally destroyed that reply button…..For me he was more than just artist he was and still is a brilliant musician that change my life in so good and positive way. Thank you for that Avicii and you will never be forgotten.

  • from Arda Anil

    It is not story but i wanted say something.He was amazing character and awesome he can went another life but life goes.I was loving he too much and i know he is in the heaven we will go there i wrote and i hope you will read this text(.When i was a child.)You alive avicii in my heart YOU NEVER DIED BECAUSE LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

  • from jack

    Love avicii

  • from Paramesvaran

    Dear Tim I will always remember you for your taste in music. I shared this with you and listened to the Levels podcast as they became available. These playlists of tracks kept me company in the lonely times as I fought my mental illness Schizoaffective Disorder. RIP Tim.

  • from CKZ

    ThanksTim for the song.The night is my most favourite song for all time.I still remember 1 time i wanna give up my work my studies and many more but my friend let me listen to this song and the lyrics inspire me and i know that i don't have any points to give up as you havn't give up so now so i am glad that i still continue my studies.Thanks for it Tim and may god bless you in your after life and may you rest in peace.

  • from Jonathan Olsson

    Thank you Tim for making my childhood so great with all of your music. Your legacy will live on forever #aviciiforever ◢ ◤

  • from Sian

    Tim I can't imagine how much you've must suffered. I wasn't in your situation at all but I know how it feels to feel nothing. You were a great musician a loving and caring person. Not only with your death you've chosen the wrong lane but also how to live and spend your life. You may would have needed reserve and your family around you more than touring and beeing the middle of everyone. I hope for now you found peace and happiness.

  • from Zaox

    Apenas llevo unos pocos años siendo dj y Tim Berling ha sido una grandísima inspiración para mi su música me enamoró nada más escucharla por primera vez ojalá alguien vuelva a hacer una música tan increíble como la suya. Te echamos de menos #avicii

  • from Chandan R

    I first came to know about AVICII when I heard LEVELS which made me fall in love with EDM. WAKE ME UP made him my favourite musician. From then on I made sure to check frequently whether new songs from him were round the corner. When I am low or tensed his songs are the perfect relievers. Since his death I've discovered many of his songs that I had not heard of which made me appreciate him even more. I am listening to his songs as I type this. His music will never FADE INTO DARKNESS.

  • from NAVEEN B M♥️ ◢◤

    Live a life you will remember ◢◤ ❣️ Avicii ◢◤ Love You♥️

  • from Nitroza

    Avicii Thanks for all your music will always stay in our heads. I remenber when I heard Bromance. It's a very very good music one of my favorite song. I watched your documentary and it was very interesting it teaches us the hidden side of your life. We will always love you !!!

  • from hiro

    My heart was choked with sorrow. No matter how much time goes by I love you.

  • from Hampus Lundin Hagby.

    I always had Avicii as a motivation of what hard work can give you. Now I will also have him as an example of what to much hard work can do. In honor I will truly focus on taking care of myself my friends and family. Rest in peace Tim! Jag hade alltid Avicii som en motivation av vad hårt arbete kan ge dig. Nu kommer jag också ha honom som ett exempel av vad för mycket hårt arbete kan göra. I ära kommer jag att verkligen ta hand om mig själv mina vänner och familj. På återhörande Tim!

  • from Miracle Mukuri

    – The man himself was legend gave me and my friends joy and imagination through our childhood to teen life. His songs was amazing and incredible in every detail the beats the chorus the remixes & the effort he put in them was easily to see. He was a swedish teen and wanted to show the world what his creativity was made of which he did of course. I hope finds peace wherever he goes and may his music life on 4 ever.

  • from victor

    Avicii was a ig insperation for many DJ´s Rest In Peace Avicii

  • from JingYi from Singapore

    I have been a huge fan of EDM music for years. Avicii was one of the first few artist I came across when EDM was still something very new to me. I remember listening to tracks like “Waiting for love” “Levels’ to the most recent ‘Without You’ on repeat. Hearing the songs that Avicii produced is such a joy because every track was produced and executed so brilliantly. Thank you for the wonderful musics you’ve created Avicii. You’ll always remain as one of my favourite EDM artist.

  • from Corinne

    Peace and love to you Tim your music made me feel connected when I was adrift and touched my soul so I could be warm again Thank you

  • from Meric

    You had so much light in you. I will always remember your music and the happiness and joy it brought to everyone. Hope you are dancing over there somewhere.

  • from Rohit Reddy

    Music with breathe your soul in every beat..goodbye forever …

  • from Amélie

    Cette année Martin Garrix a joué tes musiques a l'ushuaia a Ibiza. Je regardais cette scene ou tu as joué pour la derniere fois en public. Ta musique continueront de m'accompagner tu vas nous manquer.

  • from florin

    Avicii thank you for leaving us with your unforgettable music. Keep dancing in a Heaven full of stars!

  • from Katherine

    I had a hard child as a kid. I have a hard time coping in highschool. I always listened to avicii. From when I was 4 to this very day i still drown myself in his music. When I heard he died I plunged into a really dark depressive state. His suicide I couldn't cope with. But the music helped. It helped so much. I can't say how much it meant to me. Some days his death still affects me. He was such a good person and I am forever in debt to him. RIP avicii we love you.

  • from Liam Potter

    I remember buying Avicii's first album True and loved it ever since. I also just got his album Stories for my birthday. I really miss Avicii. His music was the best I could ever listen to. R.I.P Avicii

  • from Pranav Arora

    Thank you Avicii for all the beautiful music to brought to us.You are one of the few artist who got me into EDMand I'm glad you did.I remember listening to "Levels" and "I could be the one" Everytime it came up on the radio or TV. R.I.P. Avicii ♥️

  • from Carly Nicole ?

    Querido y amado Tim nuestro Avicii Siempre seguirás vivo en mi corazón y es que las leyendas nunca mueren. Deseo con toda mi alma que hayas encontrado la paz que tanto anhelabas envío besos y abrazos al cielo. Cada día se hace más difícil aceptarlo por favor ayúdame poco a poco a entenderlo gracias por influir de tal manera mi vida la llenaste de alegrías con tu maravilloso talento. Cariño no puedo contener mis lágrimas al escribir esto paz y luz mucha luz a tu alma Te Amo ?

  • from Mona

    Dear Avicii Always loved….. Never forgotten….. Forever missed…..?❤️?

  • from Vanessa Carvalho

    Eu preciso vir aqui sempre o amor que sinto por você é tão grande que preciso me expressar em palavras e venho aqui fazer isto eu queria que estivesse aqui que pudesse sorrir fazer sua música estar com as pessoas que ama que estivesse entre nós fisicamente. Eu realmente amo você de todo meu coração e SEMPRE será o melhor presente da minha vida minha maior inspiração e incentivo. Tim eu sei que está melhor agora que pode finalmente descansar em paz. SEMPRE TE AMAREI minha luz!

  • from Turk

  • from Shing

    The power of your song is tremendous it inspired me and accompanied me through rough days. Still I couldn't accept the truth that you're gone but your music will shine forever and I'll always remember you. LOVE YOU FOREVER.

  • from NAVEEN B M♥️ ◢◤

    "You said that we would always be. Without you I feel lost at Sea. Through the darkness you'd hide with me. Like the wind we'll be wild and free"◢◤ "So wake me up when it's all over when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost I didn't know I was lost"◢◤. His music speaks. Avicii your words will always be etched in my heart♥️. Love. Avicii◢◤.You are the one who taught me to live a life I can remember. You'll always be my inspiration. AViCiiiii♥

  • from Zhang


  • from NAVEEN B M ♥️ ◢◤

    "All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost♥️". "Live a life you will remember◢◤" .Avicii has been so influential in my life. His music always brought hope whenever I was lost. His music gives me confidence every single time I listen to it. Avicii is life❣️. I'll always remember you. You and your Music will be eternal♥️◢◤. It was ur music that has kept me going all the time and you are truly an inspiration to Millions of people in search of Hope and Love◢◤ AViCiiii♥️TIM

  • from 施忍卓Anjoy


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