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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Magda


  • from Tahsin

    Avicci my favorite edm artist. Your music really are a stress reliever and "Without You" is my favorite song. You are a real gem for the music industry and we miss you a lot. Rest in peace and lots love from from Bangladesh

  • from Katarzyna Misiejuk

    Thank you so much for being amazing EDM artist. I wish that I saw you in concert before you died. But I'm just happy to know that your in a better place now.

  • from Daniele from Arezzo Italy

    The first time i listened "Without you" my wife was pregnant and close to the delivery. The night of 22 of June i sang that song to my girl Sofia… she was only 2 hours old. Now it's her favourite lullaby when she listen that song she begins to smile and to move. Thank you Tim for all of this great emotions.

  • from Mikko

    I & my dad both love Avicii. "Hey Brother" is our favourite song from him. Avicii is my hero Avicii is my inspiration. Finland is missing you bro.

  • from Dimana (Bulgaria)

  • from Jared

    I've loved Avicii s music since I heard I could be the one all those years ago..and his music grew with my family too. My daughters Sophie 10 years old and Emme 7 years old both loved his music as well. U are missed dearly but we do smile ..sometimes cry but always smile with dancing and hands to sky when we listen to your music. But myself and my family are Jehovah's witnesses and we sincerely look forward to the resurrection hope in the Bible and possibility of seeing Avicii again.

  • from Nime phej

    Great man legendheart warmer. Thanks for everything Tim. I started listening to Tim when I was 12. Never looked back since. Too bad the world lost a soul like him. Good bye darling. But you never tell anyone goodbye unless you wanna see them again❤️ love from UAE

  • from Mihaela

    I will never ever forget Avicii's music. I was 14 when I started listening to his song and came to knew all of them. So many beautiful memories made on his songs. Too bad I've never made it to one of his concerts but I was I am and I will always remain a big fan of him and what he has created. Rest in peace EDM legend. We will miss you forever and we will never ever forget you and your perfect art! Lots of love from Romania.

  • from Adam "Haycee" Harris

    I started producing music as a teen around 2008 in school. I was eager to get to grips with FL Studio/Ableton. Something about the melodies vocals everything in dance music caught my attention. Developing my own sound Tim's work started to become a MASSIVE influence to me. I've listened to countless hours of his music analysing learning and writing. 10 years on and my heart sank when my girlfriend texted me about his passing. Went to plenty shows! Amazing every time. Timeless.

  • from Ariel

    Oh My Word… Words can not describe how I much I miss you Tim! You were an influence to dance music by putting it on the map with electrifying sounds amazing melodies and a great inspiration to all your fans and aspiring dance artists! Without a doubt Tim was my favorite Dance music artist from a very young age and it is because of him that I fell in love with dance music altogether. Wake me up & Taste the feeling are my two favorites till this day. I love you Tim and Rest in Peace!

  • from LYNTON

    Thank you for the incredible music you shared with the world Tim.

  • from Matthew Doyle

    I discovered Tim's music when Wake Me Up came out. Since that day not a single day has gone by where I didn't play one of his songs. All his songs have memories associated with them whether it be driving with the windows down getting over a breakup or relaxing with friends all of them mean so much to me. Tim changed my life his music made me a happier and more positive person I cannot thank you enough for how much you have changed and helped me. Thank You Tim

  • from Kristel

    Lieve Tim. Ik zal je nooit vergeten. Elke dag luister ik naar je liedjes. Soms word ik heel droevig dan weer heel vrolijk. Hopelijk brengen ze jouw muziek waar je zoveel werk in gestoken hebt uit en schenken ze de opbrengst naar de goede doelen die jij steunde. Wat ik nooit ga vergeten is de dolfijnenshow eind juli dit jaar. Plots speelden ze jouw instrumentale versie van 'Wake me up'. Zo mooi. En iedereen werd happy.

  • from RedroMusic

    I Hope he is in a good place in heaven. Cause i've been in the same situation like him. People only used me for money. And i don't have anyone.And i love making music just like how much tim loved making music. I miss his gold talent. I have no more references in my music life. It was only him that inspired me to do whatever i loved to do now. Im so happy that god put me to love his music. So i have a tribute in honoring his passing coming out on his birthday. I can't wait to show it to the world

  • from #tropicalmalfunction18

    you are more than prayer…….you are outta words…you are an inspiration… are AVICII…#ripavicii

  • from Margherita

    Scrivo in italiano per essere più spontanea; Tim tu mi hai cambiato la vita e anche se ho 64 anni mi sento come una ragazzina innamorata. Mi hai dato anche una grande ispirazione come scrittrice e presto uscirà il libro che ti ho dedicato "Il ragazzo luminoso". Spero che tanti lo leggano non per me ma perché tutti devono conoscerti e amarti come ti amo io che purtroppo ti ho conosciuto solo dopo la tua morte. Ma non importa tu sei con me e ci sarai sempre…

  • from Alvaro

    Avicii fue parte de los mejores años de mi vida..2011-2016 y sinceramente no puedo creer que Tim ya no esté entre nosotros. Vamos a extrañar mucho su música su talento y la vida que tenía. Ojala fuera todo diferente y Tim siguiera aquí. Avicii por siempre

  • from Luca Brandolini

    Tim never died but Avicii died. According to me Avicii as artist doesn’t exist anymore but Tim as person is still alive in any part of the world…with new identity…with new life…with new ambitions…with few money those few enough for living good.. I’m so strongly sure of this and this dream was so real that it has been a confirm for me Tim ?

  • from Luca Brandolini

    Tonight I’ve made a strange dream about Tim that I want to share with all of you. I was in an Avicii’s show and I was in the backstage while he’s playing a live dj set. Suddenly I went out on the stage where he was playing and I saw that the Avicii on the decks was sad and switched off; at the same time watching in the crowd I saw among people another Avicii masked with sunglasses probably because he didn’t want to be recognised but this Avicii was smiling and looked so happy and joyful..

  • from Morgane

    We love you Avicii

  • from Sara

    Jag saknar dig så ❤️❤️

  • from ??

    Too much pain. We should of have taken off of Tim's pain first. Before we get this pain now. But now his sounds healing our heart. He's sounds are still there for us and keep growing enormous. He's genius. Tim is the star super one.

  • from AVICII's Ghostwriter

    HELP I need work!!! Will someone hire me?!

  • from Jenna

    it’s hard to put how you feel into words coz it just doesn’t cut it but I’ll try. Listening to your music everyday breaks my heart which I honestly do. I talk about you daily. Your music truly touches me. It’s so sad that you no longer grace the world with your presence but we have the utmost privilege to be able to hear the essence of you. We love you forever and always. Happy Birthday for the 8th up there. Miss you xx gonna visit you on your anniversary. My son and i’s ultimate dream x

  • from Tevin

    So when I first heard of Avicii I was 14 years old and I remember it was around late January where I heard "Hey Brother" on the radio. During this time I was battling epilepsy like crazy and had to have brain surgery to remove the seizures. The song stuck with me during the entire healing process in which I was in the hospital for around 23 days after the surgery; but Avicii's music got me through it. And so I began to produce music shortly after I was discharged. May he rest in peace XO

  • from Andrew

    這世界痛失了這麼棒的ㄧ位音樂奇才 你所留下的ㄧ切 將永遠活在大家的心裡~ R.I.P

  • from Anna

    Thanks to you I found EDM and now I'm the happiest girl of the world cause this community is like a family for me. Your music was all for me you were different from others and that's what makes you so special. I want to thank you too for bringing EDM back to radio for a long time. Thanks for all I will miss you a lot? RIP?

  • from Tiesto

    You fucking SUCK and your music is for pussies! Dance music is ruined forever because of you. Enjoy being dead MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  • from Anna

    Thank you for the levels thank you for the music you gave us Tim ??

  • from Alex

    All the times that I've cried Keeping all the things I knew inside It's hard But it's harder to ignore it If they were right I'd agree But it's them they know not me Now there's a way and I know That I have to go away – Cat Stevens-

  • from Thodoris

    I'll never forget 2011 the year I discovered "Levels". This song was actually everywhere! Thank you Tim. Your music will be listened forever. RIP <3

  • from Apoorv Kerketta

    When ever you think of Euphoric music it's always Avicii. Avicii was TBH my gateway to EDM such emotional tracks and what a dude. Changed my life forever. R.I.P Avicii u Legend. Hope you stay happy wherever u are.

  • from Robson

    I like hey brother when I'm sad his music inspires me he believes in love and makes me fight for a better world thank you Tim

  • from Emi from Hungaria

    Rest in peace Tim! Thank you for the songs you're my favorite . I am so so sad . I never forget you! I love you and I will listen your song till the end of time. ???

  • from Patricia martin gomez

    Cuando veo tu foto lo único que no puedo dejar pensar es Porque la gente buena con talento con la sensibilidad que trasmitías siempre encuentran una vida de tristeza y de gente que solo quiere su propio beneficio? pero existe algo que nadie te podrá quitar y es tu MÚSICA….tu increíble música pasastes por la vida y dejas huella y gente que valoramos mucho el esfuerzo que hacías por dar lo que te pedían…..Te has ganado el derecho a volar en paz… Hasta siempre ARTISTA

  • from Винстон Черчиль

    Ну он был хорошим рэп исполнителем особенно его трек за ДНР тронул. Жалко что его убили

  • from K.Y

    I will count the stars for you.

  • from Katie

    I remember when Tim liked one of my tweets. He tweeted something about his retirement from touring in 2016 and I sent him a good luck message. When I opened the app the next day I get a notification saying he liked it. I cried because he knew I always supported him not matter what would happen to him in the future. I feel so heartbroken knowing that has not here no more. I never got to see him live. 🙁

  • from Felix

    Words cannot describe the joyfull emotion we felt at so many festivals listening his music.

  • from Marino

    Bye Big artist.

  • from Cyd

    I am 72 years old and came to know Avicii about a year ago. He had a notable sound that will never be replicated or emulated. A sensitive honest and loving young man who was so misunderstood. I believe in the resurrection hope that Jesus died for and the Kingdom hope that is the theme of the Bible. I look forward to meeting Tim after Armageddon and seeing his smiling face when he sees a New World with loving sensitive people he can trust and relate to. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • from Shanea Ayleen Hoffmann

    Ich liebte seine Musik da sie schon zu einem Teil meines Lebens wurde. Seit ich klein bin hörte ich seine Musik. auch wenn ich traurig war hörte ich seine Musik oder wenn ich einfach Spaß haben wollte seine Musik hat mich dazu inspiriert weiter zu machen gerade mit der Song Text stelle Wake me up when its all ower when i‘m wiser and i‘m Order. ich vermisse deine Musik Avicii den als ich hörte was passiert ist war ich den Tränen nah.. ich hoffe das du da wo du jetzt bist deinen Frieden hast.?

  • from A man who is 12 years old

    He was my Role model. I singed with the song hey broher then i was 10 years old. he was my god. i was in the car when it happend. i just heard on the radio the terrible. T i died

  • from Jenny

    Hi Tim I was also born in 1989 and I know it's your birthday soon. You will always be one of my favourite artists. I listen to without you a lot and remembering your amazing music. All the best in the beautiful place called heaven!

  • from ??

    We miss you Tim ?

  • from Marco

    This artist was my first what i played music. He was best artist what i ever seen he is not dead he lives in our hearts…

  • from Alexandra

    I really love Avicci's music. His music really connects to my soul and I'm going to miss him so much.

  • from Renard

    I don't have much to say but thanks for everything brysh

  • from Letícía Marília

    Dear Tim Thank you for waking me up. You make me. You must know that I will forever miss you but my Love for You is bigger. I wade now through shadows that live in my Heart after you did go. I still can’t believe it but I hope you are now in a better place. In a place you can live in a place you can love but most of all a place you can rest. The Nights will never be the same Without You but we will never forget The Days with You. I Love You and I will never forget You. Love Letícía

  • from Jp

    Soit en paix

  • from Ivan

    Thank you Tim thank you for your awsome Music. Every Song was amazing! Your Film was awsome! Liam and you was soo cute to watch! And you and your Team/Friends/Family They helped you everytime in every situation! We will miss you and we will never forget you! R.I.P Tim greetings from Austria.

  • from Dave Tr.

    in my wishlist i wish i can go and listen to your liveset for once in my life. but it's too late Your music inspired this world so much! This is a little gift for you. Rest in peace my friend!

  • from Bernino

    You got me into EDM Tim ! still listen to Silhouettes until these day. Truly love it !

  • from Sophie C.

    Avicci just know that we miss you and that youre music will live on 4ever.

  • from pickelo rickelo 🙂

    im pickle riiiiiiiiiick

  • from your lover

    you inspired me to taking suicide thank you Rest in pices

  • from Yela673

    I do not know what to say. I cried. His songs have always kept me company. Avicii rest in peace❤

  • from Yukiko

    EDMを聞くきっかけになったavicii!!!たくさんの思い出をありがとう!!! これからも一生聴き続けます!

  • from Kanav Singh


  • from J S

    LEGEND wish u could have stayed the world is a empty place with out you will never forget u how could I u left us your fantastic music x

  • from KobeHood

    Avicii I love your music Your EDM is perfect !! I want to hearing more music you make!! but unlucky you just dead I got a broken heart… RIP Avicii Legends never died.

  • from Minnie59

    Tu me manques.. Ta musique m'a beaucoup aidée dans les moments où j'en avais le plus besoin. Merci encore.

  • from Petter

    Från att knappt varit intresserad av musik fick du mig att se en hel ny värld. Tack för det du gjort för mig och alla andra hoppas vi ses.

  • from Philip lundberg

    Så tragiskt så tråkigt under hela min barndom under flera års tid lyssnat på hans musik. Fick mycket inspiration och börja göra remixer på låtar för 1 år sen. Så tråkigt att detta ska behöva hända en sån talang full människa att folk inte kunde försöka o hjälpa o förstå hur han mådde o stötta han. Kan inte sluta o tänka på att detta har hänt:( Du kommer alltid vara min favorit DJ o musik producent och jag kommer aldrig glömma dig o din fantastiska musik. Rio Tim bergling du kommer att minnas.:(

  • from Melanie Verheijen

    We saw your docu 2 weeks before you died. We cried our eyes dry at the docu. We hoped you know you where lost and found yourself again. 2 weeks later you didn’t wake up anymore. We will never forget you! To all the people who read this: “One day you leave this world behind so live a life you will remember.” Almost your birhtday we will make a light for you my friend. Because you are a friend of my??❤️ Loving memories of all your songs??❤️

  • from Maria from Greece

    We miss you so much Tim but now your sky is full of stars. We never forget you thank you for all your smiling face saved us Tim

  • from Sanne aus Deutschland

    Deine Musik in Dauerschleife lassen dich unvergessen bleiben.

  • from José Carlos Alvarado ??

    Avicii no sabes cuánto te extraño me siento destrozado descansa en paz mi idolo deberás que no tengo las fuerzas para seguir resistiendo te amo y te amare por siempre.

  • from Chanvandara Pen

    I Miss You ♥♥

  • from

  • from Clark Kent

    Words can't describe how i feel when i hear you passed away. Your music really save me few years ago my team and i take a promise save money to join your show 1 times but now it's impossible. From Vietnam with all love and respect i'm going to get the tatoo of your right hand as a reminder of the positive lifestyle you bring for the world. I will keep your soul and inspire others as you have done with me. Hope a can see you and join your soul until we can meet

  • from Aurora.

    Llegaste aquí para deleitarnos con tu maravillosa forma de crear música. Ahora estás en un sitio mejor allí donde están las estrellas. Yo estoy perdida y ojalá pueda despertar cuando todo haya terminado contigo. Te quiero Genio.

  • from M.LUZ ????

    Avicii siempre será me DJ y Artista Favorito..unos de mis temas favoritos .Hey brother..sus letras son hermosas.. gracias a mis hermanas es por las que tuve que seguir adelante..hoy tengo una familia hermosa…pero su muerte de Avicii me intristecio mucho porque muchas veces yo quise terminar con mi vida también??son muchas cosas de Él que me amor por los ansiedadintrovertido y su amor por la música..Y que jamás dejaré de escuchar..Gracias Tim.nunca te olvidaremos.?

  • from Meline

    Good morning my dear Tim another day without you. I don't know how can i accept that? On friday you have birthday and you are not here any more….. love you forever

  • from

    Aviicii you were an amazing person and today I attended Electric Zoo in New York when the played your song ”Wake Me Up” I started crying because I miss you and your amazing music I made sure to dance every minute of your song because you live within us all and you have influenced a lot of great people to continue your legacy -R.I.P. A Legend That Will Never Be Forgotten We All Love You and Miss you❤️

  • from maki

    For the first time when I heard your melody my heart was shaken. I still remember that moment.You are much younger than me I never thought you would pass away so soon…Now I know that you were an angel who God sent us. Like Mozart did.I am glad that I can live the rest of my life with your beautiful melody. Thank you Timlove you forever❤️

  • from Yılmaz Açık

    I miss you Tim. I love you my ıdol. Forever…

  • from Mariana Chrystine Dos Santos Mendes

    I know that Tim was a good person and will always be. In my heart Tim Sembre had lived with his music and especially as a person without having had the chance to meet him personally and give a long hug and say that the world had never forgotten the person you were

  • from Lou Accioly

    Hey brother seu aniversario está chegando e é difícil imaginar que não vou celebrar mais um ano da sua vida. Sou grata pelas suas músicas que durante todos esses anos foram a minha trilha sonora e me inspiraram. Tenho uma tattoo em sua homenagem e sempre que olho pra ela lembro de você todos os dias. Obrigada sweet Timmy a sua música viverá para sempre em nossos corações. "So Wake me up when it's all over" Desejo que encontre a paz que tanto buscou. I love U♡

  • from TK

    写了好多,最后还是逐字删掉了。不能代表所有外界的人,仅仅针对我来说,实在是感觉太惭愧和内疚了,没有真正理解一个人,觉得自己真的没有任何一点资格去说喜欢与爱..:( Without You to Wake Me Up,but I'm still Waiting For Love. Thank You.

  • from Alex Pard

    Un estilo unico que marco mi adolescencia transmitia buenas vibraciones y felicidad y sobre todo nos unia a todos un referente Eterno AVICII

  • from Daniel Jackson

    Rest in peace Avicii. 1989-2018.

  • from Riccardo from Italy

    It was 2015 you've just released "Waiting for love" and I loved it since the first time I listen it. Then it was my birthday week and every single day of it was perfectly described into that song. So On that Friday the girl I was in love with said she was in love with me! And Guess what?It was my birthday! Well I have "thanked the stars" and then I burned like a fire on saturday. So Thanks Tim for your music thanks for all you gave to me I will remember you forever you are ImmortalAvicii

  • from Priyank Saxena

    For me Avicii somewhat introduced me to dance music. The effect his music created made me imagine things and create a world of my own in my mind. R.I.P Tim. -Priyank

  • from RB

    I wish you had the strength to keep going. I met you late hearing the news a few months ago but I know you will always accompany me. Rest in peace ❤️

  • from Gonzalo Royo

    The first time I heard a song of dance music was thanks to you with Levels my fanaticism towards electronic music began. I miss you and I hope that soon they will release music from you. Too bad you're not here to hear it. I miss you legend. I know what you have suffered but you are already at peace. RIP LEGEND. ◢ ◤

  • from Thib

    Paris Bercy en 2015 ❤️

  • from Re9

    Dear Tim! I had heard about your music and listened to some of your songs but never seen your face until i heard about you passing away. Now i think about you every day and search the web to See if there are any News about you… Rip beautyful and kindhearted man ❤️

  • from D.V.

    hope you find peace now …see you in heaven tim…

  • from Melissa

  • from Isa-Beli

    Timespero que dónde estés encuentres la felicidad completatu estrella siempre brillara en ese mundo de ensueño en el que te encontraras ahora. Aquí nos as dejado tu músicatu magíatu luzeres increíble. Siempre en mi corazón. I always live in my heart

  • from Andrea

    Te quiero y siempre te voy a querer.llevo escuchando tu musica desde hace muchos años y no voy a parar de hacerlo tenias que haber echo lo que iciste porque nos dejaste el corazon destrozado.nunca te olvidaremos y espero poder verte algun dia.vuela alto angel bonito y sigue sonriendo tan bonito como solo tu sabes hacerlo y cuida de nosotros tus fans que te queremos y de tu familia amigos y en especial de Liam.te queremos ❤️

  • from Ahmad

    Dear Tim the musician whom I thought was an integral part of my life. I hope you're somewhere up there smiling and seeing us how we miss you everyday. Everytime I hear your music on Radio TV Cafe or in a store my heart just breaks. When you declared your retirement from touring I was so heartbroken as I was hoping to see perform in my country Bangladesh. I spent last of my penny to get the merchandises and 'Stories' CD from US and I was so so happy. Thanks for your beautiful creations ❤️

  • from Ahmad

    Dear Avicii Your music was the very first Electronic Music I've ever listened to and since then I'm just in complete love with this genre. Each and every music of yours affected my life in every possible way and I will be ever grateful to you for what you've created. You touched millions in such a short span of life and this life had been so cruel to you. I am sorry for what we fans have done to you how we didn't stand by you in your tough times. I really hope that you're in a better place❤

  • from たか


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