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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Juvina

    Avicii introduced me to EDM! Thank you and Rest in Peace <3

  • from Nicolas

    Aún no creo que Avicii no está con nosotros. Recuerdo ese día que no lo podía creer y no podía para de llorar porque desde la primera vez que escuche ''Wake me up'' me gustó porque era algo nuevo para mi y fue cuando empecé a escuchar más música electrónica. Y ahora escuchar una canción de Tim es imposible que no tenga ganas de llorar porque gracias a su música puede olvidar mis problemas aunque sea solo por unos minutos. ◢◤ Gracias Tim ◢◤

  • from Dmitry Paskevich

    Я Avicii начал слушать с 2011 года. Этот человек просто Бог! Я его и его песни – музыку люблю всем своим сердцем – душою))) Я бы еще когда не-будь хотел сходить на его концерт. Но увы уже не как! Хоть его уже с нами нету! Но я думаю он смотрит на наш небольшой мир и продалжает писать песни и музку. Которую мы рано или поздно услышим! Avicii я тебя люблю больше своей жизни.!)

  • from Eman your Sudanese Fan <3

    I still don't believe that you died I listen to your music every day they've been with me in all my days the happy ones and the sad ones your music heals me and motivate me daily<3 <3 . I love you so much i'm missing you and praying for you always may your soul find the peace forever you were the best and no one will ever be like you .

  • from Ale

    Gracias a tus canciones estoy dando mis primeros pasos atraves de la misica…….eres y seras un cielo lleno de estrellas…hasta siempre tim!!!

  • from KARINA

    Legends never die.

  • from Tim's Fan

    ❤ AVICII

  • from the bottom of my heart Amrit ⚔️♥️⚔️

    I'm so lost for words right now. You were too special for this world your music felt like magic during my darkest days. Your music helped me in ways beyond my explanation and I cannot thank you enough for that. I will remember you for as long as I live and ur music will be in my heart forever. Thank you for your music ◢ ◤ I love u ΛVICII ♥️

  • from Pablo S.

    Thank you Tim

  • from Sicheng Li


  • from Romário R.

    We miss you legend! ♥ Rest in Peace ♥

  • from Hagz

    Lonely Together

  • from Lil Peep

    Avicii was my idol and I am sad that he died. RIP Avicii. All I need now is for XXXTentacion to write a song to get me in my feels.

  • from lipenghang

    谢谢你我的鸽 ~

  • from Romain Paris France

    RIP. Thank you for all. You are a genious. Your music is so good. Thanks for all. Too soon. RIP De never forget

  • from Mak

    R.I.P Tim you are always the sky full of stars. 感谢你为我们造的繁星一梦。

  • from Félix Spain

    It was nice to have you in my life. Thanks 🙂



  • from Anna

    Remembering you is easy I do it every day but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I hope you found you're peace dear Tim.

  • from

    Just reading this thread is giving me goosebumps. It's a testament of what you've left behind and what a lovely person you were Tim. It's your legacy. We're proud to be your fans. Miss you so much there are nights I cry when I think of you. I don't think I will ever come to terms with your passing but maybe you weren't meant for this cruel world. You had a heart of gold and your talent knew no bounds. Your melodies and you – Always in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

  • from

    Dear Tim you deserved the world. I just wish I could hug you and make all your sadness go away. Come back.

  • from

    You said that we would always be without you I feel lost at sea <3

  • from – A

    I still can't come to terms with the fact that we won't ever get to hear a new tune from you. Your music means so much to us. You deserved more from life Tim. Gone too soon. I wish it was all just a bad dream. Now when you actually listen to the lyrics you notice that it was a cry for help. Wish we noticed sooner wish we could do something wish we could go back in time and change everything. We all love you so much you are so special. You will forever remain in our hearts. Rest easy Tim. x

  • from SAEED

    خدایا چی میتونم بگم زندگیم نابود شد هرگز باور نمیکنم ?

  • from Aryan Agnivanshi

    I remember one fine day when I scrolling through these music channels and I stopped at one of them in which avicii's song "the nights" was playing. I loved that song so much. Those lyrics were so captivating. I immediately jotted down avicii's name and googled it.There I found many similar songs based on daily life challengesHow to enjoy your life. I found something that was real gold. Avicii thought me to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. His death left a void never to be filled again.RIP

  • from Naoki0115

    Thank you Avicii I have never met but I have been in my heart♡We will not forget you forever? R.I.P Tim Bergling by Naoki

  • from A. L

    Thank you Tim for making high school bearable. You were the first artist who made music that connected with me. Listening back to wake me up and the other songs in the True album made me remember and cherish those memories I had during my teen years. Love you Tim God bless you

  • from Jules

    Thank you Tim ❤️ Your beautiful music has touched so many lives. Those amazing melodies and stories within will forever stay in our hearts. Wherever you are I hope there are no more tears and no more pain. You are loved and missed dearly. *What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us*

  • from Chris

    He brought me inspiration to be a better person and has driven me to carry on what he has given us. I hope that one day I too can achieve what he’s achieved. Bring people together through music. His passing was actually one day before my birthday woke up to my icon gone but not forgotten.

  • from Braiden Pryor

    For most of my life I've listened to classical music. Later I explored a little. All this time I’ve never had an artist I was attached to. Then I discovered Avicii's song Levels. I was hooked. I went into obsession mode and wanted everything. Later I saw a video of him in the studio making Dancing in My Head. I HAD to get whatever he was using to make music. Because of that video I’ve been making EDM for the past two years. Thank you Avicii for helping me discover a talent I never knew I had

  • from Isabel

    I didn’t know that I was lost but your music inspired me and moved me in so many ways that I’m so grateful to have gotten to here your talent when I needed it the most. May you Rest In Peace you are extraordinary. Thank you for everything.

  • from Emma

    You are my motivation. We have gone through similar mental health issues. I struggle with anxiety trauma and PTSD. You were the artist who got me into EDM. I'm going to become an EDM artist and I will keep your precious name alive. I will always look to you for hope. Rest in heaven beautiful boy. Thank you for pulling me out of my thoughts. Your music brings me peace. And I hope you can receive even more peace in heaven. I will never let anyone forget you. Your soul will live on forever.??

  • from vincent

    thank you for providing me with a song to relate my childhood with. rest in peace

  • from Jennifer

    My husband and I met Tim once many years ago at the start of his career. My husband is Finnish so he and Tim had lots to talk about. What I remember vividly was how genuine kind and humble he was to us. He spoke so highly od his family and how he missed them. Much love to you for sharing your amazing son & his music & life with us. We love you Tim.

  • from Deiber

    Para muchos no fuiste el primero DJ que escuchamos pero si sé que eres el que más admiraremos. ?

  • from Becca

    I didnt know who he was until he died and I looked him up and realized all of those really great songs I heard where his

  • from @scottymcflyy6

    If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be working on this EP. Thank you…

  • from Andrea

    We will miss you I would have liked to go to your concerts!

  • from CHC Canada

    Avicii touched my heart with his music. I've been a fan since 2013 and since then I grew up listening to his songsto here that he died breaks my heart knowing that he was very gifted! ♥️. Rest in piece buddy!

  • from leina e tim

    A batalha está com saudade de voce.

  • from Sara E.

    I've always been listening to Tim. He is one of my favorite music artists. When i heard he pasted into a better life I started crying we were in the middle of a class. He will always be in our hearts. My friends didn't understand why he a inspiration to me. I told them he was one of the best artists they will ever hear. My favorite song he produced is "Lonely together" and "Wake me up". He will never be forgotten by any of us. I could say he was like family to some of us. R.I.P.

  • from Rachel L

    Tim you deserved so much better. You were a light in my darkest times. Your music seemed to make everything ok even when chaos was around me. I miss you dearly every day. Your words touched my heart and my heart will always carry you in it. I plan on getting your symbol as a tattoo so I can carry you with me for a bit longer. I hope you’re happy wherever you are you are loved.

  • from Elena B.

    Io come te sono "a faded silhouette". Mi hai accompagnata nella mia solitudine mi hai tenuto compagnia consolata e fatta sentire viva. Vivrai sempre nei miei ricordi. Troppo presto vanno via le anime pure e infelici come te.

  • from LM

    Wherever you are – I hope you can see how much people love your music and creation. Thanks for your beautiful melodies and inspiration. Rest In Peace brother.

  • from Nathalie


  • from Petra K.

    I still can't believe that you are gone. I was lucky enough to see you in 2015 on the Lake festival in Austria. I was the happiest girl in the universe that day and I will never forget this day. You and your music made my anxiety and panic attacks go away. You always made me happy when I was sad. I am heartbroken that you are gone and I miss you so so much. You will forever have a special place in my heart. Your music will live with me forever and you should know that you are not forgotten.<3

  • from Rafael

    The Brazil love u Avicii <3 Aparecida – São Paulo – Brazil

  • from Ayon

    I am so sad about your passing and you were one of the best Dj's of the generation. It was really hard to see it in the news. I am preying for your family right now Rest in peace Avicii 1989-2018

  • from Isabelle

    My dear Tim. I will always love you. I miss you so much. It’s hard without you ❤️??

  • from J.Kutis

    Zpráva o tvém odchodu mě hluboce zasáhladoufám že jsi nalezl klid a štěstí. Navždy zustaneš v mých vzpomínkách.

  • from Isabelle

    Soon 5 months since you left and I still don’t want to believe it. I will never accept your loss. I write you these few words with a heavy heart and tears. No word can explain how much I miss you. I miss you so much you left a big emptiness in me I'm so lost without you. I will never forget you. Everything reminds me of you. Your music has accompanied me all my life and will always do it. I think of you every day and you will always be in my heart forever. I will always love you I miss you?❤️

  • from Onlylaury

    Tú as muerto tim pero tú Musica Avicii jamás morirá! Siempre seguirá viva! Eres y serás una leyenda.. gracias por tanto!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • from sofia amengual

    the first time I heard a song of avicii was inprecionada from that day did not stop listening to his music inspired in the good times and bad I will never forget the first time he came to Chile in the ultra left a mark that no one will be able to remove thanks aviccii we will never forget you will always be in our hearts the best dj I have ever met

  • from J.S. from Switzerland

    Hey brother! There's an endless road to rediscover Hey sister! Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker Oh if the sky comes falling down for you There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do. This is the most beautiful song i've ever heard. Rest In Peace dear "Avicii" Tim Bergling

  • from Emily Wenzel

    Avicii produced the first music I fell in love with headlined my first music festival and I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to see him live twice. I never had the opportunity to meet him but I wish I'd had the chance to tell him how much I appreciated him how much he is loved and how much his music meant to me. 4 months on the tributes still make me tear up and I'm still heartbroken. I will never forget Avicii may his music live on forever and I hope he is at peace now RIP Tim

  • from Océane

    Listening Avicii's songs makes me feel like everything is possible can be overcome and nothing really matter. It's help me think about nothing. It is a feeling of liberty. The first time I heard a song about Avicii I wasn't enthusiastic but then a love story between me and them began. When I was in a good mood I was listening to Avicii when I was in a bad mood I was listening to Avicii when I was bored I listened Avicii. It was and it's still Avicii all day and all night.

  • from Jace Wilson 15

    When I was first introduced to Avicii I was on a train in Sweden. It was the day he retired and I kept wondering why a 28 year old dj would ever want to stop. After listening to his songs and interviews I realized Avicii was always fighting something. Something bigger than himself. It is sad to see Tim go but he will forever leave his mark on the dance world. I would never be so inspired to become a musician myself if it wasn't for Tim.

  • from Vadim Ru

    I remebmer a cool time when i listening music by AVICII!!! rip

  • from MB

    Forever thankful. Words will never describe what you have done. The Impact that you made. "Looking up There's always sky Rest your head I'll take you high We won't fade into darkness Won't let you fade into darkness."

  • from Mari Halonen-Luukkola

    You were the soundtrack of my generation. You are deeply deeply missed. Rest in peace sweet Tim❤

  • from Matteo

    My Avicii tattoo <3

  • from Samye

    Dear Tim I wish once in my life I got the chance to witness your extreme talent in person rather then videos on YouTube and a Avicii playlist on my Spotify. I could name 50 songs with amazing melodies and tremendous beats that make me just want to enjoy life as much as possible. Your music has touched millions and that is a remarkable achievement and too say you will be missed is a massive understatement but I hope you are at peace and know your music will live on. Much love bro x

  • from Christian Ireland

    August 2013 "Wake me up" was the No. 1 song in the Irish charts the same time as the birth of my first daughter Isobel. On the way to the hospital it played in the car on the way to the delivery room it played in the nurses station and on the first day home it was the first song that played on the radio needless to say it is and always will be my daughters song. Thank you for the memories

  • from L. Germany

    Dear Tim Thank You for your wonderfull Music ! You will always be in our heart's ❤️❤️ We miss You !!!

  • from Julia Sahlström

    Jag kom ihåg den dagen som jag har hörde seek bromance första gången detta va för åtta år sen när jag va 6 år. Det va då jag insåg att han kommer va min idol för alltid. I love you Tim◢ ◤

  • from Nick Bitetto

    Back in 2011 I attended the Governors Island Black and White Festival where Tim was headlining. My friends were all busy or broke and couldn't go with me but there was no way I was going to miss seeing him play. I arrived hours early by myself and got all the way to the front and stayed though two other opening sets until Tim came on and to be short gave the audience and I a show we would never forget. Tim's music changed my life as well as that performance. Thank you -Nick

  • from Tom

    Whoever this person who is attempting to impersonate Tiesto just stop. It's incredibly disrespectful and rude. I recognise that you might have your own opinions about Tim's music but please choose another place on the internet to express those feelings.

  • from Tom

    I watched Avicii: True Stories the night before he died. I fell in love with his music that night. I listened to every song of his I could find on YouTube whilst I played on my computer. I was listening to Without You as I read the headline news with tragedy of my new-found favourite artist dead on every news page and channel. In the follows day weeks and months I poured my time into producing music. I was really inspired by what he's done for the music industry. I love every track he made -Tom

  • from Danny

    Estaba esperando el próximo álbum… Y justo cuando había noticias sobre ti eran esas… El suicidio nunca es una opción.

  • from Not Available

    I missed you so much!

  • from Jenny

    Without me I said I'd follow you anywhere But my eyes Tell you I won't be there You got to learn how to love without me You got to carry your cross without me Stuck in the sorrow and you will try to Figure it out without me You don't feel like going on without me Fuck you won't go out without me You wanna tear up the world without me Keep on living your life without me! -You´re not without me I'm without you. Until ours souls meet again I will forever miss you.-

  • from M

    I never really knew who Tim Bergling was till the day of his death. When I saw news about his death my heart literally stopped. Life can be hell on earth -to the point where it takes all happines motivation joy away. Young beautiful and talented soul which deserved for a better ending. It’s been a months and I still can’t get over this. I hope he found his happines and peace. Dear Tim now nothing and nobody can hurt you.

  • from M.LUZ?

    Mis condolencias a su familia.❤️Descubrir su música me hizo cambiar mi cabeza de algo que yo misma me estaba haciendo mucho daño…por eso para mí será siempre muy importante porque su música me saco de ese mundo del que sentía que me estaba matando.A todos en alguna etapa de nuestra hay alguien que nos cambia la vida.Y él era un ser Maravilloso.Yo llegue muy tarde ?No pude seguirlo antes?.Pero gracias porque has cambiado una etapa de mi vida.Todos los días escucho y escuchare tu música.??????Tim?

  • from Morgan

    ‘The mind fears the heart but the heart doesn’t mind’ -avicii Trouble

  • from Egni

    I miss you sweet Tim! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • from Isabel Denmark

    Dear Tim. To me your amazing music wasn't just music it was a lifestyle. It was melodies sparking hopes and dreams the power to keep pushing through tough times and a soundtrack through happy times and sad times in life. Celebrating an admission to a dream university to "Trouble" or mourning the loss of a friend to "Ten More Days". You your music and your energy was always there… and it has been really hard to say goodbye. But I will forever keep your music and you shall never be forgotten.

  • from In

    Always in our hearts!

  • from aviciiec ( ivanna illescas )

    thank you for all the memories and your songs and how you shared your life to all your fans all over the word rest in peace now you are free in heven love you so much .

  • from Jaden S.

    Avicii was one of the best electronic musicians out there. But he was more than that. He was an inspiration an icon. May you forever be remembered. Your music was more than dance it was meaningful. May you be showered with love.

  • from Andrew

    Thank you for inspiring me! Your set at Untold Festival 2015 (Romania) was the reason why I started making electronic music! We're missing you and we will never stop doing it.Rest easy brother!

  • from Joshi

    I wouldn't be into the music I am into if it wasn't for you. Thank you for everything you've done for music world Tim.

  • from Oskar Elmsjö (Jönköping Sweden)

    Jag låg i min säng på mitt rum när plötsligt min bror sprang in genom dörren och sa: "Har du hört det här?". Jag lånade hans hörlurar och han tryckte på play. Jag hade inte hört något som detta innan. Det var något unikt. Något unikt som var sjukt jävla bra. Från den dagen förstod jag vad jag ville göra i livet. Jag ville göra musik. Jag ville underhålla människor. Jag ville sprida glädje och kärlek. Jag ville göra en låt som den jag precis hört. Jag ville göra min "Levels". Tack för allt Tim.

  • from Egni

    Thank you for everything. I will never forget you sweet Tim. ❤️

  • from Marie Hélène.

    Deal Tim You are a great inspiration for me. Your music and talent both together are a be motivation specially in the morning when you have to go to work. Same thing when you have to do training session. Your music continue to remind great moments vacation etc. You are a generous soul and so much talented music productor. Everyday I listen to your music and all I can say A LEGEND NEVER DIE and you Will always be in my heart. My condoleence to your family and all your friends.

  • from Jivic

    He brought me into music production.. he is my biggest inspiration and i am still fascinated by his music he gave us. Rip Tim i never forget you.

  • from Oskar Elmsjö

    I find it hard crying even if I want to. Maybe it's because I can't understand that you are really gone. Maybe it's because I can't picture a world without you. Maybe it's my brains stopping me from digging deeper into my emotions because if I did the sorrow and burden would be too much for me. Or maybe it's because to me you're still alive and you make me happy. Your music your memories and everything that you are will never fade away. Our hearts will forever keep the beat of you. KÄRLEK

  • from Jen Amsterdam

    Your melodies are like heroin Running through my veins Now that you're not here I'm shedding tears I'm addicted to your voice What were your last thoughts? Where are you now? Are you feeling better?

  • from ?☄️☄️?

    I am writing on behalf of my granddaughters Aurora and Autumn who love the coke song they r only age 1 and 5 Avicii reaches all ages xxx

  • from Rebecca

    Thank you for the Art you shared with us. You were a wonderful creative Soul who could not stand this society any more… I hope you are really happy wherever you are now.

  • from Marina

    I've always tried to make my family understand my love for electronic music. My dad used to say it was just noise and the same beat over and over again. One day I was in his car and he turned on the music. It was Wake Me Up and I looked at him speachless and he said "What? He's really good" and then I started looking through the playlists and to my surprise he had a folder called "Avicii"!! I started laughing I was so happy that he really loved Tim's songs that I smiled for the rest of the day.

  • from B

    Avicii was the reason I got interested in music beyond the superficial. Levels was the first song I felt like I could listen to forever. It led me to other tracks Silhouettes Waiting for Love X You and made me understand that music can encompass so much more than just a sound.

  • from Magda


  • from Tahsin

    Avicci my favorite edm artist. Your music really are a stress reliever and "Without You" is my favorite song. You are a real gem for the music industry and we miss you a lot. Rest in peace and lots love from from Bangladesh

  • from Katarzyna Misiejuk

    Thank you so much for being amazing EDM artist. I wish that I saw you in concert before you died. But I'm just happy to know that your in a better place now.

  • from Daniele from Arezzo Italy

    The first time i listened "Without you" my wife was pregnant and close to the delivery. The night of 22 of June i sang that song to my girl Sofia… she was only 2 hours old. Now it's her favourite lullaby when she listen that song she begins to smile and to move. Thank you Tim for all of this great emotions.

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