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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Meline from Vienna

    Hallo Tim your birthday is coming but you are gone… miss you every minute

  • from Brigita Davina

    Hello my idol you know I miss you so much now. Every time I play your song music will always echo in my mind. But I'm sure you are happy now. There is no pain and suffering that will befall you. See you again in heaven!❤

  • from Ali

    Still cannot believe your death.You will never be forgotten. R.I.P legend we miss you.

  • from Alicia

    Tim I remember hearing Seek Bromance years ago before Avicii. I fell in love with your music and everything you put out was pure gold. I’m sorry this world was too much for you I recently attended Creamfields and so many of your friends/fellow DJs dedicated part of their sets to you. I couldn’t help but think you would’ve put on the best show. It’s sad knowing I’ll never get to see you. Happy Birthday Brother ❤️

  • from Sabby saini

    Best songs!! Music was so fine!! Out of words to describe him and his work!!!! In my heart forever

  • from Shann

    Dear Tim’s Family First of all I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you’re getting the support that you need.. Tim has a gift that few musicians have —he created sounds that are so accessible to our ears but not without depth. Through sounds he conveyed that life is light and dark that love is intense and easy. I love how his music isn’t pretentious. It’s hard to describe but it’s the way music should be made. And I grief for the fact that we won’t be able to be blessed with such gift anymore.

  • from Lizen

    Märkligt hur en person man aldrig träffat kan beröra en. Lider verkligen med familj och vänner. All kärlek

  • from LÊ THÀNH

    Em chỉ là một người rất bình thường trước khi biết đến anh. Nhưng chính nhờ anh nhờ tài năng và âm nhạc của anh em đã hoàn toàn thay đổi. Yêu đời hơn trưởng thành hơn . Cảm ơn anh vì tất cả❤

  • from Alex

    2 words: Thank you.

  • from Nguyễn Đức Lê Thành

    Dear Boy .Hey Brotger i really addcted to you and your Music.You make me stronger.Your music is dancing in my head.X youi wanna love ya friend of mine.i live in your melody like come to city lights and see a sky full a star. Also you are fade in to darkness but without you i see your hope and your heart.NoOne can lay me down because you are waiting me in sunset Jesus my angle.You are my inspiration.These are The Days we never forget. These are the night that never die .. Avicii told me

  • from alwayslove_avicii

    “我从未刻意去引起什么音乐革命,但如果能给别人带来影响,那就太棒了。” ––––Avicii ​​​ 谢谢你为世界带来的这些音乐,你改变了我,而我永远也不会忘记你,我永远是你的粉丝,你永远是我的信仰,你永远存在于我的心中。 Feeling my way through the darknessGuided by a beating heartI can't tell where the journey will endBut I know where to start. So wake me up when its all overWhen I'm wiser and I'm olderAll this time I was finding myselfAnd I didn't know I was lost. We will always remember you. ◢◤1989.09.08-Forever

  • from Ayano

  • from Nicholas A

    I have always loved your music my favourite being Without you. Your music helped me get though hard times. I was heartbroken to hear the news a few months back Rest in peace you legend.

  • from Ayano H

  • from Ayano H

  • from Tran Nguyen Phong

    I have known your song “Seek Bromance’ when I was a grade 4 kid. Since then I have fallen in love with your songs. For 8 years I have been waiting for your new songs every single day and now I’m a 18 years old boy. You have defined my life made my personality taught me how to become a good man to become a lovely child. Thank you for helping me for inspiring me and people around the world and for giving me a precious gift. Love you from Vietnam ❤️

  • from Ayano H

  • from Julia

    Remember when you reliced your ep 1. I cried in one week becuse the album was so good.

  • from Victoria

    You were the one who brought me into EDM thank you for creating extraordinary music. You will be forever in our hearts and will be missed ❤️

  • from Ayano H

  • from reptile

    dear Tim when i was 9 years old i was started with wake me up im so sad because your death and thank you for your music you are the best we will gonna miss you. all your musics are cool and awesome you are the king of djs legend never dies.

  • from Anthony H

    Avicii you meant the world to me when I first heard Levels when I was in primary school I loved it and spent ages trying to find the name of the song. This lead me to you when True was released it was my first CD I ever got. That morning I woke up and my dad told me you had pasted away I didn't believe him I broke down to tears and didn't leave my room. I loved your music and wished I could have seen you live but I was too young. I love you and everything you did. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING <3

  • from Luke

    Your music is what opened me to the world of music. You were the one that truly opened my eyes to what music does for every single person. You assist me traverse through this aspect that is LIFE. I cannot thank you enough for the music that I listen to on a daily basis that help me relive memories from when I was younger. Although i never had a chance to meet you in person I'm sure you would of being a top bloke. Prayers from Australia Luke.

  • from Stephanie

    I wish the world would have seen your pain before it was too late. I hope you found the peace you needed.

  • from Tatjana

    ich habe von Deinem Tod im TV gehört am 20.04 und kannte Deine Musik nur von meiner Tochter aber Dein Tod hat mich so sehr beschäftigt über Monate das ich alles gelesen und gesehen habe über Dich. so ein talentierter sensibler junger Mann wie verzweifelt musst Du gewesen sein. ich denke an die Eltern und wünsche Ihnen viel Kraft.

  • from Braden

    Gracias por todo Tim gracias a vos hoy soy lo que soy. empece a escucharte desde los 12 años y desde ese momento todo cambió en mi vida. Me parte el corazón saber que ya no estás pero tu música va a seguir sonando para siempre les contare quien es Avicii a mi hijos y a mis nietos. Siempre vas a estar en mi corazón y tu música siempre va a estar conmigo. Gracias por sacarme de tantos malos momentos y gracias por convertirme en lo que soy. Descansa en paz hermano te quiero. -Braian Pinto

  • from Wilmer

    I just wanted to say that your music means a lot to me and has changed my life. You cannot imagine how sad I was when I heard that you died?I know you're not even reading this but I just wanted to say it. At least your music will be forever in our hearts and thanks for everything Avicii ◢ ◤

  • from Skryme

    We miss you

  • from Gm

    11年成为你的粉丝至今从未断过每天都听你的歌,作为精神支柱。你在我心里早已经超越了偶像与粉丝的界限。人的死亡有3次才算真正的死亡.第一次是停止呼吸 第二次是下葬 第三次是最后一个记得他的人也去世了.所以Tim没有死 你活在我们每个人的心中,你的音乐将会永远的流传百世。我十六岁的时候,Avicii对我说:你可以做任何你想做的事情。那时我就决定了,当我死的时候,我要因为我的人生而被记住,而不是我赚的钱。” 以前的愿望是去一次你的现场,现如今的愿望便是在我28岁那一年去一趟瑞典斯德哥尔摩! RIPTIM!Love you!!

  • from Ao.JY

    wake me up唤醒了我 waiting for love 开始期待每一天 feeling good是你向往自由的标志 每首曲里没有厌世,只有积极向上的哲理,告诉大家继续向前 ,充满活力与激情 用快乐代替悲伤寄托哀思 你的stories被我们永记, somewhere in Stockholm 继续寻找你的信念

  • from Duy Việt

    I don't know when i started listening Avicii's songs but i know the reason i love him. A Talent DJ from Sweden who share the vibes to all over the world take an important part of my childhood. In Any scene I never forget my biggest love and anytime i hear any song of Tim my feeling is dancing and memories are full of my mind. It's very sad to admit this disappointment but his legacy will remain forever <3

  • from Me myself and I

    Ciao Tim a distanza di mesi ancora non riesco a capire come si può arrivare ad un gesto cosi estremo. Sei stato coraggioso nel toglierti la vita ma sei stato molto egoista e pur di liberarti non hai pensato al dolore che ti lasciavi dietro. Sai Tim le tue canzoni sono state importanti per me. La mia preferita è Broken arrows. Mi ha fatto ballare innamorare ma anche riflettere sul suo significato… per questo ti ricorderò sempre con grande gioia ed affetto. A presto una fan.

  • from Na Berg

    Dear Avicii since you approached my music you have received so many things. In the music there is an unbelievable miracle. It gives me the motivation to live inspires me to wake up every night and to listen to your music every night. Your music is not superficial no cliché. It's like a psychological consolation for many people. I regret that I did not have the chance to meet you I was so eager to see you perform it was the moment when you conveyed your music to the people in the deepest w

  • from I prefer privacy too.

    Tim while you struggled with life you kept me alive. Your music manages this daily. Thank you and my very best regards to your family friend and partner.

  • from Erin Cloe

    Hi Tim hope you’ll see this from where you are. I started listening to your songs in 2010 as far as I remember. You were here for me from elementary school til the end of high school. You were my childhood and my whole adolescence. Your songs helped me going through so many hard things but you were also here during so many good times and I couldn’t be more grateful. I will never forget that and I’ll never stop listening to you. My kids will know about you you won’t be forgotten. Thank you

  • from Putu Adhi Wiguna

    Thanks for your music we always love you Avicii❤?

  • from Ana Sierra

    Sin duda el Rey de la música…Me ha ayudado tanto a lo largo de mi vidatanto en los momentos buenos como malos…Un ángel más se ha ido pero su huella siempre permanecerá. Saludos desde España??

  • from Marie

    Tim etait une belle personne son histoire ma beaucoup tu touché de part sa souffrance et sa fragilité sa sensibilité il se préoccuper des gens il avait un œil sur le monde ce n'était pas une personne égoïste mais j'ai l impression en regardant true stories que personne ne lui avais dit à quel point il était une personne extraordinaire et rare. Aujourd'hui j'ai perdu une personne de ma famille tim et la peine ne me quitte pas. Je pense et repense comment cela a pu arriver. Love

  • from Rachel

    Avicii u did live a life that would that's remembered now reading all these comments I wish u could see how much love a lot people have for u… It's being over 4 months but I still can't think of u and not cry… I miss u your music speaks to every part of me… Only few musicians do that and avicii u might not be here now but your words and your life would never be forgotten… I love u avicii… Rachel from Nigeria….

  • from Vynton

    I first listened to avicii when he released levels and after that I was addicted to his music and his songs are in every playlist. I grew up listening to him and will listen to him everyday. Rest in paradise avicii

  • from someone from Mo

    Still watching Tomorrowland 2011 mainstage with NERVO sis and i could not believe what he started.. Even i could remember long time ago when i first time hear seek bromance that masterpiece whose gona least forever. Prepare your album show us bestof you. Right there above..

  • from Tessjj

    U helped me through all the bad and good times in my life. Had the privilege to meet u one time in Holland. U where so kind even tho you had to go on stage. I hope you have found some peace. Everytime I hear a song of you I put the volume wide open. I know people won't forget you because u changed/saved so many lives including mine. Rest in Peace Tim.

  • from

    But your eyes tell me you won’t be there ? miss you a little extra today. 23 days to go. Let’s all do a countdown each day to celebrate Tim. X

  • from Marika Paese

    La mia storia d'amore per questo musicista parte tutta da YouTube alle medie. L'ho amato ho ballato pianto e riso sulle note delle sue meravigliose melodie. Sto piangendo ancora mentre scrivo questo messaggio ma sopratutto dopo aver guardato il suo documentario su Netflix. Rimarrai per sempre nelle nostre memorie come una splendida colonna sonora Tim. Per sempre. Sempre. 5/09/2018 – ITALIA

  • from Joshua

    I really wanted to meet you in person someday to thank you for making music that inspired me to create music myself. I hope you’re at peace Tim.

  • from Adil jafri

    He is the best musician in the world his melody is so inspiring good blees you tim ..avicii RIP

  • from Abdul Rahman

    Tim I love you and I wish to meet you in heaven ❤

  • from Gaustopher

    Thank you for being there for me through your music – it has helped me through some hard times… I made a cover of Heaven dedicated to you. Rest in peace; you will always be my hero

  • from Gaustopher

    Thank you for being there for me through your music – it has helped me through some hard times… I made a cover of Heaven dedicated to you. Rest in peace; you will always be my hero

  • from Gaustopher

    Thank you for being there for me through your music – it has helped me through some hard times… I made a cover of Heaven dedicated to you. Rest in peace; you will always be my hero

  • from Gaustopher

    Made a cover in your honor. Thanks for all your music; was truly an inspiration

  • from Nathan S

    Even though Tim is no longer with us he will always be permanently engraved into my heart as a life memory. I remember when his songs broke the charts back in 2011 and 2013 and when "Wake Me Up" was always played on our radio station in the car no matter where we were going. And while all this was going on none of us realized that all this time Tim was calling for help. Rest In Peace Timberman I hope you finally found peace.

  • from Alex

    In my darkest of times and in my happiest I always listened to his music. It inspired me gave me hope made me feel like I could do anything. I love you Tim rest in piece brother you’ll be missed.❤️❤️

  • from Olivia

    Avicii was the one artist i always listened to his music always made me feel better and put me in a better mood. I hope he can read these messages and see how much of an impact he made on my life and others lives as well.

  • from Thank You Tim

    Thank you so much. I got into music after hearing The Nights on FIFA 15 and looking it up online. Avicii is the reason I even listen to music and his songs have had a huge positive impact on my life. I still listen to them every day and The Nights will forever be my favorite song

  • from Wartortleland

    Rip the greatest DJ who I've spent six years listening to. Maybe it was on/off but I will remember your work and your death was honestly the worst thing I ever had to go through. All the possible meetups & new songs are no more now at least on this Earth?

  • from luisa ospina

    Tim was a great person with his music He inspired us He made us strong He was an amazing person it's hard to think that He isn't with us we love him so much now He is an angel always in our memories and hearts his music will live always in our hearts with each beat with each beat with each little sound we will remember him. Tim if I have children they will know about you you were the best person that I've ever seen you were my hero and I will never forget you. Always In My Heart

  • from Tatiana

    Rest in Peace Tim <3 <3 <3 Your music has brought me so much happiness

  • from Buk Queiroz

    I have no words to describe what I felt on that day April 20 my world is no longer the same without him surely he has always been and always will be an inspiration for me to continue to produce … Both I and millions of others… We will never forget you Tim…

  • from Dener Rodrigues Boratto

    we need that important memory of him to keep him alive in our hearts I loved Tim and several people around the world too and I'm sure that was what he would want that his album is released to all its fans BRAZIL loves avicii and always to love. By Dener Rodrigues Boratto

  • from THX

    sad to hear about you… hope your estate is good…cheers THX

  • from Jhonata

  • from Alan

  • from Clarissangelica

    I remember the first concert i went to and you happened to be the main DJ to be performing that night. I can’t even explain the way your music influenced me i had never felt so happy and FREE. That is a night i will never forget. Thank you for remaining humble thank you for the wonderful memories thank you for letting us experience your music.

  • from Alan

    No hay mucho que decir sino que que fuistes y seras un gran ejemplo de Persona y Artista para muchos. Se te quiere Tim (Avicii).

  • from Diana

    Your amazing and your music impacted on my life a lot.

  • from lime

    i only really heard his singles on the radio but they were amazing songs that always made me happy to listen to.

  • from Joanna

    Avicii saw you at future music festival in 2014 it was my best time going to a music festival and I didn't even know who you are. Then what happened afterwards changed my live and I wanted to work in the creative field and move people. like what you did with your music. RIP.

  • from JSLID

    Avicii. I was one of first people sharing my ideas with you here. Now there are passed more than 5 months without you. You don't know how much big it is the void that you left in my heart and my memories. Why did you do that? Could you just go to the bed and sleep as always? Anyway I'm writing this story but sad conscious of that you will not ever read this. 500 character there aren't enough for tell you what you were for me. I was to young too for come in one of your parties. Thanks Tim.

  • from

    Tim you will forever be in my heart. You have brought so much happiness into my life. I wish you would have lived a lot longer and I wish there was a way to go back in time and prevent you from dying. I wish I could have been a friend or companion that could have told you to hold on no matter how sad or pressured you felt or how much pain you were going through and bring you happiness the way your existence and music brought me.

  • from Gaustopher

    Hey Avicii Thank you so much for helping me grow out of my shell. I wish there was something I could have done to help you with your struggles while you were with us. Since I couldn't I did the next best thing and created a cover in your honor. Here it is: Rest in peace brother

  • from

    Tim was the most cutest/handsome guy I ever seen and I loved how humble and talented he was. I fortunately had the chance to talk to him on Snapchat and I wasn't even expecting him to open it but he not only opened it but replied a few times. I also got to see him in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center not too long before he quit touring. When I heard that he died I cried so hard and was depressed. I'm just happy he existed and he inspired me to visit Stockholm this year.

  • from Alejo F. Luisi

    I spent my years of adolescence listening to your music almost on a daily basis you were the one to introduce me into the amazing world of EDM. The messages that your music transmits were always a support for the days where I was feeling down. I will always blast your songs in every opportunity I have hope you rest in peace Tim thanks for everything. Blessings from Argentina.

  • from Cheyne

    Avicii was the soundtrack to the best part of my life.

  • from Marissa

    His songs always made me dance and put me in a good mood.

  • from Ana Luiza.

    Oh Tim… Eu te amo; nós te amamos… Jamais iremos te esquecer. Fique com Deus.

  • from Dave

    Who's Avicii?

  • from Mariana Pineda

    your music is a legacy that will never die thank you for inspiring us. you are the brightest start up there in the sky. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH TIM. let peace fill your soul and help you rest. your beloved fan @aviciifansforlife

  • from Davi Veggi de Sousa

    Foram pelas magníficas músicas do Avicii que peguei paixão pela música eletrônica/dance. Seu último álbum continha somente músicas com letras de inspiração e superação modo de viver e aproveitar a vida de modo saudável. Se tem uma música que eu levo para toda a vida a qual sua letra resumiu o modo com qual levo a vida é a The Nights. "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." Descanse em paz Tim.

  • from Umedjon Abdurahmonov/@therealjojoa

    Youuuuuuuu…. said you'd follow me anywhere But your eyes Tell me you won't be there ?❣️ Can't believe that i will never hear your new song anymore… Miss you Tim…Your music never die …

  • from Ollie

    Thank you for being such a huge part of my childhood Tim aka Avicii listening to your music now brings me back great memories and always makes me smile you are one of the greatest producers EVER!! thank you for your contribution to dance music and making me fall in love with the genre. Rest in peace we love you forever and your music will live on forever and youll always be in our hearts <3

  • from Josh aged 12

    My mummy loves Avicii she plays his songs all the time our dog is even called Tim I know all his songs now and now I like his music my mummy is obsessed with him I love him to now

  • from Mark W

    Music touches peoples soul's and Tim touched millions enough said R.I.P

  • from Anneli

    Kära fina Tim…<3

  • from TBM

    Remember when I heard Wake me up for the first time and somehow I knew that Avicii still had a lot to show to the world. His music inspired me and all the music industry in a way that no other EDM Dj will ever do. His timeless beats and incredible talent will never be forgotten and his legacy remembered for as long as music exists. He's left this world but somehow will always be a part of our lives! Love yah Tim!

  • from Adam

    Tim really helped me through tough times and continues to through his music. If I ever need to be motivated or be put in a better mood I instantly go to an avicii track. Thank you Tim for what you have done for everyone throughout the years. RIP

  • from Julia Jensen

    Followed Tim since he released Levels! So talented and generous! I hope he has found peace! I listen to his music daily and think of him! XOXO

  • from Felix

    As of writing this message I'm still listening to your music you have ligthen up sorrow days with your beautiful music. Every since 2011 me and my brother have loved your music! Levels got us making fist pump as you did and that did not only inspire us but millions of other people too. We are forever grateful for all of your music and once again rest in heaven my friend all of us are watching over you rest in peace <3

  • from Monse aw

    Sinceramente no sé ni como explicarme en palabras solo sé que te agradezco infinitamente por hacerme tan feliz cuando nadie pudo hacerlo. No me canso de decir que te agradezco tanto no me canso de escuchar tus canciones aunque ahora me duela mucho escucharlas que extraño que esas canciones que me hacían sentir mejor ahora duelen pero la verdad quiero seguir escuchándolas quiero mantenerte vivo dentro de mi. De verdad no tienes idea de cuanto te agradezco. GRACIAS THANK U TACK.<3 (edcmx)

  • from Adam from USA

    Avicii is the person that got me into EDM. Just hearing his music on the radio– I still remember the first time I heard "Hey Brother". The sound was unlike everything else on the top 40 stations yet I stopped what I was doing to listen and wanted to hear it again. And again. Hit after hit I liked and respected him more. I just wish his new song "Heaven" with Chris Martin had been released. It would have been one of his best yet. Rest easy Tim your Avicii presence will live on forever.

  • from Katarina

    I’m really glad there’s a platform created where I can honour Avicii the man who fueled my love for happy and energetic electronic music. He was the first concert that I ever went to. I remember being so excited to see him live and experience the positivity that his music brought me through my headphones in person. I always knew that behind Avicii’s music there had to be a positive and happy person who wanted to share his energy with the world. I’m sad we couldn’t do the same for him. RIP Tim

  • from Adrian

    Jeg elskr deg

  • from Madelene

    Tim du förstår inte vilket otroligt avtryck du har gjort för den här världen! När du lämnade oss stod hela världen still! Jag hoppas att du har fått frid! Nu på lördag skulle du ha blivit 29 år! I miss you!

  • from Marcy 22

    forever in our hearts

  • from Lena

    Dear Tim! When I heard that you died it was as if the world had stopped. I still watch your videos today and so on and whenever I see the things of you always erupts ekn heart part of my heart because I miss you so. But I hope you are fine. Hopefully you'll be happy where you are now. And please always watch over your family.

  • from Akeyo

    "If there's love in this life we're unstoppable" I'm just glad we got to have him for the time we did. Sending all my love love. love.

  • from Mattis

    Thanks for everything you gave us your music your shows everything. Sorry for the pressure you felt all the shit you had to go thru and never felt you did enough. But for us you did – we'll always love you and miss you. <3 a big fan from Norway.

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