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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Jellica

    Make the sky dance ?♥️✨

  • from Dimana (Bulgaria)

  • from Isaac Caletrio

    Avicii thanks for getting me into electronic music. Levels was the first song of yours I heard. You made so many amazing tracks that just made people happy and joyful the same as your concerts I'm sure. Rest in Peace.

  • from Daniel

    Las mejores personas son aquellas que se van sin una razón. Espero que tu música (preferiblemente The Nights) siga sonando en el cielo donde espero que todos los que te escuchamos volvamos para reencontrarnos contigo. Gran Dj mejor persona Avicii =)

  • from aaasahi


  • from Desi

    I hope Tim knew he was truly loved and appreciated even though he probably didn't know us. I hope he's finally at peace. You're always going to be a huge inspiration

  • from Dustin Segura

    Tus canciones para mi siempre serán las mejores canciones jamás escuchadas. Siempre soñé poder ir a un concierto tuyo no lo logre pero lograré verte en el otro lado y podré escuchar canciones que tal vez estés creando. La mejor cancion de Tim para mi es "the nights" no sólo por la letra sino por su ritmo que me hace sentir en un tiempo diferente y me inspira a aventurar. "…live a life you will remember…" and you did. We all the people of the world will miss you!! . Love you avicii !! .

  • from Andrey

    Thank you for teaching me how to love electronic music.

  • from Kaćouni

    Best DJ and person.

  • from Zakarias Achahbar

    Tim you have taught me that music is what unites people what unites the family what unites friends one afternoon you will always be in our hearts but above all mine Thank you for teaching me that not everything can be expressed in words and the music plays a very important role in our lives thank you Tim.

  • from Sue

    I wish there were visiting hours in heaven… ♥️

  • from Emma Sitaru

    Avicii was an absolute inspiration to me. I admired him since I was a child and still listen to his music up to this day. Now as a teenager his music has spoken to me even further and has imbedded itself into my soul as he and his music will forever hold a place in my heart. I dearly miss you and will never forget you. Thank you so much Tim.

  • from Persik Adam

    Nagyon szeretem a zenéidet!! Te voltál a kedvenc djém!

  • from Ashish

    Your voice will be missed by all the fans in the world. One love✌ avicii your voice has wake me up throght my dark side. Love you bro?

  • from Silvia lopez

    Gracias por dejarnos la energía de tus canciones porque son mi.motor cada mañana para enfrentar el día thanks Aviciielevo una oración x ti!!!

  • from Freaky

    Legends do not die. they live on in our hearts

  • from 刘火火


  • from Fire

    You change my life,thank you,TIM

  • from The CCAG

    You are the greatest people in my life or should be Legend.When 2013I was a 9 years old kid and I listened to your first song was "Wake Me Up" on the radio on my father.ThenI started to know more about on the Internet.LastlyI still aliveI still feel youso many world I never told you.Legend never dieTim.We love you forever◢ ◤.

  • from Niklas

    I want to thank you Tim you have touched reached and accompanied me and probably many others with your music. In good and bad times you have been a constant companion in all stages of my life. Watching you live was one of the best moments in my life. Your music will stay in my heart forever and you will always be a friend of mine. I wish that you have found the peace you have been looking for. Even it if means that the world had to say goodbye to ohne of the greatest musically and humanly.

  • from 이민규

    최고의 프로듀서

  • from Jane

    Dear family of Tim ( Avicii) I am very sorry for the loss you are suffering…. I can’t imagine . But you have the comfort in knowing how Tim touched millions of lives from every corner of the world. He was like the Pied Piper he played his music and we all followed. My Daughter and myself saw Avicii in Ibiza at Ushuaia in 2012… what fantastic memories we made that night Thankyou … Such a sad loss in talent and person . ?? RIP Tim xx

  • from Irene

    His music made me feel like if I were Ok even if I wasn't. I miss him his music and his spirit… I'm only a teenager in love with the music and I'll miss him every single day of my life. The lyrics of his songs were inspirational and so close to perfection. I'm so sorry that he's not here anymore.

  • from Meline

    Dear Tim i still hope you are somewhere hidden from us and you would come back to us again….. miss you every second

  • from Lucía

    Avicii fue una persona increíble que se merecía lo mejor en esta vida tristemente a veces las mejores personas son las que más sufren por lo tanto quiero dar todo el apoyo a los fans como yo a su familia amigosetc Siempre serás el mejor Tim Gracias por compartir tu música con todos nosotros siempre en nuestros corazones??

  • from Enrico

    Simply the best .. Spectacular man his music will remain forever impressed ..goodbye Tim

  • from Myrtle Joyce Sevillano Lagarita

    Back in late 2011 I had never heard of Avicii unless I was the one that first heard his song Levels but the other one came in 2012 when I heard Silhouettes. Since then I was just an instant fangirl of him when I sang to his songs and danced precociously to the beat and then heard his albums True and Stories then finally as my brother told me the news about his death I was very freaking stunned. It broke my heart but now I have accepted his death as a reason to live a life. Thank you Tim.

  • from alissia ferom Italy

    Dear Avicii you maybe wont read this letter but i want to say : thank you thank you for the memories . Your music helped me . That 20 th April will be remembered like you .RIP

  • from Y

    Rip to Tim – he was a wonderful and unique person. His music made many of my depressed days wonderful again- also 'wake me up' was the ultimate song from me and my best friend (we're sadly not that close anymore but we always relate if avicii is played.

  • from TMG

    I was most impressed by Tim's first and last live performance in japan. He and his songs are part of my life. I believe that he will live eternally in our heart. R.I.P Avicii

  • from Jaime Garcia Cerezo

    Descansa en paz… Genio! <3

  • from Adrian Pazos

    Tim fuiste un gran referente para mi. Una de las personas que más admiré y admiro. Tuve la gran suerte de poder verte una vez y será algo que nunca olvidaré. Muchas gracias por todo y hasta siempre. ❤️

  • from Robin

    Bråvallafestivalen 2013 <3

  • from Luuk

    First time I went to a festival ever: Emporium 2011 Nijmegen The Netherlands. A young relatively unknown DJ performed that went by the name Avicii. Until now still one of dj-sets that has amazed me the most playing unreleased tracks like 'Fade Into Darkness' and 'Levels' (without vocals if I recall correctly). I can therefore honestly say that Avicii is the DJ who got me into dance music. He showed me a side of music I had never seen before. It was amazing.

  • from mArin

    Hey Avicii Croatia loves you1

  • from Nguyễn Văn Minh – Viet Nam

    Âm nhạc của bạn thật hấp dẫn. Rất buồn khi bạn đã không còn trên thế gian này nữa. Hãy yên nghỉ. Những bài hát của bạn sẽ còn mãi mãi.

  • from Kiker

    He will be immortal for me because of his music. Still listen to him everyday. Rest in Peace❤

  • from Paulyne

    Avicii was de beste dj ooit

  • from Jan

    5 years ago was when i first listened to "Levels". That was the start of the best time of my life. He was one of the first artists i ever listened heavily to and will always have a special place in my heart. He is the one who introduced me to the edm genres which played a huge part in my life ever since. After his death was the first time i would straight up start crying after years. He left a bigger impact on the world than most people have. Love from Slovenia you will be remembered ♥

  • from Christina

    Vielen Dank für alles durch deine Musik bleibst du immer hier…

  • from Ruben

    Hasta el día de hoy puedo decir que el mejor día de mi vida lo viví gracias a ti. Nunca olvidaré ese momento en que saliste al escenario de Ushuaia y empezó a sonar "Hey Brother!". Próximamente me caso y Tim tu música sonará en el que debe ser el mejor día de mi vida. Seguirás presente en nuestros mejores momentos porque nos has inspirado a ser felices y a amar este mundo.

  • from Swedish soul

    You were an extremely sensible man. And maybe world didn’t know how to care of you as you deserved. Rest in peace Tim. Now you are resting at home “Somewere in Stokholm”. Many hugs to Tim’s family ❤️

  • from Tom

    Without your inspiration I wouldn't have the job I have today working as a DJ in Ibiza. You filled so many hearts with joy my man you made writing music the cool thing to do. People usually say their favourite Avicii song is either Wake Me Up or Le7els but for me? For me it's always going to be Dancing In My Head because it lit that spark in me six years ago the spark that said "I want to learn how to do that shit". You'll forever be dancing in my head Tim.

  • from alicia

    hey avicii – or well whoever reading this – just wanna say thanks for putting out some jams on the radio & for highkey getting me into edm. you're amazing & i'm sad i never got 2 see you live. btw i really like how you made your name the lowest level of buddhist hell i mean as a buddhist i think it's super cool and i approve. me love you long time 🙂

  • from K

    Your music did not become better when you died. It was already the best.

  • from saj

    you were the soundtrack to so many important years of my life. miss you and your music dearly man wish you didn’t have to go so soon. i pray you’ve found peace. love forever

  • from María Moreno-Chocano

    Avicii and his music made me go through important depressions on a better way. All that lyrics were and are always with me as if we were talking about a friend. All that nights crying were easier listening to that music.

  • from Fernalex

    I don't know much about electronic music but when Ifirst heard your music on the radio I love it immediately!It's energetic and motivated I wanted to replay it again and again.I see you as Mozart in this eradonated yourself to the music.Your pure and happy soul will always exist in your music and encourage the young generation.

  • from donnsoh

    best producer ever you will be missed

  • from aitqb


  • from Pedro

    rip avicii dj 1 of the world

  • from Joanne

    Your music will live on you are a legend still can’t believe u are gone ?

  • from Uwe

    Ich sehe traurig! Aber das Leben geht weiter mit seiner Musik !! Gute Reise mein Freund Gruß aus Hamburg

  • from Soundarya Manivannan

    I was in 10th grade when I first heard 'Levels'. I wasn't much into Dance music at that time but I remember falling in love with this track and dancing to it by myself all the time. I remember watching the video of 'I could be the one' and feeling so liberated at a time when I couldn't even truly understand what it was. Avicii was also my first ever concert. I'll never forget the feeling I experienced when he played 'Wake me up'. Tim may have left this place but Avicii will live on forever.

  • from Hrish redd

    Aviciis songs unlike most edm songs had beautiful meanings that people could connect. I had some kind of a personal connection to those songs. I always wanted to see avicii perform live at tomorrow land. An amazing human being too i miss avicii very much and i love u… Heyyy brother….. Rip.

  • from Erdos Anna

    I don't want to say nothing special. I just want to say we miss you. That's all.

  • from Ana

    Mi historia de amor con el empezó en el 2013 cuando escuchando su música salí de una profunda depresión…..Si una horrible depresión que me tenía presa y un buen día me puse a escuchar música electrónica uno de los primeros DJ que oi fue Avicii Hardwell Martín Garrix algo especial fue cuando escuché en una de us presentaciones en Tomorrowland desde ese momento fui una de sus seguidoras porque gracias a él y a los demas resurgi por eso donde quiera este que haya encontrado la paz ?TQM

  • from Benjamin Morrison

    I saw Avicii live at Capital’s Summertime Ball 2015

  • from Martin Alebachew

    You said that we would always be Without you I feel lost at sea Through the darkness you'd hide with me Like the wind we'd be wild and free You said you'd follow me anywhere But your eyes tell me you won't be there #WithoutYou

  • from Grima

    Thanks you

  • from Martin Alebachew

    Tim was a musical prodigy like no other. He inspired and hoped for his unique way billions of people around the world and revealed to them the beauty of music. For years my source of inspiration was Avicii and it's so sad that he is not with us anymore. Thanks to him I got where I am today. Of blessed memory. Oh Don't Worry You will be remembered for the life you lived. #Avicii R.I.P #Don'tForsakeThisLifeOfYours #TrueStoriesByAvīci #RememberingTimAllTheDaysAllTheNights #Without You

  • from Prince Khurana

    I love you my love. You really inspired me. It's Really hard to know that you're now gone. I missed your voice. I remembered every single word of your song. We Love You Avicci ? #lovefromIndia

  • from Kim Tae Jun

    Since I listen his music “waiting for love’ I’m fascinated with his music also addicted into electronic music. He is the only inspiration that makes me start making music by FL studio his music style is in my head. Although there is many edm producers in the world I can’t find any like his incredibly distinguishable music style in edm scene. He is my inspiration Mentor the milestone of my life. Thanks Tim And Rest In Peace in Your Heaven.

  • from C.P.C

    Gracias…… por siempre Avicci *

  • from Azlyssa Karina

    Since 2011 it was my first time listening to Tim's music. Since then I felt in love with it. Tim is an inspiration to lots of people and one of them is me. Tim inspires me to write and compose my own music. When I am down his music always make me smile. Tim is like a brother to me and I look up to him a lot. I want to be a Dj to continue his legacy and also to share his music so that it will never be forgotten . I wish I could thank Tim for everything but it is too late. I love you Tim…xoxo.

  • from Martin Alebachew

    Tim was a musical prodigy like no other. He inspired and hoped for his unique way billions of people around the world and revealed to them the beauty of music. For years my source of inspiration was Avicii and all the sad that he is not with us anymore. Thanks to him I got where I am today. Of blessed memory. Oh Don't Worry You will be remembered for the life you lived. #Avicii R.I.P #Don'tForsakeThisLifeOfYours #TrueStoriesByAvīci #RememberingTimAllTheDaysAllTheNights

  • from Atri Sharma

    I remember listening to Avicii when I was sad needed inspiration or just outright crazy. He has been inspiring me to do more strive more and reach out for just a bit more than expected. RIP

  • from Mia

    En sådan begåvad musiker! Ett öde som gick helt fel så tragiskt. Jag själv vill lyckas inom musiken och en av anledningen är pågrund av Tim Absolut inget är omöjligt så som han sa i några interljuver. Han var & kommer förbli en av världens största musiker Han verkade verkligen ha hjärtat på rätt ställe. Verkade vara en sådan jordnära kille och så snäll Alla kärlek till honom och hans familj! Så många minnen man har till hans musik Alla kärlek!

  • from Maribel

    Grande!!!! Una estrella más brillando en este cielo inmenso!

  • from Niiino

    アヴィーチ大好き 聞いてると心が温かくなる。 Under the tree where the grass don't grow 一つ一つの歌詞が想像を掻き立ててくれる、将来はアヴィーチの育った場所、スウェーデンで暮らしたい 本当にありがとう、アヴィーチ

  • from Mike

    I first heard Levels in 2011 when I was in college. I’m from the USA and pretty much everyone I knew was blown away by it. It was played at every party and every pregame and still is such a fantastic song still today. Ever since Levels I fell in love with Tim’s music I would always play Aviciis music at parties and whenever I was drinking with my friends. So many happy memories. His death was a real punch in the gut. Rest In Peace Tim.

  • from Karina

    "La mort n’est rien je suis seulement passé dans la pièce à côté. Je suis moi. Vous êtes vous. Ce que j’étais pour vous je le suis toujours. La vie signifie tout ce qu’elle a toujours été. Le fil n’est pas coupé. Pourquoi serais-je hors de vos pensées simplement parce que je suis hors de votre vue ? Je ne suis pas loin juste de l’autre côté du chemin. Vous voyez tout est bien." Love you AVICCI.

  • from Juan Pablo

    Hey dude. Thanks for all the goosebumps and good times. You were very inspiring to me; I will always remember the amazing sound quality and fine compositions skills you deliver in every record you made. Hope you found peace.

  • from Alston

    Ur the best dj. I love ur music. Wen I listen ur songs it remembers you. Miss u tim… & No 1 can replace you……………????

  • from Aida Necoara

    Legends never die

  • from Fanny

    Tim was a huge part of my life. My brother always listened to his music while i grew up. When i got older and started listening to music his music were the music that always made me happy it still is. Vila i Frid Tim Du är saknad världen över <3

  • from AVD

    Love you Tim.

  • from ❤️

    When I was depressed I listen to BROTHER and WAKE ME UP and I feel much better. Thank you lo

  • from MOIPILDRO01

    Gracias Tim por el amor que nos brindaste. Gracias por tu música alegría y sabiduría. Siempre en nuestros corazones ? Salud ?

  • from Máté

    My best

  • from Fabian

    Genie der Musik ???

  • from MANIK ANAND

    It was in the year 2014 when I saw an interview of AVICII and MADONNA with Andrea Feczko in theUMF 2014 it was an amazing young talented and little bit nervous. From that stage I was sure that this guy can do something amazing and it did. His music his hits his shows his interviews and talent always remains in our heart. We will miss you and one thing for all he one's said " LIVE A LIFE YOU WILL REMEMBER" A SMALL TRIBUTE TO AVICII

  • from Arancha Fernández

    Para mi es el mozart del siglo XXl. Un artistazo de los que sale uno en muchísimo tiempo. Hay que proteger y mimar a los artistas no llevarlos al extremo de sus fuerzas. Ahora nos hemos quedado sin este genio. Un abrazo desde Asturias spain

  • from Ali from Italy

    Hai aiutato milioni di persone ma nessuna é riuscita ad aiutarti. La tua musica mi ha dato una mano nei momenti bui. Grazie di cuore . RIP insegna agli angeli a ballare❤

  • from Nick sinnema

    One day you''ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember RIP AVICII rest in peace ??

  • from Fritsch vanessa

    Love for ever ……..the best

  • from Nick sinnema

    From netherlands you were the best DJ I know you always had great music RIP avicii ??

  • from TheIntelloBox

    The best DJ of the world.

  • from The EDM scene

    Avicii brought EDM as we know it to the mainstream. No one else made music like him. We thank him for that. ??

  • from Donna

    Thanks AVicii/Tim for letting me escape from reality with ur music u really don’t know how missed u are rip lgend ur missed beyond words ❤️

  • from Alexxa King

    Thank you for making my life better. When I felt depressed or angry when I felt happy when I was boredwhen I was exhausted I listened to your music. I loved it. EVERY SONG. I couldn't look forward to see you perform in person but now I will never get that chance. I still can't believe that you're gone… It saddens me and brings me to tears. RIP Avicii. You will live on in my heart and memories forever.

  • from Javi

    You said that we would always be Without you I feel lost at sea Through the darkness you'd hide with me Like the wind we'd be wild and free Thanks for every goosebump that you gave me Tim.

  • from Jon

    The Nights is always played in our School in Urios with Jaykee. He always said one day you will leave this world behind so we must live a life that we will remember.

  • from Raquel de la Torre

    Nunca olvidaré el día q te marchaste. No podía parar de escuchar tus canciones pero esta vez con lágrimas en los ojos esas canciones q anteriormente me animaban en momentos duros por su energía y letras motivadoras. Soy maestra y nunca olvidaré cuando analicé 'the nights' con mis alumnos. Hicimos nuestro el "live a life you will remember". Mil gracias tan buenas sensaciones. Seamos positivos: tenemos suerte d poder seguir disfrutándote cada día. Sin duda serás inolvidable. DEP.

  • from Joseph Tsui

    Dear Avicii I want to express my agony from Singapore and on the behalf of my relatives in China. Avicii is definitely one of my favourite musicians and his music is always the top picks for me when I was down. RIP my legend ?

  • from Akshay Khairate

    A musician with infinite talent. Your songs touched my heart and your music is something different from other EDM artist. You are a MAGICIAN. Yes You are You will be always there because your songs will always be rememebered and listened. I had a dream To meet you once and compose a song with you. Unfortunately my DREAM would just be a DREAM. But yes AVICII you will be always remembered.

  • from SURAJ

    It was summer of 2013 when i first heard your songs and from then on "Avicii"◢ ◤the name itself was enough. I never laid down any oppurtunity to hear your songs as they were "emotions" subject to copyrights to which only I enjoyed and such a big fan I am. From playing your songs in loops in my playlistsharing your songs with my bestest friend to dance parties everyone loved you. A great musician will be missed you will be missed. " Hey brother" rest in peace.♥️♥️

  • from Sanjukta

    All his songs are so beautiful that everybody will fall in love with them.. ❤️❤️.. He was a born talent and a true artist..

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