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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Vicious

    Months have passed but still the weight of your death is present in my heart. I grew up listening only to your songs proud to be one of your biggest fans. I'm sorry because in addition to being a great artist you were also a wonderful person eager to help the weakest dedicating them the lyrics of your songs. I hope you are quiet now but even if you are not physically present on Earth your music will always accompany me throughout my life. Love you Vicio

  • from Vector

    I first heard the levels music at 6 when I was browsing the youtube And I thought: this is the best song !!! And he wrote a lot of good songs. I hope he will not die he will continue to live in inconsistencies?? The legend … RIP? or not I'm a "true beliver"

  • from Vektor

    I first heard the levels music at 6 when I was browsing the youtube And I thought: this is the best song !!! And he wrote a lot of good songs. I hope he will not die he will continue to live in inconsistencies?? The legend … RIP? or not he not I'm a "true beliver"

  • from Cntzz

    Hard to believe that suddenly you were gone. I still have great times singing his songs specially in the summer. Your songs still bring me to a peaceful state of mind. Each song has a unique story maybe that's why one of his albums is called Stories. Thank you for everything you've done. You marked my life in many positive ways and I'll be always gratefull for that. Your music will last forever.

  • from Sejal

    I think about you so much Tim. I can't believe you're gone. I didn't even meet you how I wish I did. I hope you're resting peacefully beautiful. ? Thank you for everything you've done for me.

  • from GIORGIA

    Still heartbroken for your loss still cannot believe you're not here anymore when the radio plays your songs. I'm sorry for all you've been through I wish anybody would have helped you when you needed it. I've enjoyed your songs from the very first moment but I really fell in love with you in summer 2013 when "wake me up" became the hymn and timeless soundtrack of my post-high school journey in Ios (Greece). You've left an everlasting footprint in the world you will never be forgotten. Love

  • from Diana rojas montes

    Hola timbueno sea donde sea que estes te mando un abrazo enormesiempre me imagine en un consierto tuyo pero lamentablemente tuvo que pasar todo estofue algo impactacte todo lo que ocurrio fue algo inimaginablepero apesar de todo esto sigo recordandote escuchando todas tus canciones todos los diasespero que estes en un mejor lugar descanzando y en paz. Has dejado un gran vacio pero por siempre te recordaremos.. Te amo tim Descanza en paz Avicii….❤

  • from N'Isabelle

    Hello Querido Avicii Fue Muy Dolorosa Tu Perdida Aunque Nunca Pude Ir A Tus Concierto Pero Nunca He Dejado De Escuchar Tus Musicas & Jamas Lo Hare Bueno Mi Sueños Era Conocerte En Personas & No Lo Podre Cumplirlo & Quiero Cumplir Mi Sueños De Ser Dj/Producer & Tu Me Estas Inspirando Gracias Por Hacer Las Mejores Musicas De Mundo & El Mejor Dj En La Tierra & El Cielo Te Amo Avicii-Tim Bergling??

  • from Linda G

    Carn't tell you how much your music has inspired so many people. I never had the chance to see you but one of the greatest songs ever 'Wake me up'. I remember celebrating my 50th & loved this song felt like I had died & gone to heaven. Thank you so much for your music which has helped so many people through tough times. . Love you & you will always be in ou hearts for you fantastic talent. . RIP Avicii your a legend!!

  • from Evelina B

    Du och din musik betydde så sjukt mycket för mig. Din musik fanns alltid där när man behövde den när man helt enkelt ville bli glad. Jag har precis läst endel av det andra kommentarerna och sitter redan och stor bölar. Jag förstår fortfarande inte att du inte finns längre förstår inte heller att det inte kommer bli några nya låtar av dig. Din låt "heaven" är den sjukaste och den mest berörande låten jag hört. Jag hoppas du har det bra i himmelen. Jag saknar dig otroligt mycket! <3

  • from Frozen

    It's like I lost a member of my family I miss you so much… You we're my inspiration you inspire so much person it's amazing I have today some difficulties to realise that you're gone. Hope you can make everyone dance in heaven!

  • from Adrián Alvarado

    Dear Avicii… You inspire me to be a DJ / producer I met you at age 8 for the Levels song and I have not stopped listening to your music thanks for having driven me in various things and helping me in my bad moments. We will miss you Avicii see you later.

  • from Fernando

    Gracias genio con tus hermosas melodías me ayudaste a saber que estaba perdido (como dice la letra de Wake Me Up) siempre serás mi artista #1! Hasta siempre Leonardo d'AVICII!!

  • from Romain GRESSET

    I started listen edm music because of him and it changed my whole vision of the world music. His sign is tattoed on my skin for life since 4 years. I will never forget him.

  • from Linda

  • from ClassicBeeto

    I miss you bro I want to be a dj as well as you because you are the best. I love you.

  • from Luuk

    Thanks for your inspiring music. For the rest of my life I'll be wearing your Wake Me Up logo which is tattooed on the inside of my upper arm with proud and joy. Hope you're in a better world now. Thanks Tim. Luuk Netherlands.

  • from Emmanuel

    In 2011 when LE7ELS came out I was immediately fascinated by him and from then on I was addicted to him obsessed. Avicii was the one who introduced me to Electronic Music One of my dreams was to sit in a studio with him and do what we both did love the most

  • from Fatumah

    I miss you everyday! There is not a day that goes by that I didnt you were here. I will love you forever. And thank you for changing my life your music really helped me and still helps me. So thank you!

  • from Caitilin.m

    I just want to Thank you for all you have done your music is such an inspiration to me and it has helped me through some tough times the connection I have with your music is unbreakable you may be gone but will live in our hearts forever and will never ever be forgotten fly high brother we are all truely heartbroken Rest In peace Avicii aka.tim ❤

  • from Coldplaying…

    Avicii 4ever!! From Chiapas MX

  • from Giorgio

    Ti ho scritto già un paio di volte ed ho visto Avicii true stories non riesco a credere che un talento così grande non ci sia più. Ripeto sono ormai fuori dai giochi 2 figli e 40 anni ti ho scopeto tardi molto tardi ma ti invidio e comunque capisco come ti sentivi. Sei e sarai sempre un grande

  • from Melis Engin

    Tim's Seek Bromance was the first song of his that I heard. I was quickly captivated. During middle school (I'm now 21) this song helped me so much especially the instrumental version when I was going through a difficult time. I don't know why but I really loved the tune. I really liked his style and compositions. I was deeply saddened to hear his death. He went away way too soon. Rest in peace…

  • from Coldplayer

    Avicci 4ever!! From Chiapas MX

  • from Kelly

    So grateful for the music you gave to this world. Tim you will never be forgotten you will continue to live on through your genius melodies. You touched my heart love you.

  • from Emma

    Too good for this world…Thank you for your music. Rest in peace beautiful soul.

  • from Noel

    I have listened to Avicii my whole life i i grew up With Aviciis music. So weird without his musix

  • from Inspired to write

    I remember listening to a mix or random playlist online hearing Levels played then NEEDING to find out what the name of that song was and the artist. That was when AVICII's music found me. And through the years the depth the willingness to look beyond… I just enjoy his music as a voice singing to me. I work in mental health and was deeply saddened to hear of Tim's passing. His music brought grace and beauty. Our world was not big enough for his soul. Love and light to his family.

  • from Samm25wayne

    19/02/2013 llegue a Buenos Aires y me encontré con un inmenso cartel que anunciaba Ultra! Era mi oportunidad para conocer al gran Avicii. Esa noche estaba nervioso y ansioso el escenario estaba apagado sólo se escuchaba murmurar al público. El show comenzó… tenía una mezcla de sensaciones El estaba en frente de mi agitando su mano tocando el piano en el aire Fue un momento inolvidable insuperable! Avicii esta en mi memoria en uno de los mejores momentos de mi vida. ◢ ◤

  • from Thomass

    Avicii tu auras bercé toute mon adolscence et tu continue de le faire ! Tu etais es et restera une reference en tant que musicien et homme ! A tout jamais tu resteras dans mon coeur et mon esprit ! Repose en paix mon ami ❤️

  • from Julian H.

    Thank you Avicii for your great music. I coming from Germany and i love your music <3 R.I.P Tim Bergling Avicii ich werde dich vermissen! Du wirst immer in meinem herzen beleiben danke für dein Musik! Ich kenne fast jedes Lied von dir! Mein Lieblings Lieder sind Waiting for Love und Without You! Ich hab mir schon ein T-Shirt bedrucken lassen aber ich kauf mir noch den offiziellen Merch!

  • from Gabriella

    What a wonderful talented and kind person he was. His music gives me goosebumps and his presence on stage was so powerful. I remember seeing his interview when he retired and I marveled at his grace and love that he had for his fans. He never let fame make him forget who he was and what he stood for. The world has lost a great human being. May he Rest In Peace and sleep with the angels.

  • from Pol

    Thank you so much for the great moments that your music gave to me. You letters were always an example and gave me forces to continue even in the worst moments of my life. Rest in peace Legend

  • from Robert

    I remember being in school and just having fun listening to Tims music. I used to hear songs like you make me all the time on the radio. And one time I even wrote his lyrics in a textbook of mine. Tim was not just an inspiration but a guy with a beautiful soul. I've been crying alot lately but atleast i can say Tack så mycket tim utan dig skulle jag inte vare vem jag är idag men jag är så himla glad att du är någon stans du är glad.

  • from Mate

    I love you!

  • from Cole

    Always #1

  • from

    i miss him

  • from Lily

    Thank you Tim you've opened many eyes in the music world. Because of you I see and feel music in a different way. Avicii you were a true musician or a DJ your a legend an angel that went way too soon. You are my Idol forever in my heart ❤️ 2015 was the best day live in London summertime ball best memories?

  • from Asude

    Tim has really been a great producer I love him so much ❤️I love his songs especially❤️ because he made the world dance?? when he's gone I'm more interested in the music and I will not stop the music because I want to be a producer too AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY URGENTLY IN INSTAGRAM my account is asude.dmcn WHO SUPPORTS THIS SITE PLEASE WRITE ME A MESSAGE thanks miss you Tim ❤️?

  • from Laurie

    Merci Avicii toutes tes musiques m'ont inspirée et m'ont permise de traverser le temps. J'ai grandit avec tes chansons j'ai dansé sur tes rythmes et j'ai chanté tes paroles. Chacun de tes morceaux est attaché à un souvenir bien précis de ma vie à une sensation et à un moment. Merci pour tout ce tu étais ce que tu as fait et repose en paix désormais.

  • from Isabella Landa

    Avicii yo adoro tu música descansa en paz yo siempre seré tu admiradora .

  • from Coline

    Merci de m’avoir fait aimer la musique électronique en 2011 merci d’avoir engendré cette passion qui me suivra toute ma vie. Merci d’avoir su remonter le moral à tant de personnes au plus bas. J’aurais tellement aimé te voir je me souviens avoir tellement pleuré quand tu es venu en France et que je n’ai pas pu venir. Cette fin est triste et tragique mais tu es sûrement mieux où tu es. Merci d’avoir été la personne que tu étais et jamais ô grand jamais nous ne t’oublierons.

  • from Natalia

    Kazda z twoich piosenek ma swój własny przekaz i za to je kocham.Sa pełne emocji a zarazem nostalgiczne z szczypta magi.Na zawsze już będą z nami wszystkimi nic tego nam nie zabierze mam nadzieje ze to również był twój cel.Abys zawsze i wszędzie był z nami wszystko i każdym z osobna.?

  • from Hans

    It happened afterwards when after many years of relationship I was really into breaking up with my sweet gf I went with her for a festival of lectronic music and while totaly isolated from every day worries and career thinking I felt like I should stop only thinking about materialism and direct my attention on somebody who always did everything to be with me. She moved to different countries she tried to stick to me by all means putting a lot of effort in sometimes she didn't want to do .

  • from Tant Augusta Sverige

    Som alla här har jag också lyssnat och blivit berörd av din musik.? Jag hade precis tittat färdigt på True Stories blev både road glad och sorgsen över att du Tim bestämde dig för 2016 sluta turnera. Men samma helg ( då du lämnade jordelivet ) skulle jag och min man titta på filmen igen. Men Jaha… Då går du och tar livet av dig….TIM ! Vad var det som hände där i MuscatOman. Jag blev så ledsen…så ledsen. Är fortfarande ledsen.? Varför ?! vi får hoppas att du fått frid nu. ❤❤

  • from Matilda

    När jag fick höra att Tim inte fanns mer blev jag så ledsen han var verkligen en fin kille och hade ett gott hjärta. Madde dåligt utav att veta att han inte kommer göra ny musik mer och att jag ej kommer få se han.. men hans musik lever vidare. Förslltid han är en legend. Hans musik och han själv var speciell.❤️

  • from Molly Disbury

    He let us dream through ALL his music and through that he has not died.

  • from Maja

    Rust in Vrede❤️

  • from Bethany Schenk

    I remember times when his music pulled me out of my suicidal episodes.My earliest memory was hearing Hey Brother on the radioand my mom playing guess the song with us.His songs had morals.At leastfor me.His songs taught me valuble lessonsLike dont abandon familybe loyal to the ones you love and Dont give up when it looks hard. I fell in love with the stories he had to telland even though i didnt know him personallyhe still had a huge impact on my life.My best wishes to his family.

  • from Jhon

  • from Alexander samame

    Siempre estaras en nuestros corazones avicii ❤

  • from Ez$

    My wife and I are on our honeymoon and were still pumping your podcasts in our $hitty car rental. To hear your voice and your ridiculous mixes makes us miss you everyday. Thank you for touching our lives. Your music will always live on.

  • from Darius P. D.

    fly to the sky

  • from Abigail Monterrey MX

    Cada día vives en mi corazón Tim tu música hace que te sienta cerca tus letras me tocan realmente el corazón haces tanta falta! Descansa i love you Tim.

  • from Sarah

    I never had the chance to meet him but his music had and will always bring me happiness and emotions. Be able to make so many people happy thanks to his music and melodies is such a gift. Tim we will never forget you and be sure that people will continue to listen your beautiful music. When i will have child they will know Avicii/ Tim Bergling and his music. Thank you man ! Hope your are in peace now. Rest in Peace

  • from Lilla??

    A zenéiddel a rossz napjaim szebbé tetted a jó napjaim meg fantasztikussá.❤️ De a hiányod nem múlik el soha❤️ ??

  • from Nicole

    Avicii siempre en mi corazón. Desde Argentina ❤

  • from Roby

    Your music in my heart

  • from Bob Havertz

    I still remember seeing Tim live back in 2011 when levels was just released everybody was happy singing and dancing together that day started my Avicii fanboy lifestyle then 4 years later he played at another festival I was still happy and excited to see him play. He played classic songs & new ones even Heaven. when his set has ended I didn't knew it was going to be my last time Avicii so I've decided to tattoo avicii's logo on my arm to remember all the good times! för alltid min vän

  • from OKRIM

    Ob berühmt oder nicht jeder Mensch ist wertvoll. Jede Seele ein Unikat. Ich hoffe dass du deinen Frieden gefunden hast. ein Freund von mir sagte einst "schaut nicht auf meinen letzten Tag schaut auf die Tage davor". Ich wünsche allen Angehörigen viel Kraft.

  • from Josué

    From the bottom of my heart I mean it when I say that you were my biggest inspiration since I heard "Levels" one of the greatests songs in my life. We will miss you forever there'll be no one like you again.

  • from Karin

    I will always love your music ♥️ RIP Angel ♥️

  • from Sachin EDM

    One Day You Will Leave This World Behind So Live A Live You Will Remember – RIP AVICII ❤️❤️

  • from Tc-5 Official

    Avicii was a huge inspiration for me since I started making music. His tracks feature upbeat vibes and stunning vocals and he had a.big influence on how my music career went so far. I will never forget what he gave to me. Legends live forever! ❤️

  • from Víctor Tito

    Se que haz dejado un legado muy importante por qué tengo la seguridad que muchos al igual que yo se han encontrado identificados y motivados con las melodías de tu autoría es una lástima que una persona ídolo para millones se halla marchado antes de tiempo pero puedes estar seguro Avicii que eres amado por muchas personas y tú memoria vivirá en cada uno de nosotros un saludo desde Perú un país que sabe muy bien lo que significan los dos triángulos.

  • from A.B

    Saknar dig mannen så jävla häftigt nu när jag läst vad alla skriver fattade du någonsin hur mycket feta stunder du har skapat? Hoppas att vi ses där uppe säg hej till mamma om du ser henne❤️

  • from Daisy

    I’m sure none of us knew him personally but he’s not just living in our hearts but in us forever. Rest In Peace Timmy

  • from Rachel

    When I think of your life and music I think we lost a legend and a beautiful soul I know the dark feelings that your had because I have this feelings too sometimes I AM sooo broken about you Love your music you are the best ever Peace avicii ❤?

  • from Patofan

    Nos vemos arriba! Forever :')

  • from Justin

    I love his music since I was 11 years old I was hoping to hear more music of him after 2017 summer but after the new album we lost him….

  • from Ritesh baswal

    I can't tell how much your love through your music change me and my whole life My journey just started to you when i saw waiting for love on vh1 india which is also the cause of my edm producer journey that song was full of values same as your all song avicii my dear u change me as a whole and i feel sorry for me that my one dream which was collabing with you and to play with you at tomorrowland ❤️ and i love you so much so much i miss you brother – from immense love Ritesh ❤️ Happy birthday

  • from Vanessa

    "You're flying high but I'm falling to pieces. Trapped under your spell untill it releases. I'm drowning without your love." -from Avicii's "Dreaming of me" People will never understand this unless they suffered the same illness. Wherever you are now I hope you are ok. You will never be forgotten. Thanks for everything. WE ♡ YOU TIM.

  • from Florencia Argentina

    Hace días que leo los mensajes que te escriben y hace días que mis ojos se vuelven a llenar de lágrimas y mi pecho vuelve a sentir el mismo vacío que sentí cuando te fuiste. Cambiaste tantas vidas… Siento mucho que te hayas ido antes de saber todo lo que significabas para nosotros. Siento mucho que la vida haya sido en gran parte una pesadilla. Te recuerdo siempre y espero que dónde estés sepas lo mucho que amé amo y voy a amar tu esencia y tu música ❤️

  • from Maziel :3

    Avicii te recordare siempre por esas maravillosas musicas forver. . .

  • from Daniela Roman 15 years old chilean

    He openend my heart and my ears with his music his songs were the first that make me sense that the electronic music is my favourite his songs still being the best music ever after all❤❤❤

  • from Vexo

    I couldn't sleep in some nights without his music..

  • from India Romero

    I love you Avicci!! Deeply distressed I never got to see you live. I was going to go when I’m 18 but I guess that can’t happen. There will never be another you!! You made amazing music that got me through a lot of things and taught me things. I hope you’re doing better now. I love you and I understand why you left even tho it hurts. <3 ❤️?.

  • from Aviciifan from Norway

    You are still an inspiration! Your unique way of making music ears for details and melody. I feel more creative every time I see the video of you producing music. I wish there was more videos of you making music. You really knew how to put something so special and complex together. You will always inspire me to develop myself in music and be humble. Thank you and Rest In Peace

  • from E.S

    The first Avicii song I heard 'Wake me up' I was 12 I could already relate to it. I had major hopes and dreams of seeing Avicii live seeing him preform and hearing his soul deep music. Tim's songs weren't just about love like every hit song is now his music was about life itself name another DJ that creates music not just about love drugs and sex. Even after Tim had stopped preforming it was nice to hear his new releases. I respect Tim for not being caught in the spiral with everyone else.

  • from Анастасия Снадина

    Его музыка просто потрясающая как и он сам. Было всегда в ней что-то такое доброе приятное даже родственное сердцу отчего душа радовалась.Она дарила мне столько теплых воспоминаний сопровождала по жизни вдохновляла на многое. Навечно самая любимая музыка без которой невозможно жить. Я мало знала о самом Тиме долгое время…True Stories я увидела уже слишком поздно когда его не стало… Его смерть стала для меня как потеря родного человека слишком больно. Спасибо тебе за все Тим.

  • from Céline

    The first time I known you was in 2011 and I fell in love directly with your music. I found you different from other DJs. I feel so free when I listen to your songs. You were such a genius and a beautiful person. I have never had the chance to see you on stage and it will be the biggest regret in my life. Thank you very much Tim for what you brought me you are a great inspiration for me and I will continue to love you all my life. I miss you and love you so much❤

  • from alejandra

    gracias x todo lo que me hiciste vivir en tomorrowland y x darme la oportunidad d conocerte ídolo te quiero

  • from Pedro femenino Spain

    Me empapé de ti desde que te fuisteantes apenas te conocía…vídeosdocumentalentrevistasetc…y descubrí a una persona fascinantenoblebuenasencillaeducadasin maldad…una pena no haberte descubierto antes…a partir de entonces al menos una canción tuya suena cada mañana cuando salgo a correr…es increíble como sin haberte conocidote conozco tanto…tengo una vida plena y felizpero darte un abrazo sería magnífico…Gracias Tim!

  • from Lukas Hogh

    I will never forget you I have 5 selfies with you and they are more rare than gold Goodbye Tim Make good music up there

  • from Luana

    The place he was in must have been so dark he couldn't see the light anymore.

  • from []

    "Trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never met."

  • from SAURABH Gupta

    The night changed everything around… The night I felt those goosebumps… The night I knew music shared memories Was when I played Avicii that night.

  • from Emma

    Avicii's songs are very nice and some of them make you think. I remember that in class we used to sing Waiting for love it was the best thing ever. It's stupid that he suicided himself very stupid. But we will always remember him.❤️

  • from jonathan

    Thanks for inspiring me to create music… RIP… Amazing Producers…

  • from

    Fuiste y seras mi medicina musical gracias por dar tanta alegria a esta vida gris y vacia. Wake Me When It's Quiet Tim

  • from Kierian

    Your music will stay in my heart and will inspire me forever❤ Rest in peace legend

  • from Le bon S

    Avicii ou l'amour s'écrit en musique. "Bromance". Ta musique ta vie est et restera une "true story". From France with our Love <3

  • from Luvied Oniam

    Fuiste un personaje importante para poder sacar adelante este increíble mundo de la Música Electrónica pero además fuiste una excelente persona un buen ser humano y dejas a muchos que siguieron tu carrera con un profundo dolor en el corazón. Me alegra haber nacido en la época dorada de Avicii. Tim todos te adoramos la verdad no tengo idea en donde te encuentres pero a pesar de eso quiero decirte que año tras año la gente te seguirá recordando como la leyenda que eres. Descansa Tim. Avicii

  • from Billy

    ‘Wake me up’ is the best song ever made. It makes me feel like no other song can. The biggest regret of my whole life is not seeing you live. You were the best. Thanks for everything you did Avicii RIP.

  • from Daniela 37

    RIP Tim ?

  • from Jiske

    I'm so sad you left. You are an amazing person and inspired a lot of people. thank you ❤️ I will always remember you

  • from Eliot

    Forever in my heart Tim… I will never forgot you…

  • from John

    Avicii how can i say thank you. "wake me up" was the first EDM song i remember hearing and it still is one of the best songs of all time. i have a hard time listening to your beautiful music without tearing up. i hope that i can see you one day in heaven. rest in peace and you will never be forgotten.

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