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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Luvied Oniam

    Fuiste un personaje importante para poder sacar adelante este increíble mundo de la Música Electrónica pero además fuiste una excelente persona un buen ser humano y dejas a muchos que siguieron tu carrera con un profundo dolor en el corazón. Me alegra haber nacido en la época dorada de Avicii. Tim todos te adoramos la verdad no tengo idea en donde te encuentres pero a pesar de eso quiero decirte que año tras año la gente te seguirá recordando como la leyenda que eres. Descansa Tim. Avicii

  • from Billy

    ‘Wake me up’ is the best song ever made. It makes me feel like no other song can. The biggest regret of my whole life is not seeing you live. You were the best. Thanks for everything you did Avicii RIP.

  • from Daniela 37

    RIP Tim ?

  • from Jiske

    I'm so sad you left. You are an amazing person and inspired a lot of people. thank you ❤️ I will always remember you

  • from Eliot

    Forever in my heart Tim… I will never forgot you…

  • from John

    Avicii how can i say thank you. "wake me up" was the first EDM song i remember hearing and it still is one of the best songs of all time. i have a hard time listening to your beautiful music without tearing up. i hope that i can see you one day in heaven. rest in peace and you will never be forgotten.

  • from Nick P

    Thanks for making me discover Electronic music. It turned into my passion. Love you

  • from Eric Tejero Rey

    Your bringh me light in my life your dead was realy hard to asimilate. Your music saved me Thanks.

  • from Jonas Emanuel

    Avicii has inspired me through the years he has been my favorite dj of all time Whenever I feel down I just listen to Avicii he made me. Feel soo good Then I heard he passed away I felt really sad. I hope his doing fine up there RIP Tim. ❤️

  • from Joaninha San

    Avicii era e é incrìvel. Suas músicas são fantásticas e a minha preferida por toda vida é WAITING FOR LOVE!

  • from Clément / Clemslize

    Hey Tim I have so many things to write here.. First thank you. Thank you for everything you did for me for the people I know and for ever single music lover on this planet. When we talked I just felt a real human behind the famous artist I felt a genius helping a young producer to express himself with music. This is the best gift anyone could give me supporting me. And you did it. So I would like to thank you for helping people and for being who you were. We will never forget you. Peace

  • from Arthur

    Tim at Tomorrowland 2014 Love from France ❤️

  • from ING

    Forever in our hearts!!

  • from Michell

    tim my beautiful angel you do not know how much I miss you and I wish you were here I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you!

  • from Nichola

    What an amazing talent you shared with the world. We were so lucky to have you. For the rest of my life your songs will lift me and inspire me Thank you

  • from Daniel B.

    He was very good.

  • from Carmen L.P.

    AVICII Hey Brother Now I have to go and live Without You I didn't know I was Addicted to you The Days and The Nights since you've passed away have been hard I'm still Waiting for Love and For a better day So Wake me up when it's all over….. You make me a better person Always Gonne Love Ya You Could Be The only One that makes me feel the music in such a MAGICAL way WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks for your music Tim. We will remember you forever . With love from Spain

  • from Miguelcastel

    For ever and ever!!

  • from Helena

    I can never tell you what you mean to mecoz I'm so bad with words. I guess the best I can do is to say"I love you". I do Tim. I've been an insecured personand there's always something about your music that lifts me up and puts smile on my face.I became a fan of EDM because of youyou have given me something to live for.For me you're not just Avicii you're also Tim Bergling.And I want you to be happy I respect the choices you makeeven they Tim.In my heart you live forever.

  • from NoName

    I think it's so hard to be the inspiration and someone who is wanted all over the world. You've done a very good Job Avicii and I will remember your masterpieces for the rest of my life. No one could be that you was to me and like the hero you will stay in my memories. #foreverAvicii

  • from Brahian?

    Tu canción de 'Levels' fue la primera canción techo que escuché y la primera con la que empecé en este mi rollo llamado 'ELCTRÓNICA' te doy las gracias por dejarnos boquiabiertos con temas y canciones eres un crack si lo ERES porque tu no eres como los demás tu estilo era muy diferente por eso eres Único te queremos Gracias?❤

  • from Ignacio

    Querido Tim! Muchas gracias por entregarme tanta felicidad e inspiración por animarme en momentos de tristeza por darle sentido a mi vida gracias a tu música desde el primer día que escuché tus canciones entendi y sentí en mi corazón tanta pasión que decidí orientar mi camino hacia la música!!! Aunque nunca te conocí físicamente siento que te extraño como un verdadero amigo!!! Gracias por entregarme tanto! Descanse tranquilo y con mucha paz un beso al cielo Tim ❤️

  • from George B Eralil

    He created a unique musical vibe which will always stay afloat in the universe of music even if its crowded.

  • from Roberto Permuy Pardo

    Avicii tú hiciste que a día de hoy no pare de escuchar música electrónica. Tus primeras canciones me las enseñaba mi hermano desde un mp4 y a día de hoy aún las sigo escuchando cada una de tus canciones la música electrónica a día de hoy se volvió una parte muy grande de mí y gracias a ti Avicii te debo mucho❤️

  • from Nils Allstädt

    Nach 4 Monaten immer noch nicht begreifbar. R.I.P Avicii

  • from Clement P

    Avicii is the best DJ I ever seen. Always on our mind….

  • from Jim Josh

    Avicii has been a great inspiration to me as a producer. His style of music has always intrigued me. Ever since the release of Levels every time he releases a new song I would listen to it countless times. His songs have led me through parts of life that would have been stress-enduring to be my favourite times. Thank you.

  • from Harman sheena

    I love your music and I will never forget you. Rest in peace.

  • from Daniel Santos

    Te extraño): como no tienes idea tu música era lo mejor :') tu música nos inspiró a buscar el amor verdadero cuidar a tus hermanos y amarlos y asi me puedo seguir:') tu musica y tu eran lo mejor la electrónica ya no sera lo mismo sin ti)': Quisiera escuchar otra canción tuya aunque sea un minuto tocada por ti): neta Muchas Gracias Avicii Descanse En Paz

  • from tomonovsky

    Thanks to AVICII I could know EDM. I’ll never forget you. And I’m gonna continue to listen to your music till I die.

  • from Estelle&Marianne

    Merci pour tout

  • from ♥

    Dear Tim words can't describe how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. You were and will ALWAYS be a part of my heart. The things you did for your fans is absolutely incredible. I always looked up to you as the person I want to be one day. Your music has changed so many lives in a better way including mine. Your music will live on forever Timmy. Life is hard without you here but at least I know you're looking after us. I love you Tim. Rest in peace angel ♥

  • from mbskter

    鸽子看着各大关于他死讯的新闻微微一笑,继续做着音乐,不需要有任何压力,一觉睡到自然醒,灵感来了就跑到电脑面前记录下来,十年后,沉寂已久的鸽子各大软件帐号将十年来所有专辑都发出来,鸽子再次站上舞台,大喊I'm back!,整个世界再次为他沸腾!! !

  • from Apoorv

    I have listened to many EDM songs but none of had the spark which Avicii' s songs had

  • from Sonu

    Can't believe we will not hear your new masterpieces anymore… You lived a life that we will remember….. Rest in peace brother…

  • from Sweden

    Thinking about you today and listened to your sad you left. See you in another lifetime❤️

  • from Cedric

    Thanks Tim Thanks to you I came to Electronic Dance Music. You always helped me in the toughest hours And you inspired me to make music. Thank you for your wonderful music. Goodbye Tim

  • from VivekPupneja

    His Music united people from all walks of life. May he rest in peace!!!!

  • from Rebecca

    When my boyfriend broke up with me I was very sad. And then Avicii uploaded the new album and it helped me so much. I played your songs the whole time and I love them so much. Thank you Avicii. Your Music is awesome and I'll never forget you. Rest in Peace King.

  • from ff

    Rip God of music !

  • from Juan Carlos Tenorio

    Cuando me enteré lloré hasta el sábado pero ahora sólo escuchó las músicas de avicii todo el tiempo

  • from Romulo martins cezar

    Avicii =Amor obrigado por presentear com tuas belas canção só arrependo naquele verao 2015 ibiza não ter lhe dado um abraço mais tive honra ir varios concertos e como teu não existem Tim como eu Amo será sempre lembrado obrigado. @cezarbropolis ❤.

  • from Nicolas.s

    Recordaré siempre el la energía y el espíritu que transmitían tus canciones. Mí padre siempre adoro una de tus canciones a pesar de no ser fiel seguidor del género. Generaste lo que muchos no pueden y nunca podrán amor a la música.

  • from Angelica

    When he was at Bråvalla festival a few years ago i was there and listened to him and i have never been that happy in my life before. There’s many dj’s in the world but Avicii was one of a kind. I’m sending all my love to him.

  • from bilibili

    也就入坑电音两年 算是萌新 去年2月接触到的鸽王 我一室友也非常kk他 买了两个大音箱放宿舍一周没啥课的话有事没事插电脑上嗨爆 当时不晓得硬死是啥东西 手机上下来硬死也是为了关注我爱了四年的justin bieber 鸽王离世的消息碰巧是我在硬死上打了个Avicii点进话题里看国外友人发的悼念帖才得知 我室友晓得后他这个狂魔心他妈都碎了 去他妈的造化弄人 和室友约定好的有生之年一定要去场有鸽王来中国演出的电音节 无法实现了。。 我从微分那里得知的这个平台 我也就代表我和我室友最后再说一句 Avicii nmsl?? 永在!

  • from Rohan Nath

    Your music still shall remain immortal in my heart. In our native language we call our elder brother "Da" to pay respect. Similarly you

  • from 宁

    希望你现在在某个美丽的小岛或是村庄里,那里充满了音乐,过着自己喜欢的日子,无忧无虑的过下去,音乐人总是孤独的 我爱你❤️ Avicii,一直,永远

  • from John L. Fortunato

    As long as your music plays all over the world you will never be forgotten I will always remember you Avicii. I love you brother!

  • from 宁

    AVICII. On the day I left I will listen to your music always forever. When you died I couldn’t believe it was true. I dare not look directly at myself and dare not listen to your music because that would make I shed tears. I don't know how much I love you so much that I want to end myself. I hope that you are staying in a beautiful village now. There is only you and music in that place. I only hope that you will be happy and live your own life. Like life not like a machine.I love you

  • from Indrajit

    Levels still beat in our warm hearts …

  • from Stewart @sxa555

  • from Igor Pierine

    A vida passa como um sopro de uma brisa da manhã mais o perfume das mais belas flores trazidas com ela jamais sai da nossa memória. Assim é você TIM/AVICII sempre está em nossas memórias e em nossos coração.

  • from Alejandra

    You was an special talent. Your lyrics and your music always will be in my soul. I don' want understand why you decided not stay here. It's so sad. But you always will be in our hearts. In my heart and in my 6 years old daughter. Always remember. See you there. I' m sure?

  • from de Maycol

    Tuve la FE de que algún día pueda verlo tocar en vivo ahora sera imposible ; empece a escuchar música electrónica con sus producciones Fue mi Ídolo Siempre será recordado por mucha gente que lo estimaba al igual que yo. #AVICII.

  • from Gautam Ajith

    The second I heard Avicii is no more i just rush into my room and just burst into tears and that experience is unforgettable. Avicii will still remain in our hearts and his music will never be forgotten and is gonna remain and chant in everyone's mind. R.I.P Tim bergling (Avicii)

  • from

    A „Levels” „Sunhsine” és a „Last Dance” számaid mindig is az egyetemi éveimre fognak emlékeztetni. Mindig jó érzés hallgatni a zenéd kellemes emlékek. Túl korán hagytad itt ezt a világot! Песни «Levels» «Sunshine» и «Last Dance» будут всегда меня напоминать об универститеских временах. Всегда приятно слушать твою музыку приятные воспоминания всплывают. Ты слишком рано ушёл из этого мира!

  • from stefano

    Forever Avicii

  • from Viraj

    It was then when I was in 8th standardavicii launched his album "TRUE" and the sound of"wake me up" when reached my ears My life took a sharp curve and I was so moved by his beats that I started making my own…His "Hey brother" and all time fav"Levels" are those "memories" which can't be removed from my brain…It has been 4months 10 days since you left us and each day seems so heavy that Whenever I think of you I can't get over the fact you are not between us…RIP Legend you will be missed .

  • from Irvin Sierra

    I wouldn't come this far If I hadn't listened to wake me up. I can't imagine how miserable could've been my life If I hadn't seen you. You're the reason why I became a music producer. You're the light that guides me in the darkness.

  • from Zolt

    This is a letter for Avicii: Hi Tim I just wanted to say that we all miss you and just wanted to thank you for the incredible music you made since you started you made a lot of people happy and you were and for ever will be a true inspiration. Hope to see you in heaven. Much love Zolt

  • from Sai

    Avicii's music kept me going through the most difficult times. It gave me energy to smile and push forward when I was empty. When nobody believed in me besides myself. When I was alone his music was by my side. Now and in the future no matter where I go or how I feel he will always be my favourite artist and by my side like a true friend. Thank you.

  • from Diego

    Ahora estoy escuchando JESUS SUNSET ?? Simplemente te extraño hermano! Espero verte en el cielo! ECUADOR

  • from Annika

    I will love you forever Tim.. your music will stay in our hearts❤

  • from Ludmila

    Gracias avicii por tantos momentos que me diste tu musica fue inspiracion tu me demostraste que los sueños no son algo imposible que debes vivir cada minuto cada segundo como si no hubiese un mañana jamas te olvidaremos dejaste un agujero en nuestros corazones aunque no estes aca te recordaremos como aquel que nos alegraba las tardes y las noches tu te fuiate pero dejaste una huella en la historia de la musica siempre recordare tu frase con amor "vive una vida que puedas recordar" 🙂

  • from Fish

    I only started listening to avicii after he passed away. It has impacted me seriously. I love music but I didn’t listen to electronic music until that point. There are some people in the world who are truly gifted. Holy shit – you are one of them. Thank you. You have made life better.

  • from Jakob

    Levels alwakes make me happy

  • from Masahiro

    僕はあなたが亡くなってからあなたのことを知りました。僕は高校生になったばかりで、不安な事がたくさんあったけれどあなたの音楽が不安をなくしてくれました! ありがとうAvicii!! I have known about you since you died. I just became a high school student and there were lots of uneasy things but your music made me happy! Thanks Avicii! !

  • from Medellín Colombia

    Tu música siempre será un legado. "Live a life you will remember" ◢◤

  • from ChinaMa

    Body can be gone you will in my heart forever.

  • from Brandon

    Legends never die

  • from Adi

    I loved this man with all of my heart. He was the one I used to listen to when I was upset and I just can't believe it. I have no words to explain what I have been through when I found out about it. I just love him so so much until it hurts.???

  • from eva

    4 month after I still can't believe you are dead… It's so sad. You will alwallys be such a big inspiration for me and a big role model. Your music changed my life. Nobody it's gonna make me connect with your music like you did. I miss you and think about you everyday Tim. Love you from Spain.

  • from Sachin

    Avicii you are one of my greatest musicians in the world ever. Music is like energy to our soul and I felt that in your music. You and your songs will be in our heart forever…"One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember."

  • from Nothing

    Rest in peace

  • from takki

    世界一のDJ 本当に多くの物を貰った 感謝しかない 今までお疲れ様でした ありがとう

  • from Sudhir Tripathi

    You were the best dj in the world. You created masterpieces after masterpieces. Whenever I needed rest or calm your music did it. Thank you for your music

  • from Roo

    every time i hear "levels" i think of the time i missed going to his show in Sri Lanka because i was working late.. every time i hear "wake me up" i think of the smile of the boy whom i fell in love with and later broke my heart 🙂 .. so many memories so many feelings attached to Avicii. rest easy.

  • from A Jian

    在我失望的时候总会想起你的歌曲,AVICII 谢谢!

  • from David Benavides (EZNOOR!)

    Avicii un DJ el cual su música siempre será única un gran artista con gran talento me inspiró a ser DJ… Sus canciones conmovían al igual que su actitud su único estilo cautivaba a muchos era tan simple como darle Olay a una canción tuya y todos estábamos cantando… ¡Qué descanses Avicii siempre te recordaremos y siempre vivirás en la música! ¡SONRÍE que desde aquí te vemos LEVANTA la mano como en tus conciertos que desde aquí este vemos! ◢◤ R.I.P AVICII

  • from Pedro

    Couldn't avoid living by what he wrote . The nights was one of the songs that changed my way of thinking

  • from Luca Frick

    My favorite song from You is Hey brother. My version: Hey Avicii don't go! You're too young. I miss You Avicii Tim.

  • from Cristina

    You found you're peace now angel. I hope you're in a better place singing with the angels. For me u never will be dead. I've got u in my soul your music remind me every day how much love u put in them. Be sure wherever u are u allways be in my soul in my heart. If is someone who can judge for what u done that is God and u're with him now. I look at you at the stars and i know u're save now. With love just for you my dear Tim. ❤ From Romania. ?

  • from Matteo Coradazzo

    Abbiamo perso il più grande artista della storia moderna. Grazie di essere esistito di averci regalato qualcosa che solo tu riuscivi a fare. Spero che tu sia riuscito a trovare la pace che cercavi. Purtroppo hai avuto nella vita delle persone che ti vedevano come una macchina da soldi e non come persona. Per me tu non eri un Dj ma bensì un artista perché oltre a creare musica elettronica legavi anche altri generi ed è una caratteristica che solo tu riuscivi a fare. La tua musica non morirà mai

  • from Todor Panev

    Tim was a great man great artist and great performer.. A musician that world will always remember. RIP bro .. Hope you are making music in heaven.

  • from LeidyyA

    Querido Tim te fuiste ya hace algunos meses pero aun no me acostumbro a estar sin ti vivirás eternamente en mi y espero y tengamos la esperanza de volver a verte yo se que así sera. Con mucho amor para ti.

  • from Wingz

    When I had troubles.. I listen to his songs.. which helps me to overcome it.

  • from Vale

    I miss you Avicii! When i'm sad i listening his music and his songs make me happy! I love you and miss u! R.I.P From: Uruguay

  • from YAQIN

    我现在要接着说!其实我要去留学了,跟你瑞典近哦,我一定会去看你的,等着我啊,高中天天念叨的斯德哥尔摩终于可以相见,用上我的蹩脚瑞典语,可是你却离我很远。因为你跟taylor像姐弟的新闻,回想起来原来我早就见过你。现在不敢听你的歌看你的照片,怕勾起我几年前那些夜晚你陪伴我的记忆,是你让我每天都没有心态崩掉,虽然考的还是那么差,但是我很快就可以去你的长大的地方了,不知道那个城市还有没有你的印记,等我啊。说了这么多,中文你也要看懂啊,你会看懂的吧,看不懂也要看懂啊,你在那边也要好好的啊,我也要好好的,知道没,我会记得你说过的。Good night ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Stefan

    Avicii was my favorite song maker. <3

  • from Melissa

    You'll always be missed ❤️ RIP Tim ??

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