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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Nguyễn Đình Trọng

    Tim is the person that make me instrest with electronic music . His music so pure and so special. The melody he make is feel so heavenly classic and gentle. His death can make us so sad but with the music he created he make people belive that he live forever Love and Memories from Viet Nam

  • from Sai

    Musikmu telah membuatku mencintai musik EDM. Tanpa Avicii aku takkan pernah tahu apa itu EDM.

  • from 阿参

    When I listen to the song I have cried many times it is just like a very moving story. And I thought That It must be what the Singer wants and belives in Love I thought he Could get married and stays with his love till his very old like the Video .But no I was wrong And He stays young forever.

  • from Rhythm

    The levels make me fuckin crazy Its help me in happy movement sad movement. Its help to live my life

  • from Manuel

    Tu música será eterna ❤️

  • from まお◢ ◤

    素晴らしい音楽を作ってくれてありがとう! ゆっくり休んでね!

  • from Gautham Pavithran

    Avicii….You make me so happy through your terrific music with the beautiful lyrics & you brought everyone together through your music. There is one saying is there in Indian Mythology "Vasudeiva Kutumbakam" that means All are equal All are one. These words you have proved it Avicii through your music. We all miss you Tim (Avicii) ???…….

  • from Utkarsh

    Thank you for making my life awesome You will never die for me . You will always be alive in my heart.

  • from Erik

    Avicii is a good person. He has made a lot of people happier with his songs with his melodies that came from his mind and soul. He was a legend and he is still a legend in his death. He was a big part of the entire music world. Every Avicii songs contains a part of Avicii's soul. So based on his songs he had a good soul. We will never forget you Avicii.

  • from Chow Yangyang

    认识你是在waiting for love ,高考时是你的歌给了我力量,难以想象并不强壮的你,是怎样把那种力量倾注在歌声里的。后来爱上你是在dear boy ,那真的让我想stay with you。但是如果尘世的痛苦让你无法招架,那么就好好休息吧。常常说你是鸽子王,因为你老是放鸽子,下次可不可以鸽上帝一次啊?我想你了,Tim.

  • from 結衣

    あなたは、音楽は人生を変えることができるを証明してくれた。 私の人生で唯一の後悔はあなたに会えなかったこと。 心から愛している。

  • from Daniel Pettersson

    Tack för allt Tim Hoppas du vilar fint – in a sky full of stars! ❤️

  • from Abdu

    I still remember the first track I ever heard from you (Seek Bromance) it was on the radio at night in a EDM radioshow around 2010. I'll never forget that moment it was special since then I became a fan and always loved your music. Thanks to talent like you I fell in love with electronic dance music made my bad days feel a lot better. Thank you for all the memories Avicii. Rest In Peace Tim.

  • from Gwendal Morvan

    I put a picture also for you rip avicii bye love you music ??????

  • from Nicolas

    Your music give me a passion for edm. Since 2014 i produce electronic music after listenning « Bromance » Thank you for all Tim Forever in my heart <3

  • from Sampath Malladi

    Rest in peace Tim. You are my inspiration ??

  • from Gwendal Morvan

    thank you for everything you did rest in peace you left too early was hard on your career we know thank you for having ambiancer the whole world rest in peace I am from France and all the evening I listen to your music ' hope that you see us and that you hear us from paradise I hope to come to see you in the cemetery if I go in Sweden one day I will put something a gift to say thank you rip avicii tim berg ????????

  • from DHILSHAD

    For me music was avicii… i didnt give a shit about EDM untill i heard levels… it changed everything… i fall asleep listening to avicii.. the first thing i did after waking up was listening to a random avicii song.. while at work.. while driving.. literally everywere… it gave me a lot of possitivity… and the day he left… my craze for EDM ended there… Thank you avicii.. for everything you have given us.. The only drug i ever had was your music.. and it got me addicted..

  • from Suha


  • from Sam

    Your music effected and inspired not only me but so many others. It's hard to put into words how i feel when i hear some of your songs that i first heard years ago. But what i can put into words is how you created my love of music and my life has gained so much from that. You are the only celebrity id ever have wanted to meet and I'll be proud to have your logo tattooed on my arm one day.

  • from Felix Hartlaub

    Thank you for your Hard Work for us ❤ You will never be forgotten with your Music ❤

  • from Chema Garcia

    Tim muchas gracias fuiste mi inspiración y lo serás siempre gracias a ti me involucré en el mundo de la música. Espero que allí donde estés suene la mejor música cómo la tuya.

  • from Dhanushka Jayagoda

    Thanks for making songs that transport me back in time to my childhood whenever I listen to them. Timeless songs made by a legend now among the stars. "Don't Cry Because It's Over; Smile Because It Happened".

  • from Kawabata Yuya


  • from Takashi T

    i appreciate for Tim in heaven. forever

  • from lisa

    avicii、ありがとう どうか、これからも貴方の曲がたくさんの人に愛されますように おつかれさま、どうか安らかに 大好きです

  • from Tomomi

    ほんとにほんとに大好きでした。一番大好きなDJ。優しさが伝わる音楽をありがとう。日本に来た時に会えて本当に嬉しかった。私の心の中で永遠に生き続けます。 ありがとう。

  • from simon xu

    Oh my legend !!! chinese will always love u my dear boy!!!

  • from Szblcs Hrvth

    Legends Never Die ❤

  • from Zhou Nan

    He said "One day you'll leave this world behind,So live a life you will remember."。 I know it's hard to say goodbye but your spirits are always stimulating us.When I heard this song it brought me from the darkness.Getting the news I cried for hours but couldn't believe it. I am from China in edc China so many DJs saluted to you,I can still remember Martin Garrix cried:“Avicii,I fxxking love you bro forever.”Tears streamed down my face,R.I.P Avicii 感谢你让我接触到电子音乐,你的作品在我成长路途中陪伴着我,永远激励着我,谢谢

  • from From Hungary

    "I'm addicted to you Hooked on your love Like a powerful drug I can't get enough of Lost in your eyes…."

  • from AshuHonda

    アビィーチーは僕の心の支えでした… 亡くなって早くも4ヶ月惜しんでももう戻ってこないと思うと会いたかったと後悔しきれないです… 僕はまだ14歳なのでクラブやフェスには行けないので仕方なかったが、それでも会いたかった… ~ Avicii Forever ~

  • from Zsolt

    I dont want to write a novels and clishé But I’m sad coz I was a lot concert and festival but I wasn’t for him but when I was 15 th his and Garix music change my idea for the electric music and right now at 20th this is once of my favorite style so thx for this experience

  • from Huy Dinh

    Anh luôn luôn là 1 con người tuyệt vời trong tôi! Không chỉ âm nhạc mà ý chí nghị lực và tâm hồn anh đều là những mảnh ghép trong tâm hồn tôi ! Thực sự khi biết tin anh ra đi tôi đã rất buồn và trống rỗng luôn tự nhủ rằng đó chỉ là prank nhưng đến lúc sự thật được xác minh tôi mới hết hoài nghi ! Tôi có buồn….. nhưng tôi vẫn sẽ mỉm cười hạnh phúc vì âm nhạc của anh đã xoa dịu và nuôi dưỡng tâm hồn tôi từ những ngày tôi còn là 1 cậu bé . Anh đi nhưng anh sẽ vẫn sống trong từng hồn nhạc <3

  • from Karl

    Why Tim ?? You'r beautiful and you music is going your heart . You songs are my favourites because they always has one message with a peace of life . You are my idol forever and ever . I love you music ❤❤ Rest.In.Peace Tim ???

  • from Francesco Berteramo

    Ciao TIM ( AVICII ) rimarrai sempre nel mio cuore Sei il numero 1 Ascolterò sempre la tua musica e la ascolterò anche se tu sei in paradiso a suonare con gli angeli. Mi manchi ❤️

  • from Cristian

    Fuiste la razón por la cual nunca me rendí y seguí adelante y ahora que no estás me faltará siempre ese algo a mi lado. Tú y tu música vivireis para siempre y nunca podré agradecerte todo lo que hiciste. Te echo de menos Tim pronto nos volveremos a ver. "Live a life you will remember" ◢ ◤ Desde España hasta donde estés nos vemos❤

  • from Matt

    A legend with amazing music no one will ever forget you R.I.P <3

  • from Sara

    Avicii will always be a part of my funniest craziest nights of my teenage years. I will remember him and his special contribute to Music when I look at the stars on the beach and whenever I celebrate life. In loving memory.

  • from Kristina from Macedonia

    Why Tim why our beautiful boy?Ако некој имаше причина да живее и твори тоа беше ти -мој Тим Берг ја имаше љубовта од целиот свет и сеуште ја имаш. Светот ретко раѓа такви легенди како што беше ти. Почивај во мир ангелу.

  • from Fan_32

    “When I die I want people to remember me for the life I lived not the money I made.’ People are certainly doing just that

  • from EMANUELE

    Sei stato e sarai per sempre il mio idolo mancherai fin quando non verró a sentire i tuo brani lassú e finalmente ballare senza stancarsi mai… Manchi grande ed unico TIM

  • from Gianluigi

    Thank you….AVICII ????

  • from Antonia Bilbao Spain

    Avicii.Has sido y por siempre serás un genio una leyenda de la música electrónica mi corazón se invadió de tristezas aquel 20 de abril? pero tus canciones me ayuda a seguir adelante cada dí dejaste sin la oportunidad de verte en Tomorrowland ese era mi mayor sueño ahora sólo le pido a Dios k me guíes con tu luz infinita desde el cielo mi ángel? Te amo x siempre mil besos???????

  • from Adhi

    Thank you for your music. Your music will be live forever. We always love you Avicii❤

  • from Kamil

    Big inspiration for generations. Will be always in my heart ❤️

  • from Tom

    When I think of the summers of 2011 and 2012 I will always think of you Tim. From the clubs in Magaluf to the country roads of Ireland you were the soundtrack. I hope you are at peace.

  • from Fan_32

    Avicii inspired me. But he didn’t just inspire me he inspired millions of others in the world and I wouldn’t be trying to become a dj with out him. You will never be forgotten. ??

  • from Aman Bhatti

    It all started when I first heard SEEK BROMANCE. The music and the melody left me spellbound. I found AVICII. I never knew he'd become such an essential for my music collection. He's my idol my music and my inspiration. He'll be missed for his music for his style for his melodies and him for being TIM. His melodies turned music into memories. You changed the way I used to think about music For me Music is Love for life just because of you TIM.

  • from Necati

    Thank you for everything. You were and you will be the best. We're listening to your music forever. Rest in peace.❤

  • from Mara

    Tim era un gran artista aún bailamos sus canciones y las cantamos sin parar su música podía hacerte sonreír gracias Tim siempre perdurarás en tu música y en nuestros corazones descansa en paz???

  • from Tatsiana aus Deutschland

    "Nach Deinem Tod habe ich so viel über Dich erfahren viel mehr als zu Deinen Lebzeiten … Aber trotzdem verstehe ich Deinen Wunsch aus dem Leben zu treten immer noch nicht."

  • from Petruss

    Az élet igazán igazságtalan és mindig azt veszi el ami a legéppen kell ezesetben egy remek DJ-t. Örökké az emlékeinkben fogsz élni utánozhatatlan Avicii. Rest In Peace?

  • from PESA

    Avicii has marked an era and his songs will make us dream for a long time

  • from Elena

    Wonderful idea this page … to remember a wonderful person.

  • from kaorup

    Thank you for your many greatful music. Your music will be loved everyone forever.R.I.P Avicii

  • from Sérgio Bastos

    Para mim foi a inspiração e o doping saudável para correr mais além. Obrigado pelo legado que deixaste na música mundial!

  • from Sandy Australia

    God wanted his angel back ? thank you for everything Tim. You’ll be loved and missed always and forever ?✌???◢ ◤

  • from Roland

    Imadtalak es most is szeretem a zeneidet! ?

  • from Adriana

    I was 15 at the time when I heard "Wake me up" for the first time. I remember myself being in the car and listening to that song and thinking to myself how much those lyrics describe my life perfectly. My dad passed away so I was batteling with myself and my feelings but one thing was certain and it's Avicii who helped me with my own battle. That's why I decided to dedicate my very first tattoo to him. A piece of my body and piece of my soul will always belong to him. Rip you beautiful soul.

  • from Micha Jana

    Hey Tim als ich dich vor 5 Jahren zum ersten Mal bei TML gesehen habe merkte ich sofort das du völlig "lustlos" warst. Da kannte natürlich keiner deine wahre Geschichte. Im Nachhinein muss ich zugeben das ich mich geirrt habe. Wenn nur ein Bruchteil aus deiner Doku stimmt muss man deine Entscheidung akzeptieren 🙁 Jetzt hast du den Frieden welchen du mit den Menschen um Dich herum wahrscheinlich NIE erlebt hättest. R.I.P. Tim!

  • from Bandika from Hungary ◢◤

    A zenéid töltöttek fel érzésekkel. Miattad szerettem meg az elektronikus zenét. Örökké hallgatni foglak. ◢◤

  • from Odett Benkő

    Fly your heart and your soul in the windwhere your music strikes up touch the people_nation shoulder there. Your name eternal and your art love❤️

  • from Angie aus Deutschland

    Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen für deine wundervolle Musik die mir steht's Mut und Gute Laune gemacht hat! Dein Tod ist ein großer Verlust! Hoffentlich kannst du nun in Frieden ruhen. Ich vermisse Dich ❤️

  • from ZUTIEF

    Der Letzte Drop war wohl zu tief 😀

  • from Claudia

    Gracias por los buenos recuerdos y momentos difíciles que tu música e inspiración me hizo superar. Nunca te olvidaremos. Thank you for all the good memories and tough moments that your music and inspiration helped me pass through. You will never be forgotten.

  • from Alexandra

    No pensé nunca que llegaría a echar tanto de menos a alguien . Sólo quería dar las gracias por mantener viva su página su música su todo . Gracias a ti Tim consigo encontrarme siempre .

  • from Mursel

    Miss you so much Tim. ?❤️

  • from Maja Strojansek

    I made the same tattoo on my right hand for memories of you I will never forget

  • from Bryan

    You gave me a reason live again and thank you for that! 1989 – Forever ◢ ◤

  • from NgllowxTURKEY FANS..

    seni brother şarkınla tanıdım dünya hayatı nekadar kısa değilmi? bi anda senin haberlerinle dünya çalkalandı 20 nisan 2018 seni kayıp ettiğmiz zamandı hayranların yasa boğulmuştu tabiki ailen ve arkadaşlarında sen efsaneydin neden kıydın canına neden şarkıların bir çok insana umut oldu sen her zaman kalbimizdesin EFSANE 1998 -2018

  • from Kata

    Thank You for Your music I miss You… ❤

  • from Julien

    Let us show our love ! Tim you will be forever a Legend ! Thank you so much !

  • from Péter Jenei

    He was the firts DJ of I ever heard but he was the best of all time! G.O.A.T

  • from Kata from Hungary

    Thank you for Your music I miss you… ❤

  • from hagiyu

    Aviciiは僕にとって人生を変えてくれた人と言っても過言ではありません。初めて「wake me up」を聞いた時の衝撃は今でも忘れません。もう彼の新曲が聴けないことは寂しいですがAviciiは僕の心の中にずっと居続けます。今までありがとう、そしてお疲れ様でした。Thank you Avicii! #AviciiForever

  • from Tóth Bence

    Rest in peace legend!

  • from Ștef

    Ar fi ciudat să scriu în engleză când eu te-am descoperit ca fiind cine sunt. Nu limba contează ca să reușești să poți transmite sentimente stări… ci caracterul tau. Asta ai facut tu ai iubit muzica și ti-ai transpus emotiile bune rele …. Ai suferit și nimeni nu te-a ajutat iar noi suntem atât de mandrii de tine dar tu nu mai ești printe noi .. Nu te vom uita I promise you!!

  • from Gromizor

    Anytime levels pops up on my radio station i always turn up the volume. Such a banger it was and will be forever. RIP brotha

  • from Geri hungary

    Legenda marad a neved!

  • from María

    Always "Levels" in my heart. ?

  • from Bence Diós

    Avicii was my biggest inspiration and the reason I got into EDM at all back in early 2012 when I was only getting into my early teen years. His tracks "Levels" "Silhouettes" "Seek Bromance" "Sunshine" and more had huge effects on my life. All of his music including his newer tracks as well always put a smile on my face and helped me through tough times in my life. It also got me interested in all forms of EDM. Avicii was very important for me and so it still pains me that he's gone. RIP.

  • from Amine

    Inspiring model hope the music will continue to bring love peace ans stop wars. Thank you Tim. ❤️

  • from Nikolett

    Depressziós vagyok.Szamomra Avicii es a zenei volt a boldogság…

  • from Patrícia López

    Avicci te descubrí gracias a mis hijos adolescentes y no te dejare marchar nunca … estas en nuestros corazones más araogaso que nunca ??❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • from Tamar

    Avicii's passion and talent was beyond words. Tim deserved so much more.

  • from

    Love you avicii ♥♡ 🙁

  • from

    I could have never imagined this situation me writing on his memorial page this feel so unreal I loved him and I still loving him . I think I would never overcome his death but I will ever be grateful for his music and his lovely smile he will be my hero forever ◢ ◤ A

  • from Alexandra

    He's already angel in heaven???

  • from Sergio AG

    Nunca ningún artista me había hecho sentir las cosas que contigo sentí y siento hoy día. Tu música perdurará siempre conmigo hasta el día de mi muerte. Te echamos de menos. Descansa en paz Tim.

  • from Hidde

    Avicii's music reminds me of summers long gone. It always used to play during my driving lessons and it reminds me of a beautiful summer with beautiful memories.

  • from MusicHln

    Your music helped me coming back behind a piano. Did not play for many years. Music gave me so much since. I discovered you as a person behind the artist through your movie et your lyrics. Thanks for these masterpieces for our ears hearts and souls. You will be remembered just as you deserve the best music creator since Bach or Mozart. So sad you leave this world. ?

  • from Kasia ????

    Un genio con el increíble talento!!!muchísimas gracias por dejarnos disfrutar de ella. D.e.p.grande ??

  • from Bence


  • from Weronika

    It is 00:20 here in Poland and I am still thinking of you Tim. I miss you so much my heart is broken in milion pieces.. ?

  • from Sander

    Dear Tim I hope you receive this message even though you are in a better place. I wanted to thank you for making music that has put many genuine smiles on my face and that of many others! Every time i listen to your songs they make me genuinely happy. Your music has also brought out different emotions within me and allowed me to deal with them. You could say that you are a little part of why i am who i am. And i love who i am! So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

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