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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Victor

    Avicii was the one who helped me a lot through my life with his music I think that I'm talking for a lot of people by saying that he truly was a legend. You will never be forgotten Tim.

  • from Heni

    Me and my little 8 years old son love you and your music. We are very happy when we listen to your music every day. You are so beautifull talented and amazing. Always thinking about you. My son want to be a DJ because of you he has a small DJ set. Love you forever Heni and Andras from Hungary

  • from Christian

    Remember when I heard about Tim Berg for the first time back in 2010. Since then he has been my greatest inspiration!!

  • from Jimmy Björn

    Utan att någonsin ha träffat Dig men sett Dig uppträda tre gånger så har dina konserter alltid varit någonting speciellt! Jag är ingen vidare emetionell person men får alltid en tår i ögat av din musik numera! Denna tatuering gjorde jag för att alltid minnas och för att hedra ditt minne!

  • from Diego

    Tu música a transformado mi vida ! Ahora estas en la gloria junto al creador haciendo más melodías!

  • from Monty Seidler

    Avicii was the one who brought me into his world of electronic music! I will never forget the first Half Marathon I ever did at 62 years old! As I was coming into the St Pete RocknRoll Half Marathon finish line I was jubulant. Then I heard LEVELS playing and a tidal wave of emotion hit me hard. I became a huge fan. Tim marked my personal victory came with me through the finish line and I will never forget him! When I run with music I'm listen to AVICII! He lives!

  • from Dillon

    Avicii created the soundtrack to my friendships. The music that Tim produced is a thread that binds some of my closest relationships. His music is infused with love and inspires hope and happiness ideas which are fundamental to the most beautiful friendships. We will continue to play Avicii's music for the rest of our lives both for our own enjoyment and as a tribute to the artist and human that Tim was. We love you and miss you Tim <3

  • from Roxane Stafford

    Your music flowed from a place of hope and yearning for a better world; that you were the chosen vessel to deliver happiness to thousands of people was both a Blessing and ultimately a burden that was too heavy for you to bear. I am so sorry. But dearest beautiful boy know that you live forever in goodness and light for us who are inspired to live our best lives when we listen to your music. All my love<3

  • from Birgitta

  • from Dj Canale

    I am a Dj from NYC and your music moves the dancefloor just as good as any song can. Thank you for not only being an inspiration to me but for making my job easy! When their is an Avicii track playing I have full confidence that the dancefloor is rocking…RIP and God Bless!

  • from Julieta

    A beautiful person with a such beautiful soul. I listen your music every day. My favourite song In your Arms Without you The nights.. I miss you too much Tim and your amazing melodies of your songs are a big support in my difficult days. The way how you moved your hands playing the was so special and unique. I will love you forever sweet angel xxxxx

  • from Ingvardo

    Your music is the soundtrack to my life. Lucky enough to be a part of your gigs five times including the True Tour in Stockholm 2014. That gig is burned into my memory still. Thank you Tim

  • from Benjamin

    Dutch: ik werd heel vrolijk van z'n muziek

  • from Kartik

    Tim's music helped me get through tough part of my life and he showed the world way to live life through his music. You will never be forgotten AVICII

  • from Cassi

    " MY ANGEL ◢◤ "

  • from Nickso

    Avicii fue parte de mi crecimiento y madurez. A medida que sus canciones evolucionaban iba aprendiendo de la vida. Sinceramente ha sido la partida de un artista (porque ese fue realmente el oficio de Tim) que más me ha dolido que haya fallecido. Por lo menos dejó un legado difícil de olvidar: sus melodías y a ser autóctono. Gracias Avicii

  • from Badreddine El Fejer

    I've always dreamed of watching his live performance after missing a live show in my home country. I've been a fan since his "Tim berg"'s first days in Technoparade France. He's a timeless and a deeply inspiring artist! One love.

  • from Alen

    My first EDM DJ & Producer who inspired me into this kind of music. Still can't belive he is gone but not forever. He is still in our hearts and his music is still alive. R.I.P Avicii The Legend

  • from Kasia from Poland


  • from Matt Brown

    Heard Heaven at Creamfields. What an amazing song. Your music literally matched every possible mood you could have. Thankyou for the music.

  • from Jonathan N

    RIP Genius !

  • from Alessia

    Non posso credere che te ne sia andato così presto. Non sono mai stata una tua fan accanita ma nonostante questo adoro la tua musica. Ci mancherai davvero tanto❤

  • from Matěj Brunda

    It is so bad information. I love your music and everything connected with you! You will be always number one for me. R.I.P. Dear AVICII

  • from Irene

    I was a fan of him for just one week and then i read that he was dead

  • from Fatima

    I love him soo mutch and Y miss him evereyday hy wass the best

  • from Jade

    Avicii helped me through bad times good times and everything inbetween his music was just amazing and he was a very special dj . It must have took some bad bad demonds for him to do that but he will forever be loved and cherished. I cried when I heard the news even tho I didn't meet him and only seen him live once but he was absolutely amazing. Very special person. Live a life you will remember because you only get one. Gone way too soon xx

  • from Oliv

    Let the beautiful soul sleep peacefully

  • from x2Gen

    Rest in peace u made alot for us. Vi älskar dig <3

  • from Larissa

    Avicii was the first DJ I ever listen to. His songs are forever and we will never forget him and his music.?

  • from Paulina

    Tim’s music gave me hope and happiness in a very dark chapter of my life! His music made me feel good again! Thank you Tim we will never forget you!

  • from Sarah

    Amazing artist with such meaningful lyrics! One day youll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!

  • from Siân

    I seen Avicii at T in the Park in 2015 and it was something I’ve always wanted to revisit. The atmosphere he created with the crowd was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. He is a very talented musician and will be dearly missed his music will live on for many years to come!

  • from Simone

    Ciao Tim ci tengo a dirti che tu sei stato l'artefice di quella che è la mia unica e più grande passione grazie a te ho intrapreso il mio percorso nella musica. Spero che tu sappia di essere così importante e che senza di te è tutto più difficile… Ciao Tim

  • from Swastik

    Still in a shock hard to believe what a great loss I just miss you soo much each and every single day Your songs are just awesome thanks Tim for everything you meant a lot to me ♥ thanks for inspiring me and as well as all the other young producers and DJs you'll be always in our hearts you'll be missed love you soo much man ?

  • from Lewis from Wales

    avicii is one of them djs that you dont have to be into that genre to enjoy his music. his songs will always remind me of the best years of my life and for that im forever grateful. i think every set in creamfields had a tribute to him and i literally cried everytime. still cant believe hes gone but i know he will never be forgotten. rip avicii <3

  • from Milan

    He was so good with he's music I love that! ?❤️ R. I. P AVICII

  • from Adrian Kreuzmeir

    Rest in peace

  • from Mario

    Sus canciones siempre me han animado siempre me dan felicidad y tristeza le debo mucho a avicii… Muchas gracias por todo

  • from Sarah Johanna Dejaegher

    Tim's songs were and still are the soundtrack of my life. They represent an ecstatic joy a beautiful sadness and a gentle fragility all at the same time. You released 'You Be Love' on my 30th birthday while I was having a difficult time and this song and video really carried me through. Your docu made you so real to us. And then… we lost you. Heartbreaking we cried together at the many tributes at Tomorrowland. Thank you Tim your music made you truly immortal. All the love from Brussels

  • from Lars

    Still can't believe he is really gone. Being an introvert in a really loud world is just so heavy. I'm struggling with it every day. RIP Tim.

  • from

    "one day you leave this world behind so live a life you will remember…" – Avicii

  • from Roxy

    Oggi ho ascoltato la tua playlist su Spotify. Ancora non posso crederci che un mio ragazzo coetaneo e pieno di talento sia andato via così presto. Grazie per quello che ci hai lasciato.

  • from Petra

    Sweet humble beautiful soul forever in our hearts❤❤❤

  • from Emeline

    His music was the first DJ music I ever heard <3

  • from likriz

    ty avicii for everything … hope u find peace on the star ;( <3 <3

  • from Lili

    Az emberi szív ha egyszer megreped nincs balzsam mely behegyessze a sebet!

  • from Petra

    Deine Musik war einfach atemberaubend….. DANKE für deine tolle Leistung du hast uns durch deine Musik viele schöne Momente beschert !!!! Du bist viel zu früh gegangen 🙁 #restinpeace #heybrother #geliebtundunvergessen #loveavicii

  • from Verena Germany

    Wake me up' will forever be a magical song. It brought me through a bad time and it will always heal me again everytime I listen to it. Thank you so much. ❤️◀️▶️

  • from Andrea

    Ciao Tim voglio solo ringraziarti per avermi aiutato con la tua musica. Ovunque tu sia. "You can't catch me I'll be gone by the time they come You can't catch me". Dall'Italia.

  • from Rain

    Increadible person how shared passion and love unconditionally which alterd inner warmth. Thanks and God bless Avicii

  • from Just a fan

    Tim all I want to do is thank you. Your music has never failed to make me happier when having a bad day. I've always felt like I can relate to your feelings and music it can be hard to find artists like you in the edm scene these days. You took electronic music to a completely new level and you touched many of us with your songs. You are a lot more than just a dj you are my idol who I will always look up to. Your music will always have a place in my heart Thank you Tim.

  • from George Miranda

    Wake me up when this all over.

  • from Bryan

    His music got me through some seriously hard times in my life. It always just reminded me of better times when I needed them most. ?

  • from Zach Duncan

    I started listening to Tim back in 2011. He is what got me into EDM. Never before have I enjoyed an artist as unique and melodious as him. I miss him every time I hear his stuff.

  • from Alice

    His music always makes me smile

  • from In

    Tim you were such a special and kind person and so many people will 'remember you life'. Thank you for everything.

  • from Carin


  • from Florian

    Thx for all! We will Never forget you!

  • from Aaron

    Avicii has been a huge part of my teens. I remember I used to watch all kinds of music videos on tv after school. One day Bromance came on and I immediately fell in love with this track. This was around the same time My Feelings For You was on the tv aswell around 2010. I went on the internet and discovered all his other music; I became a huge fan of him. Avicii will always be in my heart because he might be the biggest reason that I got into electronic music and I am forever thankful for that

  • from Anish Mistry

    I still remember 4 years ago my first time at Creamfields festival and watching you perform one of the best sets in my life. EVERYONE around me both my friends and the strangers just got along so much and it wouldn't have been possible without your music. Rest In Paradise

  • from Tamasits jános

  • from Brit

    Ich bin immer noch sprachlos Du bist viel zu früh gegangen Deine Musik und Du als sensibler Mensch werdet für immer in meinem Herzen sein. Ich wünsche Dir die Ruhe zu finden nach der Du Dich gesehnt hast.

  • from Anne

    Thx for all!♡

  • from Maia

    Even though your gone your music will still stay in everyone’s hearts – people who knew you and people who didn’t. The memory that is the most vivid in my mind s when I heard Levels for the first time. I was so attached to you your music and your work ethic and yo7 will still be one of the best DJs in my eyes. Keep shining! X

  • from Alex

    I saw him play in 2010 at stages in Kingston Ontario small club only like 100 people was really cool to see him in this setting before he blew up! He played a really good show. Respect

  • from Inge

    Dear Tim you are forever im my heart and never forgotten!

  • from Jenny

    ?️? ❤

  • from American Dreamer

    Avicii has inspired me al lot and when i learned what had happened it was upsetting- Love from mid of America <3

  • from M<3

    Unió a miles de personas por la misma razón y fueron sus increíbles melodías mezclas y canciones. Donde estés ahora sabrás que dejaste una huella muy grande en esta vida no solo amantes a la musica electrónica también a personas enamoradas que con tus canciones decidieron unirse siempre en nuestros corazones Avicii❤ Desde Colombia ❤

  • from Pavel

    Thx For All <3

  • from Yamila

    We will never forget you! We miss you so much avicii. I love youu. ?

  • from S.S.

    Dear Tim your songs have been a staple for my generation. All through out my high school years they'd be present. They would be at my prom at the beach with my dearest friends… They made some of my life's moments the richest ones. Thank you so much for sharing with us pieces of your beautiful and creative mind and soul; rest in peace!

  • from Slava Zvonovski

    When i started to compose music especially electronic Avicii was that guy who taught me its basics. Regretfully i will never have a chance to say "thank you" so i am doing this right now. Rest in peace my friend and thank you for changing my life!

  • from giuliaassl

    your music Will never die!! Forever in our hearts tim? we love you♡ from italy❤

  • from KEVIN B.A

    Your music always inspiring the worldbeauty beat & melodygreat gigs performance & gorgeous visual The biggest power of EDM nation all the time R.I.P LegendsSO LIFE ALIVE YOU WILL REMEMBER !!!

  • from Steven Stewart

    Forever in our hearts great DJ and song produer

  • from

    Thank you for everything! I miss you and you will always be in my heart.

  • from Harshit

    First Avicii song that i heard was Levels And i was so into that song i explored and came accross more of his songs. I started producing and i learnt making melodies by actually imitating his. He did come to India and i so very much wanted to go But couldn't. I was told about him passing away by a friend. I couldnt believe and so i turned to internet to confirm. I dont have words to actually describe how devastated i was. After shm reunion i expected him to return to stage But it wont happen!

  • from Vanessa Carvalho

    Oi minha vida que saudades de você! Me fez amar eletrônica mais do que já amava me fez escolher minha profissão a amar o que escolhi pra minha vida. Infelizmente nunca consegui ver uma apresentação sua e jamais conseguirei o que causa uma grande dor em mim mas te encontro no céu. Você é minha inspiração. É e sempre será a luz da minha vida eu te amo muito sempre amarei. Em alguns dias irei fazer uma tatuagem em sua homenagem irá sempre estar comigo. Obrigada por tudo. Love you so much!

  • from Dj Concept Magazine

    Avicii extrañaremos tu excelente música. Esperamos que en el infinito sigas haciendo lo que más te gusta.

  • from AJMAL BADAR

    I never really couldn't imagine his death… I was getting to know him !.. with his musics… All my friends were so sad when they heard the sad news !.. we all loved him !… Whenever i want that feel good mood i would listen to his son 'Hey Brother' !… Later i really really fall in love with him when he released 'Without You' !.. AVICII…..? IF YOU ARE WATCHING FROM HEAVEN !.. We Love You !… Till We Die !

  • from Michel Garcia

    Avicii era buen pedo y buen DJ lastima que se lo llevo la verga. Te extrañaremos carnal.

  • from Phil Long

    The chipotle music was no match for Tim that day. I cranked ‘Levels’ from the back kitchen so loudly that it took over and could be heard from the bathrooms. Like so many that song introduced me to Tim’s music. From then on he was my clear favorite. “Waiting for Love’ kept me holding on ‘Without You’ helped me move on ‘The Nights’ helped me move with a smile. Tim made songs loaded with hope the messages as beautiful as the melodies. He emanated humility and generosity. I miss him. God bless

  • from Alejandro

    Eternal rest….. Guatemala City

  • from Lara from Germany

    The first concert I've ever went to was yours in Hamburg in 2014. I grew up with your music and I'm still loving it. I hope you're in a better place now. Rest in peace mate! ❤

  • from Lucas Domiciano Marcolino

    Eu comecei a gostar de música eletronica ouvindo Wake me up curte muito a letra da música e a batida country dela depois disso fui ouvir as outras canções do Avicii e dos outros DJs e toda vez e estou triste na bad eu coloco as músicas do Avicii para me animarem poque são canções alegres felizes e contagiantes então tenho muito a agradecer ao Avicii pelas músicas que ele fez : )

  • from Tim Uk

    Tim was lucky enough to see you twice in August 2016; just before you stopped touring. I danced in to my 30th birthday to your set at Ushuaia Ibiza and then we were lucky enough to see you close at Creamfields UK. An incredible music producer with a distinguishable sound to the music you produced. Everyone would recognise your songs and this was evident when you played banger after banger for 2 hours at your Ushuaia set; every single song your own music and everyone singing along to the lyric

  • from Marco from Italy

    I saw you in Ibiza at Ushuaia and it was the best vacation of my life your music can always make me smile and think at those moments when i was happy with my friends. You were a legend for me I will never forget you.

  • from EVA

    You've become the most brilliant star in the sky.

  • from Alex

    Tu resteras à jamais dans nos coeurs et ta musique également <3 Tu avais un don pour la musique Repose en paix Tim <3 The Maestro ◢ ◤

  • from Nour❤️

    Tim you were one of the most amazing DJs on earth. I grew up to your music it just connected emotionally. I always wanted to meet you to go to one of your lit concerts. Your death hit me really hard. Your parents lost a son your siblings lost a brother but the world lost a LEGEND. You will forever be remembered ❤️? #legendsneverdie

  • from -a

    I've always felt like i can relate to your feelings and your music. You never failed at making me happier just by listening to your music. Whenever I'm having a bad day I can just listen and it'll be better. I'll be forever thankful for what Tim did in the music industry I've always loved edm but Tim really took it to a another level. I know this message can't say all that i would want it to but all i want to do is say thank you. Thank you Tim Your music will always have a place in my heart

  • from Adrian Z

    it was August 10 2018 and Tim was playing at Edmonton Events Centre in Edmonton Alberta Canada with Support from Jerome Isma-ae. it was around the time he released manman but before levels. But Tim might have teased us with it that night. what made the show so special was that one of the promoters asked "hey do u want to go on stage with avicii?" i said "of course!" Up on stage i was behind Tim he was doing what he loved i watched him in awe and inside i knew he was gonna be an EDM King. IMU

  • from Martin

    "Heroes don't die they fade away"

  • from Le hai

    You are my hero i love you

  • from Hong Diep

    In another life I will still be your fan You are always in our heart Tim .

  • from Elías

    Yo recuerdo estar más chico tenia 11 años y me encantaba avicii lo descubrí en YouTube y en unos minutos mi canción favorita era you make me pero luego descubrí que mientras mas canciones escuchaba mas me gustaban y no sabía cuál escoger y entonces comprendi la magia que tenía Tun era un chico tan único tan autentico y te vamos a extrañar como no tienes idea pero eso si jamás te olvidaremos hasta siempre ◢ ◤ ?

  • from Lucas

    I remember being a child and listening to levels and other amazing songs of avicii in the car thats were i fell in love with his music i have such beautiful memories and i will always remember you tim rip god bless you

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