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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Thibaut

    I miss you so mutch Avicii. My dream was to see you in one of your concert but know that's impossible

  • from avicii


  • from Karthike

    Thanks for introducing me to the world of EDM.Your music has always given me happiness in life and will always create a smile on my face every time I listen to it. I wish you were with us for a longer time creating even better music.Your legacy and music will live on forever.Forever in our hearts.I love you KING ❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from rampa fen

    Kenyérlángos volt a vacsora máma eresztett pulykazsírral

  • from Francisco

    Ha Sido uno de los músicos que me a ayudado a aceptarme como soy y realmente sigo escuchando su música y cada vez que la escuché lo recordaré por qué era el mejor

  • from avicii

    Guess What?! I'm back!

  • from Fen

    A vagina illata számomra a csodával ér fel!

  • from Julia J

    How can you miss someone so terribly when you never met them? I'll miss you forever…

  • from keertana bhoopal

    My first ever live concert was Avicii here in Bangalore India. He was the sound to the 2000’s. He introduced our generation to EDM and it was the best ever. I’m 23 now and still feel like his Music lingers and will never die. Thank you for giving us happiness through your music. #RIP #Avicii. Miss you. This is my tribute to you.

  • from Sergio

    Everytime I listen to your music I feel something that I can't explain. Your legacy will be always with us. Rest in peace.

  • from Alex Stefanini

    I remember coming home from school only a couple of years ago and listening to his songs. ““Waiting For Love” was a favorite of mine. He is a timeless artist whose creation cannot be undermined by anyone.????

  • from Glenn 'Marc Valley' Meerten

    I'll always remember the first time I heard Levels. It blew my mind and inspired me to become a producer. Tim became my idol my inspiration. His music got me through some of the worst periods of my life. It has also been the soundtrack to one of the most beautiful moments as well. A week before his passing me and my fiance were driving to Disneyland where I was going to propose to her. On the trip we were signing to all his albums out loud. It some how gave me courage . Thank you Tim.

  • from Chasemesun

    Tu música es un himno para nuestras vidas. Descansa en paz Tim. ?

  • from Javi

    Gracias a ti me enamoré del EDM y me alegraste los días con tus melodías en mis peores y mejores momentos. Te echamos mucho de menos hermano tu música siempre será recordada y celebrada!!!! Miss you man you will always be loved!!!! ???

  • from Kurdi Máté

    I really love him because i think he was the best DJ. We never forget him. Rest in Peace AVICII………………… Without you everything is bad. So wake me up when its all over :'(

  • from Irval

    We miss you ?

  • from Sandra P.

    Hola desde españa quiero transmitir mi tristeza. La musica de avicii no era solo musica era esa sensacion que te entraba en las venas y recoria todo tu cuerpo. Era alucinante. Ahora cuando las escucho van directas al corazon y es imposible no recordar la tristeza de que Ya no esta. Te queremos avicii.

  • from Yukie

    貴方の訃報を知ったとき、ウソに違いないと思っていました でも 現実だと知って とてもショックを受けてました 貴方の作った音楽はいつも聴いていましたが 皮肉なことに貴方の本名や年などは 亡くなってから初めて知りました 初めてWating For Love を聴いたとき涙が止まりませんでした。大切な事を思い出し私の心に刺さる曲でした。ミュージックビデオも素敵でした。 The Nights は毎朝勇気を与えてくれました。 ティムさん、これからも貴方の音楽を聴いて、救ってもらう時がたくさんあるでしょう 貴方が生み出した音楽たちをこれからも聴き続けていきます。貴方の音楽に込めた想いは永遠に世界を生きて、一緒に旅をし続けます。 I love you どうか安らかに…               

  • from Krystyna S.

    Was man tief in seinem Herzen besitzt kann man durch den Tod nicht trennen.. ..ich spreche allen Fans und Avicii's Angehörigen aufrichtige Anteilnahme aus. R.I.F.

  • from Matthew Alexander

    Seriously when Tim found diei was crying and asking "Why this will be happen?" because He is very inspired from his song and i think i wanna be like him and i hope he in the heaven now Love from Indonesia??????

  • from Barbara

    THE BEST <3

  • from Betti

    We miss you!!!!

  • from Kieran Allum

    You got me through my teenage years and crated my love for EDM- RIP legend x

  • from Acritt(BlackThover) ◢ ◤

    He really die but for as is live because of his Great music sharing geat think's with Fan's really great guy . He had somthing big in his heart (music) and decided to share with us I'm so sad because wi lost good friend family member musician . R.I.P Avicii Your music will live Forever!

  • from Mauro

    I remember it very clearly. In 2011 I was browsing Youtube for new music and there was Levels. It clicked with me instantaneously. The rhythm was – IS incredibly moving the way it looped was magic seamless. I have to thank Avicii for this track because it prompted me and my cousin to start learning producing and for delivering a fantastic discography over his career. It's almost infuriating how we couldn't catch the true meaning of his lyrics. Wherever you are now please be well. ♥

  • from Rick

    He will be greatly missed his music and perserverance were of inspiration to me. He will be for always remembered he is legend.

  • from Riccardo

    I was in Stockholm this summer on holiday so I decided to visit you at Skogskyrkogarden where you rest. Unfortunately after many research I didn't find you; so I putted my earphones I took my iPhone and I listened Wake Me Up and while the track played in that moment I found you inside me inside my head inside my heart. Thank you for being in my life even if for a short time. Good journey and… … "wake me up when it's all over When I'm wiser and I'm older" Bye Tim ◢ ◤

  • from Osvaldo Levy

    Silhouettes es un himno para mi desde que la escuché por primera vez me cautivo & a la fecha cada que necesito pensar me conecto con esta canción simplemente mágica fuerte & poderosa.

  • from Alireza.tehran

    Love from persianboys.

  • from Thomas

    Mi ricordo ancora quando alla mattina mentre andavo a scuola ascoltavo tutte le tue canzoni. E quando ci hai lasciato quella notte le riascoltai sperando in un futuro di poter ascoltare "Heaven". Ho capito che eri uno importante per me quando una volta in discoteca misero una tua canzone e mi bloccai. Smisi di ballare alzai le mani e con i brividi iniziai a cantare. Oh ricordo ancora il video che girai a 16 anni in vacanza su "Waiting for love"… Non ti scorderò mai Tim grazie di tutto.

  • from Eric Huang

    Farewell? My enlightenment of EDM? ◢ ? ◤

  • from Giordano Jara Ponce

    La música que creaste era muy inspiradora tiene mucho sentimiento siento mucho que te hayas ido Tim pero nunca me olvidaré de lo que hiciste y de quien eres querido Avicii para mi el mejor Dj/Productor que ha podido existir en todo el mundo. Gracias por todo Avicii You went to Heaven Tim I'll never forget you Live a life you will remember These are the days we won't forget I could be the one you make you make me feel that way So wake me up when it's all over .. All your music is in my heart

  • from Norway

    I noticed long time ago that the songs promoted by Avicii often had a deep meaning. Just after he died I realized how deep it all it is. You get the feeling of having known Tim. He kind of expressed his inner sadness hopes and beliefs also about that of an eternal life and it is like you understand his last hopes. I never ever cried before after some famous person died but listening to the songs of Avicii I eyes can easily come up with tears. God Himself must be moved…

  • from Heliya

    ☹️god bless his soul?

  • from YY

    wake me up againplease◢ ◤

  • from Renée


  • from Abel Bernal

    Escuchaba sus canciones en el coche cuando era pequeño y me iba de viaje. Además yo soy de campo y me gusta la equitación y todo este mundo y cuando escucho "Wake me up" mi corazón da un vuelco y me hace sentir ganas de ir en medio de la montaña y gritar como un loco. O cuando voy de viaje a comerme el mundo con mis amigos siempre tengo en mente "The Nights" y su precioso significado de ~carpe diem~. Simplemente su música es maravillosa y no puedo creer que ya no pueda escuchar nuevos temazos.

  • from Vaibhav Singh

    One night during last vacations I was just trying to work some chords out in FL Studio failing miserably though. My mother saw me asked what it was. I said it's a software used for making electronic music. Also in the flow I explained to her how a young boy who started his career with this very software a pirated version is now one of the greatest DJs in the world. Feels bad man losing u Avicii. Ur songs helped me get over phases. Thanks man for being with us See u on the other side.

  • from Kíra

    Love from Hungary!❤️

  • from Carlos

    The meaning of what Tim and his music represent for me can’t be explained in words there are no words to describe how I feel every day and every time I listen his music it’s just magical inspiring unique. LOVE .

  • from Juanca Calviño

    I started listening your music when I was 12 years old today I'm 19 and I still loving it. Your music was a unique style of electronic music. With your songs I learned so much for my life and helped me a lot in difficult moments. I made friends with your music that will stay in may heart forever. Thank you Avicii. Thank you Tim. Thank you legend. We'll see you then❤

  • from VJ

    I ? love his music. It sets me free.

  • from Lollo Boy

    Eri sei e sarai sempre uno trai migliori DJ del 20° secolo. La tua musica non morirà mai come non morirai tu nei nostri ricordi.

  • from Héctor Moya Martinez

    Son tantos momentos vividos con tus canciones que no sabría con cuáles quedarme siempre viendo tus noticias tus vídeos nuevos flipando con el vídeo 360grados música nueva y buena mezclando y creando por y para la gente la vida sigelose pero por mucho que sigamos con nuestras vidassiempre te recordare y siempre habrá música tuya que me acompañeporque para mí no te as ido.Desde Españaun abrazo fuerte para todo sus familiares amigos y fans como yo.

  • from Dunzen

    We will miss you forever.

  • from Neil Deshpande

    To me Avicii was no short of a mentor although a distant one. I fell into the art of music production about two years and ago and from day one Tim's melodies and synths have always inspired me. I used to watch jis tutorial videos on Youtube and learn. It was only later that I got to know how that he was as amazing a person as he was a musician. This is a little token of appreciation from my side to remember Tim forever. Tim you had a huge impact on this world and we're happier because of you.

  • from Dakoma

    One of the biggest and inspiring Artist in my own DJ life… Gone too soon… We will never forget you <3

  • from rohan goswami

    miss you brother… love from india…

  • from Reece Allen

    I'm only 18 and got into EDM at the age of 10 – Avicii was one of the first artists I heard and fell in love with. I remember hearing "Bromance' for the first time and songs like" I Could Be The One" and "Hey Brother" will always hold special memories for me. His music carried me through difficult times at middle school and through joyous times right up to blasting out "Lonely Together" in the summer sun. No-one will ever produce music quite like he did and he will always be missed. RIP

  • from Krisztofer

    A zenéidet örökre játszani fogják és soha nem felejtenek el remélem fent is valami szépet valami maradandot alkotsz mert abban te voltál a legjobb.. Köszönünk mindent! ?♥️

  • from Deus Vult

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  • from Lover loodud

    Love ❤️

  • from Eva

    Otrolig sorg över att du inte finns med oss längre . Tack för all musik och din närvaro . Vila i frid. ❤

  • from Disha M

    "Wake him up" ?? Fuckin loved him so much??

  • from *DM*

    "We have to tear down walls that live in your heart To find someone you call home" …this is what I'm…thank you so much ..maybe I'm not alone…

  • from СНГ WITH LOVE

    Твоя музыка шикарна до сих пор надеюсь что кто-то выпустит твои неизданные треки. RIP

  • from Japanese

    本当にたくさんの素晴らしい曲を作っていただき、ありがとうございました! どれも忘れられないもので、僕の人生がさらに豊かになったと思います。 R.I.P Avicii.

  • from A fellow human being

    Amazing soul and music – may his soul rest in peace for eternity opened the world's eyes and my eye's to ecstatic beauty in his lyrics and songs. Truly missed

  • from Chelli

    ?"One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember."? We will never forget you. Thank you Tim. ❤

  • from Hollenx

    He said "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." You will always be remembered in our hearts and in our lives. Thank you so much❤️

  • from A.M

    Hey brother wake me up when the days fade into darkness even it's for a better day. so what would I change it to when the nights was friends of mine I still waiting for love when there's a lot of people feeling lonely together. actually I wanna tell all my feelings for you maybe i'm addicted to you could it be a bromance? I could be the one our levels are equal you be love for everyone and they be addicted to you I taste the feeling too so without you was another silence among the noise

  • from M.Dani

    I grew up on your musics. ♥️♥️♥️

  • from Navanshu

    Avicii I wanted to visit your event someday but that didn't come. I was always amazed by your songs and have loved them. When in hard time or when I wanted inspiration your songs were always there. You never stopped amazing us with your work. Rest in peace… We will always remember these night's

  • from Robin Smith

    Tim folket kommer att minnas dig för evigt du är en legendar inom svensk musik. Jag har älskat all musik du har producerat ända sen du blev känd som en vanlig DJ i Sverige till den största och bästa genom tiderna någonsin i hela världen! Din musik kommer att leva på och när man lyssnar på din musik så kommer alla komma ihåg vilken fantastisk och älskad människa du var <3 Vi älskar dig Tim Bergling du kommer att bli ihågkommen.

  • from СНГ WITH LOVE!

    Thx for u music! Авичи это навсегда!

  • from Nick

    Your music is such an inspiration and you will always remain in my heart. You truly enlighted my life and for this I will forever be grateful. ♥️

  • from AK


  • from Charisse ❤️

    Tim you are always be remembered… your music your beautiful soul !!! I watched your shows in Vegas at XS night club and at Encore Beach club the last gig that i watched was 2016 before you retired from touring….I remembered it was raining so hard but still everbody dancing and enjoying your show …. Tim i will continue to listen to your music ???…… We miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️???

  • from СНГ with LOVE

    Мы всегда будем помнить твои песни Avicii был очень уникальной личностью. Некоторые его песни пронзали до мурашек. Покойся с миром брат!

  • from Chiara

    Your music has inspired me! I'll never forget you! Thank you so much! ❤️

  • from Alex Nguyễn

    You make all problems in my life disappear when I heard your song.

  • from Janeth

    ❤❤❤Otroligt vacker musik/text som han gjort. Världen förlorade en så duktig musiker. Må han vila i frid o hoppas hans nära o kära kommer kunna minnas men ändå orka gå vidare?????

  • from Yessenia – Spain?❤

    La primera vez que escuche una canción tuya estaba con mi hermano desde ese momento nos hicimos una locura de fans sonaba esa cancion una y otra vez en nuestras cabezas. Seguro que sigues haciendo brillar a la gente con tu música. Para mi eres y seras el rey de este genero. Un saludo al cielo. Siempre te recordamos.

  • from Jesus14_12

    Avicii que más decir que ya no hayan dicho ahora mismo estoy de en el coche e viaje todo el mundo calla y en estos momentos siempre me acuerdo de el y que podíamos haber hecho más de verdad que el no nos conocía a la mayoría pero sin saberlo disfrutabamos con su trabajo como si fueran nuestras vacaciones. Cada vez que oigo una canción suya por antigua que sea es diferente a las demás y sigo sin saber porque nunca de verdad que nunca será olvidado. Atentamente desde España un chico de CLM.

  • from NoName

    Thank u for 2013

  • from Marijana Croatia

    First time I heard his song I couldn't stop dancing but now when I hear his song I can't stop crying because I know that beautiful soul passed away. I will always love Tim and pray for him. Thinking about Tim and his family every single second. As his song says: without you I feel lost at sea? I have that feeling since he passed away. I love Tim so so so much❤️ Avicii forever in our hearts

  • from Isac

    you made everything more unforgettable thanks Tim

  • from Simon

    You are a true inspiration for all of us. That moment when you enterd the stage in Göteborg/Summerburst 2015 an unforgettable moment of true love. Thanks for everything Tim your music will live on!

  • from Nugraha Diputra

    Avicii may you rest in peace all songs your music will never be forgotten by your fans greetings love from Indonesia ??

  • from Iris

    Where to begin.. Tim is a true artist. He was known as a pure talent.. His music helped me through a tough dark time where I'm forever grateful for. ❤️ His music will live on forever in our hearts. ILY Tim rest in peace. ❤️

  • from Matti

    In 2010 my dad died of cancer on an age of 55. It was a shock for me and my family. One song kept me going on then and gave me the strenght: "Wake me up".


    Thank you for the music the songs I'm singing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing!

  • from Tiina

    Finaste Tim! Jag hoppas och önskar av hela mitt hjärta att du har det bra nu där du är. Tack för din musik och fina minnen. Du är en vacker själ och det finaste som finns. Saknar dig!!

  • from Claudia

    Thanks Avicii for your music and the power the energy and good vibes you gave us with it ! You will be forever missed but mostly forever loved – therefore never forgotten. ♥️

  • from Christine

    Avicii was my first ever concert in my life at the Sziget Festival in Hungary. I have never felt that kind of freedom and happiness in my life ever. I loved his music and his lyricses. They give me life. So I miss you so much and I hope you found peace.❤️

  • from Farhan Yahya

    I really miss this exclusive guy. He has been making music spectacular and wonderful. Actually am addicted to him like his song "Addicted to you". Wish you a peaceful rest in the hereafter

  • from Philipp Hagen

    I hope Heaven is as beautiful as the track. Even if I hear it for the 1000x time I get goosebumps. Sending Love from Austria ??

  • from Panni Radi from Hungary

    Dear Avicii! Last year I went to my second school. I didn't know anybody I was so nervous and scared… But one of your last song (Friend of mine) made me brave! In my class a lot of student loved and love now you and your songs. When me and my friends knew the bad news about you we came black clothes to school and drew your logo above our hearts. I hope you are happy in the Heaven and the agels enjoy your songs! Thank you for everything!

  • from dave acurio

    su musica me llego mas en las fechas del ultra del 2016. yo estaba de vacaiones en el campo vaje al pueblo me entere de eso descargue los tracks y en la noche cuando volvia a casa de mis abuelos los escuche y sono “without you´´ y el frio de la noche y las luces de las calles en la obscuridad del campo hacian parecer que todo hiba a camara lenta y en camino escuche las otras que sono en ese concierto y con el brillo de las estrellas fue lo mejor que he vivido hasta ahora siempre lo recordare.

  • from Lina M.

    La música de Avicii ha estado presente en los momentos más bonitos de mi vida… Canciones dedicadas canciones que permitieron a mi pareja y a mi ver y querer conocer el mundo. Gracias Avicii ? Desde Colombia??

  • from Navneet Kothiwal

    Avicii you will be missed you are always deep in my heart nobody can fill this place..?

  • from Mark

    I remember taking photos and being at your shows in Vegas. Rest easy my Tim. We miss you.

  • from shoma

    "one day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember" I swear to remember all of myself until the last time. And you will be in my heart forever. 本当にありがとう。安らかにね、ティム

  • from andrea


  • from Beneditta

    Szia! Te voltál és maradsz is a legjobb!

  • from Tara

    The first concert I ever went to was Avicii in 2013 at the roundhouse in Camden. I loved him so much I then went to his True Tour in Earls Court in 2014. I will never forget it.. he is the reason why I love music so much. Those were the two best concerts I’ve ever been to and I will never forget it. Music will never be the same without him!

  • from Jeetou


  • from Saskia

    Dankjewel Tim voor je prachtige muziek. Je wordt zo verschrikkelijk gemist!

  • from Krish Goel

    To a true legend who lived upto his name! Avicii was a madlad and a true madting! We wasn't an artist to me but a friend I actually never met. For the past 2 years me and my friends have been singing Avicii every single day and banging desks for creating the background music. I desperately wanted to attend a live performance but seems like I'll get one when I'm in heaven. Legends never die! You'll live in my heart forever!

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