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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Larissa

    I'll never forget you. Your music still helps me out of sad times. I really miss you and I hope you're doing well in heaven. I love you timi❤️

  • from Nathalie

    Tomorrowland en Belgique ?? Ce n’est pas parce que je suis belge mais tu nous a fait vibrer ensuite avec tes tubes êt surtout ton dernier ÉP que j’adore et que j’écoute en boucle !! ❤️ À jamais dans notre cœur tu seras. Merci pour le bien que tu as fais autour de toi de nous avoir fait découvrir des sons juste fantastique. La Belgique te respecte Tim. Reposes toi là haut. ?

  • from Victoria

    "so live a life you will remember" the best songs Avicii always ?

  • from Fanni

    I miss You sooo much your music was there when I needed something to comfort me. I learned so much from your music from the lyrics of the life. Thank You Everything. I hope You feel good where You are now. Love from Hungary

  • from james bellew

    Remember the first time hearing levels and thinking i don't know why I like this song so much I never heard anything like it and have been being obsessed with his ever since and two years later going to his first concert in ireland and I can say with completed confidence it was the happiest day of my life and i dont think I will ever feel that level of happiness I felt that day and to this day his music still and Will forever keep inspiring me <3 RIP

  • from Maria Carolina

    As musicas dele são simplesmente fantasticas quanto toca no meu celular ouso mais de 100 vezes(ja contei).Elas me inspiram em yudo o que eu faço ele foi uma pessoa incrível que tinha um talendo impressionantemente descomunal e espetacular #Aviciiforever

  • from Jason

    Avicii bopped me good

  • from Braian from Argentina

    Avicci with all our love we're gonna love you forever. Your passion for the music will be in our heart forever. We love you and I hope you know it ?.

  • from Mihai-Andrei Scafariu

    Avicii thank you for the wonderful music you created. You will stay in our hearts all our lives!

  • from Mir

    I fell in love with dance music because of Avicii and never stopped dancing at his songs. Met my now husband danced at avicii at our wedding. Now 7 months pregnant with our first baby he starts kicking everytime he hears every teardrop is a waterfall 🙂 So much love for Tim’s family and friends. We can’t imagine how hard it must be to miss him. Know that although we didn’t know Tim personally we do miss him to. Hope he is at rest and peace

  • from Łukasz

    Still Tim Forever ❤️?

  • from Alan Walker

    Avicii was such a lovely guy so quiet and inspired myself and many other producers out there! His music and his legacy will continue to live and will never die. Legends Never Die <3. Walker #0

  • from Pilli

    Deine Musik hat den Himmel blauer gemacht die Sonne heller und Lebensfreude erschaffen – auch in meiner Dunkelheit Fühle Dich umarmt – immer und überall- die Ewigkeit ist unendlich…

  • from Ola

    Avicii music was always somewhere in my life. ’Waiting for love’ never let me forget how love really makes the world go around ‚The Nights’ made me brave to travel around the world and make my dreams come true! Even after he is gone he was with me when I experienced my first electronic music festival. His death broke my heart I can honestly say I was in mourning for a while. Still feel sorry there was no way helping him in his hard times. Avicii was is and will be in my heart forever.

  • from Sam

    I'll never forget the first time I heard "Wake Me Up" and I still can't believe how that one song led me to such a wonderful artist. Nothing but love and utter joy when hearing his music. Thanks for everything Tim

  • from Angie

    The very first time I listened to "Levels" it just blew my mind up. When "The Nights" was released I could not stop of listening to it. Now I hear it everyday it's a bittersweet feeling. I miss Tim so much but he left us a Legacy his music will remain for a long time it doesn't matter to let a few tears fall. It is all worth it you gave us peace you gave us hope. I owe you so much Tim. Love.

  • from Tommy

    Forever in my heart. Forever with me. Miss you brother! ❤️

  • from Emi

    A legjobb barátnőmmel mindíg a zenéit hallgattukminden zenéjét imádtuk kivétel nélkül!!! esti kedvcsinálóként ha szomorúak voltunkha jó kedvünk voltvagy csak ha szimplán a zenéit vissza hallgattuk hogy eszünkbe jusson az akkori zenéiről az akkori emlékekés időszakok ❤. Közös tetkót is akartunk a két kis háromszöggel megörökíteni ezeket a csodás napokat ? Nagyon szeretünk Avicii ?☹??❤ nyugodj békében!!

  • from

    His music brought me joy RIP brother. I was about to kill myself but then a song of his came on and it made not do it thank you Avicii

  • from Egni

    I miss you!! Forever in our hearts.

  • from Mala

    Thanks to Avicii- or Tim as we should say- I fell in love with dance and house music. His music took me to a place of pure happiness and introduced me to a genre which has helped me through the good and the bad times. The first time I heard Levels I fell in love with his music and have been obsessed ever since having downloaded every song ever produced/written/remixed by Tim. I still get goosebumps when I listen to his music and I will never forget the way I felt after seeing him perform. RIP.

  • from Caccacello Giorgio

    Ti seguo da poco ti conosco da sempre hai vissuto un sogno ed una storia come pochi al mondo sono capaci di fare. La mia vita mi è sfuggita di mano ma riguardando i tuoi Live ed ascoltando la tua musica mi fai rivivere il sogno della mia vita e per questo non smetterò mai di ringraziarti. Tu ora sei IMMORTALE PERCHÈ VIVI OGNI GIORNO ED OGNI MOMENTO NEL CUORE DI CHI TI ASCOLTA.

  • from Dawid


  • from Ari

    Avicii introduced me to house music and my love for it has only grown since then. He inspired me to broaden my horizons music-wise and as someone who also suffers with depression he has reminded me that no matter how bad i may feel i have touched people's lives. Clearly I haven't in the way he has but to see the outpouring of love for Tim it has given me hope that I may have made a difference to people in the way he has for me. Gone but never forgotten ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • from Lara Argentina

    Recuerdo perfectamente ese día mí novio estaba en la facultad cuando me enteré. Le tuve que decir estuvo las dos siguientes horas bastante deprimido después de que salió de sus clases yo no podía explicarme el porqué. Es algo que se sufre muchísimo sabiendo las miles de millones de personas que somos felices al escuchar sus canciones han pasado 4 meses y sigo sin creer que el no está. La música tiene un vacío y ese sos vos Tim. Te amamos demasiado y te extrañamos.

  • from Luna

    I loved his music when i was young when i was also depressed i listen to his music to cheer me up.. Unfortanly this is for the family When i heard of the death of Avicii i was shock and also sad Rest in peace Avicii !

  • from Thomas Korneli

    The passion for electronic music will forever unite us all. I feel the energy and the whole universe. We are forever united no matter whether you are black or white poor or rich or whatever. My message to the world_ ONE WORLD ONE FUTURE!!!! Spread the love!

  • from Vanessa

    Every time one of his song came up on the radio i had to turn up the volume to the max. I immediately got into a good mood. And this will never change. His happiness will always remain.

  • from Clement

    Artiste de mammouth tu es parti trop tôt ❤️

  • from A

    Är så tacksam för all musik du skapat att man har så många minnen till så himla många låtar du har gjort. Det så himla tragiskt att det slutade som det gjorde. Tack för allt du gjort vila i frid <3

  • from Mark

    R.I.P legend!

  • from Kriss

    My love of dance music my complete change in genre and also my change in personality all came about from your music Tim. Everything you achieved and seeing how doing what you loved inspired so many people to be their best selves in turn inspired me and a big part of the person I am today was created when you introduced your music to myife. Thank you Tim you will never be forgotten and your music never stopped! RIP

  • from kaylee

    dear were a god a ledgend and a idol to me..i still cant believe youre gone. you were a amazing DJ and i will never stop listening to youre amazing music. and i hope you look at all of us from above and know that we all love and miss you..RIP ledgend ?

  • from Thibault


  • from Adrian

    Hallo Tim. Du hast die elektronische Musik so verändert! Du warst ein Genie!! Ich liebe deine Musik und es ist soooo traurig das du nicht mehr da bist. Deine Meisterwerke werden immer bleiben!! R.I.P. Tim

  • from Birgitta

  • from Dan

    Remember seeing you at EDC UK memories and pure emotion. We will all miss you from Milton Keynes & the UK. RIP Tim we will always remember you x

  • from Alexandre c

    Hey Tim thanks for ever for your music song and passion. Thanks to you I'm learn the music production. Thanks for ever. I love you Tim for ever!!! Alexandre france

  • from Amy

    Thank you Avicii for helping to ignite my love of dance music. You helped me realise that it is okay to like this kind of music and be proud of it. Being able to see you live was one of my goals and I am so glad I got to achieve that. I wish you could be here now to see the outpouring of love for you. May you rest in peace.

  • from Grubblaren

    Vi fäller tårar Vi sörjer Vi saknar tillsammans. Vi dansar Vi sjunger Vi skrattar tillsammans. Vi pratar Vi lyssnar Vi enas tillsammans. Det du gjort är fantastiskt. Tack! ❤

  • from Jessica from Canada

    "One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." You touched hearts with your music you inspired minds with your music you brought people together with your music. For all that you have done we will always remember you.

  • from Mariana

    Avicii was the first DJ I ever listened to. He was the one who brought EDM to my life and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Thanks to him I've lived amazing moments and made incredible memories. His music got me through some of the toughest times of my life brought light to my darkest days and nights and put the biggest smiles on my face when that was the last thing I could think of. I'll miss you forever Tim. You have a special place in my heart and I will never ever forget you.

  • from Lorena

    Mis recuerdos junto al amor de mi vida tienen de fondo tu musica tus canciones esas que se metian en tu cabeza y no podias parar de cantar y bailar. Siempre estaras entre nosotros. Perderte fue un shock tremendo. Mantenerte generacion tras generacion es un objetivo que tenemos que lograr Gracias por todo lo que nos diste

  • from Maxime

    There are two reason why i wanted to born in the 80's : live the daft punk ascension and live the avicii ascension. Music means so much to me and both changed the game. They literaly broke the rules and taking electronic music in a whole other Level(s). The fact is that i was born in 1996 so i was too young to be part of the avicii story all over the world so i just enjoyed all this time watching those lives those thounsand of people uniting for the same passion. We love you Tim thank you.

  • from Dan

    Tim your music inspired me to want to get into the business. Id listen to your melodies everyday and feel happy and warm. You make me want to spread this kind of joy. You deserved so much more and id give anything to have you back producing. Not a day goes by where i don't think about a new song coming and knowing your not working on anymore kills me. You were a true inspiration and i would have loved to have met you. RIP Tim . You will always ben my idol .

  • from Daria Traistaru

    He was my favorite. I loved his music so much. I still cry every time i hear a song of his. He united so many people and made the world a better place for all of us . I will never forget him. Me and my best friend were in love with his music and still pray for his soul. I even met my boyfriend at a concert of his. He meant a lot to me and everyone who heared a song of his.

  • from Eva

    ….miss you so much !! <3 Your music was everithing to me !! I hope you have your peace now !! …with love Eva

  • from

    semmi voltál – minden lettél

  • from Angel

    Ik vond hem leuk sinds mijn 8 ste

  • from Avicii_never_forget_you

    dear tim we will never forget you will never die. rip tim bergling

  • from Andreea

    Tim was a man and an extraordinary DJ. He inspired millions of people. Thanks to him I started to know this world of EDM and those who make music in this style and I came to love him. From there up he continued to inspire people through the remaining songs. Rest in Peace. You always be remembered?❤

  • from Dirk Nitsche

    Danke für die Musik die Du uns geschenkt hast. Ich werde Dich nie vergessen. Für mich warst Du Dj Nr one . R I P Tim ❤️

  • from liem

    im a 13 years old and i living in israel all my life i was the dark and the strange girl but avicii's songs help me all the time i start to hear avicii music in 6 years old and from than i can stop i all the time herd this music and relex all him songs say somting importent and i learning meny thinges about the world and about my self wehen i listen to avicii's music i was living my problom be hind so i very sad about this are avicii's did but i thinking about what he left be hind and i happe

  • from Mario Avalos

    It's really hard for me to realize that your gone. I still listen to your songs everyday especially the show that u did on XS Las Vegas and the only show that I had the privilege too see you play in Ultra Music Festival 2016. Thank you so much Tim for all your songs that helped and still helps me when I'm down. I even have a tattoo of your logo in the back of my neck ( I'm probably one of the millions that did it but I'm proud of it ). Rest in Peace Tim ! You always ALWAYS ganna be remember ! ?

  • from Karol

    I love you very much Avicii my inspiration my joy my peace I wanted so much to be able to find you I love you Tim miss you my name is karol I'm from Brazil I have a fan club of Tim in the Instagram called Avicii_brasill there are photos videos special dates Tim's moments and much more Tim fans love Tim is a legend and legends never die I leave a message from me and from Tim to you live a life from which you will remember an eternal longing ❤️ -karol

  • from Jaime

    Thanks to Avicii that even though he is not there he motivates me with his music day by day to reach my goals. My dream was to get to see him someday live but when I heard the news I broke down in tears now I have his tattooed logo and he will live with me forever and he will also accompany me with his music. Thanks for everything Tim

  • from Matty payne

    I listen to your music everyday it takes me away R.I.P avicii

  • from Madalaime

    Hey brothertheres an endless roadway to cover…

  • from Justin

    Listened to Dear Boy on repeat during finals week Kygo dropped it at edc 2017 and I started bawling thank you for everything

  • from Andrew & Maggie

    From crying together to getting our first tattoo together she’s been with me through thick and thin. If it weren’t for you I don’t even think I would’ve even had met her. Your music had help me through my darkest days which lead me to the most amazing days in my life I and couldn’t thank you more.

  • from Fhilipe

    Avicii his music was a joy in my life. There is no better melody than yours. I hope someday I can be like you. You'll always be alive in our hearts Tim Bergling. God bless.

  • from Isi

    Tim thanks for all of the good moments i have thanks to your music i hope you are in peace and still creating fantastic melody and songs. älskar dig och saknar dig

  • from Joell (from Slovakia)

    The best Dj/producer in the world .no one is better then you .you truly be missed .rest in peace ❤️

  • from Leonardo

    I started listening to electronic music.

  • from Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Avicii has given so many people so many beautiful memories he lives on in our ? hearts ?????

  • from Carolina Sandoval – Ecuador

    Rip Avicii. He will be missed! <3

  • from Olivia

    I loved avicil because his music was phenomenal and no matter what he went through in his personal life he still managed to make music for his fans. Even tho I didn’t know him his music still lives on and the world has definitely lost an amazing talent and person. ❤️❤️

  • from Katharina

    I'm so sad about the loss of this great man. your music will forever be in our hearts. may your family have much strength may the sun shine for you every day

  • from Marie

    Just… thank you thank you so much Avicii thank fou for the sensations and the smile provided to each music listened from you ! Always in my mind ! Marie with love.

  • from Nelia

    Your art was more than just another piece of music. It spoke to me and made me a better person. I can’t beleive that it stopped so soon. I’ve never cried so much before… You made the world better and your legacy will live forever. Thank you

  • from Mats

    When I am a god than you are the person that I bring to life??

  • from Gaby Herrera

    Muchas veces cuando andaba triste escuchar su música me levantaba el ánimo siempre escucho sus existos hasta el momento en momentos sad de mi vida….un gran Dj ..Su música inspiraba a seguir en este mundo lleno de cosas negativas y a querer seguir luchando por nuestros sueños !!!! Tengo 22 años actualmente vivo en El salvador !!! saludos y bendiciones a su familia! Avicci por siempre ? Un día dejaras el mundo atrás así que vive una vida que merezca la pena recordar !! ??

  • from M. from Poland

    I just want to say that I'm grateful to Tim's family for giving us fans a platform to share memories and to express our sadness/respect for their beloved one. It means a lot to me because I don't know any fellow Avicii fans personally and don't have anyone to talk to about all my emotions – grieving the passing of your favourite musician/celebrity is often considered weird. Anyway thanks to the family. We love you just as we love Tim <3

  • from Jeni

    Avicii your music got me through some of my darkest times of my life. Every signal piece I have heard you create has spoken right to my heart and calmed my sole. I am truely gutted that your music didn't help you as much as it helped so many of your fans. You will be truely missed and forever in my heart. RIP Tim – Always Loved <3

  • from Behlul Becergen

    a true artist

  • from Daniel Jacome – Ecuador

    One of the best Djs I've heard. His talent and imagination brought his music to another level. I had the chance to see one of his first shows on Electric Zoo NY with my brother where he released Levels and I knew he had something special. Then I had the luck to see him 2 more times in Ultra Miami. He will be missed but his music will live on forever and we have to cherish that. RIP Avicii.

  • from Guy

    Hi Tim I wanted to say you are my hero and you and your music always backed me up when i was down. It was very sad you commited sucide but like you said "live the life you will remember" and it motivating me to move on in my life. Thank you!

  • from Sherlyn Sarabia

    I remember how it all happened and let me tell you a short story: It was Friday 13 of April. My friend and I went out for a ride. I told him to put some Avicii muisic on so he did. Waiting for Love my favorite song. One week later i was going to look up some avicii wallpapers for my phone and i see that Avicii was dead. Since that day on i have drawn the avicii logo on my wrist with an eyeliner and when i am older i will get the tattoo. I cry with Waiting for Love. AVICII FOREVER

  • from Zsolt

    My First festival party. 2013 Balaton Sound Hungary: I could be the onelevels and many more songs from you at the festival . Love your songs these days and forever:) R.I.P Avicii we never forget you!

  • from Marco

    Nos regalaste grandísimas canciones que nos han acompañado muchos años y lo seguirán haciendo durante generaciones. La cantidad de felicidad que transmitiste transmites y transmitirás a través de ellas son prueba de la injusticia de la vida al negártela a ti. Merecías más mucho más.

  • from Lisa from the netherlands

    Forever in our ❤️

  • from Ash

    Avicii avicii avicii what can I say? You honestly changed my life! Going though the hardest and darkest time in my life when ild shut myself off from all the people that cared about me and buried my head in the sand. It wasn’t till I started listening to your music everyday I gained the strength to sort myself out and get back on my feet! Your music speaks so many languages creates so many feelings and brings positivity out of all situations. I can’t discribe how much I miss you <3

  • from Angelo Vandebergh

    Gone but forever in our hearts! You and your music inspired me and will never be forgotten…

  • from Èric

    Simplemente indescribible

  • from @bariwii

    La primera vez que escuche a Tim fue por medio de la canción Bromance y su video del cura borracho. Genial. Después de eso nada fue igual. #RespectAvicii

  • from Stephanie

    I could be the one' helped me through the toughest time in my life… and realise it was okay… because I saw that girl in the video in me. I've never been happier than when listening to Avicii. I've never felt more whole. You are amazing Tim x

  • from Manon

    I’m still shockd by What happend rest in peace angel we miss you all verry verry mutch? also much love to your familie good Luck “I gotte lear how to love whitout you” sorry for My English i’m from Holland But I really need to say this all

  • from Amine

    I Can't believe that a shinning star like you left us thank you for you wonderful music I hope you're watching us from a sky full of stars <3 ! Amine from Morocco


    Mi familia no escucha música electrónica pero desde que escucharon la música de Avicii les encantó GRACIAS ❤️

  • from Amsterdam

    The best Dj/producer in the world .no one is better then you .you truly be missed .rest in peace ❤️

  • from

    Avicii is the reason I get to live my dream every single day of my life. If it were not for Levels the first EDM song I ever liked the song that inspired me to make electronic music I wouldn't have my career. I wouldn't have my friends and I wouldn't have the most satisfying thing in my life. Rest in peace Tim. You touched more people's lives than you'll ever know.

  • from Aki

    What we have lost with your death can't be explained by words… RIP

  • from Paulina Wrobel

    Gdansk Poland 2016 – my first EDM concert and still number 1. RIP Avicii …your music is eternal!

  • from Maggie

  • from Samuel L

    I hate my life but I love music. Your music brought me happinesses. I hope you are in a better place now.

  • from Anna

    RIP Avicii. Love you.

  • from Jur

    Scince my first school i was really into aviciis music. When i came home to have a break the first thing i did was turn on the mp3 with avicii music. I think i was about 8 then. Im now almost 14 and i still love his music. Rest in peace Tim <3

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