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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from ALW

    I first heard his art in a shopping mall I still remember that July when I was first introduced to Tim's music. To me his music was always more than a piece on the music board it was a reflection of mood and life. His music inspired me to challenge myself to do things that I never thought I will. He was an inspiration and hero who shined lights on people and we will always hold his gifts to us dear in our hearts. Your music will live on way beyond you brief but beautiful time with us.

  • from LZR

    偶然在youtube上打开你的MV,一首The Nights让我无限单曲循环。把我从无感,变成喜欢,逐渐到痴迷。始终记得你的忠告,做任何你想做的事情,活一段让世人记住无悔的人生。每当收到挫折,迷茫的时候都会很自然的打开这首歌,从新振作。 然而现实太不公平,正当我准备努力攒钱去看一次你的现场,16年却传出你隐退的信息。作为你的粉丝,虽然满是遗憾,但是却报以理解,繁重的巡演你的身体情况越来越差,可能却是是需要好好休息,你也确实应该好好体验生活做你想做的事。直到17年你的新专辑AVĪCI01推出,让我兴奋不已,仿佛看到你重回舞台的身影。 现如今希望彻底破灭,在这种事实的面前,人们总是难以接受。还有太多太多没有做到,对你满是遗憾,但还是要由衷的谢谢你。谢谢你领我进入这个神奇的圈子,谢谢你的歌在我低谷的时候重新让我振作,谢谢你曾经给予我的惊喜,谢谢你的那些忠告。 Thank you Avicii

  • from Ten


  • from niao

    Never forget you

  • from Diogo Jesus

    So wake me up when it's all over! 🙁 Rest in peace TIM. One day we will meet each other <3

  • from Dan

    Avicii's music always helped me when I was down. He made parties great. Your work will never be forgotten.

  • from Math

    Un esprit novateur et plein de créativité. Jamais les lives electro n'ont été aussi grandiose au Paradis. Merci pour tout Tom.

  • from

    El segueixo des del 2015 vaig tenir la sort de veurel i escoltar-lo un cop al BBF a Barcelona. Va ser una de les millors experiencies que he tingut (i segur

  • from Khadeer

    My day never starts without hearing the song "Waiting for love" what a incredible performer

  • from Alberto chavarria

    Siempre me acordare se ese dia en el Ushuaia donde te escuche por primera vez.

  • from Derek C. (Dek05)

    Avicii was my idol i hear his music every day. I discovered him searching the FIFA 15 soundtrack when I heard "The Nights" I wanted to search the author and when I heard his music for first time in 2014 (I fell in love with him) R.I.P

  • from Cecilia

    I just wanted to share my tribute to Tim (with pencil and watercolor) with you.

  • from Samuel

    Fue el mejor acompañamiento en los días mas oscuros. Sus canciones Blessed y Fade Into Darkness marcaron mi vida eran melodías tan mágicas que me hacían llorar siempre que tenía la oportunidad de colocarme mis audífonos. Verlo em vivo era siempre imitarlo tratar de recrear el air piano de Avicii era lo mejor para mi era el momento mas vivo y libre que podía sentir. Siempre me sorprendida y siempre será recordado como el que más tocó mi vida a través de su música. NO WE WONT FADE INTO DARKNESS

  • from Manami. Y


  • from Ryan Xiao

    I also remember when i am in middle school i have to prepare for the college entrance exam undering heavey pressure in a long period it's that time i met the song " Level " and avicii it encouraged me to keep an ambitious heart……i wish you rest in peace.

  • from Alessio Mattioli

    One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember. -Avicii-❤

  • from Bax

    I left my country to work abroad thanks to him… I was tired and bored about my life and then… I listened to THE DAYS and here I am… Living the life I will remember! Tak Tim follow your fans from the sky and I'm sure you found the peace over the rainbow. The World lost a genius but the Paradise earned an angel. Bye A V I C I I the Dj of the dreamers

  • from Genesis Geronimo

  • from Juan Alba


  • from Genesis Geonimo

    Hi Avicii You're the best DJ & Music Producer Ever from 2011-2018 Since Listen Levels I just to make party people Until Lonely Together so very nice. We miss and Happy 29th Birthday Tim! 🙁 No Heart Feelings!

  • from Steven

    Saw him for the first time in Bridgeport CT. He played many exclusive tracks. And super energy’

  • from Gregory

    I loved you so much

  • from Sebastian

    Never forget Tim

  • from Luca from Italy

    Avicii was an incredible artist a genius. A magician who has been able to mix electronic and melodic music like no one ever. I hope now you are in heaven to make dance and move with your fantastic music who is now gone. We will never forget you. Rest in Peace

  • from Gabriel Muro

    When I was like 8 y.o. I used to listen Hey Brother and sometime my brother joined me to sing this really beautiful piece of art. Everytime I was sad or depressed I used to listen Levels to get better. When I knew that Tim died I was really sad and to get better I played every song he made. Tim didn't left us he is with you with me and our memories are in his work not in his body. Release In Peace the best DJ of the past. ~Gabriel Muro

  • from Sandipan Chatterjee

    Genuinely so depressed when I heard that he is no more. May god rest his soul in peace.

  • from Claudia I.

    Ho iniziato ad ascoltare la tua musica nell'estate del 2013quando Wake me Up è diventata un vero tormentone. Il mio amore per questa canzone non è passato come le altre con la fine della bella stagione. L'ho ascoltata con insistenza ogni mattina mentre andavo a scuola per tutta la durata del liceo fino a sapere a memoria ogni singolo suono. Mi faceva e mi fa sentire felice. Viva. Malinconica. Ancora mi chiedo il significato per te di quelle parole. Love you forever Avicii. From Turin Italy.

  • from Nico Wesch


  • from Harry

    One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember legends never die RIP Tim

  • from Fasaam Nasrullah

    Back in 2012 when times were simple. Avicii was one of my only favourites that I used to listen to. I remember coming back from school and playing ‘fade into darkness’ on repeat on YouTube. I was young back then but now I truly understand what he was really trying to say through all his lyrics. It’s hard to believe you’re gone but you’ll always be remembered as one of the best musicians I ever knew of. RIP Avicii ❤️

  • from Vinnu

    We miss u Avicii Rest in peace legend Love and peace from India♥️??

  • from Zoey Croshaw

    I remember coming home from school lying down and listening to Avicii on repeat. Some of my hapiest memories thank you very much and rest in peace.

  • from A.

    You're will ever be in our hearts Tes chansons m'ont fait vibrer et des fois pleurer. Tu seras toujours dans nos coeurs Avicii

  • from Sohaib

    Avicii was the inspirational for all in Dance Music He will be forever called as “The Legend of EDM’. Will miss Tim not Avicii Avicii didn’t died his music will live long and the achievement fame which he have maded are endless. Without you fans are nothing. Miss you Avicii.

  • from Lover Kit

    TimI am ur fans from China.I love u forever ❤

  • from fanz

    Tim, We really miss you.Maybe the news you left was a joke.Howeverwe hope you can be happy.

  • from Cameron Jenkins

    I remember the first time I ever heard an Avicii song. I was in the car coming home from school and Levels came on back in 2011. From then Avicii quickly became my favourite artist. His performance at Tomorrowland 2012 is one of my favourite sets EVER. I was lucky enough to be to an Avicii concert before he retired back in 2016. He came to Belfast as his second last gig and I'm so glad I was able to witness a master at work. Truely a legend and an inspiration to millions.

  • from FIONA XIE

    i still remember that day i was in wireless festival with my besties in London. That was the first music festival i experienced in my life. unforgettable. you are the last performance of the main stage. everyone was waiting for you. when your music started to play the light turned on when you stand on the stage everything was amazing. i sinked in your music. that's the best moment in my life. . can't believe you left. this world was tough but you will live everyone's memory forever.

  • from Bartosz

    "Bromance" still remains in my memory as an icon of EDM. Tim Bergling is dead but Avicii will always remain alive in our hearts.

  • from Dapino

    Avicii con tú música tocaste muchas almas y alegraste muchos corazones; como el mío que siempre que las escucha se siente feliz. Aunque nunca asistí a un toque tuyo en vivo tú música hace parte de mi día a día. Una eternidad en paz feliz y tranquilo es mi deseo.

  • from Belgium


  • from MrLinkinPark

    I don‘t listen to music like this. But Avicii was someone special – for me. A metalhead listen to a DJ. Singing to songs like „Levels” or „Wake Me Up” in the car is still something different but also nice. – Spreed love everywhere –

  • from L.J.M

    I lost my mum 4 years ago the hardest most painful life experience I've ever had to go threw .. Avicii's music helped me threw .. his songs their words and meaning all help me not to go to a dark place…I still often sit with my earphones on if I feel low and just listen to him … you saved me .. music saved me … Avicii saved me .. forever Avicii xx

  • from Andrea

    Tim has always been such an important figure for me since i was at high school. His music has been important for my childhood and still reminds me of good old times. I miss him. I'll be forever thankful to him.

  • from kyle

    dont have emojis so this is the best i can do. cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face cry face

  • from Ashwani Sharma

    I love you Avicii.You are one of a kind. Your Music Speaks To me And Tell me to Live my life Completely without having any regrets. I hope now you are in a place where you have got the peace you always wanted.I Will Be on your Path. I Will carry your legacy.I will Inspire Millions Of People like you did.I pray to God Everyday that one day i will be like you.

  • from A

    u were not the rain u were the damn hurricane.

  • from Dora

    Tinédzser korom zenéid örökké a szívemben????

  • from Dhawal

    The world seems a bit empty without your musicIdol.❤️

  • from Daniel Jackson

  • from Luca

    La tua musica mi accompagna quasi ogni giorno ha toccato momenti molto diversi tra loro da quelli più intimi alle serate con gli amici non dimenticherò mai quello che hai donato a me alla mia vita ai miei amici. Il grande rimpianto per tutti noi è non aver potuto donare a te la gioia che tu hai donato a noi e te ne sei andato lasciando un vuoto incolmabile. Grazie Tim per quello che ci hai donato. Non ti scorderò mai. Luca Scalenghe TORINO (ITA)

  • from Zak

    Listening to old and new Avicii tracks on the way to/building up to festivals used to give me so many goosebumps now more so RIP one of the greatest producers that there will ever be

  • from Varga Alexandra

    HyI miss you so much!Rest is peace!I love you foreverLEGEND!❤❤❤❤❤❤ 2018.08.30

  • from Abir Maity

    "One day you leave this world behind so live a life you will remember"avicii?❤❤your music will always be remembered…. you are a legend and legends never die… you forever…..

  • from Luca B.

    Ti ringrazio per le emozioni perché quando io ancora oggi ascolto Sunshine Bromance Blessed Rapture Drowning Summertime I Could Be The One.. bè io mi commuovo ancora come un bambino dopo anni… non so perché ma solo la tua prima musica riesce a farmi questo effetto…. Odio essere banale ma mi dispiace troppo per non dire queste due parole.. sono davvero addolorato… continuo a non crederci… Ma sono fiero di essere vissuto nella tua epoca davvero ◢◤ Ciao Tim ?

  • from Luca B.

    Sei stato e sarai sempre Unico nella Dance elettronica perchè hai rivoluzionato la musica Progressive e dato spunti incredibili ad altri artisti.. Dire che sei stato il numero 1 è poco.. ma continuo a non volerci credere….. Il mio più grande rimpianto rimarrà per tutta la vita non averti mai potuto ascoltare dal vivo…

  • from Luca B.

    Non doveva finire cosi… non doveva… Tu che hai sempre messo la Musica davanti a tutto anche alla tua salute… Proprio qualche giorno prima che te ne andassi ho visto il documentario sulla tua storia e mi chiedevo se fosse davvero giusto mettere a rischio la propria vita procurandosi una grave pancreatite pur di stare su un palco per fare ciò che si ama.. tu lo hai fatto perchè la Musica è stata vita per te e i soldi non contavano poi cosi tanto..

  • from Helge

    du var et idol

  • from Riccardo

    He gave me some of the most beautiful moments of my life through his Music. Love him forever and he’ll never be forget!

  • from 你的粉丝

    记得第一次听你的歌的时候应该是在16年的3月份 刚开始还不适应这个类型的音乐 后来听了 levels ,wake me up waiting for love ,等等,开始喜欢上你的音乐,就在我还在等着AVICII(02)发布的时候,18年4月26号因为听了tobu刚发表的一首need u 才知道你去世了,当我得知这个消息的时候 我完全无法接受,你的歌都是那么的激励人心,怎么可能自杀,后来我看了avicii true stroies 我才开始真正的开始了解你所处的情况,真的很不幸 ,希望你在天堂也能编曲,做自己喜欢做的,无忧无虑 ,也很谢谢你所留下来的作品 这些都是你留给粉丝最宝贵的财富 R.I.P.Avicii

  • from shun miyamoto

    thanx my favorite DJ 初めてライブに行ったのがあなたの japanツアーでした。 その時の感動は言葉にできなかった。 そしてopのwith out youを聴いたら 涙が出てきました。 そんな感動を与えてくれたあなたが居ないなんて考えられないです。 けど現実を受け入れるしかない。 だから最後にこれだけ言わせて下さい。 本当にありがとう!! もし僕が天国に行ったらwakemeupをプレイして下さい!!

  • from Sarah

    je had goede muziek. Ik blijf voor altijd aan je denken.

  • from Luca B.

    Dear Tim.. you have never been fully understood probably as person you was a genius and not a simple musician.. Music was all for you even more important than your health.. I grew with your music I’m feeling really bad and I hope this is only a great joke.. “One day you’ll leave this world behind”… I’d have hoped that it wasn’t so soon.. You passed to the next Levels too early.. Thanks for the emotions Thanks for the feelings Thanks for the Music.. Thanks for all Tim ◢◤???

  • from Michael

    I remember listening to his music as a kid It was something about it that gave me so much joy. Truly a symbol for his generation.

  • from nicodeo55

    He was the first producer/dj that blew my mind with songs like bromance drowning levels rapture addicted to you… The first time I listened him I was young now he's gone and i'm old. I'm sad because he was the King of emotional musics and now I will cannot see him at a concert. RIP legend.

  • from James Kelly

    I'm still completely gutted about Avicii's death. Avicii inspired and still does inspire me to create amazing music. One day I hope to be as famous as him. Avicii will forever be my favourite musician.

  • from Vivien

    I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! R. I. P. ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Daniel Jackson

    ◢ ◤

  • from Daniel Jackson

    Avicii's music helped me through incredibly tough times. One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will forever. Avicii. 1989-2018

  • from Billy

    Tim le meilleur dj au monde tu aura bercé ma jeunesse avec tes sons et tes musiques je pleure toujours ta mort ça me rend carrément triste ? Repose en Paix ❤

  • from Luiza

    Gostaria de ter seguido nessa caminhada há mais tempo com você… Tim você mudou a minha vida. Espero que tenhas encontrado a paz que tanto sonhou ter durante seu curto trajeto em terra. Você sempre estará em meu coração e meus ouvidos. Obrigada pela sua arte pela sua música tenho certeza que a mesma jamais será esquecida. Você mudou uma geração você mudou o mundo de sua maneira… E eu sou profundamente grata por todas as suas letras elas viverão pra sempre em minha memória. Eu te amo!

  • from 云开心

    若有来生,只愿你快乐和幸福。 我很想你,Tim

  • from Haruno

    負けそうな時、The Days 悲しい時、Hope There’s Someone 挑戦する時、The Nights 切ない時、Lonly Together あなたを想う時、Heaven Thank you Avicii.RIP…

  • from Ferida

    Hey Brother we love you?

  • from Lorenzo

    Avicii was the best dj of its generation he was a genius. A huge star has been lost but will never be forgotten

  • from Robert Halliday

    Every single song he wrote when I here it it floods back a million memory’s! One true Artist and a treasure lost ??

  • from Maxime

    Thanks for your awesome stuff Tim. If I could even describe my perfect style of music I would describe yours. You brought me some hapiness in the most difficult times. I will never stop listening to your music.

  • from Eva McGuire

    To Tim's family: I am very sorry for your loss. I loved Tim's music and Levels is one of my favorite songs and always will be. Tim's search for answers to his existential questions is part of the reason I have an Instagram channel @asolischannel. Our posts treat these kinds of questions in the hopes that the next young Avicii could begin to find answers there.

  • from Mez

    Tu es et tu resteras irremplaçable ❤️ Le meilleur de tous … Merci pour ce que tu nous a apporté ?? Soit en paix

  • from Alba ( España )

    Espero puedas leer todo lo que te escribimos para que aunque sea tarde veas que aquí abajo sin conocerte has dejado un vació muy grande 🙁 Recuerdo el día que me hice "addicted to you" (2012 con Silhouettes) desde entonces has estado presente en momentos de amigas de soledad de pareja… recuerdo el día que mi marido me llamo para darme la noticia de tu triste final no sabia porque sentía una pena muy grande… brilla muy fuerte donde estés!!! desde aquí te recordaremos siempre.

  • from Sergio

    Soooo happy! Just purchased my ticket to the event!

  • from Thibaut

    I miss you so mutch Avicii. My dream was to see you in one of your concert but know that's impossible

  • from avicii


  • from Karthike

    Thanks for introducing me to the world of EDM.Your music has always given me happiness in life and will always create a smile on my face every time I listen to it. I wish you were with us for a longer time creating even better music.Your legacy and music will live on forever.Forever in our hearts.I love you KING ❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from rampa fen

    Kenyérlángos volt a vacsora máma eresztett pulykazsírral

  • from Francisco

    Ha Sido uno de los músicos que me a ayudado a aceptarme como soy y realmente sigo escuchando su música y cada vez que la escuché lo recordaré por qué era el mejor

  • from avicii

    Guess What?! I'm back!

  • from Fen

    A vagina illata számomra a csodával ér fel!

  • from Julia J

    How can you miss someone so terribly when you never met them? I'll miss you forever…

  • from keertana bhoopal

    My first ever live concert was Avicii here in Bangalore India. He was the sound to the 2000’s. He introduced our generation to EDM and it was the best ever. I’m 23 now and still feel like his Music lingers and will never die. Thank you for giving us happiness through your music. #RIP #Avicii. Miss you. This is my tribute to you.

  • from Sergio

    Everytime I listen to your music I feel something that I can't explain. Your legacy will be always with us. Rest in peace.

  • from Alex Stefanini

    I remember coming home from school only a couple of years ago and listening to his songs. ““Waiting For Love” was a favorite of mine. He is a timeless artist whose creation cannot be undermined by anyone.????

  • from Glenn 'Marc Valley' Meerten

    I'll always remember the first time I heard Levels. It blew my mind and inspired me to become a producer. Tim became my idol my inspiration. His music got me through some of the worst periods of my life. It has also been the soundtrack to one of the most beautiful moments as well. A week before his passing me and my fiance were driving to Disneyland where I was going to propose to her. On the trip we were signing to all his albums out loud. It some how gave me courage . Thank you Tim.

  • from Chasemesun

    Tu música es un himno para nuestras vidas. Descansa en paz Tim. ?

  • from Javi

    Gracias a ti me enamoré del EDM y me alegraste los días con tus melodías en mis peores y mejores momentos. Te echamos mucho de menos hermano tu música siempre será recordada y celebrada!!!! Miss you man you will always be loved!!!! ???

  • from Kurdi Máté

    I really love him because i think he was the best DJ. We never forget him. Rest in Peace AVICII………………… Without you everything is bad. So wake me up when its all over :'(

  • from Irval

    We miss you ?

  • from Sandra P.

    Hola desde españa quiero transmitir mi tristeza. La musica de avicii no era solo musica era esa sensacion que te entraba en las venas y recoria todo tu cuerpo. Era alucinante. Ahora cuando las escucho van directas al corazon y es imposible no recordar la tristeza de que Ya no esta. Te queremos avicii.

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