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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Tiina (Lapland)

    Thank you Avicii for all the remarkable moments we have shared with your music

  • from Vilma from finland aviciier from the heart❤️

    i don’t know where to start this… first time i heard levels i thought it is annoying song because it was everywhere.. but 2013 i found your music again when i had really hard time… i listened to your songs all day long drawing your pictures. I have grown up so much with your music. You were my hero through the hard times. When i saw you live et weekend festival it was one of the best moments of my life. Your awesome writings and sounds are always in my head and i will never forget you. ❤️

  • from amrit from Singapore ?

    I'm so lost for words right now. You were too special for this world your music sounded and felt like magic even during my darkest days. Your music helped me in ways beyond my explanation and I cannot thank you enough for that. I shall remember you for as long as I live and I’ll keep you and your music in my heart forever. thank you for your music ◢ ◤ I love u ΛVICII ♥️

  • from こなみ


  • from Ritz

    Oh dear boy I wanna follow you You're a wild boy I am a wild girl too Oh dear boy it's so hollow without you In a world with everything but it won't do Thank you for your music Avicii ♥️

  • from Ashkay

    Thanks Tim. You’re the reason i starting producing music. You’ve been nothing but an inspiration to me and my mates. So glad I saw you live in Mumbai 2013. Thanks for everything again ??

  • from A.Kaur from Singapore ??

    I'm so lost for words right now. You were too special for this world your music sounded and felt like magic even during my darkest days. Your music helped me in ways beyond my explanation and I cannot thank you enough for that. I shall remember you for as long as I live and I’ll keep you and your music in my heart forever. I love you ΛVICII ♥️ Thank you Tim Bergling / Avicii ◢ ◤

  • from Manish Paliwal

    You will always be remembered


    I'm a small music Producer from India and today I am making music because of Tim he inspired me to do that . He is one of the best music composer . I still can't believe he is gone . I discovered he back is 2014 and since then I am addicted to his music he melodies were beyond beautiful I listen to Avicii each and every day love you so much TIM .

  • from NMLR

    The music of avicii is why I made music more love Avicii Forever

  • from Luna

    Tim there’s no day i don’t thinking about you since you’re gone. I even not a big fan of yours! But you know Tim when i heard that news my heart felt so loss. Like i’m losing someone who really close to me. It’s weird because i even not know you physically before i only admiring your music since 13 years old. Every day when i looked up to the night sky i always thinking that the brightest star is yours. Tim i miss you so much. Words never enough to fill this ‘story of love’.

  • from Lunar

    Dear Tim In 2016 I became a fan and knew you are a diamond. Your music lifts me up. When I was burning the midnight oil 'Broken Arrows' stayed with me. When my brother was away 'Hey Brother' was with me. When I found life miserable 'The Nights' told me to follow my heart . And much more. Since then I always wish to say thank you to you Tim. You chose to be Avicii to bring us joy. Now my way to say thank you is to live a life I will remember and feel every note of your song with my heart.

  • from Yuka

    Hi ! I’m from Japan ! When I first heard his song was Nicktim . It attracted me so much and I listen to his music ever since ! I was really keen to experience his shows in person . I was not big on traveling abroad but now it’s my game ! I’ve met so many nice ppl all over the world through my music journey with his music! It was fabulous! Memories forever . Your music is precious for all the time !! #MyAdventurestoAviciifromJapan Never ends ! I love Avicii <333

  • from Mae

    Fell inlove 1st w/ his song WM Up but i never really cared for the singer nonetheless the producer of any song i listen to also im specific to any genre so when i heard the news about his death I was like who is he again? I've researched more and watched his docu i was shocked to realize I Do LISTEN to his songs way before then and it broke my heart cos i feel like it's already too late to be a fan and show support. His melodies are timeless my faves are the songs from Stories and Seek B.

  • from NAN

    ???Rest in Paradise Legend???

  • from NAN

    From NAN ??? Rest in Paradise Legend ???

  • from Vanessa

    started to listen his music when he names himself as Tim Berling. Tim brought me into progressive house world when i was 14 and now im 25. i would say im one of his super big fans from hong kong. i made my 1st tattoo – "these are the days we wont forget" for reminding myself that i believe Tim will always in my mind n my heart! Im planning to visit sweden for giving Tim flowers in 2019. For me you are not AVICII. You are DJ Tim Berling! Thank you with you. Miss you forever!

  • from Saatchin Dev

    Still can't believe that you're actually gone. You've moved alot of us through your music and vision. Still remember mixing a version of wake me up to use it for my presentation in college. Still remember downloading 'stories when I was at sea and it took me 3 days cos I have the shittiest internet ever. You're the reason why most producers use FL studio. Everyone wanted to be you. Surely you have inspired all of us and made an impact in our lives like you wanted. You're in a better place now. I

  • from Touma

    I miss so much??

  • from Fuka

    2 years ago I went to your live in JapanOsaka. A heavy cloud spreading throughout the sky on that day the rain was falling apart. I clearly remember the moment you took on stage with Without you. At that time I had forgotten bad weather. The songs you make crazy people and made people smile. Your songs are amazing. I have the power to move people. I wanted to see your live once more. I love you foreverAvicii.❤️ ありがとうアヴィーチー あなたはずっと私の憧れの存在です。 大好きです。 from Japan.

  • from SAKI

    Wake me upで初めて知って、それからずっとファン。LIVEも何回も応募して、何回もキャンセルになって、あのときやっと日本で彼のパフォーマンスが見れた時、涙が本当に止まらなかった。うれしさと、LIVEが見れなくなることへの悲しさで。それからも、毎月のFMの配信も本当に楽しみだったし、新しいアルバムも嬉しかった。この10年、彼の音楽は私の人生に寄り添って、励ましてくれた。早すぎる死は本当にひどいと思うし、信じられないことなんだけれど、 ありがとうの感謝をめいっぱい伝えたい。AVICIIの知らないところで、全く知らない人間があなたの音楽で救われたんだってことを、伝えたい。

  • from Fuka

    2 years ago I went to your live in Osaka.A heavy cloud spreading throughout the sky on that day the rain was falling apart. I clearly remember the moment you took on stage with Without you. At that time I had forgotten bad weather. The songs you make crazy people and made people smile. Your songs are amazing. I have the power to move people. I wanted to see your live once more. I love you foreverAvicii.❤️ ありがとうアヴィーチー あなたはずっと私の憧れの存在です。 大好きです。 from Japan.

  • from Nastya

    Avicii help me to go through a really hard time in my life. His music taught me a lot important things and I'll be always grateful for that. Thank you Tim.

  • from gibier.J



    I love his music! True BelieverSunset JesusTroubleGonna Love Ya… Even if it was not a famous song it was only a tremendously moved heartbreak! I was really looking forward to his unreleased song… My youth was with avicii! avicii is in my heart forever! Thank you Tim. Gonna love ya!

  • from Aya .t

    I love avicii his songs his all. Thank you so much. I don't never forget avicii. ◢ ◤ from JAPAN ??

  • from soochee

    When i was listening to Without You in 10 Aug 2017 my first feeling was how if Avicii left us one day how can i live my life without Avicii. Never image that this day come so fast. What i learned from your passed away is that the hardest thing in this world is finding inner peace. Avicii i hope you found it now. Love you. Miss you.

  • from Mario Mussio

    Tim puedo decir que fué por ti que amo y conozco la música electrónica tus canciones son inspiración y una vía de escape de éste complicado mundo en que vivimos. Personalmente lamento que tu vida se haya interrumpido de manera tan abrupta y solo espero que hayas encontrado la paz que anhelabas tener. AVICII gracias por haber hecho más alegres nuestras vidas. Ten por seguro que quienes disfrutamos de tus melodías te recordaremos y te tendremos presente hasta el último de nuestros días.

  • from Kylie

    “One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember…” thank you for being a daily reminder to find joy in the little things love openly and be kind. I imagine all of these things were how you lived your life. Rest In Peace Tim. You may not have been known fully by many but you were so loved.

  • from Matt Suda

    Thank you Tim for making amazing music. Several of my most played songs are Avicii songs. Your songs have brought me joy over the years while at home and while driving. My favorite song is "The Days".

  • from Katie

    Dear Tim Thank you for your music. It helps me smile during times when I feel like happiness is light years away. It fills the air with warmth and kindness and joy even when the days are cold and dreary. It helps me to not feel so alone when I am sad. I somehow feel a very real and deep and unique connection to you through your music that I can't explain but will cherish for the rest of time.

  • from Jarrett

    I wish I got to you understand all of your music.Your music has inspired me and get me through tough times.In February of 2019 I’m going to sing “without you”.Thank you for your music.May you rest in piece .?

  • from Matias

    Empece a escuchar a Avicii desde que estaba en la escuela. Todo empezo con Levels la cancion que me introdujo al EDM. Gracias a esta leyenda sus canciones sus melodias son una gran inspiracion para toda la gente ademas que cada vez que escucho cada track de Tim se puede sentir todo el esfuerzo que le puso para producirlas. Te da una sensacion de felicidad y calma hace que todo lo malo del dia se vaya de una forma increible. Tim siempre sera una leyenda y vivira en nosotros. Descansa en paz

  • from Franco Cortez

    Fue un día de sentimientos encontrados cuando nuestro querido Tim dejó este lugar lugar en el cual siempre perdurará su trabajo. Al igual que para muchos Avicii fue una gran inspiración para mí su manera de transmitir multiples sensaciones con su música es algo único. Ningún track decepcionaba todo lo contrario cada vez hacía algo nuevo… algo mejor. Todo lo que fue Avicii fue suficiente inspiración para ayudarme a seguir este camino sin fin de puro amor por la música electrónica. Gracias!

  • from Diane

    There are not enough words to describe what Tim meant to me and continues to mean to me. In spite of his human flaws he was still a beautiful angel walking this earth. I cannot say that about anyone else. There was just something about him that made you realize that he was so incredibly special. There will never EVER be anyone who even comes close. When we lost Tim we lost the very BEST. ?

  • from Karly

    Cuando escuche a Avicii por primera vez tenia 14 años todo empezó con All You Need is Love saben! no me iba tan bien en el Colegio y no se diga en la casa… sin expectativas sin sueños atravesando Bullyng sin nada apareció "Days" Dios Avicii se volvió un sueño mas que eso una motivación una esperanza el desear solo escuchar su música me impulsaron a seguir a ver que si "Amor en esta vida nunca abra obstáculo que pueda ser vencido" gracias por eso Tim siempre estarás en mi corazón!

  • from Curtis M

    As I began to introduce myself into the genre of EDM this wonderful man was consistently an artist I could enjoy. As my tastes for certain subgenres fluctuated the entire time I could always go back to Avicii if I needed to. It takes a strong will and a lot of determination to get to a point in life where you succeed and have an impact on other people's lives. The impact Avicii had on people is like none other that I've ever seen. R.I.P. to this legend ❤️

  • from Arielle New York

    I wasnt just a fan of Avicii i was a fan of TIM! The man behind the watch his interviews and behind the scene footage and videos and you could truly see all the devotion poured into every project he did. I will forever be your biggest fan. Finding out the news that you had past was gut wrenching but you will ALWAYS be alive to me through your music. I hope you knew how loved you were by so many throughout the world. You changed my life forever. May you rest in the sweetest peace.

  • from ItzPup

    I remember when I first started listening to Avicii's music. It was when I heard a remix of his song 'Without You'. He then got me loving his music. Because of that he was like a inspiration. I got hooked onto EDM music and I would listen to his songs on loop for hours. When I heard of his passing I was shocked. I didn't think he would pass at such a young age. Blessings and prayers go Tim's family. God bless.

  • from Alexa ◢◤

    Thanks to your music I met a wonderful person your music made my life better and you do not know how grateful I am with fate to hear that track you made with Madonna or the one who listens in that cinema without knowing that you were the genius of those melodies . every single song makes me feel happy .Yo u are my shining star in the sky .I promise you that I will live a life that I can remember <3◢◤ thanks for your music Tim I love you forever .

  • from Lilly G

    Trying to put into words what you've done for me these last 5 years is impossible so i'll start here. Thank you for helping through the dark times and enhancing the good ones. Making me feel happiness. You were one of a kind and there will never be anything to ever replace you or your music. Its crazy how you've impacted my life and Im eternally grateful that you shared your art with the world. You showed me how to appreciate life in new ways and have in forever changed me. I love you Tim.

  • from Wendy S.T.N.

    I fell in love with Avicii around the time when I was starting freshmen year in HS. All the changes happening at once gave me so much anxiety. However whenever I'd listen to Avicii's music it's like for one moment all that was behind me and I could breathe again. I'd listen to "wake me up" every morning to start my day. I'd watch the music video while attempting to draw his signature triangles on my wrest. I knew he was unlike any artist in the industry I will always hold you in my heart Avicii

  • from Kyle A.

    Thank you for improving my quality of life and so many othersTim. I thank you for the music you made and the souls you helped. I love you and I know that I’ll see you one day in Heaven.

  • from Emma

    Avicii will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace Tim Bergling. ❤

  • from Ricardo Segura

    Recuerdo cuando escuche por primera vez a Tim fue algo mágico el hizo que me enamorara de la música se convirtió en mi más grande ídolo cada canción de Tim son cientos de recuerdos mágicos cambio mi vida por completo aprendí mucho de el y lo seguiré haciendo me inspira a hacer cosas grandes todas en su honor descansa en paz donde quiera que estés. Tus fans te amamos y extrañamos.

  • from Kathryn

    At the age of 18 I was in a life-changing car crash. At 19 I lost my best friend to terminal cancer. At 20 I found Tim's music. I am now 26. The music helped guide me through my 20s. The music was always there to pick me up on my rock bottom days and help me soar on good days. Looking back it was the most consistent thing. I was recently cheated on and here I am again…my heart is being patched up by his music. I credit Tim for strengthening me. For molding me into the person I am today. <3

  • from Marco Garcia/DJMag

    Avicii changed my life with his music he saved my life from music when I was going through a tough time I was listening to his newest song “without you” and omg that song brought me to the best of my days. When I heard about his passing I listened to his music and cried along. It was so heart breaking. I have always wanted to get a tattoo and I was just gonna get music symbols for my first tattoo but instead I’m going to get Avicii’s symbol tattoo on me. I love you Avicii and thank you!!! ??

  • from Ambar

    Tim you are the most beautiful angel in the whole world. When I was 14. The first songs I listen to on the radio were Wake me up and I could be the one. Later I started to become a big fan of you since 2014 and so on… Your songs were amazing and masterpiece. It keeps me concentrate on my own stuff and gives me positive thoughts as well. I hope you find your peace in heaven and I will never forget you! I love you Tim or Avicii! God bless you and Thank You!?◢ ◤ #aviciiforever

  • from David Nguyen

    2011 VELD Canada Will always remember that day when you played. Thank you for all your music you've given us. R.I.P. Avicii

  • from Angel

    Your songs made me and my brother really happyi remember singing your songs in my brothers car and having a really good time with himi will always remember youyou made me happy and you inspired me to start DJing.Thanks for everything RIP

  • from Pedro Glvn

    Eres y seras la mas grande inspiración no solo dejaste una huella en mi corazón me permitiste crecer como persona y como fan hasta el día de hoy te sigo llorando y lo seguiré haciendo el tiempo que sea con tal de que tu recuerdo jamas se olvide tu sonrisa era una de mis mas grandes inspiraciones te quiero mucho Tim y gracias a tu podre vivir una vida que podre recordar.

  • from Jacob

    Jag minns första gången jag hörde Seek Bromance det ändrade hela livet för mig. En av mina favorit låtar genom tiderna som startade en lång kärlek med elektronisk musik som Tim var en otrolig stor del av. Hans minne och musik kommer alltid leva vidare!

  • from ravin shah

    avicii was the first edm artist i ever had the pleasure of seeing. it was captivating emotional exciting and i've been hooked on dance music ever since. he was truly an inspiration and changed the world for the better. i hope you're in a better place tim. i love you man.

  • from Love from M

    Avicii symbolizes my youth and freedom. His music made me feel alive in so many ways and until today his music still touches my heart. I saw him live in XS when I went to Vegas in the summer of 2014. When he came on and played Levels as cliche as it sounds I will never forget the reaction he gave to us crowds. It was just epic. That was also the best summer of life. I will never forget. Thank you Tim. You will always be remembered in our hearts and your music will definitely live forever.

  • from Lil B

    Thanks for being my first live EDM experience at EDC 2011 in Las Vegas. That was the most pivotal night of my life as I decided that I wanted to become a DJ/Producer after that night. I appreciate all the music you've put out and the life you've lived you still affect my life to this day. Thanks Tim!

  • from Katie

    True kept me company on a 5000 mile road trip I took in 2014 during one of the hardest times in my life. It meant a lot to me then and it means more to me now. I think of Tim often and I'm so grateful for the beauty he shared with us. Thanks Tim.

  • from Mili echeverria

    I’ve wanted to get a tattoo since i first heard The Nights. Thanks to that song me and my father became closer and we both love singing it. When i heard you had passed away I immediately got a tattoo saying “live a life you will remember” because that’s what you told me Tim. You’ll be forever on my skin and my heart. Thanks for leaving a mark on my teenage years?

  • from will

    ayer llore escuchandote como lo hago cada ves que te recuerdo estaba muy ilusionado antes de tu partida y contigo se fue una parte de mi. Quiza nadie nunca lea esto pero debias saber que hay noches en las que quisiera ir al infierno para verte mientras suenan en mi cabeza las canciones que nunca terminaste.

  • from Tino

    Tim siempre fuiste para mí una de las personas que yo veía y veré como ejemplo cada cosa que realizabas lo hacías como ningúna otra persona lo sabe hacer lo cuál lo transmitias atraves de lo que mejor sabías y amabas hacer la música cosa que para mí fue no solo fue "música" si no algo que me da motivación en cada día de mi vida Tim simpre te veré como un gran amigo y una gran persona que siempre dió lo mejor de sí mismo. Gracias por tanto! ◢◤

  • from Mili Echeverria

    I have soooo many memories with his songs that i could write forever. But definitely my favorite one is when in this new year party we listened The Nights with my friends and we sang it so loud under the stars. I’ll forever remember that moment?

  • from Manny

    Avicii you were the goat and always stayed true. Thank you for the energy you gave and rest easy.

  • from Julian from LA

    Thank you for reminding me to “LIVE A LIFE YOU’LL REMEMBER” Rest in paradise Tim.

  • from Cayley

    In a world where ppl stop believing in hope God Jesus love and help Tim was an angel that brought the world closer to God and Jesus bc his non-judgemental lyrics joyful & inspiring songs resonated & showed what the Lord meant 4 the world: hope love inspiration & comfort. He truly brought a world lost from religion a message that reminded them God was there & loved them anywhere anyway no matter what. Bless you Tim I wish I'd known you

  • from Cayley

    Tim created music that inspired millions & encouraged others going through difficulties/challenges. Sadly I wished I'd known Tim personally bc the sadness questions fear loneliness isolation etc. that he felt was something most feel. His music creativity inspiration & also "human responses 2 stardom fame perfection etc." R challenges many famous people & perfectionists face. I've never been so sad & would've sent him fanmail & said how God & Jesus brought him 2 reflect joy 2 the world

  • from Yoshua Salvador LG

    Sin duda tu obra ha estado presente en los mejores días de mi vida. Tú y tu música estarán siempre en mí la llevaré hasta mi muerte probablemente. Algo es aún más seguro aprendí en aquellas letras que la vida se debe disfrutar al máximo: #SoLiveALifeYouWillRemember.

  • from Marce

    Avicii volaste tan alto que ya no pudiste regresar nos dejaste tu musica no hay dia en que no te recuerde el mejor de los mejores….

  • from Rafael Lebre

    Tim was one of the first artists to introduce me to EDM so it'll always be special to hear Levels

  • from Jonny Newton

    Avicii made me fall in love with dance music. His melodies will never stop playing in my head. R.I.P.

  • from Yessica

    Now it is easier to live from the past Because living this present is not easy without you never imagine a future in which you were not in spite of the signs despite the unconscious that very quotient told me that this would happen I did not want to accept it because that way I wanted one of my strongest reasons to dream and live to vanish in this way I just want to live from the past where you were still Tim ?

  • from Diego M

    Tim was for me a true genius I am and will always be so obsessed with his music. He was like no other musician I've ever known. Literally every friend of mine has told me that they think of me when they hear one of Avicii's tunes and that's because I'm a person who's listening to Avicii every single day the effect his songs cause in me is like no other that is the reason why him and his music will always be so special for me. Thank you Tim you had a great impact in my life

  • from Ariel F

    Avicii your music was so powerful and so soulful. I had friends whod say eh edm? Whack stuff and id throw a track on of yours and they had no more adversity. Seek Bromance has brought me to tears giving me memories ive had with that song being significant. Many people live on because of your contribution and for that im forever grateful. See you on the other side.

  • from Anna P (New York USA)

    Tim was one in a million as an artist and as a person. His music is a reflection of his beautiful soul. He was not doing it for the money and fame. He was a genuine and humble person full of light and childlike wonder in his eyes. I wish I had a chance to know him as a person. I am deeply sadened that he did not see another way out. My heart goes out to Tim’s family and friends! Tim thank you for all the countless ways your music touched so many people! Vi kommer sakna dig väldigt mycket.

  • from Diogo

    miss u so much!! Thank you for all! your music will live on forever! legend myth genius!

  • from Rosé Valen

    I had so many things to tell you… To start all this years that you were by my side (Not in flesh and blood) you made me so good you taught me so many life lessons you taught me not to give up with anybody to believe in real love to be patient and to have solidarity. There's no way to thank you all of that and more you are the best person that I've ever met in these years you're my angel my hope and I assure you that you will be for ever.

  • from Lautaro

    Tim gracias por tus canciones me ayudaste mucho mi vida no se que seria sin todo lo que aprendi gracias a ti cuando me entere ese 20 de Abril lo que paso fue un dia muy triste y saber que ya no estaras me pone muy mal tu música siempre se escuchara y siempre vas a estar en nuestros corazones de todos los que te amamos nunca seras olvidado espero ese dia en el que salgan las canciones que estabas terminando eres mi DJ favorito gracias por todo Tim. Tim Bergling – Avicii 1989 – 2018 ◢ ◤❤

  • from Sebastian Koniecek

    Hey man you'll never who I am but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me all the great times. I've met some of my best friends in university (feels almost a life time ago) and we danced to your music all night at all the house parties/clubs and events. I'll never forget what you have done for me on a personal level and your music meant a lot to me. You're one of the few DJs/producers I actually saw live because I resonated with your music so much. RIP Buddy.

  • from Marco [SOM6B]

    I first discovered Tim in his song "Wake me Up". Aftee lsitening it for the first time I couldn't get enough and I used to sing every single time I listened to it on the radio. It really changed me. Rest in peace Avicii. Your music will live on in history

  • from Rocio

    Te conocí con Fade Into Darkness y desde ese día no paro de escucharla. Soy feliz cada vez que escucho una de tus canciones tus letras y tus melodías son lo mejor que me pasó. Estaba destruida el día que me enteré de tu muerte no paré de llorar quería que fuera una broma. Solo deseo que por fin hayas encontrado la paz que buscabas. Te extrañamos mucho siempre en nuestros corazones ❤️◢ ◤

  • from Mike B. from Costa Rica

    Tusand tack for din musik Tim. Vi alskar dig. I played your Essential Mix a lot when it came out on BBC and one of my favourite tracks from you is Seek Bromance. I loved how you were not afraid to experiment with other genres of music and styles from bluegrass to singers like Billie Joe Armstrong. Now Eric Clapton is writing a tribute to you. You may be physically gone but your legacy will forever remain.

  • from José Hernández

    Tim or Avicii as we know him was a great inspiration to all of us to me he was the artist who inspired me and millions to make music for the passion the world could see who he was through his music and he will forever be in my heart mind and songs rest in peace Tim. ? – JHSky

  • from Diane

    Tim I always loved your music but felt guilty that I never wanted to attend one of your shows. Why? Because that massive crowd craziness was not my “thing.” YOU and your incredible MUSIC was what I loved. Later as it turned out we found out that the shows weren’t really YOUR “thing” either. It would have been a blessing however to have met you in person to express my deep appreciation. For everything. Thank you Tim. Love to you forever. ?

  • from Santiago Luna

    I wish I had could tell you how much you changed my life I don't know what would I be if I wouldn't searched that song from FIFA 15 soundtrack called "The Nights" by a guy named "Avicii". You inspired me in many different ways and I'm so grateful for that you gave me a dream to fight for. I won't never forget you your music makes me so happy and gives me hope and strenght to face my problems and move on. Love so you much Tim ◢ ◤

  • from MF

    Te celebraremos y recordaremos por el resto de nuestros días. Tu música tan única que encapsula tantos recuerdos y sentimientos. No ha habido un solo dia en el que no escuche una canción tuya. Gracias por la inspiración momentos emociones… gracias a la vida por haber vivido en la época de tu música. Gracias Tim para siempre Avicii. (desde Guatemala C.A)

  • from Andrés Aguilar

    Tim hace varios años escuche una cancion tuya “silhouettes” desde ese entonces me adentré en la música electrónica y sobretodo en tu musica que de alguna manera me llega a alegrar cuando no estoy bien. Tu musica me hace muy feliz en pocas palabras. Eres un ejemplo de superación y siempre lo serás para mi y para muchos Espero que puedan salir las canciones que estuviste haciendo para nosotros #ripavicii ◢ ◤

  • from Ximena (avicii.mex)

    Te conocí en 2011 mientras veía el video de “Levels” en televisión. He venido siguiendo tu carrera y estoy orgullosa por lo que lograste en poco tiempo. Cuando me enteré ese viernes 20 de abril…se me partió el corazón al saber que no era una broma. No entendía porque lo habías hecho hasta que reflexioné y por fin pude ver todo lo que sufrías. Siempre te voy a querer y estarás en una parte de mí ❤️ Serás mi DJ favorito por siempre. Te extraño pero estás en un mejor lugar ❤️?? ◢ ◤

  • from Ali R

    Visionaries come and go but their craft is everlasting. You were and always will be one of the greatest artist to have ever lived. I'll remember your music in all of the finest hours of my life. See you on the other side. Rest in Peace.

  • from Dakota R.

    Got this tattoo 2 days after Avicii passed away. My first tattoo and I feel it was appropriate for me to get this since he had such a positive impact on my life. You will always be remembered. R.I.P

  • from Karla Lizeth Aldama Pineda

    I remember the first time I heardI was 11 or 12 years old. I loved your songs since I heard them that mixture of acoustic and synthetic sounds seemed to me the coolest combination I could hear. And when I started reading your lyrics .. Wow it was just something wonderful what everyone wants to transmit from the first symphony of that beautiful song to the last note.I will always remember you as a shy person and full of so much life and charisma. we will always be faithful to you no matter what

  • from Cony from Honduran

    dear tim. I will start by saying that I have a lot to say but right now I just want you to know you changed my life with your music and you changed it with your death you are really missed in this world. world that did not deserve a soul as sensitive and beautiful as yours I hope to be able to do and know Sweden one day to feel closer to you. and I know that one day I'll see you in heaven.

  • from Carlos E. Rodriguez

    Sinceramente cuando me di cuenta de la noticia de su fallecimiento llore amargamente y hasta el dia de hoy 24 de Agosto del 2018 lo sigo haciendo el era mi DJ Favorito bueno lo seguira siendo para siempre pero bueno que le vamos hacer ahora solo queda honrarlo y seguir escuchando su musica para Recordarlo TIM FOREVER <3

  • from Edgar Fernandez

    Dear Boy. Tim Eras una gran persona sigo sin creer que te hayas ido desde que conozco tu música no deje de seguirte después de tu retiro esperaba que regresaras a los escenarios en especial a Mexico esperaba con ansías nuevas melodías pero muchos cambiaríamos muchas cosas para que estuvieras con nosotros de regreso me encantaría que esto fuera un sueño…. despertar cuando todo esto haya terminado…. Te extrañamos y te amamos Tim

  • from N/NYC

    Wish you were here. Wish that freaking Friday 4 mnths ago you can read perhaps things would be all different. Deep in side I know they wouldn’t. Wish you surrounded your self with those that will and always made sure even in the worst case when you wondered in “hope there’s someone” Am much older then you but feel like I lost family member. Thanks to family for giving opportunity. Hope you stay well and find strength every single day. Tim we all ❤️ You. Pls don’t worry and rest your head❤️.

  • from Maurice G.

    It was 2009 I think. I'd just started listening to EDM and Avicii was my favorite Producer/DJ at the time. I was looking for ID's while I was in vacations in Saint Kitts and remember crystal clear the moment I heard Salem Al Fakir voice in an ID that would later be known as Sillhouttes. Goosebumps right from the start played it on repeat for the whole trip. Everytime I listen to it I get so much happy vibes. I cant start a trip without listening to the song it became a traditition. RIP Tim.

  • from Alex

    Loved his music ever since I heard it. Got me into EDM introduced a whole new culture. Thank you Avicii!

  • from Gavin

    I knew from the first time hearing Levels that Tim was something special. His music always left me wondering how someone could be so talented. I've never heard a bad Avicii song. I remember the day Stories came out how I listened to it non-stop for hours and weeks later. True was also a masterpiece. Easily one of the most underrated and best musical albums ever made. I'm so sad that Tim couldn't beat his demons. I hope he knows that his music will never die. Thank you Tim. For everything. ◢ ◤

  • from Manuel

    Greatest of all time rest easy Tim!

  • from Caio Pamponét Lucas

    Avicii i listen to 'Levels' when I was 10 years old and I simply loved that song <3. Your style is very unique and you will be alive forever!!! Today and always I see how much you transmitted the soul to your tracks must be why they are so good and will be eternalized. Your melodies drops lyrics transmit to me a whirlwind of emotions. Thank you for everything you made for us for the world… YOU WILL BE WITH US FOREVER <3

  • from Alex

    Avicii introduced me to the realm of EDM. I often think about you and the impact you had on me and the rest of the world and you've often played in the background of many sleepless nights. Sleep peacefullyTim.

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