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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Julia

    du har varit en s fin person o gjort s mycket flr 2000-talets musik historia ! du kommer alltid finnas i vra hjrtan lskade avicii <3

  • from Strawberry❤?

    where do I start…You are so marvelous. you gave me strength on difficult days. when I was sad I just listened to the "Hey Brother" and I was feel better…I owe you a lotif you are not I would not be who I am now. I am really grateful for you. Thank you for everything. I forever love you❤

  • from Maria Alice Barbosa

    Oi Tim tudo bem com voce? Espero muito que voce tenha encontrado a paz. Sinto sua falta te amo muito. Te conheci quando minha tia estava escutando Wake me up achei aquela musica incrivel logo eu conheci tambem Hey Brother sim eu me apaixonei por suas musicas sao incriveis. Voce sempre ficara em minha memoria nunca te esquecerei marcou minha vida. I Love U and I miss U Tim. Nerve be alone. <3 From te Brazil.

  • from Arwa M.

    I knew him Early 2012 his impact with his musical passion and rare talent with his sweet gentle personality made him unforgettable. Tim Bergling you’re forever alive with us and you will always be dearly loved and missed.

  • from DD

    I remember when I snuck into a club where you had a very intimate and private party with your friends as I pretended to be a famous music-journalist. Good times! Your music brings good memories from '09-'10

  • from Pappabäng

    Avicii made a huge impact on the world.

  • from Annika

    Fantastisk musik o han verkade vara en fin människa. Arbetar på MIND som vill stötta o förhindra självmord. Sänder kärlek till familjen. Sett filmen om honom o den var väldigt utlämnande o öppen.

  • from Natasha

    “He said one day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember” and surely you did. Your music will live on forever thank you for everything Tim.

  • from Julia

    You will forever live on through your music.I still can't believe that you are not with us?…such a beautiful soul not just a Dj. I'm so greatful because you had done a lot for this world.Your music is a real magic it inspires/inspired and will inspire many people all around the world?❤You will forever be missed and never forgotten??❤Love You Angel❤✨

  • from Romina K.

    You never get bored listening to Avicii's music no matter how many times you've listen to it or how old a song might be. The day he passed away it was my birthday and one of the saddest days ever it felt like I've lost someone of my family. He has left to me the impression of an wonderful human being behind the one of a kind artist. Thank you Tim for always making me feel better and hopeful through your music. May you rest in peace! We'll definitely meet on the other side.

  • from Sophie (one of the billion unfamilliar Tim's fans)

    Dear Avicii | Tim I never had the chance to meet you in person but every song of you was like a piece of your character! You were the most humble and hardworking artist . Some people are gonna say '' You never meet him how do you know him" .Believe me your songs reflect your warm heart. You manage every single day to make me feel stonger and confident.. Call it magic or better Avicii's magic! For me you never gone you are still making music secretly . I know it ! THANKS LEGEND . Sophie

  • from Katherine

    I have been a fan of Tim since 2012. His music literally changed my life. Within a year he noticed me many times on Instagram. My biggest dream was to meet him and thank him for everything he had done. His music has helped me through my darkest times. He was truly the greatest. A legend. His music will live forever. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness in my life. I miss you so so much Tim. I will always love you. ♥️

  • from Shweta

    Heart cries to know that you're not here anymore but the melodies that you made are there and forever will be to remind that yeah! your presence can still be felt and you'll always live in our hearts and memories. ??

  • from JuanFer Almendares

    He came to my country in 2012 alongside Rukes he was one the first electronic acts to come to Honduras he played the true songs before actually realeasng it I will forever be graceful with him for coming here before anyone else specially in a place where we don't get to many internatioanl electronic arts. His music helped me personally and will continue to do so he is such an inspiration may he find peace wherever he is. #GoneButNeverForgotten

  • from Lukas

    Tack för allt du har producerat och bidragit med till min och alla andras musikvärld! Din musik kommer att leva vidare i all framtid i alla våra hjärtan! Hoppas du får vila i frid Tim Bergling! <3 <3 <3

  • from Jesper Brandt

    After hearing Bromance I was hooked. And from there I loved everything he created. The music brought so much happiness in hard times and good times that I'll be forever grateful for. I was at his show in Malmö August 2017 and it was the best experience in my life. Absolutely incredible.

  • from Julia

    Tim saved my life so many times I miss him endlessly He was the only one for me He touched my heart with his music and with the lyrics of them They are so deep and true LEGENDS NEVER DIES❤

  • from Deborah Babameto

    The best memory of Tim is when I was on holiday in Barcelona with my friends in summer 2015 and by chance the same night of his concert I discovered that he was going to perform live in the same town. I convinced everyone and we went to his concert: this was the best moment of my life moment marked by tension and emotion by happiness mixed with the unbelief of being truly at Avicii's concert.. my hand were trembling and I cried too. The memory of Tim will always remain alive thaks to his music

  • from Nicole hurley

    Levels and wake me up will forever remind me of the best times I used to have when I was 12 with all my friends at our first discos such good memories and this was 2yrs after levels release and it was still the most popular song there ?? Wake me up aswell of holidays with my family in Italy

  • from Fausto Cinque

    Sei sempre stato un ispirazione per me prima come persona e poi come musicista. Fin da subito mi sono legato alla tua persona proprio per il tuo carattere la tua personalità molto simile alla mia. Perdendoti ho perso un pezzo della mia anima non avrei mai creduto che una persona che non ho mai conosciuto avrebbe avuto un impatto così grande si di me. Sono andato fino a Belfast dall'Italia pur di vedere il tuo terzultimo concerto. Ho scritto il tuo nome ovunque e continuerò a farlo Tim ❤

  • from Sofía

    Tim I felt in love with you and your music when I was a kid back in 2011. I grew up with you listening to every one of your beautiful songs. I went through some bad times in my highschool years and your music was always there for me when no one else was. I can't explain how thankful I am for everything you've done for your fans. You gave us your all always. I love you from the bottom of my heart and that's never going to change. You simply were too good for this world Rest in peace my angel

  • from Sloverso✨

    What you’ve done in your life is simply amazing. I’m so grateful to you for what you did. The world needs more people like you! I’m sorry for never had the opportunity of thank you personallymaybe one day I will meet you❤️ Lots of love❤️

  • from Louis

    Dear Tim It will sound stupid but your music changed my life. I can't stop to listen every of your songs from the first ones like Malo to you latest ones such as Without You. You're a pure musical genius making everyone dancing and happy. I really hope you feel better where you are now. You'll never be forgotten here just like your music which inspired so many of us. RIP Tim ❤️

  • from Camille

    I discovered electro music tanks to Tim . AVICII is my fisrt favourite DJ and forever ❤ . He is forever in my heart and I can't live without thinking about him. I LOVE what he did so much I think about him everyday I say he is with us he protect us and he is everywhere ❤? . I hope you are happy where you are ❤☀️ infinity belongs to you

  • from stella odekerken

    I started to make my own music because of Tim. His love passion for music was everything he made me wanna fight for my dreams. Tim we love you we will always love you. Your music will continue to inspire many generations you are a legend Tim. I love you… and i miss you i think we all do. "He said one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember."

  • from Vero

    your music makes me feel that I am alive I thank you for having left us in this world your legacy your memory your smile thanks for inspiring me thank you for having existed every day I watch a star shine I know that you are shining high resting in peace

  • from Celia

    You touched and you still touch the heart of all of us with your melodies with your magic. You are the star that shines the most in the sky because your light will never go out because you are incredible and you always will be. I feel you are still among us that you are going to be eternal I will love you forever Tim??

  • from Lukadu

    The Avicii concert was my first concert in my life. Through Avicii I came to EDM. Without EDM I would not know many of my friends today that I met through EDM. Thanks Avicii for bringing me to EDM. Thank you for helping me so much with your music in difficult times …. THANKS Tim❤️

  • from Fabrizio

    I fell in love with your music. I used to hate the house music: I was a drummer addicted to metal the house music was a crap. In a school trip at London a friend played Levels. My eyes got wide open. My ears were listening to the best melody my brain could ask. Levels was the song I listened for the entire trip. After that at home I started to produce house music now I'm trying to be creative as you. I cried on the notes of Sunset Jesus when you died (the song I prefer the most). Thank you Tim

  • from Kamil

    Thank you Tim for your music. It will have a special place in my heart forever! Miss you! <3

  • from Taty

    Hi I don't know how to startall this is really hard for me I met you on 2013 and that was one of the best days in my life I'm dj and producer too and I am starting my career you have inspired me to continue with my dreams and that's a great reason why you've became in a very important person in my life I learned a lot of things from you and I will be always very thankful I will never forget the day that I was next to you for first time after that show that was so magical love you forever.

  • from David

    Han skall torka varje tår från deras ögon och döden skall inte finnas mer; inte heller skall sorg eller skrik eller smärta finnas mer. Det som en gång var är borta. – This is what I hope for.

  • from Erica

    Året var 2010 jag och mina närmaste tjejkompisar skulle gå på Summerburst i Sthlm. Första som någonsin anordnades på Stockholm Stadion. Jag var i extas för att jag äntligen skulle få se den då ganska okända Avicii för första gången live. Sagt och gjort. Det här minnet har jag berättat för folk runt hela världen och bär det med stolthet.. Jag reste runt i Indien under en period och alltid när jag sa att jag var svensk så sa folk alltid "Oh just like Avicii" .. Vila i frid!

  • from Crystal

    dear Tim you were so strong creative cute and so much talent!you were such an inspiration to everyone! every song was a hit a great melody in everyone's ear. everyone misses you so much every day. every day is a struggle to remember that you are not here anymore. we love you soooo much Timmy your songs will always live. you are a legend! that should never be forgotten by anyone. I hope you have it good right up there. rest in peace beautiful angel!❤️

  • from Giovanni

    I started listening avicii for 8 years now I m 17 his melodies were are and will be awesome forever he was the only artist whose songs make me happy. Hope now Tim is happy rest in peace I will never forget you 😉

  • from CA

    We was the creator. He lived a live he could remember. We will never forget him he is always with us.

  • from Vero

    your music makes me feel that I am alive I thank you for having left us in this world your legacy your memory your smile thanks for inspiring me thank you for having existed every day I watch a star shine I know that you are shining high resting in peace

  • from Ludvig

    Hey brother❤️Tim you were such a good person. A person who was like no one else. You’re music is legendary and will never die. You’re music has made millions of people happy in the world and I am one of them. You were such a good person you didn’t deserve this. And AnkiKlas Anton and Linda and all other reatives to Tim I hope both you and Tim Will find peace. Tim I hope you are in a wonderful place and making music and doing what you love. Legends never die. ◢ ◤Tim Bergling vila i frid.◢ ◤

  • from D.B.

    The one opportunity I had to see an Avicii set was Lights All Night 2012 in Dallas TX. We waited in line for 2 hours just to buy our tickets to see him. We ended up missing the set but could hear it from outside the venue while we waited. It was magical ❤️

  • from Kathrin

    I really could'nt believe that and it's crazy how someone i don't even know can be a part of my life he really crashed into my life like no other ?❤ Forever missed Tim ?

  • from Silvia

    You’ve been something else fly high sweet Tim now you’re fee❤️?

  • from Daniela

    I didn’t know you be for you die….but From that friday I felt a touched my strange sensibility…few days ago I was in Japan and stay exaclty in the same place where you were was Great and had and have a beautiful mind and precious soul…nothing is crated..nothing is destroyed..every is trasmormed and your energy will be for ever…?

  • from Linnéa

    Du var min gymnasietid du fanns i klassrummen korridorerna utanför. Du fanns hemma hos mig hos mina vänner och familj. Du fanns på studentflaket du fanns när man låg ensam ledsen i sängen. Du spelade på Bråvalla 2013 sommarens höjdpunkt. Tim du gjorde min och mina vänners ungdoms år. För all framtid saknad och aldrig glömd. ❤

  • from Jessica

    Your music takes me back to some of my happiest moments in life. I always feel happy when I hear your music! Thank you!

  • from Ramona

    Hey Tim. Your music was a milestone for so many artists. You were the best in what you did. We will miss your soft behaviour and your smooth swedish voice forever. You weren't just perfect as Avicii. Tim was the one who showed us the downsides of the fame. Tim was the one who opened our eyes. Thank you for everything Tim. I will always remember you as a legend. Your music will never become bored. All of your tracks are masterpieces. Rest In peace Tim Bergling. I will love you til infinity.

  • from Marco D' Alfonso (universe)

    Per me eri tutto avrei tanto voluto vederti di persona. Grazie alla tua musica mi hai dato la forza di non arrendermi mai e di andare sempre avanti. La tua non era musica è Arte Poesia. Ora che non ci sei più sono perso. Sei andato via troppo presto e spero che ora sia dove voglia essere spero tu abbia trovato la pace che tanto hai lottato per avere. Sei il mio re sei il nostro re. E nessuno di noi smetterá mai di amarti. Grazie per tutto Tim grazie per esserci stato sempre. Kin Of All❤

  • from Evelina

    You may be gone but you will NEVER be forgotten❤️

  • from Alex

    I found dance music through Tim years ago and I still listen today. I thank you for all you have given me Tim and I am forever in your debt.

  • from Cristian Orea

    2016 I told myself I needed to get out of my shell I saw Avicii was going to play in Dubai and Bahrain. I had never flown over seas! This was definitely out of my comfort zone but totally worth it! I got to witness a legend play in these two beautiful places! Running into him at the Bahrain airport was definitely a sign and from there I decided I was going to attend every last show of his! I met some beautiful people in all different countries! And for that I thank you Tim! Much Love.

  • from Silvia

    Dear Tim I miss you so much every single day. You’re one of a kind a great person the one who let me believe in the good of people. Your loss hit so much but I feel you very close. I know you’re here in another way and protect ur beloved ones. Everything we made to remember u it’s never enough you deserve everything and more. I feel how much love pain kindness fragility smartness deepness there was inside your heart and in your mind. You helped me&many others forever grateful❤️

  • from Linus

    Ofattbart. Ett geni som gått bort alldeles för tidigt. Tack för allt du gjort Tim. Känns precis som att man har förlorat en närstående. Har alltid varit och är så besatt utav Avicii och all musik som skapats. Kärlek till dig. Vila i frid så syns vi på andra sidan <3

  • from Yordi Steenbeek

    Je muziek is een steun in de zware tijden die ik nu doormaak. Dankje voor alles Avicii

  • from Angie Puello

    Tim te llore porque aunque no te conoci ni tu supiste de mi llegué a quererte. Tu música tan especial tu te mostrabas como una persona sencilla. Te extraño y te sigo queriendo me sigue doliendo tu partida pero te recuerdo todos los días con tus hermosas canciones las cuales nunca van a morir siempre estarán ahí para que tu nombre viva… Love you

  • from Nina Seraina

    Your Music unites people all over the world. The first time I heard about you was in 2014 and I fell in love with your music. Your music made bad days good and the good days to the best in my life. Thank you for everything. We miss you.

  • from Anna

    you didnt deserve this …i hope you find your peace now ..its weird bc i miss you so much but i didnt even knew you

  • from Agness

    Tim the pain of losing you seems unbearable sometimesbut I promise to stay strong for you and for myself always. You brought so much joy in to my life it was a blast an honor growing up with you. I’m forever grateful for everything you did for me even tho we’ve never met. I wish I had a chance to see you live but I sang my heart out for you when I saw Rita performing “Lonely together”. I truly hope that wherever you are you’re in peace and see all the love the people feel for you. Love

  • from Abidin Ötekivilcim

    The Best Dj Ever I gonna Miss U Man Miss Your Songs Miss urTour .I Will Never Forget U Take Care Up There In Heaven. R.I.P AVICII

  • from Tim

    You Absolutely changed my life. Your music always inspired me and it always will. Love and miss you brother. Much love

  • from Tina

    My condolences ❤ Helt underbar musik. Alltför tidigt lämnat jordelivet ❤ Enda sången min hund "sjunger" till är Levels❤ Vila i Ro fina Tim!

  • from Saron

    I fell in love with your beautiful chords and melodies when I was 15 I'm 21 now and during those 6 years you've meant so much to me and still do. When I turned 18 I went straight to Ibiza to see you at Ushuaia I ripped this poster from a wall near the old fortress and hung it up my room with tape. After you found your peace my mother framed it in a beautiful golden frame as everything you touched turned to gold. Your melodies still and forever will make me feel like I can hear the stars <3

  • from Giacomo

    Bye Tim… Your music keep you alive forever

  • from ❤️❤️❤️

    Älskade Timjag satt ute en fredag kväll på en AW när jag fick en push-notis från Omni där jag möttes av nyheten om din bortgång.Jag var helt säker att jag läst fel eller att Omni skrivit totalt fel om denna fruktansvärda och tragiska nyhet.Bara nån vecka tidigare hade jag sett den gripande dokumentären som regisörren Levan gjort om digdin musik o ditt livfick en helt annan syn av dig o ditt liv enhelt annan förståelse fick man!You are a beautiful star and your legacy will live on forever!RIP

  • from Sara

    Fortfarande lika ofattbart kan bara inte ta in att du inte längre finns ibland oss. Du saknas oss alla så fruktansvärt mycket Tim!! En sån vacker och talangfull människa det är så oerhört tragiskt. Jag grät i flera veckor efter din bortgång och blir fortfarande gråtmild när jag tänker på dig och ditt hemska öde. ÄLSKAR DIG! <3 Jag hoppas så innerligt att du fått frid och att du är på en bättre plats nu. Alltid saknad aldrig någonsin glömd. <3

  • from Vanessa

    We will never forget you… I love you ♥️

  • from Johan Johansson

    Johan Fruktansvärt ont tittar varje dag på mobilen på gamla konserter. Den största artisten vi ha haft i Sverige genom tiderna. Jag lider med familjen och vänner har själv barn och jag kan bara tänka på hur jag hade känt ??? Vilken artist han va. Hans musik kommer att leva vidare länge länge beklagar verkligen sorgen. ???????????

  • from Malin


  • from Hilal

    Tim I hope you're fine up there. I am infinitely grateful to you for what you have done. Your music has inspired me to succeed in school. Every day I listen to your music and think of you. Even if you can not read this I hope you know that I will love you forever. I miss you so much. ❤️??

  • from Anna ensell

    Jag har aldrig nånsin blivigt så illa berörd över någon som jag ej känner och tyvärr ej han träffa! Jag har gråtit i floder över att du tyvärr har lämnat jordelivet! Jag kommer aldrig sluta att lyssna på din underbara musik ! Du och din musik kommer alltid finnas kvar i mitt hjärta! RIP Avicii Tim Bergling finaste ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • from Déborah

    He was truly a musical genius to me he made some of the best melodies ever. His music inspired millions and will continue to inspire the next generations to come! I truly miss you Tim we all do…you will always be in my heart rest in peace. I love you.

  • from Madde

    Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glints on snow Source:

  • from Thacha

    I've never met him in person but he was there for me when I needed him through his music. His song are the best and my most loyal companion. I did not have my chance to see him in person but definitely im gonna find him when im up there. I love you so much.

  • from sophia

    I miss Tim every time and every second.

  • from

    My biggest regret isn’t have never witnessed to one of your magical shows. My heart brokes because you were as many of your closests friends said one of a billion a true Genius of our days. The world instead protect you and your magic touch pushed to be a machine and not an artist. For me you haven’t nothing to envy to the biggest Icon of music. It’s all about feelings right Tim? We miss u ◢ ◤. I hope that when I get older my wild heart will live for younger days in your loving memory.

  • from Mike

    I first heard of Tim when he was coming to Hong Kong to play in a small club many years ago while I was living there I missed out on that gig and I jumped on the wagon later when his songs started to play on the radio. During my 9 years outside of Sweden Tim was one of the things us Swedish could be proud of and it was a shock to hear here that he was gone it's a blessing that his music stays. like the wind you are wild and free.

  • from Anshit

    I dont know Avicii when he was alive I came to know about him after his death and for that I feel too bad but still his song "The Nights" inspires me alot. He is the best Dj i have ever known. I wish i knew him when he was alive. Persons like him are one in a million.

  • from Ida Korhonen

    Mina finaste minnen har du varit med och skapat med din fantastiska musik. Himlen har fått en ängel alldeles förtidigt. RIP TIM <3

  • from My

    ❤️❤️❤️R.I.P. ❤️❤️❤️

  • from Caroline


  • from Martin H

    I still cant belive that you are gone. I saw you play in Stockholm all the way to Miami and you were always the best act. I will always remember you and i will always listen to your music. Rest in peace brother <3

  • from Marie

    Tack för all underbar musik vila i frid ❤️

  • from Oscar Lehtola

    För mig var Tim ett geni. Lyssnade massvis på hans musik innan han gick bort. Jag lyssnar ännu mer idag. Har aldrig tagit såhär hårt av en artists bortgång. Det träffar mig personligt att han inte längre finns. Jag såg Tim som en kärleksfull och härlig person med blicken riktad framåt. Han pratade ut modigt om sina problem vilket jag respekterar stort. Det är så himla sorgligt att han inte finns mer. Tim finns i mitt hjärta och Avicii finns i mina lurar. Kommer aldrig glömma honom.

  • from Mamma -79

    Jag upptäckte dig och din musik ungefär en månad innan du gick bort och den gjorde mig så glad!! Jag blev nyfiken och googlade på Avicii och du verkade vara en sådan gullig kille! Så oerhört tragiskt och onödigt att du försvann i förtid som trebarnsmamma så lider jag med din mamma och pappa. Men vad stolta dom kan vara över dig! Vi måste alla vara rädda om varandra och våga ställa de obekväma frågorna. Tala om psykisk ohälsa motarbeta det stigma som psykiska sjukdomar har. ❤️

  • from Niclas

    R.I.P. Tim!!

  • from Tina Joel and Joshua

    Our roads crossed so many times Malmö Miami Ibiza. You gave us so much and when you needed it most we were not able to help. We keep you in our hearts.

  • from Freddie Waldemar

    Those days whe i have/had a hard time in school or at work and took my longboard on the road and went in AVICII mode. In my mind i was on another planet with help of your music and i started smileing again ready for the next day.

  • from Drew Johnston

    Tim's music has been the light in the dark for me and has always given me a reason to look forward to tomorrow. As a person who suffers depression I really enjoy the positive vibes of his music. I love his melodies because they are incredibly uplifting. I first started listening to his music when I heard Levels for the first time in 2011. Ever since I've been a huge fan loving every single new song he would release. I truly miss you Tim. I will share your music for the rest of my life.

  • from Raphael W

    Tim du fehlst mir immer mehr von Tag zu Tag… Ich bin dir so dankbar für das was du uns hinterlassen hast. Deine Musik die tollen Momente… Ich kann es noch nicht wirklich realisieren.. Ich hoffe dir geht es gut da oben. „We’re go be birds we’ll fly We’ll go set the world alight“ Love U Goldenboy❤️?

  • from Herman

    Went to hus true tour in Stockholm my first real concert it was one of the best i have been to and i still get chills looking back at the videos i took

  • from Nathalie

    Vila i frid Tim! Du och din musik lever hos oss för evigt. Tänker på din familj och vill tacka dom för den fina minnesplats för dig Tim. Tack!

  • from Anaël

    It's crazy how you bring people together. Because of your music and because of you Tim you impact us in a good way. You change me. I created a page on instagram as a tribute and support for people since 4 months now i help people thanks to you you make me become a better person and i'm thankful for that. I'm sorry for all. I hope and i'm even sure you found the peace you deserve and you are watching us from above that's what i feel. I love you so much

  • from Olexander

    Miss you my idol. You brought me to this world of music and now i cant believe that you passed away. World wouldnt be the same without you. Thanks for the best moments in my life and helping in lifeless moments. Remember that moments. You've picked my soul from the dirty of life. And now thats a time for us. Tim will be in our hearts forever . A lot of STORIES to tell but one TRUE legend. AVĪCI

  • from Markus W

    Jag varken kunde eller ville tro att det var sant när den där pushnotisen dök upp från Aftonbladet att du hade gått bort. Jag blev stående i min hall ett bra tag och bara stirrade i mobilen och hoppades att det skulle komma ett nytt meddelande om att uppgifterna om din bortgång var felaktiga. Sen kom tårarna när jag insåg att detta faktiskt var på riktigt. Du är en av de största förebilderna jag har och jag är så glad att jag han se dig live två gånger. Två av dem bästa upplevelserna i mitt liv.

  • from Nnonja

    God needs dj. Your music live forever legend.-

  • from Cok Oka Birawidya

    RIP Avicii

  • from Lena

    He will be forever in our hearts❤️His music brings so much love and hapiness. For me he is the Love everybody needs in this world! Thank u Tim u Will Never ne forgotten!!! ◢ ◤ Miss you

  • from Jonny

    I Love You Forever Tim Avicii Bergling.I Make Tatoo of you to my Big Fan and Love your Music.

  • from Anton

    Rest in peace Tim Bergling ◢ ◤

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