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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Melanie

    Conocí a Tim a finales de 2013 ❤️ Con la canción “Wake Me Up” y desde ahí se convirtió en una de mis canciones favoritas me gustaba el estilo de la canción y lo que podía llegar a sentir cada vez que la escuchaba se sentía otro nivel al igual que otras de sus canciones que sencillamente eran perfectas amaba verlo por medio de una pantalla en sus conciertos y soñando que algún día cumpliría mi sueño de conocerlo en persona y cantar sus canciones a todo pulmón ❤️??Descansa en paz Avicii

  • from Seamus

    I have followed Avicii not too far from the start of his career around 2010 or so. When I was old enough to go clubbing 'Levels' had become THE anthem and it was clear to me just how influential his Progressive sound was. I was fortunate enough to see him in Ireland in 2013 which still remains one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. I don't think there is an artist who has impacted my life in the same way that Avicii did and I will be forever thankful for the legacy he has left.

  • from Alice Bombeeck

    Althoug I have never met you in person I feel like I know you. It seems that you have lived at least ten lives within yours. Some calm and loving some amazing and some also dark and confusing. For some reason now it has ended here for you. Your legacy will live on forever. I hope someone did set your heart free. And that you have found peace in heaven together with all of the other musical geniuses that have left us way too soon. Thank you for everything! I will always love & remember you.

  • from A

    Kommer ihåg när jag var på Tims konsert 2014. Det var min första konsert någonsin och jag kommer ihåg att jag grät när jag fick biljetterna på min födelsedag. Du var min första och största idol Tim. Tack för att du har varit en så stor del av mitt liv så länge jag kan minnas. Önskar bara att du hade stannat kvar lite längre. Älskar dig föralltid

  • from Jonas

    Danke für alles <3

  • from Juni

    Tim was my first and biggest idol. I started listening to his music back in 2012 when Sunshine came out. He’s been a massive part of my life since then. He’s always been there and I’ve been lucky enough to get to grow up with him by my side. It sucks that he’s not here anymore and I really don’t know how to get over it. I think a part of me doesn’t want to. Part of me wants to hold on to the chance that maybe just maybe this is all just a screwed up joke. Reality is too painful to take in.

  • from Oscar

    Tim :'v me inspiraste mucho y siempre mi ponia de buen humor con tus canciones y me motivaban a ser mejor en todo. Tus canciones me recuerdan los episodios mas felices de mi vida. Tu muerte me puso muy triste. Gracias por tantas buenas canciones

  • from Ida (sweden)

    Första högstadie discot. LEVES hade precis släppts och alla hoppa upp och ner som galningar där inne i lokalen. THE DAYS och WAKE ME UP som spelats flitigt på replay genom årens alla händelser och WITHOUT YOU som har sina minnen. Tim tack för all musik. Är så glad att jag fått uppleva och växa upp med till den.

  • from Claudette (Netherlands)

    Dear Tim Thanks for all the joy and hapiness you brought us through your beautiful songs/music which we will forever cherish☺️! You will never be forgotten and I am sure that your life and legacy will be celebrated all over the world. Rest in peace; forever in my ❤️!

  • from Jonah Calvo

    When I was 13 me and my dad flew to Florida to visit family. It was night when we landed and while driving down the highway with the windows down I heard Avicii's 'Levels' for the first time on the radio. Something was magical about that card ride feeling the warm tropical air and hearing the incredible melody of 'Levels' while we sped down the interstate. It was in that moment I realized some day I wanted to be a producer.

  • from Karl

    Vila i frid älskade Tim tack för all fin musik du har gett oss. ❤️ Vi glömmer dig aldrig ❤️

  • from Davide Regnani

    Sono veramente triste sapendo che il mio sogno di incontrarlo o partecipare ad un suo concerto è diventato irrealizzabile UNITE forever with AVICII Rest in peace Tim.

  • from

    Моя история EDM сцены началось с его композиций и дало мне душевную и моральную осмысленность музыки так как другую я не воспринимал и так я нашел своего кумира hardwell. Если бы не Tim я бы не нашел свою музыку в жизни. я не могу закончить строки тут много можно напечатать… навсегда в наших сердцах.. жизнь непредсказуема..

  • from Silvia

    I just hope to find someone like you along my path I miss you❤️.

  • from Polycarp Kenya

    Thanks for the inspiration. May Your Soul R.I.P ?

  • from Adam STHLM

    I talked to you on MSN in 2007 got in touch with you through house-forums where you posted some of your work. Early stuff but I still could sense that 'this kid's got something'. Me and my buddies played your song 'Dukkahh' all the time on parties the summer after and Avicii was forever established in our hearts as a direct connection to happiness.

  • from Kalina

    The music of Avicii is indispensable. It is different and made with much love. The music has reached many people brought them many joy. He's my favorite DJ and when I realize he's gone I could not believe this was true. But with his music he will always be alive.For me he is the best DJ that will always be remembered. He will be remembered because his songs are beautiful very meaningful and written with love that everyone feels. The most sincere condolences to his family.

  • from Anish

    I was determined that one day I would sit in a studio with you and just watch and learn. I'm convinced that that day will still happen. Respect to a legend.

  • from Okock Polycarp

    It pains so much like I have lost a best-friend that I never had ? your music really touched me inspired and pushed me to want to be better. Those days when I dreamt of being a Dj…while listening and watching tutorials for "Dancing in my head..". True that has always been my motivational song even when am studying it just gives me the energy and motivation to face the unknown future. Thank you so much for that kind of inspiration. You will always be there and I will always be grateful ?

  • from Leyre (Spain)

    In 2011 I heard Fade into darkness and I started looking about the EDM and in that moment i knew that that was my style of music. My dream has always been to go and see him in a festival but 2015 arrived. I was sad but I continue listening Avicii´s songs. On April 20 of this year I heard Tims dead and I was in shock. His music has helped me a lot .His lyrics encouraged me when I was sad. I dont know how Tim was but I know how Avicii was. And I know that I¨ll never forget him. Thank you Avicii.

  • from William lundin

    Tack för allt tim kommer alltid ha din musik som ett exempel på äkta konst

  • from Anne

    Tims musik står för så mycket som vi behöver texter vi kan relatera till rytm som får oss att dansa . En stor musikalisk artist med en ödmjuk inställning till livet. Musiken och minnet av Tim – Avicii kommer vi minnas för alltid

  • from Amy

    Thank you Tim I always wished I could meet you to thank you in person. For many years my life felt like it was no longer worth living but I discovered you and your music and it kept me going. Finding out that you're no longer here broke me. You mean the world to me and have a permanent place in my heart. I love you <3

  • from Romain

    Thanks Tim for you're music you're energy ♥

  • from Per & Anna Sweden

    "I got to learn how to love without you I got to carry my cross without you Stuck in the middle and I'm just about to Figure it out without you…." You are not with us but you forever lives in our hearts and songs. Miss you! You are a legend. Love Per & Anna

  • from tigerwoman loves his music always and not forget him ever??❤️

    I listening Avicii at live first time to Helsinki summersound festival. He is amazing and my soul loves his music just then❤️He talk his music and made better place this world and very beaytuful soul ❣️I think his music and word tell much for him and that what he feelings. Tim is people which I would to want to know and meet. I respect for him very much . And i understand that he need peace. Now i dont want listen anymore tekno music becose its hurt ? its get a way worlds beautuful soul.

  • from Настя

    Это история о том как я познакомилась с творчеством Тима Берглинга одного из лучших диджеев ( продюсеров ) которых я когда – либо знал . Началось через день после того грустного дня. 21 Апреля. Лента Instagram. Все пишут RIP AVICII''. Но кто такой Avicii? Я решила послушать несколько песен. Да! Это та музыка которая мне необходима! Электронные шедевры! Тим вдохновляет меня создавать музыку. Возможно я создам свой первый трек. СПАСИБО! Грущу по потере талантливого человека.

  • from gen

    tim you mean a lot to me. i can't tell you how true this is. i feel so close to you. i feel like you are family. even though i was not any of these things to you in real life it feels like i was. you were SO kind hearted. you were SO incredibly talented. i could go on for hours.. i can't make this too long beacuse there aren't too many words that express how much you mean to me and how much i miss you EVERY day. i miss you more than anything. i love you with all my heart and i always will.

  • from Aleks

    Tim så oerhört tragiskt och sorgligt det slutade. Du vandrade bort så ung och begåvad . Du med din korta närvaro här gjorde världen till en bättre och rikare plats på många sätt. Din musik och dina texter berättade en historia som inte överens stämde med det liv du levde.. Legends never die Vila i frid Tim ses på andra sidan

  • from Denys

    Hommage à un DJ qui m’aura fais oublier mes petits soucis du quotidien. Un des meilleurs set que j’ai pu voir. L’été sans tes musique est plus triste. Merci pour ces belles mélodies. Légende.

  • from Sasha_superdance

    Avicii Спасибо …

  • from Erika

    Har aldrig blivit så berörd av en känd persons bortgång som jag blivit av din. Ägnar dig ett par minuter varje dag. Du verkade vara en fantastisk person som brinner för vad du tror på samt för din musik. Önskar du hade fått uppleva livet och allt vad det innebär fullt ut. Tack för all musik! Sov gott och hoppas du har det bra där du är❤

  • from Lada

    just want to say thank you for a wonderful childhood <З miss you Timmy

  • from Jessica

    Dear Tim I do not know where to start. This one day that changed everything has broken my heart. I can not understand why you left us. You are such a wonderful person with such a wonderful heart. Your pure soul deserves only the best. Your smile warms every heart and your creative streak for music is unique. Your music connects all people and it will stay that way forever. I hope you have found your peace wherever you are. Feel pressed and kissed. I love you Tim ❤️ Jessica

  • from Manal

    Feeling my way through the darkness I loved and still love his music. He had a sense of originality and uniqueness in his music. It was devastating to hear about his demise. Dear Tim you will be remembered forever

  • from Joel A.

    His music was completely different from everyone else. He transformed the EDM scene and made the world view him as not only a DJ but as a musician. He crafted works of art that I would play on repeat throughout my middle and high school. He was a true inspiration for my life. His music picked me up when I was down and always put a smile on my face. May He Rest In Peace. Love You Tim!

  • from Silke und Vanessa

    Unser geliebter Tim ❤ Wir Vanessa und Silke vermissen dich so sehr. Wir kannten uns nicht wir wohnen nicht mal im selben Land und trotz allem hast du uns zusammengeführt ❤ Wir haben es dir zu verdanken Tim das eine wundervolle Freundschaft entstanden ist und ich weiß das du es genau so wolltest ❤ Wir lieben dich Flieg zu den Engeln ?

  • from Josua


  • from josua

    he had a big dick

  • from Marita Pierre

    jag älskade Avicii på en gång när jag hörde dem första gången <3 energin tempot ja allt <3 all kärlek och styrka önskar jag till Tims familj <3

  • from Sam Marinho

    One of the biggest inspirations in my life. The way he combined the instruments with electro house fascinated me and was one of the reasons i started to produce. Your music changed my life. I blame myself for not realizing the pain you felt. You deserved the world but the world dont deserved you…

  • from Zam

    LOVE IS THE ONE AND ONLY WORD NEEDED. You and your kindred knows why you mean so much for us in the family ? #aviciifamily #onelove

  • from Aukje

    Dear Tim before I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins. I didn't knew much about you before that horrible day but now no day has passed that I didn't think about you. Your true story still breaks my heart and I hope you found peace now? I feel so sad and grateful. You made me change my life. I now get help for my struggles had wonderful conversations with my best friends met many lovely people went to Tomorrowland. You will forever be in my heart ❤️ Rust zacht lieve Tim

  • from AKASH HANDA

    Whn i frst listend to avicii's tmrwlnd it ws in vry bad quality so i skipped it and i thght who is avicii.. Thn aftr sme days i ggled avicii & strtd listening to his albm true..& tht ws the turning pt of my life.. I fell in lve wth avicii.. Wht a true artist he ws.. Thn i dwnld evry tmrwlnd evr sngle trck he evr producd.. I evn bought a band of avicii fr my wrist.. My dream remained incmplete as i wntd to visit avicii's tmrwlnd. His music healed me. Love & regards tim & his family.. R. I. P TIM.

  • from Will

    I don't even know where to begin. Tim was different from the first time I heard his music. Every song affected me and spoke to me in a different way. I've followed his career since early 2011 and his presence in the dance world is irreplaceable. He was the most genuine down-to-earth interesting producer of our time and we truly will miss him. His perfectionism spoke in the music he released and I truly believe he has finally found his peace. We love you Tim and I hope Heaven is one big concert

  • from Paty

    I love you sweet boy I’ll never forget you. You’re music it’s so inspiring to me even in my worst days you give me strength. I’ve never had the chance to see you but I feel you. I miss you.

  • from be^AR

    Многим людям навсегда не будет хватать Avicii ведь не у кого другого нету такого же офигительного стиля. И мне его не хватает. Всех этих незабывательных треков. Каждый бит каждый семпл…. ух… Avicii – это не просто диджей это легенда всего мира. Самое главное чтобы он оставался у нас в памяти и тогда он всегда будет с нами. Avicii в сердце навсегда… Sky full of stars…

  • from ARGENTINA

    I've been thinking about you every single day since that April 20th. You changed my life forever. I truly don't know where I would be now if it wasn't for your music. I will never stop loving you Tim that's a promess. Until we meet again☄

  • from Andrew

    Avici was more than just a musician for me he was my guide to the world of electronic music it all started with a gorgeous track Levels I liked him so much that I started digging into other Avicii music files came across Wake me up and just drowned in this track it's been more than 4 years since I'm fond of electronic music but I never forgot about Avicii. And now April 20 I know that the legend died it was one of the strongest blows in my heart. Avicii you'll never fade into darkness…

  • from Whitney

    So many of my memories involve your music. Good times and bad your music was a continuous soundtrack to so many moments in my life. Thank you for the good times the incredible shows and getting through my darkness. even still to this day. The world lost an incredible force. You'll always live in our memories and in the music. Thank you Tim- we all love you and miss you.

  • from Matt

    Avicii the man that got me into house music. I’ll never forget the first time i heard Levels. Thank you for your amazing music. Your memory will live on forever. I hope your unreleased music will one day be released so the whole world can once again listen to the amazing music you make. Thank you Tim. Rest In Peace.

  • from CommandoUltra

    Electrobeach 2015 was magical thanks to you. we miss u Tim…

  • from Spencer

    "You made a wish and I fell out of time." Where do I even begin? I miss you a lot Avicii and I wanted to thank you for all the incredible music that you created and shared with all of us. My heart is truly broken but knowing that you left us all with incredible music and memories will keep us alive. I love you Avicii. <3

  • from Paola

    We still can’t believe you’re gone. I wish I had known more about you before and realized how good and inspirational your music is. I’m still sad but happy at the same time because I have your music. You helped a lot of people Tim we all love you and wish you were still here with us. You will never be forgotten you lived a life you and we will remember ◢ ◤

  • from Leidy González

    Tim thanks to your existence to your way of seeing life telling inspiring stories through your songs is that I was able to spend overwhelming moments of my life for some reason unfortunately I thought to seek peace in the way that you did thanks to you I did not feel alone and I continued with life you will always be the best wherever you are every September 8th we will remember you and we will honor you for the wonderful you are with us total thanks

  • from Linda

    "I'm going bonnie and clyde without you." Tack Tim <3



  • from teenage crime

    Otroligt fascinerad av dina mashups helt insane!!!

  • from Wafae el attab

    Merci Avicii ❤️

  • from Anette

    Tack för Din fina musik . Kan fortfarande inte förstå att du har gått vidare. Jag hoppas att du kan se alla hyllningar till dig. Vila i frid eller du kanske skapar musik ❤️

  • from Ruslan

    Никогда не забуду "Le7els" "I Could Be The One" и "Addicted To You" . Жаль не попал на твоё единственное выступление в Украине. Но мы всегда будем помнить и "слышать" тебя через твоё творчество. Спасибо тебе Тим… Rest In Peace <3

  • from Justin

    Tim’s music has supported me throughout critical moments of my life. Basic Military Training was one of my lowest points. However that changed once True came out. At night I would listen to the album on repeat before sleeping and all the negative feelings I felt were replaced with feelings of joy and hope. True remains my favourite album of all time and Dear Boy remains my favourite Avicii song. Tim wherever you are I hope you continue making the music you’ve wanted to make.

  • from Joseph Alaizzer

    On April 20 2018 at 20:45 I realized that my dream of seeing Avicii will never come true. On the morning of April 20 I really wanted to listen to the Avicii music. And I could not even think that after 11 hours I would see the news of his death. Avicii became a legend for me. I listen to his music from 2012. And he became the first EDM artist in my life. I remember a lot of wonderful moments in my life when I listen his music. Thanks Avicii that came to this world and live deep in my heart.

  • from Денис

    Спасибо за лучшую музыку! я никогда не забуду как в первый раз услышал "wake me up" это было так клева это были времена когда я перешел в 10 класс и теперь когда слышу ее снова то вспоминаю то беззаботное время и радость которые были тогда со мной Спасибо чел мы тебя не забудем!

  • from Lena G

    Thank u Tim ❤️U Will Be forever in my Heart . Dein unfassbares Talent deine Liebe deine Herzlichkeit und deine pure Seele bleiben unvergessen ❤️ Legend ◢ ◤

  • from CINCY

    u r one of the famous nd the most popular djs …..ur songs always motivated me nd inspire a lot …..we miss u so much ……love u aviciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • from Calus

    Hommage à un DJ qui m’auras fais oublier mes petit soucis du quotidien. Tu es et tu resteras un artiste inégalable! L’été sans t’es musique et plus triste…

  • from Colin Redmann

    Avicii was my introduction to Dance and EDM. His beats were infectious and I was hooked. Wake Me Up Broken Arrows The Nights Waiting for Love and Without You were some of the songs that helped me and continue to help me with my depression. I relate to what the story and felt the feelings he was getting across. I never got to see him IRL but every time I listened it always felt personal. I still get shivers listening to his music. May he never be forgotten. WE ALL LOVE YOU TIM AND FAMILY!

  • from Maxim

    RIP Avicii. You'll be missed.

  • from Sara

    Tim. Jag önskar att det fanns ett sätt att få dig tillbaka. SOM jag önskar det. Jag kan bara inte ta in att du är borta! Det är så overkligt och så fruktansvärt. Jag har aldrig träffat dig men ändå rasade hela min värld när nyheten nådde mig. Du var en så oerhört stor del av mina tonår alla minnen som har skapats till dina låtar. Jag är så tacksam för det <3 Du var en så genuin äkta jordnära och vacker människa. Helt unik. Du fattas en hel värld Tim. Love you so much <3

  • from Ilya

    Этот парень был одним из моих кумиров когда я начинал свой путь в музыку и я благодарен ему и его музыке за то как она на меня влияла. Silhouettes Seek Bromance Levels You Make Me Hey Brother Without You Lonely Together Wake Me Up Addicted To You Fade Into Darkness So Much Better True Believer I Could Be The One Talk To Myself и это далеко ещё не всё он был чертовски крутым. Мне не хватит места тут чтобы перечислить все треки которые отложились у меня в сердце. Rest in peace❤

  • from Hanna Hultén

    Har alltid haft musik som ett brinnande intresse. Men det var tack vare dig som jag fick ett intresse för musikproduktion… Idag pluggar jag sista året på gymnasiet med just inriktning musikproduktion. Om det inte vore för dig hade jag aldrig träffat mina bästa vänner (som jag pluggar med) och jag hade dessutom aldrig skapat den musik jag gjort. Tack Tim för allt du gjort du är aldrig glömd! <3

  • from A

    When I moved to Sweden in 2011 I knew nothing about EDM .. then every time I go out clubbing I hear a song which I like so much .. quickly got hooked and eventually knew that Avicii was the producer or the one who remixed those songs! RIP

  • from Fatima (New York)

    Tim there is not one day that I don't think about you. I think about you when I wake up and the rest of my days and before I go to bed. I cry so much for you still it hurts so much. I have had dreams and crazy experiences with you. I love to look at the sky everyday because I know you are there in a certain spot I feel it and I feel it when you are around me. I miss you so much king. I will forever love and admire you. You are perfect. You are the best human being I have ever seen.

  • from your fan Mariya(Ukrainе)

    Tim is the inspirational person that you can not stop listening to which leads to depression that always lives in your heart ♥ I'm grateful to you for all your masterpieces and in general for what you were! We all will be stomping you ♥ TI – my inspiration ♥

  • from Mariya

    Тім- це та людинаяка надихаєяку неможеш перестати слухатияка виводить із депресіїяка завжди живе у твоєму серці♥ Я вдячна тобіза усі твої шедеври і взагалі за теяким ти був!Нам усім буде тебе невистарчати♥ ТИ-моє натхнення♥

  • from Kyle

    Tim thank you for your beautiful music. It will never be forgotten. Requiescat in pace Tim.

  • from Evgenia

    He was a good dj I was in love with his music when I was 12 years now I'm 18 and I always crying when I heard somewhere his tracks . So sad that he was gone. Rest in peace Legend.

  • from Maria

    Du skrev fantastisk musik ?den kommer alltid att finnas ?njuter av den nu och för alltid . ??tack .??

  • from Jakob

    I remember listening to «true» for the first time when I was 13! I fell in love with the energy the soul and the melodies that only Tim could have made! I was heartbroken when I heard the news of Tims death! I will forever love Avicii as an artist Tim as a person (even though I did’nt know him) and the music he created! Love you Avicii

  • from Victoria-CR

    Thank you Tim for everything you did with your music. You changed my life. Your music helped me during difficult times. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you. From Costa Rica. ◢◤ <3

  • from Jordan Chung

    I don't know where to start. My first concert my brother took me to was your show and ever since then I was your number one fan since 2012. I regret not going to one of your last shows after thinking you'd come back better than ever. I cried when I heard the news. No artist has ever left a bigger impact on me and I'm going to miss you so much man. Life and music will never be the same. Hope you're in a better place. Rest in peace Tim ◢ ◤

  • from RadonMan

    His music uplifted my spirits and after years of ignoring dance music…his music sucked me back into the genre. I rediscovered my love of dance music…and his productions will always be dear to me.

  • from Élisée

    God is above all

  • from Maria

    Hi Tim I just wanted to meet the real Tim not Avici. But I will never have the chance to meet you I will never talk with you I will never touch you or hug you. Really Love you. I was so lost when I listened Wake Me up. You saved my life because I was going to cut myself like you that you do that. Before I do that I was listening radio and suddenly your song start playing I heard the lyrics and I start crying because "All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost". RIP Hero.

  • from Josef Wallberg makes music under "Liam K"

    Hey! It was a normal day in school. At that tme I was listening only to rock music. All electric music was not my taste at all. BUT on day in september 2011 nearly 7 years ago I heard one song from the other side of the building in my school. Directly I felt in love of what I heard but I didnt know the name of the song or who it was. So I walked to my friend and asked what it was played. Hes said it was LE7ELS by Avicii. I pronounced it so wrong but at that day everything did change my life.

  • from Вера

    Твоя музыка – вдохновение к действию. Мир без тебя – тишина

  • from Parker

    If it weren't for Avicii's music I never would've seen music as an art form and I never would've found my calling.

  • from Bárbara

    Tim I did not have the privilege of going to a show of yours here in Brazil nor the blessing of meeting you or living with you. But I want you and your family to know that I really like you that you are very human and talented. May God comfort all the people who miss you. God knows the real reason I took you with him. Kiss and hug here from Brazil !!!!

  • from Kevin Jong Wye Wong

    Avicii is my one and only idol. I started listening to him back in 2013 when Wake Me Up had been released. His ear-candy melodies had truly inspired me to create music that I went back and looked into his humble beginnings; Timberman. His remixes and collaborative tracks with great producers had uplifted my spirit many times and I cannot thank Tim enough. In the end he is the "Mozart" of our generation of music and should be forever celebrated. Love you Tim (King of Melodies) <3

  • from Connor Mason

    Thank you for all the music you gave us! For me personally you helped me through so much and your music was always there! We all miss you so much!

  • from Claudette Netherlands

    Dear Tim Thanks for all the joy and hapiness you brought us through your music! We will cherish this forever ☺️! Rest in peace you will never be forgotten! Forever in our ❤️.

  • from Sue

    I was listening Wake Me Up with my cousin. We had the best time ever. Now we don't talk anymore. Memories stay forever.

  • from Hanna Andersson

    A soul like yours were never meant for earth but I'm so thankful that you ended up here anyway! A true angel in disguise that'll never be forgotten thanks to the wonderful music. Gone but never forgotten <3

  • from Sam

    Tim vi saknar dig! Ser fram emot ditt nya album. Tack för allt : )

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