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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Nyeeen

    First time I listened to Avicii was 8 years ago in 2010 "My Feeelings For You". I fell in love with this track electronic music and Avicii. Followed your musical journey and really enjoyed every track. The way he created and wrote music and melodies inspires me. Thank you for everything for your music for all the joy and love you spread all over the world. Your music will keep you alive forever. Prayers to the family and all close friends Rest in Peace Legend Avicii Tim Bergling

  • from Josef

    Tim even though I never knew you in real life I was totally devastated that day in april when I heard the news of your death. And I still miss you. That week in april was characterized by some kind of emptiness that I have never ever experienced before. Felt like someone in my own family had gone. You seemed so warm and unique. But your fragility could be noticed in your songs and that is also what made your music go straight into our hearts. I hope you are in a better world now.

  • from Baptiste

    Tonight I am back where I met you for the first time .Levels was released two days ago and what I remmeber from you is that you were smiling room was really hot and you hung me on the stage. Rip Tim..

  • from Marta <3

    Timsince you first heard one of your songsHey Brotheri liked it so much that i started to just listen to your songs.I cried a lot for youTimeven you don't know who i am.I loved you and i will love you for ever <3.Lengends never die <3

  • from Aldina

    Tim tu était..tu tu resteras un pur diamand… nous reste ta brillance à travers ta musique..Merci à ta famille.

  • from Sasa

    You will never be forgotten. We miss you.

  • from Sean (Illinois USA)

    I remember first hearing the Avicii club mix of Robyn’s “Hang With Me” on Tiesto’s Club Life podcast when I was in college. I knew I heard something special. I was instantly hooked. As someone his age and a music educator myself it was incredible to see someone with no formal musical training rise to such stardom. It was so tragic when he passed away. The music of Tim Bergling will never be forgotten. Brilliant man and great music. God’s eternal blessings to you.

  • from Aungkun

    So wake me up when it's all over

  • from Alexandra Roque – Peru <3

    Querido Tim : Eres uno de mis Djs favoritos y siempre lo seras cuando tenia 10 años comenze a escuchar tu música y me encanto todo comenzó con " Hey Brother " " Wake me up" son mis canciones favoritas y la verdad me da mucha tristeza que te allas ido con un talento increíble que tenies para juntar a las personas de todo el mundo con tu música me hubiera encantado verte por ultima vez en un escenario demostrando lo que mas amas hacer <3 . Siempre te recordaremos Tim te queremos mucho <3 .

  • from Leni

    Ich weis nicht was ich über Avicii schreiben soll. Ich liebe deine Musik. Noch immer. Auch wenn ich jedesmal wenn 'wake me up' läuft anfange zu weinen. Mit Avicii's Musik verbinde ich wundervolle Spieleabende mit meiner Schwester und einfach eine wundervolle Zeit überhaupt. Ich werde ihn nie vergessen und auch nie aufhören ihn für seine wundervolle Musik zu lieben.

  • from Nils

    People always said that his music is fantastic. If you try to figure out how this was possible you will find out that Avicii was such a creative person. His melodies changed our moods and made us live in a better world. Music has a lot to do with a beautiful mind. He was able to warm the hearts of so many people. I'm sure that the music which will be released after his death will do this again. Tim Bergling will always be remembered.

  • from Himanshu Kalwani

    I heard Tim's music when he released levels then I eventually fell in love with his music and then the whole dance music genre he was the one who inspired to make music and start out as a producer I am really happy in my life as I found the thing which keeps me happy that is making music THANKS TIM <3

  • from こん

    The Nights was the first song I realized Avicii. When I listened your track for the first time I stunned by inflame sound. From then on dance music is the genre I listen mainly. I'll definitely say that "Avicii is the song from back in my day and the music for me" when I get older. Sorry for my bad grammar and much love from Japan I miss you and I love you Tim.

  • from Zachary Smith

    I have always loved Avicii. I shared his music with my family who also fell in love with his music. I am finding it harder and harder to listen to his music… Not that I don't love it but the fact that he is no longer with us. I hope his family and friends are doing well. If anyone is having any thoughts of Suicide please Call 1-800-273-8255 (The Suicide Hotline to help)

  • from Bogdan (Romania)

    For me it all started in 2013 when I listened for the first time "Wake Me Up" and then I started to search who really is behind of this great hit Then listening to Tim's songsmore and more I slowly began to understand the music to live to feel every song and finally to realize that ..this type of music is what I need what I really like. Thank you for your wonderful music ! I will always remember you ! <3

  • from Sweden

    Hoppas du har det bra uppe bland molnen.. du kikar säkert ner och ser alla som älskar dig. Din musik kommer att leva föralltid ❤️❤️

  • from Savannah Nowak

    My favourite artist passed away. I am heartbroken ever since. Avicii was the one who got me into electronic music years ago and made me feel good in times of ups and downs. His documentary still opened my eyes and made me understand even more what he has gone through. The documentary made me know Tim on a more personal level. I am glad that I got to see him during his True-Tour 4 years ago. Tim thank you for your music. You will always live on in your godly creations.

  • from ”electricmusicqueen” Sweden

    Music in general support me through life. Tims music has been a part of that. Through a journey from Sweden to Australia I found comfort in the album Stories and Levels. When I saw his face on the album collection on the plane I felt calm and safe. His music made me safe through those hours. Alot of his songs are related to great summer memories. Tim we will always moarn your destany and lern from it. We will always miss the next level of your music. Thankyou for the music ❤️

  • from Sarah of Brittany. (sarahhrd2)

    Tim if today I make music it's thanks to you. You have been an inspiration to many people and you will remain forever in our hearts. Your sounds keep dancing festivals clubs all over the world. People love you people listen to you and we will never forget you. It's so sad we miss you a lot. We love you Tim. Sarah of Brittany.

  • from Gabriel Medeiros Guilhen Mazoti

    Tim faz muita falta ele era um gênio sempre inovando a cena eletrônica. Sua música fica de inspiração para nós. Te amamos Tim! <3 <3

  • from Paul

    Avicii got me through hard times in my life listening to his music got me interested in the EDM genre which I now listen to daily and love. The first Avicii songs I listened to were Hey Brother Wake Me Up Addicted To You & You Make Me – pretty much his first album. R.I.P to a legend wish we could've helped him like he helped us.

  • from Hugo

    Le7els is what got me into producing. Rest In Peace Tim you're missed

  • from Keven

    Dear Tim thank you for sharing some love and happiness in your music you made me love music and made me want to do it thanks Tim ❤️

  • from MLKO

    From the moment i heard L7VELS I knew i wanted to produce Melodies like Tim didThe moment one of your songs play on the radioFrom the first Chord hitYou know its an AVICII song! The day you passed away i got the call while i was remixing one of my favourite avicii songs (Without You)..Heartbroken is an understatement..You were such a kind soul and you will always be remembered through your amazing music and life… RIP TIM!!

  • from Rosa

    My dear Tim I was 11 when I heard your songs for the first time they are beautiful it was "Hey Brother" that I loved the most and from that moment I was your fan all your songs are perfect. Last year I was diagnosed with depression and at that moment you were there launching the Album and helping me with You Be Loved. I miss you and it hurts that I never had the chance to see you live. I'm so sorry because we could not help you. I wish go to Stockholm some day and fell most close to you.

  • from Cynthia lebanon

    كنت دي جي المفضل لدي حتى الآن ، أنا لا أتغلب على وفاتك لأنك موهوب للغاية وألحانك جعلت ذكريات الصيف أفضل، ارقد في سلام يا ملاك <٤

  • from Raiki

    I never forget your fantastic performance in Osaka. Thank you Tim. Rest in Peace .

  • from ambrosial ?

    I made new friends after many years of being so alone due to my anxiety and depression. I met new people because of you Avicii. Thank you your music has brought people together from all over the world. New friends is what I made and that is all thanks to you. Your music is magic ✨♥️ Your music will live on forever ◢ ◤ Rest in peace Tim?

  • from Natasha

    Your music helped me daily more then words could ever say! I suffer from anxiety and some days I won’t leave my house so I know the daily struggle you had to face I couldn’t bring myself to step out into the crowds you did so I know how hard it must of been for you I’m sad your life ended the way it did I hope your somewhere at peace like you wanted Thankyou for leaving behind your music it will continue to help me battle on. Thankyou Tim!?

  • from Sofia

    Du har funnits med mig hela min uppväxt och jag kommer fortsätta lyssna på dig hela mitt liv. Du har så mycket talang och det är bara för sorgligt att du gick bort så ung. Jag har aldrig blivit så ledsen över att någon jag aldrig träffat dött som jag blev när jag fick veta att du gjort det. Det tog några dagar innan jag ens kunde tro att det var riktigt. Vila i frid

  • from Lina

    Well i've been dancing to your music all night long. I've kissed so many people and cried many tears. I've worked out and felt the adrenaline in every muscle to your music. But when you opened the last show in Sweden with "Without you" witch have become my favorite song I cried you brought back every feeling and memorie in my body. I loved every part of your music and it have meant so much to me trough the years! You will be missed and never forgotten. RIP – the whole world will miss you!<3

  • from Maris

    In this picture I feel like you want to say something. But reading these stories what people are writing about you is so beautiful and heartbreaking. You meant sooo much to everyone not only you music bust existing in this world. But you still are alive because I feel you are with me every day and we are listening your music together. You are so precious to me ♥️ I miss you so badly an I love you Tim always and forever ?♥️

  • from Rio

    Me and my friends learned how to shuffle through the song “Waiting For Love”. Ever since then it has become our group’s song. His songs always brings back good memories. Thank you Tim for sharing your music ❤️❤️

  • from Hanako

    Forever forever My favorite Avicii · · · In my heart

  • from Viktor

    i remember i was doing a cover of Wake Me Up afront my entire school and it was a pleasure it happend 2 months after he released True sleep well Tim

  • from Evan

    I'm touched when I listing your music you will be in our hearts all our lifes. RIP ???

  • from Echo

    It feels like it was only days ago when I got the heartbreaking news that Avicii has left us. I remember when I first met you when I was 15 and I remember the days you've been with us. You helped me get through hard times; when I fell in to an endless pit and I thought I'd never get out. It's been 4 months since you've left us but your music is still alive beating in our heart. I believe this is not the end but the start of a new journey for us and for you. Thank you Avicii. 사랑합니다 ◢◤

  • from Yuuka

    Tim 私が洋楽にハマったきっかけはあなたの曲からでした 今じゃ色んな所であなたの曲を耳にします その度にTimを思い出します 私の青春を共にしてくれてありがとう♡ Rest In Peace

  • from Esther

  • from Lisa Ha

    Avicii was the King. Zu seinem Song „Wake me up‘‘‘ haben wir den ganzen Sommer durch getanzt. Seine Musik hat die Menscheit so sehr bereichert und sie wird ihn für die ganze Welt am Leben erhalten. Er war ein toller Mensch und wir werden ihn immer im Herzen behalten. „One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember"

  • from Esther

    Since Tim passed I was mentally broken. My schoolgrades were so bad that teachers were asking me how that could happen and I was just sitting there thinking about nothing else but Tim’s cute giggle and low raspy voice. Nobody knew what was up with me and still nobady really knows. So yesterday night I was watching the moon and listened to Tim’s song: canyons. So out of nowhere i stared to sing: Tim’s heart beats for music and for me and immidiatly the music started to beat so hard he’s alive

  • from liao yu kai

    i miss you avicii

  • from Gergana

    I love you Tim ❤️?

  • from Juliette Vargas B.

    Querido Tim: Fuiste una persona muy importante en mi vida tu música hizo que me diera cuenta que es lo que quiero ser en un futuro. Siempre te quise conocer en persona pero no importa porque cada vez que escucho electrónica y pienso en lo que quiero ser recuerdo que tu eres mi inspiración para seguir adelante y crear música sin importar lo que los demás piensen se que donde quiera que estés ya estas mucho mejor y siempre te recordare como la gran persona que fuiste. Descansa en paz cariño.

  • from Berkan

    Dear Tim you were one of the artists that made me love electronic music.You left great memories in my life with your amazing music.That day you left this world behind hope you lived a life that you'll remember man.Rest In Peace.

  • from Missi Lynn Boness

    I suffer with depression and anxiety… everyday is a constant battle in my head with wanting to deal with people because I know I have to get out and try and this crippling feeling of wanting to hide. Everytime I hear Wake Me Up it's like the words just ring so true. I just don't want to deal. I hate constantly feeling this way and I take my depression meds and still feel so alone in myself. You weren't alone in your feelings but I know that was what you were feeling.

  • from Linn

    In 2015 I travelled to Ibiza with my best friend. People around us tought it was weird that we bought tickets to see him at Ushuaia since we are from Sweden. ”You have already been to many of his gigs in Stockholm why spend so much money on one of his gigs in Ibiza” Many people didn’t know Tims impact in the music industry. I did and I’m so glad we travelled to Ibiza. So many people from all around the world was there dancing to your music and I have never been so proud over to be a swede. ❤️

  • from sho


  • from Kaja

    It was in 2013 when i was twelve when I heard his music for the first time. I can't remember which song it was but it sounds great. Then I started to discovered who is the author of this awesome song. Than I listened more and more and finally bought his CD. He was my first real idol. Than in 2016 he had a concert in Poland and I was there! It was something that I can't even describe… I will always love you Tim. And I'll never stop listening your music ❤

  • from From Rickard

    Hatten av Tim för vad du gjort för Sverige ute världen. ! Helt otrolig Dj och producent låtskrivare. Dessutom verkade du vara en fin och omtänksam medmänniska trots dina stora framgångar. Rip?

  • from Tobias

    The artist composer inspirer entrepreneur artist producer DJ and above all; The person who made me start writing get inspired by perform think produce compose arrange dream about and love music. A large part of who I am is based on inspiration by your work. I love the artistry you presented how you developed the music industry and the role model you have been and will continue to be. The reason why I'm interested in everything from music law to production is your music Tim. RIP.

  • from marta

    2011. Levels. I was 7 years old when I heard it for the first time. It is such a good song my first EDM one. Here we are 4 months after your passing and I am still listening to it. My feelings can't be explained in 500 characters. My first tatoo will be your logo. Tim I cried when I heard the news and I am still crying. I love you my favourite DJ superstar hitmaker best friend. tack <3

  • from Simon

    Inspired me to make music thanks! R.I.P

  • from Rebecka

    I studdied music in high school and Aviciis music was always present. We spontaneously sang the songs together in the hallways recorded covers in the studio and sang acapella versions in the assembly before the summer holidays. He performed at my first ever festival and I learned about how one could incorporate music light and video and now I work as a stage designer thanks to that revelation. He has affected so many people. He will be missed and my heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • from Liv

    Words can’t describe how much Tim has impacted my life and still does. His music is what brought me to edm years ago and through his music I am able to feel a genuine joy and happiness that I can’t find elsewhere. I struggle with deep depression and I can honestly say that on days when I’m down it’s his music that saves me. I would do anything to have had the chance to meet him but I’m looking forward to meeting him in Heaven when the day comes. Thank you for all you’ve done Tim ❤️ Much love

  • from Agata

    Just I wanna say thank you. Rest slow -A

  • from Milena

    Lieber Tim ! Wenn du nur sehen könntest wie sehr dich die Welt vermisst . Wenn du nur wüsstest wie sehr die Welt um dich weint .. Ich habe deine Musik in vielen schweren Zeiten meines Lebens gehört. Jedes deiner Lieder weckt in mir so viele Gefühle Emotionen und Gefühle das ich es kaum ertrage. Vorallem weil ich weiß das du nicht mehr bei uns bist! Tim ich Danke dir von ganzem Herzen für deine Musik ! Für die Kraft die du mir gabst. Ich liebe dich und werde dich nie vergessen!❤️ ◢ ◤

  • from Kaja

  • from Henrik


  • from Mandy

    Hi Tim When I felt down your music made me feel good and happy. Singing loudly when I'm in the car or at home. When I read the news I was really sad. To this day I can not believe that it is really true that you are no longer among us. I often watch the documentary again. I was able to see how you really did not feel right from a certain moment and was not really happy. I could see that that in your eyes. So sad. I Will never forget you. May you found your peace in heaven. ❤️ Love you legend

  • from Isak

    The first time I heard one of Tim's song I was 10 I think and the song I heard was Malo. I remember the catchy hook and when the vocals came in it instantaneously became on of my all-time favorite songs. Tim's music will live on forever and we will remember him as a legend. Rest in peace Tim Bergling ❤️

  • from Jovan G

    The day avicii left this world it made me fell so emotional because I wanted to met him one day and It's going to take me time to become a superstar DJ and producer but it's going to worth because all hard work pays off only if you don't give up and I won't give up no madder what it takes in this world to do what I want be. Super fan that never gets tired of listening any avicii song. From wauconda Illinois and go to wauconda high school.

  • from Simon

    Allways loved never forgotten. Saknar din musik och din härliga personlighet❤️ There will only be one Avicii and one Tim.

  • from hllsah

    muitas saudades timte amooo!!!!

  • from Alex

    С 12 лет я очень хотел заниматься музыкой. Услышав Avicii я понял что хочу писать музыку в этом жанре и совершенствовать свой стиль слушая твою музыку. Каждый твой релиз был большим праздником для меня. Твоя музыка это что-то невероятно захватывающее. В каждом треке есть своя особенность. Нельзя описать словами всю твою гениальность и доброту. И теперь ты всегда останешься в наших сердцах.

  • from Светлана

    Спасибо Тим за музыку спасибо за красоту. Никогда не устану слушать тебя. 01-EP каждый день со мной. Спасибо за выступление на Alfa future people??????????

  • from Matt Anderson

    I was 13 years old when I discovered Avicii it was on his Tim Berg alias. I felt something special something different than what I usually felt – and a couple of years later I'm here and I still feel it and I will never be able to thank enought what Tim's music gave me. Tim I've always wanted to meet you in person to tell you how you changed my vision of music life and positivity I've never had this chance so I'll say it here today. Thank you. We'll remember you. Forever.

  • from Hirose

    学生時代にあなたの曲に出会ってダンスミュージックに熱狂しました。あなたのメロディーに心を震わせ、あなたのリズムに体を揺らしました。あなたの音楽は僕の中で永遠に鳴り響きます。素晴らしい音楽をありがとう。Rest In Piece Tim

  • from RYOTA

    Thank you for great music Tim. I will never forget you. Forever in our hearts. RIP AVICIITim Bergling.

  • from Ivan Wik

    The person who made me pursue a career in music production inspiration of melody and good vibes. Only love 4 u <3

  • from Maris

    Reading all these beautiful stories what people are writing about you is so beautiful and breaks my heart ? You meant soooo much to everybody. There were no days that I haven’t thought about you. My life has changed but I feel that you are with me all the time and we are listening your music together ♥️ You are so special to me and I really really miss you so badly and I really really love you Tim ?♥️

  • from Moa

    Tack för musiken & glädjen. Vila nu ❤️

  • from ICEA

    I've always looked up to him. He was where I want to be in my music He made people appreciate life with his music. My heart broke when i heard the news. I didn't believe it. When I was 14 I first heard his music and it made me so happy to know that he got raised in the same city as me. And I wanted to be like him but better. I wanted to become so big that he would want to have a conversation with me. I wanted him to be a friend and not only a idol. And now I just want him back. RIP Tim <3

  • from 郭旭东


  • from Michaela

    You're the one who was able to bring so much peace and love into my life. Your melodies touch my soul every single time I listen to them and I can feel all the feelings you put into them. You taught me what living and enjoying life really means and you were the one who took my hand and made me believe in myself. Tim you changed the world and I never thought that you'd leave this world but you're in peace now and I'll never forget you. You'll always stay with me you became infinite. I love you

  • from Sanna H

    When I saw him live in Stockholm Globen with my bestie ? We dance all night long just as every other night when we danced and singel to his music at every party. ALL LOVE AND TOUGHTS TO HIS FAMILY <3

  • from Vlas

    ТИМ ты был одним из лучших только от твоих треков идут мурашкитолько твоя музыка так сильно вдохновляет и только ты был тем самым музыкантом которого я очень сильно полюбилМир потерял великого музыканта. мне очень больно с того самого дняи я до сих пор не верючто это правдачто тебя нетТЫ был для меня примером подражания только ты так мог сильно меня вдохновить и заставить полюбить твою музыкуБлагодаря тебя я занялся музыкой и понялчто я нашел для себя то что я люблю.СПАСИБО ТЕБЕ ТИМ!

  • from Sam

    Jag älskar dig ❤️

  • from MVTMVT

    You made my childhood. You took my ears to the next listening level. I’ll definitely not forget you. Thank you for everything. You’ll be missed in this world.

  • from Nadia

    Spread your wings Tim you were made to fly ❤️

  • from Made By Jün


  • from En kär vän

    För evigt saknad broder. Vi ses snart.

  • from Kristoffer

    Avicii… You introduced me into Electronic dance music Made me start to DJ and produce music. You will always be remembered! ❤️ I will follow my dreams and become Avicii 2 ?❤️

  • from Yuki

    When hearing that you died I was very sad. Because there was a song of avicii it was possible to come to like. Because avicii was here there is itself now. I think I lived at the living time of avicii and it was really good. thank you very much avicii!

  • from WAPEETY

    The artist who introduced me to EDM. Miss u ❤️

  • from Iván Guerrero

    Gracias a ti descubrí el mundo de la música electronica por 2011 cuando escuché Bromance nunca pude disfrutarte en directo siempre me ponia tus sets e imaginaba que estaba ahi disfrutando de un concierto de Avicii muchas gracias por lo que nos has dejado tu musica una parte de ti.

  • from Pepeliaev Danila RUS

    Привет Тим! Спасибо Тебе за такую душевную музыку. Множество мгновений моей жизни происходило под эти композиции. Она удивительна. Ты добавил в этом мир новые краски. Зажигал огромное количество фестивалей. Зажги же теперь на небесах. От лица жителей России хочу сделать низкий поклон Тебе и Твоему творчеству. Ещё раз спасибо мастер Avicii.

  • from Elin

    I am thankfull that the thing he loved to do the most is the thing we can enjoy the rest of our lives: his amazing music. He will not only be remembered for his music but also for the great guy the person behind the artist was. As we can hear read and see Tim was such a genuine kind-hearted person who did not let get fame get to his head. Sad that he couldn’t find his happiness. I think he was too good for this hard world we live in. Much love to his family friends and bryshes.

  • from SimonB99

    Avicii's Songs helped me in bad time to lift me up and let me smile. On great partys it was HIS music what brought the people to the dancefloor! Avicii you will never be forgotten. Your typical style in music will be missed. I really hope we are going to hear your unreleased music in a giant new last album. That would be the greatest gift to all true fans♡


    Dear avicii ❤️ My deepest condoleances to all of his beloved ones. May his soul rest in peace and his music live on forever. ◢ ◤

  • from padz

    I was like 14 i suppose when Wake me up first appeared on yt I havent listened Avicii before that i just knew he was a big DJ so i decided to give him a try. since that try Avicii has become my favourite one. I ve been following him since then. he created this music that… it doesnt really exist words to explain that you just have to feel it.. in my 1st hs year I even sang Wake me up to my music teacher. I love Avicii!! everyone should say Love not Loved bcz HE WILL NEVER DIE

  • from

    I was 12 when I first heard of Avicii levels got me hooked on his music so much that anytime I heard he previewed a new track at Tomorrowland UMF etc. I'd be on YouTube to listen to it even though the previews weren't studio quality you could hear the emotion and feeling of the songs every year or two seemed like a new Avicii yet still the same Avicii his songs always gave me goosebumps and still do to this day. Thank you Avicii for the lasting impact you made on so many lives. R.I.P. ◢◤

  • from Choco VDH

    Un des meilleurs set que j'ai pu entendre en direct à l'electrobeach une légende qui est partie trop tôt ❤❤

  • from Atte

    Aldrig glömd du förändrade mitt och många andras liv. Du kommer alltid va med mig livet ut tack för allt Tim!

  • from Lukas

    Sometimes I wonder if there's any good in the world when a person like you get's dragged down by society. It's hard to imagine what you must've felt during your last years on earth. What rollercoaster of emotions you must've gone through. So much that you couldn't handle it anymore. I'd like to see the good in the world but it's hard for me when there is such unnecessary pain evolving from making other people happy. Hopefully you found your peace in another place. Thank you for your music!

  • from Emma Dahlén

  • from Emil

    What an inspiration Tim has been to me! I've grown up listening to his music ever since I heard Levels and Silhouettes songs that even I could tell would be the start of something really really unique. He has been THE background music in my life and his countless beautiful melodies will continue to play in the back of my head. At first he shaped my love for music then he shaped the way I make music myself. I will forever be grateful for the joy that he has brought to my life. <3

  • from johan

    remember listening to fade into darkness when it first came out <3 Long Ling Avicii <3

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