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The Avicii Memory Board

1989.09.08 – 2018.04.20

Remembering Tim Bergling

Tim created music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

This space was created for you to share your memories and let the world know what Avicii meant to you.

His music and your memories are forever.



  • from Gio

    R.I.P. Avicii A star behind the desks a star in heaven. "Wake Me Up when it's all over"

  • from Julien MOEHLIN

    Legends never die ! Thank you for all Avicii.

  • from Stefan from Belgium

    Dear Tim I first heard your songs at the party's i went to. They were playing them everywhere i went. Therefore I will never stop listening to your tracks. It brings back a lot of memories. Memories of joy and happiness. Your idea of making music has changed the lives of so many people and they'll keep remembering you for that. Rest now.

  • from Tim

    Sadly the world has lost it's modern Bach. Still deeply sad with a ton of questions.

  • from Ana milan

    You made me realize that if you really want to stop doing something you must follow your will and stop no matter how important or the influence it will have. You didn't want to keep giving concerts at the end of your career so you canceled some of them. For that all I will always remember you from Spain. ~ live a live you will remeber-

  • from B-RAM

    Addicted to you that song inspired me so much it gives me a lot of power every time I listen to it. Iwant to thank you and all people that supported you in your music and life.

  • from Matteo

    Un genio della più grande compositore degli ultimi anni..ciao Tim..

  • from Orsi from Hungary◢◤

    2. Szóval igen. Annyi mindenz köszönhetek neked Tim. Szeretlek. Mostmár egy sokkal jobb helyen vagy. Fly Angel! ~ The biggest ◢◤ fan

  • from Akshat tiwari

    Thanks man ❤️

  • from Yam tomer

    I was never a fan but I remember his biggest hit "Wake me up" was on my Bat Mitzva party video clip and this song will always be connected to one of my happiest days. So i would like to remember how he could make people happy with his music. This is a very big gift. I am so sad he died so soon. Love to tim's family and friends from Israel.♡

  • from Pamela

    I cant belive you are gone…your music changed my life when i was so depressed your songs helped me out from the darkness. When i thought i am lost your song named "wake me up" inspired me. Now i m artist and i am not afraid to share my paintings with the world. This kind of inspiration which changed my life its by you. Miss u so much.

  • from Preet

    My first and favorite EDM was . Surprise surprise LEVELS. I MISS THE LEGEND.

  • from Anush

    Avicii was the reason i started listening to music and feel it. Wake me up was first song i listened and from then i was in love with your music. No one would replace your place in world of music. It wasn't just music for me it was something magical. To people who believe nothing's eternal i believe avicii's music would be eternal. You were and always will be the best! Thank you for what you've done for us. Love you brother! ❤

  • from Máté

    Legends never die.

  • from DJ Abhiishek

    Your 2016 ultra music festival set changed my life I started producing music after that I felt like this is what I can do for my rest of lifetime . I can never forget you ❤️

  • from John

    Thank you man

  • from Aref

    i always used to watch his "Addicted to you" music video and the amazing "Wake me up" music in my loneliness . theres no doubt he was the best DJ in my life . GOD bless his soul . RIP TIM BERGLING

  • from Effie Minnema

    All the way from Adelaide Australia I send my thoughts & prayers to your family & friends and thank you Tim for creating exceptional unique music that you unselfishly shared with the world . I've been enjoying EDM for over 30 years & your talent captured my attention immediately. So much so I flew to Melbourne Australia to see & hear you play LIVE on Australia Day! Although one of the best concerts I've ever been to I feel guilty that behind that smile you were hurting inside. RIP Tim❤

  • from Vineet Kullu

    His Construction Of Swedish House Track And Lyrics Is So Uterly Real And Emotional That You Can Feel Like Alive He Had Made Us Alive In Ourselves And The Generation Too #AVICIIForever.

  • from Ayush Kachhawa

    If music is the worldthen you are its core.

  • from Bridgestone

    I saw a concert of ◢ ◤ Avicii in Osaka Japan. It was truly the best and it was good that my best friend Otto Knows got excited first. At that moment when I could be the one I got goose bumps with the appearance of ◢ ◤ AVicii from there. And Wake me up Waiting for love Hey brothers Dear boy The Nights Finally the lineup with Levels has been exhausted. It was really great.

  • from Raghav Pathak

    I first heard 'The Nights' on FIFA album. Then liked the song so much that I went to other songs of Tim. I lived it loved it fealt every beat of it. One of the favorite musicians. #RIP #AviciiForever

  • from Utkarsh Daswani

    You and your music has been an inspiration to me and the other people in this world. It was very Dw vastating to hear that the legend of EDM has passed away. The release of levels silhouettes sunshine and I could be the one years back couldn’t have made my childhood any better or happier. We will never forget you or the music you made with love for us. We will not forget the happiness you brought in our lives. We love you Tim❤️. Hope you found peace now❤️. R.I.P Tim Berg.

  • from SHOT(japan)

    I love "The Nights" and "Hey brother" Thank you for my "FATHER" and "BROTHER" Rest in Piece AVICII

  • from JOY SINGH

    You have been my favouriteavicii Especially your house music No one came close to your production in that genre Rest in peace legend We all love you and miss you From India

  • from Ken Lee

    I miss you so much…

  • from Hung Kashmir

    There're blue sky above our head and we know you here around us. We will be here whenever you feel lonely; there're someone always turn to you. Legend never die. Our mind will take you high our heart will make you be immortal. We wont ever let you down in our darkness. Avicii Rest In Paradise!

  • from Duy Anh

    Thanks for all. His music will live forever in everyone's heart ❤

  • from Hariz

    Avicii inspires me. As a producer I see him as an example to learn music deeply. His unique style what made him special what makes me inspired. Not only he delivered amazing sounds he managed to put emotions in everybody through it. All I know is that he's super talented and will forever be my idol. ❤️

  • from Mitsuki

    I wasn't interested in music before I heard your songs. So you did it for me "wake me up". And I have "addicted to you". I will enjoy your songs forever "without you". I'm "gonna love ya" Avicii

  • from ibrk

    さまざまな歌詞が今でも胸に突き刺さる。 その言葉をAviciiは体現していただろう。 中でも、俺はこの言葉を体に刻み込んで 今後の人生を生きていきたい。 いつ死ぬかわからないこの人生の中で。 やり残したことがないように。 毎日を、全力で。 "One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." 「いつかこの世を去る時が来る。だから、生きて良かったと思えるような人生を送ること。」 RIP..

  • from


  • from Risa.n


  • from Himika Kaimochi

    When I listen to his musicI love his music and him. His live is made me and my friend exciting. I love him and his music forever.

  • from Grace

    Aviciis music has been with me through the best and worst times of my life. Its always helped me and for that I am so grateful. Every single Avicii song reminds me of a different time in my life and has helped me be the person I am today. I'm devastated you're gone but will still continue to make new memories with your music. I hope you're at peace and doing what you love x

  • from ……

    Don't cry because of its over. Smile because it has happened D.r Seuss we love u tim

  • from KapDizo

    You are a genius without a doubt ! It always amazed me how someone can create something that effects all walks of life ! RIP FAM!

  • from Kelly

    The first time I heard his music I was so touched. When I heard of his death I felt empty. Tim’s music has really brought me joy and happiness and seeing him go so fast makes me sad and devastated. I’m sure he is in a better place now making more music. Rest easy.

  • from Luke M.

    Never have I loved a musician so much in my life. His music seemed to speak directly to me. Although I never met him I wish I could have. He was a great man and truly is inspiration to me. His music is my favorite to listen. I've never respected any musician or celebrity as much as Tim. May he rest in peace.

  • from Molly M from California

    The first performance I saw him was at EDC Las Vegas. Most memorable moment of the whole event. And I was lucky enough to see more performances after that. We love you Tim and you are greatly missed.

  • from Kevin

    I loved your music it got me through some rough times and I always will appreciate you for it.

  • from Miguel Navas

    AVICCI fue el que me adentro en el mundo de la música electrónica su partida de este mundo toco mi corazónpara mi siempre fue un ejemplo de vida su música transmitía el mensaje que anhelaba mi alma cada día que me sienta derrotado o afligido escucho SILHOUETTES y es como si en mi mundo se abriera una luz en donde solo se podía ver oscuridad. gracias por todo TIM <3 sin ti mi conexión entre la música y la vida no seria lo mismo

  • from RIANE

    I dont even know where to start. Avicii was the very first DJ I had ever listened to.. I believe it was the song levels. Wow.. all the feels with that one!. I started to listen to more and more of his music after that one came out and no one compares. Not one artist. I had one dream..& that was to see him LIVE.. my heart is forever broken.. my soul has felt empty ever since.. I hope hes in peace now.♡RIP

  • from Char

    I was a senior in High School when I first heard Levels. I remember after my first heartbreak I’d drive down backroads and just blare that one song. No particular reason to be honest just because it had a bangin’ beat and the “oohh sometimes I get a good feelin’ sounded good under my breathe. Throughout the years I found myself turning to his music for everything.. Avicii saved my soul he let it soar as EDM is supposed to. He did it and his legacy will live on. I’m forever grateful. ❤️

  • from Marlene

    Tim Bergling me hubiera gustado conocerte y agradecerte por regalarme una sonrisa todos los días cada que escucho algo creado por ti hay una gran paz en mi alma te voy a llevar siempre en mi mente y en mi corazón de verdad gracias Avicii ♥

  • from Braden Detelich

    Avicii's music has always inspired me. When I first heard his single levels he got me hooked on EDM and the whole DJ/EDM scene. I first saw him in concert when he came to the All-State Arena when I was around 14. Seeing him perform he like so passionate and happy. It inspired me to start DJ'ing and producing. I'm currently attending college to produce and hopefully someday follow in Avicii's legendary footsteps. It was truly heartbreaking to hear the truth and what has taken him. RIP Avicii?

  • from hehehe

    I have a boner!

  • from KEN H

    EDC 2011 Vegas – the first time I was fortunate to see you perform. I stood there among thousands with a beautiful/sweet girl whom I had just met earlier that evening. You opened your set with a song that we were both unfamiliar with at the time: "Oh I think I'm falling can't hold on no more enough is enough just gotta let go… I feel your hand in mine no I never felt like this before". There couldn't have been a better way to describe how I felt at that moment. Thank you for the memories!

  • from Jasmine

    I will get a tattoo of your symbol since you helped me out of my dark place. You saved my life and for that I am forever grateful. I wish you could be here to see everyone coming together. You will be forever missed Tim. I cry every time I hear your song on the radio and singing to it with tears in my eyes because we did nothing to stop what was happening to you. I wish we could have been there to help….You will always be with me Avicii I'm glad I am here. I wish you were here too… RIP Tim

  • from Ridge

    Avicii wasn't just a musician to me. He was everything he inspired me to follow my dreams. His music spoke to me and all around was amazing. When I turned 18 I got my first tattoo. It says AVICII right on my back. When I found out he was having a last tour I was so sad. I was only in high school still. All the events in the US you had to be 21 so I flew to the U.K. to see his last set at creamfields. And there I got his symbol tatted on my wrist. His music got me through all my rough times.

  • from Ryan Stumne

    He started my love for electronic music and no one will ever compare. The fact that knowing thousands have already written exactly what I have without even seeing anyone else's stories is proof of that. RIP Tim and thank you.

  • from Gabriel

    I truly am at a loss of words to say. I will never forget the eternal debt I will have for the love hope and inspiration Tim's music will always give me. Rest in peace Legend ◢ ◤

  • from John Tony Cárdenas de Perú ??

    Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where to start They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Well life will pass me by If I don't open up my eyes Well that's fine by me Gracias Avicii por hacerme feliz con tú música

  • from John Tony

    Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where to start They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Well life will pass me by If I don't open up my eyes Well that's fine by me ?????? Gracias Avicii por hacerme feliz con tú música

  • from Michelle

    Tim no te conocí pero eres una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en mi vida. Lamentablemente se que no te conoceré pero con solo verte en vídeos y en cualquier lugar se que fuiste una gran persona y ahora donde quieras que estés te digo que fue un honor a verte conocido por la musica electrónica.

  • from Kilotile

    My name is Preston Plante and I am a dance music artist as well as a DJ. Tim has inspired me to make music when I was in high school. When I heard the heartbreaking news about him I wasn't the same inside. Kilotile is my artist name. He is the reason that I make music and still to this day. He was my favorite idol in music no matter what. Tim will be missed he has earned respect from the world. Love you buddy. Hope you're doing good in the clouds up there. Rest in peace til we meet. <3

  • from Victoria Partido

    You're music was the soundtrack of so many good memories thanks for the legacy I'll miss you forever.

  • from Johan

    Avicci was one of the first dj's that i knowhe introduced me in to this amazing world of EDM I LOVE YOU AVICCI YOU KNOW

  • from Julian David

    Gracias por dejar tu musica y tu talentó Eres una leyenda Y tu musicá es Amor puro Que me trae muchos recuerdos Gracias Avicii ?

  • from Andrew

    I was just starting to get into the edm genre as a whole and levels made me fall absolutely in love. I have never looked back and edm and Tim have truly changed my life. It is with a broken heart I listen to his songs now but it is also with a smile as I know the love he put into each one.

  • from Daniel Q

    Tim It’s still unreal to know your not around. Often I’ll catch myself listening to your podcasts just to lighten my day. I remember being at Ultra when your released Hey Brother and the crowd was unsure how to react I included. I’m sorry. Your music style and talent is light years beyond our lifetime. You’ve touched so many people on different levels including mine. Thank you for all the wonderful music and memories. Gone but not forgotten

  • from CARLOS OMAR

    Master Tim you changed the way you see life you were always my inspiration and you will continue to be it. Without a doubt every track of you a true teaching. Where are you forever Tim forever Avicii!

  • from John Tony Cárdenas

    Gracias por hacerme feliz con tú música con esas hermosas letras que me llegaron hasta el alma y siempre te recordaré amigó

  • from Sydney Brown

    "Live a life you will remember" I've been living by this quote for years. Tim's songs have helped me through some sad hard lonely times. Even though I never met him personally he holds a place in my heart as well as millions of his loving fans.. RIP Tim.. you will be missed deeply

  • from Felipe Ferreira

    Tim fue la persona que me hizo tomar la decisión de entrar a este mundo de la música electrónica gracias a su música logre tener ese impacto auditivo-emocional que despertó ese interés en mi por escuchar detalladamente un sonido… Gracias por eso gracias por dejar ese legado musical

  • from Randhy

    Solo diré que fuiste el mejor. Te extrañamos Wake me up !!

  • from Andy Jiménez

    Avicii siempre fue mi idolo su música me inspiraba para seguir adelante para salir de la depresion en la que estaba cuando me enteré de la tregedia mi corazón se destrozó en mil pedazos ya que el era uno de los grandes siempre estará en mi corazón su música siempre sonará en alto y en su honor ?

  • from Christian

    I first heard his song Levels back in 6th grade. From there I listened to everything he released up to his latest EP. It was electronic music like I’ve never heard before. Passion and creativity was packed into each song he made even under the severe pressure of his former management. But it was too much for him. Avicii wasn’t afraid to go a different direction than the mainstream electronic community. His music defined my adolescence. I’ll always remember him for that for decades to come.

  • from Thomas Bouchard

    You inspired me in my darkest moments when I was so broken and didn't want to live anymore. Your music but a smile on my face in my darkest moments. You've opened my eyes to a beautiful life. Thank you for your music. Much Love Avicii!

  • from Yas'Salazar❤

    ¡Eres grande y nunca lo dejarás de ser¡ !

  • from Jarby Monje

    Siempre estarás con nosotros fuiste un grande. <3

  • from Sara Martinez

    Tim una Inspiración❤ llevaré su musica en mi vida para todo Siempre ?

  • from Joey Dicasio

    Que pongas a los celestiales a bailar con tu musica. Gracias por ser una gran inspiracion y caminar conmigo por medio de tu musica en ciertos momentos que mas necesitaba una cancion alegrar mi vida. Gracias!

  • from alejo

    te extraño :v

  • from AMY

    His music wasn’t amazing and was one of my favorite music producers RIP Avicii

  • from Victoria

    Tim era absolutamente un ser increíblemente maravilloso aunque como muchos otros fans no tuve la suerte de conocerloDeseo y se encuentre en absoluta paz nada es igual quisiera recibir una notificación de que subió una foto un texto un insta storie o alguna nueva canciónrealmente lo extraño demasiado y cada que escucho una canción de el es como sentir un gran hueco dentro de micomo que algo me falta se fue muy pronto pero al menos nos dejó una pequeña parte de él. TE AMO TIM. ❤️ Descansa

  • from Luciano Zanollo

    Tim gracias por tu música y tu amor fuiste más que una persona para mí gracias por cada una de tus letras rimas sonidos fuiste y serás todo lo que siempre quise ser y escuchar aprendí mucho de tus canciones de mis favoritas de cada una de ellas siempre te recordaré y sé que un día dejaré este mundo atrás así que viviré una vida que pueda recordar.

  • from Alaa Mohamed Hassan ( Limt )

    in egypt we don't listen to alot of edm music one day i was watching videos on youtube and Tim's Music started to play i was shocked i liked it alot it was in 2012 from that year to 2017 i dreamed the day i meet him i was really happy that he came to Morocco And Played His music there and i was really happy when i knew that he was in Oman And i fell honored that he died in the middle east Rest In Peace Tim You Was the best And you Still The best ♥

  • from Mdpvilla

    Inspiración. Paz. Alegría. Compañía… Ojalá estés sonriendo por siempre Tim por siempre AVICII ?♥️

  • from Gilmária

  • from BlindBear

    You lived the life you will remember.

  • from Yfan Zheng

    Avicii your music helped me through hard times and I'm certain that there are millions of people like me who found comfort in your music. Your music has touched us all thank you for everything.

  • from Ian Ryan

    Tim your music has helped me through such dark times. I am forever greatful for all you have done and the beauty that you have created. You have touched so many lives and paved the way for so many artists. We will never forget you. Rest easy dearest Tim. ◢ ◤

  • from DkCheng

    我爱Avicii,爱他的歌 He's my light

  • from Ronald Alvarado

    Tim thank you for your music. Your music is still and will always be a part of my life. From songs like My Feelings for You Malo Street Dancer Levels Silhouettes Last Dance I Could Be The One with Nicky Romero X You Wake Me Up You Make Me Hey Brother Addicted to You The Days The Nights Waiting For Love For A Better Day Pure Grinding Broken Arrows Without You and Lonely Together with Rita Ora you not only inspired me but other fans around the globe. RIP legend! ◢◤❤

  • from Andrew Jacobson

    GOD BLESS YOU Your music will live on And people will forever love and cherish your memory Thank you

  • from Iván

    Mmmm por donde empezar?…nunca olvidare el día en que escuche en la radio una cancion que me encantoen seguida me pregunte ¿como se llama? El locutor dijo "esta maravillosa cancion de un chico que esta rompiendo con todo llamada levels" y dije !WOW! Que crack pero sobre todo nunca olvidare el día en que estaba tranquilamente como cualquier otro día y me encuentro con la noticia de que el grande avicii Había fallecidoen ese momento me desvaneci en llanto y mire al cielo y dije descansa en paz

  • from Tayte Music

    Part of the reason I began my own musical journey was Tim's work. His songs were the soundtrack to my highschool period and some of the first steps into edm that my tastes took. Now because of the loss its a bittersweet feeling to hear those beautiful songs again. I'll always miss him his work and the memories that he gave me. Thank you Avicii truly from the bottom my heart. Rest in piece.

  • from Tamz

    Timtu música estuvo presente tanto en mí pubertad como adolescenciay ahora…quedará para siempre en mí alma porqué tu música me hacía sentir vivay querer vivir la vida como nuncay hoy en dia lo seguis haciendo. siempre presente avicii…

  • from Emma

    Avicii helped me find my love of EDM. He helped me find my passion of producing music. Thank you for everything. We all love you Avicii

  • from Andy Ponce

    Tim vivirá por siempre en mi mente doy gracias a aquel maravilloso momento en el que escuché "Hey Brother" para mi el sigue siendo mi gran inspiración el mejor músico y DJ que he visto gracias por cada una de tus canciones Tim por todo seguirás siendo el mejor amo tu música y aún no puedo asimilar lo que sucedió en donde estés Tim mil gracias eres el mejor??

  • from Julia Carvalho

    "I'll guide you home no matter where you are…" You are in home now ❤

  • from Alex Barrera

    I still remember that day like it was yesterday. My wife and I went to our first Ultra Music Festival ever on 2011. After hours of dancing to the main stage we decided to go to the smallest tent in the event. It was love at first sound. We heard Avicii and fell in love since the first track and we danced our soul out. At night we went to Mansion guess who was there to make our best club night ever? Yes! The kid himself: Tim Berling. Gracias por tanto amor Tim!

  • from tsu

    loved Avicii since I was in 8th grade. Great guy great musician great loss. Will be dearly missed love and condolences out to the family.

  • from Noelia

    Simplemente gracias por darnos todo lo mejor de ti tu música siempre será inigualable te llevo en mi corazón por siempre ♥️Avicii ♥️

  • from Danielle


  • from S.C.C

    The first time I had ever heard Avicii's music was back in 2012. Levels was an incredible hit. Then came "Wake Me Up" in 2013 and that became my favorite song ever. It still is and will always be. EDM became my favorite genre cause of you. It's devastating that you had to end your gift so early in life. There wasn't a single one of your songs that I disliked. You impacted the music industry forever. No one will forget you and your talent.

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